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Looking down at your grown-out, chipped, or naked nails and wishing you could pop over to your favorite nail salon? There's no time like the present to learn how to do your own dip powder manicures. Like gel nails, dip powder is long-lasting—up to three weeks!—but doesn’t require an LED light for curing. The process involves painting on a base coat, then dipping your entire nail in the color powder, repeating as necessary to achieve the correct color, buffing to shape the nail, and finishing with top coat. It's all very fun and ASMR-friendly—and these kits make it achievable to DIY. Here are the ones worth trying, for at-home manis that last and last.

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1Dipping Powder Nail Starter Kit


This kit includes everything you need: a base coat, top coat, and activator as well as five nude shades perfect for mixing and matching or creating a classic French manicure..

212 Glitter Color Dip Powder Nail Kit Gift Set


If you love a party mani, meet your new favorite kit. Go all in on one or use the powder tray to mix and match for custom sparkle.

3Dip Powder Starter Kit


If you're just dipping a toe (or, finger) into the nail technique, this kit lets you pick a shade, any shade—along with all the other ingredients for a perfect dip powder mani.

4ProDip Acrylic Dipping Kit


If you're used to acrylic nails, this surprisingly easy-to-use system gives you that same signature strength and shine—minus the sticky liquid monomer. 

5Quick Dip Starter Kit


This kit comes with two perfectly pretty nude shades that are as easy to apply as they are to wear.

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If you're not ready to head to the nail spa just yet or just want to save a few dollars, then meet your new favorite at-home grooming tool: this poly gel nail kit. It comes with everything you need to give yourself a cute, fresh new mani and it's on sale today.

Morovan Poly Gel Nail Kit


Poly gel is similar to acrylic, so it lets you create nail extensions that won't break off easily. The kit comes with several poly gel colors including pink, brown, nude, milk, white, and two ombre options.

It also comes with all the tools you need to prep your nails for polish, so you'll get a primer, base coat, top coat, and more, and yup, the UV/LED light is included, so you don't have to sit around waiting for your nails to dry. Once the polish is on, just slip your fingers into the machine for about a minute and a half and vóila all dry!

Btw, it's a #1 best seller on Amazon, so you know it's a good one. Customers say it's perfect for beginners, so don't shy away if you're new to doing your own nails.

"Great poly gel kit for beginners! I wanted to get into going my own poly gel nails without any prior experience in doing my own nails, and this kit was the perfect kit to get started. It comes with everything you may need as a beginner including files, cuticle tools, nail art tools, etc," wrote one reviewer.

Another reviewer said the kit was worth every penny.

"This kit is amazing! This is the first time I’ve tried poly gel nails and I love it! The quality of the products are impressive. You will definitely get more than you paid for this with all of the quality items in this kit. The forms DEFINITELY help a ton and they aid in creating that smooth salon quality finish," wrote the customer.

You can get the Morovan Poly Gel Kit for 30 percent off— just $49.99 today.

Jasmine GomezAssociate Lifestyle editorJasmine Gomez is the associate lifestyle editor at Women’s Health and covers health, fitness, sex, culture and cool products.

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Remember manicures? Remember what it felt like to choose out a color from a wall of polishes, have your cuticles pushed back neatly, and get your nails cut, shaped, and buffed to perfection? Sigh.

Chances are, you haven’t gotten a manicure in months and your nail care routine has been put on the back burner. (I should know—I’m rocking some claws these days.) If you want to give your life a semblance of normalcy and your nails the TLC they deserve, Amazon is slashing the prices of two of its best-selling manicure sets: GHDIP’s Dip Powder Nail Kit and Astound Beauty’s Polygel Nail Kit.

Polygel Nail Kit



Both kits make it easy to score an at-home manicure, but it’s up to you to figure out which option is best suited for your WFH setup. If your schedule is jam-packed with deadlines, Zoom meetings, and the occasional virtual happy hour, you’ll love GHDIP’s nail kit.

