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An AU where Obito returned to Konoha after his captivity, adopted his sensei's kid and ends up as the Hokage. Only his best friend Kakashi had already taken his life, leaving Obito as the sole survivor of their rag tag team.

“Minato was my sensei. He was very similar to a father for me. I’d like to raise his child."

Hiruzen stroked his chin. “Mikoto already petitioned the counsel to allow her and Fugaku to adopt the child. She was denied. The counsel has many trepidations about the Uchiha clan having control over the jinchuriki.”

“The clan wouldn’t want him for that! He’s just an innocent child. He didn’t ask for the Nine Tailed Fox! The same way our clan didn’t ask for the sharingan.”

“There is some suspicion that the Uchiha clan may have been responsible for the Nine Tails attack.” Hiruzen said. “I do not share these suspicions, but a minority on the counsel do.”

Obito’s jaw dropped. “The Uchiha clan helped found this village. Generations of Uchihas have given their lives to protect this village! There is no way that kind of thing would happen.”

Sours: https://archiveofourown.org/tags/Hatake%20Kakashi*s*Uchiha%20Obito/works

Might As Well Try (Obito x Reader x Kakashi)

Literature Text

Four pair of eyes starred into the distance with the hope of finding just a glimpse of the comrade they had been waiting for. Five minutes passed and the boy didn’t bother to show himself, or even yell out that he was coming. “When would he be ever on time?”sighed Minato sensei. Most of the times you would be bothered that he didn’t show up at time, but today was an exception.
“He would always be late,”argued Kakashi. His black orbs burning with anger. The tone on his voice seemed much more higher than the tone he usually spoke on. Rin immediately glanced at you as if she was asking you to speak up.
“Ka-kakashi?”you stuttered. It was unusual of you to be stuttering beside the boy that had been your best friend since childhood. The silver haired boy and you had quite a story that started the horrific night when the place where you had lived your entire infancy was burned down to ashes. But, that was another story.
His dark orbs soon locked with yours. “Yes?”he asked annoyed. A shiver ran down your back before the blonde head interrupted. An apologetically smile was worn across his lips as sweat drops appear on the back of your head.
“Let’s start training,”ordered the blonde head. “Rin, I want you to practice healing some injured animals close by. Kakashi and Y/N would be partners.”
“Hai,”the three of you answered.
The brunette disappeared in the distance as she headed in search for an animal to heal. Not thinking twice, you started to walk towards an open are to get ready to wrestle your best friend. But, he didn’t follow you instead he stood firm in his place. “Kakashi-kun?”you asked.
“Minato-sensei,”addressed the young shinobi. “With what type of practice should we start with?”
At that moment, you mentally wanted to faceplam yourself. How fool you had been to not ask Minato sensei what to do?! “I want to see both of you fight,”he answered. “Since both of you are high level ninjas for your age-”
His sentence was cut off by Kakashi getting in position to attack. His black orbs starring intensely at you. At that moment, had  you understood he was terribly angry.
“Kakashi-kun, why are you angry?”you asked him.
“We are not here to talk, Y/N-chan,”he said softly. “Get in position to fight.”
Nodding, you walked in front of him with a sparkle of defiance showing in your eyes. “Don’t harm each other badly,”warned Minato. “Start!”
Before a second could pass the black eyed boy was throwing a dozens of shuriken at you. The speed at which they were thrown was incredibly faster which caused the idea of your childhood best friend wanting to kill you. He wouldn’t do that, would he?
The shurikens were easily avoided due to your speed. The sharp-edge ninja tools landed on a tree, clinging themselves into it. You were perched on a close by tree, starring at how the tree that was damaged parted in half. All of it due to Kakashi’s strength. You sighed being thankful those shurikens didn’t even came to contact with your skin.
“You know, I can feel your chacra,”stated Kakashi. “Climb down the tree, and come fight!”
His voice seemed to be growing angrier with ever minute passing. “I wouldn’t like to be in your spot,”you sated. Just then you pulled out a cunai, his mouth widening as he realized what you were about to do. A string was attached to the tree branch beneath you. Hesitating a bit you cut the string only for Kakashi to be trapped in a mine of paper bombs. Those you had placed while escaping away of his attack.
