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Android app SpyGlass enables your smartphone to see through clothes

At first it may not sound morally correct, but an Android app developed by Ezel Software enables Android-powered smartphone owners to see through some thin fabrics. Appropriately named SpyGlass, the application works on Android or higher as the earlier builds did not support video data from the camera to be altered in real time. However, there is hope for iPhone users as well since compatibility with other devices is being tested by the developer.

The way SpyGlass works is not exactly rocket science, but it required quite some time to be spent fine tuning. When the rear facing camera on the smartphone is activated, SpyGlass amplifies the infrared spectrum of light, which you cannot normally see, and blends it with the visible video feed. Since infrared light has a longer wavelength, it can easily pass through finer fabrics, after which it gets reflected back by the skin just like visible sunlight.

Several countries, among which Portugal, Greece, and Italy, are already considering banning SpyGlass from being used because of the moral issues that it brings up, especially when the summer months are right around the corner. We suggest that you give it a try while it is still available for download – link to the app has been posted for you below. Use it responsibly!

source: Ezel

Download link: Here

Sours: https://www.phonearena.com/news/Android-app-SpyGlass-enables-your-smartphone-to-see-through-clothes_id

5 Best apps to see through clothes for Android &#; iOS

Now, there is a new genre of entertainment applications &#; applications that allow you to X-Ray body parts. It is worth noting that such applications, in fact, don&#;t scan anything. They simply can&#;t and are classified as a joke, designed primarily for schoolchildren.

Sexy Booth FREE makes you hot

This application for iOS devices will help you to play your friends. Use a special scanner to look through your friends&#; clothes. All you need is to point the camera to your friend. You&#;ll be able to see them naked! Or&#; make them think that you can really see them naked.

Don&#;t forget that this application is fake. Of course, you cannot look at your friends&#; underwear. Perhaps, except the cases when they agree to show it to you. Anyway, the app will only show you pictures of men and women models.

iOS version

audery Girl Figure Scanner

audery Girl Figure Scanner is an application similar to the previous one, but for Android. The app allows you to see through girls&#; clothes. Of course, it is also fake and shows body parts of people you don&#;t know, not the ones in front of you, but this can also be fun. You can trick a girl you like into thinking you can really see her underwear. Although your trick will probably fail since there are lots of underwear types these days. What a pity!

The app pretends to use X-Ray to scan people&#;s clothes. If you can think of a lie that is complicated enough and sound confident, maybe someone will believe you. The only limitation this app has (besides the one that it can&#;t really scan people) is that there are only girls&#; pictures. You can&#;t use it on men. Download Girl Figure Scanner now and see if it will work on someone!

girl figure scanner

Android version

X-Ray Cloth Remover

X-Ray Cloth Remover or Clothes remover is another app for Android which is very similar to the previous one. This app is quite old &#; you can see it from the screens but it is still working. So, old but gold!

Of course, these days there are more sophisticated prank app, but if you are looking for something as plain as trying to look through someone&#;s clothes, get this app! You will certainly enjoy it.


Android version

X-Ray Body Scanner Simulator


* The app is designed for people over 18 years old.

X-Ray Body Scanner Simulator for iOS allows you to play your friends, telling them that your phone is equipped with an X-Ray capability. By choosing the right moment, you can make fun of your friends and improve their mood.

Body Scanner app simulates the work of an X-ray machine. It allegedly catches bone tissue and shows it on the screen. You can &#;X-Ray&#; a pelvis, knees, a head, a chest, and hands. X-ray images are very cool and realistic. Maybe, somebody wants to make fluorography?

The application does not even pretend to be a scanner &#; it honestly admits that it lacks even the simplest scripts that can catch body contours and substitute them with the necessary pictures. Still, the app is quite entertaining.

iOS version

Body Scanner Camera Xray Prank real simulator

Body Scanner Camera Xray app is one more prank app, this time for Android. This app has lots of pictures of hot men. If you want to make someone look more handsome, use this app! If you just want to have fun, you can also use this app.

Of course, this is just a prank but who knows what it can lead to? Maybe someone will start going to the gym to look more like Apollos from the pics. So, one more prank camera at your service!


Android version

We all like to have fun. These silly applications will help you trick your most naive friends into thinking that your phone is an almighty device. Not all the apps are supposed to be serious, but you should still be smart in choosing apps!

Sours: https://freeappsforme.com/apps-to-see-through-clothes/
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Table of Contents

Is there a app to see through clothes?

