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Wall Candy: Dish Up Colorful Glass Art Plates

Glass art is by nature exciting, and it often seems to take on a life of its own. The medium is typically seen in the form of bottles and bowls arranged on tables or one-of-a-kind chandeliers. But one of the most eye-catching spots for glass art happens to be your home's walls. And handblown glass plates are seeing a lion's share of the action lately.

The popularity partly rests on the circular shapes' being perfect for creating artful groupings that can add a quick abstract art-installation vibe. Glass also naturally pops in any color, thanks to its reflective properties. And the handblown aspect means that no two plates are alike.

Glass plates like these from Vetro Art Glass in Grapevine, Texas, are often created by artists as a collection or as individual pieces to mix and match as you desire.

One might be inclined to hang bold discs like these on a blank wall, though in this case the subtle wall pattern serves as a wonderful backdrop, anchoring the installation in a way that solid color would not.

Tip: Explore the options available from local glass artists and consider working together to create pieces in the colors and patterns that speak to you.

This collection by Viz Glass is my personal favorite. The combination of cool blues is soothing and magical, further enhanced by a touch of pink.

The seemingly random placement was created by someone with a great eye for dynamic balance. The key is knowing where to crowd items together and where to leave space between them. Experiment with your arrangement on a flat surface to create the right flow of color and form.

Tip: Some glass plates are handmade works of art; others are mass produced using machinery. If 100 percent handmade is important to you, buy them directly from an artist or gallery.

The sunburst of yellow in this modern white space is eye catching and joyful. The owner didn't try to match the glass plate artwork with other touches of yellow in the space. This installation is meant to command attention.

Tip: Invest in pieces that are ready to hang or come with the necessary brackets. These plates have a protrusion built into the backs that fits into wall-mounting hardware.

Glass holds up well in moist environments, like bathrooms. And it doesn't have to be transparent; it can be opaque and mysterious, too.

The rich jewel tones in this installation turn this space into a gallery.

This trio of footed glass-blown roundels, also by Vetro Art Glass, works well with the eclectic vanity and stool.

Rustic stone walls make such a strong statement on their own that one has to choose art for spaces like these very carefully. The glass flower blossom art works here by virtue of its bold and unexpected color and large scale. The horse seems to be running through a field of flowers — nice imagery for a vacation home in the Colorado mountains.

You don't have to be an art connoisseur to appreciate the bold color possibilities of handblown glass art.

Tip: If the space you'd like to adorn is a dark entryway or niche, you may want to add some spot or directional lighting.

Glass plates needn't be purchased all at once. I like how this grouping has a collected-over-time aesthetic.

While there are many ways to hang sculptural art, these glass plates have a conical base that fits into a pipe-like bracket. Screws on the sides of the pipe portion are tightened to anchor the piece in place.

Plates: Viz Glass

Many of the glass plates I've seen remind me of the ocean or of tide pool creatures, so the bathroom really is a great place to enjoy them. I love these by artist Jennifer Hollack of Renaissance Fine
Arts in Baltimore.

Thinking of investing in some glass wall plates to add a special touch to your home? Consider buying from local artists. You can locate them online or in the telephone directory, listed under "glassblowing" or "glass art."


         Colorful Hand Blown Glass Wall Plates

Sculptural Glass Wall Art

"Yin / Yang"
Ice Hause, Greeley, CO
Sculptural Glass Wall Art

White Elk has been creating mesmerizing blown glass wall art sculptures  
for over 23 years.  In a private studio in the Rocky Mountains,
there is fire,  and there is magic...

These exquisite colorful glass wall plates are hand blown, and one of a kind. 

This sculptural glass wall art sparkles with life 
that has been breathed into each piece.  
Take a moment to experience the beauty and vision

of this talented glass artist,  
and receive a glimpse of  his inspiration.

""Golden  Moments"
Sculptural Glass Wall Art
Signed Limited Edition Piece
#1 of  #1
$$$ Call for Pricing

""Golden Amber"
Blown Glass Wall Sculpture

""Golden Amber"
Blown Glass Wall Sculpture

"Why not go out on a limb,
that's where the fruit is?"

                        ~  Mark Twain

"Golden Moments"
Blown Glass Wall Art

FAQ:  How heavy are these beautiful glass wall flowers?

The blown glass wall art can weigh anywhere from 8lbs for the smallest pieces to 15 lbs for the larger pieces. You should not need to reinforce your dry wall, we've never had any issues with installing. It is always best to consult with your contractor when in doubt, however. 

Blown Glass Wall Sculpture
"Maya & Golden Moments"

Blown Glass  Wall Art

Blown Wall Art
"Golden Nugget Casino"

Colorful Glass Wall Plates

FAQ: How do you install these colorful glass wall plates?
We ship the glass wall flowers with a wire wrap around the back for quick installation. You would then hang them as you would any photograph or painting. We recommend "Ooks Hooks", that you can get at Lowes, Home Depot, on line, etc. These hooks advertise, "Won't fall down unless your wall does",  we like that kind of confidence!

Colorful Glass Wall Plates
"Golden Moments"

Colorful Glass Wall Plates 

"Golden Moments"
Custom with 24kt Gold  Edging
Blown Glass Wall Art

"Maya & Reds"
Blown Glass Wall Art

"Golden Moments" Transparent
Colorful Hand Blown Glass Wall Plates

"Rose Wood"
Glass Wall Flower

Glass  Wall Flowers

Sculptural Glass Wall Art

FAQ:  Can you help me with installation ideas?
Absolutely we can! If you send us a straight on, high resolution image of the area you want your sculptural glass wall art to go, we can do a Power Point Mock up to give you a rough, one dimensional idea of placement, size, movement etc..

The artist and team will work closely with you to ensure the process is fun and seamless and that you receive exactly the blown glass wall art installation that you desire for the focal point on your wall and in your special room!

"Golden Moments" ~ Transparent
Glass Wall Flowers

"Elements of Light"
Sculptural Glass Wall Art 

Colorful Hand Blown Glass
Wall Plates

"Denver, Colorado Private"
Glass Wall Flowers

"Golden Moments"
Blown Glass Wall Art

Blown Glass Wall Sculpture 

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THE water color COLLECTION offers a fresh new take to wall art. Like individual ABSTRACT art pieces this collection allows you to create your own work of art. 

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The Blooming Lotus Collection is a colorful blend of festival and ethnic glass wall art that is sure to bring life to any home interior.


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Glass wall plates colorful

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Architectural Glass by Livinglass

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