Dip Powder Nail Kit


Since this set uses dip powder, you can have dry nails in 30 seconds. Oh, and did I mention this set saves you 25 percent of operation time and keeps mistakes to a minimum? The kit comes with six pretty colors including a muted coral, a bluish taupe, and a range of neutrals—so you’re bound to find a hue you’ll love.

Or if you want to take your nail game to the next level, Astound Beauty makes it possible to score a gel mani at home (YUP). This kit has everything from a file to several colors to top and base coats. There’s even a slim brush so you can make your own nail art, which is pretty game-changing. Once you’re done shaping and slathering on the polish, you can use Astound Beauty’s complimentary LED lamp to seal the deal.

But no matter which kit you buy, these kits are a considerable upgrade from your current nail situation, if you ask me.

Kelsey MulveyKelsey Mulvey is a freelance lifestyle journalist, who covers shopping and deals for Marie Claire, Women's Health, and Men's Health, among others.

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ICYMI, nail color has come a long way in recent years. No longer are we reserved only to easily chipped polish, potentially damaging acrylics, or UV-set gel manicures (though we’re not saying we don’t love those options, too!). There’s a new nail color trend in town, and it’s definitely here to stay; We’re talking about the dip powder manicure.

What is a dip powder manicure?

Dip powder manicures are longer-lasting than their gel counterparts (they can typically last up to one month), and they also don’t require any UV light to harden. They also yield similar, even-coated results as acrylic manicures—but since there is no harsh UV light or fake nail tips involved, dip powder manis are also said to be less damaging to your nails in the long-term.

Here's how to give yourself a dip powder manicure at-home

This is how the at-home process typically works. First, you’ll want to apply a base coat onto clean, freshly buffed nails (this helps to smooth out any ridges so that the powder can coat the nail evenly). Next, instead of painting the nail color on with a brush, as with a traditional or gel manicure, you’ll dip your nail into a pot of pigmented powder. Then, simply tap or brush off any excess powder (many kits include a buff brush) and repeat the process one more time to ensure an even coat. After two go-rounds of dipping, you’ll paint on a clear activator polish. This activator turns the colored powder into a glossy lacquer and essentially bonds it onto the nail itself. Once that’s dry, you’ll apply a clear coat of polish as a top coat, and voila! Your DIY dip powder manicure is done, and it should last at least a few weeks (or more). Of course, these are general guidelines—always follow the instructions of the specific kit you’re using, as each one may differ slightly.

How do you remove dip powder manicures?

Again here, you’ll want to refer to the instructions included in whichever kit you’ve purchased. However, dip powder manicures generally always have to be soaked off with acetone—do not, under any circumstances, try to peel or pick off the color. Doing so will literally rip off the top layer of your actual nail. Ouch!

Instead, your best bet is to wrap each nail in an acetone-soaked cotton ball (or round) or dip it into in a small bowl of acetone, for at least ten minutes. In order for dip powder color to be removed, the bond between the lacquer and the nail must be dissolved. The best part is, though this soaking process may seem tedious, once the color is dissolved it should wipe off easily and cleanly (no scraping required).

You can also remove with clippers

Invest in some nail polish remover clips to make the process easier (and less messy). While many manicurists will admit that, ideally, you should really leave dip powder manicures (and their subsequent removal) to the professionals, but monthly trips to the nail salon can get expensive, and more and more companies are offering affordable at-home powder nail kits for novices and experts alike. Below, we’ve rounded up 14 of the best of them.

1Dip Kit Essential


Vegan, cruelty-free, and non-toxic, Nailboo's nail kit has everything you need for a quick and professional-looking mani. 

2Essentials Kit


Most kits come with a set of colors, but Rossi gives you the option to choose with its Build Your Own Kit. Select from a range of colors and finishes, including soft neutrals and glam glitters. 

3Starter Kit All 4 Powders


Your nails will retain its strength and durability thanks to this vitamin E and calcium-enriched formula. 

4Nude Set


Prepping for a wedding? All the nudes you need can be found in this kit from Beetles, along with manicure tools for buffing and tidying cuticles.  

5Starter Kit


This Amazon pick is beloved for its long-lasting formula, with up to two weeks of no-chipping. 

