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What Is The Best No Lag VPN For Warzone?

When it comes to Warzone, there are few things that are more annoying than dropping into a match where players find themselves skipping all over the place thanks to a poor connection to the game servers.

As the start of Season 3 Reloaded approaches, more and more players are utilisng VPNs in order to reduce connectivity issues and prevent any kind of disruption when roaming the streets of Verdansk or Rebirth Island.

With a wide range of VPNs on offer, it can be tricky to determine which are the very best providers to use to ensure the smoothest gameplay experience.

So, which is the best VPN to use in order to maintain the fastest and most stable connection during a Warzone match?

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Why Use A VPN For Warzone?

Best No Lag Warzone VPN
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There are several benefits when using a VPN to play Warzone. Thanks to the ability to hide an IP address, players can access different regions in order to play on other servers with the lowest ping possible.

Hiding the IP address also provides an additional layer of security, making it less likely to fall victim to a DDoS attack which will leave players unable to access the Warzone servers.

Alongside extra security, players can utilise a VPN to connect to a server in a country where Warzone is less popular than other titles. With a lower number of players dropping into matches with a potentially lower level of skill compared to European and North American servers, players can score kills and wins at a much faster rate.

The Best No Lag Warzone VPN

Warzone Best No Lag VPN
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With plenty of different providers offering the same service, there are a number of VPNs that are perfect to use for Warzone.


This particular VPN provides exclusive support to Warzone on PC, guaranteeing low ping, no packet loss, and a variety of server locations to choose from.

A one-year subscription to NoLag VPN works out at under $5 a month and for a lag-free Warzone experience, it's certainly a reasonable price.

Click here to find out more about NoLag VPN.


Unlike NoLag, CyberGhost's VPN works for Warzone on consoles as well as PC.

Providing strong protection against any potential attacks along with the ability to play the battle royale in any region with minimal lag, this VPN is another popular choice.


NordVPN is one of the most recognisable VPN providers in the world.

Armed with nearly lightning-fast servers across the globe, players can jump into a Warzone match with no connection issues from a number of different servers, perfect for playing with friends overseas or competing in tournaments.

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Is It Worth It?

If you're after a smooth connection and the ability to choose which Warzone server you want to play on, a VPN is an essential piece of software to own.

Nothing is more annoying than constantly experiencing lag in the middle of an intense gunfight and by downloading a VPN onto a console or PC, it's certainly a sure-fire method of improving connection for a more enjoyable experience.

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5 Best VPNs for Call of Duty: Warzone in (Any Device)

Call of Duty: Warzone is my favorite battle royale game but I get frustrated when I get high ping and low framerates on overcrowded servers. I was also disappointed to discover that I couldn’t play CoD: Mobile on my home servers during a recent trip abroad.

Luckily, a gaming VPN can improve speeds and even protect against DDoS attacks. Since it’s not easy to find a reliable VPN (especially for game consoles like PS4 and Xbox), I ran rigorous tests to shortlist the best VPNs for CoD: Warzone and CoD: Mobile.

ExpressVPN is my #1 choice for CoD multiplayer as it has fast global servers that never interfered with my gameplay, top-notch security, and an easy-to-install app for gaming devices. It’s backed by a day money-back guarantee, so you can try ExpressVPN with CoD: Warzone risk-free. If you find it doesn’t meet your needs, you can get a refund within minutes over 24/7 live chat. I tested this myself and the money returned to my account the next day.

Play CoD: Warzone with ExpressVPN

  1. ExpressVPN — #1 VPN for Call of Duty with super-fast speeds, low latency, global servers, and a day money-back guarantee. Try ExpressVPN with CoD!
  2. CyberGhost — Provides gaming-optimized servers, but it’s slower when used for mobile gaming.
  3. Private Internet Access — Large server network with + servers for playing CoD, but speeds are inconsistent.
  4. PrivateVPN — StealthVPN lets you play CoD on your travels abroad, but the VPN has a small server network.
  5. PureVPN — Cheap VPN with ultra-tight security features to avoid in-game attacks, but setup is a bit tricky on Windows.

Play Call of Duty with ExpressVPN

1. ExpressVPN — #1 VPN for CoD: Warzone With Fast Speeds, Global Servers, and Powerful Content Unblocking

Key Features:

  • + servers in 94+ countries
  • Fast speeds and low latency lets you play without interruptions
  • Allows 5 simultaneous device connections
  • Compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, routers, and more
  • 24/7 live chat and email support
  • day money-back guarantee

ExpressVPN is the #1 VPN for CoD with its high speeds and consistently low ping. I was able to change my gaming region while playing Warzone and Mobile abroad, letting me play with my friends from home easily.

There’s nothing worse than successfully battling through Warzone players and almost winning just to lose your connection because of high ping. So, I was impressed when ExpressVPN provided very stable latency that fluctuated by only ms during gameplay. In addition to its minimal ping changes, this VPN’s ultra-fast speeds stop you from landing in the Gulag due to lag.

Screenshot of Call of Duty: Warzone game with an ExpressVPN connection.

I never experienced any lags when I used ExpressVPN’s servers

ExpressVPN’s rapid speeds are also an excellent benefit when it comes to downloading large CoD updates. These files are big and usually take hours to download. However, I was blown away as I could even watch Netflix shows in HD quality while I waited. Finding a fast server is also easy thanks to ExpressVPN’s built-in Speed Test tool, which offers an up-to-date overview of which servers have the lowest ping time down to the millisecond. I found this feature incredibly useful for choosing the best available server every time I logged onto CoD.

Screenshot of speed tests carried out on 4 ExpressVPN servers.

ExpressVPN’s speeds are great for smooth gameplays and quick downloads

ExpressVPN comes with a router app that protects all of the devices connected to your WiFi. This saved me a lot of time I would’ve spent manually setting the VPN up on my PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Installing ExpressVPN on your router will also remove the maximum device limit you can use the VPN on. I found it super helpful as my siblings also play online games. With our devices connected to a VPN, we could all play with the best players around the world.

