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Hiding The Hardware On Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds are such a great way to add texture and warmth to a room and as an added bonus, they can be really affordable too.
just because something is affordable doesn’t mean it has to look cheap.
From the picture above, all that jumps out at me is the hanging hardware. This shade would look so much better without the hooks that attach it to the window exposed, wouldn’t it?
We have both these bamboo roman shades and these bamboo roll up shades in our house. The roll up version is much less expensive, but they come with a ridiculous system for hanging them that is also common on inexpensive matchsticks blinds.
Two flimsy triangle hooks are attached to the top of the shade.
An L-shaped metal piece is screwed into the window frame and the triangles are attached to them.
This is the L-shaped bracket which extends out a good inch.
In my bathroom, I opted to drill a screw into the wall and hang the triangle hook on that, hoping to disguise it close to the wall, but it was still very visible from anywhere in the room.
To hide the hardware altogether, I removed the triangle hooks that came on the shades and installed new ones that are behind the shade vs. on top of it.
It worked like a charm, so I thought I’d share it with you.
But first, before we get to that –
make sure you invest in a shade that has a valance on the top.
This valance covers the string mechanism that raises and lowers your shade. I noticed some of the shades by the same manufacturer have the valance and some don’t – so make sure you check.
if your new shade has the cheesy triangle hook/L-shaped screw hanging system, hack it a little to hide that cheap hardware.


a drill and drill bit (I used the 3/32 drill bit for these screws – make sure your drill bit is smaller than the screw) – I love my rechargeable drill/driver!
These little triangle hooks and short screws are great to have on hand – I use them all the time for putting wire on the back of picture frames for hanging (as opposed to using the ridiculous hooks that come on the back of ready made frames!)
To start, place your shade face down like this.

Remove the triangle hooks that are already on the shade:  using two sets of pliers, clamp onto either side of the hook, pull it apart and discard.

Now add new triangle hooks a little further down so that they will be hidden behind the shade. You want the screws to go into the stacked layers at the top of the shade. Measure, mark and pre-drill holes for your screws (without pre-drilling the bamboo cracks when you install the screw.)

The shade came with only two hooks, but since these shades will be pulled up and down on a daily basis, I placed four across the top of my shades for durability.

Find the center of your window, mark it, and mark your hook measurements accordingly.
Place four screws on the markings….

then hang the triangle hooks, and voila.

Now lets talk about the cleat that holds the cord.

Does anyone on this earth like these things? Those tiny screws that come with it??? The fact that you have to wrap the cord around it 75 times??? However, they are important if you have young kids in your home since shade cords present a risk of strangulation. I also feel like the dangling cord detracts from the look of a shade.

If your shade will be flanked by curtains, forgo the little annoying cleat, and simply hide the cord (and more importantly, keep the younguns safe) by screwing two longer screws into your window frame, about 10-12″ apart. The cord wraps around the two screws only 2 or 3 times and takes about 5 seconds when I pull up the shades in the morning.

The final affect is a less cluttered, more finished look.

The hardware is hidden on the bamboo shades, but what about this curtain rod???? Wow, sweet right?!!!!!

Ahhhh much better…….
How to hide the hanging hardware on roll-up bamboo blinds.
DIY curtain rods with wood dowels and ping pong balls!

Have a wonderful day!


You finally moved into your new apartment, the one that advertised "GREAT NATURAL LIGHT!!!" in the listing, and now you’re sitting in a very light-flooded living room, soaking it all in. Until you look to the right and you see straight into your neighbor’s bathroom (empty for now, but you won't always be so lucky). Two words: bamboo blinds. Because you need window treatments like yesterday, but just spent most of your budget on a new couch. Bamboo blinds are the perfect thing for super-sunny rooms: They’ll give you privacy while still letting some of that sunshine sneak through—you pay a lot of rent for all of that sunshine!—and they’re ridiculously affordable.

For about $30 from Amazon Prime (or probably your neighborhood hardware store), bamboo blinds will turn your living room into a something more like a lived-in sunporch in Southern California, the daylight filtered by simple, grasslike shades. Calling them window treatments might feel like a stretch, but technically that’s what they are—even if they are a fraction of the price of the bamboo shades you'll find in a fancy design store. (Added bonus for you: The inexpensive ones are much more charming, with cute visible hardware.) What you're looking for: warm, neutral-colored bamboo shades with two tiny triangle hanging hooks at the top and two strings to help them rise and lower. If you can tie a shoe, you can handle rigging them when yours arrive; these blinds are absurdly easy to install. Just hand-screw in the two hooks that come with them (no tools needed!), either into the underside of the top window frame if your windows are inset, or just right at the top of your window moulding if not. Ta-da! They’re hanging.

If you’re a light sleeper, you’ll want a darker, thicker kind of shade for your bedroom—these are blackout curtains’ beachy, breezy little sisters—but otherwise, hang them with abandon. (Just measure your windows carefully before you order, as they look best neatly set inside your window frames.) I bulk-ordered for every window in my apartment, and hung them all in about 30 minutes. Voilà: more time for lounging on the new couch.

