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The Most Stunning News Anchors Ever

The news is depressing most of the time. There are a lot of bad things going on in the world, but one thing that can make the news at least a bit more uplifting is having it read by beautiful news anchors. Below you'll see some local news anchors, as well as TV hosts that have become household names. 

Attractive news anchors tend to distract you just a bit from even the most crippling, awful news. It's a fact of ratings that men watching the news prefer to look at gorgeous female newswomen; hence these lovely ladies in our homes every evening. 

Some hot news reporters on this list are Sandra Smith, Jenna Lee, and Susan Li. Erin Burnett is another pretty news lady. Who do you think are the hottest news anchors to ever grace the airwaves?

Sure, these are sexy news women, but they are not just hot. All the female news anchors on this list are well-spoken and knowledgeable journalists. Now be sure to vote up your favorites!


Top 12 Hottest Female News Anchors

Those days have become the part of the history when the female news anchors were quite dull and unattractive. Nowadays, the time has changed and the number of hot female anchors is increasing on all the news channels ranging from CNN to BBC.

There are lots of female news reporters that are impressing the viewers with their killing looks and astonishing personality. They are capable of transforming even the basic news into an exciting and interesting one.

So, here is the list of top 12 hottest female news anchors 2021 who can without any doubt made in the list of the most beautiful women in the world. Have a look at them:

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12. Courtney Friel- KTTV-TV Los Angeles

Hottest Female News Anchors 2019

Courtney Friel is a beautiful news anchor who presently works for the KTTV-TV. Prior to joining her present job, she worked for GoTV Mobile Television, E! and Oxygen Channel. She has the first taste of fame by posing for the magazines like Maxim and FHM.

She was born on 22 April 1980 in the city of Philadelphia and presently living in Los Angeles, California. She marries Carter Evans in 2005 and had two children together. However, the couple divorced in 2016. Friel is a graduate in Political Science from San Diego State University.

11. Megyn Marie Kelly- Fox News

Hottest Female News Anchors

Megyn Kelly is one of the most experienced journalists in this list of top 12 hottest female anchors in the world. Born on 18 November 1970, she is 46 years of age but hasn’t shown any sign of aging till now. In 2014, Time includes Kelly in the list of the 100 most influential people. She graduates from Law School in 1995 and practices it for nine years before joining the journalism industry.

Some of Kelly’s notable works include presenting shows, such as America Live and The Kelly File. She has married twice and presently living with her second husband Douglas Brunt, who is a popular American entrepreneur and novelist.

10. Robin Meade- HLN TV

Hottest Female News Anchors

Robin Meade is one of the hottest news anchors who has ever joined this industry. Presently, she is working as a lead anchor for the show Morning Express with Robin Meade that airs on HLN TV. She graduates from Malone University in radio/television production and programming.

She is a former Miss Ohio and a runner-up in the Miss America Pageant and even released two music albums, named “Band New Day” and “Count on Me”. Meade received the Young Alumnus Award from Ashland University for her contribution to the broadcasting industry.

9. Tamron Hall- Investigation Discovery

Hottest Female News Anchors 2019

Tamron Hall is a famous broadcast journalist who is presently hosting crime show “Deadline: Crime” that broadcasts on Investigation Discovery. Tamron’s past work includes the American National News anchor for NBC News, a co-host of Today’s Take, day-side anchor for MSNBC, and program host for MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall.

She receives her Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism from Temple University. This beautiful news anchor gets the Lew Klein Alumni in the Media Award from Temple University in 2010. Hall has featured in lots of major news publications that include Forbes, Huffington Post, Ebony Magazine, and Forbes.

8. Alex Wagner- CBS

Hottest Female News Anchors

Alex Wagner is one of the most beautiful news anchors who is presently working for the CBS. She has also worked as a news anchor on MSNBC for their daytime program Now with Alex Wagner. She was born on 4 December 1977 and graduated from Brown University in history and literature in 1999.

Wagner’s past work includes working as an editor-in-chief for the Fader magazine and cultural correspondent for the Center for American Progress. In 2014, she marries Sam Kass, who is a renowned Chef and Nutrition Policy Consultant.

7. Julie Banderas- Fox News

Hottest Female News Anchors

Presently working as a co-host at “Fox and Friends First”, Julie Banderas has completed her graduation from Emerson College. She begins her career by working in small works in Cambridge, Mass. After that, she made her way to the big leagues and finally making a name for herself in New York.

She gains a lot of international media attention because of an on-air clash with former spokeswoman Shirley Phelps-Roper for the infamous Westboro Baptist Church in 2006. Julie replaces the Laurie Dhue as the main anchor of Fox News in 2008.

6. Gigi Stone Woods- NBC News

Hottest Female News Anchors

Gigi Stone is a renowned television anchor who is popular for its exceptional skills and beautiful personality. Gigi is specialised in real estate, media, and entertainment market. She has also worked for Bloomberg TV as a host and co-producer of the popular interview series “Inspiring Women in Business”.

Presently, she is anchoring the Early Today and MSNBC shows at the NBC News. Stone is included in the list of top 10 hottest TV news anchors list of many websites that include,, and

5. Brooke Baldwin- CNN

Hottest Female News Anchors

Brooke Baldwin is one of the most popular journalists and television news anchors who are employed by CNN. Presently, she is hosting the show CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin. Baldwin starts her career with WVIR-TV in Charlottesville 2001 and the later start anchoring for WOWK-TV in Huntington.

In 2008, Brooke joins CNN and since then, she has worked in their numerous ventures that include music program Soundcheck, the final launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis from Kennedy Space Center and much more.

4. Jenna Lee- Fox News Channel

Hottest Female News Anchors

Jenne Lee deserves the spot in the list of the top 12 hottest female anchors due to her astonishingly stunning looks and coherent traits. She started her career by working as a newscaster after getting graduated with a B. A in English and global studies.

Presently, she is working on the Fox News Channel where Lee co-hosts Happening Now with Jon Scott. She marries Lieutenant Commander Leif Babin, who is a former Navy Seal officer in July 2011 with whom she has two children.

3. Ghida Fakhry- Huffington Post

Hottest Female News Anchors

Ghida Fakhry is one of the renowned international broadcast journalists who presently works with the Huffington Post. Previously, Fakhry worked as a lead anchor for the worldwide news channel Al Jazeera English. Additionally, she can be seen as a regular moderator in high-level conferences and panels on global issues that are organised by the United Nations, the World Bank, and NGOs.

Born in 1970, Ghida has completed her Master’s degree from the School of Oriental at the University of London.

2. Susan Li- CNBC

Hottest Female News Anchors

Susan Li is an incredibly beautiful journalist who presently works for the American television channel CNBC. She was born in China, but migrate to Canada as a child. She earned a degree in economics from the University of Toronto. Without any doubt, she is one of the hottest female news anchors on the planet.

Li started her career as a freelancer reporter at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and went on to work with many news channels, such as CCTV, Bloomberg Television, CNBC Asia and CNBC Europe.

