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Best Tumblers 2021 Under 30

Looking for the best tumblers of 2021 that aren’t made by Yeti? Look no further than our list of the most versatile travel cups and mugs available for a pretty good price.

Tumblers are the most versatile cups on the market, the cups that keep your ice frozen for up to 24 hours or your coffee hot for up to six hours, and these are the best tumblers on the market that aren’t manufactured by Yeti.

Why do a round-up of the best tumblers on the market that aren’t made by Yeti?

Well, sometimes it’s okay to pass on the biggest brand name for a lesser price tag when it means you’ll be getting the same quality product at a much lower price.

This is a list of the BEST TUMBLERS, not the most popular tumblers, and thus I thought I’d share some Yeti-alternatives with you bros today that won’t break the bank, ranging from $17 to $30+.

Best Tumblers 2021 Not Made By Yeti

Tervis Widemouth Bottles

YETI owes a lot of its success in the drinkware game to the popularity of Tervis Tumblers, which started popping up decades ago with insulated cups that kept ice for much longer than your standard plastic cup.

They’re pioneers in the insulated drinkware category and still much more inexpensive than YETI to this very day.

They just added wide-mouth water bottles to their line of products, offering new leak-proof bottles are made of stainless steel and designed to keep drinks cold up to 84 hours.

The Tervis Widemouth comes in three different sizes and a variety of colors: 24 oz., 32 oz. and 40 oz. 

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RTIC 30 oz. Tumbler

Best Tumblers

RTIC is easily the biggest competitor of another name on this list (a name that rhymes with schmetty), and they’ve been growing rapidly as a company over the past few years because they’re able to offer premium quality products at a less than top-shelf price tag.

The RTIC 30oz Tumbler will keep your ice frozen for up to 24 hours due to the double-wall vacuum insulation, and by now you might be already noticing the trend that most of the best tumblers on the market are made with double-wall vacuum insulation but that’s what is necessary to keep your drinks ice cold for long periods of time.

Unlike some of the other “best tumblers” on the market, the RTIC 30oz Tumbler is HAND WASH ONLY and is never to be placed in the dishwasher.

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Tervis Tumbler

In case you couldn’t tell… I’m a Florida boy and Tervis Tumbler is very near and dear to my heart. I am not even joking when I say we used to take field trips to the Tervis Tumbler manufacturing plant here in Sarasota County back when I was in Elementary School.

Growing up we ALWAYS had Tervis Tumblers in the house and when I went off to college and entered the so-called “real world” on my own I’ve continued to keep my cabinets stocked with Tervis Tumblers because

1) they have the best guarantee on the market,

2) they keep your drinks ice cold, and

3) they are PERFECT for drinking at the beach.

They also come in every shape and size, with options for your favorite sports team or entertainment franchise like Star Wars or Marvel.

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Klean Kanteen Wide Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle With Loop Cap For Travel

Best Tumblers

If you’re a man in search of a wide lid in your Tumbler then look no further than the Klean Kanteen Wide Insulated bottle.

Built with a loop cap that makes it easy to clip onto your backpack and or carry, this is perfect for both camping situations and staying hydrated at the office.

Like many of the others on this list, the Klean Kanteen comes with double-wall vacuum insulated 18/8 stainless steel, and it fits almost every conventional cup holder around.

The Klean Kanteen comes in a wide variety of colors (16 options on Amazon), so you can choose the style that fits you the most.

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Ozark Trail Vacuum Insulated 30 Ounce Tumbler

Best Tumblers

The double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel tumbler from Ozark Trail is one of the most affordable tumblers on the market at just $19.

If you’re looking for the most value and don’t care about a fancy brand name attached to the lid then THIS is the tumbler for you.

It keeps your warm liquids hot and your cool liquids ice cold for hours on end, and sits snugly inside of industry-standard cup holders.

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GSI Outdoors Commuter Mug

Best Tumblers

If you’re looking for a stainless steel tumbler to keep your coffee hot in the morning and your ice water frigid all day at the office then this could very well be the perfect cup for you.

The GSI Outdoors Commuter Mug features a rubber base to keep it from slipping and sliding in the car or on your desk, double-wall vacuum insulation, and it’s made of kitchen-quality stainless steel.

It’s specifically designed to fit into your car’s cupholders, so you won’t have to worry about it being an odd size when it shows up in the mail.

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Reduce 40 oz Tumbler

Reduce Tumbler 40 oz Tumblr

Reduce wants to replace single-use water bottles, and make lives easier with high-quality products that are a reflection of you & your lifestyle.

Perfect for anyone with a busy schedule, this Cold1 Mug by Reduce keeps drinks ice cold all day.

Whether you’re at home or the office, enjoy your big drink at the perfect temperature. Thanks to the 3-In-1 lid, you can enjoy the freedom to choose between casually sipping, taking a drink, or chugging to hydration! Includes a clear removable lid plus coordinating hard straw

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Atlin Tumbler 30 oz. Double Wall Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulation

Featuring a lid, metal straw and straw cleaner, the Atlin Tumbler’s dual insulation keeps liquid hot for up to 6 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.

Carries up to 30oz of liquid and is slim enough to fit in standard size cup holders and the Altin Tumbler dishwasher-safe without the threat of toxins.

The 100% stainless steel, grip-friendly design to keep hydrated wherever life takes you.

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Iron Flask 24 Oz. Rover Tumbler

Your search for the best tumbler of 2021 is over. Say hello to the best tumbler out there, the Iron Flask!

Easy to clean and maintain, the Iron Rover Tumblers come with a 100% leak-proof clear flip lid and are made of premium 18/8 stainless steel and 100% BPA FREE.

This tumbler will keep your drinks cold or hot for hours!

The Iron Flask will also never sweat no matter what the drink temperature.

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JURO Tumbler 20 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

JURO Tumbler 20 oz Stainless

Built for the outdoor explorer, this Juro 20 oz. tumbler was engineered to be ultra-convenient and extremely durable to last throughout your adventures.

Designed in the U.S, every Juro product is crafted with quality and care and specially made to suit all your outdoor adventure needs and will keep the internal temperature constant whether it hot (Up to 6hrs) or cold (Up to 12 hrs).

A completely transparent lid makes it easy to keep an eye on the status of your remaining drink. No more spills!

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The Best Tumbler

Who this is for

You may ask, “Why do I need a tumbler?” Well, what we’ve discovered in talking to our readers is that there is—apparently—infinite curiosity about what to carry a beverage in. Over the past year, we’ve offered guides to water bottles, hydration packs, wine glasses, coffee mugs, and more, and still we get questions about things like tumblers (hence this guide) and growlers (a jug for beer; we’ve got a guide to them, too). We don’t expect to go further down that soggy road into lesser-known vessels—no goatskin botas or maté gourds (we hope)—but the idea of owning multiple means of avoiding landfill-clogging disposable bottles and cups is one we like. We hope you do, too.

Why you should trust us

We tried to get our hands on every new tumbler coming out in early 2018 while we did our original research. On the ground at the summer Outdoor Retailer 2017 outdoors trade show, we stopped at every booth with a tumbler on display and received an in-depth rundown from the designers themselves, highlighting what made each unique. We’ve returned to OR’s Summer Market every year since, monitoring developments in the tumbler field (among others).

How we picked

Usually Internet research is our first step when we begin testing a product, but for this guide, we were fortunate enough to be able to do our research in person. We walked the floors of the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market trade show, an annual event where hundreds of brands showcase their latest innovations, and picked up every tumbler on display, 18 in total.

We spoke to the designers and manufacturers of each and asked a lot of questions: Does it fit in a cup holder? Does it have a splash guard or straw integrated into the lid? Is the tumbler dishwasher-safe? What is it made out of? What’s the finish texture like? How many color choices? How many size options? Does it have anti-skid traction on the bottom? Can it meet an entire day’s worth of needs as a singular vessel: sunrise coffee, mid-morning smoothie, ice water with lunch, afternoon lemonade with the same ice, sunset beer, evening cocktail, nighty-night tea?

Lid design may be the largest differentiating factor. The standard has a medium-sized opening at one side of the mouthpiece designed to restrict flow from hot drinks, yet allow cool beverages to pass with fluidity. Some brands have additional accessory lids, such as sliding, rotating, or flip covers for the opening, which create a splash-guard effect but are not leakproof.

The best choice in tops have an all-in-one integrated lid that closes completely and can accommodate a straw. The straw is a surprising necessity for iced drinks or smoothies to prevent sloshing. The final factor in lid design is cleanability. There is a tendency for gunk such as coffee milk to get stuck in crevices. Most brands have taken this into account, however small unattached parts may not be simple to disassemble and reassemble (and may have a tendency to disappear).

However, we found the most technically functional lid designs don't matter a whole lot to the average person longing for hydration. We spent an entire evening around a campfire with about 100 industry designers and professionals and asked 100 questions about their tumbler of choice. The only thing that truly mattered to most was hand feel. (There’s a lot of brand loyalty, as well; folks tend to find their faves and stick with them.)

How we tested

Sixteen various to-go tumblers filled with different colored slushees and straws.

We did two tests to see how well these keep drinks hot and cold. The packaging likes to emphasize that this one keeps drinks “four times colder” or “colder longer”. But four times colder than what? Longer at what temperature? In addition, they all come in different capacities. We picked vessels that were similar sizes, but there were still slight variations that would affect heat and cold retention. We concluded that trying to test these hyper-scientifically wasn’t very practical.

As the tumbler is the ultimate car-going vessel, either for commutes or on road trips, we concluded that three hours of retention for hot and four for cold was plenty. It doesn’t sound like much time, but that lets you brew your morning joe, dump it in your cup, sip it while you dress, get you into traffic and arrive at the office with your cup still piping hot. That also lets you make your smoothie, go to the gym, and still have a cold, refreshing drink waiting when you’re done.

We pulled our fast-to-heat-up-on-the-inside black sedan into the parking lot in front of the 7-Eleven in downtown Salt Lake City. The outside temperature gauge read 92 °F—typical for the high desert of Utah mid-summer. With the closest watering hole slightly out of range for a quick dip, we opted for a tried-and-true American classic instead—the 7-Eleven Slurpee. Conveniently, we had 15 insulated tumblers to fill.

Our control Slurpee in the standard 7-Eleven plastic cup lasted about an hour, while the insulated counterparts were continuing to hold form at approximately 50 percent the original density into hour three.

We filled them to the brim with 26.3 °F icy Slurpee and capped each with a lid and straw.

A person filling a to-go tumbler with red slurpee.

Photo: Eve O'Neill

A hand holding a yellow thermometer in an orange to-go tumbler filled with slushee.

Photo: Eve O'Neill

All 15 sat in the front seat of a black car on the roof of a downtown parking garage, where the internal temperature topped out at 112 °F. We checked the progress of melt every hour without opening the lid to verify there was still some bit of slush in the tumbler. If the Slurpee turned to pure liquid, its tumbler was out.

