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Jack Griffo, Character Name Max

Birthday: December 11, 1996 (Age 24 years old)

Renowned for his role as Max Thunderman in the TV series The Thundermen, he has also appeared in the Kikin 'It and Marvin Mervin series. In addition, she played Brett in the 2013 TV movie Ginsed, Billy in the 2010 Sharknado 3 movie, and Dylan in the Netflix series Alexa and Katie.

Rosa Blasi

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Rosa Blasi, Character Name Barb

Birthday: December 19, 1972 (Age 48 years old)

The actress who starred in the Ronnie Cruz drama Make It or Break It and regularly attended the Soap Opera General Hospital. In 2013, he started playing Barb Thunderman in Nickelodeon's The Thunderman.

Diego Velazquez

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Diego Velazquez, Character Name Billy

Birthday: December 5, 2001 (Age 19 years old)

Famous for his role as Billy Thunderman in the Nickelodeon series The Thunderman, he has also appeared in the TV series Leverage and Grimm. In 2019, he began starring in the Brat web series Joe Valentine.

Chris Tallman

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Chris Tallman, Character Name Hank

Birthday: September 22, 1970 (Age 50 years old)

Actor and writer who played the recurring character of Klansman in Renault 911 in the Nickelodeon series The Thundermen and Ganny's recurring character! He was one of the stars of NBC's Thanks God Your Here on the 200N Improv comedy show.

Addison Riecke

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Addison Riecke, Character Name Nora

Birthday: January 26, 2004 (Age 17 years old)

The American actress became famous for her role as Nora Thunderman on the television show The Thunderman. In 2018, she will star in the web series Girl Named Joe.

Dana Snyder

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Dana Snyder, Character Name Dr. Colosso

Birthday: November 14, 1973 (Age 47 years old)

The comedian is best known for his voice in the cartoon series Chowdhury, the TV series Aqua Tin Hunger Force, and in Gazpacho as Master Shake. He played Dr. Colso in Nickelodeon's The Thunderman's.

Kenny Ridwan

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Kenny Ridwan, Character Name Gideon

Birthday: May 27, 1999 (Age 21 years old)

He is already well-known for his roles as a veteran television actor in his mid-teens, Ridwan The Goldberg's Dave Kim, The Thunderman's Gideon and Gortima Gibbon's Life on Normal Street's Joshua Aurbach.

Audrey Whitby

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Audrey Whitby, Character Name Cherry

Birthday: April 10, 1996 (Age 25 years old)

Austin and ally Tilly Thompson and So Random are well known for their Disney Channel roles in the series! As different characters. She also starred in the television movie Bad Fairy.

Helen Hong

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Helen Hong, Character Name Mrs. Wong

Birthday: July 7, 1985 (Age 35 years old)

Stand-up comedian and actress Coin Brothers starred in the 2013 film Inside Llewellyn Davis, who has starred on TV shows such as Pretty Little Lyers, New Girl, Parks and Entertainment and Amy Schumer on TV. He had major repetitive roles in Thundermans and Blunt Talk.

Tanner Stine

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Tanner Stine, Character Name Oyster

Birthday: February 21, 1995 (Age 26 years old)

Most well-known for the mainstream nine episodes of the hit Nickelodeon series The Thundermen, he played Young Anthony Denzo on CBS's NCIS.

Maya Le Clark

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Maya Le Clark, Character Name Chloe

Birthday: March 28, 2011 (Age 10 years old)

The actress who plays Clock Thunderman's baby sister in Nickelodeon The Thunderman. She made a special appearance at Nickelodeon's Ho Ho Holiday in 2015.

Jake Borelli

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Jake Borelli, Character Name Wolfgang

Birthday: May 13, 1991 (Age 29 years old)

Actor Nickelodeon series The Thundermen and later Dr. Levi Smith is best known for his role as Wolfgang in ABC's Gray Anatomy. He has appeared in episodes of Icarly and Parenthood as well as big screen productions such as 2012's Nesting.

Ryan Whitney Newman

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Ryan Whitney Newman, Character Name Allison

Birthday: April 24, 1998 (Age 22 years old)

Disney sitcom Jake and Luther Ginger Falcon became popular as his characters. She received additional recognition for her role in Zoom, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! And see Dad Invoice. In 2013, he started acting in Thundermans.

