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  • Chapter 3 2/2 (Behind Blue Eyes)Chapter 3 2/2 (Behind Blue Eyes) Jul 20, like6#9EDIT
  • Chapter 3 1/2 (Behind Blue Eyes)Chapter 3 1/2 (Behind Blue Eyes) Jul 20, like10#8EDIT
  • Chapter 2 2/2 (The One I Love the Most)Chapter 2 2/2 (The One I Love the Most) Jul 12, like8#7EDIT


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Just want to address one of the worst legacies I left behind and that is the "LazuliXSpeed" ES ship. There's nothing harmful in a fictional shipping, right? Well, that would be the case if it can remain a fiction. The type of relationship like the one between Speed the Jolteon and Lazuli the Glaceon should never be imitated in real life. Sure, I might have embraced this in the comic, but we all have to admit that this isn't a good relationship. The Tsundere trope would never work in any real relationship. While it can be "cute" when we see it in cartoons or anime, it wouldn't be as cute when someone tries to imitate it in real life. I mean, would you fall in love with someone who is repeatedly abusing you (or in a way, bullying you)? The answer would be a big no unless you're a masochist or if the whole bullying was nothing more than a harmless teasing. I've heard most of the excuses defending Lazuli's bad behavior and they were always "She has a terrible childhood, it made her act

To the people think “EV Dream Heroes” is the Reboot of the cancelled ES Reboot, EVDH is the cancelled ES Reboot under a different name. The reason I published the pages for this is because it would be a waste to just delete them when they were already drawn months ago.

I don’t think I’m cut out to make the Reboot of Eeveelution Squad anymore. Before I cut ties with ES completely, I’ll be working on writing a complete summary of Eeveelution Squad, ranging from the Original Timeline Arc, Pre-ES Arc, ES Arc, Post-ES Arc, and finally, Reboot Arc in literature format so that I’ll no longer be bound by “Unfinished Business“. Moreover, I’m also giving away my character bases for anyone who want to study, pick up or even copy my art style. For those who are interested, you can check my Scraps Folder: ( With both the bases and plots given away, maybe there might be someone able to pick up my art style in case I’m ever gone or even make a new version of ES from the plots given. —— As for Good Enough, this is going to be my last Pokémon comic I make. I’ll be sticking with it for a while longer, but I’ll end it before or at the end of this year.


Calling, to herself, the grandmother with the very last words, Olga chucked after the briskly walking Andrei. Finally, when they approached the massive, but shabby door, Olga was able to read the inscription. The grandmother said that the girls from the procedural room would be able to help, and on the door there was.

A sign with a gloomy inscription, an enema.

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I looked at my subordinates and saw how the swanky expression of males, ready to drink, walk and fuck all night long, disappeared from their faces. The officers looked at me, knowing where they were going, for what, and that the coordination of their actions and discipline. Depended on how much damage our destroyer could inflict on the enemy before turning into a cloud of red-hot plasma.

No one thought about staying alive.


I pressed myself from behind and entered immediately easily, it was damp and sticky, although it was always dry in the morning, I. Was surprised and even more excited. I entered the full length inside, everything was squelching.

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I had to confess. - And with whom. Lenka turned on her side, staring at me with curiosity. You dont know.

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