Our control Slurpee in the standard 7-Eleven plastic cup lasted about an hour, while the insulated counterparts were continuing to hold form at approximately 50 percent the original density into hour three. By hour four, the Corksicle was the first to have its contents fully liquified and the Coleman was on the verge. At hour five, the Reduce, Mizu, and EcoVessel contained liquid.

Twelve to-go tumblers with multicolored straws sitting in a box on the front seat of a car.

Photo: Eve O'Neill

A thermometer reading 112 degrees Fahrenheit.

Photo: Eve O'Neill

1 hour3 hours5 hours6 hours
Hydro Flask5% slush
Klean Kanteen5% slush
Yeti5% slush
Camelbak10% slush
Pelican10% slush

The infamous “Caution HOT!” coffee served by McDonald’s is between 195 and 205 °F. According to the National Coffee Association, that is the right temperature to brew your coffee. “Your brewer should maintain a water temperature between 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal extraction,” they state, but that’s much too hot to drink: “Always allow your coffee - or any hot beverage - to reach a comfortable temperature before enjoying (specifically below 140 degrees Fahrenheit).”

We started lower than brewing temperature and filled each tumbler with 180-degree hot coffee (no creamer). Every 30 minutes for 3 hours, we measured the internal temperature with a digital probe thermometer. There was one standout (Ecoflask), a pool of final contenders, and a field of product that for the most part, all work just fine. The coffee in our cups was cold in 20 minutes.

A line graph showing the temperature over time for ten of the tumblers tested for this review.

The competition

The EcoVessel 16-ounce tumbler is superb in all ways from insulative performance to hold ergonomics and lid sealing, but we thought it was just too small. The company has since come out with a larger size, but—in a Goldilocks twist—the new version holds 24 ounces and is just too massive.

Pelican Travel Tumbler: A top performer in insulation, plus we really liked the splash guard on this lid. It’s just a very big vessel, too burly (like, way burlier than the Yeti) for most. If you’re a big person who likes big stuff (and Pelican even chatted with us about this topic), this is the tumbler for you.

Thermos Stainless King: Though they call it a tumbler, we thought this was more of a hot-drink-only type vessel. And while there are sleeker models with a novel 360-degree lid—an interesting solution that lets you sip from anywhere—it was limiting in that there is no way to put a straw in for smoothies or iced drinks.

Zoku 3-in-1 Tumbler: Our testers were really affected by the rounded—perhaps voluptuous?—shape of this tumbler. That may seem overly dramatic, but unlike other, straighter designs, our testers tended to set the Zoku aside.

Camelbak Kickbak Tumbler: The hot and cold retention was really good, but the two-sided flip lid on the Camelbak was polarizing. It was a design that solved all sorts of issues—splashing, straw access—yet some testers said they hated flipping lids. (The size we tested, which held 20 ounces, has since been discontinued, and the larger, 30-ounce size is on clearance.)

Mizu Tumbler: Available only in stainless or black uncoated metal, this model performed at the lower end of our insulation tests.

Corksicle: One of the only tumblers with a no-skid bottom, and in possession of some other good design elements as well, including a splash resistant lid, ergonomic grip, and approximately one billion colors to choose from. Performed on the lower end of the insulation tests.


About your guide

Aaron Lebowitz
Sours: https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/reviews/best-tumbler/
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So we’ve been talking about coolers, whether hard or soft, for a while now and we thought we should look into doing a matchup for some other kind of insulated product. In this case, we want to tackle the case of tumblers and find out which is the best tumbler in the market.

Now, we’re going to preempt this before we go too far and just say that we already think the best tumbler brand out there is YETI. So you already know who the undisputed champion is in this match.

However, this article is mostly about what other options there are in the market and what makes them a good choice, especially if the YETI Tumbler is not in your budget. That said, get ready for an exciting review!

Best Tumbler Comparison Table



NameSizeInsulation Type
Yeti RamblerYETI Rambler Tumbler20 oz, 30 ozDouble Wall Vacuum Insulationmore info
RTIC TumblerRTIC Tumbler20 oz, 30 oz, 40 ozDouble Wall Vacuum Insulationmore info
Hydro Flask Vacuum Insulated TumblerHydro Flask Tumbler10 oz, 12 oz, 22 oz, 32 ozDouble Wall Vacuum Insulationmore info
ORCA Chaser Cup, Powder Blue/White, 27 ozORCA Chaser Cup27 ozDouble Wall Vacuum Insulationmore info
Arctic Tumblers Stainless Steel Camping &...Arctic Tumbler20 oz, 30 ozDouble Wall Vacuum Insulationmore info
Ozark Trail Vacuum Insulated Powder Coated...Ozark Trail Tumbler20 oz, 30 ozDouble Wall Vacuum Insulationmore info
BEAST 30oz Stainless Steel Tumbler Vacuum...BEAST 30oz Tumbler20 oz, 30 ozVacuum Insulationmore info

What Are Insulated Tumblers and What's Unique About Them

We use the word ‘tumbler’ a lot without taking a moment to think about the meaning. What is a tumbler and how is it different from a cup or a glass? The meaning is actually quite interesting.

best insulated tumblerA tumbler, in general, is any glass or cup that has straight sides, coming with neither a stem nor a handle. It is one single unit.

With that in mind, a lot of things we use every day are tumblers. Your average glass is a tumbler. Your coffee mug, so long as it does not have a handle, is a tumbler. It is a very general definition.

The major difference between the conventional tumbler and a cup is the handle. Tumblers have straight sides and no handles. If it has a curved side, then it is not a tumbler. If it has a handle, it is not a tumbler.

What we’re more interested in in this chapter is the insulated tumbler, which is a very special kind of tumbler.

An insulated tumbler is basically a tumbler with two walls. It works a lot like a house with a double-wall. There is a cavity between the outer and inner walls, which holds a pocket of air.

That pocket of air acts as insulation, preventing heat from escaping the inside of the house, and also preventing cold from seeping in. That way, the interior temperature of the house remains warm and stable.

best stainless steel tumblerIn an insulated tumbler, we have something of the same mechanism in action.

The inner wall is usually made of stainless steel. The outer wall can be made of anything, from stainless steel to plastic to glass.

Some people don’t like insulated tumblers with stainless steel inner walls because they give a metallic taste to the beverage inside, especially if that beverage is black coffee.

For that reason, there are tumblers with glass, plastic, or even ceramic inner walls.

The most common inner walls, however, are the stainless steel variety. Glass ones are pretty easy to break by dropping or even just knocking the tumbler.

Tumblers, because of their insulation mechanism, can keep your drinks as hot or as cold as they were when you poured them in for a long while.

They are usually used to keep coffee and tea hot by those who move around a lot and don’t have the time to sit in one place and drink their beverage.

Since they would rather drink on the move, they need a container that will keep their drink hot for them.

Best Insulated Tumbler – What to Look for When Choosing?

It’s understandably not easy to know which insulating tumbler to choose for your drinks. Every tumbler out there promises to keep your drink cold or hot for an insane number of hours.

It can be a little overwhelming to find the right tumbler in this case. A good place to start is to know about the different types of insulated tumblers on the market and how they work.

Check out the Tumbler section at Amazon

Types of Insulation on Tumblers

There are 3 main types of tumbler insulation out there:

  • Insulation by air – this is at the bottom of the hierarchy, maintaining the temperature of drinks for the shortest time.
  • Insulation by vacuum – This is better than insulation by air and maintains the temperature of the beverage for longer.
  • Insulation by copper – This is the best kind of insulation and maintains the temperature of your beverages for the longest time.

Air Insulation

The double-wall on an insulated tumbler is very important.

The vacuum in between the walls keeps your drink protected from the ambient temperature in the surroundings. This keeps your drink hot when it is cold and cold when it is hot.

Vacuum Insulation

This is the most popular type of insulation on tumblers in the market. It will help maintain the temperature of your drink for pretty long periods of time. Most major brands use this type of insulation, including YETI.

Copper Insulation

yeti insulated tumbler

Copper insulation is really vacuum insulation, but with copper lining on the vacuum-facing sides of the inner and outer walls.

This is the best kind of insulation if you want to maintain the temperature of your drink for extra-long periods.

Basically, you have a copper coating on the outer part of the inner wall, which prevents the transfer of heat from the interior of the tumbler.

Whatever the ambient temperature, the temperature of your drink is likely to hold out for impressively long periods.

This by far the most expensive kind of tumbler to buy, however, so make sure it agrees with your budget.

For most people, a vacuum insulated tumbler will do just fine.

Other Things to Consider

  • Features – You want a tumbler with great extra features, such as a lid, different options for the finish, based on your tastes and preferences, packaging, and so on. This is all part of value addition and is all about you getting more bang for your buck. You should also check that the product is labeled BPA and BPS free as these are harmful plastics you certainly do not want anywhere near your drinks.
  • Price – Your budget will be the main determinant for the price range you restrict yourself within when you’re looking for a tumbler. Some, like YETI, are on the higher end but provide higher quality and a more reputable brand name. Others are on the lower end and provide only the bare minimum. Then there are those in the middle that have great features at an affordable price but not very reputable brand names.
  • Guarantee and Warranty – A company that is willing to stand behind its products with a guarantee and a warranty is one that is committed to quality. It is a direct testament to the quality of the products that you are getting, so always go for products with generous warranties and guarantees.

Best Tumbler Reviews – Here Go The Top Ones

Now that we’ve got ourselves a little more acquainted with tumblers, it’s time to check out the main players on the market and find the best tumblers for sale.

The following list is our current best, but it is by no means either exhaustive or permanent. Expect it to be updated with time.

YETI Rambler Tumbler

Yeti Rambler Tumbler

YETI tumbler comes with the trademarked YETI MagSlider, which uses magnetism to protect your drinks from spilling. It is also BPA free, with 18/8 stainless steel body.

That means it maintains the temperature of your drink very well while also being resistant to dents and dings.

It has a wide lip so drinking isn’t a problem and also stands at 7 5/8 inches high. It’s not only effective at its job but also beautifully designed like all other YETI products.

You’re going to be proud of walking around with this tumbler, and your friends are sure to envy you.

Another good feature of this tumbler is that the cup itself can be washed in a dishwasher. This doesn't include the lid, however, which you'd have to hand wash.

If you get one, and want to clean it, read our detailed guide on how to clean the Yeti Rambler.

Check out the Rambler tumbler at YETI.com >>

Related article: The 10 Best YETI Tumbler Alternatives

YETI Rambler Tumbler Promo Video

RTIC Tumbler

The RTIC Tumbler is a very affordable tumbler that comes with some great features. The first is that it uses double-walled vacuum insulation.

This is pretty good insulation that allows it to maintain the temperature of your drinks for up to 24 hours.

It works just as well, whether your drinks are hot or cold, and lets you enjoy anything from your coffee to your wine.

You might want to clean it between drinks, however, unless you want your wine to have a bit of caffeine in it from the morning coffee.

Something else we absolutely love about this tumbler is the range of colors you can choose from.

No matter what your style is, you can choose from any of the many colors and enjoy expressing your style with your coffee mug.

That coupled with the attractive price tag and the decent performance makes it a great tumbler.