The battle field became a land dusted with smoke. It was so strong you had to look away, and even cover your nose. If the attack was this efficient, and at this distance...How was Kakashi doing?!
Your question was soon answered when you felt a cunai land on your leg. An arm went around your neck and a hand covered your mouth. “Looks like I win,”whispered Kakashi. From the corner of your eye, you noticed his silver hair was dusted black, scratches laid on his visage, and his chest was falling and raising tremendously fast. He had just escaped on time...
Not accepting defeat, you used your elbow to punch him in the stomach. His grip was released at once causing him to jump down the tree. “Never let your guard down,”you winced as you took out the cunai.
“I never did,”he answered. The voice was not coming from the Kakashi you were seeing for he was too far away and the voice was too close. Suddenly, the childhood friend you had known became a puff of smoke. “Shadow clones,”you thought.
You turned around with no doubt, only to find Kakashi starring at you from a tree branch across of you. “Kakashi, Y/N!”yelled Minato Sensei. “Were are you?!” It seems that the explosion had made both of you impossible to be seen.
“I guess you’re also a shadow clone,”You smirked. “And the others that are hiding behind the trees are also shadow clones.” Without bothering or losing your temper, you threw a shuriken at every shadow clone that was hiding itself from you. Suddenly, a silent moan of pain was heard. Your eyes landed on the real Hatake who stood not so many feet away from you.
Taking the advantage he was forcing the shuriken out of his flesh, you jumped down the tree. In mid fly you did a hand pair of hand signs only for him to throw a cunai and hurt one of your hands. A heavy gush of blood erupted form your hand banning you out of every jutsu. The only thing left for you to be safe or at least win this match was your kekkei genkai.
The pain on your leg became too unbearable as you realized two cunais had been stabbed. Only that one had appeared seconds later. You fell to the ground with blood adorning your clothes. Kakashi walked up to you with some blood dripping form his previous injuries.
The smoke started to clear up as a drop of his blood landed on your fingertips. Just when he was going to claim victory did you notice the shuriken beside you. With your hand that had been free from his blood you latched the ninja arm. You covered the four points of the sharp-edge. The shuriken was thrown to the ground before you imagined where you wanted it to hit on his body. The image of his leg appeared in your mind before you were about to connect a string of chacra to the shuriken. Just before the string of chacra was going to be connected you felt a presence getting closer to you.
In a hurry, you opened your eyes only to see Kakashi and Obito sparring. One of Obito’s hit scratched on Kakashi’s forehead. Little droplets of blood made their way into his forehead as they mixed with sweat. “Obito, stop!”you yelled.
Not realizing what you were doing, your hand came in contact with the shuriken. And with the contact of your hand the string of chacra was connected to the shuriken. Inside your mind Kakashi’s forehead was being visualized. Your eyes widen as the shuriken disappeared from sight, but it was too late to change it.
Your body was lifted off the ground as the Uchiha grabbed you in a bridal style. Soon, you were resting against a tree branch, your chest raising and falling tremendously fast. Obito laid beside you with anger flashing in his black orbs and his hand becoming a fist.
“Obito,”you whispered.
He turned to look at you, the anger in his eyes disappearing. “I’m glad you’re okay, Y/N,”he said.
He looked annoyed into the distance.
“He hurt you pretty bad and you still want him?!”
“Obito, please stop-”
“Y/N-chan, the fight is over. You shouldn’t be worrying about him.”
“That’s not it, Obito! You need to find him!”
He narrowed his eyes slightly at you.
“Do you love him?”he asked silently.
“What?! Of course, not!”
“Then let me tell him, I’m your boyfriend.”
Your eyes grew wide at once.
“No!”you said without a shadow of a doubt.
“Yes,”he argued.
“No,”you fought back.
“Yes,”he argued.
Just when he was going to speak a scream was heard. Your mouth slightly opened as you couldn’t believe that you had been foolish enough to let yourself be carried away by the fight. “Obito, you need to stop my kekkei genkai!”you yelled. “Or Kakashi might be dying!”
“Kakashi-kun!”someone yelled painfully loud. Both of you recognized it as Rin’s voice. “It can’t be true,”you told yourself. “That shuriken didn’t land on his forehead.” Tears streamed down your cheeks involuntary as your eyes shut closed.