1. Melissa Theuriau

Hottest Female News Anchors

Without any doubt, Melissa Theuriau deserves to top the list of hottest female anchors in the world. She is a French journalist who presently works as a news anchor for M6. This French beauty has completed her Master’s degree in Audiovisual Journalism from the Institute of Communication and Media.

Melissa has been named as the most beautiful women in the world, world’s most beautiful news reporter and TV’s sexiest news anchor in the world numerous times.

So, these are the top 12 hottest female anchors in the world in 2021 who appeals most to the viewers. You should scroll down the list carefully for finding out one that mesmerises you the most.

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15 Hottest News Anchors in The World

Those days of news anchoring done by female news anchors being dull and unattractive is passe now. Nowadays we find a lot of hot female anchors on almost all the news channels right from CNN to BBC. These female anchors are just so hot and impress viewers with their killing looks.

The way these female anchors dress up and carry their personalities is just awesome. Today we will discuss 15 hottest news anchors in the world as of 2021.

So please make a note of your favorite news anchor and find your favorite ‘news channel’.

Top 15 Hottest News Anchors In The World 2021

Below is the list of the 15 hottest news anchors in the world in 2021. Check them out right away!

1. Melissa Theuriau – M6, France

There is not an iota of doubt that Melissa Theuriau ranks at number one position in the list of the world’s hottest news anchors. Melissa fits in perfectly with the famous idiom that says France and its beauty is eternal.

Melissa, a french journalist works at channel M6 in France as a news anchor. She brings life to the show. She completed her master’s in Audiovisual Journalism from the Institute of communication and media.

Melissa was named as the world’s sexiest news anchor umpteen times earlier. Melissa launched the charity organization “La Rose” along with five other journalists which help in the education of girls in partnership with UNICEF.

2. Georgie Thompson – Sky Sports

If you are an advert sports fan then ensure sky sports is active on your cable to watch gorgeous Georgie Thompson’s show. She makes sports even more fascinating and delightful with her stunning looks. She studied Broadcast Journalism at the University of Leeds in 1999.

She has covered almost all important sporting events for the network which includes the US Open Tennis, A1 Grand Prix, Grand Prix Masters, Speedway World Cup, America’s Cup, and the 2011 Wimbledon Championships.

3. Alessandra Villegas – Telemundo Mexico

Alessandra Villegas is not just a Venezuelan television host but also a social media personality as well as an actress. She runs a show at Telemundo Mexico and is known for her superb dressing sense.

She is active on the social media site YouTube with her own channel where she uploads her videos about makeup tutorials, vlogs, and hosting credits. She is the owner of the VJ collections company which sells belts, bags, sunglasses, etc. You can follow her on Twitter @alessandraville.

Alessandra was born and brought up in Caracas, Venezuela. She completed her studies in public relations at Broward College. She was the host of the ‘Invasion Caserta’ program telecasted on the ‘Telemundo’ network.

4. Brooke Baldwin – CNN

If you like to watch this beauty queen then tune into CNN Newsroom from 2 – 4 pm to see her talking about the news. She not only has great talent but killer looks as well which makes viewers glued to the screen.

Brooke Baldwin works at CNN which is one of the most prestigious news channels in the USA. Baldwin was born in Georgia. She received her bachelor’s degree in Spanish from the University of North Carolina. Later she did a journalism course from Hussman School of Journalism and Media.

Just a few months back she published her first book, ‘Huddle: How Women Unlock Their Collective Power’.

5. Megyn Kelly – Fox News, NBC News

Megyn Kelly was pursuing her legal career as a lawyer for 9 years before she decided to switch to news anchoring as her career and boys are glad that she did that. Kelly who is indeed very appealing with her deep blue eyes looks really hot when doing her news show.

Well, not sure how the guests who appear on her show concentrate on the issues being discussed!

She worked for Fox News as a talk show host for 13 years from 2004 to 2017 and joined NBC News in 2017. She is active on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube where she shares her videos and pics. She was on the list published by TIME magazine on 100 most influential people in the world.

6. Susan Li – CNBC, Fox Business

Susan Li is presently a news anchor with the Fox business network. She started her career with CBC and later joined Bloomberg television where she hosted a news show called ‘First Up with Susan Li’.  In the year 2012, her show was awarded as the best news program in the Asian television awards. She later joined business news channel CNBC and was co-anchor of the Asia Squak Box program.

Susan Li was born in China but grew up in Canada where she completed her degree in economics from the University of Toronto. She is extremely beautiful and a sight for sore eyes.

7. Ainsley Earhardt – Fox News

Ainsley Earhardt is the anchor and co-host of the American conservative morning news program Fox & Friends. She is associated with Fox News Channel for 14 years now. The impeccable figure of this famous Fox News anchor makes it difficult for viewers to switch to another channel.

Ainsley Earhardt is co-host of various other shows as well on the Fox News Channel like America’s News Headquarters, All-American New Year’s Eve on Fox, and Fox and Friends Weekend.

She graduated from the University of South Carolina with BA in journalism. Ainsley Earhardt had two marriages. She divorced her first husband in 2009 and second in 2018.

8. Anna Kooiman – Fox News

Anna Kooiman is one of the top 15 hottest news anchors who served as anchor and reporter for Fox News Channel (FNC). Anna was co-host of the FOX & Friends weekend program. She used to cover health and fitness along with general assignment reporting for FNC.

In 2016, she left Fox News and moved to Australia with her husband. She started her online fitness business for moms/mums, Strong Sexy Mammas in Australia. Anna is currently working for Australia’s Network Ten.

9. Kimberly Guilfoyle – Fox News

Kimberly Guilfoyle, news anchor at Fox News Channel is one of the hottest news anchors from America. She served as an advisor to Donald Trump, 45th President of the United States when she left Fox news all of a sudden in 2017.

She is a republican and also a member of the Grand Old Party. She has been the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr, the eldest child of Donald Trump.

She worked for 12 years at Fox News and was one of the co-hosts of “The Five” show which telecasts on the channel. In 1994 she received her doctor of law degree from the University of San Francisco School of Law.

10. Courtney Friel – KTLA TV

Courtney Friel is a news anchor and reporter at US-based media company KTLA TV. It is difficult for viewers to look away from her and concentrate on the news as she has got flawless hair and looks like a blonde.

She started her career as a sports anchor and entertainment reporter for GoTV Mobile Television and worked for various networks as a field reporter. She completed her graduation with a specialization in political science from San Diego State University.

11. Ghida Fakhry – Al- Jazira

Ghida Fakhry is hot looking Lebanese-British journalist working as lead anchor for the Al Jazeera English news channel. In 2010, she hosted the award-winning documentary program Witness.

She completed her Master’s degree in Near and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of London in 1996. Ghida Fakhry started her career as media east analyst in the media industry for CNN. She was named among the World’s Most Influential Arabs by Arabian Business Power 500 in the year 2013.

12. Jenna Lee – Fox News

Jennifer Lee was a television news presenter at Fox news channel with stunning looks which makes her deserve a place in the list of the world’s hottest news anchors. Lee started her career as a freelance reporter for the San Francisco community newspaper and then later joined Fox news.

