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Begun as a surf apparel company selling rashguards and boardshorts in 2003, Carve Designs has grown into a complete beach lifestyle brand; offering surf, swim, balance and lifestyle clothing.

We are dedicated to providing effortless feminine clothing that actually fits real women while keeping us connected to the calm, content feeling that inspires as at the beach.


About Carve Designs

It all began on a surf trip to San Pancho, Mexico, for two friends, Jennifer Hinton and Thayer Sylvester.

As we lounged in a hammock waiting for the waves to roll back in, we lamented how hard it was to find boardshorts that could keep up with us- real women with real bodies and a real passion for adventure. And just like that, Carve Designs was born.

Carve Designs styles represent our spirit: fun-loving, hardworking, confident, and inclined to get where we want to go.


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Swimwear carve designs

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Carve Designs Women's Playa Swim Skirt -

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