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The River Parks Trail Map clearly defines segments of the River Parks paved trail system, along with facilities and points of interest.

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The Warren Medical Research Foundation has provided free bicycles for use at 2 locations on the River Parks Trail System.

The bicycles (called “Tulsa Townies”) are 35-pound single gear comfort bikes.  They are free to use, but require a credit card as a security measure to ensure that bicycles are returned.

Bicycles can be picked up and returned from any of the 2 locations for free as long as they are returned within 24 hours.  If the bicycle is stolen or not returned, the cardholder will be charged $500.  Bicycles can be returned to either of the 2 sites.

There is a fleet of 75 bikes available for use.  The bikes receive weekly maintenance.

The bicycles are pink to honor St. Francis Health System and discourage theft.

Bike Locations
19th & Riverside
41st & Riverside


Tulsa is one of the best cities in America to explore by bike

There are lots of ways to explore a city. Tulsa, Oklahoma’s second city but the city most deserving of your visit, has received Bike-Friendly Community awards since 2009 from the League of American Bicyclists, making it one of 430 communities designated as such in the US. Moreover, Bicycle Magazine listed Tulsa as one of the Top 50 cities in America for bike-friendliness. Undoubtedly, one of the best ways to explore Tulsa is on two wheels. Here’s how to do it.

What makes Tulsa so bike-friendly?

Turning an infrastructure built for driving into one optimized for cycling is no small task, and it’s a project that Tulsa has been chipping away at for years. Aside from numerous trails in and around Tulsa, great strides have been taken to make the city more bike- (and pedestrian-) friendly. One of the most notable advances is the new bike share program, aka This Machine, the first phase of the Tulsa Bike Share initiative. This Machine is designed to expand the cycling culture by providing both a high quality and affordable option for residents and visitors. With 160 bikes available across 25 stations throughout downtown and along Route 66, there is always a bike nearby if you need one.

Phase Two is coming soon to expand This Machine to other popular areas of Tulsa, including the Pearl District, Cherry Street, and Gathering Place. Visitors wanting to pedal through town can rent single 30-minute rides for $2 or grab a three-day pass for just $10. Keep in mind that even with the multi-day option, bikes are still subject to the 30-minute increments. In other words, they want you to lock the bike up at each stop and not just leave it sitting around unwatched. If you’re in Tulsa for a more extended period, you can also purchase monthly and annual memberships rather economically.

Download the BCycle app and explore downtown Tulsa and Route 66. There are plenty of stops along the bike-share system map that take you to cultural attractions like the Philbrook Downtown museum and DECOPOLIS, a super-hip Art Deco museum in the heart of the city. Alternatively, art enthusiasts might enjoy hunting the many downtown murals while sports fans can pay a visit to the Tusla Drillers, a Minor League Baseball affiliate of the Colorado Rockies, at ONEOK Field. Of course, do not leave Tulsa without defying the laws of physics in the Center of the Universe, quite possibly the freakiest place you’ll visit this side of the Stanley Hotel.

Explore the River Parks Trail system.

A local bike advocacy group called The Tulsa Townies offer free bike rentals available at stations throughout the city’s extensive River Parks Trail system. There is no cost to borrow a bike, but you will have to provide identification and a credit card in order to prevent theft. To fully explore the area on a bike, I recommend starting here with the namesake River Parks Trail. This path is ideal for any fitness level and guides you to some of the top spots in Tulsa. You can start downtown and ride the East Bank Trail that extends nine miles to 101st or vice versa using the West Bank Trail. This is a good afternoon exercise lined with well-marked pull-offs for a drink, a picnic, or a scenic view. If you’re a road warrior looking to conquer a longer distance, you can extend your route at trail connections on either end. The best resource for mapping out over 80 miles of trail is on the INCOG website, which also provides handy trail closure updates.

More leisurely explorers can easily spend the whole day riding along the Arkansas River. Tulsa’s new pride and joy, The Gathering Place, is located just off the trail on the East side and is a must stop for anyone visiting Tulsa. This mammoth riverfront park opened in 2018 and features a fitness trail, massive playgrounds, and art exhibits. The park is so extensive that it actually has its own app to help visitors plan their way around and stay on top of happenings.

