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Growing Taller Binaural Subliminal Affirmation

Let's forget about political correctness and how unfair life can be sometimes....sometimes we just need to do something for ourselves! If you have ever desired to have that commanding height -than this is the EmPowerTech Results Breakthrough Subliminal Affirmations CD for you. This is a powerful and extraordinary subliminal series of Affirmations that is specifically designed to go first to your subconscious mind and then direct your body to change from a short size, to an eye catching lean tall look. The affirmations are NOT politically correct - they are straight forward and specific for what you want ....WARNING - these Affirmations work!
Subliminal affirmations work because they are listened to at a volume just slightly too low for the conscience brain to hear, (at times you may hear them faintly in the background - that is fine) but your unconscious brain WILL pick them up - in fact it fights to hear them and it will especially after repeated listening. As such, you will NOT 'hear' the affirmations on the CD - however they are there - much more powerful than reading or reciting them - or listening to them on a non-subliminal level. Not only is this method 100 times more powerful that repeating and focusing on what you want - with subliminals you don't need to concentrate - just listen to them and go about your business! It's the perfect system!

The Growing Taller Results Affirmations CD is an incredibly powerful tool. It works by identifying what you want and what you need to get it. It uses this knowledge and combines it with proven and advanced scientific technology. The result is that you begin Growing Taller. Just what you desire!

Use the Growing Taller Results Affirmations CD to dismiss the negative comments and uninspiring approach to life so common today when we don't fit into that 'perfect image'. The Growing Taller Results Affirmations CD reverses this. It prevents you losing confidence in yourself. It helps you develop your true potential with a new body shape.

The Growing Taller Results Affirmations CD will boost your self-esteem. As a result you become more decisive. You start to plan ahead and create a more fulfilled life. As part of this dynamic process, you will have the shape you desire as well as a new, exciting life!
How does it work? We use the science of binaural beats to reach into the depths of your mind and create a system of self-belief that drives your body to change.

You've probably heard that most people use just a small part of their brains. With the Growing Taller Results Affirmations CD, you can transform this. The CD accesses the vast reservoir of power in your mind and focuses it on your goal.

Use the Growing Taller Results Affirmations CD and you'll get that look you want. People will notice your new shape!

You'll have the type of body you've always admired. Thanks to the changes you will see, people will admire and notice you. They'll treat you with greater respect and interest.

So don't let this opportunity pass you by. Change your life with the Growing Taller Results Affirmations CD.

Once you receive the CD, put it in your player and listen to it with your stereo headphones. The binaural beats transmit a different sound frequency to each ear. These separate tones send you into the most profound state of relaxation you've ever experienced.
Why delay? If you want a Growing Taller, order your copy of this CD now.


I believe one of the most used subliminals are those that state they can change your height. You might desire to grow taller or even become smaller.

Regardless of your goal, do height subliminals even work? 

Your height is approximately 80% genetic and 20% environmental, suggesting that subliminal messages could affect height. Subliminal messages can help improve posture, lengthen muscles, and transform your mindset, making you slightly taller but within your physical boundaries. 

But before you get really excited about the news that height subliminals can in fact, make you taller, it’s vital that you understand these points. 

Height and growth subliminals will only work within the natural boundaries of your potential height and your DNA and genetic code.

Consequently, if you are fantasising about being 6ft tall and you are currently 5ft 5in, above 18 years old, then it’s doubtful that subliminal messages will make you 6ft tall in a few weeks. 

Nevertheless, subliminal messages definitely transform the subconscious mind and make habits and routines a lot more effortless. Suggesting that if you listen to the correct subliminals, you could increase your height by several inches or more.   

The best subliminals to improve height are subliminals that describe environmental changes, not DNA or genetic transformations. 

These types of subliminals describe posture, relaxation of muscles, belief, boosting growth hormones and standing taller. If you can get your subconscious mind to believe that it is taller naturally, you will grow just by hearing those subliminals overnight.

If your looking for height subliminals that actually work fast and are designed to increase your growth hormones, natural height grow and more check out my shop.

The Science Of Height 

If we were to examine the scientific evidence around height, the average size for a male is 5ft 9in (175cm), and a female is 5ft 3in (161cm).

Typically males will reach their full height potential by the age of 18, but this extends to 21 years old in some circumstances. Females usually reach their height potential by the age of 16.

Family genetics has a lot to do with how tall you will be, but this can be extended as far back as five generations. Commonly, males will be taller than their mothers and similar height to their fathers. But, if you have taller grandparents or uncles, you could reach that height. 

Females will usually be the same size as their mothers.

However, if they have a tall father, they will likely be much taller than their mother. If their mother and father are both the same height, commonly, they will also be that height.

It’s necessary to recognise that these are only averages, and many factors that establish someone’s height.

The most critical point is not to get disappointed if you’ve been listening to subliminals for years and haven’t reached your desired height. Understand that your genetics determine the vast majority of your height and growth.

4 Ways To Make Height Subliminals Work Faster

Height subliminals will work best and quickest when you work in the boundaries of transforming your mindset, environmental factors and boosting your growth hormones.

There is no evidence to suggest that height subliminals can change your genetic or DNA structure. Therefore you must listen to the right subliminals and have a specific goal that you’re striving towards.

1. Create Personalised Subliminals 

The most critical element of your height subliminals working is creating personalised subliminals with your exact goal.

It would be beneficial to produce a subliminal track that details the exact height you desire and time frame to your subconscious mind. If you listen to generic subliminal messages, it doesn’t have the same impact.

Consequently, if you don’t design personalise subliminals that describes precisely how tall you want in your voice, it might not happen.

For maximum results, write 10 to 12 affirmations that best define your ability to grow taller, including the exact height and date.