She was co-host of the news program “Happening Now” with her colleague Jon Scott on Fox News. She graduated with a master’s degree from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in the year 2005.

13. Gigi Stone Woods – NBC News

Gigi Stone is a popular TV anchor known for her exceptional skills and pleasing personality.

Gigi worked as host and co-producer for the “Inspiring Women in Business” TV interview series at Bloomberg TV. At present, she is working with the NBC news channel.

14. Julie Banderas – Fox News

Julie Banderas is an American television news anchor presently working as co-host at “Fox and Friends First” for the Fox News Channel. She started her career at WLVI-TV and served in different capacities before joining the big league.

She was in limelight and attracted global media attention as she clashed with the former spokesperson of the baptist church in the year 2006. Banderas completed her graduation from Emerson College.

15. Robin Meade  – HLN TV

Robin Meade is definitely one of the hottest anchors in the news industry to date as she was formed Miss Ohio and also runner up of Miss America pageant. She is presently working as lead anchor for the Morning Express show telecasted on HLN TV.

She in fact released a couple of music albums as well for which she won the regional Emmy Award. She specialized in radio/television production from Malone University and Ashland University in 1991.

With this, we are done with our article – 15 hottest news anchors in the world!


Top 10 Hottest Women News Anchors

Naming hottest women news anchors isn’t especially ground-breaking, but why does anyone need to cite originality as a reason to look at beautiful women? News anchors aren’t all average-looking, bland, on-air talent. It’s quite the opposite in many cases. Some of the most engaging and entertaining news anchors have amazing looks to match. From CNN to Fox News and MSNBC, the newsroom has a stable of hot anchors who make the most basic news stories that much more interesting.

Here, we’ve rounded up the list of top 10 hottest women news anchors right now. Trust us, you won’t want to change the channel.

10. Susan Li

Susan Li Hottest Women News Anchors

Network: Fox & Fox Biz. ex-CNBC & Bloomberg TV.
Twitter: @SusanLiTV

At No. 10 in list of Hottest Women News Anchors is Susan Li. Currently Li is working with Fox Biz. She joined the FOX Business Network as a business correspondent in January 2019. Where she covers breaking financial news based out of FBN’s headquarters in New York.

Previously, Li served as co-anchor of CNBC’s Asia Squawk Box. Then she left CNBC Asia to join its London-based sister network CNBC Europe as co-anchor of Worldwide Exchange where she covered global economic and political issues. A year after Li also joined CNBC US as a correspondent and a relief presenter. Where she hosted CNBC International’s First Class, a luxury travel and lifestyle program.

Prior to CNBC, Li was a Hong-Kong based anchor for Bloomberg Television. After graduating from the University of Toronto, Li worked at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and later as an anchor for CCTV in China. From there she joined Bloomberg TV in 2006 and eventually nabbed her an anchor spot for her own show “First Up with Susan Li” which was awarded Best News Program at the 17th Asian Television Awards 2012. First Up is a comprehensive morning news program that reports on market openings across Asia as well as top news stories from around the world. Li also co-hosts “Asia Edge,” part of Bloomberg Television’s morning line-up for the Asia-Pacific region that features extended interviews with newsmakers as well as comprehensive market coverage.

9. Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly

Network: NBC. ex-Fox News.
Twitter: @MegynKelly
Hometown: Syracuse, N.Y.

The former NBC and Fox News host Megyn Kelly is at No. 9 in our list of hottest women news anchors. Kelly was a news anchor at Fox News from 2004 to 2017, and a talk show host and correspondent with NBC News from 2017 to 2018.

Megyn Kelly was anchors “America Live” a daytime news program on Fox News Channel (FNC), which was launched in February of 2010. She had already established a successful career before making the switch to television. She graduated from law school in 1995 and practiced for nine years before altering her career course. In 2004 Kelly moved to Washington, D.C. for a general reporting position with and ABC affiliate. She later joined Fox News Channel, where she has covered breaking news and reported live from major events, including the Virginia Tech campus massacre in 2007 and the Democratic and Republican National Conventions in 2008.

Kelly co-anchored Fox News Channel’s election night alongside Bret Baier, an evening which delivered more than 12 million viewers and finished second among all of the broadcast and cable networks. She also co-anchored FNC’s primetime coverage of the presidential conventions, along with Bret Baier, live from Tampa and Charlotte. Prior to that, Kelly also co-anchored the network’s 2012 coverage of the presidential primaries, and moderated two GOP presidential debates.

8. Robin Meade

Robin Meade Hottest Women News Anchors

Network: HLN, Morning Express with Robin Meade
Twitter: @RobinMeade

The daughter of a minister, Meade grew up in New London, Ohio and graduated from New London High School is at 8th position in our list of Hottest Women News Anchors. She began her career in broadcasting as a reporter at WMFD-TV in Mansfield, Ohio. She then worked as an anchor and reporter at WCMH-TV in Columbus, Ohio, and at WJW-TV in Cleveland. Later, she got a job as the morning news anchor of WSVN-TV’s Today in Florida and also served as the station’s noon anchor and health reporter.

Meade made her debut on CNN Headline News (now HLN) on Sept. 11, 2001. In the decade since her first appearance on CNN, she has gone on to host Morning Express with Robin Meade on weekday mornings. We don’t doubt she has the proper hosting skills, but the fact that she’s a looker also has something to do with her success.

Meade won a regional Emmy Award for her efforts covering the 1995 collision between a school bus and a train in Fox River Grove. She was nominated for a regional Emmy for her report on how to decrease chances of injury in survivable plane crashes. In 2002, Meade was recognized by Lycos as one of the top 20 most popular television news personalities in the broadcast news industry. In 2004, she was voted “Sexiest Newscaster” by a online poll.

7. Julie Banderas

Julie Banderas

Network: Fox News, Fox Report Weekend
Twitter: @JulieBanderas

Julie Banderas currently serves as a co-host of “FOX & Friends First.” Presented weekdays at 5 AM/ET, the program is an hour-long expansion of “FOX & Friends” and is anchored by a pair of rotating hosts.

Shortly after graduating from Emerson College Julie Banderas kicked off her broadcast career with a modest gig news station in Cambridge, Mass. After earning her reporting stripes, Banderas stepped up the anchor desk at local news stations in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and eventually landed in NYC.

She joined FNC in March 2005 as a general assignment reporter. She later served as the weekend host of “The Fox Report” (Saturday and Sunday at 7 p.m. ET) and co-host of “America’s News Headquarters” (Saturday and Sunday at 4 p.m. ET).

6. Alex Wagner

Alex Wagner

Network: Showtime, CBS News. ex-MSNBC
Twitter: @alexwagner

Alex Wagner is currently the co-host of The Circus on Showtime and an anchor and correspondent at CBS News.