If you don’t want to use a VPN directly on your router, you can set up ExpressVPN on gaming consoles using its MediaStreamer feature. This SmartDNS technology automatically connects you to a different DNS server which changes your virtual location in seconds. This will trigger Activision to put you through to lobbies in different regions. However, MediaStreamer won’t let you choose a specific location so you won’t be able to decide which country you’re connected to. The feature also doesn’t provide VPN-level encryption so it won’t unblock any location-restricted content either.

ExpressVPN’s top-of-the-class security technology can protect you from hackers. It’s incredibly frustrating to get so far into a game and lose connection because of hackers performing DDoS attacks. These attacks target your IP address to overwhelm your connection and get you kicked due to high ping. ExpressVPN kept my IP hidden and protected me from these attacks, so I was able to carry on playing.

Although ExpressVPN doesn’t support the open-source WireGuard protocol, its proprietary Lightway protocol provides similarly fast speeds and strong security. ExpressVPN will automatically pick a protocol based on your network settings by default, but you can manually choose between Lightway, OpenVPN, IKEv2 and L2TP/IPsec in app preferences.

I think ExpressVPN is worth it because its fast speeds and low latency helped me keep up with the action and improve my kill/death ratio. But you don’t have to base your decision just on my tests — try ExpressVPN risk-free with Warzone on all your gaming devices. If you change your mind you can get a refund with its 30 day money-back guarantee. I contacted customer service through the 24/7 live chat to request a refund myself — it was completely hassle-free and I wasn’t pressured to stay. I received the money back through PayPal the next day, but it could take business days if you pay with a credit card.

ExpressVPN also unblocks: Steam, Twitch, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, SlingTV, SHOWTIME, and more.

ExpressVPN works on: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Chrome, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, routers, Linux, and more.

Play CoD: Warzone with ExpressVPN

October Update! ExpressVPN has dropped prices for a limited time to a crazy $ per month for the 1-year plan (you can save up to 49%) + 3 months free! This is a limited offer so be sure to grab it now before it's gone. See more information on this offer here.

2. CyberGhost — Dedicated Gaming Servers for CoD: Warzone

Key Features:

  • + global servers in 90+ countries, with optimized gaming servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth for fast speeds and smooth gaming
  • Supports 7 simultaneous device connections
  • Compatible with PlayStation, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and more
  • 24/7 live customer support
  • day money-back guarantee

CyberGhost offers thousands of gaming servers optimized for stable connections and less lag. Throughout my testing, CoD: Warzone performed well on my PC, PS4, and Xbox One with an average of 95ms ping.

Screenshot of Call of Duty: Warzone with a CyberGhost connection.

CyberGhost’s gaming servers kept any lag at bay as I played on US servers

CyberGhost uses bit AES encryption on all its servers, which also come with a built-in NAT firewall. I trust these extra layers of security to keep me safe from potential distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks while playing Call of Duty: Warzone. In addition to optimized gaming servers, you’ll also find servers tailored to fast download speeds and streaming, so you can easily access Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and other popular streaming platforms.

I was concerned I’d have to scroll through a long list of servers to find the optimized locations, but CyberGhost let me set up my connection in just 2 minutes. All gaming servers are sorted into their own section which helped me find a location without a fuss. I just had to double-click on the chosen server and the VPN did the rest for me!

Screenshot of the list of CyberGhost's gaming servers.

You can find all servers optimized for gaming in the “Gaming Servers” tab

Since CyberGhost is one of the best VPNs on the market, I’m not surprised that with its high security I had no bad experiences with hackers and DDoS attacks. I was also able to download new content while connected. The high download speeds I got on my PC and consoles meant I didn’t have to wait long for my new DLC to download.

Unfortunately, I found CyberGhost gave me much slower speeds of 25Mbps when playing CoD: Mobile. My latency stayed around ms which was still low enough to keep up with other players, but I lagged occasionally during intense moments. It didn’t bother me too much though and I even managed to win a few games.

You can see for yourself if the VPN really is that good — download CyberGhost and test it with CoD: Warzone, and get a refund in 45 days if it’s not for you. I tested it myself to make sure it’s not just an empty promise. I reached out to CyberGhost using the 24/7 live chat and requested a refund after 25 days of subscribing. After confirming it was my final decision, the representative approved my request and returned my money within a week.

CyberGhost also unblocks: Steam, Twitch, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, SlingTV, and more.

CyberGhost works on: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Chrome, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and more.

Play CoD: Warzone with CyberGhost

October Update: CyberGhost has dropped prices for a limited time to a crazy $ per month for the 2-year plan (you can save up to 83%)! This is a limited offer so be sure to grab it now before it's gone. See more information on this offer here

3. Private Internet Access (PIA) — The Largest Server Network to Connect to Every CoD Region

Key Features:

  • global servers in 78 countries
  • Great speeds and low latency on every connection so you don’t lag
  • Connect with 10 devices at once
  • Works on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and more
  • 24/7 customer support through live chat and email
  • day money-back guarantee

Private Internet Access (PIA) has a huge server network, so you’ll always find a server in the region you want to game in. Like CyberGhost, PIA’s servers are optimized for gaming — but instead of offering a list of gaming locations, PIA applies this improved gameplay to all servers! So no matter which location I chose, my traffic was automatically configured to deliver fast loading times and low latency.

Screenshot of Call of Duty: Warzone with a PIA connection

PIA makes gaming easy with zero lag and sharp picture quality

Unlike its competitors, PIA lets you customize your settings to optimize your traffic for your gaming needs. I turned off my encryption and data authentication to boost my speeds and lower the latency in international CoD lobbies. Once I finished gaming, I easily swapped to bit encryption to find DLC on Activision’s site. The stronger protection made my traffic invisible to hackers so I didn’t worry about losing my payment details if I made a purchase.

