House colors 2015 exterior

House colors 2015 exterior DEFAULT

Exterior House Painting Trends in 2015

It’s not too late to get on board with the year’s hottest and best colors! If you are thinking about painting your home, but aren’t sure what colors to choose, here are a few suggestions from some color experts:

Neutrals with a pop of color

You might feel that neutral colors are too boring, but the truth is that with the right pops of color, beige, brown, cream, and even white can look modern and beautiful. A red door is a classic choice, but why not also try red shutters? Small, colorful touches can make your home look more interesting, while the neutral prevent your house from looking like a cartoon.

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Blues with white accents

Blue is one of the best colors to choose for a house. It’s not as boring as a neutral, but it’s not as crazy as red or orange. If you are looking for a color with more punch than beige, but don’t want to pick something truly shocking, blue is a great intermediary color. Especially when paired with white or beige accents, this color can look extremely modern, but also classic.

Sea green

2015 is the year of sea foam and mint green, and it doesn’t look like these light green colors are going to become less popular in the years to come. Because this color was also popular during the colonial period, it can give your home a distinctly colonial feel, especially with white or cream accents and dark shutters and door.


Is there anything more classically American than a beautiful yellow house? Whether you choose a pale butter yellow or a strong, vibrant sun yellow, this color will give your home a cheery, whimsical appearance that is sure to charm any and all who see it.


Teal is a great, bold color for a house, that looks great against whites and browns. While this is a favorite color for homes in tropical communities, it is also a beautiful color for any home that could use a little bit of vibrancy.


Yellow might be more traditional, but you can’t beat a red house. If you are looking to make a bold statement, why not choose red? You can tone it down with a more neutral door and accents, but your house is sure to turn heads.

At any rate, having a licensed and insured Sarasota County house painter handle your project is always your best bet. We at Sarasota Painting & Wall Covering would be honored to provide you with a free consultation and quote on your Sarasota painting project. Contact us today, by clicking here.

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Choosing colors for the exterior of your home doesn’t seem like a tough task, but with all the options for windows, siding, trim, and doors, it can be overwhelming. Not to mention needing to consider other factors like the style of the home, location, and your budget.

Color can greatly affect the curb appeal, value, and personality of your home. Choosing colors for the exterior of your home that do not compliment each other can end up a disaster and leave you disappointed.

When choosing the color scheme for the outside of your home, it’s important to consider the location, style, and surroundings of your home, as well popular color trends. The more you stick with the trends, the easier it will be to eventually sell your home.

Here are some common color schemes that are popular on homes today:

Bold and Deep

Homeowners are trending towards deeper and bolder shades for the exterior of their homes. Colors like deep blues, heavy greens, and rich browns are popular for their earthy look. They tend to blend well in any neighborhood and on many styles of homes, but are especially prominent in the Midwest and in mountain towns. Even though these colors give a nice pop, they still meld with the surroundings because of their neutral, earthy tones.



Bright White

Some might think that white is boring, but solid white is actually a common color scheme choice for homeowners today. White siding and trim creates a classic, clean look that fits well almost anywhere. This trend is often used on traditional homes in the south, but can be spotted nearly anywhere these days. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of small town America, with its white picket fences and white trim, that catches the hearts of Americans. Regardless, bright white is making a comeback.

Contrasting Colors

Homeowners are having more fun these days mixing and matching colors and creating an artistic look for their homes. With the numerous window, siding, trim, and door color options available, many homeowners are choosing contrasting colors to provide a unique look that stands out above the rest. This trend allows for homeowners to be creative but still be able to sell their home when the time comes.


So where do I even start?!

We know that the options and factors to consider can be overwhelming when designing the exterior of your home. One great resource to get you started is James Hardie’s ColorPlus® Technology color palette where you are able to see more popular color schemes and find the one that’s best for your home’s style.

If you need more assistance, Southwest Exteriors offers free consultations with an experienced Design Consultant who know the trends and what works best on certain homes. It might seem like a simple task to pick out the look of your home, but it’s always good to have the input of a professional so you end up with a look you love.


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Best Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors

One of my favorite things to do as a designer is help homeowners choose new paint colors for their exterior. I love a good transformation, and a fresh new look for your home can dramatically improve your curb appeal.  Over the years, I’ve curated a list of my favorite exterior paint colors, and today I’m sharing my top picks from Sherwin-Williams. It wasn’t easy to narrow it down to just 12, but these are the best-performing, most consistent Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors that I turn to time and time again.  

In this post, I’m showing each exterior paint color with simple white trim, so that you can easily see the pure color by itself. However, each of these colors can be combined with other hues and shades to create a gorgeous and sophisticated color palette for your home. I’ve mentioned a few of my favorite coordinating colors below. 

