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Well, I must apologize for the lapse in posting, but my wife had our third baby in May and I checked out for a while getting situated at home with 3 kids!  Luckily life is good and I&#;m back to fishing and feeding the addiction!  The tug really is the drug!

As many of you may know, our mountain is burning with the largest wildfire in the U.S.A.  The fire, named the Brain Head fire, started when a homeowner up near Brian Head Ski Resort was burning some weeds and it got out of control.  The fire spread fast and quickly got out of hand.  As of today, the fire has spread more than 80 miles and has burned 54,+ acres and is only 10% contained. The road up to Brian Head and over to Panguitch (Hwy. ) is closed, as well as a few periphery roads in the area. Please send good karma, mojo, thoughts, and prayers this way!  This fire is affecting many watersheds and a couple of our favorite fishing spots, namely Panguitch Lake and Panguitch Creek.  We hope everything turns out okay, as this fire is going to affect a lot of people and their livelihoods. And hopefully the fish make it through!  I&#;m anxious to see the consequences from this fire in the coming months and years. For updated fire information click this link

Avoiding the fire has meant we&#;ve been fishing other places, but luckily southern Utah is so vast that we have many other areas to fish. Dry fly season is upon us and we&#;ve been fishing this past week and it&#;s been phenomenal! We have multiple hatches coming off the rivers each day and the fish are gorging themselves and getting big!  The average size brown trout we&#;ve been catching on dry flies is 16 inches and &#; 2 pounds, and once they decide to run in the current, hold on for a wild ride! We&#;ve hooked a couple fish over 20 inches, and a few in the 17 &#; 19 inch range. These wild fish are feisty and strong and our arms ache from catching so many of them!  Call us and get up here to catch some because it&#;s been crazy good right now and it won&#;t last long!

Check out this short video clip of some rising fish we found during one of the hatches! Watch at full screen with the volume turned up so you can hear the splashing and slurping fish.  You can tell they&#;re big!



Panguitch Lake's Literal "Big Fish"

Be PreparedReview responsible travel tips and local COVID guidelines.Learn more

Home of trophy trout and pristine waters

Written by Matcha

Jeff Turner

On Sunday, July 2, officials reopened Panguitch Lake for recreational activities following the Brian Head Fire. Like the nearby resort town of Brian Head, popular outdoor activities at Panguitch Lake were unaffected by the fire.

People have been traveling to fish at Panguitch Lake for a long time. Legend has it this popular high mountain fishery in Southern Utah was named by the Paiute people who once frequented the area and it translates to mean “big fish.”

Fortunately for modern-day anglers, the lake still lives up to the moniker. It’s thrived since , when state wildlife officials started stocking the lake with Bear River cutthroat trout and tiger trout (a hybrid between brown and brook trout) after chemically treating the lake to remove a large concentration of Utah chubs in the productive reservoirs. These fish are notorious carnivores and help keep the recurring population of Utah chub from periodically taking over the lake. Rainbow trout are also on the menu.

"Legend has it this popular high mountain fishery in Southern Utah was named by the Paiute people who once frequented the area and it translates to mean 'big fish.'"

Nowadays, the lake is one of Utah’s most popular fishing destinations, and some of the state’s largest trout are pulled right from its waters. Panguitch may be just the place to pull in a trophy trout or two, as fish in the 6- to 8-pound range are not uncommon — with the occasional double-digit ones thrown in for good measure. Not surprisingly, word about the fish-rich waters seems to have spread beyond Utah, too: A survey showed 68 percent of anglers came from out of state.

Like other Utah lakes and reservoirs, Panguitch Lake can provide off-the-charts action just before the lake ices over in the winter, once the ice is safe enough to drill a hole through and again when the ice first recedes from the shores in the spring. Tipping jigs and lures with sucker meat are a good bet. Small flashy lures tipped with meal worms is another local favorite. Keep in mind that heavy vegetation can make fishing difficult in some areas in the late summer.