Sours: https://www.deviantart.com/maptlv31/art/Might-As-Well-Try-Obito-x-Reader-x-Kakashi-508936386
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The Couple


KakaObi (カカオビ KakaObi) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Kakashi Hatake and Obito Uchiha.

Their Relationship

Obito and for Obito to catch. Kakashi appears to the can and kicks it before Obito can get near, proclaiming his ninja way: "I’ll save my friends, no matter what! Thats my ninja way!"

The game continues, and Obito is unable to beat Kakashi at it, declining Kakashi's offer to be it instead of Obito. At the end of the game when Obito is exhausted, Kakashi praises Obito for not giving up on catching him, stating that Obito was the only one who never gave up: "I won again. But I’ll praise you for one thing. You’re the only one until now who never stops trying."

This is the beginning of Kakashi's admiration of Obito.

Obito is late to the acceptance into the academy, missing his opportunity to enter. The other children exit the academy, and while Kakashi passes by Obito Kakashi tells Obito he doesn't deserve to be in the academy if he is going to be late: “The first day of school, and you are late already. Someone like you doesn’t deserve to study here. You’ll never make it.” To most people, this would seem like Kakashi was making fun of Obito, but it could be tough love. Kakashi wants Obito to succeed, and he knows that Obito cannot rely on other people such as Rin to make up for his lateness.

Teenage Years

Later, when they are put on to teams together and Kakashi became Jonin, Rin and Minato give Kakashi gifts in celebration of his achievement. When receiving gifts from Rin and Minato, Kakashi's face is emotionless and he doesn't seem to care about them.

When he turns to Obito, he suddenly cares when Obito doesn't have one for Kakashi. This is shown when Kakashi holds his hand out, expecting something from Obito, and the expression of displeasure on his face when he finds that Obito couldn't care less about Kakashi's achievement.

Later, on the mission that Obito soon 'dies' on, when Rin is captured Kakashi and Obito have their infamous "Those who break the rules are scum, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than scum" fight. Kakashi could have wanted Obito to go along with the mission instead of finding Rin because Kakashi knew it would put Obito in great danger, and when Kakashi came back to rescue Rin with Obito it could have been because he wanted to ensure Obito's safety. Kakashi did jump in front of the Rock nin and got sliced in the eye to prevent Obito from getting hurt. Obito awakens the sharingan and kills the Rock nin.

Sadly, Kakashi was unable to ensure Obito's safety. Obito was crushed by a boulder when saving Kakashi from it, and Kakashi was very upset by this. Kakashi tried to push the boulder off of Obito even though it was obviously impossible for Kakashi, and Obito told him to stop trying. Kakashi crumbles down onto his knees in front of Obito, slamming his fist into the ground and cursing.

Kakashi cries for Obito, but Obito has already accepted that he would be die, and gives Kakashi his left sharingan eye. Kakashi promises to Obito that he will protect Rin and let Obito see the future with the eye he passed to Kakashi.

Later, years after Obito dies, Rin commits suicide by jumping in front of Kakashi's chidori, and Kakashi suffers mentally because of his promise to Obito being broken. Kakashi has visions of Rin's death plaguing him in his dreams ever night for years.

Kakashi did not love Rin, or he would have accepted Rin's affections for him a long time ago, and the only other explanation of why Rin's death hurt Kakashi so much is that he had broken his promise to Obito. Kakashi knew Obito loved Rin, and all Kakashi wanted for Obito was happiness.

Adult/Reunion in the 4th War

Sours: https://narutocouples.fandom.com/wiki/ObiKaka

A Kunoichi’s Betrayal (Part 2) || {NSFW} Kakashi x Reader x Obito/Tobi


For everyone that has been waiting patiently for it… it’s finally here. @chidori-mint and I bring you the second part to A Kunoichi’s Betrayal ❤😘 We hope you all enjoy and we hope it was worth the wait. 

Find part one here!

Pairing: Kakashi x Reader x Obito/Tobi

Summary: Just when you decide to finally close a painful chapter in your life and to embrace a fresh start, someone, from your past will come to face you again

A/N: Rin does not exist in the AU.

