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Dahua config tool for IP camera (Download)

You can use the Dahua config tool for IP camera to find your devices in the network and manage them remotely.

Dahua Config Tool found IP camera

This a smart way to deal with IP cameras and recorders and Dahua gives you this tool for free, which is an incentive to purchase Dahua cameras 🙂

But in fact, you can also use this config tool with different cameras as long as they use the same protocols, which indeed OEM cameras do.

Here's your opportunity to understand a little bit more about this tool...

What is the Dahua config tool?

It's a piece of software you can download and install on your PC or MAC and locate Dahua IP cameras, DVRs and NVRs in the network.

Dahua Config Tool Device Found

Once the computer and the Dahua devices are located in the same network the config tool can start a scan process that looks for compatible devices, meaning Dahua and Dahua-like (OEM) devices.

Just in case you don't know the term, OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturer) is a company that resells or distributes products or just parts of such products of another company putting the products under its own branding

The config tool usually finds other cameras such as Intelbras and IC Realtime that use the same hardware and a slightly changed firmware.

Download the Dahua config tool

The Dahua config tool is available for Windows and MAC (OSX).

You can choose to use the latest version or the classic which has an old interface appearance if you are using a PC with Windows.

Here are the links to download the Dahua config tool:

ConfigTool 3.20.0 for Windows (classic version)

ConfigTool 4.011 for Windows (latest version)

ConfigTool 4.01.0 for Mac

Just choose the best version for your case and beware that Dahua can update or even discontinue the tool in the future to introduce a new one. 

You can check for the new versions in the Dahua website.


The software installation is very simple, it's just the standard process, you need to run the installer and follow the wizard. See the images below:

Dahua Config Tool Installation 01
Dahua Config Tool Installation 02
Dahua Config Tool Installation 03
Dahua Config Tool Installation 04
Dahua Config Tool Installation 05

And it's done. Pretty simple, huh?

How to use the Dahua config tool

After the installation, you can simply open the tool and search for the devices that are connected to the same network,

The config tool finds the IP camera, DVR or NVR as shown below:

Dahua Config Tool found IP camera

Once the device is found you can manage and change the IP address and play with the configuration. It's very intuitive and easy to use.

The picture below shows an example of an OEM camera distributed by Intelbras (Brazilian company) which has the Dahua hardware and can be found by the Dahua config tool. It's possible to see the live video streaming from the camera.

Dahua Config Tool Live video

As you can see, it's possible to adjust the image by changing the brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation, etc. You can also upgrade the firmware or reboot the device.

Compatible devices

There are a lot of brands that are Dahua OEM and work with the config tool.

Here's a list with some of them.

  • Activecam
  • Advidia
  • Amcrest
  • Ameta
  • Ascendent
  • Backstreet Surveillance
  • BV Security
  • CCTV Security Pros
  • CP Plus 
  • Dax Networks
  • ELine
  • Eastern CCTV (ENS)
  • Expose
  • Lorex
  • GSS
  • Honeywell (some models)
  •  IC Realtime
  • Ikegami
  • Impath Networks
  • Intelbras
  • Inaxsys
  •  IndigoVision
  • Infinity CCTV
  • Innekt
  • KBVision
  • Lumixen
  • Maxron
  • Montavue
  • Oco
  • Optiview
  • Panasonic  (some models)
  • People Fu
  • Rhodium
  • RVI
  • Saxco
  • Security Camera King
  • Space Technology
  • Speco
  • ToughDog
  • Tyco Holis
  • Tyco Illustra Essentials
  • Unisight
  • VIP Vision
  • Watchnet
  • Winic
  • Zuum

There are also non-branded inexpensive cameras, DVRs, and NVRs that are manufacturedin China that use the Dahua hardware, so the list is even bigger.

Here are some extra articles that are related to the topic (Dahua devices).

How to reset Dahua DVR.

How to reset Dahua NVR.