Trolling pop gear and a worm, Z-Rays and flatfish from boats can be good, but many people simply fish from shore with bait or from anchored boats. Night crawlers and PowerBait are the top choices among Panguitch Lake anglers. Plastic lures, casting spoons, and spinners from shore or a boat can be effective. Fly fishers strip leech patterns in black, olive, and brown. A sinking line helps reach the deeper fish.

"The fish food base for the lake is similar to Canadian lakes with the trout flavor of seasoned trout being comparable to salmon. "

– Boat Dock Dave

According to a local angler, "The quality of our lake fishery is amazing and would rank in the top 10 in the western United States The fish food base for the lake is similar to Canadian lakes with the trout flavor of seasoned trout (trout residing in the lake longer than a year) being comparable to salmon." — Boat Dock Dave of Rocky Point Boat Dock

The trout limit is four at Panguitch and anglers can only keep two cutthroat or tiger trout under 15 inches and only one can be longer than 22 inches. All cutthroat and tiger trout between 15 and 22 inches must be released. Any fish displaying cutthroat trout markings is considered a cutthroat.

A number of small commercial stores surround Panguitch Lake, making it easy to rent a cabin or a boat. If you're interested in grabbing a bite, Dave's Place is a great option. And for anglers looking to stretch their adventure into an overnight (or longer) trip, the Forest Service operates three large campgrounds in the area: White Bridge, North Panguitch Lake, and South Panguitch Lake.

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Brian Head &#; Duck Creek

Scenic highway 14 passing through Duck Creek Village and continuing to Cedar Breaks National Monument is a location you don’t want to miss! Forty gorgeous miles across the southern section of the Markagunt Plateau, east from Cedar City, to where it joins with Highway This forested portion of land is governed by the Forest Service and open to many activities. Upon reaching the top of the plateau you will be at 11, ft. elevation. There are several scenic view points that look down into Zion National Park or out among the towering pine forest. Navajo Lake is picture perfect with the small lake framed by aspens and pines. The lake is interesting in that all water from the lake drains though sinkholes in the limestone beneath it.

Duck Creek, found along-side Highway 14, is a wonderful fly fishing stream with wild brookies and some nicer brown trout. There are many fishing ponds stocked with trout on Cedar Mountain, including Navajo Lake, Panguitch Lake, Duck Pond, Mammoth Creek, and Aspen Mirror Lake. The elevations on Cedar Mountain range from 8, ft. to 11, ft. perfect for cooler temperatures and wonderful fishing.


Panguitch Lake North Campground

Area Status: Closed
This area is Closed


Panguitch Lake North Campground offers visitors a slower pace and cooler temperatures. Enjoy boating, lake fishing for rainbow, brown, and brook trout, and fly fishing at Panguitch Lake. The lake is located 1/2 mile from the campground. Commercial boat rental and launching facilities are available, as well as lodging, groceries, and gasoline. The Forest Service has two public developed boat landings, one on the north side of the lake and the other on the south side of the lake. OHV riding is another popular activity in the area. Winter activities at Panguitch Lake include ice fishing and snowmobiling. 

The campground is in close proximity to several excellent attractions such as Bryce Canyon National Park, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, and Cedar Breaks National Monument. Also close by are the communities of Brian Head and Duck Creek Village, Utah.