For dinner by the water or a post-ride brew, slide into Blue Rose Cafe or Elwood’s. These two local favorites are situated together right along the River Parks Trail, and both offer excellent patio dining, classic menus, and ice cold beer to refuel. The following trails connect with the River Parks Trail and take you through a variety of experiences, both urban and wild.

Head away from the hustle and bustle.

If you’re an experienced rider and feeling a little adventurous, take a trip through the Turkey Mountain Wilderness. Turkey Mountain connects to the River Parks Trail on the West Bank at 71st. Here you can immerse yourself in the “wilderness” along several miles of dirt trails and wind through this 300-acre park. It can be challenging for the casual rider, and you may even forget you’re in the city at all.

The area is truly kept in a wilderness state, meaning that if you take this trail on, practice typical safety precautions related to remote exploring. The park discourages solo riding and/or hiking and recommends sturdy footwear, ample water supply, and a cell phone with GPS tracking. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather AND the environment. Nobody wants to end the day covered in poison ivy.

Or take the peaceful path downtown.

Connect to the Aquarium Trail at the south end of River Park East at 101st. This trail offers beautiful views of the Arkansas River and access to the Oklahoma Aquarium, as well as several shops and restaurants at Riverwalk Crossing. If you’re feeling hungry, Los Cabos Mexican Grill is home to some of the best Mexican food in town while Burn Co serves up some of the meanest BBQ in the state.

The Midland Valley Trail is somewhat of a local secret, a wooded path that makes a peaceful alternate route downtown by connecting to the Riverside East Trail near the Gathering Place. This beautiful bike path runs alongside an old abandoned railroad as well as in and around the most impressive parks in Tulsa. If you love ever-changing scenery, Midland Valley is for you because you’ll soak in many aspects of Tulsa on your way into the city center. It’s the perfect introduction to Tulsa.

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1.1 mi1.8 km#1Mystery Trail

Oakhurst, OK

Oakhurst, OK 2  1.7 mi2.8 km#2Hi Chi

Oakhurst, OK

Oakhurst, OK 5  0.1 mi0.2 km#3Rock Slide Bypass

Oakhurst, OK

Oakhurst, OK 1  3.7 mi6.0 km#4Yellow Trail

Jenks, OK

Jenks, OK 8  0.8 mi1.3 km#5Bomb Cellar

Jenks, OK

Jenks, OK 7  0.5 mi0.8 km#6Enchanted Forest / Ozark Trail

Jenks, OK

Jenks, OK 4  0.7 mi1.1 km#7Techno/Millennium Trail

Oakhurst, OK

Oakhurst, OK 4  1.1 mi1.8 km#8Sawblade (Blue Trail)

Jenks, OK

Jenks, OK 2  1.1 mi1.7 km#9Tire Dump

Oakhurst, OK

Oakhurst, OK 2  0.5 mi0.8 km#10Upper Mystery (Pink Trail)

Oakhurst, OK

Oakhurst, OK 2 

Now, More Than Ever, Trails Matter!

71st Street Bridge Trail

The 71st Street Bridge Trail is a short trail in Tulsa that extends from Turkey Mountain Park across the 71st Street Bridge to Riverside Drive on the east bank of the Arkansas River. The trail links...

OK1.1 mi Asphalt, Concrete

1 reviews

Centennial Trail (OK)

Muskogee's Centennial Trail cuts a sideways U-shape, hugging the west end of the city and comprising three sections, seamlessly connected. Centennial North runs for 3.5 miles between N. 40th Street...

OK7.5 mi Asphalt, Ballast

9 reviews

Cherry Creek Trail (OK)

The Cherry Creek Trail is a short spur of the Riverparks West Bank Trail in Tulsa, Oklahoma. From its intersection with the larger trail it heads west then north along Cherry Creek. The trail ends in...

OK1.5 mi Asphalt

0 reviews

Churchill Park Trail

The Churchill Park Trail is a short, winding pathway serving the neighborhood of Churchill Park in Jenks, a suburb of Tulsa. The trail runs in a utility right-of-way with access points to neighborhood...

OK1 mi Asphalt

0 reviews

Claremore Lake Trail

The Claremore Lake Trail is a short multi-use trail that runs along the west side of Claremore Lake, in the City of Claremore not far from Tulsa. Beginning just north of E. Blue Starr Dr., the trail...