1. Alabaster

If you’re looking for a beautiful, warm, bright white for your exterior, Alabaster is a fantastic choice! It is a hugely popular white because it has just enough warmth to soften its look, without being overly creamy. If you have a north or east-facing home, this is a nice bright white for you to try. Pair Alabaster with SW Iron Ore or SW Urbane Bronze for that dreamy modern farmhouse look. Looking for more whites? Check out my post on the top white paint colors for exteriors.

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of SW Alabaster HERE.

sherwin williams alabaster exterior paint colors

2. Shoji White

When you are looking for an off-white, it’s hard to beat Shoji White. It’s warm, but doesn’t typically show too much yellow or beige, so it works well in all lighting conditions. I love pairing Shoji White with warm browns and bronzes, like SW Urbane Bronze.  

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of SW Shoji White HERE.

sherwin williams shoji white exterior paint colors

3. Repose Gray

I love a light gray house with white trim, and Repose Gray is my go-to light gray for exteriors. It’s a neutral gray, with a hint of warmth, and light enough to almost pass as a soft white. I love the way Repose Gray looks with crisp white trim and navy blue or black shutters. If you have a west-facing home, and want a neutral gray that won’t look too warm in the late afternoon sun, Repose Gray and its neighbors on the same paint strip (SW Mindful Gray and SW Dorian Gray) are great options.

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of SW Repose Gray HERE.

sherwin williams repose gray exterior paint colors

4. Accessible Beige

When you need something darker than off-white, but not quite beige, Accessible Beige can be the perfect choice. Yes, it has “beige” in the name, but it has enough gray to put it into the greige family. Accessible Beige can work with almost any accent color, but I happen to love it with white trim and an aqua front door.

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of SW Accessible Beige HERE.

sherwin williams accessible beige exterior paint colors

5. Mega Greige

Mega Greige is a beautiful medium-toned greige body color. Chances are you’ve seen this color on one of your neighbors’ houses, because it’s that popular. If you need a paint color for resale, this is one you should consider as it seems to have universal appeal. Some of my favorite dark accent colors to pair with Mega Greige are SW Attitude Gray and SW Iron Ore. 

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of SW Mega Greige HERE.

sherwin williams mega greige exterior paint colors

6. Magnetic Gray

Magnetic Gray is a cool gray with hints of blue-green, and one of my long-time favorites. It looks amazing with white trim, and dark charcoal or copper accents. On a west-facing home, the blue-green will be slightly neutralized, while on a north-facing home, you can expect the undertones to really shine through. 

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of SW Magnetic Gray HERE.

sherwin williams magnetic gray exterior paint colors

7. Tavern Taupe

Taupe has always been a popular shade for exteriors, and Tavern Taupe is a top performer in the taupe family. It’s very nicely balanced, inviting, and works well in all lighting conditions.  I love Tavern Taupe with browns and reds, and it also looks great with navy. It you like your taupe a little lighter, Tony Taupe is just as fabulous.

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of SW Tavern Taupe HERE.

sherwin williams tavern taupe exterior paint colors

8. Felted Wool

Felted Wool is medium gray that is warm, but doesn’t lean too far into brown. In certain light, you might even detect a slight hint of green. It has a really nice, natural, earthy feel to it, and looks gorgeous with off-white trim (like SW Shoji White). 

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of SW Felted Wool HERE.

sherwin williams felted wool exterior paint colors

9. Gauntlet Gray

I’ve always loved a charcoal house with white trim and black accents. It has a bold quality, while still feeling classic and elegant.  While I admit that Benjamin Moore takes the prize for my favorite charcoal paint color (Kendall Charcoal), Gauntlet Gray is a close second. It’s on the same paint color strip as Repose Gray, so it’s neutral with just a hint of warmth. 

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of SW Gauntlet Gray HERE.

sherwin williams gauntlet gray exterior paint colors

10. Granite Peak

Granite Peak is a fabulous blue-green gray that will command attention. It’s a lighter alternative to navy, with enough gray to give it a smoky feel.  Granite Peak looks amazing with white trim and black or natural wood accents, and is perfect for those of you that want to make a bolder statement with your exterior. It also happens to be an amazing smoky dark blue for interiors…just sayin’

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of SW Granite Peak HERE.

sherwin williams granite peak exterior paint colors

11. Pewter Green

Pewter Green is my go-to dark green for exteriors, because it has the perfect combination of green, blue, and a touch of gray.  I love this green with stained wood features, and dark accent colors, like SW Sealskin. A solid choice for craftsman style homes!

