Horoscope aquarius september 2020

Horoscope aquarius september 2020 DEFAULT

Aquarius Daily Horoscope For Sept 24: It's a wonderful day



People born under this sign are original and inventive, but can behave unemotional and detached too. Today, you will find the day turning wonderful, thanks to your positive traits. However, you must take steps to be safe while travelling.


AquariusFinance Today


After a long time, you will find your coffers filling up again as your income increases. Property and money are likely to be bestowed upon you through inheritance. Don’t just expect an increase in bonus, as it was always a foregone conclusion, but also a pat on the back in the job you are currently holding.


AquariusFamily Today


You will get the opportunity to develop the talent within you that is set to reach its brilliance. If you maintain a positive attitude, you can pull out of any adversity. Homemakers can have a fulfilling time today in giving a new look to the décor by rearranging furniture and buying new curtains.   


AquariusCareer Today


It may take some time to realise your long-term academic goals, so continue to do whatever you are doing with full dedication. You will have to live up to the challenge of cracking a competitive exam. Those in a touring job may start short business trips to other metros in their assigned region. 


AquariusHealth Today


You may take a pause from your diet plan, but don’t make it too long, as you can go back where you started. You can envy people with fit bodies, but will remain lethargic in doing something about yours. Don’t plan on joining a gym, when you know you will never be regular in it.  


AquariusLove Life Today


Spouse seems most considerate today and may plan a trip to another city with you. A friend’s marriage may get you introduced to someone who may become your future lover. You may find yourself in the throes of passion with the one you love, making the evening simply sublime!


Lucky Number: 3

Lucky Colour: Golden Brown


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Aquarius Daily Horoscope for Sept 28: Time to improve your skills

AQUARIUS (Jan 22-Feb 19) 


It is a wonderful day full of promising chances. Every opportunity today would match your eligibility and help you excel. Evaluate all your options and decide with a calm mind. Please don’t make any hasty decisions as they can cost you dearly. Things will go in the right direction and a lot of changes will be observed in life. All you need to do is to be patient and discern the happenings. It’s not uncommon for Aquarians to embrace their creativity to the fullest. However, you will need to maintain a balance to do well in life. Finalizing a major property deal without due verification of papers may cause losses. Be sure to check the paperwork. An exciting vacation full of beauty and history will be fascinating for younger members of your family. So, go ahead and plan one soon. 


Aquarius Finance Today 


You will need to take a close look at your unnecessary expenditures to give your savings a boost. Share markets should be avoided if you do not want to face any losses today.


Aquarius Family Today 


Don't let others blame you for everything, sometimes they are at fault too. There are chances that things may turn a bit bitter if you are careless and not pay due attention.  Lack of effective communication might send wrong signals about your commitment to your spouse, so watch what you say. 


Aquarius Career Today 


Use your skills on the professional front to make a favorable impression on your colleagues and superiors and you may see circumstances turning in your favor.  Solutions you’re presently trying to formulate turn out to be useful in the future. 


Aquarius Health Today 


Your health will be your priority today as you come very close to achieving the physique you have always desired. Eating a proper and balanced diet will help you stay focused and energetic throughout the day.


Aquarius Love Life Today 


Those who are single likely to meet and greet a person who might leave a deep effect on their spirits. Married people will have a blissful time and at the same time, people having their marriage anniversary would enjoy the day.


Lucky Number: 4

Lucky Colour: Electric Blue 


Manisha Koushik, Dr Prem Kumar Sharma

(Astrologer, Palmist, Numerologist & Vastu Consultant)

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Url: www.askmanisha.com, www.premastrologer.com

Contact: Delhi: +91-11-47033152, 40532026

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Weekly Horoscope, 13 to 19 September 2020: Check predictions for all zodiac signs