Screenshot of customizable PIA settings

PIA’s customizable settings let me increase my speeds to reduce ping time

While PIA is a very good VPN for playing Call of Duty: Warzone, its streaming options are a bit limited compared to competitors. You’ll be able to access some popular streaming platforms like Netflix US and HBO Max but unfortunately, PIA is unable to unblock Hulu or BBC iPlayer. If you want unrestricted access to these services, you may want to consider ExpressVPN instead.

Sadly, PIA’s ping fluctuates a lot on distant servers.I had continually low ping with PIA servers closest to my actual location. But connecting to a server in Australia (which is over 10,km away from me) gave me a ping that rapidly switched between 80ms and ms. While I could still play, I had to deal with multiple lag spikes which made the gameplay more frustrating.

You should test PIA for yourself risk-free as its day money-back guarantee gives you enough time to try it before committing. Just remember to request a refund before the trial period ends, and you’ll have no problem with getting your money back. I received my refund 7 days after requesting it through the 24/7 live chat.

PIA also unblocks: Steam, Twitch, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, SlingTV, and more.

PIA works on: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Chrome, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and more.

Play CoD: Warzone with PIA

October Update! For a limited time only, save 83% on PIA's 3-year plan and get an additional 2 months free + Free Antivirus! Hurry and check out the deal here!

4. PrivateVPN — StealthVPN Mode Easily Unblocks CoD (Even in China)

Key Features:

  • servers in 63 countries
  • Low enough latency to avoid frustrating lags that make you miss out on crucial parts of the gameplay
  • Set up on 6 devices at once
  • 24/7 helpdesk through live chat and email
  • day money-back guarantee

StealthVPN mode makes PrivateVPN one of the few vendors that works in countries with strict internet regulations, like China, Turkey, and the UAE. When I asked my team members currently residing in China to test the VPN, they collectively confirmed that StealthVPN let them access their Activision accounts without any issues. This means you won’t be blocked from playing Warzone during your travels so you won’t miss any special events or deals (I hate when this happens!).

Screenshot of Call of Duty: Warzone with a PrivateVPN connection

I didn’t notice any lag when I used PrivateVPN to play CoD

I also found that PrivateVPN keeps every CoD lobby as smooth as possible with fast speeds and an okay ping. During my tests, I found that connecting to a server on the East Coast gave me great speeds that were only 20% slower than my base connection. This is pretty unusual as I normally get such fast traffic closer to my West Coast home. My ping remained between ms which isn’t the best, but it didn’t impact my gameplay that much. I only experienced lagging and chat disturbances a handful of times, which wasn’t enough to make me rage quit — and that’s saying something.

However, I was disappointed with the small selection of PrivateVPN servers. As the servers are spread across 63 locations, many countries have only 1 available connection. This leads to significant overcrowding, especially in popular countries like France or New Zealand, and my team members reported super-high ping (>ms) in their lobbies.

That said, you won’t lose anything if you try PrivateVPN for free with its money-back guarantee for 30 days. Requesting a refund is super easy: just connect to an advisor through PrivateVPN’s 24/7 live chat. That’s exactly what I did. The PrivateVPN rep asked me why I wanted to cancel, but he approved my request when I said I changed my mind. The whole conversation took only about 5 minutes and I had the money in my bank account within 6 business days.

PrivateVPN also unblocks: Steam, Twitch, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, and more.

PrivateVPN works on: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Chrome, routers, and more.

Play CoD: Warzone with PrivateVPN

5. PureVPN — Affordable VPN With Strong Security Against DDoS Attacks

Key Features:

  • + global servers in + locations
  • Good speeds and latency to keep your lobbies as smooth as possible
  • Lets you connect 10 devices simultaneously
  • 24/7 customer help through live chat, email, and call center
  • day money-back guarantee

PureVPN has military-grade encryption and leak protection to protect you from any CoD hackers. These features effectively protect your traffic and let the VPN’s servers absorb the flood of traffic requests during DDoS attacks. This ensures you don’t lose your progress if you get kicked out of the game due to hacking attempts. On top of that, the secure encryption made my connection impossible to detect which let me access Warzone add-ons normally restricted to certain countries.

Screenshot of Call of Duty: Warzone with a PureVPN connection

Using PureVPN servers let me play CoD without lag

In my tests, I found that PureVPN kept lagging at bay as I was sniping enemies in multiple lobbies. I noticed slight slowdowns in the pre-game lobby, but that’s normal as there’s a lot happening on the screen at the same time. Once I dropped in Verdansk, this was resolved and I enjoyed smooth CoD gameplay.

Unfortunately, the PureVPN app was difficult to install on my Windows laptop as I continuously got error messages. I asked customer support for help over 24/7 live chat and I was offered a temporary fix while the team is rectifying the problem (I had to disable my antivirus). Funnily enough, I had no problems installing PureVPN on my phone, Mac, and even a router.

You can see for yourself how PureVPN can improve your Warzone gameplay without committing to a long-term subscription. As a new user, you can try PureVPN risk-free with the day money-back guarantee. I tested it myself and easily got my refund approved after using the VPN for 23 days. The money was back in my PayPal wallet within a week.

PureVPN also unblocks: Steam, Twitch, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, and more.

PureVPN works on: Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, Chrome, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and more.

Play CoD: Warzone with PureVPN

October Coupon Code! For a limited time only, PureVPN is offering a staggering extra 10% off its current top offer, meaning you can get PureVPN for as little as $ per month (when you purchase a 2-year plan upfront.) Make sure to enter the coupon code nologvpn at checkout to take advantage of this great deal. You can find the 'Have Coupon Code' box right above where you add your email address to sign up!

You can find all the details here - but don't forget to add the coupon code nologvpn during checkout!