RTIC Tumbler 30oz

Hydro Flask Tumbler

Hydroflask Best Tumbler 22

Hydro Flask is a brand renowned for making top quality products to rival the likes of YETI. Their sleek-looking tumblers are no exception here. The type of insulation is vacuum insulation, which will keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold.

The hot drinks will stay hot for up to 6 hours while the cold drinks will stay cold for up to 24 hours; an industry standard.

With this flask, what stands out the most is the design. It is very sleek and elegant looking. It’s made to fit well in the average cup holder and also to be very comfortable in your hand.

Hydro Flask Tumbler is also made out of BPA-free plastics, making it safe for you.

The steel on the outside, as would be expected of a top-quality insulated tumbler, is 18/8 stainless steel.

It’s also got a good grip, which means it won’t easily slip from your hand and comes with an insulated, spill-resistant lid that doesn’t need any extra cleaning.

This tumbler is so good, interestingly enough, that it actually costs more than the YETI Rambler Tumbler! 

Check out Hydro Flask tumbler at Hydroflask Store or read our YETI vs Hydro Flask comparison for more details.

ORCA Chaser Cup

Orca is another brand we love for the variety they offer when it comes to color. It’s easy to get just about any color you’re looking for on a tumbler.

ORCA Chaser Cup is a pretty expensive tumbler, and there is a good reason why: It uses copper insulation.

The outer part of the inner wall is coated with copper, making it even better at retaining the temperature of the drinks you put on the inside. The lid is made of Tritan polymer, and the gasket is made of silicone.

That means you’re getting a leak-proof lid to keep your drink inside the tumbler and also to help with the insulation.

All the materials are BPA-free, and the steel on the outside is 18/8 stainless steel. The outside is sweat proof, making for a much better grip.

All in all, it is a beautifully designed and well-performing tumbler from a strong brand.

Check it out at Amazon here >>

ORCA Chaser Cup, Powder Blue/White, 27 oz

Arctic Tumbler

Arctic Tumblers Stainless Steel Camping &...

The Arctic Tumbler uses standard vacuum insulation and will keep your hot drinks hot for up to 6 hours and your cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours.

It has a sweat-free exterior which keeps your grip strong and also ensures you don’t get burnt or frozen based on whatever drink is inside your tumbler.

The steel on the outside is 18/8 stainless steel, the lid is Tristan, and all of the materials are BPA-free. The tumbler is made to fit just about any cup holder and also fits snugly into your hand. It.

It doesn’t come with as much color variety as some of the other tumblers on this list, but it has a great design.

Check the Artic Tumbler at Amazon >>

Ozark Trail Tumbler

Ozark Trail is a relatively new brand on the market, specializing in just about everything coolers, from hard coolers to soft coolers to drinkware (we reviewed the Ozark Trail coolers before).

They like to keep things simple, but good quality and you can see that in just about all of their products.

Ozark Trail Tumbler is very simple in design, with a stainless steel exterior that comes in a variety of vibrant colors for those with different tastes.

The insulation method is a vacuum, which means your cold drinks will stay cold for up to 24 hours and your hot drinks will stay hot for up to 6 hours.

All the materials are also BPA-free, and the stainless steel on the outside is 18/8 grade stainless steel. It also comes with a mid-range price that makes it affordable for most people.

Ozark Trail Vacuum Insulated Powder Coated...

BEAST 30oz Tumbler

BEAST 30oz Stainless Steel Tumbler Vacuum...

We simply love this brand, and we can’t seem to run out of good things to say about it, and their tumblers!

For starters, we love them when it comes to giving the customer value for money.

You’re going to get a decent variety of colors to choose from, but that’s something we’ve come to expect from most brands.

What really makes these guys stand out is the extra stuff. Every tumbler comes with 2 stainless steel straws, a straw brush, and a splash-proof lid, all for free!

They all come wrapped up in some pretty cool packaging too! The insulation is vacuum insulation so you know your liquids will retain their temperature for a decent amount of time.

The steel is 304 18/8 stainless steel, the interior is electro-polished, and you won’t get any unwanted flavors in your drink, which is a problem that comes with many stainless steel interiors.

The best part is that BEAST 30oz Tumbler comes with a lifetime guarantee!

When it comes to features, these guys really go out of their way to give you value for your money.

Best Tumbler For The Money – Verdict

So, as you can see, there is a lot out there in terms of tumblers to choose from. You get the very best at the top and the just good enough at the bottom. Whatever your budget, you’re sorted.

One thing you’ll notice about these tumblers is that many of them look similar. However, the best in terms of design, quality, and brand reputation has to be YETI.

Just one step behind that we have Hydro Flask, ORCA, and Arctic. If you want something a little cheaper and don’t mind the reduction in quality, then you can also go for the RTIC, the Ozark Trail, and the BEAST.

Insulated Tumblers for Sale – Where to Buy Them?

Lots of places! You could buy them on the websites of the manufacturers, or at your local Walmart, or on eBay, or pretty much anywhere else.

When it comes to buying from renowned brands, such as YETI, RTIC or Hydroflask, we'd recommend buying from their own stores, as they tend to introduce new colors, versions, or accessories more rapidly than other brands, and their official stores are the first ones to feature those. The same goes for price changes.

That said, you can also buy most of them at Amazon.  They come with lots of features, such as real reviews by real customers, buyer protection that guarantees your money back if you return the goods within a certain period, free 1-day shipping if you’re a Prime member, and a wide variety of products to choose from.

Check all Tumblers available at Amazon >>

Best Insulated Tumbler – The Bottom Line

And with that, we end our best tumbler review. As you can see, there are a lot of options on the market, and your choice ultimately depends on your tastes and preferences.

Whatever you pick, however, make sure it’s the best thing for you!

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Greg’s a co-founder of bestcooler.reviews and author of 100+ product reviews and comparisons on this website. When not at work, Greg’s an avid sportsman who enjoys running marathons, loves snowboarding, hiking and discovering new single tracks on his bike.

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Ultimate 30oz Tumbler Review – Yeti vs RTIC vs Pelican vs Engel vs Orca Tumbler

Which 30oz tumbler is the best on the market? In this ultimate tumbler review I'll look at the major brands of tumblers on the market and how they compare to each other in features and performance.

Ultimate 30oz Tumbler Review

I personally purchased myself a Yeti 30oz, RTIC 30oz, Engel 30oz, Pelican 32oz and Orca 27oz tumbler and used each of them for a matter of months before writing this review.

Primarily I used these insulated cups for my daily smoothies, tea and coffee and more often than not I filled them up right before going for a drive somewhere. Over the past 2 months or so I've gotten a really good idea about the differences in these tumblers.

I must admit that when I spent the money to buy 5 tumblers that were all extremely similar to each other I thought 2 things would be the deciding factors of which tumbler is the best. (Turned out I was totally wrong.)

1. Performance

I thought that whichever tumbler performed the best by holding ice the longest (or keeping my tea hot the longest) would win my vote.

But the truth was all of these tumblers outperformed my actual day-to-day requirements. They kept my smoothies cold for hours, even in the hot car when I went to the beach. And my tea/coffee stayed was all gone before it had a chance to get even lukewarm.

Because performance was so good and so similar between these tumblers it actually had zero bearing on which tumbler I thought was best.

2. The Lid

30oz Tumbler LidsI'de seen these tumblers with a permanent hole in the lid (I'm looking at you Yeti) and thought:

“That's dumb! The ones with lid covers will be way better”

…but the opposite actually turned out to be true.

The latches on the lids aren't quite strong enough for you to trust them in your bag. So you still use them the same as a tumbler with a hole in the lid, only they are much harder to clean and ended up with 3-day old smoothie caked in them.

The Best 30oz Tumbler Is…

Despite the other brands being way cheaper on Amazon I found the Yeti 30oz Tumbler to be my favorite tumbler of all. I'll talk about why in just a second.

Yeti Makes The Best 30oz Tumbler

After the Yeti my favorite tumblers in order are:

  • Orca 27oz
  • RTIC 30oz
  • Engel 30oz
  • Pelican 32oz

The Engel and Pelican came last because the lid caps ended up being more of a hindrance than a help. They just aren't strong enough to trust when they are banging around in your bag (insulated bottles are better) and when you leave your fruit smoothie in the car for 3 days (like I did) and then try to wash it you'll learn how bad these caps actually are.

The RTIC has a slightly wider diameter at it's base than the Yeti meaning it didn't actually fit in my cup holder (making it almost completely useless to me) and the curvature of the Orca made it slightly harder to hold than the Yeti, plus it's slightly smaller.

RTIC 30oz TumblerBudget Pick

If price is a concern to you then by all means go for the RTIC 30oz. It's still a great cup and performs just as well as the Yeti. Plus if you're cup holders are wider than mine you won't have any issues.

See latest price on Amazon


When it comes to performance all of these coolers perform remarkably well, holding ice for over 24 hours and keeping beverages warm for over 5-6 hours.

Seriously trying to compare the performance of these tumblers is about as productive as trying to milk a flee. You just aren't really going to get much for all the effort you'll put in.

Different tests show different tumblers performing better with no true winner that completely outperforms the other.

By all means go through YouTube and seek out the performances tests (I watched about 10 of them) and you'll come to the same conclusion as me.

They are all great, and likely perform better than you'll actually need them to. It'll be the other features that determine which is the best tumbler not the heat resistance/retention.

[arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRDOpd7fJ0U&t=321s” mode=”lazyload” align=”left”/]

Do these tumblers outperform a standard cup? Absolutely.

Are they worth the money? In my opinion, definitely!

Do they keep ice frozen for an extremely long time? Yes, and they'll keep your coffee warm for hours also.

They work really well, but they all work really well so I'de advise not to make a decision based on performance alone.


With the exception of the RTIC, which is way cheaper, all of the tumblers retail for the same amount of money.

However, prices can often be way cheaper than the recommended price on Amazon. See the links below for the most up to date Amazon prices as well as a snapshot of prices when I wrote this review.

Yeti 30oz – $39.99

Orca 27oz – $39.99

RTIC 30oz – $9.99

Engel 30oz – $39.99

Pelicon 32oz – $39.95

I'de avoid buying the Yeti on Amazon.com (even though I'm an affiliate) because a lot of the Yeti's on Amazon are fakes. You're better off buying from Yeti directly or from a registered local dealer.


I thought it would be useful to go into more detail about each of the features of each tumbler in case you want to know more information.

I'll also talk about what I liked and what I didn't like about each.

Yeti 30oz Tumbler – $39.99 RRP

Yeti 30oz TumblerYeti are THE brand name in both coolers and tumblers and have set the standard that everyone else follows. For tumblers this is no exception, almost every other brand is derived from the Yeti.

It's a very simple tapered design with a thinner bottom so you can hold the cup quite easily and thicker at the top to hold more liquid.

It has a clear plastic lid with a rubber seal that when pushed into place holds really well. I never have to worry about this falling off while I'm drinking and having my drink pour all over my face.

Something you don't notice in the photos is that the lid is angeled toward the sipping hole, so if any liquid gets onto the lid it just runs back into the cup.

The sipping hole is wide and adequate for drinking allowing the liquid to pool a bit as you drink it. Gives the impression you are drinking out of a mug.

