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Christian Tattoos – the Best Ones to Show your Faith – Christian Tattoo Art

Christian Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes: shoulder, back, ankle, etc. It can be a cross, Jesus, a quote from the bible. These are our favorites. EnjoyA huge population of the worlds describes themselves as Christians. Some take their faith very seriously, so much they want to put it forever in their body through a Christian tattoo. And that’s awesome.

Even though many people believe that Christians are serious and maybe boring people, they can be pretty edgy and as fun as the next one. And they want, as much as anyone, to express themselves freely through tattoo art.

the fun thing about Christian tattoos, is that they help to destroy the old-fashioned idea that tattoos are only for bad guys and low-life. Yes, we have to thank Christians that!

So if you consider yourself a Christian and are interested in a tattoo, this are a few things you should consider:

  • There are PLENTY, and I mean, a lot of amazing Christian tattoos out there, for you to choose from
  • Most of the great tattoos that you’re going to find a very discreet and classy, so don’t worry about unwanted gazing.
  • Tattoos are a great way to remind you of your faith.
  • And if you want a big flashy tattoo, there are a lot of great designs too, and most artists will have their own or create a design for you.

So take a look at this list that we gladly made for you and see for yourself that ink is for everyone and is a beautiful way to show your faith to the world.


1. Christian Words Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

A great number of Christian tattoos are made of quotes and words that are important to the Christian faith. In this particular case, we can see the word “hallelujah” in a person inner elbow. Typography is beautiful and simple, classy and serious, so it is a very respectful tattoo.


2. Walk by Faith Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

As you will notice in many of these  designs, sometimes otherwise regular tattoos become Christian tattoos thanks to the addition of a phrase that shows that the wearer is making a statement of faith. In this case, it belongs to Corinthians 5:7.


3. Crucifixion Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

This is one of the few examples or bigger and more striking design. In this tattoo, the wearer is showing the image of Jesus Christ during the crucifixion.


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4. Jesus Fish Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

The commonly known as Jesus fish is important to Christian culture because of the way this animal is mentioned in the bible, and the fact that many of the disciples were fishermen. There are so many variations of the Jesus fish tattoo that we could make a whole other list of them.


5. White Ink Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

Getting a white ink tatto is another way to keep it simple and discreet.


6. Angel Wings Christian Tattoo

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

Angels are another very important part of Christian culture, as you may already know. Many people choose to get an angel related tattoo, and if you’re looking for something like that, you should totally check out our new angel tattoos list.


7. Died for Me, Live for Him Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

This ankle band tattoo shows the nails that were used during the crucifixion, to remind the wearer that He died for us, and we live for Him.


8. Cross and Flowers Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

There are a lot of designs for cross tattoos, some are very elaborated and detailed and others, like this one, place the detail oriented effort in other stuff that will be next to the cross.


9. Made in Christ Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

This is a cute approach to the Christian tattoos list, in this case the wearer takes advantage of the widely known mark of “made in” and placement of the tattoo, to show that she was made in Christ.


10. Last Supper Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

The last supper is a very important moment in Christian history, and this is an amazing tattoo that shows the classic painting by Da Vinci as a forearm tattoo.


11. He is Bigger than Me Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

This tattoo means “He is Bigger than Me (I)”, and is a very common Christian tattoo, this one is placed on the clavicle.


12. Fé Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

Fé is the Spanish word for Faith and in this beautiful tattoo this word has a few details like the Dove (holy Spirit), the Cross and a Heart.


13. God is Not Dead Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

The line at the top, by itself, gives the same message, but this design placed the actual words too.


14. Fé as a Cross Christian Tattoo

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

As another take of the Spanish word for faith, this tattoo makes the shape of a cross.


15. Christian Musician Tattoo

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

If you belong to the Church choir or are a musician that also loves Christ, you might like this amazing wrist tattoo.

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16. Cross and Roses Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

If you like a ore classic look on your tattoos, you may like this design, is a beautiful example of the cross and flowers, technique is flawless and makes a great bicep tattoo.


17. Faith that moves Mountains

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

“Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”


18. Eternal Faith Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

This design plays with the idea of the eternity symbol.


19. Cross Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

This beautiful cross is placed on the forearm of the wearer, the details are very pretty.


20. Faith. Hope. Love.

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

Maybe your tattoo doesn’t have to be just Christian, but have something that makes it clear that your faith is an important part of your life.


21. Strength Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

This cross tattoo shows the word “strength” in the middle, as a way to say that the wearer finds her strength in God.



Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”


23. Christian Ring Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

This is another way to express your Christian faith with a small and cute tattoo.


24. Floral Cross Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

This is a beautiful design of a cross that’s filled with a floral detail.


25. Upside Down Christian Tattoo

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

This clever design can be read upside down as Jesus Saves


26. Faith Cross Tattoo

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

This cross tattoo has the word “faith” on it, in a very delicate typography that keeps the harmony of the design.


27. Realistic Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

This is an amazing Leg Sleeve tattoo of a very realistic portrait of Jesus Christ.


