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Dura-Tech Galvanized Chimney Pipe - 7" x 48"

Diameter: 7". Construction Material: Inner wall of .020" 430 stainless steel, Outer wall .021" Galvalume steel. Clearance: 2" clearance to combustibles. Listings: c-UL-us Listed to UL 103 and ULC S604 (MH7399). Stainless Steel outer wall required for installation in Canada. Twist-lock connection. DuraTech is a double-wall, all-fuel chimney system for use with wood stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, ranges, water heaters, or other appliances fueled by wood, oil, coal, or gas, and zero-clearance fireplaces that are factory-built. DuraTech chimney pipe is designed for appliances that are tested and listed for use with a 2100 degrees F HT chimney system, such as woodstoves, fireplaces, furnaces, boilers, stoves, ranges, water heaters, or other appliances fueled by wood, oil, coal, or gas. The DuraTech chimney System is designed to stay cool on the outside and provide a hot draft on the inside. A fire-safe design protects both the chimney and the building. To calculate installed length of 5", 6", 7", or 8" DuraTech Chimney, subtract 1 +" from each joint overlap of chimney pipe. DuraTech's Light-weight insulation and sleek 1" wall design, combined with twist-lock fittings, provides for easy installation. No locking bands or mechanical fasteners required. Note: Allow a 2" clearance to combustibles when installing a DuraTech Chimney. With a Thermal Tech blanket insulation encased between duel walls, DuraTech offers superior safety and performance. It keeps the outer wall cool while ensuring high flue gas temperatures for optimum draft performance. The inner wall is 25% thicker than competitive chimneys, for an extra margin of safety. Designed for normal, continuous operation at 1000 degrees F flue gas temperatures, DuraTech is subjected to rigorous and stringent HT requirements of the UL standard, including one hour at 1400 degrees F, plus three ten minute chimney fire tests at 2100 degrees F.

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Stainless Steel Inner and Outer Wall Chimney Pipe

Selkirk Metalbestos Class A Insulated Stainless Steel Chimney Pipe is a UL Listed multi-fuel system and is ideal for venting residential appliances, burning natural and LP gas, #2 oil, and wood. It has been specifically designed for today's modern high efficiency wood stoves, wood burning heaters, and for combination fuels in central heating systems. UL103 Standard for safety factory-built chimneys for residential type and building heating appliances. Our Selkirk Class A Chimney Pipe and Components are manufactured with heavy duty stainless steel. Features threaded internal couplers that lock together with a 1/8 turn and locking bands to ensure a tight pipe to pipe seal.

Order Multiple Components and Pipe Lengths

Class A pipe is often referred to as double wall, triple wall, or insulated chimney stove pipe. Selkirk Metalbestos pipe does not contain asbestos, Metalbestos is simply the model of pipe. Are you doing a new installation? Check out Rock-Vent Class A chimney systems for new installs.

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Almost never undersold. If you find a better price e-mail us their quote and we'll likely beat it. Let us quote your pipe. Our NFI Master Hearth Certified Technician will evaluate your pipe installation project and give you a customized quote. Whether it is one piece or a larger project we can help. Call or e-mail us today!

DuraVent 7" DVL Reducer 7"-6" - 7DVL-X6

Use to decrease the appliance outlet only when approved by the appliance manufacturer or authority having jurisdiction. *IMPORTANT: The diameter of the stovepipe (connector) and chimney should match the outlet size on the appliance. Decreasing chimney diameter even 1" can affect draft and have serious negative impact of chimney performance. Please check the stove manufacturer's venting instructions closely prior to installing a DECREASER. Be careful to use these components only when appropriate.

DVL's double-wall, air-insulated design reduces clearances to combustibles from 18" to 6", the closest clearance to a wall of any connector pipe. DVL improves stove performance by maintaining high flue gas temperatures for a strong, steady draft. Because the inner wall is stainless steel the flue heats up faster, stays hot longer, minimizes the formation of creosote, and has the same life expectancy as the chimney. Adjustable lengths eliminate the need for cutting or crimping.

We strive to ship within 5-7 business days, but in-season delivery can take up to 2 weeks or more. If you have any questions or concerns about delivery, please e-mail us at: [email protected]

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California residents please click on the link for information on Proposition 65 BEFORE purchasing.

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7 inch All Fuel Chimney

A chimney is a masonry or metal stack that creates a draft to bring air to a fire and to carry the gaseous byproducts of combustion safely away.

Chimneys harness the heat of the fire to create what's called a chimney effect or stack effect. As the warm air from the fire rises, cooler house air rushes into the fire, e.g., through vents in a wood-burning appliance, providing the oxygen the fire needs to burn. Starting a fire with a good hot burn will encourage this healthy draft to flow. Also, between the higher and lower pressure zones of the home lies a neutral pressure zone. The neutral pressure zone tends to move toward the largest air leak. When the top of the chimney is located above the home ceiling (as it should be), the chimney's neutral pressure zone is above the neutral pressure zone of the house. Such proper chimney placement creates a gentle flow of air into the appliance and out the chimney even when no fire burns.

If you are designing or building a new home, consider placing the chimney inside your home. A more traditional chimney, constructed along the outside of a home, will lose valuable heat to the cold, outside air. If the chimney air temperature falls below that of the inside air, the cold, smelly chimney air will be pulled into the house by the low pressure of the stack effect. In such a scenario, the house has become a better chimney than the chimney. So when a fire is lit, smoke fills the room.

Chimneys must match the size of the appliance, meaning the flue size should match the diameter of the stove outlet. If the chimney is bigger than the stove or fireplace outlet, exiting exhaust slows, increasing creosote buildup and decreasing efficiency. High-performance chimneys are also insulated. Older masonry chimneys can be relined to safely and efficiently connect them to newer high-efficiency, wood-burning appliances. Again, the chimney liner should be continuous from the appliance outlet to the chimney top. It is not uncommon to pay as much for the chimney as for your appliance.

Free-standing wood stoves exhaust into a connecting pipe, which then connects into the chimney.

If the connecting pipe is longer than 8 feet (as in a vaulted ceiling), you should consider investing in double-layer pipe with 1-inch (2.5-cm) airspace between pipe layers. Efficient modern stoves produce large amounts of heat. Much of this heat can radiate from a longer length of single-layer pipe, slowing down the draft, which can impact the overall efficiency of your wood-burning system. 

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Pipe 7 chimney

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