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Dragon Age Origins Gifts


dragon age origins giftAlistairs mothers locket (Plot Item)This silver emblem of Andraste's Flame is riddled with cracks. Someone with a lot of patience has carefully glued it back together.
Arl Eamon's desk (RedCliff Castle)
dragon age origins giftDuncan's Shield (Plot Item)The symbol of the Grey Wardens is emblazoned on this shield, which once belonged to Duncan. It was found in the Grey Wardens cache in Denerim.
Warden's Vault (Denerim Market District. Must ask Riordan about the vault)
dragon age origins giftSmall Carved StatueA small carving of a robed woman.
dragon age origins giftStone Dragon StatueA small stone carving of a dragon.
Redcliff Castle
dragon age origins giftStone Warrior StatueA small stone carving of a humanoid warrior.
Mountainside Caverns (Ruined Temple)
dragon age origins giftWhite RunestoneA small, flat white stone with a gold rune carved into it.
Circle of the Magi Tower
dragon age origins giftOnyx Demon StatueA small statue of a demon, carved out of onyx.
East Brecilian Forest
dragon age origins giftBlack RunestoneA flat black stone with a glowing silver rune carved into it.
Aeducan Thaig (Orzammar)


dragon age origins giftBlack Grimoire (Plot Item)A black leather-bound book with a tree on the cover.
First Enchanters office (Circle Tower)
dragon age origins giftFlemmith's Grimoire (Plot Item)An old, but lovingly cared for book, bound in leather of questionable origins. The pages smell of herbs and wood smoke. Intricate stitching on the cover marks out a leafless tree, strangely ominous in its stark appearance.
Flemmith's Hut (Must do Morrigan's personal quest)
dragon age origins giftGolden Mirror (Plot Item)A mirror of polished glass in a gold frame. Golden deer and sparrows frolic together in a charming scene on the back of the mirror.
dragon age origins giftGold Rope NecklaceThis unique necklace is made of delicate gold strands twisted together in a thick rope.
Lothering, Camp
dragon age origins giftLocketAn antique cameo depicting a beautiful woman with jewels in her hair. The cameo is set in the front of a filigreed gold locket.
dragon age origins giftGolden Demon PendantA molded pendant that looks eerily like the head of a demon hangs off this thick gold chain.
Ruined Temple Gauntlet
dragon age origins giftSilver ChainThis short necklace is made of several strands of silver chain.
Senior Mage Quarters (Circle Tower)
dragon age origins giftSilver BroachA large gemstone in an intricate silver setting. A small pin on its back allows it to be attached to clothing.
Dalish Camp
dragon age origins giftSilver MedallionThis silver necklace is adorned with a large silver medallion.
Ancient Ruins Upper Level
dragon age origins giftGold AmuletA gold amulet suspended by a chain of delicate gold links.


dragon age origins giftBeef BoneA shoulder of beef, with bone attached.
Ostagar & Circle Tower
dragon age origins giftFound CakeA soggy cake-like object that has probably seen better days. This was found by Dog. Flecks of dog spittle still cling to it.
Found by Dog
dragon age origins giftLamb BoneThe bone from a leg of roast lamb.
Castle Redcliffe
dragon age origins giftOx BoneThis ox bone still has some tendon attached to it.
West Brecillian Forest
dragon age origins giftTangled Ball of YarnA tangled ball of grey-brown woolen yarn. It is still slimy from having been in the mabari's mouth.
Found by Dog
dragon age origins giftVeal BoneA juicy veal bone.
Elven Alienage


dragon age origins giftAndrastes Grace (Plot Item)A small white wildflower, commonly known as Andraste's Grace.
Redcliffe Village, Alienage, Brecillian Forest
dragon age origins giftCute Nug (Plot Item)The nug's nose twitches as it stares at the world with clear inquisitive eyes. It seems to enjoy being stroked.
Dust Town, Idle Dwarf
dragon age origins giftBlue Satin ShoesPowder blue satin shoes with long ribbons that circle the ankle. Gold lace trim and dangling gold charms shaped like puppies add the finishing touches.
Old Tegrin
dragon age origins giftBronze Symbol of AndrasteA small bronze plate with the symbol of a flame stamped into it.
dragon age origins giftChantry AmuletThis amulet is similar to the ones worn by members of the Chantry. The carving on the amulet depicts Andraste's undying flame.
Circle Tower
dragon age origins giftEtched Silver SymbolA simple holy symbol, made of etched silver.
Ortan Thaig
dragon age origins giftGolden Symbol of AndrasteAn elegant gold disk suspended from a ribbon that bears the mark of andraste's flame.
dragon age origins giftSilver Sword of MercyAn ornate silver amulet in the shape of a Sword.
Old Tegrin
dragon age origins giftSteel Symbol of AndrasteThis holy symbol is crafted from polished steel and has a severe look to it.
Denerim Market District