Call of Duty: Warzone has a huge fanbase with 50+ million gamers logging on to play every day. This means that you can often get connected to overcrowded servers filled with players of varying skills — including those who don’t take the game seriously. The high user load significantly increases your latency, lowers the game’s FPS, and increases the risk of running into DDoS attackers. That’s why many hardcore playersuse a VPN to connect to faster servers and protect themselves from hackers.

As Call of Duty: Warzone gameplay includes high-paced action, it uses a lot of your bandwidth. A VPN can also reduce your in-game lag by providing your connection with lower latency. That’s because connecting to a VPN server closer to your desired CoD region makes transferring your data much faster, which shortens your load times. It also prevents your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from throttling your speeds. A VPN can stop anyone from manipulating your connection as it’ll make your internet traffic invisible.

Additionally, a VPN can help you access CoD if you’re traveling abroad or facing technical issues. For example, if you can’t log in to your Warzone account with a local IP address, you can use a VPN to change your virtual location and regain access to your account. This is also useful if you travel to a country that censors violent video games. By connecting to a server in your home country, you can avoid these censorships and rejoin your friends online in no time.

Although it’s possible to access geoblocked DLC or even download new content that isn’t available in your region yet with a VPN, I wouldn’t advise it. Game publishers like Activision are constantly monitoring cheating behavior and exploits, so you could end up being permanently banned from Call of Duty: Warzone (or worse) if you use a VPN to violate its user agreement.

While a VPN can improve your online gameplay, I found not all vendors offer the features needed for a heavy game like CoD. Choosing the wrong service can cripple your game with higher-than-normal latency leaving you unable to drop into Verdansk without lagging. That’s why it’s important to get a quality VPN that can fully protect your identity while delivering fantastic gaming performance. I recommend ExpressVPN as it offers the fastest speeds, low ping, and tight security.

Play CoD securely with ExpressVPN

Though it’s crucial for keeping your games up-to-date, download speeds aren’t the most important factor in online gaming. You also need to consider the time needed to connect you with the game’s servers — this is known as latency or ping. Ideally, you want your latency to be less than ms to avoid any in-game lag, so choose a VPN that offers the lowest latency and high download speeds.

A simple speed test can reveal the details about your connection so you can check if your current VPN server will give you a great gaming experience. I tested all 5 VPNs on the list using the Ookla Speed Test. As speeds and latency depend on which server you use, I connected to local and distant servers in popular countries, like the UK, the US, Germany, and Australia. This helped me gauge if the recommended VPNs can offer high speeds for gaming.

In addition to low latency and high download speeds, you’ll want to look for a VPN with:

  • A large server network — The more servers and locations a VPN offers, the better your chance of avoiding overcrowding and dropped connections. You’re also more likely to get lower latency the closer a server is to your physical location.
  • Top-tier security — Online gaming is generally secure but you still could be exposed to a variety of threats. You’ll need a VPN with excellent security to protect yourself against DDoS attacks, phishing, and targeted harassment, Look for features like bit AES encryption, DNS leak protection, a kill switch, and more to help keep you anonymous when you play Warzone.
  • Logging policy — Your online activity should be anonymous when you use a VPN and one way you can help ensure this is by choosing a provider with a no-log privacy policy.

Very few VPNs offer all of these benefits, but I can confirm that ExpressVPN delivers on all of them. You don’t have to take my word for it though — you can test ExpressVPN out for yourself and if you’re not satisfied, you have up to 30 days to claim a refund.

Avoid lag in CoD with ExpressVPN

Can I use a free VPN to play Call of Duty: Warzone?

Yes, but I wouldn’t recommend it due to the technical and security issues I’ve encountered with them. Though I’ve tested a few decent free VPNs, I found they’re not suitable for gaming. That’s because free providers come with strict limitations on bandwidth, data caps, and a small number of servers. When I tried, a high-quality free VPN, I used up the 10GB monthly data and got kicked 10 minutes after entering a lobby! Even when I connected to ProtonVPN to avoid data limits, I could only choose from 3 overcrowded servers.

I simply don’t think using a free VPN is worth the hassle when I simply want to enjoy exciting gameplay with the best players across the world. However, another option is to use a top VPN like CyberGhost for free for 45 days. As long as you request your money back within 45 days, you won’t have to pay anything.

You can try CyberGhost at no cost to you as it comes with a day money-back guarantee

Will I get banned from Call of Duty: Warzone by using a VPN?

No, you won’t get banned if you use a VPN to connect to a different CoD server. According to the game’s Terms & Conditions, you face being banned only by “using software that can change or facilitate the gameplay to gain an unfair advantage or to manipulate stats and game data”. So as long as you don’t use it to cheat in the game, you’ll have no problems with using a gaming VPN.

That being said, there are reports of players being banned when Activision’s anti-cheating technology misinterpreted their VPN connection as a security violation. Though it’s a very rare occurrence, you can minimize this risk by choosing a VPN with powerful encryption and leak protection — like ExpressVPN. It’s obfuscated servers completely mask your traffic so Activision won’t even know that you’re using a VPN. Better yet, you can avoid accidental bans with ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN is backed by a day money-back guarantee so if you don’t feel it’s right for you, you can get a full refund.

Will a VPN help me play Call of Duty Mobile?

Yes, using a VPN on your phone can help you play CoD: Mobile in countries where it’s blocked, like Belgium and Vietnam. However, be careful — Call of Duty Mobile states that using VPNs is against its Terms & Conditions and will result in an automatic ban.

So if you’re planning on using a VPN with the mobile game, make sure to pick a service that can effectively hide your connection. I tested many VPNs with CoD on my iPhone and Android, and I avoided detection with ExpressVPN’s obfuscated servers. The VPN also lets you test its ultra-private connections without forcing you to commit to a subscription.

