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World Of Warcraft Shadowlands’ Alt-Leveling System Is A Refreshing Change

She’s certainly happy about it.

Unlike World of Warcraft’s Legion and Battle For Azeroth expansions, which gave players a choice on which zones to level up their characters, Shadowlands’ story campaign is very linear. Fortunately you only have to play through it once. With the new Threads of Fate mode, players who’ve reached max level can skip the story with their alts and get right into the covenant reputation grind. It’s such a good idea.

Before my colleague, Ashley Parrish, brought the Threads of Fate mode to my attention, I was dreading the thought of having to play through Shadowlands’ linear storyline over and over again to level my alts. While the story is entertaining enough, it’s a straightforward introduction to Shadowlands’ four new adventure zones and the covenants who control them. The real meat of the expansion happens after the story, as players begin forging bonds with the covenant of their choice. The choice between joining the Kyrian, Venthyr, Necrolord or Night Fae determines a character’s identity in Shadowlands. It’s the gear they earn, the additional powers they gain access to, and the activities they participate in.

Threads of Fate mode allows players who’ve already selected a covenant on one character to skip the story bits and get right to the good stuff with their alts. My rogue went through the entire story, learning about the lands of Bastion, Maldraxxus, Revendreth, and Ardenweald while progressing from level 50 to 60. At level 60 she was able to select her covenant, the Night Fae. Thanks to my rogue’s heroic sacrifice, my warlock, a gnome named Murlock, could jump right to selecting a covenant.

Murlock still had to go through Shadowlands’ opening quest, escaping the “inescapable” Maw, but once she hit the expansion’s hub city of Oribos, she was given a choice: replay through the story, or fast track to covenant selection via Threads of Fate.

You know it’s a serious decision when the “type something” prompt pops up.

Instead of leveling from 50 to 60 through story quests, characters who select Threads of Fate level by performing world quests and side quests, completing bonus objectives, and completing dungeons.

Threads of Fate players select their covenant from the four available. Then they select a starting adventure zone. Players participate in quests and events in their chosen zone, slowly filling a progress meter. Once the meter is full, players receive rewards and can select a different zone to adventure in. Eventually they reach level 60, and can start exploring the Maw and continue gathering resources for their chosen covenant.

Had to have those wings.

To players who prefer a more guided experience, Threads of Fate mode might disappoint. There is no narrative to follow, as story quests are all marked as completed. It’s up to each player to choose which activities they participate in. They’ll need to scour the map for world quests, queue for dungeons, and pay attention to chat so they can keep abreast of the latest reward-granting elite boss spawns. There’s more legwork to be done.

I adore Threads of Fate mode. I have so many level 50 (or close to it) characters, and I’m curious to see what each of the four covenants have to offer. I’m overjoyed they won’t have to suffer the same early-expansion slog as my poor rogue did.



00:00 – Since World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Patch 9.1 is just weeks from now, this would be the perfect time to take a break from your mains and strengthen your alts. That is why here are ways on how to get your Alts ready for Patch 9.1 in Shadowlands.

  1. Leveling – 01:32

The fastest leveling in Shadowlands is to do a twist of fate or dungeons. If you have a healer, a tank, or simply a five-person group, dungeons are the recommended leveling for you. This is also an excellent way to test different build styles and classes, especially when you haven’t played that alt for a long time. 

  1. Try Covenants on PTR – 02:24

If you are changing your covenant in your main character, you will be locked to that covenant. If you are an alt you can try different covenants to know which covenant suits you better. 

  1. Gearing – 03:11

Gearing can be challenging. That is why it’s recommended that you do it through PvP or PvE.

  1. Complete Covenant Campaign – 03:26
Picking a Covenant: Mostly Good Choices – Ask Mr. Robot

Completing a covenant campaign is easier to loot because it will give you a headstart to finish your daily and Tourghast campaigns. But before doing this, make sure that you have a good item level because this will help you get through to some of your character basics.  

  1. Callings – 03:38

If you want to level up your alts through PvE, Callings is for you. Because callings PvE, you get a mass Valor, gear, and conduits to increase the character’s strength level. You can try to do this in PvE, especially if you have no luck with groups because you don’t have enough equipment. You can also use calls for covenant campaigns so you can unlock all your soul binds. 

Alt Maintenance

Here are the things that the things you should and shouldn’t do weekly

  1. World Bosses – 05:40
WoW: Shadowlands World bosses guide: Location, loot, and how to defeat them  | PC Gamer

You should always do the world bosses because it is easy to get loots like gear and renown for the alts. It is also the most accessible weekly activity that grants you good rewards. 