Campground Map


  • 39 campsites with picnic tables, and fire rings
  • 8 double sites with picnic tables, and fire rings
  • 3 group sites with picnic tables, and fire rings
  • Drinking water
  • Flush toilets
  • Dump station
  • Garbage disposal

At a Glance

Make your reservation online 
or call
Some single sites are available on a first come, first served basis
  • $21 for Panguitch Lake North and Panguitch Lake South single campsite
  • $42 for double site
  • $9 for extra vehicle
  •  Group site:
    • Panguitch - $48
    • Evergreen, Blue Spings - $67
Open Season:May 21
  • Quiet hours between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  • Campfires in developed fire pits only
  • Fireworks are prohibited
  • Dogs must be on leash
  • OHV/ATV use prohibited in the campground
  • Maximum length of stay: 14 days
Closest Towns:Panguitch, Utah; Cedar City, Utah; Brian Head, Utah
Operated By:Concessionaire

General Information


16 miles southwest of Panguitch, Utah on Highway or 50 miles northeast of Cedar City, Utah. From Cedar City take State Route 14 east to Highway through Cedar Breaks National Monument to Highway east to campground.


Head fishing utah brian

Fishing in Southern Utah

Fishing Lakes

Lakes are plentiful in Southern Utah. Lake Powell, along the Utah/Arizona border, is nationally renowned for bass and striped bass fishing and is Utah's favorite boating destination. Sand Hollow and Quail Creek reservoirs near St George are also developing a reputation for big bass.

Forty miles southeast of Richfield, Fish Lake has long been famous for Mackinaw, splake and rainbow trout. Johnson Reservoir, 7 miles northwest of Fish Lake, and Gooseberry Reservoir, 12 miles northeast of Fairview, on SR 31 have excellent trout fishing from the bank. Joe's Valley Reservoir, 18 miles northwest of Orangeville on SR 29, and Electric Lake, about 26 miles northwest of Huntington, are popular for relaxed fishing.

Boaters regularly go to Otter Creek Reservoir for trout, or Yuba Reservoir for walleye and yellow perch. In the southern end of the basin, Panguitch Lake, southwest of Panguitch, is famous for trout. It also is excellent for ice fishing. Puffer Lake and Kents Lake, in the Tushar Mountains east of Beaver, are favorite areas for casual fishing. Trout-fishing reservoirs include Minersville (west of Beaver), Paragonah Reservoir (east of Paragonah), and Newcastle Reservoir (east of Newcastle).

South of Torrey, Boulder Mountain alone has over a hundred lakes. Pine Lake north of Bryce Canyon, and Navajo Lake between Cedar City and Hwy 89 are among favorite mountain lakes for trout, as are Upper and Lower Enterprise Reservoirs west and south of Enterprise and Yankee Meadows Reservoir southeast of Parowan. Gunlock Reservoir northwest of St. George is good in spring and fall for bass and crappie.

Southeastern Utah offers Oowah and Warner Lakes in the La Sal Mountains; Ken's Lake near Moab; and Lloyd's Lake, Monticello Lake and Foy Lake in the Abajo Mountains all of which have good trout fishing. Recapture Lake and Reservoirs 3 and 4 offer trout and bass fishing near Blanding.

Fishing Lakes and Streams in Southern Utah

Anderson Meadow Reservoir

Contains rainbow and brook trout. Travel 18 miles east of Beaver on U Take the Kents Lake road. Elevation 9, feet. Camping nearby. Drinking water, chemical toilets, permanent tables and grills. Trailers permitted.

Antimony Creek

Contains rainbow, brown trout. Take the dirt road just south of the town of Antimony. The road pretty much follows the stream. Best fishing is in the spring shortly after the run-off dies down. Small stream with only primitive camping.

Antimony Lakes

Contain cutthroat and brook trout. Follow Antimony Creek out of Antimony and then climb the mountain. Four wheel drive only. Primitive camping.

Asay Creek

Contains rainbow and brown trout. Some private land in lower reaches. Camping nearby.

Ash Creek Reservoir

Contains no sports fish. Almost dries up each year and cannot sustain a population of fish.

Aspen-Mirror Lake

Contains rainbow trout. Closed during winter and early spring. This small lake is near Navajo Lake on Cedar Mountain. Closed January 1 through April

Baker Reservoir

Contains rainbow and brown trout. Located between Central and Veyo, west of St. George, one mile east of U on the Santa Clara River. Small Bureau of Land Management campground. No boat ramp.