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Bamboo is a fantastic material – environmentally friendly, inexpensive and good-looking. If you haven’t considered it for your window shades, now’s the time to do so!

We’re going to take a look at ten of the best bamboo window shades for your home. We’ll review their features and help you decide which is right for you.

Ready? Let’s find out more!

The Best bamboo window shades of 2021

1. Arlo Blinds Cordless Tuscan Bamboo Roman Blinds (Our Top Pick)

bamboo blinds

These sophisticated Roman blinds from Arlo are a great choice for a contemporary interior.

They’re available in seven neutral shades including white, gray-brown and various natural wood finishes. There are no cords to interfere with the clean lines. And that also means you won’t have to worry about any danger to pets or children.

Adjust their height simply by moving the lower rail up or down. A pulley system will catch the blind and hold it at your required level.

They’re great at filtering out the light and providing privacy. But there’s no backing cloth here, so the bamboo construction will let in too much light for bedroom use.

Installation is very straightforward, and all the mounting hardware is included. The blinds can be mounted inside or outside your window frame.

Some people have found it’s tricky to get the bottom even. If you find that’s a problem, raise the blind fully, then use two hands to gently lower it into position. If you like your blinds absolutely level, though, there may be better options to avoid spending time fiddling with them.

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2. Seta Direct, Brown Bamboo Slat Roll Up Blind

bamboo shades

If you’re looking for bamboo blinds that will offer a little more privacy, consider these from Seta Direct.

The bamboo here is backed with a fabric lining which helps keep out light. It’s not a blackout lining, but it will do a good job of reducing glare. And it will help to keep your room cool too.

We have, though, heard some complaints about the resilience of that fabric lining. If you’re looking for a blind for a window that’s in full sun, there may be better options out there.

This blind is designed to roll up and the mechanism is very simple. Simply pull a cord on the side to raise and lower it.  When it’s at the desired level, pull the cord down and to the right to keep it in place.

It’s available in a range of widths from 24 to 95 inches. In all cases, the drop is 72 inches.

Installation is as easy as screwing some wall hooks into the wall. Once they’re in place, simply hang up the blinds and you’re ready to go.

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3. Chicology Cordless Bamboo Roman Shades

woven blinds

Chicology’s stylish Roman blinds don’t have any cords, so they’re great for households with children or pets.

They’re available in widths from 23 to 48 inches, with each blind being 64 inches long.

There are a range of attractive shades to choose from, from light-toned “acorn” to silver “koala” and the darker “treehouse”. All the shades are designed to filter the light, rather than to block it completely.

The blinds can be mounted either inside or outside your window frame. If you’re mounting inside, you’ll need a window recess of at least 1 .25 inches deep. And if you want your blind flush with the wall, you’ll need it to be 2.25 inches deep.

The package includes an attractive 6-inch valance to hide the mechanism and give a smart finish. There’s also a cleat for storing your cord.

Installation doesn’t take long – just screw the hooks into your wall and hang the blind from them. The hooks are clearly visible though, so we think these work best if your windows aren’t too low.

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4. Asian Home Bamboo Roll Up Window Blind

bamboo roman shades

This attractive blind from Asian Home is a simple roll-up design. That means that there are cords, and they’re quite long. Fortunately, that needn’t put you off if you have children in your home. A clever safety feature will detach the cord if undue weight is put upon it.

If you don’t have children or pets to worry about, it’s possible to disengage the safety feature. But if you avoid tugging on the cord too sharply, there’s no need: it won’t detach.

The bamboo is a combination of flat and rounded slats, one of each in an alternating pattern. It will keep out the sun and look good, but it won’t offer privacy. At night, and with the lights on inside, people will be able see straight in. So don’t do anything that might alarm the neighbors!

These are very easy to install and can be mounted inside or outside the window frame. The top rail simply hangs from two hooks, which you’ll need to screw into your wall.

All in all, this is a simple and cost-effective blind that looks good too.

Check Current Price on Amazon


5. Passenger Pigeon Bamboo Roller Shades

bamboo shade

Passenger Pigeon’s offering is another blind with a simple roll-up design.

The great thing about this one is the sheer range of colors on offer. There’s off-white, a multitude of natural shades, dark brown and even gold, for those who like their bling. And if that’s not enough for you, you can also choose a two-tone version.

You’ll get even more choice when it comes to the size. Widths from 20 to 74 inches are catered for, and lengths from 36 to 96 inches. Whatever the size of your window, you’ll probably find a blind to fit. And if, by any chance, one of the standard sizes won’t work, you can order customized dimensions.

You can also choose whether to have the cord to raise and lower the blind on the left or right-hand side.

The blinds will work equally well installed inside or outside the window frame. Just remember that whichever option you choose needs to be reflected in the width you order.

If you’re installing the blind inside the window, you’ll need to reduce the width by 0.4 inches. If it will go outside the recess, add an extra 3 to 6 inches on top of the window width.

Either way, installation is easy. Expect the whole job to take no more than 30 minutes.

