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#6 - Clonesy

Season 1 - Episode 14 - Aired Mar 6, 2005

OK, So Nikki and Jonesy have had a Love-hate relationship since the beginning of the show, and Jude talks to Jonesy to ask if he actually LIKES Nikki. And so Jonesy admits that he likes Nikki. So Jen and Caitlyn overhear this and try to stop their date, because if they get in a fight, they'll, of course, have to take sides. So they come up with a plan to stop their relationship from going too far by telling Nikki that Jonesy is looking for a babysitter to look after his bratty little sibling. So when Jonesy tries to ask Nikki out, She gives him a flat out no. Eventually the spills out when Nikki comments to Jonesy how much of a jerk he was being for asking her to babysit.They go to the movies, and Wyatt, Caitlyn and Jen interrupt. So they leave the movie.Meanwhile, Jude borrows this highly concentrated lotion from Jen,which pretty much paralyzes him, and he shows up on the date, when Jonesy and Nikki are about to KISS, and they end up having to help Jude. So in the end, Nikki and Jones

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  • 1

    (Between second and third seasons) The biggest snowstorm of the year occurs only three days before the biggest dance of the year, and the gang uses the free time to work out important issues at the...

  • 2

    Dude of the Living Dead

    Oct 24 2005

    (Between first and second seasons) Jude and his friends are attacked by zombies, who quickly spread the infection (whose original host is unknown) by inflicting superficial flesh wounds. In the end,...

  • 3

    The Big Sickie

    Nov 14 2004

    Work pressures are getting to the gang and everyone is dying for a day off. After scoring a job at the mall's indoor amusement park, Jonesy comes up with way to get rid of all their blues - he can...

  • 4

    The Slow And Even-Tempered

    Nov 21 2004

    Jen's going for her driver license and Jude, the only one with a valid permit to drive, is giving her some tips. At first she's timid, she's worse than an old lady driver...but after training at the...

  • 5

    Christmas at the mall sucks: Line ups, impatient customers, and last-minute shopping is enough to drive anyone crazy. Caitlin tries to get the rest of the gang into the Christmas spirit and plans a...

  • 6

    The Sushi Connection

    Dec 05 2004

    When Jen finally gets Caitlin a date with Kyle, the hot guy she's been crushing on, Caitlin has GOT to find the ""perfect outfit"". He always sees her in her dorky lemon hat - she wants to look...

  • 7

    The Five Finger Discount

    Dec 19 2004

    Jen is shocked when the gang reveals that they all ""skim little"" off the top at work. A free drink here, free demo CD there... aren't they terrified that they'll get fired? But then Jen sees how...

  • 8

    Breaking Up With The Boss' Son

    Dec 26 2004

    Jen falls instantly in love with Coach Halder's son Corey, who has just started working at The Penalty Box. She goes on a date with him, only to find that's he's horrifyingly similar to his dad....

  • 9

    Employee Of The Month

    Jan 02 2005

    Nikki's manager of the Khaki Store is feed up with her attitude, so thanks to a suggestion from Jonsey, she uses reverse psychology on Nikki and made her become Employee of the Month. And Jonesy is...

  • 10

    Idol Time At The Mall

    Jan 09 2005

    Star Contest comes to the mall, and when Wyatt performs his original song about how awesome his friends are, he wins the regional finals. He gets his big break opening for Utility Pole, but the gang...

  • 11

    The Penalty Box staff party is coming up and Jen has a crush a new worker. When she fails to get his attentions, Jen turns to her friends for help. The plan? Jen'll find a person to be her date other...

  • 12

    The Girls in the Band

    Feb 13 2005

    Caitlin and Jen are beside themselves - Dog Toy, the COOLEST boy band EVER, are coming to the mall to shoot their next live video and they're auditioning local kids to put one lucky fan in the video...

  • 13

    Wyatt is so nice all the time, so when Jonsey gets him stuck with a double-date, both females are attracted to Wyatt. Jonsey is fed up, and pledges to be as nice as Wyatt. Meanwhile, Catlin tries to...

