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8 Penny Stocks with Exceptionally High Promoter Holding

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  • Sep 25, 2021 - 8 Penny Stocks with Exceptionally High Promoter Holding

Sep 25, 2021

The excitement to make big bucks quickly often draws new investors to penny stocks.

If the promoter of a penny stock company is also holding a significant stake, that gives shareholders more confidence.

This is because promoters usually derive positive demand and attract funds.

And also, when a promoter reduces their holding, it's seen as negative by the shareholders, which isn't true.

What is important to understand here is why the promoters are reducing their stake and what the money will be used for.

But here's the catch with penny stocks.

Penny stocks are not for all. They are inherently riskier than bluechips or midcap stocks.

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Given that they present a huge growth potential, there is a high risk attached. There are times when penny stocks plunge 80-90% when things turn sour.

So is the worrying case in the current bull market where many penny stocks have delivered multibagger returns to the extent of over 2,000% in a short span of time.

In today's article, we look at penny stocks with marketcap less than Rs 25 bn, which have high promoter holding.

We have chosen the marketcap criteria of less than Rs 25 bn as this is the median of marketcap of the BSE small cap universe.

#1 Den Networks (74.90%)

As of June 2021, promoter holding in Den Networks stands at 74.90%.

Earlier in December 2020, promoters held 86.53% stake, but this got reduced as they offloaded stake via offer for sale (OFS).

Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Industries is its promoter. It bought majority stake in Den Networks in October 2018.

Den Networks is a leading Cable TV Distribution company with a wide range of services including Cable TV and Broadband.

Despite being in a bull market, the stock has been a laggard, eroding around 30% of shareholders' money.

Reasons behind the fall can be its June quarter results, wherein the bottomline dropped 29%.

Another factor can be that its promoter has backed out from the decision to merge Hathway, Den Networks, and TV18 Broadcast into Network18. The cancellation plan was announced in April 2021.

To know more, check out Den Networks latest shareholding pattern.

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#2 Udaipur Cement Works (72.54%)

Promoter holding in Udaipur Cement has stayed constant at 72.54%.

As of June 2021, financial institutions and FIIs continue to hold a small piece of share in the company.

And they have benefitted well from as shares of the company have rallied more than 1.5x in the past one year alone.

Cement stocks have been outperformers in 2021.

Udaipur Cement Works was incorporated in 1993, and has its registered office at Jaipur, Rajasthan. The company presently is a subsidiary of JK Lakshmi Cement, which is part of the business conglomerate JK Organisation.

The company manufactures cement under the brand name Platinum Heavy Duty Cement.

To know more, check out Udaipur Cement's latest shareholding pattern.

#3 Andrew Yule & Company (89.25%)

Andrew Yule & Company is engaged in the business of engineering, electricals, and tea.

As of June 2021, promoter holding in the company stands at 89.25%. The government of India is its promoter.

Meanwhile, financial institutions/banks offloaded their entire 2.11% holding in the company in June quarter.

The company was in news recently as demand-supply mismatch sent coffee prices to multi-year highs.

Weather conditions in Brazil, the world's largest coffee producer, on top of strict lockdowns have disrupted the global coffee market and raised prices to four-year highs.

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Tea and coffee stocks witnessed buying interest following this news.

There were reports in February 2021 which suggested that the government would consider selling its stake in the company to achieve its divestment target.

Over the past one year, this public sector undertaking (PSU) has delivered almost 100% returns.

To know more, check out Andrew Yule's latest shareholding pattern and financial factsheet.

#4 Spice Mobility (74.09%)

Spice Mobility is engaged in the trading of mobile handsets and through its subsidiaries, in trading of IT products, mobile handsets, and their accessories.

As of June 2021, promoter holding in the company stands at 74.09%, down 0.10% from the March 2021 quarter.

The company has been gaining widespread attention after it entered into an agreement to form a JV with Tarya Fintech Holdings, a part of Israel's leading fintech group, for 'Lending Technology Platform' and other Technology Services.

It's shares are on a rising spree, delivering over 500% gains in one year alone.

In June this year, the company launched a new age startup, 'Korero Platforms'. This startup offers communication platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) solutions to enterprises. Hence, the name 'Korero', which means conversation.

To know more, check out Spice Mobility's latest shareholding pattern.

You can also check out Spice Mobility company fact sheet and quarterly results.

#5 HMT (93.69%)

Promoter holding in HMT stands at 93.69% as of June 2021. This has remained constant over the years.

The Indian government is HMT's promoter.

An interesting data point is that individual shareholders own less 1% stake in the company.

Even though the company has delivered 90% returns in the past year, retail investors have stayed away from this stock.

Well, they have their reasons as the company has posted losses for seven consecutive quarters.

The company was incorporated in 1953 by the government as a machine tool manufacturing company.

Over the years, it diversified into watches, tractors, printing machinery, metal forming presses, dye casting, and plastic processing machinery.

Today, HMT comprises five subsidiaries under the ambit of a holding company, which also manages the tractors business directly.

To know more, check out HMT's latest shareholding pattern.

#6 BMW Industries (73.90%)

BMW Industries is engaged in manufacturing, processing, and selling of steel products.

The company's products and services include structural steel, infrastructure, tower manufacture, rolling mill, steel service center, and cold rolling mill.

Over the past three quarters, promoters of the company have been increasing their stake. Currently, total promoter holding stands at 73.90%.

Meanwhile, retail investors hold a tiny 1.66% stake as of June 2021.

In the past year, shares of the company have rallied 170%.

To know more, check out BMW Industries' latest shareholding pattern.

#7 Music Broadcast (74.05%)

Promoter holding in Music Broadcast stands at 74.05% as of June 2021.

Mutual funds also have a significant 5.47% stake in the company. Mutual fund stake was 7.06% in the previous quarter.

Music Broadcast is a subsidiary of listed company Jagran Prakashan and is the first private FM radio broadcaster in India.

It operates under the brand name Radio City. The company currently has 39 FM radio stations across 12 states.

Well known investor Saurabh Mukherjea continues to hold a stake in the company. Though he did trim part of his stake in May.

Stock of Music Broadcast has delivered 32% gains in the past one year.