Barrett Carnahan

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Barrett Carnahan, Character Name Link

Birthday: September 22, 1992 (Age 28 years old)

The actor is best known for his role as Link Evilman in the Nickfeldian series The Thundermen and the Aiden Netflix series Alexa and Katie. She is notable for her appearances in Sleepy Hollow, Reckless, Gray's Anatomy, Modern Family and Drop Dead Diva episodes.

Keely Marshall

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Keely Marshall, Character Name Sarah

Birthday: July 13, 1996 (Age 24 years old)

The singer and actress is best known for her roles in the Nickelodeon series The Thundermen and the Disney XD series Kirby Buckets. He has sung at various sporting events and performed as an inaugural performer for groups such as the Jonas Brothers.

Teala Dunn

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Teala Dunn, Character Name Kelsey

Birthday: December 8, 1996 (Age 24 years old)

Are we still there with the American actress who played Lindsay Kingston in her breakout role? She has also starred in the Makeup Call series and has appeared with Dogs, including a blog and The Thunderman. In 2014, he appeared with Cameron Dallas in the expelled film.


More than seven years ago, fans were introduced to Nickelodeon’s superhero family, The Thundermans, on October 14, 2013. Starring Jack Griffo, Kira Kosarin, Diego Velazquez, Audrey Whitby,Addison Riecke, Maya Le Clark, Chris Tallman, Dana Snyder, Rosa Blasi and more, the series was all about the Thunderman family. But they weren’t just any normal family, they all had superpowers! Kira’s character, Phoebe, dreamed of using her powers for good, while her brother, Max (played by Jack), wanted to use his to become a villain, which made things complicated.

After five years and four seasons, the show said its bittersweet goodbye to the network on May 25, 2018, over two years ago, and there’s not a day that goes by that fans don’t miss their favorite family.

While chatting with J-14exclusively in June 2020, Kira revealed what it was like putting her superhero costume on, once again, for a TikTok that immediately went viral.

“It was so strange,” the actress explained. “Oddly enough, I haven’t worn it in a really long time … and something just came over me that I have to do it for the ‘Wipe It Challenge,’ it’s just perfect.”

Of course, the actress also gushed that she’s still super close with her former The Thundermans costars. When it came to the possibility of a reboot, Kira said she doesn’t think it would “make sense to reboot the show that was.” That being said, she does think it would be “cool” to do some sort of reunion special or “a spinoff version of the show.”

“I think Phoebe probably, after running the T-Force for a minutes, she probably ended up becoming President of the Hero League,” Kira said. “She probably ended up going back to SASS and becoming a teacher for all the fifth grade student superheroes. I could see her wanting to share her gift … It would be cool to see what they’ve been up to.”

Other than the characters themselves, what have the actual cast members been up to since The Thundermans concluded? Well, J-14 decided to do some investigating, and it turns out, they have not slowed down! Scroll through our gallery to see everything the cast of The Thundermans have done since the show ended.

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Update: What Is The Cast Of 'The Thundermans' Up To Now?


Kira Kosarin played Phoebe Thunderman

Kira did not slow down after The Thundermans. She went on to star in the Hulu series Light as a Feather, and she also lent her voice to the animated movie Lucky. Not to mention that she’s got a new movie called SuperCool that she’s currently working on, so yeah, the list seriously goes on and on! And that’s not all. The brunette beauty also dropped her debut album, Off Brand, in April 2019, and it’s filled with bops.

She also starred in the 2021 flick Supercool, but is focusing on her music career.

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Update: What Is The Cast Of 'The Thundermans' Up To Now?


Jack Griffo played Max Thunderman

The Thundermans was just the beginning for Jack. He went on to star in the Netflix series Alexa & Katie and Best. Worst. Weekend. Ever. He’s also got three movies coming out in 2019 — BUTTER, Hark and Sid Is Dead!

Jack also started his own YouTube channel, where he posts a bunch of music covers and has over 172,000 subscribers! As for his love life, he dated his Alexa & Katie costar Paris Berelc for a while, but they called it quits. He’s currently dating Sylvia Van Hoeven.

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Update: What Is The Cast Of 'The Thundermans' Up To Now?