  • 14

    OK, So Nikki and Jonesy have had a Love-hate relationship since the beginning of the show, and Jude talks to Jonesy to ask if he actually LIKES Nikki. And so Jonesy admits that he likes Nikki. So Jen...

  • 15

    Stupid Over Cupid

    Mar 20 2005

    Wyatt asks Serena out for Valentines Day and makes tons of traditionally romantic plans for the big night - flowers, candy, reservations - the works,. But when he overhears Serena talking about how...

  • 16

    The Khaki Girl

    Apr 10 2005

    Every year Caitlin is chosen in a contest to represent The Khaki Barn and win a free wardrobe. This year, her longtime ""frienemy"" Tricia is NOT going to let it happen so she enters too. When the...

  • 17

    The (Almost) Graduate

    Apr 17 2005

    Wyatt has taken Serena out on a few dates now, but their ""relationship"" is yet to be defined, and Wyatt finally gets up the courage to ask her if she'd like to be his girlfriend. Serena tells Wyatt...

  • 18

    Jonesy becomes the manager of a guru. When the guru is unable to come to the mall for his speech, Jonesy gets Jude to take his place. Jude gives people his ridiculous advice, leading to catastrophic...

  • 19

    When Jonsey starts working at The Penalty Box and doing a much better job at sales than Jen, Jen is furious. The two start competing for commissions and the customers become the spoils of war. The...

  • 20

    Cecil B. Delusioned

    May 15 2005

    Jonsey's new gig as the production assistant for local cable access isn't moving his new ""film career"" forward as quickly as possible, so he decides to film his own, ""Prank T.V."". And the first...

  • 21

    The Birthday Boy

    May 29 2005

    Wyatt's sixteenth birthday has arrived and no one could be less trilled than Wyatt. Thanks to his family's twisted party themes he hates birthday parties and wishes his friends would just let this...

  • 22

    Enter The Dragon

    Jun 05 2005

    The guys have a bit of a shock when all three girls' cycles synch up and they all start behaving - well - differently. In fact at first the girls are confused too - Caitlin's snappish, Nikki's...

  • 23

    The gang is in agreement - Jen is always butting into everyone else's business. In fact, they’re convinced that it is physically impossible for Jen to keep her opinions to herself for 24 hours....

  • 24

    It's Always Courtney, Courtney, Courtney!

    Jun 22 2005

    Jen's hotter and more popular older sister Courtney comes to town, and the entire gang abandons Jen, with the guys astonished by Courtney's looks, and girls loving to listen about her life,...

  • 25

    The One with the Text Message

    Jun 29 2005

    The Big Dance is coming up and everyone is desperately looking for dates.... everyone except for Wyatt. Wyatt is head over heels in love with Serena. So in love, in fact, that he doesn't care if...

  • 26

    Caitlin's been slacking big time... she hasn't ordered lemons in ages, she ignores customers, and her lemonade just plain sucks. When Jonsey scores a job running a giant lime juice stand situated...

  • 27

    Jonesy, Wyatt, and Jude try to prank Ron by closing down all the bathrooms and photographing him with his pants down, but ended up pranking Caitlin. Meanwhile, Jen wants to stop Coach Halder's Jason...

  • 28

    Take This Job and Squeeze It

    Nov 07 2004

    It's the summer they've been waiting for! No more begging for allowance-Jonesy, Nikki, Jude, Jen and Wyatt are all applying for part time jobs. Jen is totally prepared for her interview at The...

  • 29

    Going Underground

    Nov 03 2005

    Jude is fired from Stick-It after a customer complains about finding a cockroach in his food, and Wyatt is fired from Spin This for getting on Serena's nerves. Both find themselves at Underground...

  • 30

    Deadbeat Poets Society

    Nov 10 2005

    Starr wants to help Wyatt control his anger, and introduces him to a small poet society. All goes well until his friends find out and Caitlin farts during one of his poems, causing the whole gang to...

  • 31

    Caitlin's career test is accidentally switched with Nikki's, which causes the clones to be nice to Nikki because they think that she is destined to be a retail specalist. Meanwhile, Jude destroys a...