While at first I thought the open sipping hole would be an issue it never proved to be and I've never had a spill from this cup.

It's also really easy to clean which I found really important.

Orca 27oz Chaser – $39.99 RRP

Orca 27oz TumblerMy #2 pick the Orce is very similar to the Yeti (you'll hear me saying that a lot).

It's slightly smaller (only 27oz instead of 30oz) but I never really noticed the difference. It still held more than enough liquid for me and my wife to share a smoothie.

The diameter at the bottom is a tiny bit wider than the Yeti but hardly noticable. Instead of having 2 distinct thicknesses like the Yeti does it just slowly increase in thickness until about halfway up.

This makes it slightly harder to hold than the Yeti.

The sipping hole is slightly larger but you don't notice and the lid has 2 pulling tabs to get the lid off instead of 1. Again this isn't really noticed as you only really need 1 and don't use the 2nd.

The seal on the lid is actually stronger than the Yeti meaning it's even less likely to pop up and spill if dropped, so that's a plus.

All in all it's a good tumbler.

RTIC 30oz Tumbler – $9.99 RRP

RTIC 30oz TumblerThe RTIC has literally made it's name from ripping off Yeti. They even did a major marketing campaign talking about how they are the same as Yeti but cheaper.

Noticeable differences to the Yeti include the seal on the lid which is noticeably weaker than the Yeti. It's not so bad that it would fall out as you drink, but if you dropped the cup onto the ground the Yeti lid is likely to stay on while the RTIC lid I'm not so sure about. Could be a deal breaker for some people, but most people won't even notice.

The sipping hole has a little indent making it bigger than the Yeti and allowing more air in as you drink. This means the fluid flows faster so if you like to scull your beverages fast then this is the cup for you.

The biggest thing you'll notice with the RTIC is the huge price discount compared to other brands. $10 instead of $40! It's a freaking steal and really well priced.

My biggest issue with the RTIC was the wider base, which actually proved to be a deciding factor for me as it didn't fit in any of the cup holders in my car making it practically useless for me.

Yeti vs RTIC Tumbler Diameter

It's only slight, maybe 1/4-1/2 inch in diameter larger but for some reason that was just too big for my car to handle.

For me money wasn't an issue as I wanted to review the most well known brands, but if you're on a budget skip the Yeti as the RTIC will perform just as well for a quarter of the price.

Engel 30oz Tumbler – $39.99 RRP

Engel 30oz TumblerBefore actually testing out the tumbler the Engel was my #1 pick and I thought it would be my absolute favorite.

However, all the things I thought would be pluses (lid cap, screw on lid, rubber base) turned out to be negatives.

The lid cap is good and has a firm seal but there is no way that I would trust it banging around in my bag with my stuff. One wrong bump and my bag could quickly fill up with smoothie or tea. So it didn't offer the versatility I was hoping for.

Plus when I left my smoothie in the car for days on end after drinking most of it I had residue caked to the lid cap which was really hard to get out. This was the deal breaker for me.

The screw on lid does feel more secure than the pop on lids of the Yeti but when it was wet it was really hard to screw on. I remember one day I wanted to take the Engel but couldn't get the lid on so ended up taking the Yeti instead.

The non-slip rubber bottom makes the tumbler…well tumble…if you knock in by accident when on the table. If you knock other tumblers like the Yeti they slide and are less of a falling hazard.

The rubber grip bottoms are a big no-no in my opinion.

All in all it's a decent tumbler, but it has a few things that make it annoying to use and thus I would advise going with something else unless you absolutely must have the closing lid.

Pelican 32oz Tumbler – $39.95 RRP

Pelican 32oz TumblerThis thing feels like it is made for giants. I'm 6 foot tall but felt like an idiot with this thing as it's way taller than all the other tumblers.

The screw on lid was REALLY hard to get on and off. It get's misaligned really easily and got so stuck on occasions that I just gave up on it all together.

The pop lid is weaker than the Engel and has a protruding lip that when bumped open the lid. So definitely not bag safe.

The sipping hole is smaller and you have to pool your liquid in the tip before drinking it which was kind of a weird experience.

I know they have redesigned this cup now, but definitely avoid this design as other tumblers are just way better.

In Summary

To summarize this tumbler review, all of the tumbler perform relatively the same.

The Yeti is slightly nicer to hold than the other plus it's has the premium brand name giving you bragging rights.

The RTIC is way cheaper and just as good, only the base is wider so be careful there.

The Orca is almost as good as the Yeti, the Engel is fine but not great and the Pelican is to be avoided unless you are a giant or completely dedicated to the Pelican brand.

I hope this ultimate 30oz tumbler review has helped you to make your decision. If you found this article helpful please consider purchasing through the links on this page as they are affiliate links and help support the site.

Stay cool!


Sours: https://huntingwaterfalls.com/30oz-tumbler-review/

Oz rtic cup 32

We spent a month using the best insulated tumblers side by side with water bottles and travel mugs. We found that the RTIC – 30 Ounce Tumbler gives you all the same insulation performance and better leak-proofing at less than half the price of the best-known YETI – Rambler. If you’re willing to pay, YETI does give you a slide-open spout that’s less annoying, though you run the risk of dribbles and drips.

Table of contents

Compare the best insulated tumblers

Four tumblers with numbers below

Best buy: RTIC – 30-Ounce Insulated Tumbler

RTIC 30 ounce tumbler
The RTIC – 30-Ounce Insulated Tumbler is the best bargain in this lineup, and it’s our top pick overall. The stopper actually prevents some spills, and compatible accessories are easy to find. This is an updated version of the RTIC, but the old all-metal-no-stopper version is still available.

Without buying and trying out these tumblers, it’s easy to make assumptions about performance. “Maybe the steel is thinner,” you think. “Maybe the vacuum is actually less of a vacuum.” Our testing shows, though, that If there’s anything fancy that other brands are doing to improve theoretical insulation performance, the giant plastic lid is an equalizer that levels the playing field.

In every case we’ve seen (even among top-class insulating mugs and bottles from Zojirushi, Thermos and Hydro Flask) a big lid means mediocre insulation. Improving the insulation of a tumbler without making the lid area smaller is like adding better insulation to your house while the doorways and windows are sealed with plastic sheets.

Best Buy: RTIC - 30-Ounce Insulated Tumbler

RTIC gives you all the insulation of the other brands and better leak prevention than anyone else. The plastic base is a drawback, but the price makes this a real winner. If you're picky enough about durability or insulation that a budget model is a turn-off, you should probably check out a travel mug or thermos anyhow.

So, what is the difference that brings the price down? The plastic “foot” on this new RTIC is less tough than the YETI if you drop it on a hard surface, but the difference in price more than makes up for that.

Perhaps the most important consideration when it comes to recommending a bargain-priced tumbler is availability: Ozark Trail, Zak! Designs, BEAST and a dozen other companies are also producing similar tumblers at low price points, but inventory (and new brands) come and go seasonally. RTIC has been around since the beginning of the fake-YETI game, and availability online is always good. That popularity also means that accessories (like this handle) will actually be designed to fit this cup.

The main feature that bumped this tumbler to the top of our lineup is the spill-proof lid. If you don’t want the flip-cap to stick up into your face when you’re drinking, the older version of the RTIC with no stopper is going to be just as good at insulating your drink. Note that the outer dimensions are slightly different; old-style handles don’t fit new-style mugs with the plastic foot.

Key takeaways:

  • The RTIC – 30-Ounce Insulated Tumbler is a bargain-priced drink vessel that will keep your beverage just as cold (or hot) as other brands.
  • This flip-up lid stopper is the only option we found that really prevents leaks, though it’s still not safe to put in a bag.
  • RTIC compromises on quality very slightly, with some plastic parts, but the vacuum insulation is all that it needs to be.

Upgrade pick: YETI – Rambler

Yeti Rambler stood upright in corner
If you want something better than a budget-priced tumbler, there’s no way to beat the original YETI – Rambler. YETI didn’t technically invent this category of drinkware (similar insulated travel mugs have been around for a very long time), but they created a new market with big 30-ounce tumblers targeted at outdoor enthusiasts who loved their coolers for camping and tailgating.

This is not a Yeti thermos: You can easily beat this kind of insulation with the narrow-neck bottle from Klean Kanteen, for about the same price. If you want the easy-filling and easy-sipping convenience of a tumbler, YETI has the same performance drawbacks as the other brands.

Upgrade Pick: YETI - Rambler

YETI didn't invent this category, but they made the 30-ounce insulated party cup into a must-have accessory for cold refreshment. The magnetic slider is more convenient than a flip-up stopper, but it doesn't make this cup leakproof. The main reason to pick this tumbler is if you've gotta have that logo.

The one category YETI manages to squeak ahead of some competition is in spill prevention. The Rambler’s slide cover actually stops most (but not all) leakage and only lets drops escape. In comparison, the Pelican will dribble out a stream. The RTIC is more leak-proof, but the YETI really is ready for those times when your friend fires up the motor on the jet boat and you haven’t finished your drink.

If you’re looking for a YETI for coffee that’s a little different than the classic 30-Ounce Rambler, there’s also the YETI – 14-Ounce Rambler Mug for about $10 less. The small amount of coffee it holds compared to the large lid surface means it’s only going to keep your coffee hot for about 45 minutes, but compared to six minutes for an open-top ceramic mug for some people this is exactly what they’re looking for.

The other case where this is an obvious pick is if you’re buying a gift. Nothing says “I only sorta love you” like a knock-off version of a trendy product. If you know someone who actually wants a YETI, the price difference is worth it.

Key takeaways:

  • The YETI – Rambler is the product that got everyone buzzing about giant insulated cups, and they’re still the most recognizable.
  • The price of this tumbler is high, and it doesn’t keep your drink any hotter or colder than others.
  • You’ll get drips if you hold the YETI upside down or drop it on the floor, but this lid is good at keeping your drink inside.

Other finalists we tested

Pelican – Traveler

Pelican Traveler tumbler

Note: The 32oz model we tested has been sold out since July, so we’ve updated all links to point to the 22 oz model of the same design.

In many ways, the Pelican – Traveler hits the optimal price to performance ratio in this lineup, but that doesn’t make it the best buy.

Pelican is a company that makes quality flight cases for sensitive equipment, and in many ways they’re like YETI: a small company who established a niche with a specific product, then started building a brand around it. This tumbler is a bit different than the rest, and if you love the screw-on lid with the bigger spout area it’s a good buy.

The slide-cover lid isn’t as good at sealing against leaks as YETI’s lid, though. It dribbles a small stream if you hold the cup upside down. If you really want to keep your drink in, the flip-up lid on the RTIC (or the old-style Pelican Snap Lid, which you can still buy in 2018) is a better choice.

Hydro Flask – Insulated Tumbler

Hydro Flask tumbler
The Hydro Flask – 32 Ounce Insulated Tumbler is a notable contender from one of the big names in the world of insulated drinkware. Many publications give it a win for the sleek profile and brand reputation.