If you don’t think the vendor is meeting your expectations, you can easily get a refund within the first 30 days of signing up. I found this very helpful as it gave me enough time to make a well-informed decision about the VPN’s gaming capabilities. So if you’re still not sure which VPN to choose, you can test ExpressVPN completely risk-free.

How do I set up a VPN with Call of Duty: Warzone on my PS4, Xbox One, and other devices?

Setting up your VPN connection will depend on your gaming device. While the top VPNs for CoD are compatible with many devices, PlayStation and Xbox don’t support native VPN apps. This means you won’t be able to download them directly on your gaming consoles. After researching possible solutions, I found a few different workarounds on how to connect your PlayStation, Xbox, and other gaming devices to a VPN.

The easiest way to connect your gaming consoles to a VPN is to use a vendor with a dedicated SmartDNS service that can be set up on all devices. ExpressVPN comes with a MediaStreamer feature that connects your device to a different DNS server. This alters your virtual location, changing your default CoD region. However, MediaStreamer doesn’t encrypt your connection so you won’t be able to access add-ons and game packs unavailable in your country.

You can use your PC with a VPN installed on it to set up a working connection on your gaming consoles. This is a bit trickier, but I successfully set it up by following this straightforward installation guide:

  1. Install a VPN. ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs for Windows, macOS, and more. Try ExpressVPN now!.
  2. Connect your gaming console with your desktop using an Ethernet cable. This is necessary to share your VPN connection between the devices.
  3. Open “Network and Internet Settings.” You can find this on the WiFi icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Then select “Change Adapter Options,” find your VPN and go into its “Properties.”
  4. Tick “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s internet connection” in the Sharing tab. Confirm with “OK.”
  5. Open your gaming console and set up a new internet connection. Select the LAN cable connection instead of WiFi. This should automatically connect your console with the VPN on your PC.
  6. Run Call of Duty: Warzone and enjoy your improved gaming experience!

Alternatively, you can install a VPN directly on your router. Doing so will automatically connect all of your devices on the same network to your chosen VPN server — including your gaming consoles, PCs, and smartphones.

  1. Open your web browser and type in your router’s IP address. You can find it in Network and Internet settings on any of your devices.
  2. Log into your router using your username and password. If you’ve never done it before, you should change the default password your router came with to a more secure one.
  3. Configure your router’s settings to allow VPNs to redirect your traffic. Each router has different network requirements, so visit ExpressVPN’s site for step-by-step instructions for each router model.
  4. Test your connection by checking your IP address. It should display your chosen VPN location.
  5. Start playing Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty Mobile on any of your devices connected to your router!

What can I do if my VPN isn’t working with Call of Duty: Warzone?

You’re not likely to have any issues if you use a top gaming VPN. Alternatively, you can try and resolve the error by disconnecting from your current server and choosing a different location. This will completely rewire your traffic and give you a different IP address, which should let you back into your CoD lobby.

You should also make sure your VPN app is up to date. Regular updates provide you with the latest security technology and fix any existing bugs. You’ll see a notification pop-up when an update becomes available, so simply activate it with one click. If you’re still having issues, reach out to your VPN’s customer service. Top providers like ExpressVPN have 24/7 live chat, so you can connect to a representative within minutes.

How do I change the Call of Duty servers on any device?

You can change your server country by connecting a gaming VPN. Top VPNs like ExpressVPN regularly update its global servers, so you’ll have smooth gameplay on CoD: Warzone and CoD: Mobile. This is particularly useful if you play on PlayStation, Xbox, or mobile device as CoD automatically fixes you to a single region. However, you can easily change your CoD server on PC. Simply click on the world icon in the top-left corner and select which region you want to use.

Download ExpressVPN today!

Using a VPN with CoD can significantly improve your gameplay by lowering your latency, especially if you regularly play on CoD servers. It’s also worth connecting to a VPN server to stop shady players from intercepting your internet traffic and interfering with your gaming performance.

As not many VPNs can actually help you, I recommend only using the best services I tested myself. ExpressVPN gave me super-fast speeds across all servers, low ping, and unbreakable protection making my connection to CoD servers smooth and secure. You can play Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty Mobile with ExpressVPN risk-free as you’re protected by a day money-back guarantee. If you decide it doesn’t meet your needs, you can easily request a refund over 24/7 live chat. I tested the refund policy myself and had the money returned to my account in only 1 day.

The Best VPNs for Call of Duty: Warzone in

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Best VPNs to access easy lobbies in Call of Duty Warzone

Best VPNs to access easy lobbies in Call of Duty Warzone
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Are you really doing this life thing right if Call of Duty Warzone is not among your top three online battle royale games? Serious question.

Call of Duty has been THE most popular shooter series for close to two decades now. Love it or hate it, you still kind of want to play for that adrenaline rush of making it to the top of the scoreboard.

And one of the standout titles in a long line of 24 (!!!) Call of Duty games is CoD Warzone. It&#;s been out for more than a year and is still one of the most popular installments this series has to offer.

The game has racked up millions of fans worldwide, and if you’ve played it, you can agree it has lived up to the hype. If not, trust us – you won&#;t be able to put it down once you do.
Call of Duty Warzone battle royale style game

For the noobs out there, the game has two main modes: Plunder and Battle Royale.

The latter is much like PUBG or Fortnite. Players compete in a continually shrinking area. You might say it&#;s a rip-off, but if it works, it works. Hey, who doesn&#;t have a Battle Royale mode these days anyway? Candy Crush probably has one. At least Call of Duty was made for this!

Plunder, on the other hand, is all about teams competing to collect cash to hit a target of $1 million.

There are also many time-limited events that you should watch out for if you’re only getting started. And those go by so fast you can catch whiplash just from streaming them on Twitch.

Finally, Warzone also managed to one-up all the other Battle Royale-style games by letting you play against players in a single match. And some of the time-limited modes, the number of competing players is capped at .