Read your horoscope predictions to know what the stars have in store for you this week:
At the beginning of the week, you'll be energetic and can have inner strength. You'll expect to urge some huge order, which can increase your work. Your subordinates can assist you to complete your task within the timeframe. You'll also plan a business-related short trip, which can increase your network. Disputes with the siblings are going to be resolved now. From 14th September ahead, things can likely to be changed. You'll be dissatisfied with everything. It'd be a challenge for you to sustain within the given scenario. You'll be a victim of dissatisfaction. You'll try to quit your responsibility. Before creating investments, you're suggested to think twice. You shall use caution in terms of elders’ health additionally. You'll also decide to migrate.
In the middle of the week, you'll feel sad, your patience is going to be tested persistently. It's suggested to sustain the current scenario. Investments within the fixed assets shall be delayed for a short while. You'll arrange for house construction and renovation of the house. Your elder’s health is going to be ok now. Migration from one place to a different place shall be delayed now. After the late evening of 16th September, things are going to be in restraint. There'll be peace in the mind. However, your children's health would possibly cause you to be upset. It's suggested to avoid speculation in the investments. Love birds shall keep patience before taking an important call in terms of the wedding. Natives regarding education, management, consultancy, preachers can do better.
The last couple of days are going to be somehow good. You'll now be able to sustain and enjoy yourself in the current scenario. Bonding along with your boss is going to be improved now, you'll be able to urge a new opportunity in terms of promotions. Single can be possible to find a good match. You'll be in a winning position from your opponents and hidden enemies. You'll find some cure for your chronic illness. Cash that was stuck somewhere is going to be recovered and boost your savings. You'll be able to start out on some new project, new responsibilities are going to be given to you in terms of promotions. Job seekers can get some good news in terms of job or interview. You'll expect some issues regarding cough, cold, throat or eye problems.
At the beginning of the week, you'll be happy and have peace within the mind. There'll be a proper balance between your earnings and expenditures, new sources of financial gain will likely be opened which can boost your bank balance. You'll be more polite and can be ready to communicate yourself simply with the surrounding folks. Disputes between siblings are going to be resolved now. You'll get full cooperation from your siblings in terms of projects, which can boost your confidence. You'll complete your project within the timeframe.
Mid of the week, you'll have good patience. You'll be able to have good concentration, which can speed up your project. Your subordinates can cooperate with you; it'll assist you to complete the project before time. You'll arrange for work-related short travels which can boost your network. On 16th September onwards, you'll feel uncomfortable, you'll possibly have a lack of patience which can have an effect on your working efficiency. Investments within the fixed assets are suggested to stop. Parents’ health can cause you to be upset.
In the last couple of days, your patience is going to be tested persistently, you're suggested to keep patience, investments in business and fixed assets shall be avoided for a short while, otherwise, you'll be able to face some losses. Migration from one place to another can be postponed for a short while. Last days of the week will be better. You'll be busy with the children. Students are suggested to focus themselves towards their studies to achieve the desired goal. Natives relating to trading, import and export, consultants can do better.
First two days of the week, you're blessed by the moon, can offer you vitality and healthiness. You'll relish each moment in work and domestic life. You'll perform well in all areas of life, which can improve your status. You'll be able to be busy within the family-related work also. You may take interest in artefacts, movies, glamour which can improve your creativity. You'll spend cash on buying some artefacts, other stuff which can improve your position. You'll be more polite to others. You'll also decide to cook special food for your family or friends. Some excellent news can make you happy in terms of family.
Mid of the week, you'll be more focused towards your goals, which can improve your working efficiency. Your children's health is going to be better. With the motivation of your family members, you'll be ready to do tough tasks simply. You'll be able to control your expenditure on worthless stuff, which can boost your savings. You'll have good patience which can assist you to relish your every moment. New innovations can come into the family business in terms of growth.
In the last couple of days, you'll speed up your projects. You'll be busy in a social get-together or family occasions. You'll additionally expect some work regarding short trips, which can be useful in the near future. You'll be ready to make some tough calls with the assistance of subordinates. Disputes within the property matters with the siblings are going to be settled now. End of the week is going to be somehow unsatisfactory, you'll be impatient, unable to focus towards your goals. Investments within the fixed assets are suggested to hold over for a short while. Natives regarding interior decorators, architects, supply chain, cultivators can do better.
At the beginning of the week, you may feel bored; you will make some decisions, which can seem to be beyond reality. You may expect more than your capability, it'll cause you to upset, shall use caution in adventure tours and rush driving. You may not be ready to maintain a balance between expenditures and savings. It's suggested to avoid spending on unworthy stuff. From 14th September late evening, your patience can come with the help of an elder's blessing. You will be ready to avoid being scattered yourself towards your goals.