To know more, check out Music Broadcast's latest shareholding pattern.

#8 Sadhana Nitro Chem (74.01%)

Sadhana Nitro Chem is a holding company, engaged in the manufacturing of chemical intermediates, heavy organic chemicals, and performance chemicals.

Promoters of the company hold 74.02% stake in the company, and this has remained unchanged for the past two years.

Meanwhile, FIIs increased their stake to 0.21% from 0.05% in the June 2021 quarter.

The stock has been under pressure lately, falling from the highs of Rs 53 touched in July this year to Rs 33. Even after this fall, the stock is up 75% in the past year.

To know more, check out Sadhana Nitro's latest shareholding pattern.

Which other penny stocks have more than 70% promoter holding?

Apart from the above, here are other penny stocks which have high promoter holding as of June 2021.

Source: Equitymaster

Why high promoter holding is a big positive

The level of promoters' shareholding is very important, especially in India where many businesses are family owned.

The shareholding level acts as an indicator of the confidence of promoters in the business as well as the strength of leadership control on the company.

A company with a very high promoter shareholding often represents a scenario where the promoters see a bright future for the company and in turn, they plan to benefit from its good growth.

A promoter has all the information about the company. If they are investing, it shows that promoters are confident about the company's prospects.

While promoter holding is an important parameter, it should not be the sole reason for buying a stock.

In rare cases, penny stock promoters can use misleading information about the actual valuation of the company.

Also, promoters pledge their shares to raise funds for either personal or company needs.

High promoter pledging can lead to high volatility in the stock prices and as a result, it can turn out to be a major investment risk.

Share pledging is not an illegal activity. However, you must keep an eye out for such data points especially for companies with questionable managements.

It's always better to check promoter pledging before making investment decisions.

Over leveraged firms with high percentage of pledged shares could very well turn out to be value traps.

Happy investing!

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Sours: https://www.equitymaster.com/detail.asp?date=09/25/2021&story=1&title=8-Penny-Stocks-with-Exceptionally-High-Promoter-Holding

How do you find the best penny stocks to buy right now? You might try to find the next big meme trend or social media breakout stock. However, another strategy is finding stocks that analysts are bullish on right now. In this article, we’ll do exactly that. One of the helpful things about Wall Street analysts is that they do some of the homework for you. While their opinion isn’t the end-all (nor should it be), they tend to look into more than just what’s on the surface or what type of speculation is in play.

The Stock Market Today

Closing out the week, the stock market could continue its volatility trend. The nonfarm payrolls data came out before the open. Economists couldn’t have been more wrong. Wall Street estimated that some 500,000 jobs would be added in August. However, fewer than 200,000 jobs were added, as the numbers have revealed. This is yet another huge miss in estimates, and as a result, traders are hoping this could change the trajectory of the Federal Reserve’s stance on tapering next month.

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While some traders wait for the market to work itself out and show if this is the relief expected, other traders are focusing on a “stock picking” approach right now. Here are what some analysts think right now about five companies. Will they be the best penny stocks to buy, or should you avoid them entirely?

Penny Stocks To Buy [according to analysts]

Penny Stocks To Buy [according to HC Wainwright]: American Resources Corporation (NASDAQ:AREC)

The first company on this list of penny stocks has HC Wainwright analysts bullish. American Resources Corporation is a supplier of raw materials mainly used by infrastructure projects. The company focuses on processing carbon (coal) essential for steelmaking and rare earth minerals directed to the budding EV market. Thanks to interest growing that has stemmed from both the reopening trade and a surge in electrification industries like EV, AREC stock has gained interest.

Recent AREC Stock News

This week has been a busy one for American Resources. Updates include progress on its battery recycling initiative with Purdue University achieving 99.5% purity of lithium, cobalt, and nickel. In addition, the company acquired additional mineral reserves for its Deep Mine at the Perry County Resources complex. These reserves include an estimated 10.1 million tons of mineral resources.

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Then closing out the week, the company reported its expansion of carbon production thanks to a restart of its McCoy Elkhorn Complex. According to American Resources, this could be a well-timed event thanks to an expected boost in steel production. It expects to produce over 40,000 tons of carbon per month from its Carnegie complex, processed at its nearby McCoy Elkhorn facility, and shipped into domestic and international markets.

AREC Stock Forecast

Clearly, American Resources has become a part of the budding reopening trade. Thanks to global economies piping money into infrastructure redevelopment and new projects, raw materials are at the core of the supply chain. In light of this, would it surprise you that analysts are bullish? Right now, HC Wainwright’s Heiko Ihle has a Buy on AREC stock with a price target 80% higher than opening trading levels on Friday.

best penny stocks to buy analysts American Resources Corporation AREC stock chart

Penny Stocks To Buy [according to Sanford Bernstein]: Kosmos Energy (NYSE:KOS)

Energy and raw materials are a big part of the reopening trade, as you’ll come to see. Kosmos Energy falls right into the fold. The company is a deepwater oil and gas exploration and production company. Its assets are offshore in Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, and the U.S. Gulf of Mexico.

Recent KOS Stock News

Other than earnings released in August, there haven’t been many new updates from the company. For the most part, KOS stock has moved with the overall oil and gas market direction. When it comes to Kosmos Energy’s last earnings update, it experienced increased revenues and a more narrow adjusted loss.

KOS Stock Forecast

Similar to American Resources, analysts may be bullish on Kosmos thanks to the reopening trade. Higher energy demand has put somewhat of a strain on the portion of the raw material of the supply chain. With that has come higher inflation and, thus, higher prices. In light of this, it might make more sense that analysts at firms like Sanford Berstein have given a stamp of approval with an Outperform rating. The firm also has a $7.80 price target, roughly 140% higher than opening levels on October 8.

best penny stocks to buy analysts Kosmos Energy KOS stock chart

Penny Stocks To Buy [according to Alliance Global]: ReShape Lifesciences (NASDAQ:RSLS)

Reshape designs medical devices for weight loss and metabolic health. Its FDA-approved Lap-Band Program allows for minimally invasive treatment for obesity. The ReShape Vest System is an investigational laparoscopically implanted device that wraps around the stomach and is used for weight loss. Reshape also offers reshapecare for virtual weight-loss management to support ongoing communication with board-certified health coaches.

