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Want an inexpensive Chromebook with a large display? The HP Chromebook 14 (reviewed at $) is a solid choice. A significant upgrade over the AMD model, the Intel version of the Chromebook 14 lasts all day on a charge and has a comfortable keyboard. The notebook also has a sleek white design and the p display is a luxury at this price point. While other similarly priced Chromebooks offer better performance, the Chromebook 14 is a good all-rounder for basic tasks. It's even one of the best laptops under $

HP Chromebook 14 Price and Configuration Options

Our Chromebook 14 review unit costs $ and comes with an Intel Celeron N processor, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of flash storage.

You can buy the Chromebook 14 on Amazon and Walmart.


Now, thisis how to do budget.

The Chromebook 14 has an attractive design highlighted by a fresh white color variant that is sure to stand out in a crowd. The lid of the Chromebook 14 has a rough texture with a glossy HP logo embossed in the center. Opening the lid reveals a brushed white deck, white keys and white display bezels.

Yes, part of me worries that this machine will look dirty over time, especially given its target audience: kids and the K market. But the fresh white surfaces are a refreshing move away from the silver chassis typically found on premium machines.

Now, this is how to do budget.

As expected, the Chromebook 14 is made of plastic, though the different textures give it a rugged yet welcome feel. I'm pretty confident the Chromebook 14 could survive a drop or two, which isn't something I can say about most sub-$ laptops.

At inches thick and weighing pounds, the Chromebook 14 is predictably lighter than the inch Acer Chromebook 15 ( inches, pounds) and Asus Chromebook CNA ( pounds), but, as expected, heavier than the inch Dell Chromebook ( pounds).

Port selection is good. The left side of the Chromebook 14 has a USB Type-C port, a USB port and a lock slot. On the right side is a microSD card slot, a headphone jack and another pair of USB and USB Type-C ports.


HP deserves a hearty round of applause for offering a p display on such an affordable laptop. Sure, the inch panel isn't particularly bright or vivid, but almost anything is better than those outdated x panels.

When I watched a trailer for the live-action Aladdin movie, I could see the ornate details in princess Jasmine's dress. The pink and turquoise shades in the magnificent gown looked accurate, though they didn't burst off the display as much as I would have liked. Also, details in some of the darker desert scenes were hard to make out because of how dim the panel is. But all things considered, I was pretty pleased with the image quality.

HP deserves a hearty round of applause for offering a p display on such an affordable laptop.

According to our colorimeter, the Chromebook 14 covers 71 percent of the sRGB color gamut, which is worse than the Chromebook CNA (76 percent) and Chromebook (73 percent) but better than the Chromebook 15 (69 percent).

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The Chromebook 14's display is also on the dim side when compared with other budget competitors. At nits, the panel doesn't get as bright as the Chromebook ( nits) and Chromebook CNA ( nits) but tops the Chromebook 15 ( nits).

Keyboard and Touchpad

I have no complaints with the Chromebook 14's keyboard, barring the lack of backlighting. The white, chiclet-style keys are well-spaced and large, apart from some undersized arrow keys. And while they travel only millimeters (short of our mm preference), the keys actually feel quite bouncy, perhaps because of their above-average 71 grams of actuation force.

I typed at words per minute with an accuracy of 93 percent on the 10FastFingers.com typing test. Those are both below my average wpm at percent accuracy, but not by much.

The Chromebook 14's x inch touchpad responded quickly as I swiped my way across several Google Chrome tabs, and I had no issues pulling off Chrome OS gestures, like switching between tabs with a three-finger swipe.


Armed with an Intel Celeron N CPU and 4GB of RAM, the Chromebook 14 has enough power for simple day-to-day tasks, but don't try running demanding apps on this budget machine.

My real-world test consisted of loading 13 web pages on Google Chrome, two of which played p YouTube videos while another pair streamed video games on Twitch. The first few pages loaded just fine, but then some tabs got stuck on the spinning wheel for several minutes and my cursor started to lag. Photos and ads took particularly long to render, while videos buffered for a few seconds before I could view them.

The Chromebook 14 scored a paltry 2, on the Geekbench 4 overall performance test, falling well short of the Chromebook CNA (4,), the Chromebook (4,) and the Chromebook average (4,). The AMD version of the Chromebook 14 performed even worse (1,).

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With a score of on the JetStream Javascript benchmark, the Chromebook 14 narrowly topped the Chromebook () but lost out to the Chromebook CNA (), Chromebook 15 () and the average Chromebook ().