  1. Weekly Gear – 05:57

You should at least get one mythic+ for PvE in weekly gears, conquest caps with PvP, and always remember to manage your time. 

  1. Torghast – 07:27
Guide to Torghast in Shadowlands - Wings, Torments, Anima, Legendaries,  Phantasma - Guides - Wowhead

Doing Torghast can give you enough to craft your one bis class lego. But you should always do some research to know which legendaries are suitable for your character or if they will be doing a mythic+ or only need to focus on a single target like raise or PvP. 

  1. Can Skip These – 08:20
  • AP Grinding
  • The Maw
  • World Quests (Most)
  • Torg After your Lego


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How are you leveling your alts in Shadowlands?

I really expected I would approach Shadowlands leveling in a systematic way, using the Threads of Fate system to pop all of my alts to max level as fast as possible, and I was entirely and completely wrong about this. I used it to do an end run around Revendreth when I was already level 59 and almost 60 when I finished up with Ardenweald, because I’d literally just done it on my previous character and I wasn’t interested in seeing it again. Just doing the Threads set-up quests got me to 60, so I never actually had to follow through with it.

Instead, I’ve been just… leveling. By doing the zone stories. Like I did the first time.

Honestly I’m not sure why I find that inherently more satisfying but I really do. Yes, I can’t pick and choose zones the way I did in Battle for Azeroth but I don’t really mind — it reminds me of the way I leveled through The Burning Crusade, and I had no trouble going fr0m zone to zone there. There’s actually something I find reassuring about dropping in to Maldraxxus after doing Bastion, the way the storyline flows from the end of the Bastion storyline where forces from Maldraxxus attack into us going there to figure out why. It’s almost comforting to have a predictable narrative flow, and I much rather experience that again than be dropped into a Covenant at 50.

But I’m just one person and I do find myself wondering how you guys are approaching the same thing. Are you more interested in getting to your Covenant as soon as possible? Do you prefer Threads of Fate for how it essentially lets you get on to the way you’ll be playing in the endgame while you’re still leveling up? What are your thoughts on the best way to level an alt in Shadowlands?

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WoW Shadowlands Alt-Leveling: Threads of Fate Explained

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has a new option for leveling alts. Here's everything players should know about the pros and cons of Threads of Fate.

There are now two ways to level alts in WoW, thanks to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. The eighth expansion for the popular MMORPG introduces a new system called Threads of Fate, offering players a chance to level alts using this new method rather than playing through the main story again. It can potentially be a fast and efficient way to level alts in WoW, but there are still some pros and cons players should be aware of.

One of the greatest new features of the Shadowlands expansion is that it makes leveling much easier. For players short on time, WoW's new level squish is just about perfect. Keeping with the idea of streamlined leveling, Shadowlands also introduces the Threads of Fate, an alternative to the typical method of leveling alts in WoW by playing through the main story again and again.

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In order to access Threads of Fate, players will first have to complete WoW: Shadowlands' main story once. Threads of Fate allows players to level alts by completing world quests, side quests, dungeons, and bonus objectives. Because Covenant activities are an important aspect of Threads of Fate, players are allowed to choose a Shadowlands Covenant from the very beginning. This means gaining access to Covenant abilities early on, which is one of the pros of choosing the Threads of Fate path for leveling alts.

The Pros & Cons Of Threads Of Fate In WoW: Shadowlands

By choosing the Threads of Fate path to level alts in WoW: Shadowlands, players will skip the main story. In fact, main story quests are disabled completely, which means players should think carefully before deciding on which leveling path to go with. Experienced players will likely love Threads of Fate, because it allows for more freedom in choosing how alts are leveled. And since WoW players choose their Covenant early on, it means they can work on gaining Renown and leveling up their Covenant reputation along the way (both of which are important Shadowlands endgame mechanics).

However, newer players may feel lost without the structure main story quests provide. It's also unclear at this point if Threads of Fate is actually faster than leveling alts through replaying the main story of Shadowlands. This mostly seems to depend on players and playstyles. It's worth noting, though, that players can select to level through the main story and then decide on using Threads of Fate instead later on; meanwhile, choosing Threads of Fate from the get-go is an irreversible decision. So, if players are unsure of which route to choose, going with replaying the main story first is definitely the safer of the two options.

Until fixes and changes are implemented into the way Threads of Fate works, a lot of players may decide on going the old-school route and replaying the main story to level alts. Still, Threads of Fate is a welcome alternative for anyone who doesn't want to replay the main story of Shadowlands again, and for those who want to concentrate on some endgame content while leveling alts in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

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