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Do you enjoy the suspense of finding a mysterious package on your doorstep every month? Maybe you also need some help finding great mystery book recommendations? Investigate no more! We have compiled a list of the best mystery book subscription services and mystery subscription boxes for whodunit fans! Whether you are a fan of literary suspense, procedurals, domestic thrillers, cozy mysteries, espionage tales, or just the latest great mystery that everyone is talking about, there is a service for you! These are subscriptions that are either entirely devoted to all things mystery and thriller, or book subscription boxes that give you the option to choose the mystery/thriller genre!

TBR: Tailored Book Recommendations 

TBR offers readers the most personalized book recommendations for every budget. The beauty of TBR is that each reader is matched with an expert Bibliologist who will recommend books based on genre preferences, past reading, and what the reader wants to explore more of. This is great if you love mysteries, but have specific content you wish to steer clear of, or if you want to just receive books in certain sub-genres, or if you're thinking about branching out into a new sub-genre of mystery. Readers can also offer their Bibliologists feedback on the individual books and selections, to better personalize the experience! You can choose to receive three mystery recommendations-only via an emailed letter explaining your picks ($15 per quarter), or receive three brand new hardcovers ($79 per quarter + shipping) from our partner independent bookstore!

My Thrill Club 

Perfect for fans of the mystery, thriller, and horror genres, this service lets readers choose between mystery, thrillers, and horror books and delivers two hardcovers and an ebook each month. If you're a fan of all three of those genres, you can choose to receive a mix of books, all for $18.99 a month. This is a great deal for voracious readers who don't discriminate when it comes to reading medium and are willing and able to read both print books and ebooks.

Black Heart Books 

If you can't get enough true crime reading in your life, this is the subscription service for you! For $30 per month, you will receive a true crime book, plus a few items related to the mystery in the book. These could be replicas of police evidence or objects that help readers better relate to victims of the crimes. This is a great selection for people who not only love true crime, but interactive mystery puzzles as well!

Mysterious Bookshop Crime Clubs 

Mysterious Bookshop is brick-and-mortar bookshop in New York City, and they offer seven different "crime club" subscription services for every type of mystery reader: Crime Collectors' Club, First Mystery Club, Hardboiled & Noir Club, Thriller & Espionage Club, Traditional & Historical Club, British Collectors' Club, and Unclassifiable Club. Each title is a new signed edition, and the British Collectors' Club is especially cool for American readers who want to experience crime books that might not make their way across the pond. Prices start at $99 per quarter for each crime club!

Giftlit Mysteries and Thrillers Club 

The Giftlit Mysteries and Thrillers Club is great for readers who want to stay in the know about the biggest mystery and thriller releases, but also want some flexibility in their picks. Subscriptions start at $85.95 per quarter, and the service tells you upfront which new release is the pick of the month (twelve books are picked in advance, so there's no surprise about what you'll receive). If you're not super excited about the particular book of the month, you can substitute it with Giftlit's back list of mystery picks!


If you like to receive goodies with your book subscription service, Mysterioisity is the pick for you! They offer you one hardcover pick per month, plus a fair trade goodie to consume while you read! Subscriptions start at $29.99 per month!

Murder, She Sent 

If you're all about cozy mysteries and terrific puns, Murder, She Sent is a subscription service for you! At a very affordable $15.95 per month, you will receive a new cozy mystery, exclusive content from the author, plus a handmade bookish item from an Etsy artist!

Chocolate and Book Thriller Subscription - chocolate, book

Chocolate and Book is a British subscription service that, as you might guess, offers a new book and carefully selected chocolate, plus a fun beverage. They offer a Thrillers category for readers who want some thrills and chills in their reading lives! Readers can choose between paperback and hardcover selections, with pricing to match. Thrill Seeker - thriller or cozy

Starting at $9.99 per month, Bookcase Club is an affordable subscription for readers who want to choose between thrillers, cozies, or a mix of both. Readers receive two books each month, making this service a great cost-efficient option if you devour mysteries faster than your library holds can come through!

The Book Hook-Up: Mystery and Suspense 

From the iconic Strand Bookstore in NYC is a subscription service that offers a brand new, signed first edition hardcover, a paperback, and exclusive goodies that go along with the book or are from the Strand merchandise line. The cool thing about this service is that you can get a preview of each month's new release pick, and choose to buy a one-time box, a recurring subscription, or a year-long subscription. Pricing starts at $50 per month!

Just the Right Book 

For a very customizable subscription service, check out Just the Right Book, which allows you to choose between adult, teen, or children's fiction and decide how many books you want to receive and how frequently. Once you've purchased your subscription, you can designate which genres you like to receive in your shipment. You can get started for as low as $29 per quarter!

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Cozy Corner

Welcome to John’s Cozy Corner! This subscription includes one mass market paperback each month, chosen by our resident cozy expert, John. This subscription has been informally available for some time to great success, but we’re now making it official! You or your gift recipient will receive a delightful, non-graphic traditional mystery new release. All selections will be chosen to ensure that you don’t need to have read any earlier books in a series to enjoy the monthly pick.

Please click here to be redirected to the Murder By The Book main website to order. Gift subscriptions are possible and recommended! Your subscription will be auto-renewed unless you notify us otherwise. All books will be shipped via media mail. If you are local to Houston, you can choose the slightly-discounted option for local pick-up.

