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Rebtel Brings Its Free International Calling App To BlackBerry

RebtelRebtel, the world’s leading independent mobile VoIP company that provides users with local phone numbers in their country of residence to enable to them easily communicate with friends and family across the globe. The idea is to rid consumers of the lengthened International phone numbers, PIN and an access number to dial prior making a call. Rebtel was launched back on May 17, 2006 at Innovate Europe and was named Europe’s top 3 startups.

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Rebtel today announced the addition of the BlackBerry app to its armory. This would enable all BlackBerry users with the app installed a chance to make free international calls across more than 50 countries. This is a welcome move, embracing BlackBerry users to the Rebtel family that already provides similar features on the Android platform. There is obviously a rising trend of mobile applications seeing a boost in business value as the app economy is predicted to climb to a whopping $4 Billion by 2012.


Also the operating systems market share are evenly distributed with the iOS leading with 28.6%, RIM with 26.1% and the Android OS with 25.8%. As per the stats available [pictures below], if Rebtel can leverage the Android and RIM platforms it will readily have accessibility to over half of the mobile platform distribution and adding more weight to them introducing the app to multiple OS’.

The Rebtel App for BlackBerry offer the following features:

  • Free International calls – Users on BlackBerry and Android phones with the app enabled can readily make international calls without any charged.
  • No need to have Wi Fi – the app works fine on your existing carrier network. However on the network the calls made utilize your local minutes.
  • Seamless integration – Calls are automatically intercepted and routed using Rebtel instead of your carrier.


What sets Rebtel apart from competitors like Skype is that it is not dependent on having users to be hooked to the Internet via WiFi or having to pay for a monthly subscription plan. The company itself has been making progress year on year with a user base of over 9 million callers with over a billion minutes of call time. Its projected revenue for 2011 is expected to cross $75 Million. Rebtel also plans to introduce the iOS app for the iPhone later on in 2011.

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Blackberry mobile users are the ones who always have to wait for long in order to enjoy the voip service on their mobiles. They are the ones who are stuck with BB messenger for IM but for free calls on their blackberry, they have far less choice. I don't understand why does it take so long for companies to launch their blackberry applications. It was the same case with (which took so long to come into the BB world) and now Rebtel. However the long wait for Rebtel's Blackberry Voip App is finally over.Rebtel has finally launched its Blackberry Voip application. It is the time you smile, as you can not only enjoy cheap international calls on your mobile, but also enjoy the free calls (to the people who are also using Rebtel on their smartphone). The good thing is that Rebtel already has its app for The app is available for free download from BB App World. Just click on the image below and you will be taken to the blackberry app world (their application store).

Voip on Blackberry Mobile : Rebtel

The setup is damn simple.
- Just download this Rebtel Blackberry application
- Install the application
- Login to your Rebtel account and start calling.

If you have not yet joined Rebtel, then make use of any voucher codeand register with them. You are missing so much.

Rebtel Blackberry App Features

- There’s no need for a Wi-Fi connection when using Rebtel app for your international calls. Many other voip application requires you to remain connected to the internet in order to place cheap/free calls. Now it may be possible that you don't have a wifi access everytime, this is the time when Rebtel helps you out in placing cheap international calls. You can now save a lot on your Blackberry phone bills. How it does is that the app uses your monthly local minutes from your mobile carrier instead of internet. (That is assign a local number to your international contact and place a local call, international charge at Rebtel's end).
- The app runs in the background, so whenever you want to reach a friend living abroad the call is intercepted and automatically connected through Rebtel instead of your regular carrier. That is, all your international calls can be placed via Rebtel app, thus saving you lot of money.
-  Super cheap in app messaging. Now use the Rebtel app on your blackberry to send international sms at very cheap rates. Send free sms to other Rebtel users.

Best part is Rebtel Free Calls on Blackberry Mobile: This Rebtel blackberry voip app seamlessly automates all incoming calls from Rebtel friends and turns them into Free Calls– regardless of what phone they’re calling from. This is a very cool feature, as you can talk to your friends and family who are also using Rebtel (on their smartphone or their PC).

Here is a video explaining the Free Calls between Rebtel on iPhone to Rebtel on Blackberry Mobile

Offcourse with Rebtel comes the additional benefits :
- Very cheap international calls 90% less than you normal calls
- Very Cheap International SMS
- Free Calls to all Rebtel users.

I read somewhere that this application has been tested on following phone : Curve 8520, 8530, 8900, Bold 9000, 9650, 9700, Storm 9550 and Tour 9630. That being said, this BB App works on many other blackberry mobile as well (so just try installing the application on your mobile and see if it works).

Some people have also claimed that this app is not available in China (BB App World).
What you can do is download the BB App to your mobile using your computer.
- Connect your BlackBerry smartphone using your USB cable.
- Click on the button "Download From Desktop Computer", use Internet explorer and follow the instructions. It's also recommended to use Internet Explorer. Please try again and let us know the result.