Battery Life

The Chromebook 14 will stay powered up for an entire workday. The laptop endured for a very good 9 hours and 18 minutes on our battery test (continuous web surfing over Wi-Fi at nits of brightness). That edges out the Chromebook average () and the Acer Chromebook 15 (), and crushes the Chromebook CNA () and the AMD version of the Chromebook 14 ().


The Chromebook 14's p webcam captures a decent amount of detail, but an external webcam will offer livelier colors. I was able to see individual strands of hair in my beard in a selfie I snapped in our dimly lit office.

However, my face looked so pale that I could have filled in as a zombie cast member in the Walking Dead. Also, my black shirt was so dark and lacking in detail that it looked as though the paint bucket tool had been used to fill it in with color.


Only the underside of the Chromebook 14 reached concerning temperatures after we watched a minute, full-screen trailer on YouTube. Peaking at degrees Fahrenheit, the bottom panel breached our degree comfort threshold.

The rest of the laptop, including the touchpad (77 degrees) and the center of the keyboard (83 degrees), remained well below that mark.

Bottom Line

The Chromebook 14 is a good choice if you want an inexpensive Chromebook for doing simple tasks, like browsing the web, sending emails or watching YouTube videos. While this Intel version offers more power than the underwhelming AMD model, its performance still doesn't hold up well against similarly priced laptops. Still, with long battery life, an attractive design and a p display, you can't do much better for less than $

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HP Chromebook 14 Specs

CPUGHz Intel Celeron N Processor
Card SlotsmicroSD
Company Websitewww.hp.com
Display Size
Graphics CardIntel HD Graphics
Hard Drive Size16GB
Hard Drive TypeeMMC
Native Resolutionx
Operating SystemGoogle Chrome
Ports (excluding USB)USB , USB , HDMI, Combo Headphone/Mic Jack
Size x x inches
Touchpad Size x inches
USB Ports3
Warranty/Support1-year limited warranty
Weight pounds
Wi-Fi b/g/n/ac


Sours: https://www.laptopmag.com/reviews/laptops/hp-chromebookintel


Let's ignore the specs for just a moment--we'll get to them shortly--and let's instead focus on feel. The HP Chromebook 14 feels fast. It boots absurdly quickly, the built-in Chrome browser opens almost instantly, and with rare exceptions, everything just feels responsive.

Spec sheet

Here is the HP Chromebook 14 configuration sent to techradar for review:

  • CPU: GHz Intel Celeron N processor (quad-core, 2MB cache, up to GHz)
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  • RAM: 4GB DDR3
  • Screen: inch 1, x 1, display
  • Storage: 16GB eMMC
  • Ports: 1 x USB , 2 x USB , HDMI, MicroSD slot, headphone jack
  • Connectivity: Intel ac, Bluetooth
  • Camera: HP TrueVision HD webcam
  • Weight: pounds (g)
  • Size: x x inches (mm x mm x 18mm) (W x D x H)

With a p display and quad-core GHz Intel Celeron N processor inside, this Chromebook 14 is the higher-end model that HP offers at $ or £ (about AU$). Though it isn't a technical powerhouse by modern standards, thanks to Chrome OS's minimal bloat and speedy performance, that almost doesn't matter. Almost.

These specs generally compare to the Acer Chromebook 15, which features a GHz dual-core Intel Celeron U processor and 2GB of memory. It's also over a pound lighter than Acer's offering, though the Acer has a inch screen. The Acer also includes 32GB of onboard storage, compared to the 16GB on the HP Chromebook

Since Chrome is designed with cloud storage in mind, the relative lack of storage isn't as big an issue as it would otherwise be.

Toshiba's inch Chromebook 2 is lighter ( pounds) and more powerful (a GHz Core iU). But at $ (about £, AU$), it's also much pricier than HP's offering —and that's even considering the cheaper $ (about £, AU$) Celeron-powered model.


The Chromebook 14 is more than fast enough for day-to-day tasks, but we noticed that it stuttered occasionally under heavy use. Videos would drop frames, for instance, or scrolling would stutter a bit. With more casual web browsing usage, such stuttering was rare, so you shouldn't run into problems too often.


Here's how the Chromebook 14 performed in our battery of web browser benchmarks:

  • Kraken ms
  • Sunspider ms
  • techradar battery test: 5 hours, 38 minutes

Since Chrome OS doesn't run traditional applications, I had to rely primarily on the web-based Kraken and Sunspider benchmarks, but you can see some patterns here.

The Kraken score of 4, milliseconds is nearly three times slower than that put up by the Core i3-based Toshiba Chromebook 2. That makes sense given the Chromebook 14's weaker Celeron processor (and lower base price). But as I noted earlier, you should be able to happily chug along on the Chromebook 14 without much problem.

