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Reading Comprehension Response Sheets for ANY BOOK!

We've gathered up all of the FREE reading response sheets we've created and put them HERE!  They can be paired with any book and are useful all year long!  Grab these sheets for your Kindergarten, 1st grade, or 2nd grade classroom today!

Hello!  Come take a look at these FREE Reading Response Sheets!  We've showed them in action and paired them with a favorite book!  You can find the link for the pack of all reading response sheets below!

Simple Reading Response

Our simple Reading Response recording sheet is great for any time of the year, especially if you are going to have kiddos fill it in independently.  We like to use this template at the beginning of the year as we introduce our Reading Workshop time and focus on traits of good readers.  We use this in a lesson about how 'Readers Think While They Read.'  Here it is paired with a favorite read aloud, The Bad Seed!  Grab the book on Amazon!(affiliate link)

Story Elements / Story Retell

Our simple Story Elements recording sheet also has a BME retell spot! Here it is paired with a favorite Back to School read aloud, Lacy Walker, Nonstop Talker!  Grab the book on Amazon! (affiliate link)

Main Idea Puzzle

The Main Idea Puzzle is a fun way to show how details go together to support the main idea!  Pair it with nonfiction read alouds.  Here it is paired with Winter is Here by Kevin Henkes, a great book to welcome the new season (an he has books for the other seasons too)! 

Grab the book on Amazon!(affiliate link)

Main Topic

The Main Topic response sheet encourages readers to think about the topic in the book they are reading WHILE the read!  Here it is paired with Spiders, because kiddos love animal non fiction books!   Grab the book on Amazon!(affiliate link)

Central Message

The Central Message response sheet encourages kiddos connect the central message of a book to their own life. We like to use a book with a very simple message which kiddos can easily relate to.  Mr. Panda books are great!  Here we've paired the response sheet with Please, Mr. Panda.  

Grab the book on Amazon!(affiliate link)

Learning Lessons

The Lesson Learned response sheet encourages kiddos find the lesson a character or characters are learning in the book.  Check out this book, Giraffe Problems!  It's got such a good message and lesson that the giraffe learns!   Grab the book on Amazon!(affiliate link)

Characters Change

We LOVE Mean Jean!  She a strong character and she has a great change of character in the book!   

Grab the book on Amazon!(affiliate link)

Asking Questions

Good Readers stop and ask questions to think more clearly about the text they are reading!  One great thing about having students stop and ask questions as they read is that you can go back to the questions after they finish the text and answer their questions!  We love to pair this response sheet with Bear books by Karma Wilson.  Here, it is paired with Bear Wants More!  

Grab the book on Amazon!(affiliate link)

Mental Images

Making Inferences

The Inferring response sheet encourages readers to 'look' in close to the text and find clues that help them understand more about what's happening.  Kiddos are encouraged to find words, pictures, and senses to find clues about events in the text.  Here, we've paired it with Lion's Lunch.

Grab the book on Amazon!(affiliate link)

Now, grab your FREE pack of Reading Response Sheets!

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Reading Response Worksheets and Graphic Organizers for Any Book!


our students will love these 22 “Any Book” literature response printables! They are the perfect, ready-to-use way to keep your students accountable for what they are reading. Just what you need if you use an independent reading program such as Reader’s Workshop or have multiple small reading groups.

These worksheets:
-Are aligned with Common Core Standards
-Include plenty of higher level thinking skills
-Can be used with almost any chapter book
-Can be used at almost any point within the book – but were designed to be used at the end of a chapter or the entire book.
-Can be easily incorporated into close reading
-Are great when you don’t have a literature guide or comprehension questions available
-Can be used with independent readers or with a group
-Can be used again and again, even within the same book


Please see the free preview for large thumbnails of each page!


Independent Book Selection
Main Character
Main Character Traits
Supporting Character Traits
Supporting Character Chart
The Main Character and You
Character Speculation
Chapter Summary
60 Word Chapter Summary
You Write the Questions
You Write the Questions 2
Write a Multiple Choice Quiz
Chapter Word Hunt
Chapter Humor
Chapter Vocabulary
Chapter Vocabulary 2
End of Book Word Search
End of Book ABCs
End of Book Summary
End of Book Sequencing
End of Book Projects Grid


Get this set plus two more in a Money Saving Bundle


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• Text Time Passages with Text-Dependent Questions
• Close Reading Tool Kit


Copyright information:

Purchasing this product grants permission for use by one teacher in his or her own classroom.

Happy Teaching!

Rachel Lynette

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