dragon age origins giftAleA mug of watered-down ale.
All Bartenders
dragon age origins giftAlley King's FlagonA monument to the pot-valiant in appropriately hammered gold. Lack of lid allows for a quick pour and, more importantly, refill. Never a stale brew when you facilitate swift consumption.
dragon age origins giftChasind Sack MeadA brutishly strong honey liquor, reminiscent of warm summer days, apple blossoms on the wind with an unexpected aftertaste of father going off to war, never to return. Bitter, to say the least.
Ruined Temple
dragon age origins giftGarbolg's Backcountry ReserveLikely dropped to avoid seizure by authorities, or because of seizure due to drinking it. Garbolg only brewed from 8:74 to 8:92 Blessed, killed when the vapors in his beard spontaneously combusted.
Found by Dog
dragon age origins giftGolden Scythe 4:90 BlackThis battlefield spirit maintains a chill even in direct sunlight, which it appears to absorb. Optimal serving is by the drop. Contact with exposed flesh is discouraged, but likely inevitable.
dragon age origins giftLegacy White ShearPeculiar and rare, a single run of this spirit took color and what has been optimistically been called flavor from lyrium in the cask's bilge hoop. A sipping whisky if you value your innards. Circa 790 T.E.
East Brecillian Forest
dragon age origins giftSun Blonde Vintage-1Tevinter-brewed for a very discreet client�le, and strong enough to fluster a tranquil. An almost weightless spirit best served with a powdering of catsbane as a flavor-enhancer and antidote.
Circle Tower
dragon age origins giftDirty Pair of PantaloonsThese pantaloons, crusted in soil, were probably buried for years before the mabari dug them up. On closer inspection, it appears they were once either gold or silver in color.
Found by Dog


dragon age origins giftStens Sword (Plot Item)A Qunari greatsword. Though its blade shows nicks from numerous battles, it has obviously been well looked after.
Redcliffe Village
dragon age origins giftPainting of the Rebel QueenThis painting portrays a battle between Orlais and Ferelden. The Rebel Queen, with fiery red hair, has climbed atop a ruined chariot and is holding aloft her battle standard.
Old Tegrin
dragon age origins giftPortrait of a GoosegirlA painting in a golden frame, showing a girl with windswept hair tending to a flock of geese in a snow-covered valley.
Frostback Mouontains
dragon age origins giftSilver-Framed Still LifeThis painting is framed in silver and depicts thirty-two identical Orlesian porcelain tureens.
Castle Redcliffe
dragon age origins gifttotemA small wooden totem with figures of demons and other strange beasts carved into it.
Caridin's Cross
dragon age origins giftWater-Stained PortraitAn antique portrait, slightly water-stained, of a man wearing furs and a heavy crown.
Sr. Mages Quarters


dragon age origins giftDiscovering Dragon's Blood: Potions, Tinctures, and Spicy SaucesThis thick tome is covered in dark, dusty leather and has a distinctly foreboding appearance.
Ruined Temple
dragon age origins giftFancy ScrollA scroll of parchment decorated with fancy gold handles.
Lower Ruins
dragon age origins giftThe Guerrins of Ferelden"The Guerrins of Ferelden: A Genealogical History." This book traces the line of Arl Eamon back to the time of the Alamarri clans. It doesn't seem to have been read much.
Castle Redcliffe
dragon age origins giftThe Rose of Orlais"The Rose of Orlais" appears to be a book about a woman named Lady Talia Lyonne, and her tempestuous romance with the arrogant chevalier, Garren.
Circle Tower
dragon age origins giftThe Search for the True Prophet"The search for the true prophet:" This tattered tome explores the possibility that Andraste was a powerful mage, not the Maker's Chosen. It seems this book was saved from a fire at some point.
dragon age origins giftwineA flask of red wine.
Spoiled Princess & Lothering


dragon age origins giftAntivan Leather Boots (Plot Item)A handsome pair of boots, made of luxurious Antivan doeskin.
dragon age origins giftDalish Gloves (Plot Item)These gloves are made of supple leather and lined with soft rabbit fur.
west Brecillian Forest
dragon age origins giftMedium Gold BarA fairly heavy gold bar
Arl of Denerim's Estate
dragon age origins giftMedium Silver BarA bar of pure silver.
Anvil of the Void
dragon age origins giftSmall Gold BarA small bar of gold.
Circle Tower
dragon age origins giftSmall Silver BarA bar of pure silver.
Haven Chantry


dragon age origins giftAncient Map of the ImperiumAn antique, wine-stained map showing the boundaries of the ancient Tevinter Imperium.
Denerim Market District
dragon age origins giftBotanist's Map of ThedasA botanist's map of Thedas, showing where rare plants may be found on the continent.
Castle Redcliffe
dragon age origins giftCurrent Map of FereldenA clean and fairly up to date map showing the borders of modern Ferelden.
dragon age origins giftMap of the AnderfelsA beautiful illustrated map of the Anderfels that includes drawings of strange beasts.
Denerim Market District
dragon age origins giftMap of Occupied FereldenAn old map showing Ferelden as part of Orlais. Naturally, many such maps were destroyed when the Orlesians were driven out.
Castle Redcliffe