Alex Wagner’s rise to the anchor desk is far from typical. After graduating from Brown University, Wagner tried her luck as a journalist and did pretty well for herself. She took an editorial gig at the Fader, where she eventually became editor-in-chief. She spent four years at the helm before moving on to a non-profit founded by George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and Don Cheadle. In 2009 Wagner made the move to television, where she was the anchor of her own political program on MSNBC, Now with Alex Wagner. Even if you’re not interested in what’s going on in our nation’s capitol, Alex Wagner is reason enough to tune in.

5. Gigi Stone

Gigi Stone

Network: Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg Enterprise
Twitter: @GigiStoneTV

A New York City native, Gigi Stone is a correspondent for Bloomberg Television in New York, where she covers all aspects of business and breaking news for the network, with a specialty in covering the businesses of media, entertainment and real estate. Stone also serves as the co-host of “Bloomberg Enterprise,” Bloomberg Television’s weekly program profiling the CEOs of fast-growing companies.

Stone has reported live on major business news stories for Bloomberg Television, including the Bernard Madoff trial, the UBS tax evasion investigation and the Galleon Group insider-trading case. Prior to joining Bloomberg in 2009, Stone reported on business, finance, and consumer affairs for ABC News where she served as a New York-based correspondent for “Good Morning America,” “World News with Charles Gibson” and “Nightline.” She was also an anchor for “ABC News Now” and “World News Now.”

4. Jenna Lee

Jenna Lee Hottest Women News Anchors

Network: Fox News, Happening Now
Twitter: @Jennafnc

A graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara, Lee obtained her master’s degree from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She is a native of San Francisco.

Jenna Lee made her anchor debut just few years out of college. But when you’re as good looking as she is, how could you not be on the fast track to the anchor desk? That’s not to say she didn’t earn her current position on Fox News, however. Lee also worked for Forbes as a news anchor and report prior to getting her foot in the door at Fox Business Network. During her tenure at the network, Lee made regular appearances on a number of shows, including Fox and Friends and Money for Breakfast. In July 2010 Lee left Fox Business News for sister channel Fox News Channel, where she joined Jon Scott as co-anchor of Happening Now. See, hard work pays. Good looks hep, too.

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3. Brooke Baldwin

Brooke Baldwin

Network: CNN, CNN Newsroom
Twitter: @BrookeBCNN

Brooke Baldwin’s come up was quicker than most. At just 32 years old, Baldwin currently anchors CNN Newsroom at the network’s world headquarters in Atlanta. Before CNN, however, Baldwin started her career in Charlottesville, Va. She worked her way up to and eventually took anchor positions in West Virginia and Washington, DC. In 2008 she got the opportunity to join CNN, where she contributed to Rick’s List hosted by Rick Sanchez, until she took over permanently after Sanchez was fired for allegedly making anti-semtic remarks. If you’re looking for a little afternoon delight these days, tune in to the 2 – 4 p.m. Edition of CNN Newsroom, where Baldwin runs the show.

Baldwin earned a double bachelor’s degree in journalism and Spanish from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While at UNC, she also studied at the Universidad Ibero Americana in Mexico City.

2. Tamron Hall

Tamron Hall Hottest Women News Anchors

Network: MSNBC, NewsNation with Tamron Hall
Twitter: @tamronhall

Tamron Hall is a national correspondent for NBC’s Today. She is a day-side anchor for MSNBC and host of the program NewsNation with Tamron Hall and co-anchors the third hour of Today Show along with Roker, Morales, and Willie Geist.

Tamron Hall always had her sights set on broadcast journalism and wasted no time getting to the anchor desk. After gradating from Temple University, Hall honed her reporting skills in Dallas. However, her gig down South was only a stepping stone to a larger television market; Tamron opted for a more attractive position in Chicago. In 2007 she took her talents to MSNBC, where she served as a general reporter and fill-in anchor. Hall’s ability to host eventually led to her own show NewsNation with Tamron Hall. Where she is not only respected for her intellect but also admired for her stunning looks. At second position in our list of Hottest Women News Anchors.

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1. Courtney Friel

Courtney Friel Hottest Women News Anchors

Network: KTTV-TV Los Angeles
Twitter: @courtneyfriel

At top of the list of Hottest Women News Anchors is an American reporter for KTTV in Los Angeles Courtney Friel. She took on a number of host gigs before settling into her current job as a reporter in Los Angeles, Calif. She began her career as a sports anchor for GoTV Mobile Television. Sh also was a hostess for the World Poker Tour on the Travel Channel and made appearances on E! Entertainment and Oxygen Channel.

Before joining Fox News Channel in 2007, Friel gained notoriety when she posed for FHM and Maxim. After almost five years as a fill-in anchor and general reporter for Fox News, she announced she would be moving to Los Angeles to take on a new gig with Fox affiliate KTTV-TV in L.A. Her eclectic resume only adds to her next-level sex appeal. source:


Anchor hot news

In recent times there have been lots of female news reporters that are very sexy and hot that you get glued to your TV screens watching them speak. They are not only beautiful but they also have brains that is why they captivate and kill their he was really astonishing personalities.

Even if the news they are reporting is not that exciting you still want to hang on to watch them speak.

That is why webbspy is giving you the list of the top 10 most sexy female news anchors in 2021 is very crucial.

Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors In The World 2021

Here is the list for the top 10 hottest female news anchors in 2021:

  • Brooke Baldwin – CNN
  • Betty Nguyen – WPIX
  • Harris Faulkner – Fox News
  • Jenna Lee – Fox News Channel
  • Ghida Fakhry- Huffington Post
  • Susan Li- CNBC
  • Jennifer Lahmers – Extra
  • Katy Tur- NBC News
  • Nicole Briscoe – ESPN
  • Melissa Theuriau – M6 news

14. Pamela Brown – CNNTop 10 Hottest Female News Anchors In The World 2021

Pamela Ashley Brown is an American television reporter and newscaster. Brown works as a senior White House Correspondent for CNN. She formerly worked for ABC Washington, D.C., affiliate WJLA-TV. She is currently 36 years old.

13. Alex Wagner- CBSTop 10 Hottest Female News Anchors In The World

Alex Wagner is one of the loveliest news anchors now working for CBS. She also worked with Alex Wagner as a news anchor on MSNBC for her daytime program Now. Born on 4 December 1977, She graduated in history and literature from Brown University in 1999.

Wagner ‘s previous experience includes working for the Fader magazine as editor-in-chief and the Center for American Progress as a cultural correspondent. In 2014, she gets married a renowned Chef and Nutrition Policy Consultant, Sam Kass.

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12. Julie Banderas- Fox NewsHottest Female News Anchors In The World

Julie Banderas is currently working as a co-host at “Fox and Friends First” and she has completed her Emerson College graduation. She starts her career in Cambridge, Mass, working in small jobs. She made her way to the big leagues after that and eventually made a name for herself in New York. She is beautiful enough to be on the top 10 hottest female news anchors in 2021.

Because of an on-air confrontation with former spokeswoman Shirley Phelps-Roper for the notorious Westboro Baptist Church in 2006, she attracts substantial foreign media attention. Julie replaces the 2008 Laurie Dhue as Fox News’ principal anchor.

