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Born in Hong Kong, self-taught guitarist Herman Li is behind those over the top hyper guitar fretwork, and part of the recording team and production core on all DragonForce records. If you like your guitar, fast, hard and crazy, then you will love Dragonforce and Herman Li's guitar playing.

This article will cover Li's gear past and present. Let's see what Guitar Gear and Equipment DragonForce's Herman Li has been seen using in his Dragonforce Rig.

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- Ibanez Herman Li Signature Model EGEN 18TVF guitar

Ibanez Herman Li EGEN18 Signature Electric Guitar

- Ibanez Herman Li Signature Model EGEN8 guitar

Ibanez EGEN8 Herman Li Signature Electric Guitar

- Ibanez S 6 String - Custom 24 frets, S540FM, S540LTD, Prestige S2170FB, S470

- Ibanez S 7 String - 540S7BK

- Ibanez Jem7BSB (checkout Jem7v)

- Ibanez Acoustics

- PRS Modern Eagle (sunburst)

PRS Modern Eagle Quatro with Stoptail Electric Guitar

- Ibanez RG2228 8-string

Ibanez RG2228 Electric Guitar Galaxy Black

Amps and Cabinets

- Mesa Boogie Stereo 50/50 stereo rack power amp

- Laney TT100H Amplifier Head (Herman Li is listed on Laney's site as a sponsored artist)

- Laney TT412S Speakers Cabinet

- Peavey JSX 4x12 Straight Speaker Cabinets

- Marshall 1960B Cabinets

Marshall 1960A or 1960B 300W 4x12 Guitar Extension Cabinet

Herman Li

Effects and more
- DiMarzio Evolution Pickups

DiMarzio DP158 Evolution Neck Pickup

- Rocktron Prophesy II

Rocktron Prophesy II Guitar Multi Effects Processor

- Rocktron All Access

- Rocktron MIDI Mate

Rocktron MIDI MATE MIDI Control Pedal

- Source Audio Hot Hand, Wah, Phaser/Flanger and MIDI-EXP Controller

- MIDIjet Pro Wireless Midi System

- DigiTech Whammy 2

DigiTech Whammy Pitch-Shifting Guitar Effects Pedal

- Dunlop CryBaby DCR-2SR rack wah

- Ibanez Weeping Demon

Ibanez Tone-Lok WD7 Weeping Demon Wah Pedal

- Rocktron PatchMate

Rocktron Patchmate Loop 8 MIDI Switcher

- Rocktron Xpression

Rocktron Xpression Guitar Multi Effects Processor

- Rocktron Intellifex XL

- Korg DTR-2000

- Furman Power Conditioner

Furman PL-8C Power Conditioner

- Morley Bad Horsie 2 Contour Wah

- Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

Ernie Ball 6166 Mono Volume Pedal

- DigiTech EX-7

DigiTech EX-7 Expression Factory Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

- Rocktron Banshee Talk Box

Rocktron Banshee 2 Talk Box

- Ibanez TS9

Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer Effects Pedal

- Boss CH-1 Super Chorus pedal

- Boss Super Octave OC-3

Boss OC-3 SUPER Octave Pedal

- Boss Acoustic Simulator pedal

Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator

- Boss Power Stack ST-2 pedal

Boss ST-2 Power Stack Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

- Rockron Hush Pro rack unit

Rocktron Hush Pro Guitar Noise Reduction System

- Boss TU-3 tuner pedal

- Boss FB-2 pedal

Boss FB-2 Feedbacker and Booster Guitar Effects Pedal

Herman Li

Strings and picks
- D'Addario EXL110-7 Regular Light and Custom Super Light Top/Regular Bottom strings

D'Addario EXL110-7 Lite 7-String Electric Guitar Strings

- D'Addario EXL110 Regular Light and EXL125 strings

- Jim Dunlop Purple Tortex 1.14mm picks

- Jim Dunlop Stubby 3.0mm picks

Dunlop 475 Big Stubby Guitar Picks

- EBow

EBow PlusEBow Electronic Bow for Guitar

Sours: https://www.uberproaudio.com/who-plays-what/148-dragonforce-herman-li-guitar-gear-rig-and-equipment

Grammy-nominated DragonForce has become a household name for any fan of melodic power metal, and that pivotal trait is largely credited to none other than the massively creative shredder, Herman Li. Although based around a classical style inspired by guitarists such as Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai, it’s simple enough to tell Li apart from his heroes given his palpable technical approach to the guitar.