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6. Radiance Cordless Bamboo Roman Shade

bamboo roll up blinds

This cordless Roman blind from Radiance uses flat-stick bamboo for a smooth finish. It’s available in a delicious warm brown shade called “cocoa”.

The length is 64 inches, and you can choose from widths between 23 and 48 inches. This is another blind that can be installed either inside or outside your window frame. Decide which option you’ll go for before calculating the width you’ll need.

To raise and lower the blind, simply push or pull the center of the shade. It’s very easy to use and there are no cords to pose a risk to children or pets.

This is another blind that’s best for filtering light, rather than privacy. It won’t block out all sunlight, and there will be better options for bedroom windows. But to keep your living room cool and shady, these will do the job well and look great into the bargain.

They’re easy to install too, including if you’re doing the job on your own. The lightweight construction means you won’t need muscles on your muscles to maneuver them into position.

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7. ZY Blinds Bamboo Roman Window Blinds

bamboo curtains

ZY’s bamboo Roman window blinds come in a choice of 13 colors. They include off-white and almost-black, as well as an array of natural tones and stripes. Whatever your interior design scheme, there’ll be an option to suit.

The bamboo construction will filter light and reduce heat, but it won’t give privacy. So while this is great for a conservatory or living room, you may prefer a different option for your bedroom.

There’s a huge choice of both widths and lengths available as standard. But if you’re unable to find one to fit your window, you can order a customized size. As always, remember to decide before ordering whether you will be mounting your blinds inside or outside your window frame.

You’ll need a minimum frame depth of two inches for inside mounting. Order your exact window height and width, and the manufacturers will make the necessary adjustments for a neat fit.

For outside mounting, add between 3 and 10 inches to the width. Then add between 5 and 10 inches to the length. That will give you enough overlap for a neat finish.

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8. Thy Trading Bamboo Roll Up Window Blind

wood roman shades

This roll-up blind from Thy Trading comes in a warm honey-colored bamboo.

It’s only available in one size – 60 inches wide, with a drop of 72 inches. If that’s too big for your window, it’s possible to trim it with a hacksaw. It will, though, need to be done very carefully to avoid splitting the bamboo, and to keep a straight line. We’d recommend finding a different option.

The long cords come with plastic clips that will break away if the cord is pulled hard. That’s an important safety feature, preventing strangulation if children or pets become tangled up. Avoid any difficulties by buying a cleat and winding the cord around it.

Metal clips sit behind the plastic ones. If you don’t have little ones to worry about, you can retie the cords through these. The cord will then stay attached, even in strong winds.

All the necessary hardware for installing the blind is included as standard. It’s suitable for installation either inside or outside the window recess. Expect the whole process to take no more than half an hour.

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9. Lewis Hyman White Roman Bamboo Blinds

natural blinds

This bamboo blind from Lewis Hyman uses a matchstick construction.

This isn’t the option to choose if you’re looking to block out lots of light. And it won’t give you privacy at night. But it’s very light and great at filtering sunshine. And the tropical appearance is enhanced by its fresh, off-white finish.

These are Roman blinds, so they’re modern and sophisticated. There’s an attractive valance at the top to hide the pulley mechanism. It’s a generous five inches deep.

There are no cords, so the whole look is clean and minimalist. And you won’t have to worry about any little ones or furry friends getting tangled up in string.

Installation here isn’t as simple as with some of the other blinds on our list. The brackets included in the package are rather fiddly to work with. One option is to avoid using them altogether. Simply drill straight through the header bar and attach it to your wall with long screws instead.

Once in place though, this is a blind that will bring a touch of tropical glamor to any room.

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10. Seta Direct, Natural Bamboo Slat Roman Shade with Valance

bamboo window shades

The second blind from Seta Direct to make our list, this one has a very stylish black border and valance. It gives a smart edge to the natural construction, making it a great choice for more formal rooms.

It’s available in widths from 24 to 72 inches, and with a generous drop of either 72 or 84 inches. Unfortunately, not all the widths are available in both lengths, so start by checking that there’s an option to fit your window. The border means you won’t be able to trim it to size.

The blind is operated by a cord, and we haven’t been able to find any safety clips. Don’t buy this one if you share your home with children or pets. And make sure the cord is wound tightly around a cleat when the blind is up. Loose cords can be extremely dangerous.

This is another blind that designed to filter sunshine, banish glare and keep rooms cool. It won’t give you privacy, though. If you’re looking for a blind for a bedroom, this isn’t the one to pick.

But as a smart, contemporary blind for the living room of an adult household, it’s well worth a look.

Check Current Price on Amazon



Ready to choose?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our tour of some of our favorite bamboo window shades! This eco-friendly product comes in a wide range of different colors and styles, offering something for every home.

Our top pick is the beautiful cordless Roman blind from Arlo. We love the choice of sophisticated tones and its easy operation. And it offers more privacy than many other options out there too.

Whichever design you choose, we hope you’re soon relaxing in a cooler, shadier room. Enjoy your new window shades!


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