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10" Bulldog Machined/Black Golf Cart Wheels and 18x9-10 DOT All Terrain Golf Cart Tires Combo - Set of 4 (Fits All Carts!)

An All Terrain Combo that fits ALL GOLF CARTS guaranteed. No lift needed to use!

The 10" BULLDOG 18" All Terrain Golf Cart wheel and tire package is a rock solid upgrade for your Golf Cart, requires no lift kit to use, and opens up new terrain possibilities for your Golf Cart.

This 10" BULLDOG wheel comes wrapped nicely in brand new 18x9-10" DOT All Terrain tires. This wheel kit does not require a lift kit, just bolt them on and go!

Our 10" BULLDOG 18" AT Wheel and Tire combo includes:
(4) Brand New 18x9-10" All Terrain tires (DOT Approved)
(4) 10x7" BULLDOG Golf Cart wheels (3+4 offset)

Tire set comes professionally mounted for FREE (just unwrap the package and bolt onto your cart, no work involved!)

Fits: ALL Golf Carts although a lift kit may be required. Message us and ask before placing your order!
Mounts on: ALL Golf Cart Brands / Models with a 4x4 bolt pattern (101.6mm)
Tire size: 18x9-10
Tire height (ground to top of tire): 18 inches
Ply Rating: 4 ply
DOT Approved: YES
Wheel Offset: 3+4 (3in back, 4in front)
Bolt Pattern: 4x4 (101.6mm)


Golf Cart Wheels

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Tire Purchasing Guidelines

Golf cart wheels can be a confusing product to shop for - with so many variations and styles to choose from, how do you figure out what's right for you? Here are some general guidelines to help you understand the terminology of golf cart wheels.

Golf Cart Wheel Sizes

Wheels come in 8”, 10”, 12”, or 14” diameters (the distance measured from the outer edge of the wheel rim to the direct opposite side of the outer edge). Wheel sizes do not affect the performance of the tire - they are for aesthetics only.

Golf Cart Wheel Offset

An offset wheel means the hub mounting surface is not in the center. On a golf cart with offset wheels, the tire & wheel assemblies will either be closer together or further apart than centered wheels, depending on whether the wheels have a positive or negative offset.

A positive offset means the tire & wheel assemblies are situated closer to the inner part of the car - this is done for automobiles, but not golf carts. A negative offset means the tire & wheel assemblies are situated further out from the center, and this is common practice in golf carts.

All lifted golf carts require negative offset wheels. All golf cart wheels designed for off-roading have a negative offset. This allows larger tires and wheels to fit under lift kits and widens the base of the golf cart for more stability.

Wheel Centerline

What Fits My Golf Cart?

The typical stock golf cart comes with 18x8.5-8 tires with 8” centered wheels. If you are needing to replace a stock wheel or upgrade your style, but stay with the same size, then check out our 8” wheel options.

Golf carts with over 18” overall tire diameter should be lifted to fit properly. Since lifted carts will have wheels with a negative offset to allow for better turn radius and stability, the tires will stick out from the wheel well. To prevent mud and dirt from flinging up from the tires, we recommend adding on fender flares.

Golf Cart Lug Nuts & Spacers

Golf cart lug nuts come in a standard thread (1/2” x 20) and metric thread (12mm x 1.25). All Yamaha carts use the metric thread lug nuts. We also offer lug nuts in different finishes to match the look you are going for.

Some axel and spindle kits will widen the front wheel base. Spacers can be used to even out the width of the back wheels to match the front. We have spacers available in 1”, 2”, and 3”.

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10 Best Golf Cart Wheels 2019

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