Warnings: angst, major character death in beginning, smut, unprotected sex, non-con, violence, language

Word Count: 4.5k

*Present Day: Kakashi’s Home*

The sky was pitch black. The leaves in the trees started to rustle as the cold wind blew, that’s when Kakashi heard a muffled cry. 

“You’re coming with me, princess…” It was a very familiar voice. He turned his back, and the sight of you made his eyes grow wide. The masked man from the Akatsuki carried your limp body, riddled in drying blood and bruises. Your eyes found him, “Ka-Kakashi…” your voice was weak. “H-help.. me..”

Kakashi struggled to move. His body was frozen. He couldn’t move his feet. He tried to call your name but no sound came from his lips. “She belongs with me…” Tobi and Y/n started to slowly fade away.


Kakashi woke up, catching his breath. Sweat beads dripped from his forehead. It was another nightmare. Night after night he’s been haunted by these dreams. It was always the same dream. Seven weeks have passed and they still didn’t have a lead on your whereabouts. He was growing desperate. He blamed himself for not being able to protect you.

Where are you now, y/n?

A loud knock from his door made him jump. “It’s Gai, Kakashi. Open up!”

*Seven weeks ago*

“I promised him I’d protect you Y/n. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do, even if it takes my life.”

You woke up from a dream as those words ran through your head. A heavy arm rested on your stomach and warm breath in your ear as you laid awake. You opened your eyes and turned your head to the side. Obito was on his stomach still fast asleep beside you. His face was scarred but still; he looked beautiful. You let out a heavy sigh. It was still hard to believe that he was here with you. After all this time; he was alive.

“Hello, dollface.” He greeted you with a warm voice. “That was the first time I’ve slept in peace for years." 

You lifted his arm from your body, "I have to get back to Kakashi.” You stood up from the bed and turned your back on him, collecting all your abandoned clothes on the floor. Obito couldn’t help but stare at your naked body.

He chuckled as he rolled over onto his back, his hands resting on the back of his head. His toned upper body was perfectly in view. “Really, princess? We just reconciled and your first thought is that traitor?" 

"Kakashi is not a traitor. He used to be your best friend.”

“Best friend?” He scoffed. “ After what happened with the two of you? After sleeping with his best friend’s girlfriend? I don’t think so, princess. Best friends don’t do that.” He slowly slipped out of bed to grab his pants.

“It wasn’t his fault, Obito. All the times I felt like giving up, he was there! Every time I felt scared, he made me feel safe again! All the times I mourned for you, he was beside me! Your death brought emptiness in my life. And guess what? He filled it with love!” You yelled at him as you tried to hold back your tears.

“Are you trying to justify Kakashi?” He was now annoyed. “He betrayed me. He knew how much I loved you! How dare he steal you away from me?!”

“Love me? You faked your death and never even tried to reach me. And why? Because you love me?”

“Okay. You deserve the truth.”

“Fucking finally. Better start telling me now, Obito.”

Obito started to tell you how he survived years ago from the incident in the bridge and how a man had helped him and tended to his wounds. And that in return, he had to carry out a certain plan.

“That man is a psycho, Obito. He’s just using you. Isn’t it obvious?”

“Y/n, I told you. I will build a better world for us. Our plan is the perfect plan. Can’t you see it? I’m doing this for you! For us!” He held your hand and gently tugged you closer to him. 

“How is that better? You’ll be putting humanity in danger? And you’re doing this for me? Do you even hear yourself, Obito?” You can’t help but cry. You can’t believe the words coming from him. “Where has the old Obito gone? The one who aspired to be the Hokage?!”

“Let me ask you this Y/n, do you love me?”

“You know I do. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. I love you, Obito and it hurts so much. I’m already here, what more could you possibly want?" 

Your words struck him like lightning. You cupped his face in your hands and stared at him.  "Am I not enough?” You whispered.

He leaned lower, his forehead touching yours. “You’re all I need y/n.”

“Then I will stay by your side. For good.”

“Are you sure? You’ll be branded a rogue ninja.”

"Call off the plan you have with this man. I’ll leave everything behind and start a new life with you. Can you do that for me?”

He suddenly brushed his lips to yours. “Everything I do is for you, y/n. Anything you ask.”

*Present Day: Village Hidden In The Leaves*

Tsunade had summoned Kakashi to her office. Along with him were Gai and Yamato.