Herman Li Playing Guitar

Herman is well known for his virtuoso solos, showboat stage moves, and 80s power metal tone combined into one, with pace and melody as the cutting edge of the sensational Dragonforce. His influences go beyond the aforementioned top-shelf slingers, as Jason Becker played a huge part in Li’s understanding of composition while citing Jeff Beck as one of his primary sources of inspiration as well as notorious rhythmic players such as Keith Richards.

What Guitars Does Herman Li Use?

Herman Li plays an Ibanez EGEN18 which is his signature guitar model. He’s played his EGEN guitars throughout most of his career. Inspired by the original S Series, the EGEN is a creative and innovative designed guitar. Li has also used several other guitar models during his career.

See the full list of Herman Li guitars and gear below.

Ibanez EGEN18

Herman Li Ibanez EGEN18

FinishTransparent Violet
Years Used2007 to Present

The EGEN18 is Li’s first signature Ibanez guitar and the first model in the E-Gen line. It was first known as the EGEN1 but was renamed the following year. It is based on Li’s previous S-series guitars, a line that served Herman mighty well up until his rise to stardom. Still, it boasts several model-specific characteristics, such as the Kung Fu Grip on the upper horn, extended sculpting on the bottom cutaway, and a few more features crafted under Li’s requirements.

The Ibanez EGEN1/EGEN18 model is one of Li’s three main guitars on stage as well as his most iconic guitar. It has a flamed maple top on a mahogany body, which is attached to a maple and walnut neck with a rosewood fingerboard that looks absolutely ferocious.

It has custom DiMarzio HLM pickups that were primarily designed to produce Herman’s powerful, distinctive sound. To support Li’s wild whammy stunts, a modified version of the Edge Zero tremolo bridge has also been provided.

This modification limits the movement of the bar to give Li more control over the sound of his insane whammy licks. It gives him the ability to get the perfect pitch of the note he wants when he does vibrato. The Egen 18 also has a Luminlay fretboard for clarity during dark stage shows.

The first Egen 18 that Li got from Ibanez is his favorite. He has used the guitar so often that its original Matte Finish has been completely buffed to make it into a gloss finish guitar. He has cracked the body of the guitar multiple times and has also cracked the headstock once, which he filmed himself while it was being fixed on a YouTube video.

Li has grown quite attached to this guitar over the years as he himself has agreed to have played this guitar to hell and back. When asked why he did not replace it when it broke, he said that this particular model is unique and sounds better than any other piece in his catalog. The original 18 is simply irreplaceable for him.

Ibanez EGEN8

Ibanez EGEN8 

FinishPlatinum Blonde
Years Used2010 to Present

The EGEN8 is a less expensive variant of the EGEN18, which was Li’s first signature model. This one, like the 18, is also modeled after the Ibanez’s S series guitars. Nevertheless, its specs and craft are a tad toned down in comparison to the original EGEN issue.

It has a flamed maple top with a rosewood fingerboard and an African mahogany body. The Edge III tremolo replaces the 18’s Edge Zero piece, and the pickups are Ibanez Vintage instead of DiMarzio HLMs.

In spite of the fact that it lacks certain premium features, the EGEN 8 is still one of the highest performing six-strings in the market with a unique seal of quality and craftmanship and needless to say, a standout piece in Li’s collection. As yet another seminal piece for the stage, it also became the first introductory axe into the Herman Li world, as the guitarist intended it to be a guitar that inspired musicians.

As a fun fact, this guitar was Li’s weapon of choice to challenge Megadeath’s Kiko Loureiro to a shredding battle, one that he took on blindfolded and absolutely destroyed.

Ibanez S470

Ibanez S470 Mahogany Oil

FinishMahogany Oil
Years Used1995 to 2006

The S470 has a special place in Li’s guitar arsenal. He flaunted this sleek beauty in one of the most iconic songs of DragonForce, like ‘Through the Fire and Flames’ and ‘Operation Ground and Pound.’ It was one of the pieces that laid the ground basis for his EGEN signature line. Additional to spending over a decade as Li’s main go-to along with its sibling 540S, it recorded the band’s breakthrough tune, “Through the Fire and the Flames”.