Mid of the week, things are going to be in check, your vital power is going to be good and you may be ready to make some tough decisions in terms of profession. You may be focused towards your goals, you may be more kind to others, you may facilitate indigent peoples, and you may expect to urge some reward, which will increase your position. There'll be some advancement into your life, delayed projects can begin again.
Last few days of the week, you may be involved with family and friends; you may be busy in some social occasions or family get-together. You're suggested to be more polite with the surrounding individuals. New sources of income can likely to be opened which can boost your bank balance, you may decide to purchase some important household stuff for your home or workplace. Last day of the week, your energy is going to be helpful to complete your projects before the timeline. You will probably to listen to some good news regarding siblings. There'll be some short journeys regarding a business also possible.
At the beginning of the week, you may be happy in terms of gains. Your investments can offer you smart profits. You may get some important opportunities in terms of business, which will grow your business. New sources of income can be there, which will boost your monetary health. You may get success easily. On 14th September will be somehow tough for you, you may feel bored. Love birds are suggested to avoid any important call in terms of the wedding. Job seekers can get disappointments in terms of interviews. Students are advised to keep their mind cool.
Mid of the week, you may be under the influence of a negative moon and you may be sad, you will have some health problems, your vital power can become slow, and you are advised to avoid initiating new plans in the business. Your profits can convert into losses which can cause you to upset. It's suggested to avoid rash driving. You're additionally suggested to avoid making arguments, shall trying and settling disputes out of the court. On 16th September, things will be coming on track. Your lost confidence can come again, you may relish at work. You will plan to begin some new innovation. Couples can relish their love life. You shall use caution from joint pain, muscular pain, liver problems and abdomen issues.
Last few days of the week will be good for you, you may be blessed by Jupiter, and you may come out from tough situations with the assistance of your knowledge. You may facilitate poor individuals; you may also give you good advice to your family or friends, which can increase your status among them. Your health is going to be ok, your spouse will be irritated with you, but you will control things with the assistance of your wisdom. You're suggested to keep yourself away from the negative individuals around you. During the last few days of the week, you may be happy. You will spend good time with your family or friends; you will purchase something for family or friends. Domestic harmony is going to be improved but you're suggested to regulate your straightforwardness.
At the beginning of the week, the time is going to be in your favour. Your focus is going to be good. You may be busy in the implementation of your plans in terms of growth within the business. Your prestige in society will increase. You may build some new partners within the business, which can be beneficial in near future. In the love life, you will be strongly connected along with your spouse, which can boost harmony in family life. Your delayed projects can start working. Your boss can support you and you might have some promotions with the assistance of hard work.
Mid of the week, you will be blessed by a positive moon. Your losses can convert into profits. You will be ready to make the right call in terms of investments. You may additionally implement some new plan, which will provide progress within the business. You may get success easily. You may meet some influential person, who can show you the right path to success. Lovebird will make some decisions in terms of the wedding. Couples can hear excellent news in terms of children. Job seekers can get an appropriate job. Natives concerning government job, management, gem and jewellery, fashions can do better.
In the last couple of days, you may feel bored, you may have health problems. You may be unable to focus yourself because of sleeplessness and restlessness; it will have an effect on your progress. Most of the time, you may criticize other peoples and yourself also. You may be arrogant, thus suggesting to avoid making any form of arguments; you're suggested to settle disputes out of the court. It's suggested to avoid journey tours or rush driving. Glamour can impact your spending. There will be too much spending on unworthy stuff, which can affect your savings also.
In the first week, you may be blessed by a positive moon, last week’s disappointment will convert into happiness, which can reflect into your way of working. You may decide to visit some spiritual place. You will provide some donation to a spiritual place or to some charity. Your religious power can assist you to find the right path. Blessings from gurus can boost your confidence. Love birds will probably take a vital call in terms of their wedding. Couples who are expecting kids can hear excellent news, students can get positive results in studies.
Mid of the week, can cause you to be busy in the work front, you will see a strong position in your professional front. Your projects concerning government agencies can begin now. Due to workload, you may not be in a position to give time to your family. You may not join family or social parties on time. However your family and spouse can support you, it'll create an increase in domestic harmony. Job aspirants can get success in terms of administrative or management jobs. Your boss is going to be more supportive now; you may get new responsibilities in terms of promotions.