“I gathered you here because I have many reports that two members of the Akatsuki were spotted in Amegakure. And one of them was the masked man that goes by the name of Tobi.” Tsunade said.

“Two members? Can that be Y/n?” Gai asked.

“Based on the reports, both of them were wearing black cloaks with red clouds on it. But they weren’t able to distinguish if the other member was a male or a female. We can’t assume Tobi has Y/n locked up somewhere. We have to assume the worst. We have to assume that Y/n chose the join the –”

“No. Please… Don’t even finish that sentence, my lady.” Kakashi interrupted. “I know Y/n, she would never aid a criminal.”

“I understand where you’re coming from, Kakashi. But you may want to look at this.” Tsunade pulled her drawer open then placed a headband on top of her desk. He knew exactly whose it was. It was Y/n’s. He recognized the familiar scratches upon it from their missions together. Kakashi took it with trembling hands. The village’s symbol has horizontal slash over it signifying that the holder of the headband had cut ties with their village. He grasped it tightly in his hands.

“My lady, whether you allow me or not, I will go after her. I have to get her back,” he said.

“I already anticipated that. That’s why I asked for Gai and Yamato here as well. They can accompany you with this mission.” Tsunade stood up and walked towards them. “I suggest you all get ready to leave in two hours. This Tobi character might move again. This is our chance to rescue Y/n.”

*Present Day: Village Hidden In The Rain*

It was midnight when Obito and Y/n reached the Akatsuki hideout in Amegakure. It was in the highest tower in the village.

“We’re safe here.”

“This village is so gloomy.” Y/n walked around exploring their shared bedroom. She stared at the dark skies through the window. “It’s like the skies are crying nonstop.”

Y/n felt Obito’s warm body against her back. His hands gripped her waist. “Maybe we can do something to warm up?”

Y/n turned around to face him. “Hey, I know what you’re thinking! You sex fiend. I’m having a warm shower first.” Y/n smirked at him as she headed towards the bathroom, not bothering to lock the door.

You started to unbutton your cloak and slowly peeled it off your body dropping it on the cold tiles of the bathroom floor. Next came your panties letting them pool down to your feet as you stepped out of them. You stepped in and turned on the shower, the warm water trickled down your cold skin. You tried to relax your tense body as your eyes clenched shut.

You let out a gasp as you felt a hard wall of muscle press against you back. “You called me a sex fiend, princess…” He whispered in your ear as his hands reached your breasts, gently pinching your nipples. You let a moan escape your lips.

He pressed his body against you harder, your breast pressed up against the tile as you felt his erect cock press between the cheeks of your ass. “I could never ever get enough of you.” He sucked at the skin on your shoulder. “This is how I want it to be.” His nails dug hard into your hips. “I could have my way with you anytime I want. Any way I want." 

"Fuck, Obito!” You whined at him.

You arched you back as he continued to grind himself against your ass. “So good for me.” He lifted your chin to face him. He kissed you, rough and wild. You kissed him back as your hand tugged on his hair. 

He groaned as he broke the kiss. “Let me show you, how this fiend can make you come so hard you’ll see stars.” His rough hands roamed everywhere, sliding down your wet skin. He slapped your ass making you moan harshly. His fingers reached for your pelvis as he felt you grind yourself back against his throbbing cock.

Obito parted your legs with his knee. His cock slipping and settling between your thighs. You tried to guide him towards your aching entrance. He grunted as the tip touched your wet folds. You arched you back further as he sunk himself in your tight cunt. “My princess is so needy.” He smirked, leaning back to watch you grind against him. “So tight. Almost suffocating.”

He felt your walls tightening against him. He gripped your hips, "Stand still, princess..” He rammed into your cunt. You stood on your tiptoes as he hit all the right spots. His grip held you firmly, preventing you from slipping against the tiles underneath.

“You’re so perfect y/n.” Each thrust of his hips pressing you harder against the wall and sending you closer to that euphoric high. 

“Baby, I can’t. I’m so close!" 

"Come on, princess, come now!” Your body tensed and shuddered beneath him as your orgasm shattered you. He growled from within his chest as he spilled ropes of his hot seed inside your quivering pussy.

The room filled with steam from the warm shower mixed with heavy panting from you two as you fought for your breath.