  • 32

    Fish and Make Up

    Nov 24 2005

    Jude finds himself a new goldfish friend named "Fish". Meanwhile, Nikki snaps at Caitlin, after Caitlin keeps telling stories to her friends about her new crush, Wade, which leads to Caitlin and...

  • 33

    Awake the Wyatt Within

    Dec 01 2005

    Wyatt tries to get Serena back, and finds out that Wayne might be his only hope because of his ability to choose the perfect movies for broken couples. Meanwhile, Jen wants to end her relationship...

  • 34

    Unhappy Anniversary

    Dec 08 2005

    It's Jonesy and Nikki's three-month anniversary. The two try to find gifts for each other, which leads to a big misunderstanding. Jude crashes at Wyatt's place because his aunt is out of town....

  • 35

    The gang tells Caitlin their deepest secrets, and she tells them to her new boyfriend, Dustin. Later, Dustin volunteers to get hypnotized at a hypnosis demonstration and is forced into blurting out...

  • 36

    Losing Your Lemon

    Jan 12 2006

    Caitlin has paid up the credit debt she accrued a long time ago and is free to go, so she quits her job. Meanwhile doppelgängers of the gang show up in the mall because of the mischievous Trisha,...

  • 37

    Welcome to the Darth Side

    Dec 22 2005

    Nikki is temporarily fired from the Khaki Barn because of Jonesy, and forced to work with Darth. Meanwhile, Jen and Jonesy try to compete in salesmanship to win sporting equipment....

  • 38

    Ron the Rent-a-cop hires an assistant security guard who is way more fun than Ron. But after the gang gets Ron fired, they find out that the assistant security guard is nothing but an inexperienced...

  • 39

    Midnight Madness

    Dec 22 2005

    The gang convinces Jen to throw a small get-together for New Years at her house, and everyone is excited, including Nikki who's coming back from Acapulco with her parents. However, Jonesy tries to...

  • 40

    Major Unfaithfulness

    Dec 22 2005

    Caitlin cheats on her hairdresser for a famous stylist, but her boyfriend thinks that she's cheating on him instead after hearing something from Jude. Meanwhile, Underground Videos is sold to Tajma...

  • 41

    Waiting to Ex-Sale

    Jan 05 2006

    Jonesy is scared to donate blood because of a childhood experience, unlike Jude who is obsessed with donating blood because he wants the free donuts the nurse gives away to the people who donate....

  • 42

    Nikki falls for the new salesman at Albatross & Finch named Hunter, so Nikki asks Caitlin to ask him out for her but Caitlin ends up dating him instead. Meanwhile, Jude and Wyatt start a psychic...

  • 43

    Starr goes goth, and Jude goes goth as well to impress her. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang visits the movie theatre during a power outage at the mall....

  • 44

    A Ding from Down Under

    Feb 02 2006

    Jude starts a long-distance relationship with a girl from Australia. Meanwhile, Wyatt gets fired from Underground Video, and starts to work at "Burger McFlipsters". (Alan Park guest stars as Tim.)...

  • 45

    The Wedding Destroyers

    Feb 09 2006

    As the wedding between Jonesy's Dad and Jen's Mom approaches, it's all too clear that the amalgamation of the two families is not going to be smooth sailing. When Grind Me gets double booked for...

  • 46

    Jonesy's Low Mojo

    Mar 02 2006

    Nikki falls for a new guy named Stone, while Jonesy is beaten by a twelve-year-old at an arcade game....

  • 47

    Caitlin lies about being in college to win the heart of a cute college boy, while Jude attempts to win a "Roll Up the Rim to Win"-style contest at Grind Me....

  • 48

    Jonesy starts his own business, a "breaking bad news service" that delivers all types of bad news to people on behalf of someone else, which he makes a lot of money on, and "catches girls on the...

  • 49

    Jonesy accidentally sees Jen completely naked. They both swear secrecy, but end up telling the rest of the gang. Meanwhile, Chrissy starts working at the Soft Rock Café and Kristen and Kirsten begin...

  • 50

    A Crime of Fashion

    Apr 13 2006

    Tricia frames Caitlin for stealing clothes from Albatross & Finch. Meanwhile, Jude sees a mannequin in a display window, which looks just like him wearing formal wear but soon finds out that another...