Look, it&#;s Call of Duty. If it ain&#;t broke&#; don&#;t blame your K/D on campers.

What’s up with SBMM in Warzone?

If you&#;ve ever touched a battle royale game, you know what skill-based matchmaking is. You probably don&#;t even need to look up what SBMMstands for.

And you also probably know what it means when it comes to getting easy wins.

Early this year, SBMM caused a lot of chaos within the Call of Duty community after players discovered a glitch in the system that could be exploited to make easier matchups. Players have used this to their advantage by accessing and playing in low-rank, easy lobbies.

And, oh, the ranking up, those K/D ratios, and all the Twitch and YouTube streamers this little exploit gave birth to.

Some call it cheating, we call it strategy.

So what are these easy lobbies everyone keeps talking about?

Easy lobbies, also known as bot lobbies, feature low-level Warzone players and bots that are easier to play against.

It&#;s no news that many players use various third-party applications and tools to help manipulate the SBMM system and get into such lobbies.

Sure, the real thrill of a game is overcoming barriers without crosscuts, but there is no harm in cutting a corner here in there.

After all, you only get to rank up so much until the game gets more frustrating than it is fun. And that&#;s definitely the end of that full-time Twitch-streamer&#;s career.
Easy lobbies feature low-level Warzone players

Sounds good. How can you get access to easy lobbies?

Think about it: easy matchups, faster ranking, quick progress, and more rewards. Who wouldn’t want that?

Now, before you lose your mind and probably end up spilling your drink on your gaming peripherals, it is not all straightforward.

Here are some of the possible ways you can access the easy lobbies in CoD Warzone. Some long since gone, some too expensive, and some that actually work.

Warzone Companion by Overwolf

Before its eventual ban, the Warzone Companion App from Overwolf was a popular tool used to get into easy lobbies.

The app’s January update introduced the ability to see every player’s K/D ratio after the pre-game warm-up. Using this, players could skim through and evaluate the ability of the players before deciding to play or quit.

Sounds awesome? It was. Don&#;t go looking for it these days, though, because you won&#;t find and it. And if you do, it won&#;t work.
Getting into easy lobbies with Warzone Companion App from Overwolf

Netduma Routers

Netduma are special gaming routers that help the player compete with people from specific locations.

They exploit the loophole in the SBMM system by allowing players to play in the region they want, i.e. those known to have less experienced or not as many players.

These gaming routers are, however, hard to come by and cost a bomb. Before you think of splurging money on one, take a moment to reconsider because honestly, it doesn’t even cost that much to sharpen your skills instead.


SBMM partly factors your performance in CoD Warzone when making matchups. This means if you’re a decent player, you’ll likely get lobbies with almost equally skilled or progressively better players.

This is precisely where smurfing comes in.

Smurfing involves creating new player accounts on multiple devices to rank lower. With a new account that doesn’t have a good record, you will be matched with low-level players.

On the downside, you won&#;t have any of that sweet-sweet gear you&#;ve been working for so hard either.


This is by far the easiest and most convenient solution as you don’t have to fritter money away, forfeit your progress, or get a new setup.

All you need is a reliable VPN that allows you to change locations and enjoy the game from different regions.

However, just about any VPN won&#;t cut it. To access easy lobbies, you need your VPN to have a very particular server selection to places where those easy lobbies actually exist.

And even that isn&#;t enough. The VPN you choose has to be compatible with gaming, so your ping won&#;t be higher than your death ratio.
Warzone easy lobbies unlocked with a VPN

What is the best VPN for Call of Duty Warzone?

To help you get those stats up, a VPN should have servers in certain locations.

The majority of hardcore CoD gamers today will agree that Argentina, Egypt, and Hawaii are among the most favorable locations. However, very few VPNs actually have servers in those regions.

So we’ve scoured through the internet, and here are the VPNs that checked as ideal for this job:

#1. ExpressVPN

You guessed it right!

ExpressVPN is our #1 pick, and of course, justifiably:

  • It is one of the fastest VPNs (high speeds & low latency) around and overall best VPN choice for CoD Warzone action.
  • It is compatible with almost all devices to cater to your needs and has servers in favorable locations.
  • The provider&#;s only downside is its high subscription cost, but you have got a beast of a VPN in your hands if you can overlook that.

#2. CyberGhost

If ExpressVPN is the assault rifle KAR98K, then CyberGhost is the Swiss K Both VPNs are great choices – much like these guns.

  • While CyberGhost doesn’t have the superior speeds or the functionality of ExpressVPN, it has plenty of dedicated gaming servers. For instance, in Egypt, CyberGhost has almost 30 servers – more than any other VPN service.
  • It is also not very far behind ExpressVPN in terms of speeds, as its gaming servers are optimized for stable connections with low latency.
  • On the plus side, CyberGhost costs much less than ExpressVPN, so you will definitely get your money&#;s worth.

What about NoLagVPN. That any good?

So this has been going around like the next big thing, so there&#;s no real reason to be beating around the bush [or camping at Bloc 6, choose your preferred analogy].

NoLagVPN advertises itself as being a dedicated VPN to Warzone gaming, having zero impact on bandwidth and internet speeds.

And even though that is a very weird pitch in the VPN world, if you&#;re a gamer looking to get your hand on some easy lobbies, you might want to give this provider a try.

To be completely honest, we were very skeptical at first. We dug into the company&#;s privacy policy, its protocols, settings, and user reviews, and had a lot to say. We do work in the field of cybersecurity, and she&#;s a cruel mistress that does not tolerate compromises.

The one thing we could say about the service is that it did indeed work, and gave us the most options with virtually seamless access to easy lobbies.