3 month subscription (including shipping)
12 month subscription (including shipping )

3 month subscription (local pick-up)
12 month subscription (local pick-up)

Texas residents will be required to pay sales tax

Please place subscription orders separately. For instance, if you'd like to place an order for a subscription and a new release or puzzle, place one order for the subscription, and another order for the remaining items.

To see selection from previous months click the links below:
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February 2021 - Cozy Corner
March 2021 - Cozy Corner
April 2021 - Cozy Corner
May 2021 - Cozy Corner
June 2021 - Cozy Corner
July 2021 - Cozy Corner
August 2021 - Cozy Corner
September 2021 - Cozy Corner

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Book Box Subscriptions

Let our experts do the shopping for you!

Monthly boxes sent to your home, chock full of bookish love from our expert staff.  A subscription that you can start and stop at any time.  Four boxes to choose from.

Cozy Mystery box - Three books every month

The books may be the first in a series, the latest in a popular series, a reprint of a classic, or a group of books fitting a cozy theme (like baking or crafting). At least one hardcover or large trade paperback edition included in each box. Each box will include one very new release. Books are picked by Sam, who is a cozy mystery fanatic. 

$40/month, includes shipping and handling











The Better You box - Two books and a gift every month

We know how many of you enjoy learning more about how we as humans understand our own emotional, mental, and spiritual journeys. Let’s explore together with recent releases in  psychology, self help, philosophy, spirituality, and personal reflections. Each box will be themed and include at least one additional item such as tea, candle, special bookmark, journal, etc. Selections will be curated by Alexis, a mom and better living books proponent.


$60/month, includes shipping and handling










Out of This World Book box - Two books every month

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Let’s dive deep into the fantastic with fantasy, science fiction, alternative history, and so much more; in worlds that seem to already exist just at the edge of our imaginations.  We’ll provide at least one hardcover and one paperback of the latest trendsetters, or an underappreciated modern classic, selected by Alex, our librarian and lover of the new world we haven't visited yet.


$40/month, includes shipping and handling




Cozy Book Clubs: Winter 2019

1. Chocolate and book


Price: Starts at £14.66 GBP/month

What's Included: Whether you love thrillers, chick lit, fantasy, sci-fi, romance, young adult, or award-winning fiction, Chocolate and Book has the story for you! To top it off, every box includes goodies like (you guessed it) delicious chocolates and a nice hot drink (like tea or hot chocolate!). Treat yourself as the fall temperatures get cooler!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the UK between the 17th-20th of the month

Buy Now

2. Jambo Book Club


Price: Starts at $20.67/month

What's Included: Every month, Jambo Books sends your favorite kiddo 2 picture books starring multicultural characters and stories. This book-only box is specially curated to feature children's books with inclusivity in mind, so they get to experience brand-new stories every time.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. by the 10th of the month

Buy Now

3. Classic of the Month Club


Price: Starts at £12.00 GBP/month

What's Included: This bookish box centers on a classic novel each month, with beautifully-designed bookmarks and a delicious hot drink of your choice, whether you love a calming mug of tea or literally need coffee to function. Treat yourself to this bookworm box for a relaxing, cozy reading experience!

Shipping: Ships worldwide (except France) from the UK between the 20th-27th of the month

Buy Now

4. Success Crate


Price: Starts at $22.25/month

What's Included: Muse Illuminate offers you the chance to elevate your career every month. This monthly box delivers a professional seminar experience straight to your door, with a motivational bestseller, workbooks, activity sheets, 3-5 bookish goodies, and access to Muse's exclusive webinars. Bring out your inner boss babe with this personal growth box!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on the 18th of the month

Buy Now

5. Caffeine and Legends


Price: Starts at $33.24/month

What's Included: You might love Westeros or Hogwarts, the Wheel of Time series or Station Eleven. But whatever flavor of fantasy fiction you prefer, you'll love Caffeine and Legends! Each monthly box comes with one new fantasy novel and the cozy, warm drink of your choice -- a relaxing tea or revitalizing coffee.

Shipping: Ships within Canada and the U.S. in the first week of the month

Buy Now

6. and the Story Begins


Price: Starts at $14.41/month

What's Included: Read new releases every month with And the Story Begins when you get two hardcover books in the genre of your choice! Each item is carefully wrapped in eco-friendly, recyclable materials for a true surprise. Choose between YA books, fantasy & sci-fi, mystery & thriller, horror (perfect for fall!), or a "surprise" mix of any genres.

Shipping: Ships within Canada and the U.S. by the 20th of the month

Buy Now


Subscription box mystery cozy

Trying to read more, but not sure where to start? There are amazing new works released every week—and a book subscription box may be just the way to connect you with them. These boxes, typically sent on a monthly basis, deliver an array of curated picks based on the genres you love—from YA, to steamy romance, and even some of Oprah's favorites.

In addition to providing cutting-edge reads, these book subscription boxes usually contain other goodies, ranging from coffee beans to self-care products, depending on the one you choose. Some aim to broaden readers' minds: The Alignist, a news-focused box created by journalist Beenish Ahmed, includes a supplemental lesson. Others make ideal companions for kids.

Further, many of these memberships allow you to join online book clubs, so you can chat about that mystery you couldn't put down or that fantasy novel that swept you away. And who can resist a special delivery on their doorstep every once in a while—especially one you can head up to the bubble bath with?

So, for the next special occasion—or just because!—treat yourself (or your favorite book lover) to this truly enjoyable literary gift.

Cozy Mystery eBay Unboxing - 20 + Cozy Mysteries

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