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The new Ford Mustang Mach 1 has returned, essentially taking the place of the Bullitt and the GT Last year we talked to Dave Pericak, director of the Ford Icons line (Mustang, Bronco, Raptor, GT).

"Mach 1 has a special place in Mustang history, and it’s time for this special edition to claim the top spot in our liter V8 performance lineup and reward our most hardcore Mustang enthusiasts who demand that next level of power, precision and collectibility," said Pericak. “Like the original, the all-new Mustang Mach 1 will be true to its heritage, delivering great looks and as the most track-capable liter Mustang ever."

The Mach 1 Mustang has the same liter V8 as the Mustang GT, bumped to hp. Along with a handful of aerodynamic aids, Pericak says it’s the most track-capable liter Mustang ever.

When we talked about the new Mach 1, we delved into the history of the first few generations of the nameplate, but we skipped the fourth-gen, what I like to call the forgotten Mach 1. I grew up in the ’90s, the fourth-gen SN debuted in and the second half of the fourth gen, the New Edge, came out in The Mach 1 version followed in

The liter was eliminated in in favor of Ford’s then-new all-aluminum liter Modular V8, and it was placed in several Mustangs including the SVT Cobra with multiple variations. After the Bullitt Mustang's success, and because there was such a big price gap between the GT and Cobra, Ford revived the Mach 1 name, again. The Mach 1 got the cubic-inch V8 motor, reengineered with a new exhaust and intake manifold (known as the “R” code engine) to make a claimed hp. Other upgrades to the fourth-gen Mach 1 included Brembo front brake rotors, Tokico gas shocks and Tokico struts, stiffer and lower springs, a higher compression ratio and a higher redline.

It used Ford’s inch solid rear axle as opposed to the Cobra’s IRS. It also offered a four-speed automatic in addition to the five-speed Tremec manual. The Mach 1 drew inspiration from the ’70s version, taking the black hood stripes, black chin spoiler and rocker panel stripes in addition the badges. It also sported a Shaker hood, though it only brought in a fraction of the air of the original. The scoop was routed to the airbox ahead of the mass airflow sensor.

The / Mach 1, at about $30,, was good for a second quarter-mile at mph with the five-speed manual. Sixty mph went by in seconds, and it registered gs on the skid pad for Car and Driver.

That Mach 1 was only slated for one year of production and 6, copies, but Ford ended up producing it for two years, totaling about 17, vehicles. High-mileage examples are currently going for about $12,, while low-mileage ones are commanding around $20K-$30K. With the new Mach 1 debuting, we expect those values to go up, at least for a little while.

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New Edge Mustang

New Edge Mustang. New Edge Brakes 9 New Edge Suspension 5 New Edge Chassis 3 New Edge Interior 0 New Edge View as Grid List. Good thing found a bent rod that took out my stock block as well. The New Edge Mustang was the designation of the mid-cycle SN95 facelift from to Horsepower was up to from in thanks to the. New Edge refers to the sharper more crisp body lines of the to Mustang. See more ideas about new edge mustang mustang mustang cobra. Browse a Wide Selection of Halos Projectors Fog Lights and More. Ad Take Your Mustangs Exterior Styling To The Next Level with New Headlights. Not a new edge but have a 95 GT i bought at 16 about a week after getting my license. This clean cartooned style graphic is printed large on the back with a small graphic on the front.

Mustang Mustang Cars Classic Cars Muscle New Edge Mustang

This clean cartooned style graphic is printed large on the back with a small graphic on the front. This ECU installs in less than an hour arrives out-of-the-box ready for up to 44lbs boost and is CAN enabled for seamless control of. The facelifted New Edge Mustangs were produced for the model years with the refresh initially released on December 26 for the model year. Heavy vinyl banners with welded edges and grommets to hang. New Edge Mustang T-Shirts Hoodies Banners. When this facelift of the SN95 Mustang appeared in with sharper more stealthy lines the design ques pointed directly back to the glory-days of Fords beloved pony car. The SN95 Mustang received a fresh new look for its 35th anniversary in adopting Fords global New Edge style. Banners ship to US and Canada only. New Edge Brakes 9 New Edge Suspension 5 New Edge Chassis 3 New Edge Interior 0 New Edge View as Grid List. SN95 New Edge Mustangs have a recommended regimen of preventative maintenance which should happen fairly often.

The New Edge Mustang was the designation of the mid-cycle SN95 facelift from to

New Edge Mustang GT NA Cobra or Mach1 owners Get your car truly RACE-READY with MS3Pro Plug Play. Not a new edge but have a 95 GT i bought at 16 about a week after getting my license. What Does New Edge Stand For. Ended up buying a vortech for it and decided to do the whole engine and replace bearings. At a certain mileage owners should check serpentine belts and the cabin air filter as well. Heavy vinyl banners with welded edges and grommets to hang. Fall i blew a head gasket at least thats all i thought it was. New Edge refers to the sharper more crisp body lines of the to Mustang. Owners should check their exhaust heat shielding the cooling system the braking system and non-sealed steering linkages every miles. Good thing found a bent rod that took out my stock block as well. What Is the New Edge Mustang.


Can our cars sound like the New Edge?

Jun 15,
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Long Island, NY
Mustang GT Prem. PP, WS6, Expedition
My wife's is close it just needs an h pipe instead of the X it has. Resonator delete with h pipe, super 10 Flowmasters and stock headers and cats. If you removed cats a original 40 series would sound better but probably louder than super 10s with stock cats as the stock cats do a good amount of sound control. I had mid mounted super 10s on mine originally but it honestly didn't sound as good as hers (now my new setup is a different story)
I would love to hear it if you can get a clip.