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of SW Pewter Green HERE.

sherwin williams pewter green exterior paint colors

12. Homestead Brown

I don’t do a lot of brown houses these days, but when you need a brown, Homestead Brown is the one! It’s a lovely body color paired with off-white or taupe trim, and also a fabulous accent color on shutters, gables, garage doors, and dormers. 

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of SW Homestead Brown HERE.

sherwin williams homestead brown exterior paint colors

These Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors are tried and true favorites. Next time you’re planning to paint your exterior, be sure to add these to your list of samples to try. Any one of them will enhance your curb appeal, and make your house much more enjoyable to come home to.

Looking for Benjamin Moore colors for your exterior? Check out my post on the best Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors here.


Best Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint Colors

Are you searching for the best Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors to enhance your curb appeal, and create an exterior look that will be the envy of the neighborhood? The right paint color can give you the transformation you’ve been dreaming of, but the wrong color could become a costly mistake.

One of my favorite things to do as a designer is help homeowners choose new paint colors for their exterior, and over the years I’ve curated a list of my all-time favorite paint colors. Earlier this week, I published a post about my favorite Sherwin-Williams paint colors for exteriors, and today I’ve rounded up my favorite Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors for you.

These 12 colors are the best-performing, most consistent Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors that I recommend time and time again to my clients!

In this post, I’ll show you each exterior paint color with simple white trim, so that you can easily see the pure color by itself. However, all of these colors can be combined with other hues and shades to create a gorgeous and sophisticated color palette for your home. I’ve mentioned a few of my favorite coordinating colors below. 

1. White Dove

White Dove is a beautiful, bright, warm white with a touch of gray that gives it a nice soft look. If you’re looking for a bright white, but one that won’t blind your neighbors or look too stark, this is a fantastic choice! White Dove is a very popular white for exteriors (trim too), and tends to work well in all lighting conditions. Pair it with BM Wrought Iron for that ever-popular modern farmhouse look. If you want something just a bit more creamy, but still nice and bright, check out BM Swiss Coffee – another classic. 

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM White Dove HERE.

2. China White/Seapearl

China White and Seapearl are the exact same paint color, just different names. This is a great choice for an off-white, because it’s really more of a light warm greige. The undertones are very neutral, so you won’t see yellow or beige coming through. With its greige notes, it pairs just as beautifully with blues and greens, as it does with dark brown or bronze accents, and can give a smoother transition with gray stonework.

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM China White/Seapearl HERE.

3. Edgecomb Gray

Edgecomb Gray is a warm greige, that can lean more gray on a cloudy day, and more beige in the warm afternoon sun. It’s a soft and sophisticated neutral that appears very light when painted on exteriors.  This is a great option if you want something slightly darker than off-white, but don’t want to go too far into the darker beige or gray categories.  I love using Edgecomb Gray with white trim, and blue or teal accents. 

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Edgecomb Gray HERE.

4. Revere Pewter

Revere Pewter is another fabulous greige paint color. It’s darker and has less beige to it than Edgecomb Gray. It also has a slight gray-green undertone that can show itself in certain lighting. Revere Pewter is beloved for interiors, but its timeless quality allows it to work just as well as an exterior body color. This is a very versatile shade that looks great with both white and dark trim colors. 

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Revere Pewter HERE.

5. Stonington Gray

Stonington Gray is a lovely, medium gray with cool, blue undertones. In most lighting conditions, it will look look perfectly gray, but it can show its blue notes on north-facing homes. With its crisp, cool nature, I love pairing Stonington Gray with fun pops of color on the front door. 

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Stonington Gray HERE.

6. Cape May Cobblestone

Cape May Cobblestone is a solid choice in the gray family. It has a classic, elegant feel with its warm undertones, and tends to be in the sweet spot of not too light, and not too dark. It works well in pretty much all lighting conditions, never showing any undesirable undertones like some other grays can.  

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Cape May Cobblestone HERE.

7. Boothbay Gray

Part of their Historic Collection, Boothbay Gray is one of my most favorite Benjamin Moore colors, and I’m not just talking about exteriors. It is a beautifully balanced blue-gray (with a touch of green) that looks sophisticated and elegant wherever it’s used. I recommend this color often for shutters and front doors, especially paired with a creamy off-white body. However, it’s equally gorgeous as a body color, and can be a perfect choice for a subtle coastal look.  

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Boothbay Gray HERE.

8. Sag Harbor Gray

Sag Harbor Gray sits somewhere between a grayish-brown and a sage green, and in certain lighting, can shift toward one side of the spectrum more than the other.  It has a distinctive, natural, traditional quality to it, and its green undertones can help your exterior blend in with surrounding trees and landscaping. Sag Harbor Gray looks equally beautiful with dark or light colored trim, and pairs nicely with other earthy tones.