  • 51

    The girls try to make Nikki a prom queen, but Tricia stands in the way, and seduces Jonesy to help her in the campaign against Nikki....

  • 52

    Jonesy gets a job in the mall's spa. Meanwhile, Jude tries to compete against his rival Mike Dent in a skateboarding race. He starts to practice by pulling Caitlin around on his skateboard, but when...

  • 53

    In a Retail Wonderland

    Dec 22 2005

    Starr wants to help Jen during the Christmas rush by calming her down, so she teaches Jen yoga. Also, Nikki does not want to go to Acapulco with her parents. Meanwhile, Caitlin loses the will to...

  • 54

    Lords of Malltown

    Feb 12 2006

    Jude teaches Wyatt to loosen up by coaching him to skateboard like a pro, while Caitlin makes Jen go out with her on an unwanted double-date....

  • 55

    Caitlin's 16th birthday is coming up and she wants to have the most awesome expensive party ever! But when Trisha hears Caitlin's going to have Chill TV there to film the party, she persuades Caitlin...

  • 56

    Baby, You Stink

    Sep 13 2007

    Jonesy, Wyatt, and Jude agree not to shower or clean themselves for a week to determine which one of them smells the worst and the best, with Nikki, Jen, and Caitlin as the judges. Meanwhile, Caitlin...

  • 57

    Selling Out To The Burger Man

    Sep 20 2007

    Caitlin falls in love with Les Bland, who buys her clothes. Meanwhile, Wyatt writes down a new jingle in order to be rewarded with free food and rehearsal space for a band at Burger McFlipsters....

  • 58

    Jonesy gets a new job at the mall's Lost & Found, and comes along Jen's precious journal and gives it to Caitlin, but she, Nikki, and Wyatt end up reading it and learns Jen's thoughts about them....

  • 59

    Silent Butt Deadly

    Oct 14 2007

    Nikki and Jonesy spend some quality time at Jonesy's house, until Nikki needs to use the bathroom next door to Jonesy's bedroom, and a faulty flusher causes a flood. Meanwhile, Jude starts secretly...

  • 60

    The New Jonesy

    Oct 21 2007

    Jen starts dating a guy named Smithy. The gang realizes that Smithy acts and looks just like Jonesy, but Jen doesn't believe them until she gets a closer look at Smithy. Meanwhile Jude races his...

  • 61

    Jonesy keeps pranking Jen, much to her dismay, so Jen tries to get revenge on Jonesy by fighting fire with fire and pranking him badly. Meanwhile, Caitlin also apparently wins a contest from the bank...

  • 62

    Caitlin falls in love with two different guys named Vince and Blake at the same time. Meanwhile, an old bickering couple get a new job at Burger Mcflipsters with Wyatt (Harvey Atkin guest stars as...

  • 63

    Another Day at the Office

    Nov 22 2007

    Jonesy opens an account at the bank, but he later impersonates the bank's manager from the head office, giving out loans to his friends and rejecting loans from others. Meanwhile, Nikki seeks revenge...

  • 64

    Oops, I Dialed It Again

    Nov 22 2007

    Nikki starts admiring and complimenting with the customers at the Khaki Barn so she can earn more money to buy Jonesy new skates, but when she accidentally calls Jonesy on the one of the new cell...

  • 65

    How the Rent-A-Cop Stole Christmas

    Dec 20 2007

    Ron the Rent-a-Cop seems determined to put an end to Christmas by confiscating all of the Mall decorations. Meanwhile, Nikki's mom doesn't think Jonesy is right for Nikki....

  • 66

    All Pets Are Off

    Jan 13 2008

    Caitlin falls for a guy who loves animals, so after seeing Tricia with a cute new pet, Caitlin decides to have one for herself to impress him. Meanwhile Jude's lucky coin falls into the air vent and...

  • 67

  • 68

    Love At Worst Sight

    Feb 17 2008

    Jonesy accidentally breaks up George and Gracie Bickersons' marriage and Nikki won't speak to Jonesy until he gets them back together. Caitlin flirts with Kevin, the other Lemon employee. (George and...