Recent RSLS Stock News

Similar to Kosmos, ReShape hasn’t released much recent news. However, a new VP of Operations and R&D in August along with more substantial revenues for the quarter have been two things traders have focused on. Furthermore, insider buying from CFO Thomas Stankovich this summer came as a vote of confidence for some. Stankovich picked up nearly $50,000 worth of RSLS stock toward the end of August.

However, the company has presented at several industry events and was given a notice of allowance by the US Patent & Trademark Office titled “Intragastric Device” late last month.

RSLS Stock Forecast

According to the World Health Organization, worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975. With an ever-growing population, there remains a constant need for helping those hit by this disease. This week Maxim Group initiated coverage on ReShape with a Buy rating and a price target 167% higher than retail levels on October 8th. Maxim joins other analysts like Alliance Global, who also has a hefty price target on RSLS stock. It sits at $10.25 or roughly 290% higher than where RSLS opened on Friday.

best penny stocks to buy analysts ReShape Lifesciences RSLS stock chart

Penny Stocks To Buy [according to Maxim Group]: Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp (NASDAQ:SHIP)

We’ve discussed Seanergy Maritime frequently as the reopening trade continues to captivate attention from the stock market. The company is a shipowner providing dry bulk transport services. Following its next delivery, the company operates a fleet of 16 Capesize vessels with an average age of 11.5 years and an aggregate cargo-carrying capacity of more than 2.8 million dry-weight tons.

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Recent SHIP Stock News

Seanergy isn’t vocal via its newswire; however, its Twitter feed has become a soapbox of sorts. The company has made it known that there’s a significant value in Cape vessel rates right now. A recent tweet explained that cape vessel rates were $75k/day and that “SHIP has unique benefit through index-linked contracts for most of the fleet.”

Other than that, SHIP stock price movement has reflected a similar tone in a direction that other reopening stocks have seen.

SHIP Stock Forecast

Maxim is the most recent analyst to weigh in on SHIP stock. The firm upgraded its rating to Buy and announced a $2.50 price target. Based on open prices on October 8, this target is 78% higher.

best penny stocks to buy analysts Seanergy Maritime Holdings SHIP stock chart

Penny Stocks to Buy [according to B. Riley]: Telllurian Inc. (NASDAQ:TELL)

Finally, Tellurian rounds out this list of penny stocks. Once again, we’re looking at a reopening name. The company provides liquified natural gas services (LNG) to clients. This energy resource has been seen as a “bridge fuel” in the transition to less carb-rich energy sources. It’s developing a portfolio for production, marketing, trading, and infrastructure. This includes a 27.6 mtpa LNG export facility and pipeline.

Recent TELL Stock News

Tellurian has reacted more to the reopening trade momentum than news catalysts. The last update from the company besides naming a new board member was back in August. It was when the company withdrew a senior not offering. With more reopening around the corner, energy penny stocks like TELL could be a focus.

TELL Stock Forecast

B Riley analysts have been optimistic in their outlook on Tellurian. The company has a Buy rating on TELL stock. Analysts also placed an $8 target on Tellurian. Based on its opening price of $3.50, this target is 128% higher.

best penny stocks to buy analysts Tellurian Inc. TELL stock chart

Should You Buy Penny Stocks With Bullish Analyst Ratings?

Keep in mind that analyst ratings are just one aspect of due diligence. While they can help speed up the research process, there are still many other things to factor in. Market momentum, industry sentiment, and global headlines are also part of the equation. In this article, we gave a brief overview of the recent development in some companies that analysts are bullish on. Will they be top stocks to buy now? I’ll leave the final answer up to you.

Sours: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/best-penny-stocks-buy-according-145827816.html
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Electric vehicle penny stocks have been hot because of the mania in the EV sector.

Over the past year, EV stocks wildly outperformed the market.

The S&P 500 is up about 80% since its March 2020 low…

But check out the SPDR S&P Kensho Smart Mobility ETF (NYSEARCA: HAIL). This ETF tracks EV stocks — and it’s up over 250% since March!

And that’s only because it doesn’t include some of the biggest gainers of 2020. Parts of the sector have outdone that figure by nearly 20 times.

You’ve heard the saying ‘the trend is your friend’… Well, EV stocks have been a good friend to many traders over the past year.

And traders have repaid the favor to some EV penny stocks. When the sector goes crazy, these cheaper stocks can get showered with attention. And some aren’t just penny stocks anymore — they’re real stocks.

Table of Contents

Under the Radar Electric Vehicle Stocks

Everyone’s heard of the big EV stocks.

Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) had probably the craziest year in 2020. It’s behaved like a penny stock … running from its 2020 low in the $70s to a 2021 high in the $800s.

It sparked the EV stock trend.

Watching how Tesla trades can help you see how the rest of the EV sector will move. Founder Elon Musk has an epic social media following and his tweets can ignite stock moves.

And it’s not just Tesla that’s had a wild 12 months…

EV charging station maker Blink Charging Co. (NASDAQ: BLNK) was in the mid-$1s until July 2020. It rose as high as $60 in the following months.

Nio Inc. (NYSE: NIO) is another former EV penny stock that made the leap — from the $2s to the low $60s.

If you’re wondering what are the odds of another electric vehicle penny stock going parabolic … I’d say study the past. We’ve seen it before with some of these stocks.

And given how hot the market’s been in the past year, many lesser-known EV stocks are primed for action. Gotta love those sympathy plays.

The rush of new traders to online brokers like Robinhood and E-Trade does something more to EV penny stocks. Millions of traders just waiting to make the next trade can cause surprising runs. The only thing they’re thinking is, ‘Can I get rich off this penny stock?’

That’s the wrong mindset for trading electric vehicle penny stocks — or any penny stocks.

You must be prepared. These stocks can move fast when news hits. Building a watchlist with stocks you’re studying is a smart way to do that.

7 Electric Vehicle Penny Stocks

There are still plenty of electric vehicle penny stocks out there. Maybe some will even make the leap out of penny stock territory … but I wouldn’t count on it.