28. Traditional Cross Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

The traditional style of making tattoos is a very popular trend and aesthetic, and in this case makes a great cross tattoo.


29. Tiny Cross Tattoo

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

This is a very cute and small cross tattoo over the wrist that you may find perfect for you.


30. Crown of Thorns Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

The crown of thorns is another very important symbol for Christians, this is a beautifully done tattoo of it.


31. Hands Praying Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

This is another very realistic and big tattoo.


32. Celtic Cross Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

This cross placed on the back of the wearer is done with a Celtic aesthetic.


33. The Heart of Christ

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

This amazing Sleeve tattoo on a man shows a design made with lots of shadows and details.


34. Heart and Cross Christian Tattoo

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

This is one of my favorites on the list. Is a very cute, simple and small tattoo of a cross and a heart made of dots at the background, but the details of  a lighter stroke near the cross just amazes me.


35. God is Greater than the Highs and Lows

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

This is what the symbols in this Christian tattoo mean.


36. Prophesy Christian Tattoos

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

“He came, he died, he rose, he ascended, he’s coming back” is what is says in this foot tattoo. If you enjoy foot tattoos, take a look at our list of the best one you’ll find online.


37. Humble and Kind

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

This tattoo takes the lyrics of a song: I know you’ve got mountains to climb but always stay humble and kind. Not exactly a Christian tattoo but Christians love it.


38. Three Crosses Christian Tattoo

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

This design resembles the three crosses from the crucifixion passage.



Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

This is from Philippians 4:13 and it says “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”


40. White Jesus Fish Christian Tattoo

Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art


I would like to finish this list with another example of the Jesus Fish tattoos.



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Christian Tattoos - the Best Ones to Show your Faith - Christian Tattoo Art

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Top 23 Meaningful Christian Tattoo Ideas for Women

christian tattoos for women
christian tattoos
Christian tatoo
Christian tatoo
Christian tatoo

According to a tattoo survey, roughly 46 percent of responding residents in the United States have tattoos, ranking the USA third in the world. Previously, tattoos have been viewed as controversial and socially unacceptable. The Christian tattoo certainly wasn’t a thing, thus the absence of Christian tattoo ideas online until recently. In the early 20th century, tattoos were given to those who did not fit into the social “norm” — sailors, those in the circus, and prisoners. However, after the World Wars, many people, including women, documented their support for the United States through tattoos.

While the support for tattoos fluctuated, they have become more normalized since the late 1990s. Currently, tattoos are more common than ever. Statistically, adults that have at least one tattoo actually end up going back and getting more. In a world where masculinity is praised, women have been on the rise to receive more tattoos than men.

What remains today is that tattoos tell a story, whether it is who we want to be, an event that happened in the past that shaped us, favorite Bible verse, Christian sayings, religious quote, or a symbol of something meaningful. There are a lot of things to think about and keep in mind when considering a Christian tattoo. One important step is to think of some potential designs that are meaningful. There are many Biblical tattoo ideas out there. Here are 23 potential Christian tattoo ideas that are God-honoring to get started.