6Dip Powder Kit Starter


With more than 1,000 reviews on Amazon, customers have raved about Modelones's vibrant colors and easy application process. "Works and looks great! I found it was a lot easier to use than other ones I saw online," one reviewer wrote. "I watched a ton of application videos only to find I didn’t need to do a bunch of dips to achieve the desired color. Just TWO dips did the trick. I was impressed."

7Classic Dip Powder Nail Kit for Starters


If you're feeling a bit intimidated by this expansive kit, have no fear. Double Dip has detailed YouTube tutorials with step-by-step instructions for the perfect at-home manicure. 

8EdenRays Nail Dipping Powder Starter Kit


Get great nails on the go with this travel-friendly starter kit. Featuring neutral colors like nude, pink, and white, and two glitter options, you'll find the right manicure for any occasion. 

9Dip Nail Powder Nail Starter Kit Acrylic Dipping Nail Powder System Clear Liquid Acrylic Pigment for French Nail Manicure Set


An ideal option for beginners, this dip powder nail kit comes with everything you need to get started—including five different color options, including two classic pale pinks, one bold red, a muted gray and one pure pink glitter.

10Dipping Powder Starter Kit


This salon-quality set comes with basics like top and base coats, clear powder and three color powders, plus a nourishing vitamin oil to keep your nails healthy and strong. 

11Dip Nail Starter Kit - Classic Collection


Dipwell makes a dip powder kit for every occasion and color combination—including pastels, French tips, classic colors, glitter and even neon hues. The polish and powder formulas don’t include any harsh chemicals, are low odor and also contain calcium to help fortify and strengthen your nails.

12Latorice Dipping Powder Nail Set for Nail Art 5 Colors Collection


This non-toxic and odorless dip powder nail kit is (per my own amateur searching) the top-rated of its kind on Amazon. The chip-resistant formulas are also surprisingly thin, so your dip powder mani won’t weigh down your nailbeds.

13Salon Dip Starter Kit


This no-fuss dip color starter kit includes all the basic tools you’ll need to get the job done, plus one pale pink powder. Reviewers particularly love how easy it is to use—even for beginners—and how long the color stays on.  

14Aikker 12 Glitter Color Dip Powder Nail Kit Gift Set with Recycling Tray Brush File for Winter Party AK16


If you’re a glitter kind of gal—and really, who isn’t—then look no further. This dip powder nail kit includes 12 different bright and bold glittery hues, plus a nail file, buff brush and reusable tray for the powders.

Rebecca DancerRebecca has worked in print and digital media for more than seven years.

Ariana YaptangcoSocial Media & Beauty EditorAriana Yaptangco oversees all #content across ELLE's social media platforms and covers beauty news.

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Kits amazon nail

These days, nothing is exclusively a salon-only treatment if you put your mind to it. The professional-level technique of the dipped-nail manicure is now totally doable at home by using a dip-powder nail kit. These inexpensive nail kits are the best DIY investment for saving some cash on expensive nail salon visits, plus they come in a plethora of shades to choose from — endless manicure creations? We'll sign up for that!

The Best Dip-Powder Nail Kits

Tips for Using Dip-Powder Nail Kits

Although nailing the look that you want may take some practice, if you’re a manicure enthusiast willing to put in a little work, you’ll have the perfect powder-dipped nails in no time.

To achieve this style, start with freshly manicured fingertips, free of any polish, with neatly trimmed cuticles. The instructions from different dip-powder nail kits will vary slightly, but the process should be fairly similar overall. Simply paint on a base coat to begin, dip your nails into the powder, and repeat as desired. Next, brush on the activator to bond the color. Shape and buff your nails to the perfect finish, then finalize with a top coat. Voila!

As this technique mirrors those you’ll find in the salon, your removal process should as well. Be sure to soak off your nails carefully using acetone — instead of forcibly removing or peeling it off — to ensure your nail beds stay healthy and tips stay strong. We recommend using soak-off caps to make this process easier.

Ready to give it a go? Read on to discover the best dip-powder nail kits and essential accessories to kick-start your at-home nail salon!