Misc. Gifts

dragon age origins giftGemmed BraceletA delicate golden bracelet adorn with small, sparkling gems.
Orzammar Commons
dragon age origins giftGold EarringsA pair of polished, golden hoop earrings.
dragon age origins giftHeadbandA wide black headband decorated with sinister silver runes.
The Pearl
dragon age origins giftPainted SkyballThis almost-perfect orb is made of a polished black stone and has been painted to look like the night sky, complete with constellations.
West Brecillian Forest
dragon age origins giftShiny Gold RingA simple gold band, polished to a mirror-like shine.
dragon age origins giftSilver BraceletA heavy silver bracelet inscribed with Dwarven runes.
Tower of Ishal
dragon age origins giftSilver Demon Head RingAn ornate silver ring with a decorative element made to look like a horned head of a demon.
dragon age origins giftSmall Silver RingA thin silver band set with a single gemstone.
Castle Redcliffe
dragon age origins giftSteel BracersThese steel bracers have exquisite carvings of warhounds on them.
Castle Redcliffe
dragon age origins giftTiaraA golden tiara adorned with a single gem.
Denerim Market District
dragon age origins giftTribal NecklaceA necklace of sun-bleached teeth and bones.
Tower of Ishal

Sours: http://www.finalfantasykingdom.net/daogifts.php

Gift Giving Guide


Gift Name




Ancient Elven Armor

Ancient Ruins


Sarcophogus lower riuns SW
Rectangle room neer the Arcane horror same as Legacy white shear

Fancy Scroll

Ancient Ruins


Lower ruins first south
room also has tablet with ritual to get juggernaught armor

Juggernaught Armor

Ancient Ruins


Ancient eleven burial
chamber must perform ritual to open area fight to spirit grab armor from
center tomb

Legacy of White Shear

Ancient Ruins


Sarcophogus lower riuns SW
Rectangle room near the Arcane horror

Silver Medallion

Ancient Ruins


Dragon Hoard prior to
entering lower ruins

Ancient Elven Helm

Brecillian Forest


E Brecillian forest must
trade with the Hermit in eastern center of area

Andrastes Grace

Brecillian Forest


W Brecillian forest next
to a log and close to a waterfall in nw corner

Dalish Gloves

Brecillian Forest


W Brecillian forest south
of Grand Oak Behind a Tree a camp where Shade attacks

Juggernaught Armor

Brecillian Forest


E Brecillian forest NE
Corner a gravestone where 2 ogres attack examine it fight revenant to get it

Juggernaught Armor

Brecillian Forest


W Brecillian Forest
Gravestone Ne corner also dubs as mystical site of power touch it Fight
Revenant to get it

Juggernaught Armor

Brecillian Forest


After meeting swift runner
for second time just north of entrance to ruins there a gravestone behind
some pillars fight revenant to get it

Onyx Demon Statuette

Brecillian Forest


E Brecillian Forest pile
of bones near gravestone

Ox Bone

Brecillian Forest


Pile of Rubble W
Brecillian Forest North of Mystical Site of Power by fallen Tree

Painted Sky ball

Brecillian Forest


Pile of Rubble W
Brecillian Forest North of Mystical Site of Power by fallen Tree

Silver Brooch

Dalish Camp


Varathorn sometimes sells
it I think you have to give him all the ironbark

Armor of the Legion

Dead Trenches


NE corner left of entrance
to room full of skeletons and emissary

Boots of the Legion

Dead Trenches


N Alcove center E of gate
to boonamar

Gloves of the Legion

Dead Trenches


South on map from the

Helm of the Legion

Dead Trenches


Legionnaire Altar Equip
all pieces touch the shrine to fight a Gangue shade

Armor of Legion

Deep Roads


NE are of Dead trenches L
side just north of entrance to large room full of skeletons and an emissary

Black Rune stone

Deep Roads


Aeducan Thaig Chest in NW
area with several Darkspawn neer the bloody sack

Boots of Legion

Deep Roads


Sarcophagus Dead Trenches
N alcove center east of gates to boonamar

Effort Armor

Deep Roads


Broodmother drops this
item and Rock Knocker Helm

Efforts Gloves

Deep Roads


Drifters Cache in Caridins

Etched Silver Symbol

Deep Roads


Ruck Ortan Thaig Middle
East area if you don't kill him he's got some good items to sell

Gloves of Legion

Deep Roads


South area of map below
the boots in sarchopugus

Helm of Legion

Deep Roads


Dead trenches legionaries
alter note if you equip all pieces and touch the shrine in front of altar a
Gangue Shade Appears and drops another piece of armor

Medium Silver Bar

Deep Roads


Chest south of the Anvil
of the Void


Deep Roads


Caridans Cross center
upside down T with traps and bastillas




Bartender Gnawed Noble

Sours: https://www.ign.com/articles/2009/12/28/dragon-age-origins-gift-giving-guide-1057575
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Dragon Age Origins: A Complete Gift Guide

Dragon Age: Origins has a gift-giving system for the companions that the other games do not, and it's an easy way to increase approval with companions. In this sense, gifts are particularly valuable for players who may make roleplay choices that certain characters really disapprove of.

Gifts can be complicated, especially during a first play-through of the game, as there are different types of gifts from regular ones to those that certain characters prefer, and there are even some plot-relevant gifts. Some are hard to find while others are incredibly easy.

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Players may want to get max approval from companions not just because of the story, but because maxing out their approval gives them skill bonuses. So, if you need some help figuring out which gift to give to each of the giftable characters, look no further than this comprehensive guide.

How Gift Mechanics Work

Here are some important facts to remember about how gifts and approval work in Origins.