Barker Lake

Contains brook and rainbow trout. Take Highway 12 to Escalante. Go 12 miles north. Camping nearby. No boat ramp.

Beaver River

Contains rainbow and brown trout. There are two stretches that contain large numbers of fish. One is above the town of Beaver along Highway and the other is west of Beaver below Minersville Reservoir. Portions are closed during the winter - check the regs.

Blind Lake

Contains brook, rainbow trout, splake. Access on about 10 miles of dirt road (very rough) and then 1 1/2 mile hike, off of highway 12 in the Boulder Mountains. Record sized splake are caught here. No boats with motors.

Boulder Mountain Lakes

See the Boulder Mountain map published by Utah Fishing and Outdoors Magazine for locations and information about the 80 lakes in the Boulder Mountain area:

Bowns Reservoir

Contains rainbow trout. Stocked with fingerlings. No boat ramp. Fishing is generally good and pressure is light. Access on a dirt road off Highway 12, on the edge of the Boulder Mountains. Primitive camping in area.

Corn Creek

Contains brown and rainbow trout. Located just southeast of Kanosh.

Enterprise Reservoirs (Upper and Lower)

Contain rainbow trout. Elevation 5, feet. West from Enterprise 8 miles, then south 5 miles to lower reservoir. Forest Service campground nearby, boat ramp, restrooms. Tributaries to both reservoirs closed through the winter and spring.

Escalante River

Contains rainbow and brown trout in upper reaches. Gets warm as it flows into the Escalante Canyons and contains catfish and suckers. Some trout near mouths of tributary streams.

Fairview Lakes

Contain rainbow trout. Stocked with catchable rainbow. Private land but open to public. Boat ramp but no camping. Please respect the private land. Fishing from boats with motors is unlawful.

Fish Lake

Contains lake trout (mackinaw), cutthroat, rainbow, brown and brook trout and splake. Elevation is 8, feet. U.S. 89 to Sigurd then follow U south to U northeast. Lodges, cafes, cabins, Forest Service campgrounds, picnic areas, boats. Lake trout go up to 30 pounds and a few splake are over 20 inches. Fun ice fishing for splake and rainbows. Check the special regulations for lake trout.

Forsyth Reservoir

Rainbow and various hybrid trout. Just up the road from Mill Meadow Reservoir.

Fremont River

Rainbow and brown trout. Generally good fishing but lots of private land.

Gunlock Reservoir

Contains largemouth bass, crappie and catfish. Elevation is 3, feet. Located northwest of St. George, 16 miles off Highway Follow Santa Clara River north from Shivwits. Primitive campgrounds, boat ramp. Contains lots of crayfish and some big bass.

Ivins Reservoir

Contains largemouth bass and catfish.

Johnson Valley Reservoir

Contains rainbow and cutthroat trout. Elevation is 8, feet. Located about three miles northeast of Fish Lake off of Highway Forest Service campground, boat ramp.

Kanab Creek

Contains no large population of sports fish. Water level varies too much to support many fish.

Kents Lake

Contains rainbow, brook and brown trout; splake. Take U 15 miles east of Beaver. Turn at the Kents Lake Road. Camping nearby.

Kolob Reservoir

Contains rainbow, cutthroat and brook trout. Private land around the reservoir. About 18 miles north of Virgin, on the edge of Zion National Park. Several campgrounds near by. No facilities are available at the reservoir. Artificial flies and lures only. Only 2 trout over 18 inches. Kolob Creek, upstream from Kolob Reservoir is closed January 1 through 6 a.m. on the second Saturday of July.

Koosharem Reservoir

Contains rainbow trout. Elevation is 7, feet. Take Highway 89 past Salina to U Follow U to the reservoir if you are coming from the north. Take Highway 89 to Junction, east and north on U to U to the reservoir if you are coming from the south. No facilities, primitive camping. A few rainbow get up to 3 pounds.