I’m not talking about these cheap stocks because they’re good investments. I like them because they can attract a lot of volume. And they’ve got a TON of volatility.

Stock analysts say to stay away from volatility. But if you understand the rules of penny stocking, this volatility can help your setups.

But never trade with money that you can’t afford to lose. Trading is hard, and most traders lose.

Not comfortable trading through volatility? Check out my NO-COST “Volatility Survival Guide.” In four simple videos, I’ll help you understand how you can prep for volatility in any kind of market. I want you to be able to use it, not fear it.

Remember, you’re not investing in these stocks. You’re trading them. You don’t buy any of the hype. You’re just riding it as far as it will take you.

Now, let’s get to my electric vehicle stocks to watch. Reminder: this is only a list of stocks to watch. This list is in no way a recommendation to trade. Always do your own research and due diligence. 

Electric Vehicle Penny Stock #1. Ayro, Inc. (NASDAQ: AYRO)

Ayro is a U.S. maker of electric vehicles. It’s had a spiky ride from the $2s a year ago up to its current price in the $5s.

Technically, that’s slightly out of in penny stock range. But remember these sketchy stocks can fail just as fast as they spike.

These spikes have made for a lot of nice trades. This one didn’t work for me, personally…

In early July 2020, I bought and sold AYRO in the low $3s.* The next trading day it ran into the $8s. That’s OK. I often sell too soon.

Trading isn’t all wins or big gains. And this stock’s choppiness made me uncomfortable. That’s the downside of volatility. So I got out of the trade before it could go against me.

If you look at this chart, the volatility’s still there. That makes AYRO worth watching in the future.


(*Please note: My results are far from typical. Individual results will vary. Most traders lose money. I have the benefit of years of hard work, dedication, and experience. Trading is inherently risky. Do your due diligence and never risk more than you can afford to lose.)

Electric Vehicle Penny Stock #2. CBAK Energy Technology (NASDAQ: CBAT)

CBAK Energy Technology is in an EV support sector. This Chinese company makes lithium batteries for all types of electric vehicles. It also makes electric tools, energy storage devices, and power supplies.

In September 2020, it traded under $1. Now it’s in the mid-$4s, with some massive swings on the way.

This is another stock that has seemingly graduated from penny stock-dom. I think this has to do with all the new Robinhood traders … It seems a lot of them love trading low-priced stocks.

I missed out on CBAT when it went supernova … Here’s my video lesson from that day. Don’t feel too bad for me though — I made $24,000 on other EV plays!*

And I haven’t stopped watching CBAT. Take a look at those recent swings.


Electric Vehicle Penny Stock #3. Ault Global Holdings, Inc. (AMEX: DPW)

DPW has been on my radar for a long time.

Ault Global Holdings builds power systems for the military, medical, and telecommunication industries.

It’s an EV stock, but it’s also in the defense sector … another sector that’s exploded in 2020. This combination earns it a spot on my EV penny stock watchlist.

(I’m ignoring the run-up to $4,000 at the end of 2017… Back then it was trying to ride the bitcoin wave.)

Look at this chart. There’s a good amount of volatility to go with a steady uptrend.


Electric Vehicle Penny Stock #4. ElectraMeccanica (NASDAQ: SOLO)

If you’re into EV plays, you likely know SOLO.

ElectraMeccanica is a Canadian company working on a few EV lines. You may have seen its funky one-seat three-wheeler.

SOLO’s another stock that’s been trading above $5 … And now it’s on a downtrend.

I caught it at the start of its post-March recovery. Again I was conservative and went for a small gain.*

It was a sympathy play as Nikola Corporation (NASDAQ: NKLA) was spiking. And it’s had some big gains since then.


Electric Vehicle Penny Stock #5. Ideanomics (NASDAQ: IDEX)

Ideanomics is another EV support company, specializing in fintech. It provides financial technologies and services to help with EV adoption.

It had its worst year yet in 2019. It was already trending down when the March bear market descended.

Then it had its coming-out party in June, as the rest of the EV sector exploded. It climbed almost $3 in the month before settling down in the following months.

Now it’s hanging around in the $2s and $3s.


Electric Vehicle Penny Stock #6. Kandi Technologies Group (NASDAQ: KNDI)

This Chinese EV company makes EV products and parts. It also makes off-road vehicles like go-karts and all-terrain vehicles.

It’s had a ton of volatility throughout its history. So no big surprise that it ran on the 2020 EV excitement.

At the end of July 2020, it went supernova. News about its entry into the U.S. market caused it to spike from the high $3s to almost $15 in a single day!

I missed my entry after its first halt. Then it got halted again. Too volatile for me…

It’s now graduated from the penny stock ranks and hasn’t been below $5 since … It’s been chopping around in the $6s and $7s.


Electric Vehicle Penny Stock #7. Medigus (NASDAQ: MDGS)

Medigus is a medical device company before anything else. It signed an agreement with privately-held EV company EMuze in November … and now it’s part of the EV sector.

Its new venture into EV ‘micro-mobility’ vehicles is pretty specialized. But it still benefits from EV sympathy plays.

It was also carrying a fair bit of volatility before this November 2020 announcement. Look at that set of green days in late April 2020.

MDGS was one of the plays I ended up with instead of KNDI in July.

It’s been trending down for the last month. But we know it can run on news. Remember, former runners can run again. I’ll watch to see what happens the next time news hits.


See the Stocks on My Radar

In a hot market, there are so many plays. You won’t catch them all. That’s OK. But you won’t catch any if you aren’t prepared…

The more you watch these stocks, the more you’ll understand how they behave.

A good stock screener like StocksToTrade can help you spot plays and see the action play out on the chart. It even has a paper trading function so you can try new setups without using real money. You can get a 14-day trial for only $7. Or get STT plus the game-changing Breaking News Chat for $17.

(Quick disclaimer: I proudly helped design and develop StocksToTrade and I’m an investor in it.)

Smart preparation starts with your watchlists. I maintain several watchlists every day…

Never follow my picks. Use these lists to make your own watchlists. There’s a lot you can learn about the process.


This watchlist should give you some ideas on what I look for in electric vehicle penny stocks.