11. Gigi Stone Woods- NBC NewsTop 10 Hottest Female News Anchors In The World 2021

Gigi Stone is a famous TV anchor, popular for her exceptional skills and beautiful personality. Gigi is a real estate, media, and entertainment market specialist. She has also worked for Bloomberg TV as the host and co-producer of the popular “Inspiring Women in Business” interview series

At the NBC News, she is presently anchoring the Early Today and MSNBC shows. Stone is included in several websites’ list of top 10 hottest TV news anchors.

10. Brooke Baldwin- CNNTop 10 Hottest Female News Anchors In The World

Brooke Baldwin is one of the most famous TV news anchors and journalists employed by CNN. She is currently hosting the CNN Newsroom show alongside Brooke Baldwin. Baldwin began her career with WVIR-TV in Charlottesville 2001 and then begins anchoring in Huntington for WOWK-TV. she is among the top 10 hottest female news anchors in 2021.

Brooke joins CNN in 2008 and has since continued to work in their numerous ventures including music program Soundcheck, Kennedy Space Center ‘s final launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis and much more.

9. Betty Nguyen – WPIX Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors In The World 2021

Betty Nguyen is a Vietnamese-American news anchor, who is currently at WPIX in New York City. Nguyen has previously worked for NBC News, MSNBC, CBS News, and CNN. She is still beautiful at 45 years of age.

8. Harris Faulkner – Fox NewsHottest Female News Anchors In The World

Harris Kimberley Faulkner is Fox News Channel’s American newscaster and television host. Faulkner joined Fox News Channel in 2005 where she anchors Outnumbered Overtime with Harris Faulkner as well as co-hosting Outnumbered on a daily daytime series.

She is so beautiful at 54 years old. she is definitely astonishing to be in the top 10 hottest female news anchors in 2021.

7. Jenna Lee- Fox News ChannelTop 10 Hottest Female News Anchors In The World 2021

Thanks to her astonishingly beautiful looks and coherent features, Jenne Lee deserves the spot in the top 10 hottest female anchors list. After graduating with a B, she started her career by working as a newscaster. A review in both English and Regional.

She currently works on the Fox News Channel where Lee and Jon Scott co-hosts Happening Now. She marries Lieutenant Commander Leif Babin, an ex-officer of the Navy Seal with whom she has two children in July 2011.

6. Ghida Fakhry- Huffington PostTop 10 Hottest Female News Anchors In The World 2021

Ghida Fakhry is one of the globally known broadcast journalists who currently work with the Huffington Post. Fakhry previously served as a lead anchor for Al Jazeera English, the worldwide news channel. Additionally, in high-level conferences and panels on global issues organized by the United Nations, the World Bank, and NGOs, she can be seen as a regular moderator.

Born in 1970, Ghida graduated from the School of Oriental, University of London, with a Master’s degree. With her killer smile she is worth being on the top 10 hottest female news anchors in 2021.

5. Susan Li- CNBCHottest Female News Anchors In The World

Susan Li is an extremely talented journalist who is currently working for US TV channel CNBC. She was born in China but as a child, she relocated to Canada. She graduated from the University of Toronto with an Economics degree. She is without a doubt one of the world’s best female news anchors.

Li began her career at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as a freelancer reporter and continued to work with many news channels, including CCTV, Bloomberg Television, CNBC Asia and CNBC Europe.

4. Jennifer Lahmers – ExtraTop 10 Hottest Female News Anchors In The World 2021

Jennifer Lahmers is an American television news reporter and news anchor. She is a correspondent on Extra, a syndicated television newsmagazine reporting entertainment news. She is smoking hot at 36 years and is on the top 10 hottest female news anchors in 2021.

3. Katy Tur – NBC News Top 10 Hottest Female News Anchors In The World 2021

Katharine Bear Tur is an American author and broadcaster, working as an NBC News correspondent. Tur is an anchor for MSNBC Live and has reported on Early Today, Today, NBC Nightly News, Meet the Press, WNBC-TV, MSNBC and The Weather Channel for the NBC news platforms.

2. Nicole Briscoe – ESPNTop 10 Hottest Female News Anchors In The World 2021

Nicole Briscoe is an American sportscaster working for ESPN. Originally focused on covering the network’s auto racing, which included stints as NASCAR Countdown host and NASCAR Now, in 2015 Briscoe became a SportsCenter anchor. she is smoking hot at 39 years old and is second on the top 10 hottest female news anchors in 2021.

1. Melissa Theuriau – M6 newsHottest Female News Anchors In The World 2021

Melissa Theuriau certainly deserves to top the world’s list of hottest female anchors. She is a French journalist currently working as an anchor for M6 news. This French beauty also obtained her Master’s degree in Audiovisual Journalism at the Information and Media Institute. Melissa has been named several times as the world’s most attractive woman, the most attractive news reporter in the world in 2021, and the sexiest news anchor on TV.

So, The above listed are the top 10 hottest female anchors in the world in 2021 who appeals most to the viewers, what do you think? drop a comment below.

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Maria Molina biography, hot, legs, divorce, married, husband, age, wiki

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50. Carolyn Mackenzie

MacKenzie started her career as a Rogers TV host in Toronto Living. She moved to Sydney, Nova Scotia where she worked for ATV / CTV News as a videographer, journalist, camera operator, and editor. In 2005, MacKenzie moved to Toronto, where she joined Global Television Network. The following year she was awarded the Edward R. Murrow Journalism Award for excellence in transit coverage. MacKenzie has two children with her firefighter husband Chris. Now she lives in the suburbs of Toronto, Etobicoke. Mackenzie is descended from Malta and Scotland. She works in close collaboration with several charities including Juvenile Diabetes, Micro skills, March of Dimes, and Children’s’ Wish.

49. Tanya Kim

Tanya Kim started her television career as a CTV Chatroom interviewer and a correspondent for Canadian Idol during the first two seasons at MuchMusic.
Kim interviewed Cher, Coldplay, David Bowie, Diddy, Janet Jackson, and Kanye West, who were the icons of great pop culture.
Later, She has become known as a top reporter for entertainment in Canada as a host of etalk. Kim loves charitable work. In various roles, she supports many charities.
She is involved in MusiCan, an organization that provides instrumentation for schools across the country, a Blessings In A Backpack an organization that serves meals for school-age children in Canada and the USA.
Kim visited Zambia in 2008 to launch the “I am powerful campaign” as the spokesperson for CARE Canada.

48. Cheryl Hickey

Cheryl Hickey hosts ET Canada, a Global Television Network entertainment news magazine, which was launched on 12 September 2005. In May 1999, she was a photojournalist and news chopper journalist at the Global Television Network. In 2001, she reported on Global‘s entertainment beat. 10 Wired Days, Hickey produced the festival’s backstage documentary special. The Grammy Countdown in New York City 2004, the Rolling Stones Profit Concert (also called SRSstock), and the Toronto Molson Indy, together with a live pre-show on Canada’s Walk of Fame were some other events covered by it for Global.

