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Standard fees

Ask for: $0.00 (They took $0.00) ($0 - $3,000 per month)

Ask for: $0.00 (They took $0.00) ($3,000 - $10,000 per month)

Ask for: $0.00 (They took $0.00) ($10,000 - $100,000 per month)

Non-profit organization

Ask for: $0.00 (They took $0.00)


Ask for: $0.00 (They took $0.00)

Virtual Terminal

Ask for: $0.00 (They took $0.00) ($0 - $3,000 per month)

Ask for: $0.00 (They took $0.00) ($3,000 - $10,000 per month)

Ask for: $0.00 (They took $0.00) ($10,000 - $100,000 per month)

PayPal Here

Ask for: $0.00 (They took $0.00) (Swiped)

Ask for: $0.00 (They took $0.00) (Keyed-in)


How to Calculate PayPal Fees


Add 30 cents after you multiply the transaction by the percentage rate. The result is your fee for that transaction. For example, if you sold $1,000 through PayPal last month and sold $1,000 this month, your PayPal fees would amount to $29 plus 30 cents per transaction.



  • If you transfer money from a debit or credit card to a PayPal account, either the sender or recipient must pay 2.9 percent plus 30 cents of the money transferred. According to PayPal, the sender chooses which party pays the fee.

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PayPal Invoice Fee Calculator

How much fees does PayPal charge per invoice?

The cost of each payment received through PayPal is 2.9% plus US$0.30 for sales within the US. If working with an international client, you will pay a PayPal fee of 4.4% plus a fixed fee based on the country.

More information is available on PayPal's website.

Do PayPal fees vary depending on the country?

The short answer is yes. PayPal fees are different from country to country. The fees are also different between invoicing a client living in your own country and an international client.

If living outside the USA, please check your country's PayPal website to find more information about your PayPal invoicing fees.

What are PayPal withdrawal fees?

There is no fee to withdraw your PayPal account balance to your registered US bank account. However, if requesting a check, you will be charged a $5 flat fee.

Are there alternatives to using PayPal as a payment processor?

From using a different payment processor such as Stripe or getting paid by Bitcoin, you can find an alternative to getting paid through PayPal.

Explore Bonsai's integrated invoicing product to discover the different freelance payment solutions available to our users.


USA PayPal Fees Structure

Like any other payment processing system, PayPal serves both the consumers/buyers and merchants/sellers. Consumers refer to the customers or buyers while merchants refer to the sellers or service providers. If you buy something on a website using PayPal, you are a consumer.

For merchants, PayPal offers both online and point-of-sale products. Each charges different fees, which will be explained in depth below.
The standard fee for merchants starts from 3.49% plus 49¢ per transaction, while a non-profit is charged less, starting from 1.99% plus 49¢ per transaction.

For example, if a buyer pay $100 for an order, PayPal will take ($100 x 0.0349) + $0.49 = $3.98 and the merchant will receive $100 - $3.98 = $96.02
In the case of a charity transaction, PayPal will take a lower cut of ($100 x 0.0199) + $0.49 = $2.48 and the nonprofit will receive $100 - $2.48 = $97.52

PayPal no longer offers further discounts based on your monthly transaction amount. No matter whether you sell $10 or $100,000, you will pay the same percentage plus fixed fee.

For more information on PayPal fees, check out PayPal merchant fees or PayPal consumers fees.

PayPal merchant fees

A PayPal merchant rate is usually split into two parts: a percentage rate and a fixed fee.
The fixed fee is different for each type of transaction and currency, whereas the percentage rate only varies for different transaction type.

It is important to note that if you have a personal PayPal account and sold something online with the fund being processed through PayPal, you are classifed as a merchant in this scenario.

Commercial transactions

This is the standard PayPal transaction for every merchant. If the payment currency is not in USD, the fixed fee will vary based on the currency.

For more information, please refer to PayPal merchant fees.

Domestic salesInternational sales
3.49% + $0.49 4.99% + $0.49

QR code transactions

Transaction amountDomestic salesInternational sales
$10.01 and above1.9% + $0.053.4% + $0.05
$10.00 and below2.4% + $0.103.9% + $0.10

Donation transactions

Different from charity transactions, this refers to the 'Donate' button you see on some websites.

Domestic salesInternational sales
2.89% + $0.494.39% + $0.49

Charity transactions

If you are verified as a charitable 501(c)(3) organization, there are further discounts.

Domestic salesInternational sales
1.99% + $0.49 3.49% + $0.49

PayPal Here

Similar to Square reader, PayPal Here is the point-of-sale card reader offered to physical store sellers. There are no startup costs, no termination fee, and no monthly fees.

For more information, please refer to PayPal Here in America.

TypeDomestic salesInternational sales
Swiped or Check-in2.7%4.2%
Keyed or Scanned3.50% + $0.155% + $0.15

PayPal Payments Pro

Account typeDomestic salesInternational sales
Normal2.89% + $0.494.39% + $0.49
Charity/Nonprofit1.99% + $0.493.49% + $0.49

Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal allows you to accept payments over the phone and turn any computer into a credit card terminal.

For more information, please refer to PayPal Virtual Terminal in America.

Account typeDomestic salesInternational sales
Normal 3.09% + $0.49 4.59% + $0.49
Charity/Nonprofit2.39% + $0.493.89% + $0.49


If your transactions are less than $10 and you qualified for Micropayments.

Domestic salesInternational sales
4.99% + $0.09 6.49% + $0.09

PayPal consumer fees

Using PayPal to buy something

You don't have to pay any extra fees for purchasing something through PayPal. The merchant will bear the cost.

Buying and selling cryptocurrencies

Purchase or sale amountRate
$1.00 – $24.99 USD$0.50
$25.00 – $100.00 USD2.30%
$100.01 – $200.00 USD2.00%
$200.01 – $1000.00 USD1.80%
Equal to or over $1000.01 USD1.50%

Receiving donations

In the U.S.Outside the U.S.
2.89% + $0.494.39% + $0.49

Sending and receiving money

ToIn the U.S.Outside the U.S.
PayPal balance or a bank account0%5%
Cards2.90% + $0.307.90% + $0.30
Amex Send™ Account0%5%


ToLocal accountInstant
Bank account0%1.5%


How do I calculate PayPal fees?

For standard domestic commerical transaction, PayPal charge 3.49% + $0.49. PayPal charges different fees for merchants/sellers and consumers/buyers.

How much does PayPal take in fees?

PayPal charges merchants 3.49% + $0.49 for standard commerical transactions. If you're buying with PayPal, there is no extra charge.

What are PayPal fees 2021?

If you're a buyer/customer, there is no fee when you buy with PayPal.
If you're a seller, there are different fees depending on the type of transaction. The standard domestic transaction fee is 3.49% + $0.49.

What are PayPal fees on $100?

There is no charge if you're a buyer.
If you're a seller and it's a domestic sales, you get $96.02 and PayPal takes $3.98 (3.49% + $0.49).
If it's a international sales, you get $94.52 and PayPal takes $5.48 (4.99% + $0.49).

What fees does PayPal charge?

There is zero fee for PayPal consumers. PayPal only charge merchants and the fees varies depending on the type of transaction.
Standard commerical fee (domestic) is 3.49% + $0.49 and standard commerical fee (international) is 4.99% + $0.49.


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