I want to see stocks with a history of running on news. All these stocks have run for one, two, three days when a real news catalyst comes in.

And since they’re in a hot sector, they don’t always need news to run. Sometimes EV stocks will run when Tesla is running. Sometimes they run for no reason at all.

In my Trading Challenge, I teach my students to think for themselves so they can react to the market, not try to predict it.

We study how the market’s moving, along with the charts and so much more. And we do it every day. I share my trades and watchlists to help traders like you learn the process.

The Challenge isn’t about ‘hot’ stock picks. I never recommend anyone follows alerts — mine or anyone else’s.

Ready to learn to find your own trades and think for yourself in the markets? Apply for the Challenge here. But be ready to work.

What do you think about electric vehicle penny stocks? Which EV stocks are on your watchlist? Let me know in the comments — I love hearing from my readers!

Sours: https://www.timothysykes.com/blog/electric-vehicle-penny-stocks/

Top Tech Penny Stocks for Q4 2021

The technology sector consists of businesses that develop, build, and market consumer electronics, electronic components, and software. Companies in the tech sector may also provide information technology (IT) services such as cloud computing. While the best-known companies are giants like Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Microsoft Inc. (MSFT), there also are tech businesses that are classified as penny stocks. Penny stocks typically trade at $5 per share or less. Investing in penny stocks can be especially risky and may entail higher trading costs. Investors should therefore be careful when considering whether to invest in these or similar securities.

There is no widely-used benchmark for tech penny stocks, and their performance has varied significantly over the past 12 months. However, the Invesco S&P SmallCap Info Tech ETF (PSCT) provides a general indicator for tech penny stocks. PSCT has significantly outperformed the broader market in the past year, providing a 1-year trailing total return of 67.4% compared with 35.1% for the Russell 1000 Index. These market performance numbers and all statistics in the tables below are as of Sept. 16, 2021.

Here are the top three tech penny stocks with the best value, the fastest growth, and the most momentum, respectively.

Best Value Tech Penny Stocks

These are the tech penny stocks with the lowest 12-month trailing price-to-sales (P/S) ratio. For companies in early stages of development or industries suffering from major shocks, this can be substituted as a rough measure of a business's value. A business with higher sales could eventually produce more profit when it achieves, or returns to, profitability. The price-to-sales ratio shows how much you're paying for the stock for each dollar of sales generated.

Best Value Tech Penny Stocks
Price ($)Market Cap ($M)12-Month Trailing P/S Ratio
Exela Technologies Inc. (XELA)2.06296.70.1
SOS Ltd. (SOS)2.66497.80.5
TD Holdings Inc. (GLG)0.7574.60.5

Source: YCharts

  • Exela Technologies Inc.: Exela Technologies is a business process automation company. It offers software and services for accounting, human resources management, and other services. On Sept. 1, 2021, the company announced that it had completed its $150 million at-the market equity program, announced on June 30. As of Aug. 1, this helped to provide Exela with an expanded liquidity position of over $200 million.
  • SOS Ltd.: SOS Ltd. is a China-based holding company. Through subsidiaries, SOS offers financial services, including consumer credit, emergency rescue services, as well as insurance products. The company provides a consumer lending marketplace for customers in China.
  • TD Holdings Inc.: TD Holdings is a China-based holding company engaged in the car rental and commodity trading business, and provides related supply chain management services. Its principal business is commodity trading, primarily of non-ferrous metal products. In July, the company announced that it had entered a trade cooperation agreement with the management committee of the Yangpu Economic Development Zone. Through the partnership, TD Holdings planned to launch its commodity trading business in the Zone and would receive preferential policies including tax relief, financial support, and rental subsidies.

Fastest Growing Tech Penny Stocks

These are the tech penny stocks with the highest year-over-year (YOY) sales growth for the most recent quarter. Rising sales can help investors pick out growing startups that have not yet reached profitability. In addition, earnings per share can be significantly influenced by accounting factors that may not reflect the overall strength of the business. However, sales growth can also be potentially misleading about the strength of a business, because growing sales on money-losing businesses can be harmful if the company has no plan to reach profitability.

Fastest Growing Tech Penny Stocks
Price ($)Market Cap ($M)Revenue Growth (%)
Future FinTech Group Inc. (FTFT)2.34164.01,610
PowerBand Solutions Inc. (PBX.V)CA$1.22CA$226.81,050
Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc. (AITX)0.04143.8784.9

Source: YCharts

  • Future FinTech Group Inc.: Future FinTech Group is a China-based blockchain e-commerce company. The company provides an online shopping platform, incubator for blockchain-based applications projects, and a cross-border e-commerce platform.
  • PowerBand Solutions Inc.: PowerBand Solutions is a Canada-based automotive technology provider. The company provides a cloud-based auction and finance portal platform for transactions among consumers, dealers, funders and manufacturers. For Q2 2021, the company reported that its net loss narrowed YOY as revenue rose. . PowerBand attributed the revenue performance to industry acceptance of its DRIVRZ lease origination software, which is driving strong sequential growth.
  • Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Inc.: Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions provides mobile electronic services, including AI and robotics solutions. The company offers after-market upgrades for electronics, audio, and video for automobiles, boats, and recreational vehicles.

Tech Penny Stocks with the Most Momentum

These are the tech penny stocks that had the highest total return over the last 12 months. Stocks with returns in excess of 3,500% have been excluded as outliers.

Tech Penny Stocks with the Most Momentum
Price ($)Market Cap ($M)12-Month Trailing Total Return (%)
Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. (ACDC.CX)CA$0.26CA$102.72,450
DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. (DMGI.V)CA$1.06CA$174.71,080
Netlist Inc. (NLST)4.831,085955.9
Russell 1000N/AN/A35.1
S&P SmallCap Info Tech ETF (PSCT)N/AN/A67.4

Source: YCharts

  • Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp.: Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies is a Canada-based blockchain and battery technology company. The company provides battery management systems for the electric vehicle and energy storage solution markets. On Sept. 14, the company announced that its common shares had become eligible for electronic clearing and settlement through the Depository Trust Company in the U.S. The company's shares are available on the OTCQB Exchange under the ticker CRYBF.
  • DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc.: DMG Blockchain Solutions is a Canada-based cryptocurrency and blockchain company. It provides a platform focused on mining public blockchains and using blockchain technology to address fraud and other issues in supply chains.
  • Netlist Inc.: Netlist builds and sells memory subsystems. The company provides products to the server, high-performance computing and communications markets. The company also designs custom semiconductor logic devices, which are integrated into its memory subsystems. For Q2 2021, ended July 3, the company reported net income of $27.8 million compared with a net loss in the prior-year quarter. Net sales grew about 500% YOY. Strong product sales and the execution of a comprehensive licensing agreement with SK hynix Inc. drove this growth.