47. Danielle Graham

The Canadian entertainment journalist Danielle McGimsie Graham is best known for her CTV’s etalk works. Together, She, Ben Mulroney, Devon Soltendieck, and Lainey Lui hosts the show.

46. Gloria Macarenko

CM is a TV and radio journalist from Canada, Gloria Macarenko. She has been a long-term host or co-host of the CBC Vancouver‘s supper-hour television newscast Between 1989 and 2014. Later, she hosted the local B.C CBC Radio One. She was named one of TVWeek’s 10 Most Beautiful People in B.C. in 2005 and was awarded “Miss PNE“ in 1978.

45. Anjana Om Kashyap

Anjana Om Kashyap is an Indian journalist and anchor. She’s the executive editor of Aaj Tak, a Hindi news channel. She is a popular host in the entire Indian news industry not just Aaj Tak. She is famous for her reporting of the Dabang (dashing) style, even if there is Aaj Tak’s Hala Bol or DO-TOOK News 24. She looks young because her diet, exercise, and lifestyle are maintained by her.

44. Rubika Liyaquat

Rubika Liyaqat is a new name that has become too well known as the anchor in a very short time. Originally from Rajasthan, she is now very popular with debates. For her oratory skills and style, she is popular among Indian audiences.

43. Shereen Bhan

Shereen Bhan is an Indian reporter and anchor of news. She is CNBC-TV18’s Managing Editor. Shereen Bhan has 15 years ‘ experience, including 14 years in corporate tracking, policy news and business events in India.
She’s a social CNBC face. In shows such as ‘Young Turk,’ ‘The Nation’s Business,’ ‘India Business Hour’ and the Turkish Power.’ In the Vogue October 2008 issue, she also ranked among the 50 most beautiful women. In 2009, she was named one of the Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Forum. Femina women’s magazine included her in her September 2005 issue among the 20 Beautiful Faces of the year.

42. Archana Vijaya

Since its inception, this beauty of Kolkata has been an integral part of the Indian Premier League Anchoring Team. In 2004, she started as a model for the TV show “Get Gorgeous” and won the title at the time. She also worked as VJ in the Channel V in Jalak Dikhla Jaa 5. Archana has also its brand of fashion accessories, Label Kiss, and continues to update the trends. She’s one of the most outstanding TV show hosts in the country and first signed up as an anchor for Neo Sports. The shows ‘Tour Diary Extra Deck’ and ‘Cricket… Tadka Marke’ were hosted. In almost all the seasons of the IPL, Archana has been present as long as Sony TV have its broadcasts rights.

41. Sonia Shenoy

The beautiful CNBC TV 18 anchor is Sonia Shenoy. She is renowned for the gorgeous looks and killer smile. During the mid- and after-market hours, she discusses the market and financial news with experts (11:00 am and/or at 16:00 to be precise). There is a large group of fans waiting for her verdict. Many people look forward to hearing her talk every day. Her brown and black hair melts thousands of young people’s hearts throughout the country. Sonia Shenoy interviews stockbrokers and other major stock market professionals frequently.
On Diwali day, during Muhurat Trading 2010, she became even more popular when she presented the best fireworks in a sleeveless saree. It looks like sometimes heart melt is a more sleepless phenomenon than the actual market meltdown.

40. Gabby Logan

She is a British presenter and a former rhythmic international gymnast, best known for her role with BBC Sport and ITV. Between 2009 and 2013, Logan hosted BBC Sports Final Score.
Besides, the BBC has presented many live sports events, including a revived Superstar episode in December 2012 and the London Marathon since 2015.
Sports Personality of the Year has been hosted for the BBC since 2013, and in 2015 she presented the second series of The Edge.
On 19 July 2001, Logan married Kenny Logan, a former Scotland international rugby athlete.
In Kew, south-west London, a couple lives.
Logan bare twins, son Reuben, and daughter Lois after receiving IVF treatment on 28 July 2005.

39. Angela Scanlon

Angela Marie Scanlon is an Irish TV and RTÉ and BBC broadcaster. She first broadcast on Irish TV with several programs on RTÉ, including Oi Ginger! 2013. Before movement into television, Scanlon worked as a stylist and journalist. She has written for Sunday Times Style magazine, Tatler, Grazia, Company, and U Magazine. Her work has appeared in magazines such as Vogue, Elle Japan, Sunday Times Style, Company, and TWIN.

38. Emma Willis

Emma Louise Willis is an English TV, radio, and former model presenter. Willis has featured Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother and the spin-off series Big Brother’s Bit on the Side. Emma Willis is presenting Big Brother and The Voice on our screens. TV fans are fascinated by her incredible choices in fashion and beauty, which often appear on her extremely popular account on Instagram every day. A couple of fabulous Eylure eyelashes enhanced her beautiful almond-shaped eyes. The TV presenter has quickly become an icon of beauty and style, sporting a range of fabulously stylish looks that are extremely popular with her loyal Instagram followers. She has an exclusive edition of high-street superstore NEXT items, but she also enjoys wearing luxury designer labels, especially in her professional wardrobe, Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney, and MSGM.

37. Natasha Kaplinsky

Natasha Margaret Kaplinsky is an English newspaper reader, TV news presenter, and journalist.
She is most known as a Sky News, BBC News, Channel 5, and ITV News studio anchor. Kaplinsky was born in Brighton but lived in Kenya early on, claiming to be fluent in Swahili. NATASHA Kaplinsky is a respected broadcaster that has led some of Britain‘s leading news organizations.

36. Susanna Reid

The English presenter and journalist are Susanna Victoria Reid. Reid, along with Bill Turnbull and Charlie Stayt, co-presented BBC Breakfast from 2003 to 2014. Since 2014, she has co-anchored the program Good Morning Britain together with Piers Morgan and Ben Shephard.
PIERS Morgan asked his co-host, Susanna Reid, to take a saucy naked snap in to celebrate her 50th birthday.

35. Kiki Mordi

Nigerian journalist Kiki Mordi is a media personality, filmmaker, writer, and journalist. She is a reporter for the BBC Africa Eye and head of WFM 91.7.

34. Minna Salami

Minna Salami is a Nigerian journalist who, in her prize-winning MsAfropolitan blog has propagated information about African feminist issues, African diaspora, and Nigerian women.

33. Zain Asher

Zain Ejiofor Asher is a British Nigerian news anchor based in New York City who works for CNN International.

32. Lojain Omran

Lojain Omran is a Saudi Arabian TV Channel presenter and social media and a Bahrain-based show presenter. She is the latest spokesperson in L’Oréal Paris in the region and will feature a range of upcoming product launches of beauty, skincare, and hair care.

31. Jeong Ji Won

Jeong Ji Won is a South Korean reporter.

30. Liu Xin

Liu Xin is host and journalist for the Chinese government-broadcaster of the English-language Chinese language China Global Television Networks (CGTN).
She now hosts a weekday opinion show named The Point with Liu Xin on the state-sponsored channel.
She fluently speaks Mandarin, English, French, German, and Turkish. Liu is married to a Turkish German citizen and the couple has two kids.