Dahua master password calculator.

Manage Dahua and Hikvision with the same software


You can use the Dahua config tool to scan for the devices in your network.

The tool is free and works with original Dahua devices and OEMs.

Sometimes you can find some glitch while trying to manage some brands since the tool is guaranteed to work with Dahua cameras and recorders.

I hope this article can help you. Please share it with your friends.


ConfigTool is an IP configuration tool that locates the IP addresses of Dahua cameras, NVRs, and DVRs on the local network. If you use any device manufactured by Dahua (branded or OEM), you have to use this tool to scan the network and find the cameras on the network.

The Configtool supports these functions: modifying the network settings, real-time monitoring preview of IPC and other devices, video settings, View device SN, version and model, upgrade device program. You also can view device log info and batch config device parameters.

Download ConfigTool (Windows or Mac)

This tool is able to detect Dahua branded IP cameras and OEMs often sold under this brands: Activecam, Advidia, Amcrest, Ameta, Ascendent, Backstreet Surveillance, BV Security, CCTV Security Pros, CCTV Star, CP Plus (Orange Line), Dax Networks, eLine, ENS (formerly Eastern CCTV and SavvyTech), Expose, Lorex, GSS, Honeywell, IC Realtime, Ikegami, Impath Networks, Inaxsys, IndigoVision, Infinity CCTV, Innekt, Intelbras, KBVision, Lumixen, Maxron, Montavue, Oco, Optiview, Rhodium, RVI, Saxco, Security Camera King (Elite), Space Technology, Speco, ToughDog, Tyco Holis, Tyco Illustra Essentials, Unisight, VIP Vision, Watchnet, Winic, Zuum.

Locating and modifying the IP address of the camera via Configtool

Install the ConfigTool, and run it. Once the Dahua configuration tool is running, you can see all the devices (cameras, NVR, DVR) located on the local network. Hit Refresh if you can’t see any devices yet. You can also manually locate the device by typing in the IP address of the device in the search.
To modify the IP address of the selected device, select the edit button (pen icon). Note: this step pertains if Dahua Devices are using factory default usernames and passwords. Otherwise you may need to initialize the camera (by creating a username and password).
To view the device live click on the IE (Internet Explorer) icon. This will open an IE web browser to access the web service of the device.
The same logic and instructions apply if you’re using the old version of Configtool. Usually, it is better to use the new one (unless your IP cameras more than 5 years old).

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Software/Dahua Toolbox

Toolbox Icon ACSConfig.pngACSConfig Access control device config tool mainly supports building A&C device. This is a config tool designed for A&C device and it is similar to ConfigTool. Link to Instructions Toolbox Icon ARCConfig.pngARCConfig This is an alarm device config tool mainly supports building alarm device. This is a config tool designed for alarm device similar to ConfigTool. Link to Instructions Toolbox Icon BatchMode.pngBatchMode This tool can operate on multiple devices at the same time, with main functions of batch modify IP, batch create password, batch change password, batch upgrade device, batch add white list, and batch add black list. Link to Instructions Toolbox Icon Camera Calculator.pngCamera Calculator This tool can confirm focal length, scene width and distance by camera type, resolution and etc. Link to InstructionsToolbox Icon ConfigTool.pngConfigTool This tool mainly configures Dahua device of second, third generation of Dahua protocols. It supports info view, single/batch modify IP, detailed parameter config, time sync, reset, default, change password, upgrade, template application and etc. Link to InstructionsToolbox Icon ConvertTool.pngConvertTool This tool converts record of different streams. It supports dav, flv, avi, ps/ts, pure h264, h265, mpeg4, and third party stream as original stream which can be converted into flv, MP4, avi, asf, dav, ps/ts formats. Link to InstructionsToolbox Icon DiskCalculator.pngDiskCalculator This tool can calculate HDD space required by record encode format, resolution and etc. Link to InstructionsToolbox Icon DiskManager.pngDiskManager This software mainly playback and download record in Dahua hard disk with cut-preview, cut, watermark, config, frame parity and etc. It supports view of pattern on map. It can read and display record related info on hard disk and format hard disk. Link to InstructionsToolbox Icon Product Selector.pngProduct Selector This software helps the customer and pre-sales engineer easily complete the product selection. The main features include product filtering, product comparison, product details view, product accessories view, product documentation download, and product HD pictures download. Link to InstructionsToolbox Icon RemotePlaybackTool.pngRemotePlaybackTool This tool can remotely connect NVR or DVR devices, and search, preview, and download video into batches. Link to Instructions Toolbox Icon SmartPlayer.pngSmartPlayer This software is a video player designed for surveillance field. It has functions of play control, preview by part, file export, parity and etc. It supports formats like: avi, mp4, flv, asf, mov, dav, dav_ and etc. The software has multiple window sync or async play, as well as smart track display. SmartPlayer also supports fisheye record correction and window adjustment. Link to InstructionsToolbox Icon SmartPSS.pngSmartPSS SmartPSS is the client software for DVR, HCVR, EVS, NVR, IPC, SD, NVS etc. Link to InstructionsToolbox Icon VDPConfig.pngVDPConfigThis is a talk device config tool mainly supports building talk device. This is a config tool designed for talk device similar to ConfigTool. Link to Instructions