  • Regular gifts will give +five approval points to any companion.
  • Preferred gifts give +10 approval points.
  • Approval points diminish with more gifts given. Example: The first regular gift given will award the player five approval points, and the next will award four points.
  • Those with negative companion approval get their gift approval bonuses halved. (So preferred gifts will become five approval at most).
  • Once a characters' approval is maxed out (at 100), gifts will no longer give the player any approval.

Plot-Relevant Gifts

Luckily, plot-relevant gifts are impossible to give to the wrong person (the wrong companion would refuse the gift). However, not all of them are easy to find.

For those that play Dragon Age: Origins for the story (and most do), these gifts should be a priority. Not all characters have plot-relevant gifts, but those that do will share more about themselves with the Warden. Here are all the locations for the plot-relevant gifts:

For Alistair

Alistair's Mother's Amulet: Found at Redcliffe Castle in a desk in Arl Eamon's study.

Duncan's Shield: Found in the Grey Warden Vault, which is a secret room in the Market Warehouse in Denerim. The room is hidden behind a bookcase.

For Leliana

Andraste's Grace: This gift can actually be found at three different locations. The first location is in Redcliffe by the Windmill. The second is in the West Brecilian Forest. The third is in the Alienage of Denerim. (Leliana will treat the first Andraste's Grace like a plot-relevant gift and the other two as just preferred gifts).

Cute Nug: Can be acquired from an Idle Dwarf NPC in Dust Town. He can be paid a varied amount of money based on the player choosing to haggle or threaten him.

For Morrigan

Black Grimoire: Found in the Senior Mage Quarters of the Circle Tower. It can be found in Irving's chest.

Flemeth's Grimoire: In a locked chest in Flemeth's Hut that requires Flemeth's Key. (Player has to get the key by defeating Flemeth in combat).

Golden Mirror: Can be bought at Garin's store in the Orzammar Commons for 16 silver and 90 copper.

For Zevran

Antivan Leather Boots: Found in a locked chest in the store at Haven.

Dalish Gloves: Can be found in the West Brecilian Forest after an encounter with the Abandoned Campsite.

For Sten

Sten's Sword: Obtained by completing Sten's companion quest. To start the quest, his approval must be at least at 25 points. Then, confront a scavenger at the Lake Calenhad Docks.

Preferred Gifts: Romancable Characters


Alistair has gift tastes many players wouldn't quite expect from him. He actually loves runestones and figures of arcane monsters. Many players accidentally give such things to Morrigan!

Black Runestone: Found in a locked chest in Aeducan Thaig.

Joining Chalice: This gift is only available if the player has the Return to Ostagar DLC.

Onyx Demon Statuette: Located in the East Brecilian Forest near the south gravestone in a pile of bones.

Small Carved Statuette: Found in a crate in the north end of Lothering.

Stone Dragon Statuette: Located in a chest on the second floor of Redcliffe Castle.

Stone Warrior Statuette: Found in a pile of dragon filth in the Mountainside Caverns explored during the Urn of Sacred Ashes questline.

White Runstone: Found in the Circle Tower from a lootable Abomination in the Great Hall.


Leliana is pretty easy to read. She loves two things very much: Chantry symbols and shoes. This is especially good to know for players romancing her.

Blue Satin Shoes: Can be bought in a random encounter with the merchant Old Tegrin.

Silver Sword of Mercy: Can also be bought in a random encounter with the merchant Old Tegrin.

Bronze Symbol of Andraste: Found in a locked chest in the Lothering Chantry.

Chantry Amulet: Can be looted from a Templar body in the Circle Tower's Senior Mage Quarters.

Etched Silver Symbol: Can be purchased from Ruck in Ortan Thaig for 39 silver.

Golden Symbol of Andraste: Bought for 18 silver from Legnar in the Orzammar Commons.

Steel Symbol of Andraste: Located in  Genitivi's Home in the Denerim Market District.


Believe it or not, Morrigan is a lover of jewelry. If it's gold, silver, and wearable, then it's likely a preferred gift for her. She is another popular romance in the game, so be sure to stock up on jewelry if you plan to romance her.

Gold Amulet: Bought from Garin's store in the Orzammar Commons for 16 silver and 90 copper.

Golden Demon Pendant: Located in The Gauntlet, which is at the Mountain Top explored during the Urn of Sacred Ashes questline.


This Crow Assassin loves leather, but leather items just make up his plot-related gifts. His preferred gifts are metal bars.

Medium Gold Bar: Found in a treasure pile in the Arl of Denerim's Estate.

Medium Silver Bar: Located at the Anvil of the Void in a chest during the questline A Paragon of Her Kind

Small Gold Bar: Can be looted from Charmed Templars in the Circle Tower.

Small Silver Bar: Found in an Inscribed Chest at Haven's Chantry.

Preferred Gifts: Non-Romancable Companions


Though he may not seem like it, Sten has a thing for paintings.

Painting of the Rebel Queen: Can be bought for 14 silver and 40 copper in a random encounter with the merchant Old Tegrin.

Silver Framed Still Life: Found in a chest on the upper floor of Redcliffe Castle.

Portrait of a Goosegirl: Purchasable by Faryn for 13 silver and 20 copper near the entrance to Orzammar in the Frostback Mountains.

Totem: Located in a chest in the Deep Roads at Caridin's Cross.

Water Stained Portrait: Looted from a charred body in the Circle Tower's Senior Mage Quarters.


Oghren is a simple dwarf. He loves all alcohol but not wine. Save the wine for Wynne.

