Modern planter with drainage

Modern planter with drainage DEFAULT

For all that your houseplants do for you—like cleaning the very air you breathe—the least you can do is give them a beautiful home. For showstopping indoor planters that won’t break the bank, we turned to some of our most loved ceramists and home decor brands for inspiration. These innovators have been cooking up some truly original planter designs for succulents, small plants, and leafy greenery that’ll match any decor. Prefer a classic look? O.G. terra-cotta planters now come in sleek modern shapes. Looking for something flashy and modern? Shiny metal planters will add a glow. Just need a pop of color on the windowsill? There’s a hyper blue ceramic planter for that. And may we suggest that, if you do have that itch for a decor update, new plants (and, obviously, plant pots!) are really the best place to start.

Now that we’re all spending more time indoors, the jolt of green will add some much-needed energy to your space and the lush accents will liven up any living room, tabletop, or DIY office. Even better, our favorite planters of the season range from the cost of a takeout dinner (sans glass of wine!) to a new pair of Vans, so you don’t have to feel so guilty if your green thumb fails and your plant baby doesn’t survive the season. It happens. (But it doesn’t have to!) Ready for the easiest home upgrade of your life? Shop our selection of affordable indoor planters.


26 Chic Pots and Planters to Instantly Upgrade Your Greenery

Characterized by clean lines and modern silhouettes, these stylish planters will give the entire room a boost—just in time for spring.

KROFT Plant Stand


Our new Plant Stand is designed to provide a modern and well built home for your favorite house plants.


Heads up: this planter from KROFT is on sale for Dwell readers. Take 15% off with code PLANTSTAND through March 31, 2021.

Light + Ladder Hex Spora Planters (Set of 3)


Small wonder.  Add a nod to the natural world in any space. Grouped together or spread out, these teensy porcelain pots have a hexagonal wood base to keep them down-to-earth.


Hip Haven Bullet Planter

Design Within Reach

Originally manufactured by several companies in the 1950s, the Bullet Planter (2011) was never trademarked, and its designer never identified. One version of the story attributes its creation to a resourceful man who worked for a company that produced satellite dishes.


Eva Solo Self-Watering Hanging Pot


The Eva Solo Nordic self-watering hanging flower pots is made from matte stoneware with a leather cord for hanging. The organic design features a self-watering system that provides optimum growing conditions for herbs and flowers.


Atuto Studio Planter, Whitewash


Designed by Bloomist with slightly elongated proportions inspired by vintage British Long Tom pots. These are taller and narrower than usual pots and are most suitable for deep-rooted plants.


Afteroom Story Planter

Design Within Reach

Fascinated by how spaces transform over time, Hung-Ming Chen and Chen-Yen Wei invented the word Afteroom to name their Stockholm studio. “We simply want to create things people won’t get rid of,” says Chen-Yen.


The Citizenry Paseo Tabletop Planter

The Citizenry

Modern, yet classic. A sculptural planter handcrafted in Guadalajara, Mexico.   A clean, minimal planter brought to life by a unique blend of clay that has a textured, almost marbled, effect up close. Glazed on the inside, you can style with or without soil and water.


Umbra Ora Illuminated Planter


Inspired by the ambience of outdoor landscape lighting, Ora brings the same soft lighting to the inside of the home. Ora's cozy LED light gently illuminates plants to showcase them in low-light while setting a relaxing mood. Drop-in existing plant pots or replant new greenery with ease.


NewMade LA Triangle Wall Planter

A minimalist, triangular wire planter lets you showcase a small pot of greenery with midcentury-inspired flair.


Serralunga Cup Planter

Design Within Reach

Naoto Fukasawa’s approach to design is based on careful observation of people’s actions and feelings, which enables him to create products that fit into people’s lives so naturally that they’re “Without Thought,” a concept he teaches at two universities and to clients worldwide.


Rejuvenation Brice Extra Large Planter


The ceramic Brice Planter offers an elegant option for displaying your favorite plants. It's available in four styles to fit your space, and can also be paired with or without a sleek black metal stand.