Battery life is good, not great

HP claims the Chromebook 14's 3-cell, watt-hour battery can last over 8 hours on a single charge. We didn't quite get that long of run time, though. The Chromebook 14 managed 5 hours, 38 minutes on a single charge when playing an HD video file in VLC on loop (50% screen brightness, 50% volume with headphones plugged in).

This lagged behind both the Toshiba Chromebook 2 (which achieved slightly over six hours on the same test). We were able to squeeze in nearly seven hours of usage while browsing the web, viewing YouTube videos, streaming music, and otherwise going about my business. This fell a little short of the Acer Chromebook 15, which managed close to 8 hours under similar usage.

Bright, vivid screen

The inch, x screen is bright, crisp, and evenly backlit, with appealing color saturation and contrast. Photos and text appear sharp and crisp on-screen, and its viewing angle is generally good. My one gripe is that Chrome OS lacks an interface scaling feature that lets you increase the size of text and onscreen elements across the system, but that's hardly the screen's fault.

Good enough sound

You wouldn't expect booming audio from a laptop, and the Chromebook 14 is no exception to this rule. The built-in stereo speakers are tinny and hollow-sounding, but they're serviceable. On the plus side, audio is loud and clear.If you're an audiophile, you'll want a good pair of earbuds or headphones.


Sours: https://www.techradar.com/reviews/pc-mac/laptops-portable-pcs/laptops-and-netbooks/hp-chromebook/review/2
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HP 14" Touchscreen Chromebook Laptop with Chrome OS - Intel Processor - 4GB RAM Memory - 64GB Flash Storage - Mineral Silver (14a-nanr)


The best of work and play in one place. The HP Chromebook has an Intel® processor, 14" display sporting more screen space, stereo speakers tuned by the audio experts at B&O, and hours of battery life, so you can knock out any homework assignment while binge watching your favorite shows.

BORN TO BINGE: The HP 14 HD Chromebook has the beauty of a micro-edge HD display and speakers tuned by the audio experts at B&O, making for a front-row entertainment experience from the convenience of your lap.

DESIGNED TO KEEP UP WITH YOU: Get the responsive performance you're looking for with an Intel® processor, ample storage and a long battery life that helps you get everything done for work, home, school and everything in between.

APPS FOR EVERYTHING: This HP computer laptop redefines how you work and play with the seamless integration of your favorite Chrome browser, always secure and up to date, and access to a huge selection of apps in the Google Play Store.

CHROME: This easy-to-use operating system was designed to be fast in every possible way, while keeping you safe and more secure on the web.

DUAL-CORE INTEL® CELERON® PROCESSOR: The dual-core laptop has the perfect combination of performance, power consumption, and value to help your day run smoothly.

HP FAST CHARGE: When this long battery life laptop needs charging, it can go from 0 to 50% charge in approximately 45 minutes.

HD TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY: Pinch, zoom, and swipe to intuitively control your HP Chromebook 14 right from the screen.

A TRULY POWERFUL AUDIO EXPERIENCE: HP Dual Speakers, custom-tuned by experts at B&O, deliver rich, authentic audio.

Wi-Fi 5 (2x2) & BLUETOOTH® With a Realtek Wi-Fi 5 (2x2) (a/b/g/n/ac) WLAN adapter and
Bluetooth® , all your connections are rock solid. Pair with a MU-MIMO router for a smoother online experience in multi-device homes.

HP WIDE VISION HD CAMERA WITH DUAL ARRAY MICROPHONE: degree, wide-angle field of view for video chats.

64 GB EMMC STORAGE: An embedded multimedia card provides reliable flash-based storage.

GOOGLE ASSISTANT: Work faster and smarter with Google Assistant. Seamlessly multitask, ask questions and control your Chromebook entertainment - all hands-free with a simple voice command.

HDMI COMPATIBILITY: Connect to devices with HDMI using a USB-C to HDMI Adapter (adapter sold separately).

ADDITIONAL FEATURES: HP Imagepad with multi-touch gesture, micro SD media card reader. 1-year limited hardware warranty.

Touchscreen Display

Lets you interact with a device by touching parts of the screen instead of using a keyboard

Built-In Microphone

Comes with a microphone that is used for recording

Video Conference Capable

Capable of visual communication between two or more users.

Microsoft Compatible

Compatible with popular Microsoft applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Sours: https://www.target.com/p/hptouchscreen-chromebook-laptop-with-chrome-os-intel-processor-4gb-ram-memorygb-flash-storage-mineral-silvera-nanr/-/A

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Silver 14 hp chromebook

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