Ale: Bought from three different merchants for just two copper, Barlin in Lothering, Lloyd at Redcliffe Village, and the Bartender at the Denerim Market District.

Alley King's Flagon: Bought from Legnar in the Orzammar Commons for 16 silver and 50 copper.

Chasind Sack Mead: Found in the Ruined Temple in the Urn of Sacred Ashes questline, among some dusty scrolls.

Garbolg's Backcountry Reserve: Found by the dog.

Golden Scythe 4:90 Black: Located in a crate in Lothering village.

Legacy White Shear: Found in the Lower Ruins of the Brecilian Ruins in the Brecilian Forest, in a sarcophagus.

Whilhelm's Special Brew: Requires the Stone Prisoner DLC. The gift is found in Honnleath.

Sun Blonde Vint-1: Found in a Vanity in the Templar Quarters of the Circle Tower.


Like one would expect of an older mage, Wynne likes books and scrolls. However, she is also a fan of wine.

Discovering Dragon's Blood: Found in a bookshelf in the Ruined Temple during the Urn of Sacred Ashes questline.

The Guerrin's of Ferelden: Located on a bookshelf on the upper floors of Redcliffe Castle.

Fancy Scroll: Can be looted from a sarcophagus in the Lower Ruins of the Brecilian Ruins in the Brecilian Forest.

The Rose of Orlais: Obtainable from a pile of books in the Circle Tower Senior Mage Quarters.

Wine: Can be bought from the Innkeeper at the Lake Calenhad Drydocks, Bella in Redcliffe Tavern, and/or a merchant in Lothering, all for 15 copper.


Shale is a companion only available through the Stone Prisoner DLC. She loves remarkable gemstones, but be aware that her preferred gifts actually just give five approval in the console versions of Dragon Age: Origins. Also, her gifts run a little pricier than others.

Remarkable Amethyst: Purchased by Alimar in Dust Town for two gold and 24 silver.

Remarkable Diamond: Can be bought by Garin for seven gold and 80 silver in the Orzammar Commons. (This is not available on PC versions of Dragon Age: Origins).

Remarkable Emerald: Costs four gold and can be purchased from Figor in the Orzammar Commons.

Remarkable Sapphire: Bought by Legnar for three gold and 60 silver at the Orzammar Commons.

Remarkable Greenstone: Found in Honnleath.

Remarkable Malachite: Looted in the Circle Tower from the Quartermaster in the Apprentice Quarters.

Remarkable Ruby: Dropped by an Ogre Alpha in Cadash Thaig.

Remarkable Topaz: Purchasable by Faryn outside the entrance to Orzammar for two gold and 40 silver.


The dog is certainly the easiest character in the game to please. The gifts preferred by it are very obvious as well. Something to consider is that the dog's approval rating will always be at 100. Due to this, some players actually give the dog's preferred gifts to other companions.

Beef Bone: One can be found in Ostagar and another in the Circle Tower in the Templar's Quarters.

Found Cake: This item is found by the dog.

Tangled Ball of Yarn: Found by the dog.

Lamb Bone: Found in Redcliffe Castle in a chest on the main floor.

Large Bone: There are two — one at Haven and another at Soldier's Keep if the player has the Warden's Keep DLC.

Ox Bone: Can be found in some rubble in the West Brecilian Forest.

Veal Bone: In the Alienage in Denerim.


Not every player gets Loghain as part of their team, depending on their choices in the Landsmeet. Those that do get him to join can give him some preferred gifts as well. The man loves maps.

Current Map of Ferelden: Found in the Denerim Alienage.

Ancient Map of the Imperium: Purchasable from the Wonders of Thedas shop in the Denerim Market District.

Map of Occupied Ferelden: In a chest (only obtainable during the Final Onslaught) in Redcliffe Castle.

Map of the Anderfels: Located in the Grey Warden Vault in the Denerim Market District.


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Alistair is a guy who likes items that show him bits of a life that his Chantry forbids. Also, he has some unresolved emotional problems, like not having anything left from his mentor(Duncan) or from his mother.

Alistair's Mother's Amulet
Located: Redcliffe Castle
(initiates a dialogue)

Black Runestone
Located: Aeducan Thaig

Duncan's Shield
Located: Grey Warden Vault
(becomes an usable shield after the conversation)

Joining Chalice
Located: Ostagar
Requires: Return to Ostagar'

Demon Statuette
Located: East Brecilian Forest

Small Carved Statuette
Located: Lothering

Stone Dragon Statuette
Located: Redcliffe Castle

Stone Warrior Statuette
Located: Mountainside Caverns

White Runestone
Located: Circle Tower
Morrigan is a witch who lived most of her life in the wilds. She is attracted to shiny things(jewels) and
she wants to know anything her mother didn't want her to.

Black Grimoire
Location: Senior Mage Quarters
(starts a personal quest)
Flemeth's Grimoire
Location: Flemeth's Hut
(ends the personal quest)
Gold Amulet
Location: Orzammar Commons

Golden Demon Pendant
Located: The Gauntlet

Golden Mirror
Located: Orzammar Commons
(initiates a cutscene)
Golden Rope Necklace
Location: Lothering, Party Camp

Located: Haven Village Store

Silver Brooch
Located: Dalish Camp

Silver Chain
Located: Senior Mage Quarters

Silver Medallion
Located: Ruins Upper Level
Leliana likes things that symbolize purity; chantry items and flowers the things that make her day. However, she had a life before joining the cloister, so shoes and a pet will also make her melt.