29. Hu Weiwei

Hu Weiwei is a Chinese journalist and businesswoman. She is a co-founder of Mobike, a bicycle-sharing firm.

She was born in 1982 in Dongyang and graduated with a Bachelor of Communication from the Journalism Department of Zhejiang City College. Hu has mainly covered tech news on the cars for the Daily Economic News (Chinese business news). Then she specialized in technology news for the Beijing News and Business Value.

28. Mirei Kiritani

Mirei Kiritani is a Japanese actress, model, and news anchor.

27. Kylie Gillies

Kylie Gillies is a seven-network Australian TV presenter based in Sydney. She is the co-host of the Morning show along with Larry Emdur. The famous stylist Donny Galella has pointed out in a social post her ageless beauty. Kylie Gillies has revealed due to her fast-paced family life she is already fit and doesn’t need to hit the gym or roll out the Pilates mat to stay fit. She doesn’t love facials or any extra heavy cosmetics, only has her toes polished. Last year, a 53-year-old Australian TV personality told WHO Magazine she ‘does not feel like a day over 30,’. All the credit goes to her two sons – Gus, 16 and Archie, 14 – and the French family bulldog Pepe. Kylie loves playing with her two sons and dog Pepe. 

26. Wendy Kingston

Wendy Kingston is a TV and news presenter from Australia.
The Queensland edition of Nine’s Afternoon News is now being presented by Kingston.

25. Natalia Cooper

Natalia Cooper is an Australian reporter and presenter currently working as a news presenter and journalist for Nine News.

24. Davina Smith

Davina Smith is an Australian news presenter and journalist, who presented Nine Morning News and Nine Afternoon News and is a news presenter for Nine Network’s Today Extra.

23. Natalie Gruzlewski

Natalie Gruzlewski is an Australian television presenter and one of the star hosts of Channel Nine’s travel show Getaway.

22. Ana Luíza Guimarães

Ana Luíza Guimarães is a Brazilian television journalist and presenter. The reporter appeared for the first time on live television in 1991 in Bom Dia Rio. At UniverCidade in Rio, she began the communication course, considering being an advertiser. Her most prominent reports include Princess Diana’s death, the arrest of Augusto Pinochet, the Chilean military, and the Boat Kiss tragedy.

21. Gaby Lozoya

Gaby Lozoya Most Beautiful weather forecaster and popular online Internet hurricane.
On Instagram alone, Gaby got Millions of Hearts. She is Famous for her Tight Dress and sexy legs.

20. Alessandra Villegas

Alessandra Villegas is one of Venezuela’s most popular television presenters and contestants in the Miss Venezuela pageant in 2008. Every morning Alessandra Villegas, the young and beautiful Venezuelan, co-host Un Nuevo Día. The joy, passion, and love she radiates on a small screen impregnated with the Latino hearts who always look at her. 
She’s more like Venezuelan Kella Ripa the morning show TV hostess of Spanish language television.

19. Massiel Carrillo

Meet Massiel Carrillo is a hot Guatemalan weather reporter who won a whopping 185,000 fans thanks to her figure-hugging outfits.
Massiel Carrillo gives Yanet Garcia a run for her money for the “sexiest weather girl” title.
Massiel certainly knows how to grab attention from her bikini shoots to her wowing in stunning ball gowns.
The talented host does not work just on the weather-presenting TV station, as she a Law and Social Sciences degree.
She works as a lawyer between her on-screen appearances and keeps her fans up to date on social media with her glamorous looks.
Massiel is following in the footsteps of Yanet Garcia, as both were models before landing a job on the as broadcasters
She shows the weather on Televisa Monterry, a Mexican TV channel, and has been loved by viewers for her figure-hugging outfits.

18. Mirella Grisales

Erin Andrews may compete for the world’s most beautiful sports person. And it’s from the border to the south, Meet Grisales Mirella. She’s a model, television host, and actress.  Mirella Grisales one of Instagram’s most popular female soccer figures. Don’t worry about the language barrier. Her charisma, features, and hotness are universal. Multi-time Balon d’Or winner, Cristiano Ronaldoare some of her ex-boyfriends. As if it was not enough to be one of the best soccer players in the world, he has dated one of the most beautiful Colombian women.

17. Yanet Garcia

Thanks to her daily post on Las Noticias Televisa Monterrey, the Instagram senses everyone took a sudden ‘long’ interest in the weather patterns.
The climate in Mexico is obsessed with hotness, a big thanks to Yanet García, everything is possible.
She was named “The Hottest Weather Girl on the planet” and we must agree.
García has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram who always like her sexy Bikini photographs and comment on them.
This girl doesn’t fear showing her curves and we don’t blame her, after all, it obvious.
We couldn’t help but realize that her body is too hot to handle and she got numerous photos of a bikini to prove it.
A warning perhaps, She is going to give you some real body envy.
The 26-year-old shares her workout videos and even shares hints on how to get her back right.
She’s recently performed in the singer PeeWee’s Music Video “Con Tus Besos” and has been featured in Mexican men’s magazine H. Fans are freaked through a scene of her dancing sensually while holding a selfie stick in a bra and panty.
Garcia has dropped another ‘informative’ workout video to motivate her fans ‘to work out’ under global coronavirus lockdown.
She had a message for her huge fanbase a caption saying: “When there’s a will, there are no excuses.”

16. Diletta Leotta

She’s 28 years of age now. She started working on Italian TV in 2010. At the age of 15, she took part in the Miss Muretto 2006 beauty contest, and three years later she appears at the 2009 Miss Italy but was eliminated in the preselections. At the age of 19, she led the 11th Festival of the newly-released Sicilian song on the Antenna Sitilia and the entertainment program in 2010 together with the Salvo La Rosa. Diletta started running soccer programs in 2016. Spectators and soccer players have said that it is much more interesting to watch shows with their participation. Diletta took part in the Italian Beauty pageant before her television career. She now participates as a host in competitions for beauty. She also plays actively in music videos. Her sexy poses are also inflaming Instagram (which can also be seen by scrolling the item), and the number of her fans is rising daily as far as the eye can see.
You’re not going to argue with that if you look at her appearance and figure.
I believe she is one of the world’s most beautiful professional representatives.

15. Sara Carbonero

She was a TV showcase for Telecinco since the beginning of 2000 until her husband Iker Casillas joined FC Porto in July 2015 in Porto, Portugal.
Without a doubt, Sara Carbonero is a lovely person. She looks after herself well and the results are fabulous (as we can all … see). Carbonero ‘s relation with Spanish soccer player Iker Casillas has been with him since 2009. She bore her son, Martín, in January 2014.
In July 2015 Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas move to Porto in Portugal to play for Futebol Clube do Porto, the former Real Madrid goalkeeper.

14. Judith Rakers

Judith Rakers is a German TV and journalist. A journalist and a TV host, this gorgeous German lady had studied journalism, German philosophy, and modern history. She presents and reads the news on many popular German television channels.