About the only feature that really stands out, though, is the straw lid. If you want your insulated tumbler to look like a Big Gulp, this is the way to go. It’s a hefty price tag, though: The straw lid was a $13 accessory for a $40 tumbler when we checked. The basic lid that comes with the tumbler is claimed to be designed for good insulation, but without even a stopper to keep heat from circulating in and out it doesn’t make any difference.

If you or the person you’re buying for already have a Hydro Flask water bottle, buying a matching tumbler for use around the house is a nice touch. They’re good looking tumblers, but they don’t perform any better than the other brands to justify the huge price difference.

How we selected

There are over 20,000 listings on Amazon for “insulated tumbler.” YETI is the undisputed brand king, with a tumbler that’s now even more popular than their ultra-rugged (and expensive) coolers. As with all things that are mass-produced and insanely popular, the number of competitors (and imitations) has expanded just as quickly as YETI’s profit numbers.

We read and watched dozens of YETI tumbler reviews and comparisons to narrow the mile-long list down to four of the best insulated tumbler cups. Wirecutter, as always, provides some in-depth testing, and Saving Freak compares the costs and benefits of the various copycat brands. GearJunkie, like most sites, only passes a verdict on the YETI. What’s Inside tried to do a controlled test, but wound up destroying one of their samples.

In our water bottle review and travel mug review, we’ve seen Klean Kanteen and Hydro Flask go head-to-head competing for a position in our tests. For the first time, Hydro Flask offers something substantially different from Klean Kanteen: a bigger cup that actually matches what everyone else is offering.

Between the various well-known brands that are just barely different from YETI, RTIC is budget-friendly and offers a flip-cap lid that at least compares in functionality to the Mag-Slide on the new YETI lids.

CamelBak has an interesting contender in the KickBak, and it fared well in Wirecutter’s insulation test, but customer reviews of the lid are scathing so we skipped it.

We decided to test only the 30-ounce tumblers in this review, since they’re the most popular and represent a type of drink carrier that’s really different from a 16-ounce travel mug. It also allowed us to compare them directly to our favorite 30-ounce insulated water bottle to see what difference that narrower opening makes. We selected representatives from a range of prices to see if insulation quality really changes when you buy a $40 tumbler instead of a $16 tumbler.

Important features to consider

Group of four tumblers and lids
Size: The most popular tumblers hold around 30 ounces, and among the friends and coworkers who use them daily, that was unanimously the preferred size for sipping cold beverages or ice water.

Spout stoppers: Flip-up stoppers and slide-over stoppers are the two common approaches to keeping a tumbler closed. Look closely at what you’re buying, though: Many tumblers are made with a few different lid styles if you look for them.

Base diameter: Do you need to keep your tumbler in a car cup holder? Check the size just to be sure, but most cup holders are designed to hold extra-large restaurant-size paper cups, which these tumblers mimic.

Painted, coated or brushed finish: Color coordination is a nice benefit of painted or powder-coated tumblers, but they’ll show signs of wear eventually. Brushed stainless steel looks great even if it gets scratched, and there’s nothing that will peel off after a few years.

How we tested

Everyday use tests

Our tester used these tumblers in place of his usual water bottle and coffee mug for two weeks. At work, around the house, in the car and at the park, they all kept beverages handy. The 30-ounce size was bigger than our testers preferred for a morning cup of coffee, but for keeping hydrated (or keeping a rum and coke chilled) it’s just about perfect.

The differences between the mugs seemed smaller and smaller as we got used to them. The flip-lid from RTIC doesn’t flop around as much as most travel mug lids in this style, which was our biggest concern. The slide closures on the YETI and Pelican – Traveler were easy to use, though not any more so than the flip lid.

Cleaning test

Cleaning these tumblers and lids was easy, even by hand. Compared to popular travel mugs like the Contigo – West Loop with its springs and levers on the inside of the lid, a tumbler lid is dead simple to clean.

What about the dishwasher, though? RTIC and Hydro Flask say that you should hand-wash only, while YETI specifically claims their tumblers will survive dishwashing. (Pelican doesn’t comment either way.) Given the number of outright contradictions we’ve seen over our years researching vacuum-insulated products, we’re not surprised by either answer. Extra-hot drying cycles will make the metal expand and contract, so there’s some risk to every mug, but the biggest problems are usually with color coatings and glued-on plastic pieces.

If you want to keep your insulated tumbler looking and working its best, hand-washing is the safe way to go. But it seems clear that one trip through the washer won’t destroy the insulation if you find a week-old smoothie in the back of your truck.

Insulation test

We took our four tumblers and our top-performing insulated water bottle and filled them all with 28 ounces of hot water. Temperature ranged from 190 to 194 degrees Fahrenheit, which is on the upper end of coffee temperature after brewing.

We then checked on the heat loss for the next six hours, and again at 12 hours. The chart below models the results for easy comparison. (The raw data had a difference of four degrees Fahrenheit in starting temperature. The chart shows an adjusted starting temperature, but the temperature change from one sample to the next is as recorded.)

The differences between these tumblers is so small that it would be impossible to tell them apart. The real difference is between the tumblers and the water bottle: because the vacuum-sandwich stainless steel walls provide the most effective insulation, the wide lid of a tumbler is a real liability. Even the fact that the Hydro Flask tumbler has no seal to keep steam in made only a tiny difference in the test.

We also added the results from an old test of the Thermos – Sipp 16-ounce travel mug to this chart for comparison. The testing conditions were different (starting temperature was lower, and we didn’t test for as long), but we’ve normalized the starting point on this graph so the sample intervals line up. It’s clear that even a small narrow-neck bottle keeps heat better than the tumblers.

Ice test

In our research, we saw so many variations of the ice test, we were a little surprised that there wasn’t some kind of consensus. Instead, it seemed that every test had a slightly different result. The real problem with an ice test is getting around the margin of error: It’s hard to know if you’re measuring the temperature of the water or the ice cubes. (Infrared thermometers are also often used, and those only read the surface temperature of the water, not the temperature of the whole bath.) It’s also tricky to ensure that all your ice is the same temperature going in.

We ultimately decided not to repeat an ice test because the insulation performance is so clearly demonstrated by a hot-water test. If heat coming into the cup is any different than heat escaping, the amount of time it takes for that difference to show is measured in hours. If you really want the best insulation possible to keep ice frozen all day long (or if you want to keep small amounts of liquid nitrogen, or something similar), a sealed narrow-neck bottle is still your best bet.

Leak test

In our travel mug tests, we went as far as putting the mugs into a spin dryer to see if they would leak in the most extreme circumstances. By comparison, most tumblers will spill some of your drink when you tip them sideways. We filled each tumbler with water and turned them upside down to see if any of the stoppers actually prevent leaks.

Stops Leaks: RTIC - 30-Ounce Insulated Tumbler

RTIC does the one thing YETI doesn't do: give you a lid that actually prevents some spills. Don't put this in a bag with a laptop, but if you knock it over it's not going to dump your drink.

The RTIC’s lid is surprisingly secure, given the competition. You can usually hold this cup upside down, or even leave it sitting on a table upside down, and not see more than a few drops. As soon as you shake it or drop it on the floor, though, all bets are off. (The more fluid you have inside, the more explosive the spill will be when the flip-cap pops open.)

Of the two brands that are trying sliders, YETI is fairly successful, while Pelican’s lid is a hot mess. It’s not clear exactly what the issue is, since the basics of the mechanism seem the same, but the Pelican lid always dribbled a stream of water when we turned it upside down. The YETI “Mag Slider” lid isn’t as magical as it sounds, but it works fairly well to stop anything more than occasional drips.

Hydro Flask gives you nothing to work with for spill prevention. If you really want the color options and tapered form factor they’re offering, they do have a straw lid option that might be better at stemming the flow of sticky drinks in case of an accident.

Should you get a tumbler, water bottle or travel mug?

Like insulated water bottles and travel mugs, an insulated tumbler will keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. The vacuum insulation also stops that slippery condensation from forming on the sides and leaving a puddle on your furniture.

The choice between a travel mug and an insulated tumbler is a tricky one. In most ways, these products serve an identical purpose for most people: They maintain temperature, and they’re convenient to sip from (no screw-top like an insulated water bottle).

The big difference with a tumbler is the lid. While a travel mug is still designed for easy-access sipping, many tumblers don’t have any kind of stopper at all to slow down your sipping pleasure. The lids are simple and easy to clean, but they offer far less insulation than good travel mugs. The best travel mugs keep your coffee hotter and your laptop (not to mention pants) safer from spills.

A tumbler is also available in much larger sizes than popular travel mugs. You can buy a thermos or a giant insulated water bottle, of course, but those aren’t easy to sip from.

So, the ideal setting for an insulated tumbler is on a hot afternoon where you want to keep your drink insulated, but you’re more worried about convenience more than spills. Drinking something cold poolside on a scorching-hot day is a perfect example. Reading on the patio in the early morning with a cup of coffee is also a case where the tumbler works better than an ordinary cup.

The bottom line

Blue tumbler next to beach towel
If you primarily want an insulated cup to drink coffee from, we think a sealed and better-insulated travel mug is a smarter pick than a tumbler. If you want to carry water around with you, likewise, water bottles are better at making water portable while keeping it colder (or hotter.)

But if you’re just looking for the functionality of the classic SOLO party cup with the benefit of better insulation, the double-wall stainless steel vacuum-insulated tumbler checks all the right boxes.

The brand everyone knows is YETI, but our best buy pick from RTIC beats that cup in two ways: first, RTIC is selling their cup at less than half the price with no loss in performance. Second, the RTIC has a flip-up spout stopper that actually keeps your drink inside, even if you turn it upside down and shake it.

If you don’t like the flip-up lid or if you don’t like supporting imitation products, the YETI – Rambler has an updated lid that’s pretty good at keeping drinks inside without sticking a flap in your nose.

Best Buy: RTIC - 30-Ounce Insulated Tumbler

This does everything a tumbler should: It keeps your refreshing beverage cold, and if you close the lid flap it can stop spills when someone knocks it over while you're playing disc golf. The price is right, and you should be able to find them when other start-up brands disappear.

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Daniel is a Canadian farm boy who grew up to be a nerd with a literature degree and too many hobbies to count. He emigrated from Canada to California in 2013, and now writes for Your Best Digs full-time. Daniel remains unapologetic about Canadian spelling, serial commas, and the destruction of expensive travel mugs.

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Test: Which cup keeps ice frozen longest?