The comments, opinions and analyses expressed herein are for informational purposes only and should not be considered individual investment advice or recommendations to invest in any security or to adopt any investment strategy. While we believe the information provided herein is reliable, we do not warrant its accuracy or completeness. The views and strategies described on our content may not be suitable for all investors. Because market and economic conditions are subject to rapid change, all comments, opinions, and analyses contained within our content are rendered as of the date of the posting and may change without notice. The material is not intended as a complete analysis of every material fact regarding any country, region, market, industry, investment, or strategy.

Sours: https://www.investopedia.com/investing/technology-penny-stocks/

Penny stocks ev

Which Penny Stocks should I buy in October?

September 27, 2021Saima Naveed

Penny stocks are an affordable way to invest money. But they are very far from the safe zone of the stock market. Often these businesses are small for a good reason. And the lack of resources makes it challenging for them to succeed. That’s why penny stocks are often considered some of the riskiest investments out there.

But occasionally, a diamond does appear in the rough. And as an investor, I’m always looking for the next big opportunity to boost my wealth. I have previously discussed trending penny stocks. But since then, I’ve found two more businesses that caught my eye. So should I be adding these to my portfolio in October? Let’s take a look.

The growing electric vehicle market

Transportation choices of consumers are shifting. As a result, more than 345,000 electric vehicles (EVs) were sold in 2020. Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp (NASDAQ:SOLO) is an emerging name in the EV sector. It is a Canadian designer and manufacturer of electric vehicles founded in 2015. Their flagship vehicle, SOLO, is expected to revolutionise computing, delivery and shared mobility. At least, that’s how the company describes it.

The EV manufacturer has achieved some significant milestones within a short span of time. Over the last five years, their geographical presence has expanded to 20 locations in five different states of the US. 

Moreover, the business is accelerating forward and is laying a solid foundation for future years. More specifically, it has started building its US assembly facility and technical engineering centre in Mesa. Meanwhile, Electameccanica has also released the “Cargo” Version of their flagship EV. With multiple models available, the firm is expanding its addressable market size and paving the way within the delivery car sector at the same time.

Having said that, there are some concerning traits I’ve spotted. Currently, SOLO has a single manufacturing facility located in China. In other words, any economic or geopolitical shift in China can seriously adversely affect SOLO’s sales.

This penny stock is currently trading at $3.54 per share. Keeping in mind the future plans of SOLO and the soaring EV sector, I believe this stock can see explosive growth over the long term. Therefore, I see an excellent investment opportunity for my portfolio in this penny stock. However, I’ll be keeping a close eye on how it overcomes its existing and future threats.

The communication and digital sector

VEON (NASDAQ:VEON) provides communications and digital services to 212 million customers and has a global market share of around 10%. In line with its new strategy, VEON aims to generate incremental value from the New Services segment and increase returns from its future assets. All this is planned without disrupting the bedrock business pillar that is Connectivity.

Also, the company’s focus on its 4G solutions has led to an 11% growth in customers by the end of Q2 2021. This has been a critical driver in performance, increasing its 4G user base to 93 million.

Despite the increased consumer base, the company is ignoring the shift of the world towards 5G. As per the company officials, VEON has no plans to shift to 5G over the next three years. This may be a sensible decision as it lets other companies deal with the high learning costs of transitioning to the new technology. However, it also means the firm could be missing out on one of the biggest technological revolutions of the decade. Only time will tell whether management is being foolish or prudent.

This penny stock is currently trading at $2.14 per share. The increased focus on customers and strategic shifts taken so far are intriguing. And with an established business in place, this penny stock may be able to quietly thrive. That’s why it’s on my buy list for October.

Final Words on Penny Stocks investment

The primary risks of investing in penny stocks are high volatility and low liquidity. But on the other hand, the low price per share also means that if a business succeeds, the returns for investors are explosive. 

I always consider the risks and potential rewards before making any investment decision and spend a lot of time researching both the company and its industry. But so far, these two firms look like a potentially promising addition to my portfolio in October.

But they are not the only ones that have caught my attention this month…

Top US Growth Stock for 2021

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Covid-19 has devastated the global markets. But this stock has been thriving and has doubled its revenue for the last five years, even in 2020! What's more, due to the recent volatility in the stock market, The Money Cog analysts feel the stock is grossly undervalued.

Needless to say, I believe it's a fantastic business that could become an industry leader in the future!

So don't delay, get your report on this Top US Growth Stock while its still free!

Saima Naveed does not own shares in any of the companies mentioned. The Money Cog has no position in any of the companies mentioned. Views expressed on the companies and assets mentioned in this article are those of the writer and therefore may differ from the opinions of analysts in The Money Cog Premium services.
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This $0.6 EV PENNY STOCK Is A GLENCORE Partner 🚀MASSIVE NEWS!! 🔥+20X GAINS💥Best Penny Stock To Buy?🚀

The following guide covers the Best EV Penny Stocks to buy for the inevitable electric vehicle boom.

The best EV penny stocks are IDEX, CBAT, SOLO, AYRO, and many others found in this list.

Similar to 5G Penny Stocks, some of these companies can be considered very Undervalued Stocks that could provide major returns long-term!

While Robinhood is the most used brokerage for trading EV penny stocks, all of the stocks in this guide can be traded on any popular brokerage such as Vanguard, WeBull, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, and others.

Prior to diving into the best EV penny stocks, it’s important to understand what a penny stock is and the risks associated with investing in them. See our popular guide below.

