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New Jersey’s 4 million workers may celebrate Labor Day on Monday, but those who are unemployed — particularly those who have exhausted their unemployment benefits — have less to cheer about.

According to data from the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development, nearly 79,000 unemployed New Jerseyans had maxed out of their benefits this year through August 15. The greatest proportion — more than 14,000 — stopped collecting unemployment in March, with a good number of those being former casino employees who lost their jobs when three casinos shut their doors last September.

The largest number of the unemployed who have lost their benefits, 7,619, live in Essex County. But the greatest impact of the losses is in Atlantic and Cape May counties, where the number of people who can no longer collect unemployment amounts to almost 5 percent of the total work force. Again, the casino closures are largely to blame.

Typically, New Jerseyans who lose their jobs can collect unemployment benefits for up to 26 weeks, depending on several factors, including how long they had worked prior to being laid off.

Beginning in the midst of the last recession, Congress approved and the president signed payment extensions for the long-term unemployed for five years. That enabled some unemployed people to collect a portion of their former salary for as long as 99 weeks.

But the last extension ended in the first week of January 2014 after the House balked at continuing the assistance. At that time, about 1.6 million Americans, including more than 90,000 New Jerseyans, lost their emergency benefits.

It’s now been 20 months since those who are out of work have been able to get a benefits extension — and that is hurting many people in New Jersey, where unemployment remains higher than the national average. In the Atlantic City area, in particular, there are few places where former casino workers can find comparable employment.

“Thanks to its lagging economic recovery, New Jersey continues to have among the highest shares of long-term unemployed residents of all the states,” said Jon Whiten, deputy director of New Jersey Policy Perspective, a progressive think tank.

“When these hundreds of thousands of folks lose unemployment benefits, they and their families suffer immediate damage, as does the state’s economy,” Whiten said. “But it’s worse – lengthy unemployment stints often become a trap that is hard to escape from, as the negative consequences of long-term joblessness build over time and make it more difficult for workers to obtain suitable jobs. Congress’ failure to extend these benefits in late 2014 was harmful to struggling workers across the country, but it has hit workers in slowly recovering states like New Jersey the hardest.”

According to Kerri Gatling, spokeswoman for the NJDLWD, the maximum unemployment payment in the state is $646 per week and the average paid through July of this year was $389 a week.

The most recent employment estimates present a seasonally-adjusted [link: http://lwd.state.nj.us/labor/lwdhome/press/2015/20150820_Unemployment.html|
unemployment rate] of 5.9 percent in July, which was .2 percent lower than the June rate. However, the state lost about 13,600 jobs during the same time period, meaning the drop in the unemployment rate was due to a decline in the size of the workforce — almost 15,000 people stopped looking for work between June and July.

According to unadjusted data, Cumberland and Atlantic counties had the highest unemployment rates, at 9.3 percent and 9.1 percent, respectively, with 6,200 out of work in Cumberland and 12,200 unemployed in Atlantic.

Atlantic County is completing an economic development strategy and action plan designed to help it recover from the casino bust. The Atlantic County Action Now report is set to be unveiled later this month.

“Our goal is to broaden and diversify Atlantic County’s economic base in order to attract good jobs with good pay and create economic synergy,” said Dennis Levinson, the Atlantic County executive. “ We can no longer rely on a single industry to sustain our regional economy … (the plan) points to an overriding need for diversification and identifies target industries and best practices with guidelines for implementation. Most important, it calls for private sector leadership and regional economic development.”

Long-term unemployment with no additional benefits available can sink families into poverty.

“Hunger, homelessness, and barriers to good paying jobs cause immediate harm, and reflect imbalance in our social system,” Serena Rice, executive director of the Anti-Poverty Network of New Jersey, said last week. “But the good news is that poverty does not have to continue to stagnate. We can implement policies to ensure access to opportunity and make common-sense investments in solutions that we know work.”

The APN has launched a campaign to get Assembly candidates to pledge that, if elected, they will work to prevent, reduce and end poverty in their districts and throughout the state.

Sours: https://www.njspotlight.com/2015/09/15-09-03-max-unemployment/

New Jersey Unemployment Extension

New Jersey’s jobless benefits program takes in extensions that expand the time frame for collecting benefits when unemployment rate becomes high enough.