Still, we weren&#;t buying it&#; Until the kind people behind NoLagVPN reached out to us and explained everything in detail:

  • While NoLagVPN is not a VPN, per se, it is built on OpenVPN technology specially to access easy Call Of Duty Warzone lobbies.
    It does just that, and it does it well.
  • Instead of channeling all of your traffic through faraway lands, NoLagVPN only redirects a fraction of your connection, specifically designed to fool CoD. This way, you don&#;t just get the easiest of lobbies, you also don&#;t experience any lag or internet speed latency.
    It does just that. And it does it well.
  • NoLagVPN isn&#;t designed for swapping your IP address, or hiding you from the ever-watchful eye of the government, or unblocking streaming services, or switching Netflix libraries. It&#;s only here to improve your K/D and chew bubblegum.
    And it&#;s all out of gum.

So if you&#;re not looking for a VPN to take down the man and come with a milk frother, and just want some honest to goodness noob pwning, this just might be the perfect service for you.

Look, VPNs aren’t all cut from the same cloth. So if you’re looking for something that works and not just another cheat tool that will inconvenience you, you definitely should go for the real deal.

It might cost you a few cents more, but you can always launch the game knowing the VPN has got your back.

Besides, if your budget is a bit tight, there’s always the CyberGhost option for you.

VPN: The ultimate weapon in Call of Duty Warzone

Don’t be left behind as your friends waltz through the easy lobbies. Make the most and play Warzone in easy lobbies with no snags.

Make the right choice and VPN your way to victory in CoD Warzone!

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How to set up your Warzone VPN and secure easier lobbies

We get it, life can be hard. Sometimes you just want a guaranteed win. When it comes to gaming, a VPN can really help with that. Using its location spoofing qualities to access easier lobbies, you can get trigger-happy and boost your winning streak.

Available to play for free across a number of platforms, it's hardly surprising the most popular Battle Royale game, Call of Duty: Warzone, has reached ridiculous levels of competition. So much so that players are endeavouring to find new ways to secure a win - enter the need for a Warzone VPN.

With the game said to use SBMM (skilled based match-making) to connect players to their next opponent, as you accrue more wins you could be looking at a far more challenging match. Using a Warzone VPN, you could manipulate who your next opponent is, though, and have more say in who you fry next.

Throwing in the other perks of the best gaming VPN, keep reading as we go into detail about why a Warzone VPN is an essential piece of kit for COD players, as well as how it works, and how to secure those easy lobbies.

Why you should use a VPN when playing Warzone

Looking for an easy win? A Warzone VPN could very well be the answer. As previously mentioned, while not exactly confirmed, it's assumed by players that your lobby is based on an SBMM algorithm, alongside ping and wait time. This means your matches will nearly always be against other players on a similar skill level to you.

Of course, it does also come down to time zone and, subsequently, location, otherwise players would find themselves waiting around for a fair fight if the right criteria wasn't already online. With the help of a VPN, then, you can spoof your device (and in turn Warzone) into thinking you're elsewhere and enter far easier lobbies at quieter times.

How a Warzone VPN works

A Warzone VPN hosts servers in their thousands around the globe, so all it takes is a bit of logical thinking and you could benefit from less elite opponents. Typically the game is busiest in the evenings, so it's worth considering other countries where it'll be morning or early afternoon. This should mean fewer players online. Join a server situated in that country and you'll likely be entered into a lobby with far fewer skilled players.

Those in the US playing in the evening are best placed joining a server in the UK, Europe, or Africa where it's early morning. 

It also might be an idea to find out what countries have the least amount of gamers playing Warzone, as this could also throw up a smaller pool of potential opponents. 

What makes the best Warzone VPN?

Above all else, when it comes to the best Warzone VPN, you want one that hosts a number of servers across the globe for you hop to and from, as well as reliable connection speeds. Of course, you'll also want one that proves secure, too. Our top recommendation is ExpressVPN, which also sits at the top of the list when it comes to a VPN for gaming.

Not only does it offer a router app if you're looking to set up a router VPN for console gamers (a necessity if you're playing Warzone on PlayStation or Xbox), but it also means there should be little to no increase in ping. In fact, we found it to be one of the fastest VPN providers in our latest rounds of testing, maxing out at up to Mbps. NordVPN and Hotspot Shield don't lag too far behind with Mbps and Mbps respectively.

Good security also means you'll be less vulnerable to DDoS attacks from bad losers, or bandwidth throttling from your ISP. This is where your provider can reduce bandwidth and cause lag when detecting high-download tasks like streaming and gaming - something you certainly don't want to experience when opening fire on some n00bs.

Top 3 best Warzone VPN services:

1. ExpressVPN - the best Warzone VPN
There's a reason ExpressVPN finds itself at the top of most of our VPN buying guides, and that's because of its wealth of servers and security features. As a Warzone VPN, you can choose from thousands of worldwide locations, benefit from great performance, and even use it on a router. Try now and get 3 months free and a day money-back guarantee on top.

2. NordVPN - secure against DDoS attacks with wicked speeds
One keen gamers will likely be familiar with, with NordVPN you'll benefit from reliable speeds that mean you won't even have to remember to turn it on and off. Also complete with a day money back guarantee, this is a great choice for your Warzone VPN.

3. Hotspot Shield - Catapult Hydra is perfect as a Warzone VPN
Offering consistently good speeds, Hotspot Shield boasts its own VPN protocol, Catapult Hydra which is a great performer. Better still, commit for the long haul and you can benefit from a ridiculously affordable monthly rate and a day money-back guarantee.

Can you get banned for using a VPN when playing Warzone?

While the use of a VPN to play Warzone in this way could be deemed cheating by some, it shouldn't get you in hot water. In fact, according to the COD Warzone Security and Enforcement Policy it's pretty commonplace to use a VPN to reduce lag. While this might not strictly be the reason you might be hopping onto a VPN, we'd hazard a guess it would be hard to determine either way.

Still, as ever, it's important to err on the side of caution and assess the risk, especially if you're a high-profile gamer.

Does a Warzone VPN improve ping?