Andraste's Grace
Located: Redcliffe Village, West Brecilian Forest, Elven Alienage
(initiates a cutscene)
Blue Satin Shoes
Located: Old Tegrin

Bronze Symbol of Andraste
Located: Lothering chantry

Chantry Amulet
Located: Circle Tower

Etched Silver Symbol
Located: Ortan Thaig

Golden Symbol of Andraste
Located: Orzammar Commons

Cute Nug
Located: Dust Town, Idle Dwarf
(initiates a cutscene)
Silver Sword of Mercy
Located: Old Tegrin

Steel Symbol of Andraste
Located: Denerim Market District
Sten is an enourmous guy who is really good at killing and doesn't like to talk. Like every serious killer, he has a soft spot for art, so painting and totems are the keys to make him talk. Also retrieving his lost sword will make him respect you.

Painting of the Rebel Queen
Located: Old Tegrin

Portrait of a Goosegirl
Located: Frostback Mountain Pass

Silver-Framed Still Life
Located: Redcliffe Castle

Asala(Sten's Sword)
Found in Dwyn's chest at his home in Redcliffe Village.
becomes usable(restricted to Sten, also one of the best greatswords in the game)

Located: Caridin's Cross (Origins)
Palace District (Darkspawn Chronicles)

Water-Stained Portrait
Located: Senior Mage Quarters
Zevran has a fetish for leather and likes bars of gold and silver. You can surprise him by giving him something to remind him of his mother he knows almost nothing.

Antivan Leather Boots
Located: Haven
(become usable)
Dalish Gloves
Located: West Brecilian Forest
(become usable)

Medium Gold Bar
Located: Arl of Denerim's Estate - Interior

Medium Silver Bar
Located: Anvil of the Void

Small Gold Bar
Located: Circle Tower

Small Silver Bar
Located: Haven Chantry
Wynne is an old mage who is fond of books, scrolls and wine.

Discovering Dragon's Blood: Potions, Tinctures, and Spicy Sauces
Located: Ruined Temple

Fancy Scroll
Located: Lower Ruins

The Guerrins of Ferelden
Located: Redcliffe Castle

The Rose of Orlais
Located: Circle Tower

The Search for the True Prophet
Located: Orzammar

Located: Various merchants
Oghren is a drunk dwarf who gives you lots of fun. So if you want him to be your best friend, you've gotta give him fuel.

Located: Sold by Bartenders

Alley King's Flagon
Located: Orzammar Commons

Chasind Sack Mead
Located: Ruined Temple

Garbolg's Backcountry Reserve
Found by Dog

Golden Scythe 4:90 Black
Located: Lothering

Legacy White Shear
Located: East Brecilian Forest

Sun Blonde Vint-1
Located: Circle Tower

Wilhelm's Special Brew
Located: Honnleath
Requires: The Stone Prisoner
Shale is a golem who likes to be pretty and to have pretty things. While giving it the crystals will decorate it, gems work best.

Remarkable Amethyst
Located: Alimar

Remarkable Diamond
Can be purchased from Garin.

Remarkable Emerald
Located: Figor(in the commons of Orzammar)

Remarkable Garnet
random drop

Remarkable Greenstone
Located: Village of Honnleath

Remarkable Malachite
Located: Circle Tower

Remarkable Ruby
Located: Denerim Alienage and Cadash Thaig

Remarkable Sapphire
Located: Legnar(in Dust Town)

Remarkable Topaz
Located: Faryn(in Frostback Mountains)
Loghain can join you late in the game, therefore you can tell what he likes, since there are only some things left out: maps.

Botanist's Map of Thedas
rare drop

Ancient Map of the Imperium
Located: Denerim Market District

Current Map of Ferelden
Located: Denerim Alienage

Map of the Anderfels
Located: Grey Warden Vault

Map of Occupied Ferelden
Located: Redcliffe Castle
Sours: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=209554776

Gifts dragon age

If a friend or family member is a Dragon Age fan, you might be wondering what might make a good gift for them. Below are some gift ideas - good for any time, not just Christmas.

If you're the fan, feel free to print this out, highlight liberally, and give it to your loved one(s) so they know what's on your wish list!

The games themselves

We have Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, and now Dragon Age: Inquisition.
Dragon Age Inquisition Xbox 360

Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II play on Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac.
Dragon Age: Inquisition plays on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and PC.

Amazon usually has the physical copies in stock, and also has instant or gift-able PC Downloads. If you want to just purchase a code to gift, Amazon puts the registration code into your software library on the site after purchase and you can then gift that code.

Game editions: there are a few different editions of the games. There’s the Standard edition, Deluxe, and Collector’s. The Deluxe comes with a few extra in-game (virtual extras) goodies and the Collector’s Editions usually come with physical goodies as well as what’s included in the Deluxe. Collector’s Editions usually sell out very quickly and the only way to find them (or some of the physical goodies) is to search eBay. See below for pre-made searches and RSS feeds for Dragon Age items that can help you search. Some good items from Inquisition's Collector Edition would be the lock-picks, the steel book, the tarot cards, or the cloth map. (You can see everything that came in the Inquisitor's/Collector's edition on this page.)