  • On January 2, 2013, the United States Congress passed the Tax Relief Extension Act (H.R. 8) which will extend Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) benefits until the end of 2013.
  • The law maintains the restructured benefit tiers passed under last February’s benefit extension which reduced the maximum number of weeks of benefits to 73.
  • The length of federal benefits is related to the unemployment rate in the State and is based on a 3-month average.
  • The continuation of EUC offers up to a maximum of 47 additional weeks of unemployment insurance to people who exhaust New Jersey’s 26 weeks of regular unemployment insurance benefits.
  • The new legislation also provides for a temporary extension of Extended Benefits (EB) for a year.  Note: Extended Benefits (EB) program ended in New Jersey on June 16, 2012.  EB is only obtainable when the Total Unemployment Rate is at least 110% of the average for any or all of the corresponding three-month periods ending in the three preceding calendar years.
  • Additionally, the law also maintains job search requirements for recipients of unemployment insurance benefits.

The EUC program has four tiers:

Program TypeNumber of Weeks AvailableLast Date to Begin a Claim
EUC Tier 1up to 14 weeksWeek Beginning

on 12/22/2013

EUC Tier 2up to 14 weeksWeek Beginning

on 12/22/2013

EUC Tier 3up to 9 weeksWeek Beginning

on 12/22/2013

EUC Tier 4up to 10 weeksWeek Beginning

on 12/22/2013


Under federal law, as of 2019, EUC benefits are no longer available.

Extensions for collecting UI payments are in effect only during periods of high unemployment and only if the state or federal government take specific action to provide extended benefits.

Sours: https://fileunemployment.org/new-jersey/extension
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State of New Jersey SealOfficial Site of The State of New Jersey


Your unemployment claim remains valid for one year from the date it is filed, unless you exhaust benefits sooner. Federal law requires a review for new wages after one year.

Please be aware some claims cannot be automatically processed and will require manual review from a claims examiner. Check your claim status online and look for communication via email, text message, or mail.



If you earned at least $220/week for 20 or more weeks, or $11,000 total, during the base year, which is the first four of the prior five quarters before you filed your claim, a new claim will be filed on your behalf.


If you did not work during the base year, or your earnings did not meet the threshold, you will continue collecting benefits on your existing claim (as long as federal or state extended benefits remain available).

Please note, if a claimant did not earn sufficient wages and is receiving regular unemployment benefits (not federal or state extended benefits) when they reach their benefit year end, those regular benefits would end, and they would be transitioned to federal extended benefits.


Continue to certify for weekly benefits according to the latest schedule.


If you reached the end of your benefit year prior to March 2021, a review of your claim has been completed or is under way. When the review is complete, you will receive confirmation that your weekly certification for benefits was successful. Check your claim status and look for communication via email, text message, or mail.


If you (1) stopped collecting unemployment benefits in the past year because you returned to full time employment or became ineligible for another reason, (2) it has been a year since you first applied, and (3) you are now eligible for unemployment benefits again, you should file a new unemployment claim. File a new claim here.

Sours: https://www.myunemployment.nj.gov/labor/myunemployment/apply/extensions/bye.shtml

2015 nj unemployment extensions

Maximum Weeks Payable for Extended Unemployment Benefits Raised from 13 to 20 Weeks

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The New Jersey Department of Labor (NJDOL) has just announced that unemployed workers in New Jersey will receive a new level of federally funded extended unemployment insurance benefits. This new level raises the maximum number of payable weeks on an extended benefit claim, from 13 to 20. The NJDOL announced that these additional extended benefits went into effect the week beginning May 3, 2009. The increase occurred because the state’s three-month average unemployment rate met or exceeded eight percent. These extended unemployment benefits will remain in effect in New Jersey for a minimum of 13 weeks, at which time the three-month average unemployment rate will be recalculated.

Extended benefits apply to eligible job seekers who have exhausted both their regular unemployment insurance benefits and any federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation. Individuals who have already begun collecting extended benefits will have their extended benefits claims increased to a maximum of 20 weeks or 80 percent of their initial claim (whichever is less). Claimants who exhausted their extended benefits during the week ending May 2, 2009 or earlier will have their extended benefits claims reactivated.

Note: This article was published in the June 2009 issue of the New Jersey eAuthority.

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New Jersey Unemployment Extension

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