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Faucet has lifetime warranty for its leak or drip free

KOHLER� Faucet Lifetime Limited Warranty
Kohler Co. warrants its faucets manufactured after January 1, 1997, to be leak and drip free during normal residential use for as long as the original consumer purchaser owns his or her home. If the faucet should leak or drip during normal use, Kohler Co. will, free of charge, mail to the purchaser the cartridge necessary to put the faucet in good working condition. This warranty applies only to Kohler Faucets installed in the United States of America, Canada or Mexico (North America).

Kohler Co. also warrants all other aspects of the faucet or accessories ("Faucet")**, (except gold, non-PVD Vibrant�, non-chrome finishes) to be free of defects in material and workmanship during normal residential use for as long as the original consumer purchaser owns his or her home. If a defect is found in normal residential use, Kohler Co. will, at its election, repair, provide a replacement part or product, or make appropriate adjustment. Damage to a product caused by accident, misuse, or abuse is not covered by this warranty. Improper care and cleaning will void the warranty.*** Proof of purchase (original sales receipt) must be provided to Kohler Co. with all warranty claims. Kohler Co. is not responsible for labor charges, installation, or other incidental or consequential costs. In no event shall the liability of Kohler Co. exceed the purchase price of the Faucet.

If the Faucet is used commercially or is installed outside of North America or if the finish is gold, non-PVD Vibrant or non-chrome, Kohler Co. warrants the Faucet to be free from defects in material and workmanship for one (1) year from the date the product is installed, under Kohler Co.'s standard one-year limited warranty.

If you believe that you have a warranty claim, contact Kohler Co., either through your Dealer, Plumbing Contractor, Home Center or E-tailer, or by writing: Kohler Co., Attn.: Customer Service Department, 444 Highland Drive, Kohler, WI 53044, USA. Please be sure to provide all pertinent information regarding your claim, including a complete description of the problem, the product, model number, color, finish, the date the product was purchased and from whom the product was purchased. Also include your original invoice. For other information, or to obtain the name and address of the service and repair facility nearest you, call 1-800-4KOHLER (1-800-456-4537) from within the USA, 1-800-964-5590 from within Canada and 001-877-680-1310 from within Mexico.


Some states/provinces do not allow limitations of how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of such damages, so these limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives the consumer specific legal rights. You may also have other rights that vary from state/province to state/province.

This is Kohler Co.'s exclusive written warranty.


Do all Moen faucets have lifetime warranty?

Warranty for Moen Branded Bath Accessories
Limited Lifetime Warranty - If this product fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship at any time during the life of the product, Moen will replace it free of charge, postage-paid. Simply contact Moen at 1-800-BUY-MOEN for replacement information.

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Similarly, it is asked, does Moen replace faucet parts for free?

If this faucet should ever develop a leak or drip during the Warranty Period, Moen will FREE OF CHARGE provide the parts necessary to put the faucet back in good working condition and will replace FREE OF CHARGE any part or finish that proves defective in material and manufacturing workmanship, under normal

Subsequently, question is, how long do Moen faucets last? 20 to 30 years

Also, how do I replace my Moen warranty parts?

Replacement parts may be obtained by calling 1-800-289-6636 (Canada 1-800-465-6130), or by writing to Moen Incorporated, 25300 Al Moen Drive, North OImsted, OH 44070-8022. Proof of purchase (original sales receipt) from the original consumer purchaser must accompany all warranty claims.

How do I find my Moen faucet model number?

The model/series number is usually a four or five digit number beginning with "7" or "8" and may be followed by letters. The series number may sometimes be found on the underside of the spout. The series number is often found on the back of the decorative ring located at the bottom of the spout.

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Will MOEN honor the warranty?

I might be disappointed with MOEN lifetime warranty. It's been awhile since I've had to invoke it. This weekend my son's model 7065 faucet broke. The cheap quick connectors on part 114307 (never liked those type of connectors) broke off. Since his stroke 2 years ago, he can't do the repair like he use to be able to.

Yesterday being Saturday, I tried to call MOEN. Closed for the weekend. Even though the web site says Saturday hours. Tried the web site and all I could due is use the "help" email to tell them I needed a new part.