*Team Kakashi: Outskirts of Amegakure*

The group had moved fast. Kakashi’s haste to get to you was probably what was fueling that. When they finally reached the outskirts of Amegakure the three of them were out of breath. Kakashi couldn’t ignore the desperate feeling in his chest. All the wanted to do was get you back. He wanted to bring you back home, to where you belonged. He just wanted to feel his arms around you once again. Just the thought of never seeing you again gave him an uneasy feeling in his chest. 

Gai watched him, never seeing this side of a Kakashi before. Kakashi had never let himself be so vulnerable, especially around his rival. Gai had never realized how bad Kakashi had had his feeling for you. “Kakashi, are you sure that you’re going to be able to do this?” The blatant worry on his voice made Kakashi stand at attention and listen. “I know there’s a chance that the other Akatsuki member isn’t Y/n, but what if it is? I want to make sure you can be objective about this.” He sighed. “If she’s truly gone over to them and we can’t convince her to come back with us then we have to treat her like one of them-” Gai let his thoughts trail off as he saw Kakashi’s whole body grew tense. 

He lashed out at him. He had never meant to do it, but he just couldn’t picture you going over to the dark side. “We’re bringing her back. Worry about yourself Gai, don’t worry about me. I can handle myself!” After the words left his lips he dropped his head. What was happening to him?

Gai furrowed his brow. “I know that was just because you’re worried. I won’t hold that against you Kakashi, but you need to look at the big picture here. The Akatsuki is our enemy, we have orders to eliminate the members no matter what it takes.”

A lump grew in Kakashi’s throat and the words he wanted to say escaped him. He shook his head, clearing the thoughts that riddled it. “Let’s just make our plan already. We have to get moving.”

Yamato, who had been silent this whole time, finally spoke up. “No, we’re not going anywhere until we know that you do what might have to be done. The Akatsuki is a threat to the Leaf Village and we have to treat ALL of their members that way. I never got to meet Y/n and don’t get me wrong, she seems like a good person, but you saw the headband as clearly as we did. She’s a rogue ninja now.”

Kakashi stared at the ground. The tears that were welling in his eyes were threatening to come out. Gai approached him and put a hand on his shoulder. “We know how much you love her Kakashi. We know that she means the world to you and you took such good care of her after Obito’s death, but it might be time for you to let that all go.”

“I can’t do that. If I do I wouldn’t be doing what Obito asked me to do. I promised to protect her for the rest of her life and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.” His voice cracked as he spoke to them. The thought of the betrayal toward you if he had ever laid a finger on you kept a tightness in his chest. 

 Gai cleared his throat, feeling a lump growing in the back of his own throat. He had known you for a long time, he had just as hard a time as Kakashi in believing you had turned against the village you had loved so much. 

 Kakashi looked up at the both of them, his face red from holding back his tears. “As I said, let’s just make this plan and get moving. We might not be too late, maybe they haven’t corrupted her yet.”

 *Present Day: Village Hidden In The Rain*

 You slowly climbed from the couch, watching the rainfall all day was beginning to get tiring. You just wanted to get out of the house. You didn’t care what the two of you would do, you needed some change of scenery. Obito sat across from you, his gaze never once leaving yours. You sighed and stood from the couch, as you stood a wave of nausea ran over you. You steadied yourself as dizziness clouded your vision. 

 When you grabbed the side of the couch Obito popped up from his chair. His hands grasped your waist as he helped steady you. “Are you alright darling?”

 When the dizziness subsided you placed a hand on his shoulder and smiled. “I’m fine Obi… really.”

 His concern never left his face as you walked out of his grip and toward the bedroom. An early night was in your future. As you changed out of your clothes and threw on one of his baggy t-shirts your thoughts were focused on one thing and one thing only. Or one person to be more precise. 

 Kakashi Hatake. 

 As you laid down into the bed and covered yourself to keep the cool air from forming goosebumps on your skin you felt guilty. Here you were, with the man you had once loved more than anything, and the only person you could think of was Kakashi. You quickly shook your head as a migraine started to become present. You groaned and pulled a pillow over your head, letting out a quiet scream, hoping that Obito hadn’t heard you in the other room. 