Top 23 Meaningful Christian Tattoo Ideas for Women

              1. Godly tattoos: Crown of Thorns

                christian tattoo

              2. Faith tattoos: God is Greater Than The Highs and Lows Tattoo



              3. Christian Prophecy Tattoo: “He came, he died, he rose, he ascended, he is coming back”

                christian tattoo ideas

              4. Christian tattoo designs: HE > i (He is Greater Than I)

                christian tattoo

              5. Faith tattoos for females: Daughter of The King tattoo


              6. Simple Christian tattoos: A Simple and Pretty Cross on Wrist

                christian tattoo ideas

              7. Small religious tattoos on wrist: A Jesus fish tattoo on Wrist (Galatians 6:17)

                christian tattoo

              8. More tattoo ideas for women: Simplistic Semicolon Cross+Heart Ankle Tattoo

                christian tattoo ideas

              9. Bible tattoo ideas: Cute Faith Hope Love tattoo with symbols


              10. Child of God tattoo: the Here I Am Send Me tattoo (Isaiah 6:8)

                Here I am Send Me christian tattoo

              11. Religious tattoos for women: Faith written into Cross tattoo on wrist

                faith written into cross shape christian tattoo on wrist

              12. Bible Verse Tattoos for females: Galatians 2:20

                galatians-2-20 christian tattoo

              13. More Scripture Tattoos for Females: Matthew 17:20

                Faith Can Move Mountain Matthew 17:20 christian tattoo

              14. Faith tattoos for females: By Grace (Ephesians 2:8)

                By Grace christian tattoo

              15. Jesus name in cursive tattoo
                Jesus name is cursive christian tattoo design

              16. Walk by Faith, Not By Sight tattoo on foot:  2 Corinthians 5:7

                walk by faith, not by sight christian tattoo on foot

              17. Be Still tattoo: Psalm 46:10

                Be Still Forearm christian tattoo

              18. Redeemed tattoo (I am Redeemed. I am set free.)

                i am redeemed christian tattoo

              19. Love Never Fails and cross tattoo. (1 Corinthians 13:8)

                Love Never Fails Christian Tattoo

              20. Forgiveness tattoo. 70 x 7. (Matthew 18:21-22)

                70 x 7 forgiveness christian tattoo

              21. Subtle Letter J with a heart tattoo (J for Jesus)

              22. Small Christian tattoo: Love the simplicity of this cross.
                christian tattoo ideas cross

              23. Agape in Greek
                agape in greek christian tattoo

            Picking out the right Christian tattoo from all the Christian tattoo ideas out there can be a tough decision, so consulting and snooping around might be helpful in order to solidify your choice. There are many ways to keep God at the center of our focus, and these potential ideas, if one cool Christian tattoo stands out to you, it can be a nice reminder throughout the day.

  1. Spokane human society
  2. Wilmington il weather forecast
  3. Indiana university knowledge base

One big question related to Christian tattoos is that whether or not a true Christian should get tattooed? In fact, many Christians wonder if it is biblical to get tattoos or not? I would say that it’s all about faith. There are many Christianity related to tattoos designs and ideas. Here we present you 50 best Christian tattoos for men and women –

galatians 2 20 tattoo

god is greater than the highs and lows verse

1. Cross and Bible verse are among the top Christian tattoos ideas right before the praying hand tattoo design.

he is greater than i tattoo

Christian Tattoos

traditional jesus tattoo

jesus forearm tattoo

last supper tattoo

fruit of the spirit tattoo

2. The most common Christian tattoo design is the cross tattoo. There are various designs of cross tattoo itself.
Amazing And Cool Christian Tattoos Design

3. This shield tattoo design is way more meaningful than most Christian tattoos that you would come across online. The mark on the shield indicates that it faced many attacks but it remained intact just like true Christians.
3D Christian Tattoos Design And Ideas

4. Instead of quoting a biblical verse you can even get the psalm number inked on your body. They will go along with any tattoo design.
Anchor With Christian Tattoos Design

5. If you lost your Christian friend or relative then you can have a memorial tattoo inked along with the date of his/her death.
Anchor With Christian Tattoos Ideas

6. Bible introduced many angels to humanity and you can get your favourite angel inked on your body.
Angle Christian Tattoos Ideas

7. I do not understand the reason of adding illuminati eye in this Christian tattoo design.
Awesome 3D Christian Tattoos Design On Biceps

8. Along with the cross tattoo design you get the name initials of your loved one inked around it.
Beautiful And Cool Christian Tattoos Design And Ideas

9. If you learned about faith and Christianity from your parents then you should probably dedicate a tattoo to them.
Beautiful Girls Christian Tattoos Design And Ideas

10. Another popular Christian tattoo design is the angel wings tattoo that you can try on any part of the body. However, they would look amazing on back or shoulders. You can read about these ancient christian symbols and their symbols before you choose your tattoo design.
Beautiul And Cool Christian Tattoos Design For Women

11. As I said cross tattoo designs have many different variations and versions but I think the celtic cross tattoo design is the coolest among them all.
Best 3D Christian Tattoos Design On Biceps

12. Cross tattoo looks better as single design. But if you want a modification then try adding beads to it. You can add Rudraksha to it if you know what it means.
Best HD Christian Tattoo Design And Ideas

13. One of the best words described and taught by bible is freedom. You can have it inked on your wrist or fingers.
Better Small Christian Tattoo Design On Middle Fingers

14. There are many bible verses that will make cool Christian tattoos and I think you have to research a lot to find the perfect quote for yourself.
Bible Tattoos Design On Hands

15. Does this Christian tattoo design hold a special meaning? What I can see is a devil-like a figure wearing a cross around it. What do you say?
Birds And Christian Tattoos Design

16. Jesus is our lord, our savior. So why not show this through an impressive tattoo design.
Black And White Christian Tattoo Design

17. One smart Christian tattoo idea would be to get a biblical verse inked on your wrist or forearm with impressive font like this.
Amazing Grace Tattoos Design On Hands

18. If you opt for a bible verse then make sure it doesn’t have a double meaning because you wouldn’t want people to interpret the wrong message from it.
Christain Quotes Tattoos Design And Ideas

19. Jesus Christ took a lot of pain on himself to save humanity. You can show it in a tattoo design too.
Christain Quotes Tattoos Design For Men

20. This bible verse tattoo will suit almost every girl in the world and I would highly recommend it to girls who have faith in Christianity.
Christian And Quotes Tattoos Design

21. If you are an equally patriotic and religious person then you would surely love this tattoo design of bald eagle and a bible.
Christian Bible Tattoos Design And Ideas

22. Usually people opt for large praying hands tattoo design on chest or back but you can also go for small size tattoo of praying hands on forearms or wrist.
Christian Small Pray Tattoos Design And Ideas