Align your brand with YETI’s reputation for quality by shopping for promo products in the Promo YETI custom shop. 99 As low as $48. The lid features a rotating cover with three positions: a straw opening, a wide mouth for chugging, and a full-cover top to prevent spills. $43. 7 (4301) YETI Rambler Colster Can Insulator (40) Igloo Academy Sports + Outdoors Latitude 64 fl oz On sale from $7. 99 $16. Buying Options. Since 1968, West Marine has grown to over 250 local stores, with knowledgeable Associates happy to assist. Out of stock. Odor and bacteria resistant. Crafted of durable 18/8 stainless-steel with double-walled vacuum insulation to keep drinks hot or cold until the last sip. 1 to 4. YETI Rambler 20 oz Navy BPA Free Tumbler with MagSlider Lid. Ozark Trail Water Bottle 64 oz. Tumbler (2017) RTIC 30 oz. (4035) YETI. YETI tumbler challenge! • Hip2Save 20 oz, 30 oz, 40 oz: Double Wall Vacuum Insulation: more info: Hydro Flask Tumbler: 10 oz, 12 oz, 22 oz, 32 oz that it actually costs more than the YETI Rambler Amazon. 99 Pick up a YETI 20 oz. the MagSlider™ Lid uses the power of magnets for smooth opening and closing while helping to prevent heat or cold from escaping. Customize It. tumblers, one from YETI and one from Ozark Trail, to test if there’s a difference that would make me want to spend 4x as much money for the YETI. Our Tumblers are stainless steel, double wall insulated and come in 20oz, 30oz, and 40oz sizes. ca for the most durable and rugged ice chests, cups, thermoses, mugs, tumblers and coolers on the market. 4 Takeya Kids 14 oz Bottle. YETI Rambler 10 oz Wine Tumbler with MagSlider Lid. Space Jam 2 Tritan Hypercharge. Rambler Tumbler and new YETI Rambler 16 oz. While the magnet on the included MagSlider™ Lid adds an additional barrier of protection for keeping drinks contained and preventing heat Yeti 10oz Stemless Wine Tumbler - Design Online. 97 - $49. I'd like to order another one, but I don't like any of the colors. 99 $44. Features and Benefits: 18/8 Stainless Steel - The Simple Modern insulated tumblers are made of high quality food grade 18/8 stainless steel. Their hard cooler and soft cooler took first and second place respectively in your voting, while their tumblers are the most popular we’ve ever listed. It was to be my  Shop YETI Rambler 20-fl oz Stainless Steel Tumbler with MagSlider Lid, Seafoam in the Water Bottles & Mugs department at Lowe's. 20oz. 99 As low as $36. Bulk Pricing: Buy in bulk and save Bulk discount rates Align your brand with YETI’s reputation for quality by shopping for promo products in the Promo YETI custom shop. We found that the RTIC – 30 Ounce Tumbler gives you all the same insulation performance and better leak-proofing at less than half the price of the best-known YETI – Rambler. $16. Kitchen-grade stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation will protect your drink at all costs. Shop Yeti coolers, tumblers, cups & more at West Marine. The Handle's rubber grip provides an easy fit for your Rambler and its polypropylene construction means your Handle will handle bumps and thumps just fine. 20 oz Light Bulb Tumbler with Straw. 88). Signature powder coated finish. com where you can score this Ozark Trail 40oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler for only $6. Ozark Trail 30 oz Tumbler. Personalized with a logo, monogram, or your own design. Browse. Whether you need a tumbler straw lid for your slushie to go down easier or a handle to get a good grip on your drinkware, customize your tumbler cups with Tumbler Accessories. Best Sellerin Insulated Cups & Mugs. Rambler 30oz Tumbler; Rambler 36oz Bottle; Rambler Colster; Coffee bottles. Magellan Outdoors 40 oz Powder-Coat ThrowBack Tumbler with Lid YETI DuraCoat Rambler 20 oz Tumbler $ 29 99 +10. 49 $34. I put a drink in the Icebox and it lasted even longer. Travel Mug Custom - Free Setup, 1-Color Imprint & Shipping! AS LOW AS $38. 5 Takeya Wide Handle 64 oz Bottle. 0 (2) YETI Rambler 10 oz Wine Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Yeti Drinkware & Barware at the official West Marine online store. YETI Rambler 20 Oz Tumbler - R32. 6 out of 5 stars. YETI Rambler 30 oz Tumbler. 95 IntricutCreations Bestseller Add to Favorites More colors Yeti 30oz leopard pattern tumbler 5 out of 5 stars (6) $ 65. EEEKit Handle 30 oz for YETI Rambler Tumbler Water Coffee Mugs Flask Anti-Slip Easy Grip, Fit in Most Standard 30oz tumblers, including Yeti, Rtic, Ozark Trail, BOSS, SIC, Magnum 30 Oz tumblers 13 4. Nike 12 oz. Bestseller. Termo Yeti 30 oz Tumbler con Tapa Magslider - Navy. Capacity: 40 oz. Your morning brew stays hot, and your iced coffee will stay cold - so take your time. Rambler The Yeti Rambler tumbler is the hottest, or should we say the coldest, thing in camping equipment these days. United States (US) » yeti tumbler 20 oz. Regular Price: $14. 02 (regularly $12. 20 oz Classic - Features the classic slightly tapered style most 20 oz tumblers are known for. Personalized Yeti Tumbler - 20 30 oz Yeti Rambler - Yeti Coffee Mug - Custom Engraved Tumbler 5 out of 5 stars (5,253) $ 40. * Item #133885-P 40 oz Tumbler Colors by Glenda Culyer I bought a 40 oz tumbler about 2 years ago and I love it. Yeti. 00. 99 As low as Promotions 12 oz Food Jar (Sunflower) Regular Price: $46. 5 inches, bottom circle indiameter can adjust from 2. Product Description. 95 - $45 As the Official hydro flask shop of the hydro flask,yeti shop,swig shop. 65 to $11. 99 FREE shipping. Tumblers (Set of 2) and Oggi™ Cheers™ Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler with Clear Lid. 1 Takeya Actives 24 oz Bottle. Add to. An alternative way to hold your 20 oz and 30 oz Tumblers to optimize portability. Yeti 30 oz Stainless Steel Rambler Tumbler - White (21070070024) 4. com. 99 Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Yeti Drinkware & Barware at the official West Marine online store. A wider profile makes the Yeti feel at home on the farm, construction site, or at camp. Take it with you to a high-intensity workout or on an extra-long commute to keep your drink cold for hours. 23 JULY 2020. $42. Compare. Description. 3 40 oz. 7 out of 5 stars 2,864. Personalized RTIC 40 oz Water Bottle . 6. 5 oz capacity square clear plastic dessert tumbler cups cheap yeti tumbler 9) Citations are required for YSKs regarding health and science related topics. 2 +YETI 26 oz. Ozark Trail 40 oz Tumbler. MSRP $49. This travel tumbler is just what you need for all-day hydration. 2 Takeya Traveler 17 oz Travel Mug. Product Information. Free Store Pickup Today. 13 reviews The 30 fl. (38274) $34. Tumbler Handle, Built Tumbler Cup Handle, YETI Paracord Handle, RTIC 30 Oz. YETI Rambler 30 oz Tumbler with Lid $ 34 99. Hop on over to Walmart. 8 (4) Magellan Outdoors Camo Throwback RT Edge 20 oz Tumbler. Yoelike - 5 Colors - New Upgrade Anti-Slip Adjustable Tumbler Handle Fit for 20 Oz to 40 Oz of YETI, RTIC, Ozark Trail, Travel Mug, SIC, Rambler, Travel Cup and All Brands Tumbler CupProduct DetailsColor: BlackBrand: yoelikeMPN: HR-DN9M-7ZW5UPC: 613739683385EAN: 0613739683385. Keeps hot beverages hot for up to 6 hours. I have 3 – 20 oz Yeti tumblers and 1 – 30 oz Yeti tumbler. Give your clients and employees YETI ramblers, tumblers, mugs, and coolers - sure to be the coolest gifts they receive this year. 74K0035 - 20 oz Yeti Tumbler, Navy. 6 Takeya Straw 24 oz Tumbler. Lagoon Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Flip Straw Tumbler At work, road trips, or just hanging in your At work, road trips, or just hanging in your backyard - stay hydrated, anywhere the day takes you. Free 2-day shipping. Engraving this brand voids the manufacturer's warranty, but we will stand behind any product we YETI. Rambler Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Yeti Drinkware & Barware at the official West Marine online store. Simple to put on and take off. Custom tumblers and water bottles by YETI, RTIC, Hydro Flask, BruMate, Hidrate and more. is made from durable stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation to protect your hot or cold beverage at all costs. Free shipping credit available on all YETI products. Rambler Bottle with Chug Cap. Product Details I compared two 30-32 oz. 5 out of 5 stars. es el vaso que te ayuda a pasar el día. Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler By Pure, Double Wall Insulated, Keeps Your Coffee Or Tea Crazy Hot And Holds Ice Longer Than Any Other Cup On Planet - Rustproof And Shatterproof Essentially Engineered Car Cup Holder Expander Adapter with Adjustable Base for Yeti Ramblers, Thermo, Hydro Flask-Hold Large Mugs 32-40 oz. 30 ounce Leopard Yeti tumbler Sea foam green, 40 oz Yeti Rambler. 99 $ 6 Wide Applicability: Suitable for all brand's 20 oz to 40 oz standard tumbler, cup, mug, bottle, thermos, E. 94 on Walmart. -. 10 oz. 7 out of 5 stars 3,946 $24. 37428 Reviews. or 30 oz. com DA: 14 PA: 16 MOZ Rank: 30. Wide Mouth. (40) $22. The name says it all! Black with R32 logo laser engraved on 1 side. Wide Applicability: Suitable for all brand's 20 oz to 40 oz standard tumbler, cup, mug, bottle, thermos, E. is made from durable stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation to protect your hot or cold beverage at all costs These Ramblers come standard with the YETI MagSlider Lid, the only drink lid that uses the power of magnets to keep your water, beer, or […] YETI Rambler 20oz Insulated Tumbler - Any tumbler that's coming along for the ride needs to be tough enough to keep up. Attached is a spreadsheet I use to get the measurements of a template. I then divide the template into 4 sections and try to keep the design within one section. YETI Customize Icon. , Stainless Steel $40. is the tumbler that gets you through the day. Item #: 1445032 Qty Price Inventory; $64. com Personalized YETI Rambler 30 oz Tumbler - Duracoat. We purchase all of our YETI (TM) products from local authorized retailers or from authorized online retailers. $1,050. $106 on Amazon and $70 on the Yeti website. 13 JULY 2020. 22 oz Thor Copper Vacuum Insulated Tumbler. YETI 20 oz. g: 20oz 22oz 24oz 26oz 28oz 30oz 32oz 34oz 36oz 40oz, Even 44oz, NO brand limitid. Keeps cold beverages cold for up to 24 hours. Magellan Outdoors 40 oz Powder-Coat ThrowBack Tumbler with Lid. 12 mar. While the magnet on the included MagSlider Lid adds an additional barrier of protection for keeping drinks contained and preventing yeti tumbler 20 oz. ALINK Reusable Smoothie Straws, 12” Extra Long Flexible Silicone Replacement Straws for Tall Travel Mug, 32 oz 40 oz YETI/RTIC Tumbler, Ozark Trail, Tervis, Set of 6 with Cleaning Brush If you are looking for something safe to drink hot liquids through, don't miss alink silicone straws! Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Yeti Drinkware & Barware at the official West Marine online store. Personalized YETI Rambler 30 oz Tumbler - Duracoat. Add to Favorites. 4. Android · Google Nexus 5 · Google Nexus 6 · HTC 10 · HTC One M9 · Huawei Mate 10  Envíos Gratis en el día ✓ Compre Yeti 40 Oz en cuotas sin interés! Yeti Vinero 12oz Vaso Termico Wine Tumbler | Varios Colores. -13. 6 feb. Our 30 oz cup handle also fits YETI Rambler ® Tumblers, Ozark Trail, Ibex, Rocky Mountain, Engel, BOSS, SIC Glacier, Polar Pad, Smart, ICONIQ, Magnum Steel, Kodiak Tundra, Zero Brand, Kryo and most other brands with a 4 inch opening. Fast shipping. - HUGE 40 Oz. YETI Rambler Tumbler still keeps drinks hot or cold as science allows, and this one comes with a splashproof and spill-resistant YETI MagSlider lid. Bottle. 20 oz Blank Stainless Steel Tumblers Insulated Metal Cups and Wine Glasses Buy Blank 20 oz Stainless Steel Tumblers & Travel Mugs -FAST SHIPPING- Wholesale bulk orders or individual items. Contigo ASHLAND 2. Read customer reviews and find out why so many people consider YETI a must-have brand. 95. 2 inches. White. If you keep the bottle outside, you'd be pretty lucky to get a full 24 hours. 7 out of 5 Stars. Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Yeti Drinkware & Barware at the official West Marine online store. Our 40 oz premium quality F-32 handle comes in 8 exclusive colors. The flip-top straw means you can drink easily. Skip to compare menu. 99 $. Be it drinkware for your galley or durable containers to keep your catch cold, Yeti has you covered! Custom tumblers and water bottles by YETI, RTIC, Hydro Flask, BruMate, Hidrate and more. 99 . 99 These tumblers will look great with your imprint! Order as few as 18. Check out our custom YETI Buying Guide or request a quick custom quote and a free virtual preview. Posted April 27, 2016. (163) $11. Personalized YETI Rambler 30 oz Tumbler - Premium Powder Coated. W e spent a month using the best insulated tumblers side by side with water bottles and travel mugs. For glasses that have a consistent angle they are actually a truncated cone and there are equations to figure out the surface shape. H2go Splash Eastman Tritan 20 oz. Stainless steel cups offer increased performance and functionality while our exclusive designs make your stainless steel mug more personal. Rambler® Tumbler with MagSlider™ Lid. Top circle indiameter can adjust from 2. YETI 36oz bottle vs Hydro Flask 40oz bottle. Special Price. Ozark Trail. (255) Yeti Rambler 20-ounce tumbler Heftier, squatter, bomber-feeling. Be it drinkware for your galley or durable containers to keep your catch cold, Yeti has you covered! Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Yeti Drinkware & Barware at the official West Marine online store. Favorite. 99 Contigo Kids Water Bottle with Redesigned AUTOSPOUT Straw, 14 oz. Reduce 40 oz Mug Tumbler, Stainless Steel with Handle – Keeps Drinks Cold up to 34 Hours – Sweat Proof, Dishwasher Safe, BPA Free – Stainless Steel. The Rambler® 30 oz. 2021 YOUCOX Adjustable Tumbler Handle for YETI 20 Oz 30Oz 40OZ, 20oz to 44 Oz RTIC, Ozark Trail, Simple Modern, SIC, SUNWILL, Tervis,  25 jul. 69! This custom logo double-duty, on-the-go drink handler is topped with the Rambler® Stronghold™ Lid a leak-resistant, twist-on upgrade that’s backed with dual-slider magnet technology. we can help you find the great deals here with the latest cheap hydro flask bottles,hydro flask tumblers,hydro flask sale,hydro flask water bottle,hydro flask 32 oz,hydro flask 40 oz,hydro flask cheap for all the hydro flask in the hydro flask shop. Double-wall vacuum insulation. The Rambler 20 oz. tumbler in teal, blue, green, red, pink or classic stainless steel. Special Price $12. 30 oz. out of 5 stars. 2 +YETI 18 oz. $24. Ozark Trail 40 oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler. BPA-free. Agotado. Produc Pick up a YETI 20 oz. 99$44. Pour your favorite hot or cold beverage in to the YETI DuraCoat Rambler 20 oz Tumbler and head out the door. 40 oz H2Go Venture Thermal Water Bottle. Put anything from a breakfast smoothie to hot tea in either of these and hit the road with a tumbler built to fit in your lifestyle and cupholder. 00 Yeti Rambler Tumbler-30 oz-Olive Green, MPN: YRAM30OG-OLD YETI. $49. (255) 20 oz. As low as $13. Yeti Rambler Tumbler With MagSlide Lid, 20 oz. Total Ratings 11, $200. 0 Tritan Water Bottle with AUTOSPOUT® Lid, Sake, 40 oz $15. Allows you to drink from your cup without removing the lid. Get it as soon as Thu, Sep 23. NoSweat™ design keeps exterior comfortably and safely dry. High-Grade 18/8 (304) Stainless Steel - highly durable and corrosion-resistant. $39, essentially 40 bucks for a 30 ounce stainless steel tumbler. While the magnet on the included MagSlider™ Lid adds an additional barrier of protection for keeping drinks contained and preventing heat or cold from escaping, please note - this magnet component Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Yeti Drinkware & Barware at the official West Marine online store. $8. 99 Custom tumblers and water bottles by YETI, RTIC, Hydro Flask, BruMate, Hidrate and more. YETI Rambler 20 oz Tumbler. 99. $ 12 99. The transparent lid has a slider that you can open and close. These bold, colorful tumblers are built for your busy life. 99$24. 6 +Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 40 oz. 30 oz Classic - Designed to fit both your cup holder and your need for a larger cup. Rambler Tumbler with MagSlider Lid. 00 FREE shipping Ozark Trail 40 OUNCE Tumbler Review: Budget/Better Yeti Tumbler? I actually prefer this to the Yeti Tumblers due to value, larger 40 oz size  Bought a new Yeti 10 oz Rambler (Copper) on the latest sale. ca. 60. Rambler® Lowball Tumbler with MagSlider Lid. (1) Total Ratings 1, $27. 99 $ 24 . (44246) $29. Shop YETI coolers online at SportChek. Travel wine mug. RTIC 20 oz. 00 Yeti Rambler Tumbler-30 oz-Olive Green, MPN: YRAM30OG-OLD 20 oz. $12. YETI Rambler Vacuum Insulated Tumbler - Blue, 20oz. +1. Even filled with ice or boiling water, the tumbler will never sweat or get hot to the touch!Fits in most Cupholders - All Cruiser tumblers fit in cupholders. GO IceFlow 30 oz. (4035) Shop Yeti coolers, tumblers, cups & more at West Marine. 1. Be it drinkware for your galley or durable containers to keep your catch cold, Yeti has you covered! YETI 20 oz. YETI Drinkware Accessories for any size of Rambler Tumblers, Bottles, Mugs, or Jugs help equip your drinkware to fit your lifestyle. Tumblers—are versatile and are ideal for on the go hydration, whether your drink of choice is piping hot or ice-cold. Average Rating: stars. Shop stainless steel tumblers featuring colorful, expressive designs by Tervis. Personalized YETI Rambler Lowball with Standard Lid - Stainless. Up to 6 hours hot and 24 hours cold. Made from durable 18/8 stainless steel. 99 New. : 3 1/2" diam. option. Be it drinkware for your galley or durable containers to keep your catch cold, Yeti has you covered! YETI Rambler 30 oz Tumbler. Amazon. Reduce 40 oz Mug Tumbler, Stainless Steel with Handle – Keeps Drinks Cold up to 34 Hours – Sweat Proof, Dishwasher Safe, BPA Free – Stainless Steel 4. As another idea, you can grab this Ozark Trail 30oz Tumblers 2-Pack for just $10 – only $5 each! Check out our Ozark vs. Shop products like the top-rated YETI 20 oz. 26 oz. Double wall vacuum insulation. FREE SHIPPING. , Doughnut Capacity: 40 oz. (38299) $34. $30 from REI. Great for sipping, sharing and guzzling, YETI's Rambler bottle is double-wall vacuum insulated to keep foods and beverages hot and cold down to the last drop. Ships within 5 days. 34%. It features double-wall, vacuum insulation. Newer Style 30-oz lids too big for older style 30-oz tumbler by William Saylor I ordered 2 of the newer style 30-oz flat lids for my older style 30-oz tumbler with the slider on the lid. 20 Oz 30 Oz 40 Oz Tumbler Handle Adjustable Fit for YETI, RTIC, Ozark Trail, Travel Mug Cup, SIC, Rambler, and All Brands Tumbler Cup 4. Durable stainless-steel material with a DuraCoat™ Color finish that adds a fun look to the bottle. As low as $10. 99 $ 6 This travel tumbler is just what you need for all-day hydration. Save 40 oz tumbler replacement lid to get e-mail alerts and updates on your New Listing Yeti 30 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler Rainbow Chrome 2 Cup with Lid. New. This tumbler keeps hot drinks hot or cold drinks cold for incredibly long periods, while withstanding the wear and tear of an active lifestyle. Rambler 10oz Lowball; Rambler 10oz Wine Tumbler; Rambler 14oz Mug; Rambler 18oz Bottle; Rambler 20oz Tumbler; Rambler 26oz As the Official hydro flask shop of the hydro flask,yeti shop,swig shop. Antiques Art Baby Books & Magazines Business & Industrial Cameras & Photo Cell Phones & Accessories Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Yeti Drinkware & Barware at the official West Marine online store. Select 2 or more products for side-by-side feature comparison. Personalized YETI Rambler 20 oz Tumbler - Stainless . Finally a colorful tumbler handle has arrived for your 40Oz RTIC tumbler, 40Oz Simple Modern, 40oz PURE, 40oz Fireki and most 40 oz tumblers. Slide Lid Compatible with Yeti Rambler Tumbler 20 Oz – 2 Pack – Splash Proof – Ideal for Straws – Perfect Replacement (Transparent) Non leaking replacement lids with slider opening for 20 oz Yeti Rambler Tumblers. clearance. Features MagSlider lid uses magnets for smooth opening and closing, and has a crystal-clear lid so you can always see if you're in need of a top off; magnet pops off for easy cleaning RTIC: While Pelican and Otterbox are aiming to out-premium YETI, RTIC is shooting to offer similar performance at bargain basement prices, and they even make a 40 oz. Buy Yoelike - 5 Colors - New Upgrade Anti-Slip Adjustable Tumbler Handle Fit for 20 Oz to 40 Oz of YETI, RTIC, Ozark Trail, Travel Mug, SIC, Rambler, Travel Cup and All Brands Tumbler Cup Blac at Walmart. $40. Keeps your drinks ice cold longer - works great for hot  Outdoor. Walmart # 557005787. , Doughnut YETI 20 oz. Seems a good price. