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dev — ❀headcannons for s/o in a poly-relationship with...

❀headcannons for s/o in a poly-relationship with kurapika and leorio❀

Notes: okay so um i have never written or read any poly-relationship headcannon before, this is actually my first time so um i hope you like it ! sorry for the long wait, i instantly began writing this after doing an activity for my online class lmao. anyways, enjoy xx


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  • i think this two will bicker a lot over their s/o.
  • it’s not like a bad quarrel, no not a war, just a minor yet friendly bickering over you [name]. 
  • kurapika and leorio are friends after all!
  • the two often fight which food to give/suggest you, which color suits you best or what should you dress up into.
  • “no, no. [favorite color] suits [name] best.” kurapika argued.
  • leorio shakes his head, “[your other favorite color] suits them more!”
  • it’s mostly goes like that.
  • the two them actually knows how to share you with one another and it’s pretty great.
  • you often cuddle up in between kurapika and leorio. you’re like the peanut butter and jelly and they are the two pieces of bread of the sandwich.
  • sometimes you’d lean against kurapika as you lay your legs over leorio. 
  • or sometimes you’d sleep with them at your left and right with their arms over you securely.
  • kisses? remember this, the other must have one as well too, all the time.
  • you kiss leorio on the cheek? kurapika gets kissed too on the cheek.
  • it must be fair.
  • the two of them would often team to make their lovely s/o happy and well at all times.
  • “we should treat [name] later dinner.” leorio suggested.
  • kurapika nodded in agreement, “i think she’ll like that. let’s split up the bill between us so it’s fair.”
  • these two are very sweet and loving when it comes to you, lucky you!
  • you have your bonding time with each of them though.
  • you mostly read books and do some cooking with kurapika.
  • as for leorio, you two often watch shows that you both like and you guys like to play video games.
  • you very grateful for the two of them.
  • kurapika and leorio are always there to support you and give you the love that you most deserve.
  • they will do anything for you to smile, laugh and simply be happy.
  • anyone who dares to upset you or hurt.
  • they’ll have to get through them first.
  • “you dare make [name] upset?” leorios scoffs as he and kurapika stands in front of your protectively. kurapika’s eyes turn scarlet, “let’s teach em’ a lesson, shall we leorio?” 
  • “we love you very much [name]!” kurapika and leorio claim as they kiss your cheek, making you giggles.
  • “awh! i love you guys too!”

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✐ Writer’s Notes

hello it’s been a long while :D

sorry for not accomodating any requests and messages.

the thing is, well, don’t get mad at me but i uh lost interest in writing? don’t get me wrong, i still love hxh and even opm, but i just didn’t feel like writing anymore and i don’t wanna post anything that’s rushed that would be terrible.

lately, i’ve been busying myself in doing digital art and idk, i’m not sure when i’ll get back into writing i’m sorry :(

REQUESTS ARE CLOSED until further notice.

this is writer anne, announcing hiatus until then.

✐ Writer’s Notes

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✐ i don’t have a cough or cold !

✐ i had chills, fever and period cramps

✐ the past few days i spent my time sleeping, eating and flushing out what i ate.

✐ but right now, thank God, i can finally stand and eat a good amount of food <33

✐ updates will soon be posted as soon as i fully recover !

✐ Writer’s Notes



✐ idk ive been taking a break from the pile of requests im so sorry

✐ i’ll update you once i feel like writing again, soon i promise! also um i mentioned that requests are specifically on hold so um yes, no requests for now <33

✐ have a lovely day or evening from your writer, anne !

✐ Writer’s Notes

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✐ so until i get a stable connection, i'mma be inactive. don’t worry i’ll be back soon so REQUESTS are ON HOLD xx

pls send pls let this sent

Anonymous asked:

Thank you for doing the poly request for Hisoka and Illumi it was seriously amazing and I loved every aspect of it! Thank you for writing it!

omg !! thanks for the feedback anon hihi sorry it took so long

Casual flirting

(Undertale Sans vs Underfell Sans)

Y/n: (serves food)

UT Sans: this is pretty good, my compliments to the chef.

Y/n: You goober, I'm the chef!

UT Sans: well then my compliments to you. i would say something more genuine, but all my words seem a little 'half-baked'.


Y/n: (Serves food while he's not looking and leaving)

Y/n: I'mwalkingawayI'mwalkingawayI'mwalki ngawayI'mwalkingawayI'mwalk-

UF Sans from the other room: damn this cake is almost as thick as you!