Android app SpyGlass enables your smartphone to see through clothes.

Are there glasses that can see through clothing?

Yes, however X-ray Glasses does not use X-ray technology. It uses infrared technology, you may call it “X-ray vision” since it can see through some types of material that human eyes can&#;t. If someone is wearing infrared pass clothing material, then these glasses will allow see through.

Can I remove clothes from pictures?

Before-After photos using remove clothing app Photo editor clothes remover is a free and nice software which is able to create absolutely new looks for every model. Just one click permits removing of any piece of your shorts, bra, bikini or pants without stress and fair to be seen by strangers.

Which app is best for removing clothes?

9 Best Apps to See Through Clothes (Android & iOS)

  1. Girl Cloth Remover – Body Show Simulator Prank.
  2. X-ray Remove Clothes Prank.
  3. Body Camera Scanner (Prank)
  4. X-Ray Camera Boys Joke.
  5. Audery Body Scanner – Real Camera Prank App
  6. Body Scanner Camera Cloth Remover Simulator Prank.
  7. Girls Cloth Remover-Audrey Body Scanner Prank
  8. Scan sexy body – prank!

How can I change my clothes in a picture?

Yes, it could be done fairly easily in Photoshop. The easiest option would be to find a picture of someone who is a similar build to the main picture that is wearing a suit or what ever clothing you would like to use and then using the pen tool select the piece of clothing. Right click, make selection, copy.

How do you see through clothes in Photoshop?

No other tool is as good as Adobe Photoshop CC for this see Through Clothes Photo editing, and possibly the best option&#;.Make a final adjustment for the best output.

  1. Select the Dress Layer.
  2. Go to the Adjustment Layer.
  3. Select Brightness/Contrast.
  4. Reduce the Contrast.
  5. Increase the Brightness if needed.

Is there any real body scanner app?

How to install the Boby Scanner app on android: Tap the apps icon. When you touch the Play Store. In the search box, type the name of the app or body optic keyword. Click the search key.

How do you make a picture see through?

Make part of a picture transparent

  1. Click the picture that you want to create transparent areas in.
  2. Under Picture Tools, on the Format tab, in the Adjust group, click Recolor.
  3. Click Set Transparent Color, and then click the color in the picture or image that you want to make transparent. Notes:

How can I make a logo transparent online?

Use Lunapic to make your image Transparent, or to remove background. Use form above to pick an image file or URL. Then, just click the color/background your want to remove.

How do I remove a logo from clothing?

Use your hands to peel it off. Step 3Apply a sufficient amount of nail polish remover on a cotton ball and dab gently but with a little force on the remaining ink. Rubbing can cause the cloth to mutilate. Peel off the ink using your fingernails to remove the print from the fabric.

Is there any video editing app without watermark?

1. FilmoraGo. In case you&#;re looking for the best free video editing app on Android that has minimum compromises, it doesn&#;t get better than Filmora Go. From presets to different platforms you want to publish videos on to simple and neat editing tools like trimming and merging, Filmora has it all.

Sours: https://answerstoall.com/popular/is-there-a-app-to-see-through-clothes/

See through clothes apps is a solution for all of you who love to know a bit more about other people. In this modern era, people like to get entertainment by using their smartphones. There are so many applications that are offered to you and you can use the application for free. You can download the application and then install it into your smartphone.

For all of you who usually search for sexy photos such as plain photos on the internet, you don’t need to do that again. Although there are some sexy photos and images of girls in skimpy swimsuits, or wearing underwear and some other mature contents that you can find on the internet, you can be more creative by creating your own natural undressed photos.

You can create your private photos by using the XRay device or you can use See through clothes apps that you can find in some app stores. Not all apps are good for you, here are ten apps that are recommended for you and can be used for fun. You can download one or more than one application below that is suitable with your needs.

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10 Best See Through Clothes Apps For Android and iOS

1. XRay Cloth Scanner Simulator

First app that you can choose is XRay Clothes Scanner Simulator. It is best see through clothes app that can tell your friends that you have supervision and you can see all things hiding their clothes. This app can be used as an excellent prank for your friend. This app offers you a fun way to check out your friend’s true gender too.

You just need to take a photo of your friend and then you can see directly what is hiding behind her bra or chest hairs. You can make your friend shocked. You need to tell that it is only a joke after that. You can download this app in a very easy way now.

Download for Android


2. Body Scanner

Body Scanner is the next see through clothes apps that can be chosen as the best app to see all things behind the clothes. It is available for free on your android devices.