LaBaron Reservoir

Contains brook and rainbow trout. Access approximately 23 miles east and south of Beaver on U Elevation is 9, feet. Plenty of parking for trailers and campers. Outstanding scenery. No boats with motors.

Leeds Creek

Contains native cutthroat trout. Access out of Leeds past Silver Reef. Small stream that is difficult to fish because of the overhanging brush.

Little Reservoir

Contains rainbow and brown trout. Take highway twelve miles east of Beaver. No boat ramp.

Lower Sand Cove Reservoir

Contains largemouth bass. Small reservoir between 10 and 20 acres in size.

Mammoth Creek

Contains rainbow, brown, cutthroat trout. Some private land. Camping nearby.

Merchant Valley Reservoir

Contains brook and rainbow trout. Access 16 miles east of Beaver on U No facilities. Just a wide spot in the river, but fishing can be good.

Mill Meadow Reservoir

Rainbow, browns, splake and other hybrids. North of the town of Fremont.

Minersville Reservoir

Contains big rainbow trout, smallmouth bass. Located twelve miles west of Beaver off U State park, boat ramp, campgrounds, restrooms, hookups. Excellent fishery both during the summer and when frozen.

Navajo Lake

Contains rainbow and brook trout. Elevation is 9, feet. Access through Cedar City, then southeast 22 miles via U to lake. Lodge, cabins, campgrounds, picnic areas, boats.

Newcastle Reservoir

Contains rainbow trout, smallmouth bass. Elevation is 6, feet. Access west from Cedar City via U near the town of Newcastle. No facilities.

Otter Creek

Contains rainbow, brown, cutthroat trout. Runs between Koosharem and Otter Creek reservoirs. Some private ground. Small stream that can provide some fun fishing. Primitive camping. Closed in winter.

Otter Creek Reservoir

Contains rainbow trout. Elevation is 6, feet. Access on U east of Junction, 4 miles north of Antimony. State park, campground, modern restrooms, boat ramp. Convenience store, RV parks.

Panguitch Lake

Contains cutthroat and rainbow trout. Stocked with fingerlings. Elevation 8, feet Access through Panguitch then southeast for 17 miles on paved road. Cabins, boats. U.S. Forest Service campground, boat ramp, concessions, lodges. All Panguitch Lake tributaries are closed during winter and spring.

Paragonah Reservoir (Red Creek)

Contains rainbow trout. 24 miles north of Cedar City. Take the Paragonah exit. Follow the signs east to the reservoir. Small boats only. All tributaries are closed during the spring.

Pine Lake

Contains rainbow trout. Elevation 8, feet About 40 miles southeast of Panguitch, go south on U.S. 89 to U, east on U to the boundary of Bryce Canyon north toward Widtsoe Junction, 10 miles to Pine Lake sign, 5 miles east to the lake. Forest Service campground, picnic areas, drinking water, can launch small boats. Small lake in a spectacular setting.

Pine Valley Reservoir

Contains rainbow trout. Stocked with catchables. No boat ramps. Camping in the area. Fishing from boats or float tubes is unlawful.

Piute Reservoir

Contains rainbow trout. Elevation 6, feet. Access north of Junction via U.S. Primitive camping, boat ramp. Rainbow trout up to 6 pounds are occasionally caught.

Posey Lake

Contains rainbow and brook trout. Take highway U to Escalante and the forest service road from Escalante to the lake. Camping nearby.

Puffer Lake

Contains rainbow trout. Elevation is 9, feet. Access just off U on a gravel road 20 miles east of Beaver. Campgrounds, boats, cafe, lodge, condos. Popular ski resort nearby.

Quail Creek Reservoir

Contains largemouth bass; crappie; bluegill and rainbow trout. Excellent facilities including boat ramps and camping. State record bass and crappie could be caught here. Check the special regulations. Heavy use.

Sand Hollow Reservoir

Excellent bass and bluegill fishing in a scenic reservoir with very nice facilities.