You can find the games at the following stores. Some will let you get a download code to gift to someone, some are the physical cd that needs to be shipped to you, and some are through programs such as Steam. (The game is downloaded via those programs - these do make good gifts if you already know your giftee uses them and if, like Steam, there is a mechanism built in for gifting directly to a friend during purchase).

Ordering through Steam - you can gift to a friend during purchase; you will need their Steam user id or their email address if they don't have a Steam account.
Ordering through GameStop & Best Buy - you can purchase online for pickup at the physical stores. See your respective country's website link above and then click on the store locator.

Something to play the games on

Could they use a new PC, laptop or console? One of the new consoles would make a great gift, especially if you also bought the game with it. Ebay has some gaming PCs and laptops, and you can also search for a good used laptop if you're on a budget. The Microsoft Store has Xbox Ones and 360s (so do Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop). Don't forget that usually with GameStop and Best Buy, you can purchase online then just go pick it up at your local store.

Many people enjoy using gaming laptops to play on. If you're going to go that route, I'd recommend the ASUS Republic of Gamer (ROG) machines over the Alienware ones. Even a used ROG machine is pretty good, just check the stats and make sure it meets, or is fairly close to, the recommended specs (not minimum) for the games. Used machines are always up for auction on eBay and sometimes for sale on Amazon. It may take a while to win an auction at the price you want to pay on eBay, but you can get a good deal if you're patient.

You could also get a gaming PC, but your giftee may prefer to build their own. In which case, a gift card to their favorite PC-hardware place (NewEgg, Amazon, etc) may be your best bet.

Xbox Live and PlayStation Network Gift Cards

To play Multiplayer on Dragon Age: Inquisition, players have to be online, so for console users you could get a gift card for Xbox Live or the Playstation Network. I know Xbox Live is required for Multiplayer, but I'm not sure about PlayStation Network. Even if it's not required to play multiplayer, the cards can purchase other things so I'm sure they'd love one just the same.

Xbox Live Gift Cards: Best BuyAmazonGameStopMicrosoft Store: 12 month12 month starter kit3 month
PlayStation Network Gift Cards: Best BuyAmazonGameStop

The Soundtrack

The music for the games is sometimes included in the Deluxe versions. If it isn't, or you'd just like to purchase it by itself, they are usually available on Amazon Music, iTunes and Rhapsody. There is usually a gifting option for those. If they already have the soundtrack on their Xbox, keep them listening to it across all of their devices with an Xbox Music Pass.

Game Merchandise

Dragon Age Flemeth Statue
If someone likes a game, then they would really like a physical manifestation of it, such as action figures, statues, or even plushies. A collector’s edition of a game with the physical goodies that comes with it would be good, as well. A few places carry these items, listed below.

The Dragon Age section of the Bioware store has everything from dice sets to hoodies to t-shirts to gorgeous posters to coffee mugs. Check out their selection.
Dragon Age Nug Plush Animal

eBay usually has a large selection of Dragon Age figures, books, videos, dice and card sets, the Dragon Age games, and everything in between. If something like the Inquisitor’s Edition of the game is sold out, eBay is the place to look for it (either the entire set or different pieces of it). Below are some links to RSS feeds for different countries & items. Save them to your RSS Reader and keep checking in!

Some options:

There is a huge selection of Dragon Age strategy guides, comics, novels, lore and art books covering the Dragon Age universe. (See the videos & books page for a complete list and places to purchase.)


Videos such as Dawn of the Seeker are great gifts for Dragon Age fans. You can usually find these at Amazon and on eBay. See the videos & books page for a complete list. The movies are also available on iTunes.

Other Dragon Age items

For fan-made & fan-designed merchandise you can always take a look at CafePress and Zazzle for fun and interesting mug, t-shirt and hoody designs. They even have iPhone cases and mouse pads. Amazon has some mouse pads and iPhone cases, as well.

There are also Dragon Age tabletop games. Check out the Videos & Books page section on them for more information.

In addition, if your gamer has a lot of games, a unique gift would be software to let them catalog all of them. That way they would know which editions they have, where they are located, and who they loaned them to! Check out Collectorz for this type of software.

Make sure the item description says it is Dragon Age, and maybe even mentions Bioware. Do not get something called "Age of Dragons," for instance - it's not the same thing.

eBay Direct Search Links
Try this link here to search (should take you to your country's eBay - if not try the links below)
Search for Dragon Age items on eBay US - ebay UK - ebay NL - ebay IT - ebay IT - ebay FR - ebay ES - ebay DE - ebay CH - ebay CA - ebay BE - ebay AU - ebay AT

RSS Feeds
Click link for a preview of the feed and to add to a reader you have already set up in your browser; click the Feedly icon next to it to add directly to Feedly (make sure you are logged in at feedly.com first, and after you click the icon here, click the +Feedly green box on that page).

How to subscribe to RSS feeds:
Chrome has one built in, you just need to enable it (Settings > Extensions, RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)).

Set up your link to your RSS Reader (for example, if you use Feedly, you'd use the URL then add %s to the end, as that will auto-add the link of the feed for whatever link you clicked. The end URL should be and thereafter when you click a RSS link, Google will ask if you'd like to send it to Feedly, you click yes, and it takes you to the Feedly page for you to confirm your subscription.