Best Penny Stocks & How to Find Them

what is an ev penny stock

What is a Penny Stock?

A penny stock is defined by Investopedia as the stock of a small company that trades for less than $5 per share.

Therefore, an EV penny stock is a company whose stock trades for less than $5 per share and is involved in the electric vehicle industry.

ev penny stock

In the past many classified penny stocks as company stocks that trade for less than $1.00 per share. This was later modified by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Although all penny stocks listed below trade on huge exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), it’s important to note that most trade over the counter through the OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB).

Many small businesses use their penny stocks as a way to access funding from retail investors.

Important: Before investing in penny stocks, it’s important to understand the risks and commonalities of penny stocks.

Investing in penny stocks is not a common trend among the world’s best investors. The greatest investors are known to hold broad market Index Funds for decades.

In fact, the best investors are actually dead:

Best Investors are Dead – Fidelity Study

Some of the main risks with investing in penny stocks include the following:

  • High volatility
  • Unproven businesses
  • Lack of liquidity
  • Targets for “pump and dumps”
  • Higher probability of bankruptcy and fraud
  • Limited company financial records

While there are several risks, it is still very possible for investors to make money from EV penny stocks through share appreciation.

The same can also be said for promising companies who file for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

Best Upcoming IPOs to Buy in 2021

Some of the household companies today that were once penny stocks include Apple, Ford, Snap, Monster Beverage, Plug Power, and more.

Below you will find a complete list of the best EV penny stocks.

Legal Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational and educational purposes only. Those contributing to Wealthy Diligence are not licensed financial advisors, tax planners, real estate agents, or legal professionals. Each visitor shall be solely responsible for the decisions they make.

Best EV Penny Stocks – October 2021

I recommend bookmarking this page to keep you up to date on the Best EV Penny Stocks. This page is updated daily for your reference.

The following list was last updated on Fri, Oct, 15, 2021

As of this writing, all EV penny stocks listed below are currently available for trading on Robinhood and other brokerages.

This is similar to our list of Best Silver Stocks and Best Sports Betting Stocks.

The EV penny stocks below are ranked based on the following criteria:

  • Company outlook
  • Market Cap
  • Historical performance
  • Average Volume

robinhood free stock

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ev penny stocks idex

1. Ideanomics (IDEX)

Ideanomics (IDEX) is one of the most highly traded EV penny stocks on this list for those investing in the electric vehicle (EV) revolution.

This software company has an impressive market cap of $1.43B and its average price over the past year is between $3-3.50 per share.

best ev penny stocks idex

Market Cap: $1.43B

Average Volume: 8.29M

ev penny stocks cbak

2. CBAK Energy Technology (CBAT)

CBAK Energy Technology (CBAT) is a global leader in the production of lithium batteries. Due to the increased demand for electric vehicles, lithium battery producers will greatly benefit.

This company carries a market cap above $456 million and is heavily traded with an average volume above 1 million.

See our list of Best Lithium Stocks for more quality companies involved in lithium production.

cbak ev penny stocks

Market Cap: $456.19M

Average Volume: 1.08M

ev penny stocks solo

3. Electrameccania Vehicles (SOLO)

Electrameccania Vehicles (SOLO) is a familiar name to those currently investing in the EV space. They specialize in the development and manufacturing of electric vehicles.

This Canadian-based company has a market cap exceeding $500 million and is traded frequently with an average volume of almost 2 million.

solo stock

Market Cap: $511.12M

Average Volume: 1.96M

ev penny stocks ayro

4. Ayro Inc (AYRO)

Ayro Inc (AYRO) specializes in the design of compact electric fleet solutions in urban markets. Their current models include the Club Car 411 and AYRO 311.

This Texas-based EV company has a market cap of above $190 million and has yielded a return of over 245% for its investors over the past 5 years!

ayro stock

Market Cap: $190.53M

Average Volume: 508.81K

ev penny stocks medigus

5. Medigus (MDGS)

While better known for the medical side of its business, Medigus (MDGS) also plays a role in the EV space through its subsidiaries such as ScoutCam and Charging Robotics.

This company is headquartered in Israel and holds a market cap above $54 million. Medigus is also heavily traded with an average volume of 1.69 million.

mdgs stock

Market Cap: $54.06M

Average Volume: 1.69M

ev penny stocks aqms

6. Aqua Metals (AQMS)

Aqua Metals (AQMS) specializes in the production of recycled lead through its own process called “AquaRefining.”

This company is based in Nevada and touts a market cap above $254 million and an average volume of 1.08 million.

aqms stock

Market Cap: $254.78M

Average Volume: 1.08M

ev penny stocks dpw

7. Ault Global Holdings (DPW)

Ault Global Holdings (DPW) finishes our list of best EV penny stocks. This company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This EV company focuses on the design and development of flexible power system solutions for several industries.

dpw stock

Market Cap: $143.75M

Average Volume: 2.71M

How to Find EV Penny Stocks on Robinhood

Finding the best EV penny stocks on Robinhood is a simple process we outline below. Follow these quick steps.

1. Sign up for a free Robinhood account – Click Here to Sign Up With Free Stock

2. Click the search bar on top and enter “automotive” or you can select the “automotive” option under Trending Lists.

How to Find EV Penny Stocks on Robinhood

3. You are now able to see the most popular EV stocks traded on Robinhood.

You are now able to see the most popular EV stocks traded on Robinhood.

4. Next click the “Price” column to sort from lowest share price to highest. That’s it! You can now find the most popular EV penny stocks.

Next click the "Price" column to sort from lowest share price to highest.

Overall, these are the best EV penny stocks currently available. Always be sure to invest responsibly!

Refer to the video below for even more EV penny stock ideas:

For more popular investment guides, see the links below.

Check out our most-read articles that have been visited by thousands of unique visitors.

Most Popular Articles – Wealthy Diligence

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best EV Penny Stocks?

The best EV penny stocks are IDEX, CBAT, SOLO, AYRO, and many others found in this list.

What is an EV penny stock?

An EV penny stock is the stock of a company in the electric vehicle industry that trades for less than $5.00 per share.

What are the best EV penny stocks under $2.00?

The best EV penny stocks under $2.00 are MDGS, AQMS, and others found in this guide.