Last few days are going to be important for you on the work front. Your will power will improve; you may take some tough call in the business very simply. Your team members can support you to implement your project with success. With the assistance of knowledge, you may control over your opponents, with the assistance of knowledge, you may keep yourself safe from conspiracy against you. Your losses can convert into profits now, which can increase your liquidity within the business. You may generate some extra financial gain. Kids health is going to improve now. Lovebirds can take some decisions in terms of the wedding.
Starting the week, you will feel bored; you'll feel negativity pull you back from taking important decisions, which can affect your professional commitments. You'll not be able to complete the task on time. It's suggested to avoid journey tours or rush driving. You'll face some losses from your past investments. You'll expect some harsh speaking with your friend. There'll be some domestic clashes also. But on 14th September, things are going to be somehow better. You'll decide to visit some spiritual place; it'll offer you inner strength.
In the middle of the week, negative time can convert into a positive time now, you may visit some spiritual place or to any advisor. You will decide to give some amount to the spiritual place or to some charity. You will be blessed by elders, which is able to assist you to come out of a confused state. With the assistance of knowledge, you'll be able to save your hard-earned cash. You will pay cash on worthy things. Students can do better; they'll hear some excellent news in terms of academics. You'll develop healthy relations with your spouse; there'll be some progress in terms of family harmony.
During the last few days of the week, the moon can offer you blessings. You'll meet some new or influential person, who can assist you in your business in terms of growth. You will be ready to take tough calls with the assistance of your subordinates. Your losses can convert into profits. You will expect to urge success on the skilled front. You'll get proper reciprocation of hard work. Monetary health is going to be on track now. Love birds can take some important calls in terms of the wedding. Singles can possibly find soul mates. Couples can likely listen to excellent news in terms of a kid. Students will get good results in their work.
At the beginning of the week, things are going to be under control. You'll be able to begin a new project with the assistance of a business partner or alliance. Your destiny can support you; can expect to plan some long-distance tour. Relation with the siblings is going to be better, it'll reflect in your domestic life. On 14th September ahead, your health won't support you. Harsh speaking with a spouse would possibly cause you to be upset; it'll have an effect on domestic life, so it is advised to avoid arrogance within the personal life. You'll expect to find yourself in a self-analysis position. You are suggested to avoid journey tours or rush driving. Love birds shall avoid discussing unworthy topics. Natives relating to the interior, spiritualism, the research shall be carefully dealt with the situations.
Mid of the week, after the late evening of 16th September, things can be in restraint, with the assistance of positive energy, you'll be assured and will have a clear picture in your mind in terms of future plans. You will expect to visit some spiritual places, seeking peace in the mind. You'll decide to give some amount to a spiritual place or to a charity. You'll be able to realize some profits within the business with the help of destiny. You'll expect to urge a powerful position when some struggle. Students shall keep patience in terms of studies; they may lose focus on the studies.
Last few days, you'll be able to be busy on the work and business front. You'll decide to make investments within the business in terms of growth. You'll be ready to implement your plans easily, which is able to boost your confidence. You'll be praised by your seniors; you'll expect to urge some vital position in your work. Some negative people can try to destroy your happiness however with the help of elder’s blessings you'll use your wisdom to shield yourself from them. You'll pay your time with your family; you may decide to go for an outing with your friends and family.
During the starting days of the week, blessings from elders can make you happy. Your performance in the workplace is going to be good. You'll be appreciated by your boss for the results of your dedication, you'll feel very happy. Chronic diseases are going to be cured now. Your hard work pays you in terms of gains. Investors can expect good gains in terms of investments. The money that was stuck, is going to be recovered now, it will increase your liquidity within the business. You will control hidden enemies and opponents. Job seekers would possibly perform well in the interviews. Love birds can expect to make some important decisions. Singles can likely find their match in the same field or workplace. Natives relating to artefacts, films, glamour, import and export will do better.
In the middle of the week, you'll get ample opportunities in terms of business, which is able to grow your business. With the assistance of a prestigious person in terms of the partnership, you'll get edges in terms of your work. There will be mental peace and happiness around you. Job seekers can hear sensible news in terms of appropriate jobs. Understanding with the spouse will be improved now, it'll spread happiness within the domestic life. In partnerships, old disputes are going to be resolved now. However, on 16th September, running projects can stop automatically without any reason. It's suggested to avoid making investments on risky assets. Rash driving also will not be good for you. Natives relating to fashions, artefacts, glamour, mining can do better.