Best Overall

DipWell Dip Powder Nail Starter Kit



DipWell's clean and chic starter kit provides three shades of powder dip and five polishes. This French nail dip offers a healthier alternative to gel nails and traditional acrylic nails.

Fortified with calcium, it battles daily wear and tear better than traditional nail lacquer, gel polish, and traditional acrylic systems. 

More: These At-Home Gel Nail Kits Will Take Your DIY Mani to the Next Level


Best for Healthier Nails

Kiara Sky Dipping Powders Essential Kit



Kiara Sky's dip-powder starter kit provides a range of pink, white, and glitter powders for a dreamy-looking manicure. These easy-to-use dip powders are formulated with complex bonds so they won't chip, lift, or fade. 

Plus, this brand claims their dip powders won't damage the nail bed and offer a healthier alternative to other harsher nail enhancements.


Classic Shades

Nicole Diary Dip Powder Nail Kit



If the classic colors more your thing, this dip-powder set will give you plenty of options for your desired look. It comes with five iconic powder colors, a base coat, activator, top coat, bond, and brush saver. With the correct application, your manicure can last up to three weeks!


Shimmery Glitters

Aikker Glitter Color Dip Powder Nail Kit


Are you all about the bling? Then you're going to want to get your paws on this glitter-filled nail kit. It comes with 12 shimmery dip-powder shades to mix and match. And best of all, no LED light or UV curing is required. It also contains everything else you need to perfect your nail art, including a recycling tray, dust brush, and nail file.


Includes Nail Tools

Azure Beauty Nail Dip Powder Starter Kit



A one-stop shop for a powder-dip manicure, Azure Beauty's starter kit includes the usual essentials, as well as a dust brush, a wooden stick, and nail files. This is a great dip-powder nail kit if your arsenal of nail tools isn't fully stocked. 


Best Value

TP Nails Nail Dipping Powder Starter Kit



Feeling pretty confident? If dip powders are in your wheelhouse, you might want to opt for the TP Nails kit, as it includes six powders to play with. It also includes three polishes and a brush for quick and easy application.


Best for Beginners

Red Carpet Manicure Color Dip Starter Kit
Red Carpet



This starter kit has everything — seriously, everything — you need to create a salon-approved look in the comfort of your own home. The kit includes a sultry red dip powder, an activator, base, and top coats, and plenty more for an even, mess-free, runway-ready look without any UV/LED light curing. 


Most Color Variety

Revel Nail Dip Powder 4-Color Starter Kit



Can't decide which color fits your mood today? No worries! This nail kit may come with four colors of your choosing initially, but Revel has a variety of dip-powder colors for you to choose from — 69 of them, to be exact. If you're thinking about dabbling in more intricate dip-powder concoctions, then this brand should definitely be on your radar.


Best Budget Buy

Color Club Ooh La La Serendipity Starter Kit



This kit is a great value: It has everything you need for a dip-powder manicure for less than $30. This 21-day nail color dip system requires no UV/LED light to cure, and it includes three dip-color shades.


Least Messy

Kiss Salon Dip Starter Kit


If you're familiar with dip-powder polishes already, then you know how messy the application can be. 

But now Kiss is here to make the process a little bit neater, thanks to the handy dip tray that allows you to apply with ease. Just apply per usual, and then pour whatever's on the tray back into your dip powder container — simple, right?

Jennifer HusseinBeauty EditorJennifer is the Beauty Editor for, where she’s testing out everything from the latest lip gloss to the craziest skincare trend sweeping the online beauty-verse.

Zarah A. KavaranaZarah Kavarana is the contributing editor at, where she spends her days hunting for shareworthy home, tech, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle finds, and resisting the urge to add them all to her cart.

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Trying out a $20 amazon ACRYLIC nail kit - 95 piece set

Our team is dedicated to finding and telling you more about the products and deals we love. If you love them too and decide to purchase through the links below, we may receive a commission. Pricing and availability are subject to change.

At this point, our homes have turned into our gyms, offices and weekend hot spots.

Luckily, Amazon has a ton of amazing at-homebeauty products if you still have not been able to create your own home beauty salon just yet. For example, Vishine’s Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit is an amazing product if you love a gel manicure.

