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Machinist&#;s Mate, 1st & C

Machinist's Mate, 1st & C

The primary purpose of training is to produce a combat Navy which can guarantee victory at sea. This victory is dependent upon the readiness of the personnel aboard. Each individual is assigned tasks to perform to satisfy the needs of the ship. The information in this manual relates to tasks required to meet shipboard needs?tasks that are assigned to personnel aboard ship, serving as a Machinist's Mate First Class and Chief Machinist's Mate. This rate training manual covers the duties required to efficiently operate and maintain ship propulsion machinery and associated equipment and to maintain applicable records and reports so that the ship will be able to perform its assigned mission. It is only when we have personnel aboard who can and do perform these tasks efficiently that we will have each ship operating at a high state of readiness and contributing to victory at sea. When you are assigned duties aboard ship as an MM1 or MMC, you will be expected to know the information contained in this manual. The degree of success of the Navy will depend in part on the ability you possess and the manner in which you perform your assigned duties. Machinist's Mate 1 & C. NAVEDTRA D was prepared by the Naval Education and Training Program Development Center, Pensacola, Florida, for the Chief of Naval Education and Trainings, Technical assistant was provided by the Naval Sea Systems Command, the Naval Development and Training Center, San Diego, California, and the Service School Command Great Lakes, Illinois. ISBN: ME


Machinist Mate 3 And 2

If you are assigned to the M division, which ofthe following terms best describes your rating?

1. General

2. Special

3. Selective

4. Standard

A Machinist’s Mate (MM) (Surface) in theM division will most likely maintain whichof the following equipment?

1. Steering engine(s)

2. Laundry equipment

3. Refrigeration equipment

4. Propulsion machinery

As you move up the promotion ladder to MM3and then to MM2, your technical leadershipresponsibilities will change in what way?

1. They will be more directly relatedto your work

2. They will be more general in nature

3. They will include more militaryresponsibilities

4. They will require only that you tellothers what to do

1. They will be more directly relatedto your work

You can best demonstrate technical leadershipin which of the following ways?

1. Develop military leadership

2. Work with integrity and increase your knowledge

3. Complete the NRTCs for the MM rate

4. Pass the Navywide AdvancementExamination for your rate

2. Work with integrity and increaseyour knowledge

What is the purpose of the Navy EnlistedClassification Codes (NECs)?

1. To identify skills and training required forspecific types of operations or equipment

2. To recruit Navy men and women

3. To determine who will advance

4. To classify information about ships

1. To identify skills and training required forspecific types of operations or equipment

Which of the following offices details personnelwith special NECs?

1. Chief of Naval Operations

2. Chief of Naval Personnel

3. Naval Sea Systems Command

4. Naval Weapons Command

2. Chief of Naval Personnel

Which of the following subjects is covered by the Naval Standards?

1. Security

2. Pump operation

3. Boiler operation

4. 3-M

Before you can take the Navywide AdvancementExamination for MM2, you must be aware ofwhich of the following types of information?

1. Military conduct

2. Naval organization

3. Military justice

4. Each of the above

The PQS program has which of the followingfunctions?

1. To describe the knowledge and skills youneed to perform your duties correctly

2. To describe the steps to be taken foradvancement

3. To acquaint you with your military duties

4. To eliminate the need forexaminations

1. To describe the knowledge and skills youneed to perform your duties correctly

What person is responsible for the safekeepingof your qualification records?

1. The commanding officer

2. The engineer officer

3. Your supervisor

4. Yourself

What is the most useful thing to know abouta piece of equipment?

1. Clearances

2. Pressures

3. Where to find the name plate data

4. Where to find the necessary informationon the equipment

4. Where to find the necessary informationon the equipment

The required and recommended training coursesto study for advancement in rating can be foundin what publication?

1. Navy Enlisted Manpower and PersonnelClassifications and Occupational Standards,NAVPERS

2. Bibliography for Advancement Study,NAVEDTRA

3. Guide for Enlisted Classification

4. Shipboard Training Manual

2. Bibliography for Advancement Study,NAVEDTRA

If extensive changes occur in the qualificationsfor a rating between annual revisions ofNAVEDTRA , where can you finda list of current study material?