In the last couple of days of the week, you will feel bored, you'll feel negative folks around you, you will be a victim of criticism. It is advised to avoid journey tours and rush driving. You'll feel guilty for silly mistakes also; it'll bring your self-confidence to a downside. You will seek the peace of mind; you may visit some religious place or to any consultant. It's suggested to avoid making investments within the assets; otherwise, it will become dead stock. On 18th September late evening, things can be somehow ok. You'll relish your happy moments with the family or loved ones. You will also expect sound sleep for a long time.
At the beginning of the week, you'll be busy with children related issues. You'll set up for their career. Natives, who are in a job, can decide to go for higher studies to groom their career. Students can likely decide their career path. Lovebirds can likely take calls in terms of weddings. On 14th September, time is going to be in your favour, your past investments can offer edges. Your cash that was stuck is going to be recovered, which can increase the liquidity within the business. You will be able to control your hidden enemies and opponents. Job seekers can get an appropriate job.
In the middle of the week, you'll begin implementing your plans in terms of business growth. You'll make tough choices in the business; you'll build some investments in your business or work with the help of your savings. Health problems regarding members of the family can now be over. Chronic diseases are going to be cured now. You'll decide to lend cash, it's suggested to follow your intuition before lending your hard-earned cash. You're suggested to take care of eating habits; you'll expect some acidity problems. You will be more polite while coping with folks around you.
The last couple of days, you're suggested to make a proper balance between domestic and career. Professionally you'll work hard and can convert it into success. Disputes with the partner are going to be resolved. Singles can likely find their soulmate. You'll attempt to go for an outing or party along with your family members. Last day of the week won't be favourable for you. There'll be some dullness in your nature, you'll be arrogant, and it’ll have an effect on your professional and domestic life. It's suggested to drive safely and avoid going on a journey tour. Couples and love birds are advised to keep some distance and control their tongue while speaking.
At the beginning of the week, a negative moon can cause you to be unhappy; you'll be a victim of discontent. You'll try and surrender your responsibility. It'd be a challenge for you to sustain within the given scenario. Your focus will be tested over and over. Investments within the assets are suggested to avoid. On 14th September, things won't be so easy, you'll get success after some hard work, you suggested to think twice before creating investments within the fixed assets. You'll seemingly set up for higher studies to groom your career. There'll be some challenge to keep up your respect among the encircling individuals, it's suggested to avoid showing off as it may affect your financial health. You're suggested to do meditation, your past karma can protect you from negative individuals around you and you'll successfully come out from the untidy scenario.
In the middle of the week, you'll hear some good news in terms of children's education. You'll be busy with their education and career. But love birds are suggested to keep patience in terms of their relationships. Investors are suggested to avoid investing in risky assets; they could convert into dead investments. From 16th September ahead, things are going to be in restraint. You will come out of untidy things. You'll see new challenges within the job front, a blessing from elders can assist you to sustain in the current working condition. You will successfully complete your assignment. You'll have an effect over your opponents with the help of your dedication towards work. Love birds can convert their relationship into a wedding.
In the last couple of days will be somehow good for you. Things will be in restraint now. Cash that was stuck, is going to be recovered easily, it will increase liquidity within the business. There'll be some good news in terms of job, your performance is going to be good, and you’ll expect promotions. There will be some excellent news in terms of legal matters also. Within the partnerships, many issues are going to be resolved. You'll begin implementing new plans in your business. Students can make quick decisions in terms of their career. Job seekers can hear good news in terms of new job opportunities. Ego problems between couples are going to be resolved now. There'll be harmony within domestic life. Natives regarding agricultural products, pesticides, electrical equipment, machinery can do better.
The author, Samir Jain, is a Jaipur based astrologer who is an expert in astrology, numerology, palmistry and Vastu. He is also an expert in Jain Temple Vastu and Jain Jyotish. Over the last several years, he has consulted clients from the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, the UK, Australia, Turkey, France, Italy, South Africa, and Germany.
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Aquarius is the 11th Sign of the Zodiac. A symbol of all that’s humane and humanity, this Sign is modern, independent and freedom loving. While everything new and new-age enthralls the Aquarius natives, rebelliousness of any sort liberates them. Aquarius is known as the Sign of discoverers, inventors, adventurers and visionaries. Amiable and cheery by disposition, Aquarius-born tend to have a plenty of social charm. Aquarius natives may have a lot of acquaintances, but may have a very few close friends. Even if some Aquarius may seem to lead an entirely mundane life, on some digging, you would find that they have attached, somehow, themselves...