Iittala Nappula Plantpot

Design Within Reach

Connecting with nature enhances wellbeing and having plants and flowers at home has multiple benefits. Iittala’s Nappula Plant Pots are meant to inspire planting, gardening and taking care of our green family members. The pots have a strong design character and look pleasing even when not in use.


Areaware Stacking Planter


The Stacking Planter discretely integrates both a planter and saucer into one form. Lift out the bottom ring to reveal a hidden saucer. The circular stoneware form takes its inspiration from high voltage ceramic insulators found on power lines.


Light + Ladder Eleva Planter & Plinth


A little table greenery.  Switch up your plant display with this organic porcelain planter that’s ready to live its best life on your table as a centerpiece for all occasions. With a sturdy and sculptural plinth to perch on, it’ll take any plant you wanna show off to new and novel heights.


Fire Road Base Planter

Design Within Reach

Created by a small design firm in San Francisco, the Base Planter (2017) consists of a slip-cast ceramic planter that conforms to a handmade walnut stand, presenting a fluid and interesting mix of materials to help elevate any space. This planter does not have drainage holes.


Light + Ladder Archromo Planter


Perch a plant.  The Archromo planter puts your green thumb on a pedestal—the stoneware basin is elevated on intersecting slabs to create a t-shaped stand that sits in a removable drainage tray. The planter has a glossy finish and is available in a blue-tinted ash.


Ferm Living Hexagon Pot


The Ferm Living Hexagon Pot is a modern take on the wide world of planters. Perfect for starting your own little indoor garden, or use for storage for keys, jewelry or change at the end of the day.


Rejuvenation Brice Medium Planter


The ceramic Brice Planter offers an elegant option for displaying your favorite plants.


Menu Wire Planter

Design Within Reach

Mix and match Wire Planter (2015) heights and contents to create an arrangement that's unique to you. All sizes include a removable plug for drainage, making them suitable for use indoors and out. Made in China.


Ferm Living Standing Plant Box


The Ferm Living Standing Plant Box has an elegant and timeless aesthetic that is fit for both modern and traditional interiors. Slender and sleek, the powder coated metal boasts appealing colors that will add a splash of eye catching hue anywhere.


Most Modest Tess Planter

Design Within Reach

In 2012, industrial designer Justin Champaign established Most Modest – named after a chapter on being a modest host in Emily Post’s Etiquette – with the goal of creating items that celebrate the intersection between craft and technology to better support modern lifestyles.


Loll Designs Mondo Planter

Design Within Reach

With no liner needed, Mondo Collection planters are made of durable, recyclable plastic derived from discarded milk jugs.


Flyte Lyfe Planter

Generate Design

A planter that creates the effect of zero-gravity - through a powerful magnet pushing against an electromagnetic base.  ...


Monstruosus Planter With Stand

Design Within Reach

The Monstruosus Planter with Stand (2019) consists of the Monstruosus Model One Planter set atop a minimal stand with slender posts. The planter sits in a discreet tray located within the nexus of the stand’s cross-bracing. Can be used indoors and out. Available in two heights. Made in Mexico.


Hawkins New York Copper and Brass Louise Planters


Sunshine for sunshine. The brass, copper, and enamel vase line is a favorite in the Shop, and now there’s a planter version, all polished to perfection in gleaming brass or copper.


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One of the great things about houseplants is that they can add so much to the decor of your home. They provide texture, color, interest and variety.

The same should be true for the pots you put your plants in. I’m obsessed with , simple design when it comes to home decor, and I love using modern indoor planters to accent simple styling.

It took us a long time to decorate our home properly as we like to research our choices endlessly and want to make every choice well considered. It brings me genuine joy to choose decor accessories such as planters as they make each room feel complete and homely.

I’ve picked out some of my favorite modern indoor planters for displaying plants which I hope you will love too.

Lechuza Cubico

A simple rectangular planter in a hallway can do a lot for your home. This pot from Lechuza (link to Amazon) caught my eye due to its simple styling and good proportions. It’s actually self-watering as well, which is a great option if you are sometimes a bit forgetful about watering your and for when you go on vacation.

I have my cast iron plant proudly displayed in a 3-foot tall gray planter in my hall which I absolutely love. A tall planter on the floor can look great, or a smaller pot such as this one is a lovely feature on a hall table.

