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Minecraft PE Stronghold Seed

Seed Code:-1583977458
Minecraft:Pocket Edition/PE/Bedrock Edition
Tested On:Minecraft 1.7.0


Finally – a Minecraft PE Seed with a stronghold right by the spawn point. Plug in the seed (ORANGE PEEL). Once the spawn chunks render turn to face the sun and start walking. You’ll see a village once you walk about 10 or 15 blocks. The game is off to a good start!

Unfortunately, we quickly discovered that there was no blacksmith in the village. But, all was not lost. As we dug beneath the village’s well we came across the tell-tale signs of a stronghold below: a mixture of stone bricks and mossy stone bricks. Used the pick axe on a few more bricks and we plopped into a stronghold.

This is a big one. We explored it for awhile and it seemed like it never ended. We did find chests to loot and the Portal Room (and End Portal… and Silverfish). No library though. Searched through corridor after corridor, room after room up and down all the stairwells we could find. Every door was opened (we think). No library. Strangely, we did not come across a library. If you find it, let us know in the comments!

The coordinates for the End Portal Room are x/y/z: 1444 26 13.

Minecraft PE Seed Screenshots

Stronghold Portal Room - Minecraft PE Seed
Spawn Village

5 best Minecraft seeds for strongholds

In Minecraft, players will come across various structures. Some are common to find, like shipwrecks and ocean ruins, whereas others can be pretty rare such as woodland mansions and strongholds.

Strongholds are among the rarest structures in Minecraft. Players will have to find one to beat the game as it contains the end portal. There is no other way to go to the End dimension except the portal in strongholds.

Since it is a structure, players can use custom seeds to find them easily.

Speedrunners often use custom seeds to get strongholds near spawn locations to attempt a seed speed record. This article shares some fantastic seeds for strongholds in Minecraft.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the author's views.

Minecraft seeds for strongholds

5) 12-eyed end portal (Seed: 9009198391873876587)

Some players may not know that the end portal can be generated with 12 eyes of ender already placed. However, the chances of this happening is one in a trillion. In this Java 1.17 seed, players can find this extremely rare occurrence at coordinates X=724 and Z=1156.

In addition to the rare end portal, they can also find a village and ruined portal next to the spawn location. While speedrunning this seed, they can go directly to the nether without having to find bastion and fortress.

4) Exposed stronghold (Seed: 612935)

Exposed stronghold (Image via User avataru/TheMinecraftAmaze on Reddit)

Sometimes, Minecraft's world generation can be pretty whacky, leading to underground structures becoming exposed. This Bedrock 1.16.5 seed features an exposed stronghold on the ocean floor at X=1284 and Z=-5244.

Players can also find 3-4 villages within a radius of 1000 blocks from spawn.

3) Stronghold below a village (Seed: -526746112)

Stronghold below village (Image via u/RSVDARK on Reddit)

In this Bedrock 1.17 seed, players can find an exposed stronghold under a village near the spawn location. They can go to X=1076 and Z=180 to see a plain village above a ravine.

This ravine has a stronghold generated inside. Sadly, the end portal has no eyes. However, players can visit the nether to find a fortress and bastion.

2) Surface stronghold (Seed: -76284975602489045)

Surface stronghold (Image via u/BigBrain5Head on Reddit)

Most exposed strongholds are generated in the ocean due to low heights, but in this Java 1.16 seed, players can find one at the surface level at coordinates X=2148 and Z=836.

Seed collectors would love to add this unusual seed to their collection.

1) Glitched end portal (Seed: 6116606995777965047)

Glitched portal (Image via u/BigBrain5Head on Reddit)

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In this Java 1.16 seed, players can find a massive island at X=785 and Z=-1244 made of two different biomes: savanna and mushroom fields. They can find a village on the savanna side, whereas the mushroom field has an end portal under it.

The remarkable thing about this portal is that it's glitched. It is a 10-eyed portal due to generating at chunk borders. Minecraft world generation glitches and activates the portal.

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5 best Minecraft seeds for speedrunning in May 2021

When it comes to speedrunning games, Minecraft is no different from most other games. Speedrunning has become a trend for many professional players.

While speedrunning Minecraft, the world seed is a crucial factor. One of the first things speedrunners look for after spawning is a village. The world generation is entirely dependent upon the world seed.

Players can also practice their speedrunning skills on specific seeds that feature the required resources at spawn.

This article showcases some of the best seeds for speedrunning in Minecraft.

Five best Minecraft seeds for speedrunning

#5 - Stronghold beneath the village

Spawn near a village and ravine (Image via u/gkleinmann)
  • Seed: 2077237352
  • Version: Bedrock Edition 1.16
  • Coordinates: Spawnpoint

In this seed, players can find a village right next to the spawn point. Beside this village, there's also a deep ravine with tons of iron and coal. Players can gather beds and iron from the village and ravine.

Beneath the village, there is an end portal already filled with five eyes of ender. Players need to gather seven more eyes of ender.

#4 - Spawn on the stronghold

Village with blacksmith house near spawn (Image via u/SprinkzMC)
  • Seed: 349870519
  • Version: Bedrock Edition 1.16
  • Coordinates: Spawnpoint

In this weird seed, players spawn right on top of a stronghold inside a cave. Usually, the spawn location is above the ground. Players can also find a village with a blacksmith house near the spawn point.

After traveling a few hundred blocks, players will find a lava lake in the desert along with a pyramid.

#3 - Stronghold on ground level

Stronghold on surface (Image via u/ChelseaFCFan25)
  • Seed: -612235732
  • Version: Bedrock Edition 1.16
  • Coordinates: 1004/66/-206

Minecraft's world generation can be broken at times, and this seed proves it. In the coordinates mentioned above, players can find a stronghold just below the village. The portal room is visible from the outside.

#2 - Optimized world record seed

A well-optimised seed for speedrunning (Image via u/Plebiain)
  • Seed: -4530634556500121041
  • Version: Java Edition 1.16.1
  • Coordinates: Spawnpoint

It's a world record seed on the 1.16.1 version. In this seed, players spawn in a village with a blacksmith house and ruined portal. The blacksmith house contains 17 obsidian, which is more than enough to build a nether portal in Minecraft.

The best thing about this seed is the 12-eyed end portal. Players can head straight to the end realm.

#1 - Spawn near a desert village with a pyramid

Desert Village with a pyramid outside (Image via Reddit)
  • Seed: -8816577571937672742
  • Version: Java Edition 1.16
  • Coordinates: Spawnpoint

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In this seed, players spawn in a desert village with a pyramid. This village has a blacksmith house containing an iron pickaxe and 12 obsidian. Players can kill the iron golem, make some tools, and head straight to the nether realm in Minecraft.

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