23. You can also add mathematical symbols to your Christian tattoo design to show that faith is above everything.
Christian Tattoo Design And Ideas For Neck

24. One problem for a religious person is that he faces mockery from a lot by atheists. You can get a tattoo that reminds you to keep your faith stronger.
Christian Tattoos Art Design And Ideas

25. While I would highly suggest getting a necklace style cross tattoo or a bracelet cross tattoo but few people also admired the idea of anklet cross tattoo designs.
Christian Tattoos Design On Foot

26. With your Christian tattoo design you can send a clear message to people that you have high faith in god.
Christian Tattoos Design On Stomach

27. Bible accounts a lot of heroic battles and fights. You can get your favourite biblical hero tattooed on your arm or chest.
Christian Tattoos Images

28. There are many quotes that one should follow in life. Many of these quotes are inspired from bible and here is one such quote.
Christian Tattoos Parlors

29. Even though this Christian tattoo design needs a lot of improvement but the quote in this tattoo is very good.
Christian Tattoos Pictures

30. Cross tattoo design will suit both girls and boys. Here is one cross tattoo design for women.
Colored Christian Tattoo Design And Ideas

31. If you have thick forearms then I would strongly suggest you to get a cross tattoo on it.
Cool Christian Tattoos Design And Ideas

32. You can also try a realistic cross tattoo design but the size of the tattoo will also matter a lot.
Cross Christian Tattoos Design And Ideas

33. You can also get your zodiac sign inked on your wrist or forearm in a stylish way like this.
Dark Black Christian Tattoo Design And Ideas

34. You can also try a large size realistic portrait tattoo of Lord Jesus Christ. Here is one on the shoulder of this boy.
Full Size Christian Tattoo Design And Ideas

35. Michelangelo painting ‘Creation of Adam’ is also considered a good option for Christian tattoo. Bible states that Adam was the first person created by god.
Heartwarming Christian Tattoo Designs And Ideas

36. If you have seen Monty Python and the Holy grail then you surely knows what this tattoo design means.
Jesus And Lighthouse Christian Tattoos Design

37. This Jesus Christ tattoo design is inspired from the popular film ‘the Passion of the Christ’ which was directed by Mel Gibson.
Jesus Christ Portrait Tattoos Design And Ideas

38. Here is one cool Christian tattoo idea where the portrait of Jesus is inked between the cross tattoo.
Jesus Christ Tattoo Design On Men Backside

39. This tattoo of Mary (mother of Jesus) would have looked better alone.
Jesus Christian Tattoos Design And Ideas

40. I do not understand why the tattoo artist did not added eyes to this Christian tattoo design.
Jesus Tattoo Design And Ideas

41. Jesus gained millions of followers in his lifetime but Mary Magdalene is considered as his most devoted follower ever.
Latest Christian Tattoo Design And Ideas For Boy

42. You can also opt for a simple Christian tattoo idea that has only one word such as Grace or faith.
Little Christian Tattoo For Girls

43. You can also try a bible verse tattoo design on your arm along with a heartbeat sign.
Lovely Christian Tattoo Design And Ideas

44. This tattoo design of lord Jesus Christ could be improved a lot but I would appreciate the artist for giving angelic looks to this design.
Most Beautiful Jesus Christ Tattoos Design

45. If you want a temporary Christian tattoo design then you should try henna or mehandi for it.
Nice Christian Tattoos Ideas

46. Christian tattoo design can also be used as cover up tattoos because they have very detailed design.
Roman Christian Tattoos Design And Ideas

47. For girls I would highly recommend to ink a small size cross tattoo design on wrist or forearm.
Small Christian Tattoos Design And Ideas

48. Christian tattoo design can also be used by couples and siblings. You can try this matching Christian tattoo design.
Tiny Christian Tattoos Design And Ideas

49. One of the most beautiful cross tattoo design would be the bracelet cross tattoo that could be used by both men and women.
Top Christian Tattoos Design And Ideas