Ibanez introduced the S470 electric guitar in 1992 as part of its S series. It features a beautiful mahogany body bolted to a maple Wizard II neck with a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard with ‘S wave’ position markers. Its features include the famous Ibanez Evolution pickups and a ZR double-locking tremolo bridge which debuted in this model. And the natural wood finish looks gorgeous.

Ibanez EGEN18 Custom

Ibanez EGEN18 Customized

FinishMatte Purple
Years Used2015 to Present

Herman has gone to great lengths to maintain his EGEN18 throughout the years. It is no surprise that he has a specially customized model of his favorite EGEN18 guitar to relieve pressure off from his original issue.

This special customization involves the addition of some LED lights on the neck. The fretboard dot inlays now glow purple, while it also has a special trick up its sleeve. The guitar has a unique new feature called the ‘Chase Mode’.

In this mode, green LEDs laid out on one side of the fretboard glow according to the frets that Li has his fingers on. This makes it a fantastic tool for live performances and adds to the flair of Li’s guitar mastery. Spec-wise this guitar is the same as other EGEN18 models owned by Herman.

Ibanez EGEN18 DRG

Ibanez EGEN18 DRG

FinishDragon’s Blood
Years Used2016 to Present

The Ibanez EGEN18-DRG is one of Herman Li’s most recurred Signature guitars. This time, it sports a Dragon’s Blood red finish, introduced in 2006with a more aggressive look and sound when compared to other variants. The Dragon’s blood model, as the name suggests, is more focused on the overall theme of Li’s band, the ‘DragonForce.’

This guitar model, just like its other variants, has a mahogany body that comes topped with flamed maple. It features the trademark Kung-Fu grip modeled using Herman’s hand and the usual custom DiMarzio pickups. As per usual it sports the Edge-Zero tremolo bridge, which lets Li perform any number of crazy dive-bombs to his heart’s content.

The scalloped fingerboard is Herman Li’s own touch. This design makes it easier for him to bend notes on the higher frets. The body shape is designed to allow for great flexibility and playability – perfect for heavy rhythm downstrokes and shredding.

Li has been seen playing this guitar underwater during a show on a cruise ship in 2018. This was not his first time playing an Egen 18 underwater during a show. He has done this several times, although he claimed it was to be retired after finishing the band’s 2018 tour.

Ibanez JEM7v Steve Vai Signature

Ibanez JEM7v Steve Vai Signature

Years Used2019 to Present

The JEM7v is a sick-looking guitar that delivers a punchy tone worthy of one of the world’s greatest guitarists. Being a huge Steve Vai fan, it’s no surprise that Li owns this signature model by Ibanez. This guitar has a white body with floral patterns on the pickguard and ‘The Tree of Life’ inlays in the fretboard. The body wood is alder, while the neck is a 5-piece maple/walnut with an ebony fretboard.

The guitar has DiMarzio Evolution pickups and split-5 wiring. It also has Steve Vai’s signature Monkey Grip on the bass side of the guitar body wing. The guitar features in Li’s live Twitch streams and on the DragonForce YouTube Channel. This is easily one of the most iconic Herman Li guitars of all time.

Ibanez 540S7

Ibanez 540S7

Years Used2006 to Unspecified

Ibanez introduced the 540S7, a seven-string S series solid body electric guitar, in 1991. FujiGen created it in Japan (a factory in Japan). The 540S7 was Ibanez’s first seven-string guitar outside of the Universe series, as well as the first seven-string guitar in the S series.

It has a mahogany body attached to a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot fret marks and a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard. It features DiMarzio Blaze pickups, which inspired Herman in developing his ultimate aggressive tone. It also has a Lo-Pro Edge 7 double-locking tremolo bridge, which is perfect for Li’s wild whammy techniques.

Li has used the Ibanez 540S7 in songs like ‘Revolution Deathsquad’ and ‘Storming the Burning Fields’. He also utilized it in the bridge section of ‘Operation Ground and Pound,’ just before the 2nd verse starts, and also used it in the outro of ‘Heartbreak Armageddon.’

PRS Herman Li Custom 2021

FinishPink-Purple Burst
Years Used2021

Li’s PRS Custom 2021 is basically a one-of-a-kind, unique-looking instrument. The combination of purple with maple, an Edge Zero double-locking system, and HSH configuration make this guitar, unlike any PRS model. It also comes with Fishman pickups with a translucent rainbow finish. Insane!

The two guitars are very similar in specs but differ on the bridge. And the PRS does leave out Li’s signature Kung Fu grip that he had on the Ibanez. It’s certainly interesting to see if this guitar makes it into production.