OK1.1 mi Concrete

0 reviews

Cleveland Trail

The Cleveland Trail in Cleveland, Oklahoma, follows an abandoned right-of-way of the old Missouri–Kansas–Texa Railroad (MKT). The trail runs for 2.5 miles between Jodebo Road south of the town and the...

OK2.5 mi Asphalt

3 reviews

Country Aire Trail

The Country Aire Trail is a short multi-use trail in the City of Broken Arrow, outside of Tulsa. The trail connects residences and parks on the west side of the city. A neighborhood park at the...

OK0.8 mi Asphalt

0 reviews

Creek Turnpike Trail

The Creek Turnpike Trail parallels the Creek Turnpike between Riverside Parkway (south of E 96th St.) and Memorial Road. The urban trail is an important travel corridor for pedestrians and cyclists...

OK4.1 mi Asphalt

3 reviews

Fry Creek Trail

The Fry Creek Trail runs for 2 scenic miles in Bixby, Oklahoma. The trail parallels Fry Creek from the Arkansas River to the large campus near the Tulsa city limits. A variety of animals...

OK2 mi Asphalt

1 reviews

Haikey Creek Trail

The Haikey Creek Trail is a short neighborhood path in Broken Arrow, not far from Tulsa. The trail winds along a densely-wooded corridor adjacent to Haikey Creek. A small reservoir near the trail’s...

OK0.5 mi Asphalt

1 reviews

Jenks Aquarium Trail

The Jenks Aquarium Trail runs 2.25 miles between Jenks Pedestrian Bridge (near 96th Street and Riverside Parkway) and just west of Elm Street. The trail offers beautiful views of the Arkansas River...

OK2.25 mi Asphalt

1 reviews

KATY Trail (Tulsa)

The KATY Trail runs between the northwest edge of downtown Tulsa and the suburb of Sand Springs. You can continue over the bridge to Prattville just south of the Arkansas River. Mile markers appear...

OK8.1 mi Asphalt

3 reviews

LaFortune Trail

The LaFortune Trail forms a loop around LaFortune Park in the southeastern neighborhoods of Tulsa. The trail includes numerous access points as well as connections to the park's recreational...

OK3.2 mi Asphalt, Crushed Stone

1 reviews

Liberty Trail

The Liberty Trail runs for 9.5 miles between New Orleans Street (101st Street) by Northeastern State University and where it meets the Mingo Trail near Creek Turnpike and Mingo Valley Expressway. The...

OK9.5 mi Asphalt

6 reviews

Midland Valley Trail

The Midland Valley Trail cuts more than 3 miles across neighborhoods adjacent to downtown Tulsa on an abandoned Midland Valley Railroad corridor. Highlights along the trail include Maple Park and...

OK3.3 mi Concrete

5 reviews

Mingo Trail

The Mingo Trail comprises two separate segments in the city of Tulsa. The northern segment runs 5 miles between 41st Street and I-244 where the paved trail dead ends. The best access is from Hicks...

OK8.7 mi Asphalt

3 reviews

Newblock Park Trail

Newblock Park Trail runs for 1.5 miles between US 412/64/Sand Springs Expressway at N. 25th W. and Southwest Boulevard (11th Street bridge). The trail links the Riverparks trail system (West Bank and...

OK1.5 mi Asphalt

2 reviews

Osage Prairie Trail

The Osage Prairie Trail follows the corridor of the old Midland Valley Rail. The trail links Oklahoma State University in Tulsa with the town of Skiatook to the north. The trail is lighted in places...

OK14.5 mi Asphalt

15 reviews

Pathfinder Parkway

Pathfinder Parkway meanders through eastern Bartlesville, connecting several parks, schools, and the Eastland Shopping Center. The trail follows the Caney River and Turkey Creek, and a highlight of...

OK8.9 mi Asphalt

8 reviews

Peoria Trail

The Peoria Trail is a short multi-use trail that serves the northern neighborhoods of the City of Tulsa. The trail paralles N. Peoria Avenue for its entire route, hence its name. The pathway provides...

OK1.3 mi Asphalt

0 reviews


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