1. NAVSEA notices

2. BUPERS notices

3. NAVEDTRA supplements

4. Naval Ships’ Technical Manual (NSTM)

4. Naval Ships’ Technical Manual (NSTM)

Which of the following hints for studying shouldhelp you get the most from your Navy trainingcourse?

1. Devote your time exclusively to importantmilitary topics

2. Try not to cover a complete unit in anyone study period

3. Omit easy material; study only the mostdifficult and the unfamiliar4. Make notes as you study, putting the mainideas in your own words;then review yournotes

4. Make notes as you study, putting the mainideas in your own words;then review yournotes

As you study a Navy training course, which ofthe following study practices should you follow?

1. Set up a fixed number of pages tostudy in each and every study period

2. Prepare notes exactly as stated in theTRAMAN

3. Memorize as much as you can froma chapter and repeat it to a shipmate

4. Skip over the illustrations and savethem until the end of your course

1. Set up a fixed number of pages tostudy in each and every study period

You should find useful articles about shipboardengineering and new developments each monthin which of the following publications?

1. Changes to the NSTM

2. NAVSEA’s Deckplate

3. Supplements to the applicable Navytraining course

4. Bibliography for Advancement Study

Aboard ship, blueprints are filed according to

1. month and year of issue

2. SHIP/ALT number

3.numerical sequence in the SDI

4. revision number or letter

3.numerical sequence in the SDI

You will most likely find the NSTM in whatspace in the engineering department?

1. The engine room

2. The fireroom

3. The pump room

4. The log room

Work done within a specified period of time.

A force that acts on matter and moves it.

Energy that has been released.

Stored energy within steam.

Stored energy in an object.

What type of energy is found in the waterof an operating boiler?

1. Chemical

2. Thermal

3. Mechanical

4. Specific

Chemical energy is converted to thermal energyin what component?

1. The furnace

2. The superheater

3. The steam drum

4. The economizer

Thermal energy of steam is converted tomechanical energy in which of the followingcomponents?

1. The condensate pump

2. The main feed pump

3. The feed booster pump

4. Each of the above

If you are operating at 30 percent speed, you areusing what percentage of rated horsepower?

1. 1%

2. 10%

3. 40%

4. 4%

If you increase the percentage of speed to60 percent, you are using what percentageof rated horsepower?

1. 10%

2. 20%

3. 30%

4. 40%

What parts of a reaction turbine serve the samepurpose as the nozzle of an impulse turbine?

1. Fixed nozzles

2. Fixed blades only

3. Moving blades only

4. Fixed blades and moving blades

4. Fixed blades and moving blades

As the steam passes across the moving blades in areaction turbine, what happens to the pressure andvelocity?

1. They increase

2. They decrease

3. They remain constant

4. The velocity increases andthe pressure decreases

4. The velocity increases andthe pressure decreases

In the impulse turbine, what device convertsthermal energy to kinetic energy?

1. Moving blades

2. Fixed blades

3. Nozzles

4. Valves

Convergent-divergent nozzles are used inhigh-pressure turbine applications for whichof the following reasons?

1. They are easy to manufacture

2. They are less susceptible to steam erosionthan other types because of their shape

3. They produce a larger pressure drop andtherefore are more efficient than other types

4. They direct the steam flow more efficientlythan other types

4. They direct the steam flow more efficientlythan other types

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Navy MM Machinist Mate (Submarine) ASVAB Study Guide


Enforces the regulations and orders relative to the protection and security of vessels, harbors, ports, and waterfront facilities; supervises and controls the safe handling, transportation, stowage, and storage of explosives and other dangerous cargoes; in restricted areas, prevents unauthorized persons from entering upon the vessel or waterfront facility, carefully examines all authorized persons.

Performs general police patrol duty; arrests persons and collects evidence; controls access to restricted areas; conducts surveillance of vessels and identifies offenses; inspects vessels, cargo, and waterfront facilities; inspects documentation; conducts vessel searches.

Able to perform the duties required for E3 and E4; conducts investigations and interviews; conducts vessel searches using electronic survey equipment; supervises training and development of subordinate personnel; writes investigative reports; instructs subordinate personnel in procedures for manning a security zone, use of service pistol and safety requirements for explosives; serves as liaison with other law enforcement agencies; completes permit applications for explosives and other dangerous cargo; supervises use of loading equipment to determine safe operation; conducts facilities inspections.


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NAVY Machinist's Mate-- Certifications ⚙

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