BC Rich Herman Li Custom

FinishCustom Purple
Years Used2020 to Present

This BC Rich USA Custom guitar was specifically made for Herman Li as an experiment and features some similar specs to his classic Ibanez line. The guitar features a mahogany body with a fiery flamed maple top, finished in purple. It has purple DiMarzio humbucking pickups with a single-coil in the middle. The classic rosewood fretboard suits his playing style

Its Sophia double-locking tremolo bridge has been improved so it can easily withstand Herman’s ‘flying guitar whammy trick’. The neck-through-body design allows for extra-long sustain and flavorful articulation. This guitar has a heavy, clear tone that’s well-suited for power metal.

Li’s technical prowess allows him to make the most of any guitar, and you can see that in full display when he unveiled this guitar on his YouTube channel.

Ibanez EGEN 7-String Custom

FinishChameleon Purple
Years Used2011 to Present

The Ibanez EGEN-7, unlike its other EGEN siblings, is a one-way custom, meaning it is unavailable for the masses to buy. It’s a seven-string variant of the original EGEN model, which was made for Li’s special use for a few specific songs like ‘Fallen World’, ‘Give Me The Night’, ‘Heart Of The Storm’, and a few others.

According to Li, the neck on this guitar is a copy of the original Ibanez 540S7 neck, and the bridge on this one is called Edge-Pro, which is a slightly modified version of the Edge-Zero featured on the EGEN18.

The Edge-Pro bridge is also used by Li’s fellow bandmate and another guitarist of DragonForce, Sam Totman. The main reason is the convenience of exchanging guitars on-stage and making replacements on tour. The EGEN 7 is another one of Li’s three most iconic (the other two being the EGEN18 and EGEN8) and favored guitars for performing live.

Timetable Showing Each Guitar Played by Herman Li at Each Point in His Career

Herman Li Amps Overview

Kemper Profiler PowerRack

Years Used: 2013 to Present

If you’re a guitarist yourself, you’ve probably heard of this monstrosity. You can save every sound you create in the studio as a preset on the Kemper Profiler PowerRack and recall it effortlessly on-stage. A solid 600-watt power amp is pre-installed, and the amp modeling and emulation are identical to the original Kemper Profiling Amplifier. It is housed in a 19-inch rack-mountable enclosure too.

The Kemper Profiler PowerRack allows Li to create his own amp profiles that he can access at any time and play with as desired. As a result of this, he has complete control over the sound of your profiled amps, thanks to Kemper’s high-tech wizardry. It’s a must-have for guitarists like Herman Li, who are both studio and stage savvy.

Rocktron Prophesy II

Years Used: 2008 to Present

The Prophesy II boasts an incredible DSP processing power with nearly infinite tone-shaping possibilities. The drop-out-free DSP processing engine built around dual 24-bit/66MHz Motorola chips was one of the best in its time.

Back in the day, the Prophesy II by Rocktron was one of the ultimate flagship effects processor units available on the market. It should be pretty evident that it found its way into the arsenal of someone as legendary as Herman Li. Li says that the Rocktron Prophesy delivers the shredder sounds of the 80s that he loves.

Bogner Uberschall 120-Watt Tube Guitar Amp Head

Years Used: Unspecified

For Li, the Uberschall guitar head is a worthy investment since it allows him to unleash the wrath of his extreme high-gain channels like nothing. A typical clean channel with plenty of headroom and control over parameters like volume, gain, bass, middle, treble, and presence is included.

Bogner developed the 100W all-tube Uberschall guitar head specifically for severe, heavy, and aggressive music, fitting Li’s criteria perfectly. In addition, the tube-buffered effects loop allows him to run all of his wild effects through it, making it even better suited to his needs.

Peavey JSX 412

Years Used: Unspecified

The JSX 412 is a heavy-duty loudspeaker cabinet featuring four 12″ custom JSX speakers and 400W of stable power handling. Onstage, Herman leverages a pair of these, and these beasts are an excellent match for his powerful sound.

The JSX 412 is a versatile speaker cabinet that can handle any playing style, including Li’s. The bass end is reinforced while the chiming mids and highs pierce through, making the tone wonderfully balanced.