13. Ana Cobos

Spanish SportsCaster Ana Cobos (Anita Cobos) is a famous television personality. Her work in the Bein Sports Network is well known. Her famous work in “The Express” gave her outstanding popularity as a thoughtful journalist to supplement her beauty.
Since 2013 Cobos has been involved in the show and rule on specific previews and post-game coverage for the matches. She had experience on sports channels like Marca TV, TVE, and Castilla-La Mancha before joining the Bein Network.

12. Isabelle Ithurburu

On 24 February 1983, the French sportscaster was born in France. The main commentary on Italian rugby was made in sports journalism and television presenters. +In 2009, after Infospor hired her she gained popularity hosting shows such as Sports Dimanche, L’Édition du Soir and La Matinale Sports. She is married to Argentinian rugby player turned rugby coach, Gonzalo Quesada.

11. Adela Úcar

Adela Úcar Innerarity is a Spanish journalist, host, and producer. Adela was chosen to enter a young documentary filmmakers Discovery Channel competition called Reel Race. With five other competitors competing, she has made six mini-documentaries in five weeks, traveling in the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Macao, and Papua, working entirely on her own, on an extremely close budget and a deadline of equal tightness. She won the contest, and for two months she worked in Singapore for Discovery Networks Asia. Since then, she has worked with both British and Spanish teams as a producer in history, travel, and social documentary. Adela visited most of Europe, North Africa, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, and Argentina many times. She has also surfed on the East Coast of Australia, Fiji, and Brazil for 3 months.

10. Anna Kasterova

Anna Kasterova has grown from the unknown to be the leading media figure for Moscow, a Russian journalist and TV presenter.
Anya thinks that anybody’s beauty depends on their mood thats why she always tries to maintain a positive mood.
She had suggestions for explicit photography from men’s magazines, such as Maxim.
She was also asked to take a pose for “Pro Sports” magazine, which is quite unusual for her.
Kasterova rejects such proposals because, among the fans who look at Anna, there are plenty of 13-14-year-old girls.
And she does not want these girls to give an excuse to believe that they can achieve success and career development through undressing.
Kasterova sticks to a sporty, discreet clothing style in everyday life. Preferred makeup — the natural shade of lips and “smokey eyes.”

9. Oksana Fedorova

Oxana Fedorova a Russian fashion designer, presenter, vocalist, performer, model, and former beauty pageant.
Fedorova was a former police officer, apart from her career in the entertainment industry.
She started her career as a model in the entertainment industry before achieving titles like 1999 Miss Saint Petersburg and 2001 Miss Russia.
She went on to win Miss Universe 2002 and became Miss Universe’s first Russian entry.
She began her career in TV after her reign and hosted shows like Good Night, Little Ones! And Boyard: Russia.
In 2007 she was selected as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for numerous projects and participated in several charitable projects.
Although she has been dethroned from beauty contest, she has been named the most beautiful Miss Universe of all time in 2011 by the Global Beauties pageantry and in 2012, the most beautiful woman in the country, by the All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion.

8. Anastasia Chernobrovina

Anastasiya Chernobrovina is a Russian TV presenter, journalist. She has been bestowed with the TEFI Award in 2015.
Initially, she worked as a regional TV journalist in Izhevsk.
In the appointment of The Presenter of the Morning Program on 25 June 2015, Anasrasiya was awarded the TEFI-2015 prize.
She is frequently invited to different popular shows and projects. Anastasiya appeared two times in the Fort Boyard TV game and was involved in Dancing with the stars during the ninth season.

7. Tina Kandelaki

Tina Kandelaki is reported as one of the most powerful women in Russia and a popular opponent of President Vladimir Putin.
Professionally she is a Greek broadcaster, producer, politician, member of the Russian Civic Chamber as well as a co-owner of the Apostol Media Group Company.

6. Valeriya Gavrilovskaya

We’ve seen some very sexy TV anchors, from conservative Tomi Lahren to Mexico’s warmest weather girl — Yanet Garcia.
However, our new favorite is the Russian international news network Valeria Gavrilovskaya of NTV.
If you’re unsatisfied and want to see Valeria’s more, watch her Maxim shoot in the video behind the scenes. The intro is in Russian, but Valeria’s beauty transcends all barriers in the language.

5. Erin Burnett

Erin Burnett is a prominent CNN host and current host of Erin OutFront, now the host of her Show. Before joining CNN, Burnett worked for CNBC and appeared today at NBC’s meeting the press.
She also served as Donald Trump’s advisor in the Celebrity Apprentice and appeared in Morning Joe, and NBC Nightly News.
Burnett was born and raised at Mardela Springs, Maryland, and graduated from Williams College in Massachusetts with a B.A. in Political Economics.
Burnett also played lacrosse and field hockey during his studies at Williams College.
Burnett worked for Goldman Sachs as a financial analyst before turning to journalism on mergers, acquisitions, and corporate finance.
She has also worked as Vice-President at Citigroup and has been a Bloomberg TV stock editor and anchor.
Following more than five years with CNBC, Burnett has been with CNN since October 3, 2011.

4. Jenna Lee

Jenna Lee, a former Fox News Channel anchor where she co-hosted Happening Now with Jon Scott.
Lee had co-anchored with Connell McShane Fox Business Morning Early Morning Business News Program.
She was born to the former National Football League quarterback, Bob Lee, and his wife Janice in San Francisco.
Her sibling, Zac Lee, was also a quarterback professional.
Lee attended a college in Santa Barbara, California University, playing UC Santa Barbara Gauchos softball college in 1999.
Later she attended the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and finished her Master’s degree in 2005.

3. Richelle Carey

Richelle Carey is an American broadcast journalist and is an anchor of Al Jazeera English and was formerly Al Jazeera America’s anchor.
Carey previously served as HLN news anchor and Prime News reporter from May 2006 to June 2013; she joined HLN in KMOV TV St. Louis, Missouri. She was also an HLN reporter. Carey was one of Al Jazeera’s first four anchors.

2. Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly is an American journalist and attorney who served as news at Fox News between 2004 and 2017 and as a host and correspondent for NBC News between 2017 and 2018.
She is currently doing the Megyn Kelly Show podcast and is an active poster on her Instagram page and YouTube channel.
Kelly, born to Edward Kelly (1940-1985), who was a professor at a New York University in Albany, and Linda (DeMaio née), a homemaker at Champaign in Illinois. She is of her mother’s Italian and German descent and her father’s Irish descent.

1. Abby Huntsman

Abigail Haight Huntsman is an American journalist and television personality and the daughter of Huntsman Jr. (former Utah Governor) and Mary Kaye Huntsman.
Huntsman rose to prominence as a host on MSNBC and NBC News. We can only wish for a chance to meet her in person if we are lucky enough, Shes soo beautiful.
for you to enjoy through your day and to satisfy your thirst for its pristine beauty, we chose the best of Abby Huntsman’s charming and riddlesome looks.
She is a talented and skilled reporter who just doesn’t read the media but also investigates the news.
Abby is now a celebrity for making waves in the industry.
She began at the age of 16 and is now one of the leading TV show hosts in the American media sector. Abby Huntsman is a beautiful lady and I’m sure she looks even hotter than in these attractive sensual photos.


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