Next, record yourself, utilising your mobile phone, reading out those affirmations. Once you have your affirmations recorded, simply create a loop that lasts 10 to 15 minutes, and now your personalised subliminal track is made.

2. Listen To Your Subliminals At Night

To get the best results on subliminal messages, the absolute best time to listen to them is before going to sleep and throughout sleep. There are two reasons why this will maximise the likelihood of your height subliminals working. 

Firstly, your subconscious mind is open and able to be reprogrammed throughout sleep without any resistance from your conscious mind.

Meaning that your height subliminals are more likely to have an impact on your mind when you listen at night and during sleep. The affirmations move into your mind faster and imprint themselves onto the subconscious.

The second reason that listening during sleep will work better is we typically grow when we’re asleep because our bodies release natural growth hormones.

Listening to your height subliminals whilst you’re sleeping will increase the potential to grow because you’re utilising your body’s natural height growth and subliminal messages together.  

3. Use Binaural Beats With Your Subliminals

Binaural Beats in either theta or delta sound frequency stimulates the subconscious mind being reprogrammed and the bodies natural deep sleep mechanisms.

More growth hormones are generated when you can get your body and mind to be ultra-relaxed and deep sleep state. 

Furthermore, binaural beats effectively get your mind into the correct brain frequency to open and influence the subconscious.

Therefore if you’re listening to your height subliminals, it enters the subconscious faster. 

You can design personalised subliminals with binaural beats in theta or delta playing in the background to benefit from both components. 

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4. Practice Visualisation When Listening To Subliminals 

To truly get your mind believing that you can grow taller, utilise visualisation whilst you’re listening to your subliminal track before sleep.

The subconscious mind only works in image format.

Therefore, if you can imagine being taller and the height you desire, the subconscious mind will accept that that is your reality and hopefully transform your height. 

Typically, it won’t work immediately, but the more you can listen to your height subliminal messages and practice visualisation, the faster you will reach your height goal.

If you struggle with visualisation, look at pictures and images of people who are the same height as you want to be and imagine yourself being that person. That means when it comes to your visualisation session, you can just imagine and picture those images again. 

Neville Goddard was a massive advocate in visualisation and manifestation, and he called this the state of kin to sleep.

It suggests that manifestation and goal creation happens the quickest when we visualise during the last 15 minutes of our day. When you’re utilising your subliminal messages, binaural beats and visualisation before sleep, you are maximising your likelihood of your height subliminals working.

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How Long Do Height Subliminals Take To Work?

Commonly, most subliminal messages should begin to work within 66 days of regular use. However, height subliminals are a bit different because they change your physical appearance. Therefore height subliminals could take 6 months or longer to notice any results.

Nevertheless, suppose you’re using the correct type of subliminals that are transforming your environmental factors.

In that case, you should start to notice immediate differences in your posture, mindset and natural growth after a whole night of listening to subliminals.

To measure your results, it’s best to write your height before listening to subliminals and then re-measure yourself every week to track your progress.

Belief and determination are the most critical behaviours required to maximise your likelihood of success.

Meaning, if you get frustrated and emotional when you’re not seeing any results will lead to failure. Subliminals take time to reprogram your subconscious mind, and the more objections and obstacles your subconscious mind puts in place, the more complex the transformation is. 

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Is it dangerous to use Subliminals?

In our opinion, the majority of the subliminals on YouTube are safe to use. Most are made with good intent. But be warned, some are not. You do not know for sure what you are listening to or what has been recorded in the background if anything.

Do Subliminals work to change your weight?

Subliminal weight loss messages may sound like a simple way to lose weight. However, there is little scientific evidence to support their effectiveness as a weight loss tool.

Do Subliminals actually change your appearance?

Subliminal messages cannot change physical attributes like facial structure. What they can change is behavior.

Which subliminal is best for weight loss?

Subliminal soundwave entrainment works by playing audio frequencies paired with powerful affirmations to reprogram negative subconscious behaviors & habits that stop you from losing weight. These deep seeded patterns are then replaced with positive habits, behaviors & thoughts that aid you to shed fat.

How do I make Subliminals work faster?

7 Ways To Make Your Subliminal Messages Work Faster

  1. Listen To Subliminal Messages Before And Throughout Sleep.
  2. Apply Binaural Beats In A Theta Brainwave.
  3. Listen To Subliminal Messages With Headphones.
  4. Avoid Using Multiple Subliminal Messages At The Same Time.
  5. Create An Evening Routine 60 Minutes Before Bed.
  6. Select Sublimnals That Are In Harmony With Your Goals.

How can I get subliminal results overnight?

4 Conditions to Get Subliminal Results Overnight (Or At Least…

  1. 1 Use One Subliminal Audio at One Time.
  2. 2 Listen to the Audio While You Sleep.
  3. 3 Relax and Visualize Your Goals.
  4. 4 Write Down the Details.
  5. 5 Use Subliminal Software.

Is AKUO Subliminals trustworthy?

How to use Subliminals? Based on personal experience and a lot of research, Miss Synergy (previously Miss Subliminals) and Akuo Subliminals are safe and provide good results.

Can Subliminals give you powers?

The only “powers” that a subliminal can “grant you” are the ones you already have, and they will only be “granted” if you grant them to yourself by executing the script.

Do Subliminals really work for height?

Well, you can increase or decrease your height by an inch or so depending on whether your posture stretches or compresses your spine. Height subliminals could certainly influence that. So could yoga.

How long does it take for subliminal messages to work?

26 to 30 days

Can you grow taller by listening to Subliminals?

No it will not make you taller or curl your hair or change your eyes color. Subliminal can not change you at a cellular level, only psychological level.


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