Herman Li Pedals and Effects Overview

Source Audio SA110 Hot Hand

This, one could say, is Li’s magical ring. Yes, the Hot Hand is a device that sits like a ring on his right hand and is powered by a 3-axis accelerometer that converts motion into a dynamic and exact expressive signal. This signal can be used to control filter sweeps, drive levels, modulation, and wet/dry mixes, among other effect settings.

When Li shakes the Hot hand, it creates intense vibration, allowing him to imitate exotic sounds similar to those heard in video games. This is only one example of its capabilities. The expression ring can be used in various ways, including to create whammy and wah effects.

This magical ring is for sale on the market, but only Li has been able to bring it to justice. Herman Li himself has said that it is like the secret hi-tech weapon in his guitar rig.

Boss ST-2 Power Stack

The BOSS ST-2 Power stack pedal can handle most of Li’s distortion needs, from fat crunch to super high gain. It features simple controls, such as the sound knob, which combines the amplification level and sound character simultaneously.

When he’s on-stage, he can quickly crank in anything from vintage grit and punchy drive to full-on assault distortion, allowing him to perform anything with dramatic tone swings with ease. When the gain is dialed down, the ST-2 produces a rich and full clean tone, making it a versatile tool in Li’s armory.

Boss PS-5 Super Shifter

The PS-5, as the name suggests, is a “Super Shifter” with three-voice harmony and detune a configurable key knob and four effect modes, including Super Shifter, which allows for four octaves of shifting. This pedal is a tiny shifter that doesn’t skimp on functionality or technology, making it an excellent complement to Li’s setup.

Ibanez WD7 Weeping Demon Tone-Lok Wah

Ibanez’s WD7 Weeping Demon is a multipurpose wah pedal with a wide range of knobs that may be used in various playing styles and settings. In addition to spring and regular footboard action, it incorporates a switch-free footswitch, auto-off delay, adjustable Q and low-pass filters, and a selectable frequency range. The friction and tension of the pedal can both be adjusted.

Even from the outside, this pedal has a rugged appearance befitting a metal musician like Li. The Ibanez WD7 is a tremendous all-around pedal with a tank-like design. This makes it another good piece of gear in Li’s pedalboard.

DigiTech HM2 Harmony Man Intelligent Pitch Shifter

The DigiTech HM2 Harmony Man creates harmonies depending on your chord progressions. By studying and remembering guitar chord progressions from before the solo, the HM2 harmonizer automatically generates live three-part guitar harmony over lead/solo performance.

That’s quite cool, isn’t it? Li is a huge fan of collecting cutting-edge technology for those who don’t know, and this harmonizer pedal is yet another example. It allows him to mimic video game sounds.

DigiTech WH-4 Whammy

The WH-4 whammy is a pitch shifter pedal that allows Li to adjust and manipulate the pitch of his guitar in real-time with an expression pedal while playing. This whammy pedal is yet another favorite piece of equipment in his arsenal that allows him to create some wild and quirky squeals, huge dive bombs lower than any whammy bar, and bends that are otherwise impossible.


Dunlop Tortex Standard 1.14mm Guitar Picks

Dunlop guitar picks seem to be increasingly popular among modern guitar players. Their extensive range of gauges, forms, sizes, and materials enables the player to find the perfect pick for their unique playing style, thanks to their diverse selection.

Musicians of any genre understand that a pick is an essential part of their tone, from classic country to nu-metal.

Every great player understands that their pick is an intrinsic part of their tone, and Dunlop guitar picks, which are made of premium materials and have the perfect mix of dimensions, provide the ideal grip for a speedy player like Herman Li. So it’s no surprise that these picks have become Li’s go-to companions, whether he’s off-stage or on-stage.

D’Addario NYXL0946 Super Light Top / Regular Bottom, 9-46

NYXL0946 is a hybrid set that combines the low strings of a standard light set (.046) with the high strings of a super light set (.009). As a result, the set has the required fundamental low end on top of the great flexibility offered by the high strings. This is perfect for a player like Li, who loves to include all that fast shredding and the crazy whammy tricks into his playing.

These strings are apparently break-resistant, which provides that extra bit of freedom, confidence, and power to the player, especially on-stage. So it’s clear why Herman Li prefers these.

Line 6 Relay G90 Digital Wireless Guitar System

The Line-6 G series here is responsible for one of Li’s primary responsibilities while he is on stage. He uses it as his sole wireless system.

All the pomp is justified because heck he even played with it underwater. That’s crazy! He said that no matter how high he jumps with this on-stage, there hasn’t been a single time it failed.