50. People also opt for hipster Christian tattoo design. Here is one for you.
Trinity Knot Tattoo Design On Hands

3d Christian Tattoos

Amazing Christian Tattoos

Ancient Christian Tattoos

Awesome Christian Tattoos

Badass Christian Tattoos

Beautiful Christian Tattoos

Best Christian Tattoos Designs

Best Christian Tattoos

Celtic Cross Christian Tattoos

Christ Name Tattoos

Christian And Tattoos

Christian Angels Tattoos

Christian Arm Sleeve Tattoos

Christian Arm Tattoos

Christian Armband Tattoos

Christian Back Tattoos

Christian Bible Verse Tattoos

Christian Bicep Tattoos

Christian Chest Piece Tattoos

Christian Chest Tattoos Designs

Christian Chest Tattoos

Christian Cover Up Tattoos

Christian Cross Tattoos For Men On Arm

Christian Cross Tattoos On Forearm

Christian Cross Tattoos

Christian Crown Tattoos

Christian Dove Tattoos

Christian Fish Tattoos

Christian Foot Tattoos

Christian Forearm Tattoos

Christian Full Sleeve Tattoos

Christian Half Sleeve Tattoos

Christian Hand Tattoos

Christian Inspired Tattoos

Christian Lamb Tattoos

Christian Leg Tattoos

Christian Lion Tattoos

Christian Name Tattoos

Christian Neck Tattoos

Christian Quarter Sleeve Tattoos

Christian Quote Tattoos

Christian Quotes Tattoos

Christian Religious Tattoos

Christian Rib Tattoos

Christian Saying Tattoo On Arms

Christian Saying Tattoos

Christian Sayings Tattoos

Christian Scripture Tattoos

Christian Shoulder Tattoos For Men

Christian Shoulder Tattoos

Christian Sleeve Tattoos

Christian Sword Tattoos

Christian Symbol Tattoos

Christian Symbols Tattoos

Christian Tattoos Design For Men

Christian Tattoos Designs

Christian Tattoos For Females

Christian Tattoos For Girls

Christian Tattoos For Guys

Christian Tattoos For Men

Christian Tattoos For Women

Christian Tattoos Ideas For Men

Christian Tattoos Ideas

Christian Tattoos Men

Christian Tattoos Sleeve

Christian Tattoos Sleeves

Christian Tattoos Small

Christian Tattoos With Meaning

Christian Tattoos Women

Christian Three Cross Tattoos

Christian Traditional Tattoos

Christian Tribal Tattoos

Christian Verse Tattoos

Christian Women Tattoos

Christian Word Tattoos Design

Christian Word Tattoos

Christian Wrist Tattoos


Cool Christian Tattoos For Guys

Cool Christian Tattoos

Coolest Christian Tattoos

Cute Christian Tattoos

Good Christian Tattoos

Great Christian Tattoos

Male Christian Tattoos

Meaningful Christian Tattoos

Men Christian Tattoos

Mens Christian Tattoos

Pictures Of Christian Tattoos

Popular Christian Tattoos

Praying Hand Christian Tattoos

Prayong Hand Tattoos On Arms

Simple Christian Tattoos

Small Christian Tattoos For Men

Small Christian Tattoos

Tattoos Christian

Tattoos For Christian Guys

Top Christian Tattoos

Unique Christian Tattoos

Women Christian Quote Tattoos

Which Christian tattoo design you liked the most?


29 Best Christian Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Christians believe that the relationship between man and God is natural and the belief of a Supreme Creator is universal. By getting their bodies tattooed with Christian tattoos, they glorify the Great Being. Christians consider the act of getting tattoos as the most faithful way to praise Jesus Christ and bring Him in their lives. Similarly, Christians believe that Christian tattoos enhance their faith and also display that how proud they are of their faith.

Below is a collection of top 30 Christian tattoos for men and women.

1. Jesus Christ Portrait

Jesus portrait tattoo on arm

image credit

Portraits of Christ are mostly linked with his crucifixion. A halo or a crown of thorns are mostly found in such tattoos.

2. Christian Shield Tattoo

cross shield tattoo

image credit

The scratches on the shield specify that many attackers have tried to destroy it but it was unharmed exactly like Christians.

3. Praying Hands with Christian Proverbs

praying hands tattoo on chest

image credit

These tattoos are expressive quotes and proverbs from the Bible that hold a special meaning for the person wearing it.

4. Basic Cross Tattoos

cross tattoo on ring finger

image credit

Cross Tattoo on wrist

image credit

The cross is undoubtedly the most popular Christian tattoo. These minimalist tattoo designs are trending nowadays.

5. Traditional Cross Tattoos

traditional cross tattoo

image credit

These universal tattoos never go out of style. A wooden cross is the most famous tattoo out of all the other traditional cross tattoos.

6. Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus

virgin mary holding jesus tattoo

image credit

This tattoo symbolizes love and represents the belief of Christians to a greater extent.

7. 3D Cross Tattoo

3d cross tattoo half sleeve

image credit

These modern tattoos have a cool 3D touch to them.

8. Guardian Angel Tattoo

Guardian Angel Tattoo on back

image credit

In Christianity, Angels are God’s messengers and guardians for humans. These tattoos signify protection and guidance.

9. Praying Hands Tattoo

praying hands with rosary tattoo

image credit

This tattoo characterizes the significance of prayer and how only God can help you when you are in trouble.

10. Bible Verse Tattoos

bible verse tattoos on back

image credit

The verses that have special meanings turn out to be great tattoos.

11. Jesus Fish / Ichthys Tattoos

jesus fish tattoo ichthys tattoo

image credit

These tattoos symbolize strong faith in God and Christianity.

12. Rosary Tattoos

rosary tattoo on ankle

image credit

rosary tattoo on wrist

image credit

These tattoos are considered sacred. They represent the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

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13. Holy Bible Tattoos

bible tattoos

image credit

These tattoos symbolize the word of God and its importance.