Vishine Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit, $36.99 (Orig. $39.99)

Buy Now

This kit comes with six neutral gel polish colors, a base coat, a top coat, a curing LED light and nail art tools. The product’s description says that it’s a great kit for beginners, so if you’ve never given yourself a gel mani, don’t worry.

To get started, prep your nails with the nail file and other included tools. Then apply a thin layer of the base coat to get the best results. Next, select your gel color (any brand of gel polish works with the kit’s LED light) and apply thin layers, curing under the light in between each coat for 30 to 60 seconds. Finish your nail look with the included top coat, and you’re all done. According to Vishine, your gel mani should last for about two weeks!

One of the best parts of this kit is the fact that the LED light has an automatic hand sensor, so you don’t have to click an on/off button each time. The light comes on when you place your hand underneath and turns off when you remove it.

The Vishine kit has earned 4.5 out of five stars on Amazon and thousands of rave reviews. In fact, over 5,500 reviewers gave the kit five stars.

One happy customer said, “I like this kit because of all the additional tools, gems and such. As long as you follow the directions on timing for using the light and use thin coats (like they do in the salon) it works like a dream!”

Another reviewer highlighted how much money she’s been able to save with this kit now that she doesn’t have to go to the salon as often.

“I have already saved a bunch by doing my own manicures. I have already given myself 6-7 manicures and multiply that by about $30 each. You do the math. The savings are there.”

While perfecting the at-home manicure takes some practice (and patience!), it’s a great way to save some money and master a new skill.

If you liked this story, check out the non-greasy hand cream one editor swears by.

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The past year has taught us all quite a lot about ourselves. From the meaningful, like how we deal with Coronavirus-induced anxiety, to the more trivial – like how much Netflix we can watch in one sitting (spoiler alert: it’s a lot) and how much we adore having perfectly manicured nails - with not a cuticle out of place or a chip in sight.

We have missed our gel manicures desperately. After all, they are pretty much unbeatable for their high shine, lasting colour and zero drying time. But while salon gel manis offer an unparalleled glossy finish and neatness, getting an appointment at one is next to impossible. So, investing in one of the best at-home gel nail kits is an ideal solution. Chip-prone regular polish just doesn't cut it.

The date of Amazon Prime Day 2021 has been announced and beauty fans are going to have an absolute field day

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Luckily, DIY nails have come a long way since 90s gems and nail stickers (though we’ll take a pack of those, too), and it’s now pretty easy to achieve premium, pro(ish)-quality results from your lounge. There's an entire roster of easy-to-use professional gel nail kits to help keep your nails in tip-top condition and bring the glossy finish of gel formulas straight to your home. And if you work out the cost-per-manicure, they’re seriously affordable...

What is the best at home gel nail kit?

Don’t fret - we’ve done the hard work for you and tracked down the best of the at-home gel nail kits to buy right now - of which the Mylee gel nail kit comes out top. It's the best all-rounder and worth every penny. Available on Amazon or ASOS, it comes with four Bluesky gel polishes, as well as a top coat, base coat, LED lamp, remover, lint-free wipes and a Prep & Wipe fluid to sanitize the nails. The overall shine is amazing and it’s really simple to use.

Buy It Now: Amazon

Buy It Now: ASOS

Elsewhere, Beetles Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit comes with a whopping 20 colours for less than the £30, the Elite99 Nail Lamp Starter Kit is £21.59 (it's a great at-home gel nail kit for long-lasting colours that are genuinely easy to soak off) and Mylee's Gel Polish Prep & Shine Wipes are less than £7 to finish the whole thing off nicely.

If you’ve never done your own gel manicure at home before, we have a top tip: apply the gel in thin, even layers, because if you apply too much it’ll bubble under the lamp and look far from what you’re used to. It’ll also last longer if you apply it in thin coats. Oh, and put as much thought into the removal of your gel nails as you do the application. Please - don’t even think about trying to peel them off.

Here are the best at-home gel nails kits to shop now.

Remove your gel mani at home without scuffing up your nails, thanks to these tips from a pro

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