Gaster: I like Y/n. They add something special to the house.

(phone rings)

Y/n: Skeletal residence, flesh one speaking.

Gaster: Not that, but something.

Y/n: Apparently this place gives you a free dessert if someone gets engaged. Quick, fake propose to me!

Sans, taking a ring out of his pocket: kid you're not gonna believe this but-


Y/n: Sorry I saw a cat.


Y/n: Bro you'd understand if you saw this cat.

ME 😭😭 i love cats so so MUCH

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Sours: https://deveiiish.tumblr.com/post/617797396321157120/headcannons-for-so-in-a-poly-relationship-with

:3 Anime and Stuff — Leopika relationship (Leorio x Kurapika) And why I...

Leopika relationship (Leorio x Kurapika) And why I love it!

Alright we know that Leorio and Kurapika didn’t have an instant connection like Gon and Killua. Infact these two started out hated each other, and were ready to have a straight-out duel to the death with each other right after just meeting each other and a few unkind words! 


And during a fucking storm too!

Jesus you two 0_0 (talking about a first bad impression). And I’ve said this before in my post “Leorio’s role in HxH” that I straight up hated Leorio, after what he said to Kurapika and thought he was straight up selfish, but after the first episode I was okay with him and later I grew to love him… like a certain someone we know *cough cough Kurapika! I guess that’s why I absolutely love their relationship, because it was something that grew over-time and that’s what makes it genuine and endearing! You can literally see their relationship grow overtime. :3 

After the storm passes (and I’m also referring to the other storm too), they’re thanked by the sailor they saved, and this where Kurapika’s impression of Leorio starts to change a bit and this goes along way in the series. 


Aw look at that smile

The way Leorio responds to the sailor is that he gives off a genuine smile and is humble about it, he even blushes while being thanked by the guy! This reaction shocks Kurapika I mean look at his face it practically says “Hmm… maybe he’s not as bad as I thought he was…”  and this one act makes him rethink  about his perception on Leorio.  


And right after seeing him this way he apologizes to him and Leorio does the same and takes back what he said and Leorio does so in return. But Kurapika observation of Leorio doesn’t stop there, it continues on to the next episode. I say “observation” because he decides to go with Gon because he “behavior interests him…” In the two answer question quiz he got really mad at the examiner because the quiz forced him choose to two people he equally cared about and forces him to go against his morales.


He was even about to attack her 

Which displays Leorio’s loyalty and kind heart, even though Kurapika scolded him for being so rash, he takes note of his good character. He’s willing to stand up for what he believes in. Which carries on to the next phase of the test and how Kurapika sees his character as they travel.


When faces the magical beasts, he knew that the one that appeared before him was not Leorio. This is because he believed that Leorio’s character wasn’t the type to abandon an injured man. And he said he would hit him if he did cause he thought of him to be better than that. In this Kurapika takes in account of the loyalty he’s displayed. And also the fact that he said that Leorio “consented”, Kurapika figured that he’s the type of guy to keep his promises as well and someone that he could trust.

And this all compiles to the during the first phase of when he confronts Leorio about what he’s really trying to achieve in becoming a hunter. When they’re running Leorio running ridiculously with his shirt off, Kurapika dosen’t look down on him he admires it and follows his example. And with this, Kurapika is able to confirms that Leorio really is a good person and knows that he isn’t the type the selfish, greedy guy that he came off as when we first met. And the fact that he was running so he know that Leorio fighting for something more than money. (That’s why he asks him right after he catches up to him) Which is probably why he refused to believe Leorio’s claim that he was all in it for the money. Kurapika even tells him about the scarlet eyes to get him to tell the truth. From what he’s given him is that he’s a loyal, trustworthy guy that stick with what he believes is right. In other words he believes in his good character (which of course proves to be right). After finding out that Leorio wants to be a hunter in order to become a doctor, Kurapika sticks with him. And I mean through the whole exam he doesn’t leave his side, because he wants to see him succeed. 


Originally posted by motherly-friend-to-the-rescue

This does take an affect on Leorio where in return he shows the same concern for Kurapika. Now that fact that they didn’t get along in the first place does actually have it’s advantage which befits their relationship further in the future. Especially looking at the events of Trick Tower… Leorio isn’t doesn’t hold back in calling out Kurpika in his actions, which happens later on in the future arcs in the series. And as much as it annoys pika he knows that he’s right on what he’s saying, and why needs Leorio in his life! 