  • 69

    The One with the Cold Sore

    Feb 24 2008

    Marlowe gets excited after getting a job at "Spin This," which upsets Wyatt, since he used to work there before Serena fired him for taking her rejection too seriously. Meanwhile, Jonesy scams people...

  • 70

    While Caitlin tries to deal with her aching cold sore, a teen movie gets filmed at the Mall, and auditions for movie extras are held at "Grind Me". Jonesy wants to be discovered, but the director...

  • 71

    Fashion Victim

    Mar 09 2008

    Jonesy and Nikki win a pair of tickets to one of Jonesy's favorite sci-fi flicks, but the other pair of tickets are awarded to Darth and Julie, meaning they all have to be together. During the...

  • 72

    Insert Name Here

    Jan 06 2008

    Wyatt accidentally calls his girlfriend Marlowe, "Serena", the name of his ex-girlfriend. Meanwhile, Jude falls in love with French Canadian figure skater Claudette, who only speaks French....

  • 73

    Jen is putting some old clothes up for the mall clothing donation drive, but Jonesy sees that the donated clothes were from his father and uses the donated wardrobe for himself in an attempt to act...

  • 74

    Caitlin falls for a guy named Sawyer, but needs to make her boobs bigger since Sawyer is into those kind of girls. Caitlin then buys a water bra, which gives Jonesy the idea to sell bras with water...

  • 75

    Opposites Attack

    Apr 06 2008

    Griffin, a new employee at "The Penalty Box," asks Jen out on a date, only later to find out that he's more of a miser than a hunky guy. Meanwhile, Caitlin mistakenly dates a man named Jasper, and...

  • 76

    Mr. and Mr. Perfect

    Apr 13 2008

    Jonesy gets a job as a customer service rep at a travel agency and has much in common with his co-worker Joanie, and they start to spend a little bit too much time with each other. Nikki notices this...

  • 77

    Date and Switch

    Apr 20 2008

    A dating dispute ensues when Jen needs a date for her cousin's wedding to avoid being seated at the lame children's table. Nikki and Jonesy find a perfect candidate named Dax who is an old friend of...

  • 78

    Wyatt has a fear that Marlowe could break up with him after they've gotten on each other's nerves for a while. Caitlin meets a cute boy named Calum at a party and later realizes he's a nerd so she...

  • 79

    Jen gets promoted to Assistant Coach at The Penalty Box, only to order too much wrestling merchandise from a marketing representative when she develops a crush on him. Jen needs to sell the wrestling...

  • 80

    Fashion Victims

    Mar 09 2008

    Jen is putting some old clothes up for the mall clothing donation drive, but Jonesy sees that the donated clothes were from his father and uses the donated wardrobe for himself in an attempt to act...

  • 81

    Nikki challenges Jonesy to an IQ face off by taking IQ tests, so Jonesy pays Wayne to switch his test with a copy of his, leading Jonesy to have a 99% score and be hired as a computer technician in...

  • 82

    Caitlin saves Darth from a bully, who had strung him up over a mezzanine railing, and gets protection from the Jedi force as her reward, but Darth's girlfriend Julie is jealous that Darth is spending...

  • 83

    Labour Day (Part 1)

    Sep 10 2009

    Jen's mother, Emma, will be soon going into labor at the hospital while Jonesy and Jude start wheelchair races in the hospital corridors. Caitlin is forced to use a pay phone, which she has a fear of...

  • 84

    Out of this world

    Feb 11 2010

    Caitlin tries to find a way to fix the blender after one of her giant earrings dropped into it, but both she and Jen develop crushes on the repairman who comes to fix the blender. The girls turn it...

  • 85

    Nikki's father is accepted for a job up in Iqaluit, and Nikki doesn't want to go, so Jonesy gets Caitlin to tell Mr. Wong that his interview was moved to Grind Me at the mall, and Jonesy pretends to...

  • 86

    Bye bye Nikki (part 2)

    Feb 28 2010

    When Nikki's friends do a going-away party at Grind Me for her, Nikki's parents said they would stay as her father would keep his old job, but Nikki objects and admits that it is time to move on...