The G90 also includes a Cable Tone Simulator feature, which allows you to adapt the sound of the relay wireless system to the sound of your favorite cable. On top of that, it has 12 compatible channels and a 300-foot line-of-sight. It would make any guitarist salivate, and it is an ideal companion for Herman Li’s erratic on-stage persona.

Wrap Up

Li and Dragonforce became a critically acclaimed act in 2006 upon the release of the anticipated “Inhuman Rampage” back in 2006 following the release of their breakthrough hit single “Through the Fire and Flames” back in 2004. Ever since the band’s seminal success, Herman Li became a sought-after household name and reference to guitar players around the world for his unparalleled almost inhumane prowess and gentle personality.

While the latter years have seen a more stepped-back Dragonforce, Li’s been wasting no time endorsing signature models, partnering up with several top names in the industry, and further cementing his name as a referential figure in the world of guitars. This is without a doubt a man who lives for his craft and nothing else.

Herman Li has quickly become one of the most recognized and renowned guitarists. He has won two Metal Hammer Golden Gods ‘Best Shredder’ awards and four Guitar World Readers’ Polls.

Li’s fascination for video games is seen in his music. He frequently uses sound samples from old arcade games. For example, in the Inhuman Rampage song ‘Through the Fire and Flames’, Li used repeated Pac-Man-like sounds.

Herman believes that studying the instrument itself is the best way to develop as a guitar player. As a result, Herman continuously improved his E-GEN signature guitar series from 2008 to 2019. Currently, he is working on a new guitar to fit his evolving view of the instrument.

Li’s playing style is characterized by fast legato and staccato licks, exotic scale runs (such as the harmonic minor or Phrygian dominant scale). He also used a significant amount of fancy whammy bar techniques, quick sweep picking riffs, tremolo picking, double-handed tapping, along with some crazy fast and juicy shredding. Honestly, if he is not a guitar god, then who is?

Chris from Guitar Lobby

Christopher D. Schiebel

My name is Chris and I’ve had a passion for music and guitars for as long as I can remember. I started this website with some of my friends who are musicians, music teachers, gear heads, and music enthusiasts so we could provide high-quality guitar and music-related content.

I’ve been playing guitar since I was 13 years old and am an avid collector. Amps, pedals, guitars, bass, drums, microphones, studio, and recording gear, I love it all.

I was born and raised in Western Pennsylvania. My background is in Electrical Engineering, earning a Bachelor’s degree from Youngstown State University. With my engineering experience, I’ve developed as a designer of guitar amplifiers and effects. A true passion of mine, I’ve designed, built, and repaired a wide range of guitar amps and electronics. Here at the Guitar Lobby, our aim is to share our passion for Music and gear with the rest of the music community.

Sours: https://www.guitarlobby.com/herman-li-guitars-and-gear/
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Rig Rundown - DragonForce's Herman Li and Sam Totman

PG's Rebecca Dirks meets up with DragonForce's Herman Li and Sam Totman who give her the rundown on the gear that they're using on their Power Within Tour.

Herman's main two guitars are a purple Ibanez Egen8, the very first version of his signature model, which is super thin and loaded with DiMarzio Herman Li custom pickups with coil-splitting, scalloped frets on the last four frets, and a knife-edge bridge with no trem stopper. He also uses a 7-string Ibanez for the song "Fallen World." Herman uses .9s - 46. and .9 - .59 strings, and everything is tuned standard. Sam uses an Ibanez RG 7-string, also for "Fallen World," but his primary guitar is his signature Ibanez STM-2, which is a neck-through-body construction with DiMarzio Evolution pickups.

Amps & Effects
Both guitarists' racks are nearly identical, with a power supply, tuner, Samson wireless units for the electric and acoustic guitars, Rocktron Prophesy II preamp programmed for all of their different tones, and Mesa/Boogie 2 Fifty Stereo power amps.

In addition, Herman also uses a Source Audio wah with Hot Hand ring controller, DigiTech Harmony Man, Boss CH-1 Super Chorus, Boss OC-3 Super Octave, Boss ST-3 Power Stack, and Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator. On the floor, Herman also uses a DigiTech Whammy. In the rack he also has a rackmounted Dunlop Cry Baby wah.

He uses a Rocktron Loop Mate to bring the pedals into the Prophesy when he uses them instead of the built-in Prophesy effects. He also uses a wireless MIDI controller programmed to automatically change his patches on the Prophesy and a Rocktron All Access switcher that his tech uses to toggle different tones.