Santa Clara River

Contains rainbow, brown trout. Fishing is good from Veyo at U18 northeast to Pine Valley. Various towns and facilities nearby.

Sevenmile Creek

Contains cutthroat and brook trout. Elevation is 8, feet. This wild trout (not stocked) stream is located just north of Johnson Reservoir, north of Loa. There are several campgrounds in the area. The fish are small and numerous.

Sevier River, East Fork

Contains rainbow, brown and cutthroat trout. Access along U from Antimony or Bryce Canyon. Used up for irrigation in its upper reaches. Runs through a steep-sided canyon for much of it's length above Otter Creek Reservoir. Difficult to fish with lots of steep slopes, brush and rocks.

Sevier River, West Fork

Contains rainbow, brown, cutthroat trout; whitefish, carp and suckers. Access via HWY 89 between Hatch and Circleville.

Sevier River (Lower)

Contains brown and rainbow trout; walleye; channel catfish; smallmouth bass; perch; suckers; carp. Flows through Garfield, Piute, Sevier, Sanpete, Juab and Millard counties. Good bass and walleye fishing below DMAD reservoir, good catfishing most of its length. Some trout where the East Fork enters the main river and below Piute Reservoir.

Skutumpha Reservoir

Contains rainbow and cutthroat trout. Up Salina Canyon, out of Salina.

Three Creeks Reservoir

Contains rainbow and brown trout. Take Highway U 16 miles east of Beaver. No boat ramp. Small lake.

Tropic Reservoir

Contains rainbow and cutthroat trout. Elevation is 7, feet. Go south from Panguitch on U.S. 89, east on U to Bryce Canyon Road, take dirt road south along the East Fork of the Sevier River, along the edge of Bryce Canyon National Park, to the reservoir. Big pine trees and very pretty place. Boat ramp.

UM Creek

Rainbow, cutthroat trout. Special regs. Artificial fly and lure only.

Upper Sand Cove Reservoir

Contains bass. Minimum bass size limit 15 inches. All bass less than 15 inches must be immediately returned to the reservoir. This small reservoir is located between Veo and Gunlock (near St. George).

Virgin River

Contains rainbow trout along Highway 22 between U and U Near Zions National Park it gets muddy and only contains some endangered suckers from then on. The North Fork contains trout north of Zion National Park and south of Navajo Lake.

Wide Hollow Reservoir

Contains rainbow trout, largemouth bass. Elevation is 5, feet. Approximately one mile west of Escalante. Escalante Petrified Forest State Reserve is nearby. Campgrounds and modern restrooms near lake. Boat ramp. All bass caught must be immediately released.

Yankee Meadow

Contains rainbow and brook trout. Take highway U east from Parowan. Turn left at Five Mile. Follow the signs. Camping nearby.


Cruising through Ski Resort \u0026 Mountain Bike Resort town, Brian Head, Utah in Summer 2020 - 4K

Drop your fishing line into a lake or stream and chances are you’ll pull up a rainbow, German brown, or brook trout. Color Country has 20 reservoirs, 9 natural lakes, and 10 creeks and rivers that are open and stocked for fishing. Which is the best is a matter of opinion because every single place is some fisherman’s secret spot.


Since fishing regulations vary, pick up a copy of the Utah Fishing Proclamation at any location where Utah fishing licenses are sold. You can also obtain a license and proclamation at the Utah Division of Wildlife Services website: or call ()






Asay Creek 
35 miles east of Cedar City via Hwy 14 to Hwy 89, then north.
Rainbow, Brown, Brook, Cutthroat


Duck Creek Pond
28 miles east of Cedar City via Hwy 14
Summer & Fall | Improved camping | No Boats
Rainbow, Brown, Brook, Cutthroat