 When sleep finally overcame you your dreams were the same. Your dreams wouldn’t let you think of anything other than him. And they say that if you dream about someone it’s because they fell asleep thinking about you. But that’s when you thought about it… Kakashi probably wasn’t getting any sleep. Your guilt came back over you, bringing you out of deep sleep. Obito’s figure was now sleeping soundly next to you, a sight you would never get used to. 

 More nausea washed over you, this time forcing you out of bed and down the hall to the bathroom. As you leaned over the toilet and emptied the content of your stomach realization hit you… It had been a couple of months now since you had seen aunt flow. You and Obito had been so busy trying to get the Akatsuki to welcome you in that you hadn’t even noticed until now. 

 You slowly backed up against the bathroom wall and slid down it. With your head in your hands, you watched the floor. Your emotions were now soaring. You were angry that of all times this would happen now. You were excited to be thinking about taking this journey. You were sad as you thought about how you would have to explain this to Obito… about how there was a possibility that it wasn’t his, however small it might be. 

 No. This wasn’t the time. You had to wait. You had to get through your next mission before you could say anything. 

 You slowly stood back up and made your way to the bed again, climbing in and snuggling next to Obito. This time tho… sleep didn’t come so easily.

 *Entering Amegakure: Team Kakashi*

 Kakashi, Gai, and Yamato slowly walked through the village, trying not to bring attention to themselves. As the people around them started to watch Kakashi’s nervousness started to grow. He turned his head slightly to Gai and spoke low. “Do you think they’re getting suspicious? I mean… It’s not like they announced that Leaf Ninja would be coming through.”

 Gai looked around slowly and nodded. “Yea.” His words were uneasy as he nudged Yamato and nodded in the direction of a couple of Rain Ninja. “We’re being watched.”

 Yamato cleared his throat as he looked over and spotted them. They were attempting to hide in the covers of the trees, but they hadn’t realized how experienced the three Leaf Ninja that were here were. “Time for us to intervene.”

 Gai looked over at Kakashi and stopped. “We’ll take out those guys, you get to Y/n.” Yamato took over in the other direction, forming a wood clone to help them out. 

 Gai split after him after Kakashi nodded back and Kakashi jumped onto the buildings. Not the best place to find cover, but he had to move fast and this was the best way. He threw his arms behind him and started running. 

 As he jumped from rooftop to rooftop he saw a blur out of the corner of his eyes. Another Rain Ninja had come from the side. He stopped as the ninja sailed in front of him. When the ninja turned back to him he was already forming a lightning blade in his hand. No one was going to stop him from finding you. 

 He ran forward, his lightning blade out in front of him, ready to hit the ninja standing in his way. His opponent just barely dodged as Kakashi’s attack landed in a tower behind him. The man was quick, but Kakashi was faster. Kakashi’s foot connected with the man’s back and threw him into the side of the next building. When the man slid down and landed in a sitting position Kakashi placed a kunai to his throat and pushed him against the wall with his knee. 

 “Tell me where the one called Tobi is.” There was a growl to his voice as he demanded it from him. “I’m not going to wait. Tell me now!”

 The ninja had a look of terror on his face as he spotted Kakashi’s Sharingan. He stuttered as he waited to see what the copy ninja would do. “Ka-Ka-Kakashi of the Sharingan.”

 “Quit stuttering my name and tell me what I want to know.” He pushed his knee into his chest further. 

 “Okay, okay.” The man struggled under Kakashi’s force. “I’ll tell you.” As Kakashi eased up the man drew in a sharp breath. “They have a hidden base in the forest beyond the village. I can take you there if you like.”

 A familiar voice spoke behind Kakashi as Gai and Yamato approached. Gai stood next to Kakashi and crossed his arms. “The other two are out of commission. This must be the one that split while we were engaged with the other two.”

 Kakashi took his knee off him but kept the kunai to his throat. “Stand up, show us where it is, but if you so much as give a hint to anyone that you’re a hostage I’ll hit you with a Chidori.”

 The man swallowed hard and stood back up, turning and walking forward, the point of the kunai in his back, hidden under Kakashi’s sleeve. 

 * * * * * * 

 As they reached the door of the hideout the man was eager to be free. Kakashi finally removed the kunai and stared daggers at the man. If anyone comes after us I’m going to assume that you were the one that did it and that won’t end well for you.”