14. Prayer Tattoos

prayer tattoos

image credit

Prayer is an important part of Christianity and these tattoos are believed to provide strength.

15. ‘Agape’ Tattoo

agape tattoo

image credit

Agape is a Greek word that means God’s love.

16. Virgin Mary Tattoo

virgin mary tattoo

image credit

These tattoos illustrate devotion, faithfulness and purity.

17. Nail Cross Tattoo

nail cross tattoo

image credit

These tattoos display the agony Jesus had to go through to save mankind.It also represents resurrection and crucifixion.

18. Floral Cross Tattoo

floral cross tattoo

image credit

These tattoos represent growth, life and vitality in reference to Christianity.

19. Hallelujah Tattoo

hallelujah tattoo

image credit

Hallelujah means”praise Jah” or “praise Yah. The word “hallel” in means a blissful praise to claim in God. These tattoos mean that you praise the Lord.

20. Eight-pointed Star Tattoo

eight pointed star tattoo

image credit

Eight-pointed star is the star of revitalization and represents Baptism. These tattoos display redemption.

21. Holy Trinity Tattoo

holy trinity tattoo

image credit

The trinity tattoos highlight the harmony of the three forces. They also symbolize the love of God around the Holy Trinity.

22. Grape Tattoo

grape tattoo

image credit

These tattoos signify the “good fruits”of a life of a Christian.

23. Psalm Tattoos

psalm tattoos

image credit

lead me to the rock that is higher than i

image credit

Just like Biblical verses, Christians get meaningful verse of Psalms inked on their bodies.

24. Lost Loved Ones Initials and Cross

cross tattoo with initials

image credit

If you have lost a loved one, you can get a Christian tattoo with their initials.

25. Christian Words Tattoos

in christ alone tattoo

image credit

let god tattoo

image credit

These tattoos include simple and basic significant words of Christianity.

26. The Holy Chalice Tattoos

chalice tattoo

image credit

Many Christian get this tattoo inked since it is believed that this chalice was used by Jesus on the Last Supper.

27. Sacred Heart Tattoos

sacred heart tattoo

image credit

These tattoos represent the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ that was devoted towards humanity.

28. Dove Tattoos

Dove Tattoos

image credit

Dove is a symbol of purity and peace, which indicates the peace and purity the Holy Spirit carries.

29. Crucifix Tattoos

jesus christ crucifixion tattoos

image credit

These tattoos are reminder to Christians about what Christ sacrificed just for the sake of their forgiveness.

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Top 101 Christian Tattoo Ideas- [2021 Inspiration Guide]

Faith is an asset that devout men carry at all times, and a Christian tattoo will bring God out on every occasion. While ink may seem like part of the counterculture, these holy visages prove that body art is really for the believers!

Christian tattoos just keep gaining popularity, and it’s not just crosses or crucifixes. Theological imagery is presently being shaped into some of the most thrilling artistic designs ever conceived.

These iconic scenes include famous encounters with apostles and classic portraits of Jesus. A picturesque emblem of spirituality will keep you on the right path and remind you not to stray. It may even absolve your sins to open the gates of heaven.

Of course, copious Christian tattoos are comprised of passages from the Bible. Scripture can have profound personal meaning, so an enlightened man should pick the prayer that is most significant to him. Psalms make especially quotable Christian tattoos, but you have free reign to select text from The Old Testament and The New Testament.

Can you believe that there are finally tattoos that the Lord personally approves? Let’s all collectively say, “Hallelujah!” To celebrate this progressive trend in fashionable worship, just peruse the following catalog of Christ-friendly ink jobs!

1. Forearm Christian Tattoos

Ideas For Christianity And Tattoos For Men Of Prayer

Mens Nail Through Hands Jesus Inner Forearm Christian Mens Tattoo

Coolest Christian Tattoos For Men Last Supper

Manly Christian Tattoo Designs For Men On Inner Forearm And Wrist

Small Mens Christian Tattoo Ideas

Tattooed Christian On Man

Noahs Ark Christian Male Tattoo Design

Outer Forearm Christian Tattoo Sleeves For Men Angel With Cross

Guy Schristian Tattoo Art On Arm

Man With Amazing Christian Tattoos

While many people get wrapped up in the design and significance of a tattoo, another component of any good tattoo that requires just as much consideration is the placement. For many people, professional settings and the attitudes of family members are important factors that must be considered before applying ink.

The forearm is a great location for tattoos because of the wearer’s ability to dictate when the tattoo is visible or not. Out at the bar, drinking some beers with the boys? Let it all out. Going to church on Sunday with grandma? Roll down the sleeves and spare her sensibilities. These are great Christian tattoos that look perfect on the forearm.  