I'm not really sure what it is about these cars, but they sound worse than any of the previous mustangs IMO (not that they're bad, just not nearly as good). Never thought I'd get my F-body sounding better than a mustang, but here we are.
GT a PP: Hellion Twin kit, Precision BB turbos, T56 Magnum XL, McLeod RXT, MGW shifter, E-boost 2 controller, BMR LCA bearings, Cradle lockout, FRPP Toe link bearings, Steeda shock mounts+diff bushing inserts, Corsa Sport CB.

Mustang exhaust edge new

Ford Mustang GT Cat-Back Exhaust System ATAK Part #

























Ford Mustang GT/ Mach I L V8 Automatic/ Manual Transmission Rear Wheel Drive 2 Door Coupe/ Convertible.



Single Round Rolled Angle-Cut


Cat-Back & Axle-Back Exhaust

Cat-Back Exhaust System
















Single Split Rear Exit

Extremely LOUD NewEdge Mustang GT - Our neighbors hate it

These Are The Best New Edge Mustang Exhausts

If you want some serious early s nostalgia in your Mustang market, you can’t go wrong with a clean New Edge. Built from , the New Edge had a different styling language than its direct descendant (S) and looked more like a sports car than anything else but still kept that glorious V8 rumble. With models covering every part of the market from base V6 models through the high-tech and high-performance “Terminator” Cobra, the New Edge covered every buyer and now can be had for fairly cheap.

Parts for the Mustang are fairly cheap as well. Today, you can get everything from body kits through engine swaps for not much money, but one of the best simple upgrades for these cars is their exhaust. Ford made every engine option sound good with the right exhaust, but finding the absolute best exhaust option for your New Edge can be difficult. Luckily, we at Steeda have gone through the exhaust options available for each engine and put together a list of the best exhausts offered for the New Edge Mustang to ensure you get the best sounding exhaust from your car to keep you happy for years to come.


new edge mustang borla exhaust

New Edge Mustang Cat-Backs

The only way to buy full exhaust on the New Edge, a cat-back exhaust will increase your car’s power and performance while giving you that classic rumbling exhaust note. Starting with the V6, Ford made the engine sound decent, but a good exhaust like the Flowmaster Force II will wake it up more than ever before. The Flowmaster system gives the V6 a bit more throaty exhaust note while not droning or sounding like many other V6 cars do with exhaust work. In addition to adding some power and sound, the Flowmaster Force II enhances the rear of the V6 New Edge by adding dual exhaust that mimics the look of the GT.

new edge side exhaust

Moving up to the V8 GT model, the best sounding and performing exhaust option is the Steeda Side-Exit Cat-Back exhaust which mimics the Cobra R’s exhaust setup. With two exhaust tips coming out just before the rear wheels, the Steeda exhaust brings out a racing-inspired exhaust pitch that is sure to rumble even at idle. As you get closer to redline, you can hear the full power of the Mustang’s V8 engine. In addition to having a race-inspired exhaust note, the side exhaust also is a higher flow system and is much less restrictive than the factory exhaust fitted to the car.

With the top of the line Cobra, the best exhaust available on the car is the Borla Stinger S-Type Cat-Back exhaust. The Borla system works perfectly at not being too loud while perfectly beefing up the Cobra’s already aggressive exhaust note. The exhaust gives you burbles as it revs back down, and sounds like a classic muscle car as it accelerates before cracking on each upshift. The Borla exhaust manages to bring the car’s performance even more to life while staying subtle enough to fly under the radar over much louder systems. Additionally, the Borla exhaust has wide 4" exhaust tips that fill the exhaust holes in the bumper enough to give an intimidating appearance from behind.

new edge mustang bbk xpipe

New Edge Mustang Mid-Pipes

When modifying your New Edge Mustang, you might not want to do a full exhaust or even just an axle-back exhaust, you can go with installing an aftermarket Mid-Pipe. Mid-Pipes, or resonator deletes, offer you the chance to get more noise from your exhaust and a small power gain without making your car too loud, as well as opening a chance to add different mufflers to your car as well. With the two types of midpipes, you can get two completely different sounds from your exhaust.

If you want a more muscle car style exhaust note, you should install the Pypes Catted H-Pipe which is usable in the GT models. When put on a GT, you’ll notice a difference in power along with the increase in sound. Fitted with this H-Pipe, the GT model brings back an old-school deep exhaust note without being too loud. These low restriction cats will increase your Mustang’s low-end power enough to seriously notice it under heavy acceleration.

If you are in the market for a raspier and more high-pitched exhaust like those found more commonly in sports cars, the direction to go is for an X-Pipe as a Mid-Pipe. There are more X-Pipes made for the New Edge than there are H-pipes for road use, and as a result there is more competition to get them to sound as good. On all three engines, you can add an X-Pipe to get that more unique and sporty sound.

For both the V6 and the GT, the best options come from Pypes. The GT Catted X-Pipe and the V6 Catted X-Pipe are the best options available, and both make the cars sound a good bit more aggressive than before. These pipes increase the volume slightly, give the car some exhaust burbles on lift-off, and free up a few extra horsepower along with the noise.

If you want to fit an X-Pipe on your Cobra, you should install the BBK X-Pipe with Converters system in your car. The BBK setup offers a nice growl to the exhaust note that can’t be found as easily in many other X-Pipe setups for the Cobra. The BBK system has the catalytic converters much closer to the X-Pipe piece than in the other setups which alters the airflow and changes the exhaust pitch as a result.

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