Dahua Configuration Tool

Dahua Configuration Tool is a freeware batch configuration software download filed under video capture software and made available by Dahua Technology for Windows.

The review for Dahua Configuration Tool has not been completed yet, but it was tested by an editor here on a PC.

A tool for managing different types of Dahua surveillance cameras

Dahua Configuration Tool is a free application for Dahua video camera owners that allows you to manage different types of surveillance cameras. With this program you can manage many cameras in the same time.

Dahua Configuration Tool 5.0.0 on 32-bit and 64-bit PCs

This download is licensed as freeware for the Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) operating system on a laptop or desktop PC from video capture software without restrictions. Dahua Configuration Tool 5.0.0 is available to all software users as a free download for Windows.

Filed under:
  1. Dahua Configuration Tool Download
  2. Freeware Video Capture Software
  3. Major release: Dahua Configuration Tool 5
  4. Batch Configuration Software

DownloadDahua Configuration Tool 5.0.0 for Windows

Dahua Configuration Tool has been picked by our editors as very good.
Dahua Configuration Tool has been tested for viruses and malware.

We have tested Dahua Configuration Tool 5.0.0 against malware with several different programs. We certify that this program is clean of viruses, malware and trojans.


Tool dahua config

ConfigTool Mobile

Config Mobile application was developed based on the Dahua Technology Co., Ltd. SDK.
----> Support device: Support for products of Dahua, KBVision, OEM, ...
----> Support domestic DAHUA equipment
-Search for IP address (ipv4 and ipv6) of IP Camera, DVR, NVR, XVR, PC-NVR devices in the network.
-Set to change IP address for the device
-Camera: Video config, PTZ control
-Network: Modify IP, MTU / DNS Server, DDNS Setting, P2P Status, Modify port connect
-Storage format
-System: time setting, modify password, auto maintain, reboot device, factory default,
-Image settings: Saturation, brightness, contrast, hue, sharpness, color mode, ..
-Flip - mirror, Backlight, White blance, Day night, Smart code setting
-View system version

+++More tools in app:
-Check P2P Online status
-Order your IP address after searching the device
-IP filters by device type
-Reset password ( day and with SN -
-Scan port / check port / view network info
-Ping signal
-Calculate storage capacity, bandwidth, 3G/4G, ...

+++Display language: English, Vietnamese
+++Member registration features support:
+Auto search device
+Save the account and password used to search for the device
-Account feature: View ads for STAR, send STAR gifts, get STAR for free.
-Use STAR points to perform device setup features.

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