You can take the photos of your friend’s body part, his or her breast, and then you can select the most appropriate bare breast too from the database display that was offered to you. You can make like a photo album on the adult website. When you finish with all things, you can tell your friend about a surprise. There are some trick options that you can choose and you can make it like it is a real photo.

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3. Sexy Booth Free Makes You Hot

You can download Sexy Booth Free Makes You Hot as your see through clothes app. For all of you who like to make your life brighter and funny, you better use this application. You can try to create your photos by using this scanner and tell your friend that you have a sexy photo for him.

What do you need to do when you use this app? You just need to point the camera on the Android smartphone at your target and then you can choose body parts of modes or other options inside of this app. This app is a free app for you. It is simple to use.


4. XRay Body Scanner Simulator

See through clothes app that you can choose to download is XRay Body Scanner Simulator. This app is a recommended XRay app to try. When you use this app, you only need to use your phone to function and do your first XRay photo.

You don’t need to leave your home because you can take XRay photo from all places and anytime you want. There is no need for radiation. When you use this app and want to get better accuracy, you need to select the body part with your camera. After that you will get a real image taken with this best XRay app.


5. XRay Ghost Scanner

For all of you who like to create a prank for your friend because your friend is afraid of ghosts, you can use this  XRay Ghost Scanner. This app is a great app that is made with the sensors for your android devices to identify ghosts near you.

What you need to do is simply download and install this app and then you can have some spooky fun. You can install this app and then start to find the target and then press the “Scan” button to start to see the scary thing.

When you use this app, you can simply share the images with your Facebook, Instagram, or other social media accounts. It is time to make Ghost prank.

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6. Super XRay

You can choose to install the Super XRay Camera for the best see through clothes app. By using this app, you will be able to display XRay scanned body parts and then see in the real-time video. You can easily see the hand’s skeleton or other parts of your body.

How to use this app? When you like to use this app, you just need to simply launch the app and then air the video camera on your target. Please make sure that the fingers must be wide apart. This app will be able to work better when you have a target with contrasting color as the background.

Download for Android


7. Cloth Scanner Simulator

You can try this Cloth Scanner Simulator to see physical details about your friends. This see through clothes app will ask you for some clarification, for example the gender and body parts that you want to see. This application can be used as an imitation scanner too.

You will get data and then you can access the XRay Scanner. To get all things that you want, you need to activate imagination. You can get a shape that most likely matches with your targeted friend’s shape. This application is free to use and you can install it easily too. It is time for you to know more about your friend’s fact by using this app.


8. Cloth Scanner – Body Scanner Simulator

You need to try this Cloth Scanner – Body Scanner Simulator. This best see through clothes app is often called a cloth remover too. It is a fun app for Android that is easy to use too. By using this app, you can create the most creative prank to your friend.

As we can guess from the name of this app, by using this app, you will be able to see what’s hiding behind the clothes. You who want to see other people with no clothes can try to download this app and then start to install on your smartphone. You will enjoy using this app and make a great prank for your friend.


9. Audrey Body Scanner Cloth Free Camera Prank

Audrey body scanner cloth free camera prank can be chosen for all of you who like to create pranks. It is easy to use see through clothes app and it is not a real body scanner because what you will get is a scanner prank app. There is a scanner machine in this app and what you need to do is just touch the scanner button.

It is a funny app to try. Most people love this app because it is free and it can give them entertainment. It is time for you to try to use this app too. You can get happiness when you try to use this app.

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Girls Cloth Remover – Body Show Prank Audery

This app is just for fun see through clothes app that you can try. You can choose this app for all skin colors such as girls with white skin, red skin, black skin, and some other skin colors. You can see the detailed body parts of men and girls by using this prank app.

It will be easy to remove clothes as a joke. And please keep in mind that it is just for fun. There are some features that you will get when you install this app such as adjust half body photo, save photos on the gallery, easily share your photos, and some other features. You can get this app for free.



It is easy for you to create pranks and see all behind the clothes of your friends. Seeing all things that you never see before will make you feel happy and fun. You can also create a small surprise for friends by using this app because some of the apps are made with some best features to make you more creative and more fun.

You can read more reviews of some apps above so you can choose one that is suitable for your needs. All apps are free to download and install on your smartphone. It is time for you to download one of 10 best see through clothes app.

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Clothes spyglass app

What is Spyglass app?