 The man nodded quickly and ran off without a second glance behind him. 

 Gai placed his hand on the rock wall that stopped them from entering, his voice low so that if there were people on the other side of the structure they wouldn’t hear him. “Are you ready for this Kakashi?”

 Kakashi nodded and that determined look that he wore so well spread across his face. “I can sense her chakra. She’s here.” A Chidori started to form in his hand and the other’s stepped back, knowing full well what he was about to do. As his energy focused and the chakra formed he ran forward, slamming his hand into the rock and blasting a hole through it. Bits of rock rained down on them as they entered the hideout. 

 Obito turned quickly and when he met the eyes of the fellow Leaf Ninja that he knew so well he smirked. “Well, well. Back for round two are you?”

 You swallowed hard, a lump now forming in your throat, making it hard to breathe. Kakashi ignored Obito and looked to you. “Are you alright Y/n?”

 You nodded slowly, still trying to wrap your head around what was going on. No one was supposed to be able to find you here, so how had Kakashi done it?

 Obito took a kunai out of his pouch and pointed it toward Kakashi. “Don’t worry about her, she’s just fine Kakashi. Let’s dance.”

 An amused exhalation came from Kakashi as he took one of his own out. Still unaware of who this man could be, though he had his suspicions, he was ready to fight. He wouldn’t let him lay another finger on you. “Just back away from her first. Then we’ll do this.”

 Obito stepped forward and laughed deviously. “Oh, I’ll do that no problem.” He pushed you backward and out of the line of fire. “Minato-Sensei would be so upset and disappointed if we harmed her.”

 That sealed the deal for Kakashi. Kakashi’s eyes narrowed as he stared back up at him. “Obito. I should have known.”

 Obito rushed him, his kunai just about to connect with Kakashi’s arm as he jumped out of the way. He was distracted. He had to keep himself together. Your heart pounded against your chest as you watched the two men that you loved fly about the hideout. Kunai clinked as they fought as hard as they could against each other. Your feet were moving before you could even stop yourself. “Stop it!”

 As you approached the two of them the fighting came to an abrupt stop. They pushed off of each other and stared at you, both afraid you would get hurt. Obito was the first to speak. “You have two choices here Y/n.” Your eyes grew wide as his harsh tone. “Either you leave with me and I give up my plans and spare the copy ninjas life,” He pointed his kunai at Kakashi. “Or I kill him if you choose him over me and I carry out my plans.”

 You couldn’t believe the position that Obito was putting you in. You watched as the pleading eyes of Kakashi watched you. You wanted to be with Obito, you had loved him so much, and you always will. But you also wanted to be with Kakashi. He had been there for you through so much. You sighed and looked at the ground, squeezing your eyes shut, too afraid to look up at Kakashi. “I’ll go with you Obito.”

 A laugh erupted from Obito as he looked between Kakashi and you. “Very well.” Obito did something you never would have thought he would do. He charged Kakashi again, kunai at the ready, aimed right for his heart. “I’ll kill him anyway. He’s in my way.”

 You grabbed a Kunai from your pouch and grasped it, holding it directly in front of your stomach, ready to push it through if need be. You let out a scream. “Obito, I swear I’ll do it!”

 Obito stopped in his tracks at the blood-curdling scream as you felt every single eye on you. The man looked back at you and his eyes shot open as far as they would go. “Y/n, what are you doing?”

 “Just stop.” The tears were rolling down your cheeks before you had even felt them. “I don’t want the father of my child to have blood on his hands. Especially not someone he considered a friend.” 

 Everyone in the room froze as they realized why your kunai was pointed to your stomach. You could see the worry in Kakashi’s eyes as he watched you threaten not only your baby’s life but your own.

 Kakashi stepped forward some, but as you moved the kunai closer he stepped back again. “Y/n, you don’t want to do this. That’s not how you are. You aren’t that type of person.”

 “I’ll be that type of a person if I need to be. Now stop fighting. I can’t take it anymore!” You hollered at the both of them, hoping that they would listen. 

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I believe that you were completely unimportant to the kidnappers, for nothing that you are unique in your kind e. And they won't hunt you, at least these people. They probably didn't know at all what you were: that is, who you were.

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