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Ripping Chain

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(Drive Links Ordered will be made into a Loop)

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a delay of up to two weeks from date of order to ship date may occur.
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"Ripping Chain" is a special chain designed for the long, heat producing, cuts during the milling of boards when using the Alaskan Mill. Cross cutting a log is different than cutting with the grain, in that cross cutting small chips are produced and cutting with the grain "Ripping" produces long stringy fibrous strands.

when GRINDING chain saw CHAIN)

Ripping Chain Basics:

To order chain, you need to know the Pitch, Gage and number of Drive Links. If you do not know this information, use the number on the drive link for Pitch and Gage and then count the drive links.

Ripping chain should run in a bar that is not worn. A worn bar will cause the bar to wander and the mill to cut crooked.

Pitch and Gage:(marked on drive link)

Oregon ChainCarlton Chain
91 = 3/8 low pro, GAGEN1C = 3/8 low pro, GAGE
33 = K1 =
34 = K2 =
35 = K3 =
20 = B2 =
21 = B3 =
22 = A1 = 3/8
51 = A2 = 3/8
52 = A3 = 3/8
72 = 3/8
73 = 3/8
75 = 3/8

Husqvarna part #Pitch Gauge (mm)
H21 ()
H22 ()
H23 ()
H25 ()
H26 ()
H30 ()
H353/8 () LO PRO ()
H363/8 () LO PRO ()
H423/8 () ()
H453/8 () ()
H463/8 () ()
H47 + HS3/8 () ()
H48 + HS3/8 () ()
H543/8 () ()
H803/8 () ()
H813/8 () ()
H823/8 () ()
H833/8 () ()
H57 ()
H64 ()

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To order a loop of chain,
Specify chain PITCH(, 3/8 or ), bar GAUGE (, or ) and the number of DRIVE LINKS.
There will be a labor charge of $ assembly charge per loop.

Product NumberSizeLooping Charge per Chain Loop
Sours: https://www.toolcenter.com/

57 Drive Link 3/8 Inch Ripping Saw Chain Standard Sequence for 16 Inch Saw Chain Guide

Product Description


Material: Metal

Guide Bar Length: 16"

Number of Links: 57 links

Fits For Qualcast GCS, PC40

Pitch &#; Measurement between 3 rivets divided by 2=3/8 pitch

Gauge &#; Measurement between the rails on the guide bar=mmmm ("")

Drive link &#; The number of links that sit in the guide bar=57

This chain specifically ground for use on portable chain saw mills

It is ideal for cutting rough construction lumber and semi-finished lumber from any log

It leaves a surface smooth enough for most outdoor construction with no further finish required

Package Included:

1 x Chainsaw Saw Chain

More Detailed Photos:

57 Drive Link 3/8 Inch Ripping Saw Chain Standard Sequence for 16 Inch Saw Chain Guide
57 Drive Link 3/8 Inch Ripping Saw Chain Standard Sequence for 16 Inch Saw Chain Guide
57 Drive Link 3/8 Inch Ripping Saw Chain Standard Sequence for 16 Inch Saw Chain Guide
57 Drive Link 3/8 Inch Ripping Saw Chain Standard Sequence for 16 Inch Saw Chain Guide
57 Drive Link 3/8 Inch Ripping Saw Chain Standard Sequence for 16 Inch Saw Chain Guide
57 Drive Link 3/8 Inch Ripping Saw Chain Standard Sequence for 16 Inch Saw Chain Guide
57 Drive Link 3/8 Inch Ripping Saw Chain Standard Sequence for 16 Inch Saw Chain Guide

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Product Enquiry

Sours: https://alexnld.com/product/drive-linkinch-ripping-saw-chain-standard-sequence-forinch-saw-chain-guide/
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Archer 16" Chainsaw Saw Ripping Chain is Compatible with Stihl 3/8" LP Gauge 55DL Replaces 61PMM3 55 in Size

16" Archer "Ripping" Chainsaw Chain 3/8" LP (Low-Profile) Gauge 55 Drive Links Models: , L, , , , , , C, , T, T, , , C, L, E 10, E 14, E, MS , MS , E , E C, MS C-B, MSC MS C-BE, MS , MSC, MS T, MS T, MS C, MS TC, MS , MS T, MS , MS C-BE, MS , MS C, MSE , MSE C, MSE C-BQ, MSE C, MSE C-BQ The semi-chisel cutters on this chain both left and right are in a standard sequence and have the top plate angle of each tooth set at the factory to 10 degrees for ripping wood. Ripping chain is used for chainsaw mills for sawing slabs and boards, etc. This chain is also used for cross-cutting, felling / bucking and cutting firewood when conditions are dirty or frozen. Semi-Chisel chain stays sharper longer then chisel chain, the round cutter will always stay sharp longer when cutting wood that is not clean. Use a standard 5/32" chainsaw chain round file when sharpening this chain. NOTE: ALL CHAINSAW CHAINS ARE A CALLED LENGTH AND REPLACEMENT CHAIN ALWAYS FIT WHEN YOU ORDER THE CORRECT PITCH, GAUGE, AND DRIVE LINK COUNT! If you need any help in determining what size chain you need please contact us. Archer Saw Chain, Archer Guide Bars and Archer Accessories are known for quality and sold worldwide!

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Archer-Chainsaw-Ripping-Chain-Stihl/dp/BL
Part Finder

Part Finder

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our goal is to help you get the job done right with outstanding products that perform to your full satisfaction. Oregon warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as it is owned by the original purchaser.

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 ANSI Colored Labels

ANSI Colored Labels

Green labeled saw chain complies with low kickback performance requirements. Yellow labeled saw chain does not comply with low kickback performance requirements.

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Sours: https://www.oregonproducts.com/c/ripcut-sc-p

Inch ripping chain 16

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