  • 87

    Labour Day (Part 2)

    Sep 17 2009

    Jen and Nathan are still in the elevator trying to find a way to get to the hospital in time so Jen can help her mom give birth. Jude unknowingly chats up with a dead body, and Jonesy becomes a clown...

  • 88

    6 Teens and a Baby

    Sep 24 2009

    Jen's mom asks Jen if she can take care of baby Emma, until Coach Halder calls Jen to report to work at the Penalty Box. Jen then assigns Jonesy to take care of baby Emma on her behalf while she...

  • 89

    On your mark, get set... date

    Wyatt, Caitlin, Jen, and Jude are loveless at the time so they get mad when they see Jonesy and Nikki flirting with each other right in front of them. Nikki suggested sarcastically to join a speed...

  • 90

    Nikki quits her job at the Khaki Barn and gets a new job at a cooking store. But she soon finds out that cooking isn't in her blood, due to the fact that she made pumpkin muffins and accidentally put...

  • 91

    Jude finds out that he has a lucky zit, while Wyatt becomes depressed because he can't manage to get a girlfriend after his last date disaster. Jonesy gives him "The List," which is a list of girls...

  • 92

    Great expectations

    Nov 19 2009

    After Jonesy gets a job in a mini golf course, he starts charging couples to make out in the pitch black UFO, which ends up with Caitlin and Wyatt accidentally kissing when each thinks the other to...

  • 93

    A Sadie Hawkins dance comes to the mall where the girls ask the guys out. While Jude and Wyatt struggle to get chosen, Caitlin and Jen try to overcome the pressure of asking the guys. Nikki becomes...

  • 94

    Blast from the past

    Oct 01 2009

    Olympic athlete Travis Gibson visits the mall to meet Jen, but Jen won't spend time with him because of the time Travis threw a rock right at her forehead back in grade 2 and gave her a nasty scar....

  • 95

    Teen singer Kylie Smylie visits the mall to sign some autographs for her fans and perform a concert as well. Caitlin, who wrote a contest essay to get a chance to meet Kylie, is declared the winner....

  • Sours: https://www.ranker.com/list/full-list-of-6teen-episodes/reference
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    5. Hinge health competitors

    Theory: the Canadian animated series, 6teen, is actually set in The Matrix

    6teen is a 2004-2010 animated series featuring six 16-year-olds working in their local Canadian mall. Their plan is all to work in the same mall so that even when they are being fiscally responsible they can still all hang out. But is 6teen secretly about something else entirely?

    Jonesy Garcia is one of our six 16-year-olds. He's a freewheelin' guy who has to get a new job every episode because he's actually very bad at being a responsible employee. But think about that for a moment: How many job opportunities could there be in one mall?

    6teen lasted 93 episodes. Is it possible that there are 93 different retailers in that mall? Maybe. But is it possible that there are 93 managers, none of whom would let any of the other store managers know that Jonesy is a bad employee? Not likely, friends. In fact, as a former resident of the state of New Jersey, the mall state, and hence someone who has worked badly in many malls, I can tell you for a fact that there's no way Jonesy got 93 different jobs. I'm saying he could have worked at two full stores and a single sunglasses/Stacker kiosk at most before having to seek employment at the crappy mall down the street. Not that I speak from personal experience. Ahem.

    Another thing about 6teen is that other than Nikki Wong, who is of nebulous Asian descent, all the girls on the show, especially the ones in the background, look virtually identical. Most of the differences can be found in hair color and styling and that's it. Now, sure, you might say that's just because the show's producers were saving money on animation, but that's just what they want you to think. There's another motivation here.

    But before we get to that, there's a third thing to consider, and that is this: These kids basically never leave the mall. Almost the entire show is set in one location, and that location is a mall. Now, sure, if this cartoon came out in the '80s or '90s, I could get behind that. I remember how the culture was during that time. You went to the mall to catch up with your friends because that was the only way to do it. But by 2004, Facebook existed, as did MySpace and multiple other proto-social media platforms ... all of which combined to render teenage mall culture obsolete. By 2006, by which time Twitter existed, teenagers didn't hang out in malls at all.

    So those are our three points: the unlikely job situation, the unlikely mall location, and the unlikely ... all-the-girls-look-alike situation.