2. Christ on the Cross Tattoos

Color Male Christian Forearm Tattoos

Jesus Nailed To Cross Christian Forearm Tattoo For Men

Christian Wrist Tattoo On Males

Mens Christian Tattoo Ideas

Mens Christian Tattoos Of The Holy Cross

Mens Christian Warrior Tattoos Of Jesus On Cross

Small Mens Christian Tattoo On Upper Shoulder

Bicep Male Tattoos With Christian Meaning

Perhaps the most definitive concept in the Christian tradition is the sacrifice that Jesus made. By allowing himself to be crucified, Jesus was able to fulfill the prophecy and allow Christians to receive forgiveness from God. His sacrifice for mankind was made even more dramatic by the fact that it was mankind who had tried, sentenced and executed the very person who was dying to save them. 

Given the significance this event holds, it is no wonder that it has been the inspiration for countless works of art, including tattoos. One interesting tattoo trend places Christ on the forearm and uses forced perspective to create a depth that allows the wearer’s own hand to appear to be Jesus’. This creates a bond between Jesus and the wearer that is instantly recognizable.  

3. Upper Arm Christian Tattoos

Guy Schristian Religious Tattoos

Christian Tattoo Quotes Men On Bicep

Chest And Shoulder Awesome Christian Tattoos For Men

Jesus Christian Shoulder Tattoos For Males

Creative Christian Tattoos Men Upper Arm Cross

Male Tattoo Christian Ideas

Man With Half Sleeve Christian Tattoos


Masculine Christian Word Tattoos

Meaningful Christian Tattoos On Gentleman

Mens Christian Faith Tattoos

Mens Christians And Tattoos Of The Last Supper

Mens Christian Tattoo Designs

Upper Arm Half Sleeve Christian Tattoo Symbols For Gentlemen

Man With Christian Arm Tattoos

Christian Scripture Tattoos Ten Commandments

Christian Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Males Crown And Wings

For centuries the upper arm has been a popular spot to get tattoos for a number of reasons. First off, the larger size in comparison to the forearm makes it a good choice for bigger tattoos. The musculature of the biceps and triceps also provide artists with natural lines that can be incorporated into a design. Finally, the placement higher on the arm gives the wearer even more discretion regarding who can and cannot see their ink. These pieces show just how appealing Christian tattoos can be when placed on the upper arm.  

4. Full Sleeve Christian Tattoos

Holy Bible Christian Sleeve Tattoo For Men

Full Sleeve Christian Quote Tattoo For Men With Cross

Full Sleeve Christian Tattoos Designs On Men

Sleeve Christian Tattoos Ideas For Men

Tattooed Male Christians Designs

Mother Mary Christian Sleeve Tattoos For Men

Man With Christian Tattoo Sleeve

Christian Jesus Tattoo On Males Full Seeve Jesus

Christian Cross Tattoo On Guys With Quote

Some people get tattoos on their bodies with little thought of how the disparate pieces will be incorporated into a larger design down the road; and there is nothing wrong with that. For others however, they choose to get large, cohesive tattoos in which all the elements and images work together to create one, unified design. 

These full arm, Christian sleeves are perfect examples of this strategy. The arm is perfectly suited for these large pieces thanks to the way an artist can use the natural lines of the arm to draw the eye up and down the entirety of a piece, making for a more dynamic tattoo in the process. 

5. Back Christian Tattoos

Christian Themed Tattoos On Man

Back Cool Christian Tattoo Ideas Men

Tattoo Ideas For Men Christian

Mother Mary And Baby Jesus Christian Symbols Tattoos For Men

Christian Back Tattoos On Guys

Christians Tattoos On Men Full Back

Christians With Tattoos For Men On Back Of Cross

The back is the largest single canvas on the entire body, and because of this, the big, uninterrupted skin of the back is the best choice for massive tattoos. These artists use an excellent application of black ink and gray wash shading to create gorgeous tattoos that use a photo-realistic approach along with a complex, collage like composition to capture a variety of scenes found in the stories of the Bible. Jesus, his mother Mary, and the Twelve Disciples can all be found in these stunning pieces inspired by the Christian tradition.

6. Side and Chest Christian Tattoos

Christian And Tattoos For Males On Rib Cage Side

Realistic Male Simple Christian Tattoos On Chest

Male Christian Chest Tattoos

Chest Stomach Mens Christian Tattoo Of Jesus And Skulls

Christianity Tattoos For Men On Upper Chest

Christian Hebrew Tattoos For Men David And Goliath

A growing trend in the tattoo world sees more and more people using the side of the torso as a canvas on which to apply ink. Besides the back, the side is one of the larger canvases on the body and it is interesting for a couple reasons. The shape of the chest, rib rage and stomach provide the artist with plenty of interesting lines to incorporate into the tattoo while having Jesus “on your side” adds another layer of depth to this placement.

The chest is also a popular place for Christian tattoos thanks to the opportunity to place these deeply personal images directly above the wearer’s heart. These pieces are great examples of how appealing Christian designs can look on the chest and side.  