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. 3 Takeya Originals 40 oz Bottle. 99 29. $ 349 99. YETI 30 oz. Coffee Flasks; Hydration bottles. YETI Rambler 16 oz Colster Tall King Crab Orange BPA Free Can Insulator. uk: Home & Kitchen Hop on over to Walmart. Tumbler (2017) RTIC 30 oz Tumbler (2016) OZARK TRAIL TUMBLER SKINS. 2 Yeti Rambler 20 oz Tumbler. 3” mouth opening makes it easy to clean and add ice. 99 As low as $24. Brand: YETI Color: Aquifer Blue Features: The Rambler 20 oz. A vacuum cavity between the thick double-walls of 18/8 stainless steel insulates the contents and keeps Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Yeti Tumblers & Cups at the official West Marine online store. 221 ratings. YETI tumbler challenge! • Hip2Save Amazon. RTIC: While Pelican and Otterbox are aiming to out-premium YETI, RTIC is shooting to offer similar performance at bargain basement prices, and they even make a 40 oz. 1 Yeti Rambler 26 oz Bottle. Water Bottle. 40 OZ Wide Mouth W/ Straw Lid; YETI Shop. 32oz Citrus Sunrise with our High Performance lid. Make It Your Own. Please select size. El Rambler® 30 oz. Just grab and go! Essentially Engineered Car Cup Holder Expander Adapter with Adjustable Base for Yeti Ramblers, Thermo, Hydro Flask-Hold Large Mugs 32-40 oz. Every YETI product performs when it matters YETI Tumbler Accessories for any size tumbler help equip your cups to fit your lifestyle. co. Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Water Bottle, 40 oz. 89. I wish y'all would bring back some of the older colors such as purple. Add to Cart. 1 for each vehicle and 1 (30 oz) full of ice water next to my bed, for in the morning! Hot or cold, this is the best tumbler I have run across. 2019 The early Ozark Trails seem to have some o-ring seals on the lids that roll up more than the Yeti, but the more recent 40oz I got seems to have  Desde 2006, los productos Yeti han sido los elementos esenciales para entusiastas serios del aire libre. YETI Rambler 20 Oz. Fits in most car cup holders and camping chairs. H2Go Nexus Thermal Tumbler 16 oz. Shop the YETI Rambler collection online at SportChek. . 20 oz Classic - Features the classic slightly tapered style most 20 oz tumblers are known for; 30 oz Sure Grip - Classic 2-diameter 30 oz tumbler with ridged bottom. 99, while the Ozark Trail tumbler is currently just $8. Product Details Especially fit for 40 30 and 20 Oz YETI Tumbler, RTIC Tumbler, Ozark Trail Tumbler, SIC Cups & Many More! Anti-Slip -- Instead of being a hard plastic that can slip, the straps is made of adjustable material that tightens exactly to the contours of any tumbler or cup, and stays there, even upside down. 2017 The new products from Rtic, pronounced “Arctic,” include: a 145-quart cooler; a water-resistant duffle bag; water bottles; a 40-ounce tumbler  Shop Women's Yeti Size 40 oz Other at a discounted price at Poshmark. 99 BUY Yeti Rambler Tumbler. 8 (3165) YETI Tundra 65 Cooler. 448 Reviews. Introducing our NEW 25oz Stainless Steel Slim Carafe!! Get $15 off the purchase of your favorite Slim Carafe when purchased with two 12oz Stainless Tumblers. No matter where you're headed, this bottle's double-wall vacuum insulation will keep your favorite drink icy cold or piping hot. This lid easily rotates to fasten for both right-and left Aug 7, 2015 - Find the perfect handmade gift, vintage & on-trend clothes, unique jewelry, and more… lots more. Read all 1817 reviews > Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Yeti Drinkware & Barware at the official West Marine online store. 2 to 5. 74K0031 - 20 oz Yeti Tumbler, Black. The newer ones are too big for my older style tumbler Other than that, quality and condition seem to be great! As the Official hydro flask shop of the hydro flask,yeti shop,swig shop. If the thing you are pointing out can’t be remedied in under 5 minutes, don’t point it out. Standard Mouth; Wide Mouth; LID & CAP bottles; Hydration. 2 Yeti – The Most Popular Products. Tumbler and whichever lid you put on it are Handle For 40 Oz Tumbler - Fits Ozark Trail 40 Oz, New RTIC 40 Oz, Pure 40 Oz And More - Free Shipping! GrabLifeOutdoorsUS. While the magnet on the included MagSlider™ Lid adds an additional barrier of protection for keeping drinks contained and preventing heat Buy Insulated Cups & Tumblers at Sportsmans Warehouse online and in-store has everything for your outdoor sports adventure needs. Included MagSlider™ lid is splash-resistant. Yeti wants to give you a hand, or at least a Handle, when it comes to securely hauling your rambler tumbler. BUY Yeti Rambler Tumbler. $9. The Rambler 30 oz. 5. Your morning brew stays hot, and y. 3 out of 5 stars 46 $6. สีเงิน ozark trail แก้วเก็บเย็น ของแท้ จริงไหม? ozark trail แก้วเก็บเย็น ผลิตจากที่ไ 40 oz Ozark Trail™ Tumbler- Laser Engraved/Etched Powder Coated Stainless Steel- monogram, name, logo, custom cup- like YETI, RTIC, SIC  103 items 30 oz Tumbler Lids, Fits for YETI Rambler, Ozark Trail, Rtic and More, 3 Pack Spill-proof 32 oz 40 oz YETI/RTIC Tumbler, Ozark Trail, Tervis,  More than 195 rtic 40 oz tumbler lid at pleasant prices up to 37 USD Fast 1x 30 Oz Replacement Splash Spill Proof Lid for YETI Rambler RTIC Tumbler Cup. 14 colors available. Shop for yeti rambler tumbler at Bed Bath & Beyond. 3 + MIZU V12 40 oz. $29. EssentiallyEngineer. RTIC TUMBLER SKINS. $39. 99 As low as $23. $54. Famoso por los refrigeradores diseñados para todo,  The Ultimate Handle for your BEAST Tumbler - Also compatible with other leading brands including YETI, RTIC, Ozark Trail and more. Personalize Add to Cart. Keep your wine on chill with this 10 oz. YETI. YETI 36 oz. Qualified orders eligible for FREE S&H and FREE RETURNS. $34. com Skins For Yeti 10 oz Rambler Lowball. 3. Yeti 30 oz Tumbler – Rojo. The perfect pop of color for summer!🍊#TakeYourTervis. is made from kitchen-grade stainless steel with double-wall vacuum insulation to keep or drink hot or cold. Product Features: Double Wall Vacuum Insulated - provides maximum temperature retention of both hot and cold beverages. My YETI tumbler is currently priced at $34. Rambler® Cup with Straw Lid. 2. Hydro Flask Water Bottle, 21 oz. $46. $ 19 99. Blue Moon Powder Coated. Location: Azle, TX. Our collection includes 30 oz modern curved tumblers 30 oz Sure-Grip ridge style tumblers (stainless steel, powder coated, or sublimation coating) 32 oz tapered stainless steel tumblers 40 oz modern curve tumblers Our tumblers are food-grade YETI 30 oz. It keeps things at just the right temp for as long as I need. YETI Rambler Bottle - 64 oz. Yeti Tumbler $64. Reusable Smoothie Straws, 12" Extra Long Flexible Silicone Replacement Straws for Tall Travel Mug, 32 oz 40 oz YETI/RTIC Tumbler, Ozark Trail, Tervis, Set of 6 with Cleaning Brush : Amazon. It features double-wall, vacuum insulation Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about Yeti Drinkware & Barware at the official West Marine online store. Su café de la mañana se mantiene caliente y  El Rambler® 30 oz. 30 Oz. Blank and Powder Coated Tumblers are perfect for your customization business. As low as $3. 99 Amazon's Choice for yeti cup 40 oz HUGE 40 Oz. , based on 221 reviews. Antes: 499 pesos$499. YETI products will never let you down – whether you’re on an excursion, out hunting or camping, or just at a get-together with friends, its sturdy coolers, ramblers, and bags are at the height of of performance and DISCOVER THE NEW YETI COLOUR COLLECTIONdurability. Rambler 20 oz Tumbler with MagSlider Lid. com: 40 oz tumbler. Buy top selling products like Tervis® Clear 24 oz. 65. oz. The two larger sizes—20 and 30 oz. Su café de la mañana se mantiene caliente y su café helado se mantendrá frío, así que tómese su  Style: OZARK TRAIL'S NEW TUMBLER CHANGES; RTIC or Ozark Trail 40 oz Tumbler; Best Coffee Thermos \u0026 Insulated Yeti; 40oz Grab Life Outdoors Handle  40 oz yeti cup > Soldes OFF-52% Easy,Convenient,Fashion,Cheaper Than Retail Price> Buy Clothing, Accessories and lifestyle products for women & men & child  แก้วเก็บเย็น ozarktrail ของแท้ 100% คุณภาพเหมือน yeti ขนาด 40 Oz. 20 oz. 40 oz Originals; 64 oz Actives; EcoVessel EcoVessel Bottles; YETI 20 oz Tumbler - Navy. 18/8 304 Food-Grade Steel, vacuum insulated for 24 hrs cold, 8 hrs hot. When you are cutting vinyl lettering for one of the 30 oz models, use this template to curve the text so that it will be in a straight line when applied to the tumbler. , 6 3/4" high. Like the entire Rambler Family, the 30 oz. Learn More. $27. Previous page. As the Official hydro flask shop of the hydro flask,yeti shop,swig shop. Whether you need the 100% leakproof HotShot Cap for your morning coffee or a new set of reusable straws for your Rambler Straw Cap, customize your drinkware with Rambler Accessories. 16 oz Brooklyn Thermal Tumblers. Any tumbler that's  Product Features: Double Wall Vacuum Insulated - provides maximum temperature retention of both hot and cold beverages. YETI Rambler Bottle Chug Cap. yeti vs hydro flask review bottles. Limited Edition Color. Stackable Pint to keep beverages hot or cold wherever you go. Product innovation and firsthand experience in the field continue to be our basis of expansion into designing ultra-durable and portable soft coolers, insulated drinkware, waterproof and everyday bags and backpacks, dog bowls and beds, and other outdoor gear, each with its own line of accessories. $33. Shipping Information. $ 299 98. Pretty easy to get a free shipping code on sierra. If you are on board the Yeti® Rambler™ (or the various knockoff stainless steel tumblers with the same form factor) craze, I have a useful freebie for you today. Fishing, rods & reels, camping gear, tents and much more. Brand New. Durable stainless steel. 00 New. 20 oz SureGrip - Classic tapered 20 oz tumbler with ridged bottom for extra grip. Hydro Flask Wide Mouth 40 oz. YETI Rambler Multi-Color MagSlider Replacement Kit. 95: Only 40 Left: Sold in each of 1. We keep 20 oz and 30 oz stainless colors in stock, and we stock a small amount of each of their 20 and 30 oz DuraCoat tumblers. 30 oz Sure Grip - Classic 2-diameter 30 oz tumbler with ridged bottom. Made from 18/8 gauge stainless steel. stemless tumbler. $ 24 99. DOES NOT fit Ozark Trail. $ 34 99. As Low As $40.

Sours: http://staging.emt-school.com/v3ics/kkxq.php?efbl=yeti-40-oz-tumbler

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