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September horoscope 2020 aquarius

Up, Up, and Away

Are you ready to let go of whatever no longer works, Aquarius? With the sun in your sector of transformation until September 22, this is an opportunity for dynamic change. If something has been hanging over you for some time, finding the courage to deal with it can bring you peace of mind and renewed energy.

There’s a new moon in your sector of change on the sixth, and this is one of the better times to work on any problems. Whether that means connecting with a counselor or therapist or getting help from some other expert on your particular issue, go for it. Doing your bit to make things better every day will soon see this issue melting away like the mist.

Luscious Venus moves into sizzling Scorpio and your sector of goals and ambitions on September 10, so if you’re ready to reach out to those in positions of power, a little charm can work wonders. If you’re passionate about your job, business, or future plans, it will certainly show, and this in itself can attract others to you, especially if they’re on the same wavelength.

However, you’ll also have a strong desire to get away, seek new opportunities, and explore classes that can teach you new skills and vital knowledge. With a major focus on your sector of far horizons this month, it’s time to move out of your comfort zone in a big way, especially when feisty Mars moves into this sector on the fourteenth.

On September 22, the sun also eases into Libra for its annual four-week stay, which means it’s time to move beyond your limits. This is a chance for you to explore new territory. Doing so can greatly enrich your life.

Finally, vibrant Mercury turns retrograde in Libra on the twenty-sixth and remains so for three weeks, so be prepared for delays concerning travel, study, or the law.

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Read whatyour sign's 2020 horoscope predictionshave in store for you or check out theAquarius personality profile.

Welcome to September, Aquarius! Last month left you reviewing your schedule. You tend to overcommit, which leaves you spread too thin with some of your goals unfinished. A full moon in dreamy Pisces on Tuesday, September 1 asks you to shorten your to-do list. We're in the middle of organized Virgo season, which is opposite on the zodiac wheel from creative Pisces. This push and pull energy helps you streamline your commitments and make sense of your priorities. 

Warrior planet Mars goes retrograde in its home sign of Aries from Wednesday, September 9 to Friday, November 13. Mars is the planet of action, and when it goes retrograde anything involving forward motion and ambition comes to a standstill. We're in the age of Aquarius, and you're the humanitarian of the zodiac. Especially with an election coming up, it's not a great time for Mars retrograde. So what can you do?

The fall equinox is a great time to tell your loved ones what they mean to you. 

Mars rules anger and is all about pushing back, screaming, and speaking up. While it's retrograde, rather than try to force plans that just aren't working, take a new approach. Organize for future action. Check in on people you care about. Research local political candidates. You can keep moving forward, your work may just be behind the scenes for the moment. 

There's a new moon in detail-oriented Virgo on Thursday, September 17. This sign is a hard worker, so this lunation could set that aforementioned behind-the-scenes work up for success.  Around this time, be ready for a win. You deserve it. 

The month comes to a close with the fall equinox on Tuesday, September 22. This has been a rough year, to say the least, but it's a great time to gather with friends (safely in person or virtually) and express gratitude for one another. This same date is also the start of Libra season, which is all about partnerships, justice, and finding balance. Circling back to the start of the month, use this energy to set a schedule that allows room for some joy. Even the revolutionary of the zodiac (that's you, Aquarius) deserves self-care. Stay safe and see you in October. 

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We know many of you may be feeling worried, frightened, or isolated right now. Although the stars don't have answers to the multitude of questions running through all of our minds, astrology may at least provide some comfort during times of uncertainty. We urge you todonate to one or all of these organizationsif you're able to; if you can't, we created a guide toways you can support the BLM movement other than financially.

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Welcome to Virgo season, Aquarius! This is an intense time of year for you. Virgo is all about the details, and as the sun moves through this dutiful sign, it’s asking you to look at the details you need to tend to—including the stuff you don’t want to do. Financially, issues concerning debts, taxes, and inheritances are coming to the fore. This is also a powerful time for intimacy and your relationships as you and your partners sort out your responsibilities to each other. 

