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Lin-Manuel Miranda Lip Bite refers to pictures of Broadway composer Lin-Manuel Miranda, best known for composing and starring in Hamilton and In The Heights, biting his lip, an expression generally associated with a person trying to be sexy (ex: Girl Biting Lip, Fuckboy Emoji). The pictures were parodied on TikTok in a series of videos where people expressed how the pictures were cringeworthy.


On November 12th, 2018, Lin-Manuel Miranda concluded a Twitter thread showing different crews that helped the Hamilton stage production by posting a selfie in which he is biting his lip (shown below, left). Miranda posted another lip-bite selfie on December 13th, 2018 (shown below, right).

Lin-Manuel Miranda @Lin_Manuel *Strong Bad voice* IT'S OVERRRRR > Lin-Manuel Miranda Hair Facial hair Moustache Beard ForeheadLin-Manuel Miranda Hamilton Hair Face Facial hair Beard Moustache Forehead Chin Eyebrow Nose Head Hairstyle Human Selfie


On July 13th, 2020, TikTok user okayelisabeth posted a TikTok video in which her phone has dozens of pictures of the lip bite, gaining over 175,000 likes (shown below, left). The same day, user kcmbrly posted a video that showed off multiple pictures of Miranda's lip bites, gaining over 124,000 likes (shown below, right).

Other popular TikToks mocking Miranda's lip bites include a post by j.breazy that gained over 276,000 likes (shown below, left). Another by szerotonin gained over 687,000 likes (shown below, right). The parody videos were covered by Junkee.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Lip Bite Is a Warning for Every Straight Dude Selfie

As an extremely online gay man with two older straight brothers, I spend an inordinate amount of time litigating the selfie choices of my siblings. They look better in blue. They don’t know what to do with their hands, so waist-up shots only. And always, always lift your chin. 

Over the years, I’ve learned most straight men fit into one of several selfie archetypes. There’s the fish guy on Bumble holding up a trout he caught between Natty Lights on a trip to Floribama. There’s the newly single dad, using two hands to snap a picture from too high an angle, showing too much forehead and an expression of someone who has lost his zest for life. We also have the bathroom selfie, which is usually a safe bet… unless you haven’t cleaned your mirror and have toothpaste all over your counter.

The worst, though, is the guy who bites his lip. 

The lighting can be flattering, the angle perfect and the background scenic. But guys will go and ruin it by munching on the corner of their mouth. 

While you may think it’s wry, biting your lip is not giving off the Joseph Gordon-Levitt–in–500 Days of Summer quirkiness you think. (That character was always an asshole anyway.) Lip-biting is not cute. It is not going to get you laid. And it’s not what the country was founded on. If anyone should know that by now, it’s Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Last week, the acerbic Gen Zs on TikTok came after their latest Old: the Hamilton guy. User @okayelisabeth posted a screen recording of her phone, showing dozens of the same selfie of Miranda, in costume as Alexander Hamilton, biting his lip. 

Shortly after, Hamilton superfan Parker Foster, 19, put his video editing skills to good use, exposing Miranda’s egregious history of lip-biting in selfies. In Foster’s video, stock footage of a softball player at the batting range hitting a ball straight into the camera spurs a slideshow of 16(!) images of Miranda biting his lip. Miranda bites his lip backstage on Broadway, he bites his lip while visiting what appears to be Stonehenge, he bites his lip live on late-night TV and he bites his lip in the cab with his morning coffee.

While lip-biting can be flirty, all Foster sees is cringe. “I personally love Lin. He’s so amazing and talented, but it made me laugh. It’s kind of an odd pose,” he tells me.

Biting your lip connotes arousal, like you’re trying to physically hold back from talking dirty. It’s like a creepy asterisk in the flesh. And it’s more off brand for a Hollywood family man — Miranda, star of Mary Poppins Returns and icon to theater kids — would be thirsting on main. 

Worse, he’s not even thirsting correctly. Miranda, baby, if you’re gonna go horny online, give us a shirtless selfie. Call up Daveed Diggs if you need tips. 

Miranda eventually addressed the TikTok jabs on Twitter last week in a freestyle rap video, saying “Bit my lip. Aw shit. TikTok hates when I do that.” Miranda, word of advice: When teens come for you, it’s best you get on board and take it like the acclaimed professional you are.

Just under 20 minutes after posting his rap video, Miranda tweeted that he was taking a break from Twitter.

Some Gen Z users quickly took credit for bullying him offline. 

To put it gently, Miranda’s had a rough time on the internet recently. In April, he began selling $79 framed selfies on his online store, because nothing screams “stress-shopping in a pandemic” like a portrait of Miranda going to town on his own mouth. Then, earlier this month, a filmed version of Hamilton debuted on Disney Plus, which cued a call to cancel the play for romanticizing founding fathers and slave owners.