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Sag Harbor Gray HERE.

9. Creekside Green

Looking for a sage green for your exterior? Well, then you should definitely consider Creekside Green. A timeless Benjamin Moore paint color, and a favorite among architects and designers alike.  If you gathered up all of the best colors in nature and combined then, you’d have the gray-green shade of Creekside Green. It has an organic and serene quality that is hard to beat.

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Creekside Green HERE.

10. Chelsea Gray

Chelsea Gray is a refined, warm gray that sits between a medium gray and a charcoal. It tends to work really well with brick accents, and can have a slight green undertone, which helps it blend nicely with surrounding landscaping.

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Chelsea Gray HERE.

11. Hale Navy

Possibly the best navy blue paint color of all time for both interiors and exteriors. Yes, it’s that good! Ask any designer for a great navy blue paint color, and Hale Navy will be at the top of our list. What makes it so special is that it’s slightly desaturated, and has just a tiny hint of green to keep it from leaning toward purple. This is a dark, sophisticated, timeless color for exteriors, and looks amazing with white trim and a fun pop of color on the front door.

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Hale Navy HERE.

12. Kendall Charcoal

You just heard me say that Hale Navy is the best navy blue, and Kendall Charcoal is the my top pick for the best charcoal paint color ever made. It’s just one of those grays that looks amazing everywhere it’s painted, both for interiors and exteriors. Kendall Charcoal is perfectly balanced, with a hint of warmth. It never reads blue or purple, and works with most color schemes. It’s a dark, luxurious color for exteriors that looks gorgeous with white accents, and equally beautiful with wood tones.

Order a peel-and-stick sample sheet of BM Kendall Charcoal HERE.

These Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors are tried and true favorites. Next time you’re planning to paint your exterior, be sure to add these to your list of samples to try. Any one of them will enhance your curb appeal, and make your house enjoyable for you to come home to. 


2015 exterior colors house

As we head toward summer, the exterior of the home becomes the focus of many design projects. Here are a few ideas for refreshing the home's exterior for the 2015 summer months, along with five key exterior color trends for this season:

Rich, Warm Neutrals

The focus on warmer neutrals has been heating up the past couple years in all facets of design, including residential exteriors. The rich leather and copper hues and can be used on both traditional and modern homes. And, the farm-to-table and global cuisine trends have resonated from restaurant design over to residential design. Taking cues from the architecture, color and ambiance of these favored eateries, earthy, organic color creates a cultivated palette to chew on.

Key Warm Neutrals for 2015

Key Warm Neutrals colors

Rich and Warm Neutrals

Body: DE5187 Weathered Saddle, Accent: DEC738 Travertine Accent: DET611 Iron-ic

Gray to Greige

Grays continue to surge forward, creating an even greater range of color to work. From green-grays to blue-grays, and warm grays to cool grays, this trend showcases a plethora of color options for traditional and contemporary abodes.

Key Grays for 2015

Key Grays colors

Gray to Greige

Body: DET602 Gray Monument Trim: DET648 White Picket Fence Accent: DET423 Red Craft

Historic Palettes

Inspired by the rich tapestries of historical documentation constantly unfolding, historic districts are pushing forward into many sections of the Southwest, as we build and preserve our architectural history. From reds to lavenders, and citrus to teal, pops of color appear that are key to the certain historical architectural eras and styles — Spanish to Victorian, Ranch to Mid-century modern — that surround us.

Key Historic Colors for 2015

Key Historic Colors

Historic Palettes

Body: DET602 Gray Monument Trim: DET648 White Picket Fence Door: DET507 Gothic Revival Green

Experimental Color

Architecture continues to experiement with materials, design and color. Ever more, we see this concept played out in the residential design market where creative, artistic homeowners push boundaries to be unique. These hip homes can be found all over — from pockets of newly renovated urban areas, to meadows in the middle of nowhere. Color is integral to complete the design. Creativity lives!

Key Experimental Colors

Key Experimental Colors

Experimental Color

Body: DET421 Le Corbusier Crush, DET419 Pink Dahlia, DEW380 Warm White

Marsala, Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year

Pantone rang in the New Year with its latest color selection as color of the year — Marsala. Dunn-Edwards closest cross-match is DE5097 Red Rock, a deep rust red hue that pairs well with golden tones, greens and vibrant blues.

Marsala color Palette inspiration

Body: DE5097 Red Rock Trim: DEC741 Bone White

General Color Tips for Exterior Home Painting

While rules constantly change over time for color use and color rules don't apply to all architectural styles, here's a general outline to assist in creating exterior color palettes:

General Color Tips for Exterior Home Painting


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