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Now you're ready to activate your device

1. Start with your new device powered off.

2. Choose from the following options:

    Option 1
    If you're a new customer and not transferring your number from another provider, skip to Step 3.

    Option 2
    If you're transferring your number from another provider, or activating a new or replacement device, please go to the AT&T Phone Activation site.

3. Insert your new SIM into your device.

4. Turn on your phone and make a test call or try connecting to the Internet or using your email.

5. Set up voicemail.

New customers
Go to Set up Visual Voicemail to create a voicemail password and greeting.

Current customers
If you've recently changed your device or SIM card, you may need your existing voicemail password to set up voicemail on your new device. Forgot your password? Go to Reset voicemail password page.

6. Go to Device Support to learn how to use and troubleshoot your device:

    ●  Set up your email.

    ●  Get help with common issues like blocking unwanted calls or accessing the Internet.

    ●  Manage settings for data usage, Wi-Fi, and Hotspots.


Activate and use your device

Physical SIM cards
Be aware that:
  • We ship most new devices with the SIM card inserted in your device and activated.
  • Make sure to use the SIM card that came with your new device or order a new one. If you use another SIM card, you may not be able to use some features of your new phone.
If the SIM card’s not in your device, go ahead and insert it. Not sure how? Go to Device Support, and choose your device. Then in the Get startedsection, look for Insert SIMand follow the steps.

eSIM cards
Good to know: If you’re transferring a dual-SIM device to AT&T, an eSIM won’t transfer. Have an AT&T PREPAID plan? Contact usto activate your eSIM.

For AT&T Wireless, make sure the eSIM is on an active plan, then download it over Wi-Fi®.
  1. Go to your device settings.
  2. Tap one of the following (what you see depends on your device):
    • AT&T Cellular Plan Ready to be Installed, then Continue
    • Cellular, then Add Cellular Plan
Have a QR code printed on an AT&T eSIM card? Follow these steps
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Activating AT&T Wireless Device

Ways to Activate AT&T Mobile Devices

You can activate AT&T Wireless on a new phone or tablet as well as on any unlocked mobile device you already own. AT&T Wireless works with both SIM cards and eSIM cards and allows you to use up to two SIMs with different numbers per device.

eSIM cards are the electronic equivalent of a traditional SIM card. You can activate them online over Wi-Fi. To activate an eSIM card, go here.

For new devices, AT&T Wireless uses a simple activation process that requires you to follow the on-screen instructions.

For unlocked devices you already own, you need to insert your new SIM into your device and follow a similar activation process. AT&T provides device support to help you through this process.

The AT&T Mobile Transfer app helps you to move your information to a new device. It is available on both iOS and Android. With this app, joining the AT&T Wireless network becomes easier.

Activating an AT&T Wireless Device Online

AT&T makes activating a wireless device online easy. Follow the steps below to activate your device in no time.

  1. Go to the Activate your AT&T wireless device page.
  2. Provide the wireless number and the billing or shipping ZIP code of the device.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your device.

Activating an AT&T PREPAID Device Online

You can also activate an AT&T PREPAID device online.

  1. Go to the Activate your AT&T PREPAID device page.
  2. Enter your 20-digit device SIM number.
  3. Enter the IMEI number without any spaces or dashes.
  4. Enter your ZIP code. If you plan to use your device in different locations, choose the ZIP code where you’ll use it the most.

If you’ve thrown away your AT&T PREPAID package, you can find the SIM and IMEI numbers on the small card under the battery cover. Before you remove the battery, don’t forget to power off your device.

How to Activate Voicemail on AT&T Wireless

Once you have activated your device, don’t forget to set up voicemail if you need it.

  1. Press and hold the Voicemail key on your phone (or 1).
  2. Create a voicemail password.
  3. Choose your greeting, and you’re good to go.

Please note that to set up voicemail on the AT&T Wireless network, you need to do this within 60 days of activating your phone.



AT&T Wireless Availability




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Device att activate

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