If you are facing any issues, then just let us know in the comment section.
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Rebtel's Free Calling App Available for BlackBerry

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Jan 14, 2011, 10:13 AM   by Eric M. Zeman   @zeman_e
updated Jan 14, 2011, 10:18 AM

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Rebtel announced that its free, international calling application is now available to RIM's BlackBerry platform. The application runs in the background and automatically transfers international calls dialed from cellular networks to the internet instead via VoIP. Calls to many countries are free, while others incur minimal charges. The software works with BlackBerry models running OS 5.0 and higher, including the Curve 8520, 8530, 8900, Bold 9000, 9650, 9700, Storm 9550 and Tour 9630. Rebtel already has a version of its application available to Android devices, and plans to offer one to iOS devices later this spring.



Just tried it

It is essentially Google Voice, but with a ca-ca interface. The only difference is the ability to do the "free" calling on Reb. Now by free calls I mean playing fone-tag with your calling party: s/
Google Voice for overseas rates were mostly better and rarely higher from the random countries I referenced. Google Voice only allows for international sms to canada. Reb touts low cost sms to various countries, but I could not find a rate list online and the app makes you type a number in.
Free voicemail w/ Google voice. Free, custom domestic virtual phone number. (Inbound only, outbound caller id is a random number.) Rebtell has none of these things.
Essentially google voice, wit...

iOS version already available

There is already an iOS version available in the Apple App Store.



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Blackberry for rebtel app

Free BlackBerry Rebtel Software Download

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Version: 1.1.443

Platforms: BlackBerry

Categories: Internet & Communications

Upload date: 30 Nov 11

Developer: Rebtel Services S.a.r.l

License: Freeware

Downloads: 115
Download Free Rebtel 

  Rebtel - Try Rebtel and make free calls to Rebtel users in 50 countries and realize savings of up to 90% to the rest of the world! No more looking for WiFi hotspots, Rebtel uses your monthly local minutes to connect your international calls. It works anytime, anywhere. There’s no additional contact list to manage, Rebtel for BlackBerry® lets you call just as usual from your regular BlackBerry dial pad or address book. Try it for free today! • Call for free without WiFi to Rebtel friends • Call using your local minutes from your operator • Save up to 65% on your international SMS rate • Unlike Truphone, Fring, Skype - No WiFi needed • No contact list - Call from your address book or dialer What are people saying about Rebtel? "I can say @rebtel is the future of international phone calls. Excellent quality, unparalleled service, unbeatable prices." - t87 on Twitter "@Rebtel I don't just like the app, I love it." - sgbirch on Twitter "@Rebtel oh you guys are awesome, I have been on the system for over a year now, and the app is AMAZING!" - AssemMemon on Twitter

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Supported operating systems: RIM BlackBerry OS 4.2, RIM BlackBerry OS 4.3, RIM BlackBerry OS 4.5, RIM BlackBerry OS 4.6, RIM BlackBerry OS 4.7, RIM BlackBerry OS 5.0
Similar Software:

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Comments on Rebtel:

Date: 1 Jul 12

eka wahyu dewantie:

Want to try something free

Date: 2 Feb 13



Date: 29 May 14


If you noted an error or download link is broken, please, report it via this page or use comments.

Please, select device to check if Rebtel supports it
rebtel download rebtel login \

The International
Calling Guide

Lengthy delays met the launch of the BlackBerry Messenger app (BBM), but it’s now in full swing having had numerous app updates.  After falling behind Android, iOS and Windows in the race to be top dog in the smartphone market, here’s what’s what with BBM and how it can be used across other smartphone operating systems.  

Having BBM for iPhone or Android could greatly enhance the user experience, giving them the freedom to use their favoured device and still take advantage of one of the slickest messaging systems out there. Unfortunately, the delays in getting to market seem to have been almost fatal as other competitors have raced ahead of the game.

What does BBM for iPhone and Android cost?

No-one was quite certain how BlackBerry would make money on the app.  They could have assigned a purchase price, allowed in-app advertising or even premium services within the app. But while there are some business add-ons that are charged, the app is wholly free.

A fake BBM app fooled over 100,000 consumers

A fake “BBM for Android” app showed up on Google Play in early June 2012, and was downloaded by over a hundred thousand users before it was pulled. The app simply showed a screen claiming that it would start to work on June 27th 2012 (the original date that BlackBerry had promised the launch) and of course was never delivered.

The fake app was only successful because BlackBerry fell down on delivering their official app on time. This only went further to harm the reputation of the once great Blackberry brand.

Alternatives to BBM for iPhone and Android

As aforementioned, being first to market is often crucial in the telecommunications world and Blackberry missed a trick here.  So many other apps exist with a similar feel.  Granted, BBM is an excellent app with some really cool features at high performance but the reality is that it just has not become synonymous with the everyday smartphone user.  Business users have embraced it somewhat but the market potential is far greater than that.  Competitors like Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, PingMe and many more have made it quite the harsh reality for BBM… It’s going to have to be quite spectacular to win over the majority of iPhone and Android users who have been managing without it for years. 

Oh well… for the average consumer all this competition is great news.  It keeps feature based development soaring, resulting in some absolutely great apps, whilst prices stay at rock bottom. 

Long may it continue!


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