    Conclusion? Jonesy is actually in The Matrix! And that Matrix is also HELL. Think about it: Six teens who are all 16 years old and the show ran for six years? 666! And, yeah, also all the janky inconsistencies which make it clear that 6teen was crafted in a proto-Canadian Matrix. Whoa. Not since my "The Olsen Twins are part of Deep State" theory have The Truth doors been blown so wide open.

    On today's episode of Every Day Animation, comedian Celeste Yim talks about 6teen, but not much about my Matrix/hell theory because, like so many of our podcasts guests, Celeste is in on it.

    On tomorrow's episode, there won't be any cool conspiracy reveals, but Julia Claire will be talking about Hey, Arnold!, which is probably one of the most popular Nicktoons of the last quarter century. I guess that's okay. The entire series is for sale on YouTube if you want to watch along. See you tomorrow!

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    Sours: https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/theory-the-canadian-animated-series-6teen-is-actually-set-in-the-matrix


    It's no small feat to balance teens' desire for edgier content in their shows with parents' quest for some degree of innocuous entertainment for this impressionable viewing audience, and to toe this line in a cartoon is even more impressive. 6teen doesn't ignore the fact that teens have a growing awareness of relationships, sexuality, and life events; rather it crafts storylines that incorporate these issues in comical ways that still manage to leave teens with a positive view of friendship, dating, and handling the unexpected coming-of-age woes in their own lives. Yes, it does paint a mostly carefree picture of the characters' lives that might not entirely jibe with your own teen's, but that's also what keeps the content so light-hearted.

    This is one of those cases in which the show's animation style might entice an unintended crowd of younger viewers, so be sure to keep this one off your younger kids' watch list. Teens can find the humor in the characters' antics and individual personalities without mistaking their actions for a playbook for life, but the same can't be said for kids' less experienced judgment.

    Sours: https://www.commonsensemedia.org/tv-reviews/6teen

    Episodes 6 teen full

    List of 6teen episodes

    Wikipedia list article

    This is an episode list for the Canadian animated television show 6teen. The show premiered on Teletoon[1] November 7, 2004 and ended February 11, 2010.

    As of February 11, 2010, 91 episodes (plus two one-hour special episodes) of 6teen have been aired, 52 of which have been released on DVD. The first 13 episodes of Season One were also released in a DVD box set, 6teen: The Complete First Season, on November 13, 2007;[2] however, the episodes on the DVD are not in the correct order. In the USA, 6teen Season 1 Volume 1, 6teen Dude Of The Living Dead, and 6teen Deck The Mall have been released in 2009.

    When Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network aired this series, 24 episodes were pulled for having content that was considered too risqué for their respective channel's target audience (children and preteens).

    On May 16, 2018, Jen's voice actor, Megan Fahlenbock, tweeted "One time 6teen reunion episode is coming ... stay tooned! #6teenforever."[3] Christian Potenza, Jude's voice actor, later announced that a 6teen special reunion episode is currently in the works.[4] Tom McGillis, president of Fresh TV and one of the creators and executive producers of 6teen also confirmed the special episode, tweeting "6teen reunion episode coming soon. They've aged! #8teen".[5] The reunion ended up being a PSA minisode about voting in the USA, and released on September 12, 2018.[6]

    Series overview


    Season 1 (2004–05)

    Season 2 (2005–06)

    Season 3 (2007–08)

    Season 4 (2009–10)

    Webisode (2018)


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    Episode 24 - 6Teen-FULL EPISODE- RETRO RERUN

    It turned out that while I was doing an enema for Karina, Ksyusha and Olesya, having undressed to panties and bras, watched me give. An enema to their sister. When Karina came out of the bathroom, I invited Ksyusha. She immediately took off her panties and lay down on the sofa.

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    Our bags in the trunk, Nyashka and I sat in the back and we went Ali in Fedotovo. All the way we held each other's hands. The taxi driver drove us to the village itself, we only had to go along the path through the ravine and walk. Through the garden and we were at home. We carried a heavy bag with groceries holding the handles together and I threw a light bag with clothes on my shoulder.

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