Sours: https://www.premierguitar.com/gear/rig-rundown-dragonforces-herman-li-and-sam-totman

1Lead HermanLiUse for fast leads and solos with high output humbucker neck or bridge. Adjust the EQ based on your guitar tone to optimise the sound.

2Rhy FastDFTight fast speed/power metal rhythm sound. Enough mids for a lot of fast picking and notes cutting through the mix.

3Lead + Dyn. WahLead tone with pick attack dependent wah sound. Experiment with guitar volume control at different output for improved dynamics.

4Lead1 Oct -1Ideal for leads passages. The added 1 lower octave helps to thicken up the sound especially if there is no backing rhythm guitar.

5Lead + Har -3Harmoniser leads in lower 3rd harmony. Great for repeated diatonic runs and arpegios. Advance users playing with a click on a samplers with MIDI control, can use my SysEx messages to change the key in real time to match every chord change for a perfect harmony.

6Lead + Har +3Harmoniser leads in higher 3rd harmony. Great for repeated diatonic runs and arpegios. Advance users playing with a click on a samplers with MIDI control, can use my SysEx messages to change the key in real time to match every chord change for a perfect harmony.

*This live set was created with GT-001.

*These patches reproduce each sound as described above, but not perfectly reproduce the originals.

Sours: http://bosstonecentral.com/liveset/detail/herman_li_collection/

Li guitar collection herman

Herman Li

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Ibanez S470

Ibanez S470

Solid Body Electric Guitars

The guitar Herman uses before his signature. Consider that this is the Japanese Model which has a Lo-TRS bridge, not the Korean model with the Lo-TrsII bridge.

Unverified, Supported via twitter.com

Submitted over 4 years ago

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Ibanez Custom Shop Egen 7-string

Ibanez Custom Shop Egen 7-string

Extended Range Guitars

Dragonforce shares Herman's photo of his custom Egen 7-string on their official Facebook page. The one he shares shows a new LED mod:

"My special @broadaxeguitars LED mod Ibanez EGEN18 TVF has gone in for some upgrade!"

Verified Correct, Supported via Facebook

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Ibanez EGEN18 DRG

Ibanez EGEN18 DRG

Solid Body Electric Guitars

Ibanez EGEN18 DRG (Dragon's Blood) is the new guitar model of Herman Li's gear, used for Killer Ellite Tour. Is the same as the Purple one, but in orange. Same specs. Now it's available.

Verified Correct, Supported via Ibanez Guitars

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Bogner Uberschall 120-Watt Tube Guitar Amp Head

Bogner Uberschall 120-Watt Tube Guitar Amp Head

Guitar Amplifier Heads

The logo is blurred out but the specs of an uberschall head are shown. You can see the small circle on the left of the head with a word. It looks exactly like the one on the bogner head. the white line that show the controls can also be seen that are also on an uberschall including the isolated s...

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DiMarzio DP110 FS-1 Pickup

DiMarzio DP110 FS-1 Pickup


On the official dimarzio website, it states that he uses this pickup.

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Sours: https://equipboard.com/pros/herman-li
DragonForce Herman Li Reacts to Tina S Through the Fire and Flames Cover

Herman Li

Herman Li

Li in 2013

Li in 2013

Birth nameHerman Li
Born (1976-10-03) 3 October 1976 (age 45)
British Hong Kong
GenresPower metal, speed metal, neoclassical metal, black metal (early)
Occupation(s)Musician, producer, streamer
InstrumentsGuitar, vocals
Years active1993–present
LabelsSanctuary, Noise, Roadrunner, JVC
Associated actsDragonForce, Babymetal

Herman Li (Chinese: 李康敏; born 3 October 1976) is a Hong Kong-born British musician who is one of two lead guitarists for the power metal band DragonForce. Li has played with the band based in England since it was formed in 1999 by Li along with Sam Totman.