I’ve talked about why Kurapika needs Leorio and what attracts him to Leorio let’s talk about the other side of the coin. Now with all I’ve talked about with Pika, let’s talk about how much of an affect that Leorio had on him. 

As I said in the beginning Leorio did start off as arrogant… but the one who humbled him down was none other than Kurapika. In fact I have good reasons to claim that Leorio became more kind was because of Kurapika!We know that Kurapika just loves to nag Leorio when he’s acting brash, and believe it or not it does have that affect on him. Like at their first encounter the only reason Leorio started that fight with Kurapika was because Kurapika didn’t call him “Leorio-san” he wasn’t respected.  And when talking to Kurpika, Leorio was reluctant to share his true intentions in why he was doing the hunter exam because he didn’t want to show weakness.Which displays he has a strong sense of pride… Though that manages to get diminished by due to Kurapika, his constant scoldings are what allow him to forget his pride. Which is highly shown in the first phase of the when he doesn’t care what people think when he’s running while looking ridiculous. Especially when Kurapika reveals what about his secret and what he’s going to do when. 


After explaining, Leorio says “You throwing away your pride” by doing that and even so Kurapika still determined to go on ahead and do it. He knows what he’s doing is bad he still admits this weakness. This conversation helps to make Leorio better understand “geez people have it worse than I do” and makes him think “maybe I need to stop being so prideful”  , and because of this he begins to worry for others rather than himself.  Which is displayed through out the rest of the exam. This also explains why Leorio is so determined with Kurapika whenever he loses his way because he did the same thing for him back then and it made him a better person. And he constantly reaches out for him…. 

But anyways I wrote this to celebrate the returning of Hunter x Hunter manga in April 18, my babies are coming back and what better way to do than to analyze and talk about why I love their relationship!



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2 million people aren’t wrong

Take the time to watch this, it’s MAGIC


4. If the car pulls up to you run in the opposite direction.

5. Walk with your keys in your hands and keep a key between each finger

6. If they put you in the trunk kick out the headlights

7. If you get lost find a woman with a child. Never ask a man for help (this one was drilled)

That scream fire piece of advice is literally life saving

8. Watch your shadows and reflections, especially if someone is walking behind you. A split second notice is better than none and will help you.

Yes this last one really saves lives y'all I do it all the time

girls have to learn to view the world like international intelligence agents just to be safe walking down the street. smh.

guys pls pls pls reblog and girls pls pls pls be safe out there. terrifying and so sad that we have to worry about this on a daily basis

(I’m an enby, but, frankly, this is helpful for anyone.)

- always tell someone where youre at and an approx time when youll be back

Add text replacement words in your phone if possible. Something short and memorable that you can send quickly to people in moments of emergencies.



I f ing hate that we need to reblog this, people suck, but this will save lives.

Being female fucking sucks but yes this shit is important for everyone

Also, do not walk close to walls. It will be easier for someone so walk past you and push you against it or corner you.

If your gut is telling you to cross the street or change your path, do it. Don’t risk it. Your body knows.

If you can, buy a large umbrella and walk holding it. Studies say that predators are less likely to attempt an attack on someone that could fight back. Keys around your knuckles is fine but you’ll need to get very close to do damage. Umbrellas are more precise.

Avoid wearing headphones if you are alone on an empty street. Look aware.

Again: Stay. Away. From. Walls.

Entering an uber alone? Call your father (or anyone you trust) and say “hey dad! Yep, I’m almost there, I’m sending you the route.” outloud. Then proceed to send them the route so they can follow the uber drive. This will most likely intimidate the predator.

If you see someone in an uncomfortable or possibly dangerous situation, walk up to them and say “Betty, oh my god, I haven’t seen you in so long!”. If she gets slightly confused, you can whisper and let her know you’re trying to help and that she should follow along. Walk together to another station or away from where you are. The man will most likely not follow. I have done this one 2 times and can be very helpful.

If you are unsure she needs help, you can pass her a note saying something like “hey, I noticed this man beside you is making you uncomfortable. If you’d like help, fake a sneeze right now and I will come up to you and pretend we are friends.” This is a long note, but its an example. Be discrete. If she follows along, proceed with the previous tip. This is helpful when you’re in a crowded train and you notice harassment.

Help your sisters. Trust them. Trust yourself. Be safe.

If you ever feel unsafe or need help, anyone is welcome to run upto me and ask me for help! I’ll go all mama bear and keep you safe!!!