Or just add Feedly as a Chrome Extension
here. Other feed readers: Here's another Google extension and here's a comparison of the different ones.

Sours: http://www.princessstabbity.com/gift-guide-for-the-dragon-age-fan
Dragon Age Origins - What Happens If You KILL OGHREN?! (Including Awakening DLC Consequences)

Dragon Age Origins: 8 Best Gifts For Wynne

Wynne is easily one of the more likable companions that players recruit in Dragon Age: Origins. Although she's a mage, she doesn't seem to have the arrogance of other spellcasters like Solas or Morrigan. Rather, Wynne comes with a naturally nurturing attitude, offering words of wisdom to the heroes and returning any kindness showed to her. One might think this makes her a pushover, but she's also proven more than capable of handling herself within both combat and conversation. When you factor these strengths in, who wouldn't want to get her a gift?

RELATED: Dragon Age: 5 Best Companions In The Franchise (& 5 Worst)

Keep in mind: Wynne is an old scholar. As such, books make some of the best presents for her. Those looking to rack up some loyalty points should be on the lookout for ancient tomes and papers on their journey.

8 The Search For The True Prophet

Considering her profession, it makes sense that Wynne would explore the possibility of Andraste being a mage. It should also come as no surprise that a book on the subject was pulled out of a fire. After all, it's heresy to some folks.

Wynne appreciates it as a gift regardless. She's clearly more open-minded than others in this world. What the book was doing in Orzammar is another question. Did some Dwarf find it and lock it in a chest for safekeeping? They worship the titans, so this seems a little out of their wheelhouse.

7 The Rose Of Orlais

Sometimes, people just enjoy a good romance novel. Wynne is no exception. She particularly enjoys this story about Lady Talia Lyonne, a woman who falls into a saucy relationship with Garren, a chevalier.

Orlais is a flamboyant place that prizes cheesiness. It seems like just the place for bodice-rippers or Harlequin romance works in this world. Then again, this could be a revered classic, functioning as the Dragon Age equivalent of Romeo & Juliet. That might be the more likely case since the book is found with a slew of other tomes in the Circle Tower's Senior Mage Quarters. Either way, Wynne wants it.

6 Fancy Scroll

Considering its mysterious contents and gold handles, one would think that this scroll would be at some high-class auction. Instead, it's hidden in the lower Brecilian Ruins.

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It's unclear why Wynne would want the Fancy Scroll. Aside from the aforementioned gold handles, nothing about this piece of parchment jumps out as particularly noteworthy. Maybe it contains the last will and testament of whoever's sarcophagus it was found in. Perhaps it spills the untold secrets of the universe. Ah, who cares? Give it to Wynne for some loyalty points.

5 Tattered Notebook

Unlike most gifts mentioned so far, this little book isn't just lying around for the player to find. Sure, it's somewhere in the Denerim Market District, but it's only uncovered by asking the player's dog if he's found anything.

Once again, this notebook is every bit as filthy as one might expect. It's covered in dirt and the pages are falling out. Those pieces that remain are stained with water (or dog slobber). Let's just hope that Wynne washes her hands after handling this tattered tome.

4 The Guerrins Of Ferelden

Is Wynne secretly trying her hand at becoming a Machiavellian villain akin to Solas? Her interest in a book on Arl Eamon's family could signal a desire to control said family and influence world events. Then again, she could just be curious. This family tree probably isn't very important since the book hasn't been read much.

RELATED: Dragon Age: 10 Things You Need To Know About The Dread Wolf

Considering the subject matter, though, it makes sense that it would be in a castle (Redcliffe, to be exact). Therefore be sure to ransack the royal bookshelves and bring Wynne this kingly gift. Try to gauge her response yourself.

3 Tangled Ball Of Yarn

This is another gift found by the player's loyal dog. Somewhere in Ferelden, simply ask the good boy if he's found anything. One item that may pop up is this ball of yarn. Ordinarily, this item functions as a gift for the plucky mutt.

Alternatively, though, the player can give it to Wynne. She, in turn, wants to knit a gift for Alistair. This ball of yarn just keeps rolling from one companion to the next. It only reaffirms the mage's status as one of the more likable allies in the game.

2 Wine

Apparently, Wynne has a soft spot for the finer things in life. That's good news for the player since a fancy bottle of red wine is far and away the simplest item to obtain in the mage's list of gifts.

The unimpressive brew can be bought from various merchants all across the land. It's not exclusive to any area or structure. After the bonified treasure hunt to acquire the other items, it's refreshing to just buy a gift for a friend. That's what you do in real life, so why not here?

1 Discovering Dragon's Blood: Potions, Tinctures, And Spicy Sauces

Found in a bookshelf in the Ruined Temple of Andraste, this is a dark little book even by series standards. That's due not only to its ominous appearance but also its uses. It appears to list instructions on how to harvest and consume the blood of dragons.

This implies that people can hunt these creatures for their remains. They also feel safe putting these bizarre brews in their bodies. Just sprinkle some on a steak to feel like a million bucks. This opens up a ton of questions regarding what Wynne gets up to in her spare time. She might have actually used this information in Dragon Age: Inquisition, where these reptilian beasts are more plentiful, but that's a tale for another time.

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