Straight men, if you’re still reading this, let Miranda’s bumpy quarantine be a lesson. Biting your lip doesn’t mean you’re gonna get canceled or bullied off Twitter by stans. But there’s a good chance it’ll make securing a date off Bumble about as likely as scoring cheap Hamilton tickets. 

What flirty pose can you pull off instead of the Miranda gnaw? Parker has some advice: “I’m always just a sucker for a good smile,” he says. So if you want to get in the room where it happens, you better show us your teeth.

Joseph Longo

Joseph Longo is a culture and entertainment journalist whose work has appeared in The Associated Press, Entertainment Weekly and more. He's still trying to understand what it means to be a Gemini Rising.

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Lin Manuel Miranda Lip Bite Meme explained: Where did it come from?

Lin Manuel Miranda is in the spotlight once again after Hamilton was added to Disney Plus in July, sending musical theatre fans into a frenzy.

Recently, Lin has made waves on TikTok, after a selfie of his where he is pictured biting his lip went viral on the video sharing app.

Lin has since responded to the new TikTok trend, which pokes fun at him, and fans want to know how the trend even began.

Read on to find out more.

  • UPDATE: Jaden Hossler tweets this mysterious number

Where did the meme come from?

The videos on TikTok poke fun at a selfie on Lin where he is biting his lip and staring intensely at the camera.

They follow the ‘Rick Rolled’ format, which tricks viewers into seeing the picture of Lin. An example would be a video by @palmpayy which shows a text conversation between the Tiktokker and her mother.

She mispels the word ‘fin’, spelling it ‘Lin’ which results in a picture of Lin edited over a shark fin to appear on screen.

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Million Dollar Listing LA | Season 13 | Preview Trailer

The selfie in question was uploaded to Twitter by Lin himself in 2018, but has resurfaced since the renewed attention on Hamilton.

Lin responded to the TikToks about him

Lin Manuel Miranda recently uploaded a video to TikTok on July 17th where he is rapping, and mentions the lip biting TikToks.

Lin freestyles: “Bit my lip, ah s**t, TikTok hates when I do that.”

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Lin-Manuel Miranda's lip-biting selfies have become a huge meme on TikTok

  • The Broadway sensation "Hamilton" has been enjoying increased time in the public spotlight after a film of the musical hit Disney Plus in July.
  • On TikTok, people have taken to making memes about "Hamilton" and its creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda.
  • Most prominently, people are spamming Miranda's infamous lip-biting selfies on the platform, making them inescapable.
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Broadway sensation "Hamilton" was thrust back into public consciousness when the film (a stage recording featuring the original cast) landed on Disney Plus earlier this month. "Hamilton" sounds, covers, and memes have been present all over TikTok in the past several weeks, but recently, a new trend emerged that features the show's creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda. Gen Z is spamming the platform with videos featuring Miranda biting his lip in a now-iconic selfie. 

The most popular lip-biting image comes from a tweet that Miranda posted on Dec. 13, 2018, although another that he tweeted on Nov. 12, 2018 has also been making the rounds. This is far from the first time that Miranda has been roasted for his selfies — the most recent prior event was when he sold framed selfies on his website for $79 (a portion of the sales go to 'worthy causes,' according to the site).

At this point, the image has become nigh-inescapable on TikTok, with users making roundabout jokes to bring it into their content or simply trick people into coming across it or another one of Miranda's lip-biting selfies. The trend appears to have picked up sometime around July 13 but has continued since, with Miranda's face frequently appearing in conjunction with sound taken from his public demos for "Hamilton" tracks, including "This One's Mine" (a "Helpless" precursor) and "The Story of Tonight."


TikTok user @mitskifan42, a.k.a. 19-year-old Nicholas (who asked to only be referred to by their first name), was one of the first to spam TikToks related to the trend. They told Insider that while they knew that the selfie had been a meme for awhile, they had never seen anyone "rickroll" with it on TikTok.

On July 12 and 13, they posted over 10 consecutive TikToks featuring Miranda's selfie, helping to spam people's For You Pages with the image. Later, they saw more people starting to join in on the meme. "i just made the first one not thinking anyone of it and everyone had such an immediate and visceral reaction to it that i knew i wanted to keep it going," Nicholas told Insider in a message. "i tried to find as many old tiktok sounds that i could make the trend work with and basically kept them coming."


The trend has reached the point where even Miranda has acknowledged it, talking about the phenomenon in a freestyle rap that he posted to Twitter on July 17. "Bit my lip, ah sh-t, TikTok hates when I do that," he raps.

The meme plays into several long traditions of clowning cringe selfies and theater kids alike, exacerbated by "Hamilton's" massive popularity and recent resurgence. Nicholas said that some have accused people on TikTok of "cyberbullying" Miranda, but said that they don't have anything against him. 


"i think the funniest part about the whole lin-pocalypse is how bizarre of a thing it is to be the subject of this much attention, like it's just a random selfie from him," Nicholas said. "a lot of people think i hate him or have something against him, but i really just think it's a silly picture. it's no different than any other meme."


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