I then decided to look at their lifetime warranty. When did this change or was it always like this?

"Moen warrants to the original consumer purchaser for as long as the original consumer purchaser owns their home (the "Warranty Period" for homeowners), that this faucet will be leak- and drip-free during normal use and all parts and finishes of this faucet will be free from defects in material and manufacturing workmanship....

Proof of purchase (original sales receipt) from the original consumer purchaser must accompany all warranty claims."

I can buy the replacement part from several third party vendors including HD and Faucetdepot and Amazon among many others (cost range from $13 to about $25). Downside all must ship, no stock on the shelf at local level.

So the kid is left without water for the weekend and most of the coming week. My concern is, will they honor the warranty? No we do not have a receipt. No we do not have an exact date of purchase. Yes, he is the original owner, but how can you prove it. Not sure if registered when purchased.

I'll keep you posted on the reply from MOEN.

What bothers me is that I tout to customers that MOEN is very good about warranty replacement and no need to have a receipt.




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Faucet warranty moen

Moen Lifetime Warranty—How To File a Claim

American company Moen is famous for its kitchen and bathroom faucets. It introduced a smart shower system in 2017 and a smart kitchen faucet in 2020. Most Moen products for home use come with a lifetime warranty.

Moen Lifetime Warranty Policy—Terms and Coverage

Moen’s lifetime warranty applies when products are used in home settings. The manufacturer warrants that: 

  • Faucets will not leak or drip during normal use
  • There are no defects in material and manufacturing workmanship

Products that are used in an industrial or commercial setting have a five-year warranty.

Check out the coverage options for each product line in the table below.

Product lineWarranty Period Options

Faucets and parts

  • One year for service kits
  • Five years
  • 10 years if used in a leased home
  • Lifetime if used by the purchaser in their home


  • One year for hand showers, slide bars, showerheads, and handlers
  • Lifetime for Aromatherapy Shower


ioDIGITAL System

Smart shower

  • One year for commercial electrical component systems
  • Five years for residential electrical component systems and commercial mechanical fixtures and finishes
  • Lifetime for residential mechanical fixtures and finishes

Motion Sense touchless faucets

  • Five years for electronics box, spout, and lenses in-home use and one year in commercial use
  • Lifetime warranty for the control box in-home use and five years in commercial use

Garbage disposals

Five to 10 years depending on the model

Donner-branded bath accessories

One year

Moen-branded bath accessories


Home Care bath safety products


The coverage does not include the following:

  • Abuse or misuse of the product
  • Damage during installation
  • Products treated with chemicals that contain abrasives or alcohol
  • Costs of labor for repair or replacement

How To File a Moen Warranty Claim By Yourself

Customers have three options to claim Moen warranty on their own:

  • By mail
  • Over the phone
  • By email

Filing a Moen Warranty Claim via Regular Mail

You can write a letter explaining the issue with your Moen product and send it to:

Moen Incorporated

25300 Al Moen Drive

North Olmsted, OH 44070-8022

Claiming a Warranty by Calling Customer Service

Moen’s toll-free customer service phone number for the United States is 1-800-289-6636. They are available from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on weekdays and closed on national holidays. 

If you’re in Canada, you can call 905-829-3400 for Toronto and 1-800-465-6130 for the rest of Canada.

Emailing Your Warranty Claim

Moen’s website has a contact form you can use to file a warranty claim. Once you access the contact page, follow these steps:

  1. Under Reason, select I need help with my existing Moen product
  2. Enter your personal information
  3. Provide your product’s serial number, if you have it
  4. You should upload at least one image of the product
  5. Provide the required details about the purchase
  6. Type in the details about the issue in the comment box
  7. Click Submit

You should expect a response from the company within three to four business days.

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  1. Click on the Claim Warranty option
  2. Choose to Appeal a Denied Warranty Claim
  3. State that you’re appealing against the product manufacturer
  4. Enter the necessary details about Moen and your original warranty claim

That’s all! DoNotPay will submit your appeal letter to Moen. Any follow-ups from the company regarding your case should go to you directly.

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