Discussions about sensitive issues you’d usually avoid take place on September 1 as Mercury in Virgo makes a helpful and harmonious connection with Pluto in Capricorn. Your intuition gets a big boost on this day, too! A powerful full moon in Pisces lands on September 2, bringing a situation concerning your finances or values to a climax. Full moons are all about endings, so you may choose to divest from a situation at this time. Venus in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn during this full moon, and the sun also connects with your ruling planet Uranus in Taurus, finding you and your partners dealing with a reality check when it comes to scheduling. If something—or someone—is important to you, you make things happen, right? Well, that’s not always possible! Canceling a meet-up doesn’t have to mean canceling a relationship; sometimes things just don’t work out and you can’t take it personally…and sometimes you’re tired of feeling like you’re not a top priority, and perhaps you do have to step back from a partnership where scheduling is too fraught with frustration! 

Helping keep the energy from getting stuck and stagnant is the sun's connection with your ruling planet Uranus, which bodes especially well for releasing old emotional patterns and switching things up at home. Mercury connects with your other ruling planet, Saturn, on September 3, creating a helpful energy for setting solid plans in motion, which is especially grounding after this full moon. Mercury is all about communication and Saturn is about commitments, so use this energy to discuss your long-term goals. 

A competitive, yet playful, atmosphere flows on September 4 as Venus clashes with Mars in Aries and connects with chatty Mercury: This is a great time to meet new people, flirt, and enjoy some intellectual banter or gossip. A shift in energy takes place as Mercury enters fellow air sign Libra on September 5, bringing you news from abroad, as well as assisting you in sorting out issues concerning travel and education. Venus also changes signs, entering your opposite sign Leo on September 6, bringing blessings to the relationship sector of your chart. Venus in Leo is loyal, glamorous, and creative: This is a wonderful time for your partnerships and for meeting new people and reigniting passion! 

You’re a logical, down-to-earth person, Aquarius, but mystical themes are front and center for you on September 9 as the sun connects with Jupiter in Capricorn. Your intuition is boosted, you’re feeling spiritually connected, and you’re freed from past emotional weight and ready to take off on a new adventure! Also on September 9, Mars retrograde begins in Aries, which may create a slow, frustrating feeling concerning communication—keep your temper in check! The lesson of this Mars retrograde for you is all about gathering facts before jumping on plans or ideas that seem worthwhile but lack important details for success. 

The sun opposes Neptune on September 11, which does not help with communication as Neptune’s fog finds issues concerning wealth and security feeling difficult or confusing to discuss. Take things slow and don’t rush to making any important commitments. Gathering the information you need will take time. Catch up on rest as Jupiter ends its retrograde on September 12: Make time for meditation, lean into your spiritual practice, and reflect on the symbols that are appearing in your dreams. An especially potent moment for inner work arrives on September 14 as the sun connects with the planet of transformation, Pluto—this is a great time to talk things out in therapy, get closure, or create a ritual for yourself around letting go.

Venus clashes with your ruling planet Uranus on September 15. Whatever’s been feeling blocked in your home life and relationships will be set free, which may mean you and your partners need to give each other the space to experiment and try new things. The new moon in Virgo arrives on September 17, marking a fresh start in how you and your partners handle finances. This is a powerful time to clear a debt or offer or accept an apology. This new moon finds Mercury clashing with Jupiter, encouraging people to communicate openly, while the sun’s connection with Saturn helps us stay grounded. 

Important information arrives on September 21 as Mercury—the planet of information—clashes with Pluto—the planet of hidden things—revealing what was previously obscured from view. Emotionally, this is a powerful time to explore your subconscious. You’re in a philosophical mood, and when Libra season starts on September 22, you’re focused on issues concerning school, travel, and publishing. Communication blocks are addressed as Mercury clashes with Saturn on September 23, and a change in plans takes place—stay focused, as this isn’t a day for joking around! Tempers are short as Mercury opposes Mars retrograde on September 24, so watch out for know-it-alls and the arguments that ensue when people think they’re right about everything. 

A shift in communication takes place as Mercury enters Scorpio on September 27, activating the sector of your chart that rules your career and reputation. This is a powerful time to connect with the public, your elders, and mentors, as well as to plan discussions about your career. A helpful energy around communication takes place as Venus connects with Mars retrograde on September 28—your mind has been needing a break, and this is a great time to step away from screens, give your busy brain some rest, and reconnect with your partners under the loving energy of Venus. Saturn retrograde ends on September 29, again finding you wanting to step back from your busy schedule for solitude. Mars retrograde clashes with Saturn on September 19, too, so you’re thinking back to August 24 and being reminded that you need to consider long-term solutions, rather than easy fixes. 

Good luck this month, Aquarius, and see you in October!

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