Early life[edit]

Herman Li was born on 3 October 1976 in Hong Kong and moved to France, then to England during his teenage years. He speaks English, French and Cantonese fluently.[1]

Playing style[edit]

Li draws influences from rock, all subgenres of metal as well as video game music and often mimics sounds from popular retro games from the late 80s, early 90s arcade, and PC games. For example, Li has been known for making several Pac-Man-like noises in the song "Through the Fire and Flames" on Inhuman Rampage. His playing style consists of fast descending and ascending legato and staccato licks, exotic scale runs, making extensive use of the harmonic minor and Phrygian dominant scale, extreme use of his whammy bar, quick full ascending and descending sweep picking arpeggios, alternate picking and two-handed tapping on the higher frets as well as incorporating many other shred guitar style techniques.[2] Recently, he has started to use a device called the Hot Hand that sits on his right hand like a ring, which causes extreme vibrato when shaken, giving him a greater capacity to emulate certain video game sounds. Li has stated Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Tony MacAlpine guitar playing heavily inspired his own style.[3] Li is left-handed, but plays guitar right-handed.



Herman Li performing live with his signature Ibanez E-Genguitar

Li uses Ibanez E-Gen guitars, his signature Ibanez models based on his old Ibanez S Series, which was retired from stage at the end of the Inhuman Rampage tour. The EGEN18 has a "Transparent Violet Flat" finish (transparent purple on a flamed-maple top), and the EGEN8 has a "Platinum Blonde" finish (natural wood finish with a flamed-maple top). Both have a rosewood fingerboard and gold hardware. The E-Gen model has many unique features and improvements over a standard S, including its versatile tone selection with coil tap switching for both the bridge and neck pickups, Edge Zero bridge (the EGEN8 has Edge III), custom DiMarzio HLM pickups (the EGEN8 has Ibanez pickups) and an extended scoop on the lower horn of the body, as well as a "Kung-Fu grip" on the upper horn shaped by Li's hand. It is currently Ibanez's flagship model for S body style guitars.

On 9 May 2010 Li announced via Facebook that he had received a custom-made Ibanez 7-string guitar.[4] No details are known yet about this guitar, other than it has seven strings, and it is unknown whether it will be mass-produced for his E-Gen signature line.

Before the E-Gen, he had been known to play Ibanez S Prestige guitars. An Ibanez S470SOL (Japanese build 1995), a seven string Ibanez 540S7 (Japanese build 1991) (used in Revolution Deathsquad, Storming the Burning Fields, before the second verse and in the outro of Heartbreak Armageddon and the bridge section of Operation Ground and Pound), and an Ibanez S540FMTTS (Japanese build 1995). He has also been seen playing an Ibanez S2170FB and an Ibanez S2170FW. He also owns an Ibanez Jem7BSB, which has been used on every DragonForce album for recording rhythm guitar parts, an Ibanez J Custom RG, an Ibanez RG2228 (8-string model), and a PRS Modern Eagle, which he received as a gift from Paul Reed Smith and can be seen in the studio.[5]

Amplifiers and effects[edit]

Li is currently building a brand new rig, as stated on his official website:[6]

Li uses a Kemper Profiler as his primary amplifier.[7]

Popular culture[edit]

Li and fellow band member Sam Totman are featured as performing twin guitar solos of the power metal song "Through the Fire and Flames" which has appeared in several video games. In the Guitar Hero rhythm game series, the song first featured in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock as an unlockable bonus song, and later appeared in Guitar Hero Smash Hits and Guitar Hero Live, as well as Rock Band 3 as DLC. The song also featured in Rocksmith 2014.[8]

Notable awards and achievements[edit]

Li has won and featured in the following awards:[9]

  • RIAA Certified Platinum Single "Through the Fire and Flames"
  • RIAA Certified Gold Record "Inhuman Rampage"
  • UK Silver Record "Inhuman Rampage"
  • Music Radar/Total Guitar 2017 – Best Metal Guitarists in the World
  • Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2009 – Best Shredder Award
  • Grammy Awards 2009 – Best Metal Performance "Heroes of Our Time" Nomination
  • Guitar World Reader's Poll 2007 – Best New Talent (winning by 70%)
  • Guitar World Reader's Poll 2007 – Best Metal
  • Guitar World Reader's Poll 2007 – Best Riff
  • Total Guitar Reader's Poll 2007 – Best Solo "Through the Fire and Flames"
  • Terrorizer Reader's Poll 2006 – Best Band "DragonForce"
  • Terrorizer Reader's Poll 2006 – Best Musician "Herman Li"
  • Terrorizer Reader's Poll 2006 – Best Live Act "DragonForce"
  • Metal Hammer Golden Gods 2005 – Best Shredder Award
  • Guitar World Magazine – 50 fastest guitarists


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Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herman_Li

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