Eric Charbonneau/Shutterstock

Addison Riecke played Nora Thunderman

Addison went on to play Cathy in A Girl Named Jo! She also starred in the 2018 movie Banana Split. The actress has also stepped into the fashion world, and has modeled for a ton of big brands and magazines. You go, girl!

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Nickelodeon Kids

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Diego Velazquez played Billy Thunderman

Diego may always be Billy in our hearts, but that didn’t stop him from landing a ton of roles after The Thundermans! You’ll probably recognize him from his role as Brody in Zoe Valentine. He also starred in a few movies, including Emmett and All Hail the Squash Blossom Queen. The actor has also got involved in photography recently — wow, talk about a man with many talents!

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Nickelodeon Kids


Maya Le Clark played Chloe Thunderman

Maya hasn’t done much acting since The Thundermans concluded, but that’s because she’s busy being a kid! Oh, and she spends a lot of her time promoting kindness and anti-bullying on her Instagram page.

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Update: What Is The Cast Of 'The Thundermans' Up To Now?


Chris Tallman played Hank Thunderman

After The Thundermans, the actor we all know and love as Hank went on to play Kenneth in Hotel Du Loone.

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Update: What Is The Cast Of 'The Thundermans' Up To Now?


Rosa Blasi played Barb Thunderman

Rosa appeared in an episode of Modern Family, but other than that, she hasn’t done a lot of acting since her time on The Thundermans. But that’s because she’s busy raising her daughter!

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Update: What Is The Cast Of 'The Thundermans' Up To Now?


Dana Snyder played Dr. Colosso

The infamous Dr. Colosso has kept pretty busy since The Thundermans. He lent his voice to TV shows like Dallas & Robo, Adventure Time, The Venture Bros., Paradise PD, OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes, Little Big Awesome and Lego Star Wars: All-Stars! He also played Lucas in Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell.

Dana also started a podcast with some of his friends, called “Dino and Dana’s Safe Space Starring Spencer and Tish,” and is hard at work raising his daughter.

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Update: What Is The Cast Of 'The Thundermans' Up To Now?


Audrey Whitby played Cherry Seinfeld

After The Thundermans, Audrey went on to star in The Perfect Mother and Guilty Party. She also acted in Sid Is Dead with her former costar, Jack!

The blonde beauty is currently dating Liv and Maddie star Joey Bragg, and they’re honestly total couple goals.

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canceled + renewed TV shows - TV Series Finale

The Thundermans TV show on Nickelodeon: series finaleTonight, the Thunderman family members officially turned in their tights. The Nickelodeon TV show ran for four seasons and 103 episodes. While there are plenty of episodes of The Thundermans to watch in reruns, would you like to see the superhero clan return someday for a new adventure?

Created by Jed Spingman, The Thundermans TV show revolves around a superpowered family who are trying to live a normal life in the town of Hiddenville. Retired heroes Hank and Barb do their best not to use their abilities but they aren’t very successful. While teens Phoebe and Max are twins, they (initially) have very different plans for their lives. Phoebe wants to be a superhero so she can use her powers for good but Max dreams of being the next big supervillain. Younger siblings Nora, Billy, and Chloe also plan to use their abilities for good and, eventually, Max follows suit. The show stars Kira Kosarin, Jack Griffo, Addison Riecke, Diego Velazquez, Chris Tallman, Rosa Blasi, and Maya Le Clark. 

While viewers got to watch the last episodes of The Thundermans tonight (Nickelodeondecided to air several episodes in a mini-marathon), the cast and crew said goodbye to the series nearly a year ago.  On July 28, 2017, the cable channel confirmed that production had wrapped on the fourth season and that that would be the end of the series as well. Fortunately, the decision to end the series was made in advance so that the writers could bring the series to a close.

Here’s some footage of the cast and crew saying their farewells to the show.

Though The Thundermans TV show ended tonight, there’s always a chance that Nickelodeon will want to reunite the family for a new adventure at some point in the future. It seems like reboots and revivals have never been more popular. Would that be a good idea?

What do you think? Would you like to see the Thunderman family reunion at some point? Or, do you think that this is where their story should end?