Kolob Reservoir
25 miles southeast of Cedar City via Hwy 14, south on Kolob Reservoir Scenic Backway
Summer & Fall | Unimproved camping | Ramp
Rainbow, Brown, Brook, Cutthroat


Mammoth Creek
30 miles east of Cedar City via Hwy 14, left on Mammoth Creek Road
Summer & Fall
Rainbow, Brown, Brook, Cutthroat


Navajo Lake
24 miles east of Cedar City via Hwy 14
Summer & Fall | Improved camping | Ramp
Rainbow, Brown, Brook, Cutthroat


Sevier River
35 miles east of Cedar City via Hwy 14 to Hwy 89, River runs along Hwy 89
Rainbow, Brown, Brook, Cutthroat


Woods Ranch Kid&#;s Pond
14 miles east of Cedar City via Hwy 14
Summer & Fall | Day-Use Only
Rainbow and Brook










Baker Reservoir
55 miles west of Cedar City via Hwy 56, south on Hwy 18
Year-Round | Improved Camping | Ramp
Rainbow, Brown, Brook, Cutthroat


Enterprise Reservoir 
55 miles west of Cedar City via Hwy 56 to Enterprise, follow the signs
Year-round | Improved Camping | Ramp
Rainbow, Brown, Brook


Gunlock State Park
55 miles west of Cedar City via Hwy 56, south on Hwy 18, right at Shivits Indian Reservation
Year-round | Improved Camping | Ramp
Bass, Crappie


Newcastle Reservoir
30 miles west of Cedar City via Hwy 56, left at Newcastle, follow the signs
Spring & Fall | Unimproved camping | Ramp
Rainbow, Bass


Pine Valley Reservoir 
40 miles west of Cedar City via Hwy 56 to Hwy 18, east at Central
Summer & Fall | Unimproved Camping










Panguitch Creek
20 miles east of Brian Head via Hwy to Hwy
Summer & Fall
Rainbow, Brown, Brook, Cutthroat


Panguitch Lake
20 miles east of Brian head via Hwy to Hwy
Summer & Fall | Winter Ice Fishing | Ramp
Cutthroat, Rainbow








Paragonah Reservoir
10 miles north of Parowan via Hwy 91 to Paragonah, follow the signs
Summer & Fall | Unimproved camping


Parowan Creek
5 miles from Parowan via Hwy
Summer & Fall
Rainbow, Brown, Brook, Cutthroat


Yankee Meadow Reservoir
10 miles southeast of Parowan via Hwy , left at five-mile marker
Summer- Fall
Rainbow, Cutthroat


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Parowan Creek Stream Fishing

parowan creek fishingParowan Creek Stream Fly Fishing in Utah

Located between Brian Head and Parowan town, Parowan Creek runs parallel to State Highway , which makes it one of the most accessible creeks in Utah and this makes Parowan Creek Stream fly fishing in Utah very popular. With views that keep an angler’s mind relaxed and free from city life worries, it is one of the best creeks to go to for fly fishing.

Fishing Variety

There is a good variety of fish to be caught in Parowan Creek, including wild Rainbow trout and Largemouth bass. Some lucky anglers may also find themselves catching some Tiger trout or Bluegills. The amount of fish gives anglers a chance to have a varied catch, something that not all creeks can offer. The size of the fish may not be as large compared to those caught in lakes or rivers, but they still make for a good hobby to pass the time.

Access to the Creek

Parowan Creek is just about five miles away from its namesake town, giving an opportunity to anglers who wish to fish but do not have enough time to travel a large distance. There are a number of pull offs on the nearby highway, which helps make the stream a good place to stop when looking for a quick fly fishing trip.

Seasons for Fishing

Anglers wishing to do fly fishing in Utah’s Parowan Creek will have to check first with the local wildlife government to see if the area is open for public fishing. A license for fishing must also be procured before heading down to the stream. The local government also encourages a catch and release method when fishing.


Parowan Creek Stream Fly Fishing in Utah| Fish, Tips, Getting There


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