What is Spyglass app?

Spyglass is an advanced compass and GPS nav app for iPhone, iPad, iOS and Android. Spyglass comes in handy as a car, bike, boat, aircraft, vehicle or walking compass and GPS navigation to drive, cycle, sail, fly or hike off the road, in the field or woods, in the sea and in the air.

Is there any way to see through clothes?

See through clothes app that you can choose to download is XRay Body Scanner Simulator. When you use this app, you only need to use your phone to function and do your first XRay photo. You don&#;t need to leave your home because you can take XRay photo from all places and anytime you want. There is no need for radiation.

Did Sony sell cameras that could see through clothes?

Is there a camera that we can actually look through the clothes? Yes there are cameras which produce an image where the subjects clothing is invisible. Sony made a video camera back in which had a “night vision” (infrared) mode.

Can IR filter see through clothes?

The new X-T1 IR has a new function that means it can &#;see&#; infrared light which we can&#;t see with the naked eye. As Wired say: &#;But one odd side effect of infrared photography is that, in some cases, it can see right through clothing. Not always, and the clothes have to be pretty thin in the first place.&#;

What can you see with thermal imaging?

Thermal Camera Uses in Safety & Law Enforcement

  • Surveillance. Thermal scanners are often used by police helicopters to see hiding burglars or track someone fleeing a crime scene.
  • Firefighting.
  • Search & Rescue.
  • Maritime Navigation.
  • Road Safety.
  • Drug Busts.
  • Air Quality.
  • Gas Leak Detection.

Can IR see through glass?

First of all, let&#;s appreciate that IR cameras do not “see through” things. The detectors in thermal imaging cameras “receive” energy waves that come from the surface of objects. Some infrared energy waves travel through glass and some do not. So, they are not able to detect energy waves coming through glass.

Does aluminum foil block thermal imaging?

Can thermal imaging see through aluminium foil? ​The answer is NO. Any electrically conductive material will block infrared radiation. The greater the conductivity, the greater the blocking.

How can I hide my heat from my grow room?

away from walls, fit foam panels from floor to ceiling (some cutting may be required), and blow cold air into the gap. Seal seams and corners with tape. Cover walls with Mylar to reflect heat back into the room.

How much does it cost for thermal imaging?

Basically for thermal imaging you should be charging at least $1, per day if you have a quality Radiometer. Inspected this building today, my fee was $2,, I was there for five hours, alone.

How does thermal imaging work on the human body?

Thermal cameras detect temperature by recognizing and capturing different levels of infrared light. This light is invisible to the naked eye, but can be felt as heat if the intensity is high enough. From there, the microbolometer records the temperature and then assigns that pixel to an appropriate color.

How far does thermal imaging work?

Most of the cameras can detect temperature differences of . 1°C or better. Thermal cameras, like visible cameras can see as far as your eye can see in most cases. Whether you will “see something” at a given distance depends on the size of the size of the object and the contrast.

Can I use my phone as a thermal camera?

FLIR ONE is a lightweight accessory that transforms your Android device into a powerful thermal infrared camera. FLIR ONE displays live thermal infrared imagery using the FLIR ONE app so you can see the world from a thermal perspective. FLIR ONE allows you to measure temperature variances.

What is the difference between thermal and infrared cameras?

Active IR systems use short wavelength infrared light to illuminate an area of interest. Some of the infrared energy is reflected back to a camera and interpreted to generate an image. Thermal imaging systems use mid- or long wavelength IR energy.

How far can a night vision camera see?

around 10m to m

How far can a WiFi camera work?

A: In an open field (with line of sight), a typical wireless camera has a range between to feet. In a closed environment—such as an interior of a house—the wireless camera range is between to feet.

Can night vision see in complete darkness?

Contrary to intensifier tubes and digital night vision, they can operate in total darkness without IR illuminators or during daytime and allow you to see the thermal signature emanating from humans, animals, jet or combustion engines, or hot wires.

Do all cameras have night vision?

Most security cameras come with night vision, which allow them to still see things even if it&#;s pitch black outside.

How do you get a night vision camera?

Shut off the Lights and Observe the Area for Hidden IR Cameras. If there is a night vision hidden camera in your vicinity, you can easily find out. Most IR cameras have red or green IR LED lights that stand out in the dark. They will stand out in the dark and even sometimes blink.

Sours: https://boardgamestips.com/miscellaneous/what-is-spyglass-app/
How do I make my phone camera see through clothes?

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