7. Hand Christian Tattoos

Christian Symbol Tattoos For Men On Hand

Guys Christian Bible Tattoo On Hands

Guys Christian Hand Tattoos Of Cross

Not so long ago having tattoos on your hands meant that you were either a criminal or a sailor. This is no longer the case. With the global popularity and changing social stigma surrounding ink, more and more people are choosing to get tattoos on their hands, and these Christian designs are great examples. From pieces pulled from American traditional flash sheets, to more stylized, black and gray approaches, the variety of tattoos that can be successfully applied to the hands is surprising.  

8. Leg Christian Tattoos

Christian Armband Tattoos For Males With Quote

Incredible Christian Tattoo For Mens Leg Sleeve

Christian Dove Tattoos For Gentlemen Full Seeve

The legs are another location for tattoos that seems to be growing more popular in recent years. Some people prefer to get leg tattoos because of their ability to dictate who sees their ink and who doesn’t; other people are just continuing on their quest to cover their entire bodies in tattoos. Whatever the reason, the legs make great canvases for a few reasons.

First off, there are different locations, from the calves and ankles, to the much bigger thigh muscles that can accommodate larger designs, the make legs a great choice. The legs also serve as the foundations for the rest of our bodies, adding to the significance when getting important images like these Christian designs applied to the legs.  

9. Negative Space Christian Tattoos

Manly Christian Cross Tattoo Designs On Wrist

Male Unique Christian Tattoos Stars To Heaven

Christianity Male Tattoo Of Heaven

Christian Wrist Tattoos For Men

Cool Christian Tattoos For Men

When using black and gray, an artist is limited by the color scheme so they must be clever in their approach in order to create an interesting tattoo. The use of negative space is absolutely paramount in terms of creating a black and gray tattoo that can still catch the eye and turn heads. 

The fully saturated black ink creates the darkest tones in a piece, while the untouched skin provides the negative space that makes up the other end of the spectrum used for the highlights. These Christian designs are excellent examples of how important negative space is when creating one of a kind black and gray tattoos.  

10. Virgin Mary Tattoos

Christian Based Tattoos For Guys Woman Praying With Rosary

Creative Christian Tattoo Ideas For Men

Tattoos Christianity On Male

After Jesus, the Virgin Mother Mary is probably the single most important figure in Christianity. In some traditions—Mexican Christianity specifically—Mary is given importance that almost eclipses that of Jesus. The Immaculate Conception is one of the most important stories in Christianity and is reenacted in Churches around the world every year on Christmas Eve. 

The Virgin Mary is the archetypal mother figure, forever available to listen to those who have lost their way, encouraging them to return to the flock. It is no wonder that she is such a popular subject for Christian tattoos and these pieces demonstrate how appealing these designs can be.  

11. Jesus Tattoos

Christian Half Sleeve Tattoos For Men Of Jesus

Symbolic Christian Male Tattoo Designs

Guy With Christian Symbols Tattoo

Small Christian Mens Tattoo Design Inspiration

Inner Forearm Jesus Christian Tattoos For Guys

Small Christian Tattoos For Men On Bicep

Jesus Thorns And Candle Christian Tattoos For Men

Male Tattoos For Christians

Mens Cool Christian Tattoos

While many people associate Jesus with his ultimate sacrifice and the gruesome scene of Christ on the Cross, the Bible is full of stories that highlight the peaceful and compassionate teachings that epitomized Jesus’ message. 

Jesus was a man that had all the different characteristics and flaws of one: from washing his disciple’s feet, to overturning the money changers at the temple, Jesus was undeniably human. Thanks to talented artists, these designs perfectly capture the different facets of Jesus Christ while creating gorgeous tattoos at the same time.  

12. Praying Hands Tattoos

Rosary Hands Praying Tattoo For Christian Men

Forearm Rosary Christian Tattoos For Males

Religious Christian Tattoos On Male

Tattoos And Christianity Designs For Men

Two hands, clasped together in prayer. Across all religions and faiths, from Buddhism to Christianity, Paganism to Islam, this is a universally recognized expression of prayer and reverence. These pieces use the beads of the rosary as a way to identify with Christianity, and the level of detail in these tattoos is impressive. Through the use of smooth black and gray shading these artists perfectly capture this instantly recognizable symbol of faith.   

13. Angel Tattoos

Mens Christian Inspired Tattoos

St Micheal Best Christian Tattoos For Men On Forearm

Tattoos Christian For Men

Thigh Leg Christian Tattoo Designs For Men

Small Christian Tattoo On Males St Michael

In the Christian tradition, angels are symbols of absolute faith, devotion, trust and love. They are often seen as the personification of these characteristics and serve as models for how the followers of Christ should live their lives. Besides this general symbolism, there are four Archangels, each with their own special significance. 

Michael is the first, and represents strength, integrity and protection. Gabriel is God’s messenger, while Raphael is associated with doctors and healing. Uriel has the job of showing man the difference of good and evil. Thanks to these different meanings many people choose to get a specific archangel tattooed.  

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