LA JOLIE MUSE White Ceramic Flower Pot

Perfect for a table or windowsill, this compact planter from La Jolie Muse is perfect for a calm and serene home. The color scheme looks fantastic against the green foliage.

My home decor is dominated by white and gray, and I love how the gold adds an accent which really brings this pot to life. The Pilea peperomioides in this picture is the poster child of indoor plants these days and looks fantastic.

Rivet Geometric Ceramic Planter

Clean geometric patterns and a clean color palate make this ceramic planter really stand out to me. It’s right up my street. Note that this planter, along with most of the others I’ve picked out on this page don’t have drainage holes.

I always use this type of planter as an outer and put my plant in an inner plastic pot with drainage holes. This makes watering much easier as I can just take my plant to the sink, lift the plastic pot out of the decorative pot, and water it under the tap.

Just make sure to let it drain for a few minutes after watering to ensure that you don’t get a puddle of water at the bottom of the decorative pot when you set it back.

Whilst many people use a decorative pot with drainage holes and then set it on a drip tray, it always makes me nervous that the drip tray will overflow, ruining my floor. You can always carefully drill a hole in the bottom of this, or any ceramic pot if you prefer to have a drainage hole.

Ceramic Indoor Planter By Peach And Pebble

Metallics are always a wonderful way to accent the decor of a room, as long as you don’t go overboard. This gold planter from Pebble and Peach adds a touch of luxury and I think it could work really well in a living room or hall.

Modern Copper Planter Pot

I love the simplicity of this copper planter. Copper seems to be very popular in home decor at the minute and it really looks well in contrast with the white wall. The detailing around the top makes this stand out and it well proportioned for a side table.

Mid-Century Ceramic Indoor Planter with Iron Stand

Mid-century planters seem to be everywhere you look these days, and I love this modern twist with the iron stand in place of the more common wooden stand.

It’s no surprise that this style of has become so popular again, and of course, this is the same with many styles that come racing back into fashion decades after they were last popular.

Ceramic Stoneware Indoor Planter

This planter brings real warmth with its terracotta and red color scheme. It has an interesting pattern and the part glaze finish texture and interest.

I tend to have quite a safe interior decorating taste, so this wouldn’t naturally be a planter I would pick. However, I keep being drawn back to it and think it would look great in my living room.

Textured Stoneware Planter

I totally love this planter. The combination of the pattern and texture has me drooling. This is exactly the type of planter I love.

It always surprises me how difficult it can be to find really awesome looking vases, planters other decor accent pieces. Sometimes the more simple something is, the harder it is to do it right. I think this planter is just right.

Buhbo Indoor Planter

Something a little different, with a very modern, industrial look, these brushed stainless steel planters would be ideal for herbs or succulents on a windowsill.

LSA Glass Plant Funnel Pot

modern indoor planter

I’m a huge fan of LSA glassware generally, and have a few of their vases. They’re always my go-to brand when I need quality glassware. I haven’t yet taken the plunge with these terrarium vases, but I’m planning a new open terrarium project and the 24 cm funnel pot is looking very tempting for this project.

Eden Terrarium

modern indoor planter terrarium

Pricey, but a real statement piece. I’ve seen a number of terrarium arrangements on Pinterest using the Eden terrarium and boy do they look great.

NCYP Geometric Terrarium

NCYP specialize in geometric open terrariums that look great and are surprisingly affordable. This style of is hugely popular at the minute.

Nesta Planter – White Speckle

modern indoor planter

People love to display their succulents in quirky and interesting ways, and I think this is a great option to provide an interesting display on a side table. It’s big enough that a succulent plant would have sufficient room to thrive, but is small enough to capture the cute appearance that so many people aim for with their succulent arrangements.

Herb Garden Tub

This is another self-watering pot that caught my eye. Simple and understated, this would look great on your kitchen windowsill.

I love to harvest fresh herbs from my indoor herb garden when I’m cooking, although I tend to use the Aerogarden Harvest 360, which helps me grow herbs easily indoors all year round.

Case Study Ceramic Planter with Wood Stand

Finishing off, I’ve chosen another mid-century planter, this time with a more traditional wooden stand. I picked this one out as the quality is so good and it looks fantastic.


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