Are EV penny stocks a good investment?

Penny stocks have historically been very risky, volatile, and the companies behind them are unproven. While it is possible to make money from EV penny stocks, there are several investment alternatives that have yielded higher returns in the past.

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You will also be interested:

Who would have thought 2020 would be the dawn of a new era in electric vehicle stocks. Though many of these companies have been on the market in one shape or form for years, most have traded as penny stocks. Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA), which was always the top dog in the industry, now finds itself with a number of major competitors.

There’s no denying that FOMO (fear of missing out) has driven short-term trends in these lesser-known names, and those who invested early are now reaping the benefits.

Before we continue, we need to acknowledge that these stocks carry huge amounts of risk. The EV stocks detailed below are all volatile like penny stocks. So if you are looking for ways to trade these names or make money with penny stocks, it’s important to control your downside.

All that being said, a number of new EV stocks have also helped fuel demand. Let’s say you decided that after the March sell-off this year to invest some money into electric vehicle penny stocks. What would that look like right now if you were to take $500 at that time and throw it blindly into some of these names?

Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: KNDI)

Kandi Technologies is one of the newer names in the space. In 2013, the company and Geely Group, a Chinese automaker, jointly invested in the establishment of Fengsheng Automotive Technology Group Co., Ltd. in order to develop, manufacture and sell pure EV products. Earlier this year, Fengsheng introduced its first pure electric SUV, the Maple 30x.

Fast-forward to today and Kandi has established dealer partnerships for the retail launch of two “affordable EV models”- K23 and K27. Shares of KNDI have rallied almost 180% in the last two weeks, nearly getting back to the all-time high of $17.40 from July 30.

A $500 investment in Kandi in mid-March would’ve gotten someone around 230 shares. At today’s price, that position would be worth around $3,300. That’s a 560% return.

ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp (NASDAQ: SOLO)

ElectraMeccanica’s flagship is a single-passenger EV dubbed “SOLO”. The company has been working toward commercialization and building its U.S. footprint, with its first round of new retail locations just announced at the end of October and the initial shipment of SOLO EV’s just arriving in North America.

With commercial launch imminent and momentum as a backdrop, SOLO shares have surged in recent weeks. In a July interview with Benzinga, ElectraMeccanica CEO Paul Rivera said, “We are not trying to compete with Tesla... When you’re driving this car, it's just you, and you’re focused on the road.”

With SOLO shares trading around $0.90 in mid-March, a $500 position would be somewhere in the ballpark of 555 shares. As of Thursday, the former penny stock reached a high of $9.74 making that position worth about $5,405, a 900% gain.

Blink Charging Co. (NASDAQ: BLNK)

Another one of the “pick and shovel” EV stocks is Blink Charging. The company continues gaining exposure as its charging stations remain a hot topic among traders and customers alike. Not only has Blink focused on expanding its charging footprint, but the company has also benefitted from other industry news. Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) for example, announced earlier this year that its Apple Maps would include EV charge routing. According to Blink, that will include its charging stations. Last week, Blink introduced a cable management solution for new and existing EV charger locations.

BLNK reached a new all-time high Thursday, breaking $19 for the first time. A $500 position in BLNK around mid-March would equate to roughly 312 shares at $1.60. At today’s price that position is worth over $5,720 or an over 1,000% gain.

Ayro Inc. (NASDAQ: AYRO)

Ayro Inc. initially focused on manufacturing short-haul electric vehicles, such as things that drive around college campuses and office complexes. But the company’s recent deal with Karma Automotive forms a partnership that includes a plan to produce more than 20,000 light-duty trucks over the next three years. It’s also reportedly worth as much as $300 million. 

While AYRO is still one of the lower-priced EV stocks, shares have been equally explosive. Prior to its merger with DropCar, shares were trading around $0.40 in mid-March. A $500 position was equal to roughly 1,250 shares of DCAR – now AYRO. At this week’s current levels above $6, that position is worth right around $7,700.

Green Power Motors (NASDAQ: GP)

Green Power was originally listed on the TSX Venture market and traded in the U.S. on the OTCQX Market under the symbol GPVRF. After filing for a $35 million IPO on the Nasdaq, Green Power began trading under GP, the symbol it’s known for today. The company manufactures electric buses, cargo delivery vehicles, shuttles, and transit vehicles. Green Power recently closed a deal for six electric school buses that were sold to Thermalito Union Elementary School District through Greenpower's national distributor, Creative Bus Sales.

While GP reached of $23.45 earlier this year, the former penny stock currently trades around $19. Back in mid-March when Green Power was still on the OTCQX, the penny stock was worth around $1.05 meaning a $500 position was equal to about 476 shares. As of recent levels of $19, that position is now 1,700% higher valued at around $9,000.

Workhorse Group (NASDAQ: WKHS)

Who could forget Workhorse Group? It was one of the electric vehicle penny stocks originally brought to life by a Trump Tweet last summer. The company specializes in medium-duty trucks with powertrain components under the Workhorse chassis brand. Most recently, WKHS caught some momentum after receiving a purchase order for 500 all-electric C-1000 delivery vehicles from Pritchard Companies. Some of the momentum had been stifled following news that Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) would be rolling out its own electric cargo vehicle.

Needless to say, it hasn’t been a bad year for the former penny stock. In mid-March, shares were trading around $1.50. At its peak, WKHS reached highs of $30.99. Currently, the EV stock sits around $22.78 a share. That means a $500 position in March (roughly 333 shares) is now worth over $7,580 or an over 1,400% gain.

Nio Inc. (NYSE: NIO)

Nio isn’t the new kid on the block anymore. Last year NIO became a penny stock, at one point trading as low as $1.19. Though it didn’t experience a massive sell-off like most of the market did in the first quarter, shares of NIO stock were hovering around $2.30 in mid-March. But in light of the company’s recent earnings beat, NIO is at $48, knocking on the door of all-time highs. A $500 position in Mid-March would equate to about 217 shares of NIO. Today that would be worth $10,500, equating to a gain of over 2,000%.


Neither the author of this post nor Pennystocks.com have a position or financial relationship with any of the stocks mentioned above. 




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