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Canceled and renewed TV show

‘The Thundermans’ Cast: Season 4 Stars & Main Characters

The Thundermans is an American comedy TV series airing Saturdays at 8:00 PM EST on Nick. Episodes usually run for around 30 minutes. The first season aired on July 5, 2005. The show is produced by Nickelodeon Productions, Uptown Productions. Currently, the show has 5.8 out of 10 IMDb rating.

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cast of The Thundermans season 4
What’s more awesome than a superhero? An entire family of ’em! Meet the Thundermans, a not-so average family whose #1 concern is trying to keep their super-human quirks under wraps and lead a normal life. Difficult much? You betcha! Especially when the two oldest siblings — Phoebe and Max — share a healthy rivalry that’s turbocharged by their top-notch powers! Yup, this whole ‘fitting-in’ business may just take a little longer than expected…

Here are the main characters and stars of The Thundermans season 4:

The Thundermans cast: season 4 characters

  • Kira Kosarin plays as Phoebe Thunderman
  • Diego Velazquez plays as Billy Thunderman
  • Jack Griffo plays as Max Thunderman
  • Chris Tallman plays as Hank Thunderman
  • Addison Riecke plays as Nora Thunderman

TV show viewing details

Air Time: 8:00 PM EST
TV Channel: Nick
Runtime: 30 minutes
Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Kids
Official Website: Official site
IMDb Page: IMDb page

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Cast the thundermans

The Thundermans

comedy television series

The Thundermans is an American comedy television series created by Jed Spingarn that aired on Nickelodeon from October 14, 2013 to May 25, 2018. The series stars Kira Kosarin, Jack Griffo, Addison Riecke, Diego Velazquez, Chris Tallman, Rosa Blasi, and Maya Le Clark, and features the voice of Dana Snyder as Dr. Colosso.


The series revolves around the Thundermans, a family with superpowers who try to live normal lives in the fictional town of Hiddenville. Phoebe dreams of being a superhero and using her powers for good, while her twin brother Max wants to be the next big supervillain and use his powers for evil. Parents Hank and Barb attempt to live normal lives and not use their superpowers – albeit not very successfully – while Nora and Billy enjoy using theirs whenever possible. A former supervillain named Dr. Colosso has been transmogrified into a rabbit and lives in Max's lair in the basement, offering him advice on becoming a villain.

At the end of the second season, Chloe is introduced as the baby sister.

During the third season, Phoebe starts training to become a superhero, while the master super villain, Dark Mayhem, trains Max to become a villain. At the end of the season, Dark Mayhem asks Max to prove he is a villain by taking away Phoebe's powers. However, Max chooses his family and becomes a superhero instead by helping them take down Dark Mayhem.

During the fourth season, Max and Phoebe, under their Thunder Twins team-up, are selected as candidates for membership to the elite Hero League team called the Z-Force. Halfway through the season, Phoebe accidentally absorbs Dark Mayhem's powers, which turn her evil, but her family saves her. At the end, Phoebe and Max become the new Z-Force leaders and enroll the Thundermans as members.


Main article: List of The Thundermans episodes


Main article: List of The Thundermans characters

  • Kira Kosarin as Phoebe Thunderman
  • Jack Griffo as Max Thunderman
  • Addison Riecke as Nora Thunderman
  • Diego Velazquez as Billy Thunderman
  • Chris Tallman as Hank Thunderman
  • Rosa Blasi as Barb Thunderman
  • Maya Le Clark as Chloe Thunderman (recurring, season 3; main, season 4)


On August 3, 2012, Nickelodeon announced The Thundermans as one of its upcoming live-action series.[1] Shooting began in mid-February and extras were cast at that time and throughout the production at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles.[2] Its pilot was shot in October 2012.[3][4] On December 20, 2013, the series was renewed for a second season.[5] The second season premiered on September 13, 2014. On March 4, 2015, the series was renewed for a third season.[6] The third season premiered on June 27, 2015. On March 2, 2016, the series was renewed for a fourth season,[7] which premiered on October 22, 2016. Nickelodeon ordered six additional episodes for the series' fourth season on May 16, 2017, which would take the series over 100 total episodes.[8] On July 27, 2017, Nickelodeon released a statement to J-14, stating that the series has wrapped after four seasons and 103 produced episodes.[9][10]



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