I made this google doc covering 14 different self defense tips and tricks. it was made on January 15th, 2020 so it was before I decided I’d come back to tumblr jhjshdbjfh.

I reblogged this last month, tagged it, and said “might as well see if it works.” I used this video as a reference to find all the forms that i needed (which is A LOT, especially if you’re a dependent) and sent them through the mail, not really allowing myself to hope.



$2,714 of medical debt from my top surgery - gone. im shaking this was such a weight on me for 2 years and it fucking worked. what the fuck.

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  1. Melee top 100
  2. Blue parrot headset
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  4. Terre haute chevy


This article needs to be updated. There is plenty of content, but there is some missing. Specifically from anime and manga. Please help Shipping Wiki by adding content to it. Once all content has been updated, this template can be removed.


Leorio PaladiknightKurapika

Status of Relationship

Close friends, working partners

Leopika is the slash ship between Leorio Paladiknight and Kurapika from the Hunter x Hunter fandom.



When Leorio and Kurapika first met each other at the beginning in the Hunter Exam arc, Kurapika didn't really like Leorio (and because of that Leorio didn't like him either). Leorio didn't make the best first impression on him, saying his fake reason for becoming a Hunter. But the more Kurapika got to know him, the more he saw how nice and good Leorio actually is. Especially after Leorio told him the real reason why he wanted to become a Hunter. That was the moment when their friendship began.

After that, the two of them started spending a lot of time together, not only with Gon and Killua around. Somewhere between the events, they apparently even gave each other their phone numbers, since both of them called each other later on.

Because of their opposite personalities, they quarrel quite a lot through the series, but always quickly make up, even if not verbally. They care about each other a lot, what could be seen in both the main series and the movies - Paladiknight was a few times even saved by Kurapika and the other way around.

We can see Kurapika randomly smiling at Leorio in a big amount of scenes, much more than he does nearby the other characters (except Gon Freecss).

When Gon's in a critical, near death state in the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc, Paladiknight calls only Kurapika multiple times, visibly worrying that he doesn't pick up the phone.

In the Dark Continent Expedition arc of the manga series, it is revealed that despite being friends for two years, Kurapika has yet to give Leorio his email. Leorio only wanted to join the Zodiacs if Kurapika was there with him, and Kurapika says Leorio's presence during the Succession Contest arc made him 'feel better and at ease'.


Leopika is one of the most popular ships in the Hunter x Hunter fandom. It's usually shipped alongside with Killugon. Leorio and Kurapika are also often considered by as Killua and Gon's parents. As for the question of why they, specifically, are married- we don't know. The fact that Leorio called Kurapika "sunshine" in the 1999 version aroused fans and their interactions in this version.

Scalation team NexGear created a parody chapter for April Fools when the manga was on hiatus after chapter 260. The chapter features Kurapika and Leorio getting married.


  • In the official translation of one hxh 1999 radio CD series episodes leorio described himself and kurapika as "a couple of newlyweds" and also described gon as "their cute kid".[1]



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Official Art

Sours: https://shipping.fandom.com/wiki/Leopika

Archive of Our Own betaArchive of Our Own

"In that moment, it was as though time had slowed down- Leorio gave a strangled shout as the mer flung themself towards him, and his eyes caught all the little details of their face as his briefcase skittered across the rocks and his supplies went flying: the gemstone earring swaying from their earfin, dual ruby irises burning in fury, razor-sharp fangs gnashing threateningly, the large gash across their abdomen oozing a sickening red-wine. It was terrifying, but also jaw-dropping in a way that thunderstorms at the beach were, and Leorio would have run without a second thought.

Would have, if their face didn’t contort into something of horrible pain- didn’t make that incredibly human noise of agony."


Merperson Kurapika au in which Kurapika injures themself near-fatally, Leorio is a med student, and Kurapika reluctantly accepts his offered help.

Sours: https://archiveofourown.org/tags/Kurapika*s*Leorio%20Paladiknight/works

Kurapika leorio x

In the morning I made some sandwiches for us on the road, at the same time Svetochka laid a piece of bacon, onions, yummy pies. With potatoes. At the same time, I poured tea into the thermos, so that in the morning we dragged a full backpack.

leorio and kurapika being a married couple for 10 minutes straight - leopika 1999

Hypnosis. Although I still need to check if I can do it with you. - Check what.

Now discussing:

First, he stroked my cheeks and lips. Periodically poked my prick in my nose and made her sniff. "Do you smell how it smells.

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