It's unlikely a VPN will decrease your ping as a VPN service tends to run slower than your own network's peak speed. That said, there are ways a VPN can improve your connection.

Firstly, ensure you're getting the strongest VPN connection possible, by choosing a server based nearby. It's also worth taking a moment to run trial and error to see which server offers the best speeds. In turn, this can offer a more reliable performance throughout your gaming session, ensuring you maintain consistent speeds. 

The alternative is relying on your own network, which may at times be faster, but could quickly deplete in the event you're throttled.

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Warzone for best servers

Best Warzone VPN: how to get easy lobbies by avoiding SBMM

The scent of blood, the taste of fear, the… feel of your keyboard and mouse as you nail another headshot in Verdansk. Call of Duty Warzone has developed into PUBG's rightful heir in the Battle Royale genre, but in every match there always seems to be someone else just a little quicker on the trigger ready to send you to the grave before you secure the dub. That's where a Warzone VPN comes in.

Using the best VPN for Warzone can end these woes by getting you into easier lobbies that are full of less skilled players, or even bots. Now, there’s a debate to be had over whether winning one of these matches will give you the same sense of achievement as a truly hard-fought battle, but we won’t be having that here.

What we are going to do is tell you how to use a Warzone VPN, why you might want to use a VPN with Warzone, and which service we’d recommend to do the job.

Just want the best Warzone VPN? Look no further

2.NordVPN – super secure and excellent for Warzone
You're probably no stranger to NordVPN – your favorite streamer might even plug the service at the start of their videos. Thankfully Nord genuinely is a great Warzone VPN that delivers excellent speeds, and it also comes with a day money-back guarantee.View Deal

3. Surfshark – cheap, cheerful, and very effective
If Express and Nord are just a little too pricey, then you'll want to check out Surfshark. For just $ a month, you'll get fully featured Warzone VPN cover and unlimited connections so you can install the app on every one of your devices. View Deal

Why use a VPN with Warzone?

Although it’s murky territory and denied by the developers, the general consensus among players is that Warzone uses SBMM – skill-based matchmaking. That means that as your stats improve, the players you face will improve too. This is most evident for the very strongest players, who often face the same elite names and successful hackers many times more than you’d expect.

Matchmaking isn’t just based on skill, though – location and time of day are factors as well. A Warzone VPN, however, can virtually change your location, and with a little research, you'll have a better chance of facing easier opponents every time you play.

Plus, even if you don't want to change your location, using a VPN can help evade network throttling. This is when your ISP slows down high-bandwidth users (streamers, torrenters and gamers, usually) by monitoring what they're doing online. A VPN masks this activity from your ISP, meaning they can't make a decision to slow you down.

How to use a Warzone VPN to get easy lobbies

There are a couple of simple things to consider here, and understanding how the game works is essential for getting an easy lobby.

Matchmaking is partially led by wait time, meaning that if there are fewer players available at any one time, they'll all be lumped together into the same match rather than making everyone wait for a 'fairer' game. 

By using a Warzone VPN, you can connect to a server in a country with fewer players (this article suggests Egypt), which means you'll be thrown into a much more mixed game, rather than a seriously difficult pro lobby.

In combination with this, it's worth considering the time of day you're playing. Evenings are traditionally busy – meaning more players, and more effective SBMM – while mornings are quiet and will deliver easier lobbies.

If it's evening where you are, it's worth using your Warzone VPN to change your location to a country where it's currently morning – for example, evening in the US is early morning in most of Europe and Africa. Speeds will obviously vary, so test a few servers before trying to play a match.

What makes the best Warzone VPN?

While you want your Warzone VPN to be secure (we don't recommend services that aren't), first and foremost you're looking for excellent connection speeds, reliability, and a wide range of locations. There are a number of services that can do the job, but overall we consider ExpressVPN to be the gold standard for Warzone, and as a gaming VPN in general.

If you're playing on a console, you might want to set up a router VPN. ExpressVPN is one of the few providers to offer a dedicated app, although it's possible with most competitors, too.

Below we'll explore more about why ExpressVPN is the best Warzone VPN on the market, and we’ll also look at its closest competitors to see which is the best fit for you.

NB: We've seen some reports of players struggling to get matches when using a VPN. If you find this to be the case, it's worth testing out a different protocol like IKEv2. If that doesn't work, don't be afraid to contact your VPN's support team, and if worst comes to worst, all our recommended VPNs come with at least a day money-back guarantee so you can test the service before you commit.

The five best Warzone VPNs today

In our testing, ExpressVPN comes out on top in just about every area, and it excels for gaming and as a Warzone VPN. 

First up, Express's searing connection speeds mean you won't be lagging and you'll be able to play to your full potential. We've very rarely, if ever experienced dropped connections, and long-distance servers are reliable too. Maxing out at over mbps, you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that your VPN won't be slowing you down.

If you play on a console, router setup is one of the only ways to get access to VPN connections. ExpressVPN has streamlined the whole procedure by developing an app for routers, and it's far simpler to get up and running than the competition.

When you're not blasting noobs into oblivion in your new-found easy Warzone lobbies, ExpressVPN also does a great job at unblocking geo-restricted content on Netflix, iPlayer, Prime and more. No matter where you are, you'll be able to watch whatever you want.

In terms of price, ExpressVPN does come in at the higher end of the scale, and its five-device policy is a little stingy compared to some others, but in this case you really do get what you pay for. The app is simple, effective, and most importantly of all, is totally unnoticeable once you've switched it on. What more could you want?

Get 49% off plus 3 free months of the best Warzone VPN
Blistering speeds plus excellent privacy equals the best Warzone VPN on the market. And, Tom's Guide readers can claim three months FREE, working out at 15 months for the price of 12. Not happy with the service? Just request a guaranteed refund within days for your money back, no questions asked.
View Deal

2. NordVPN

Privacy-first Warzone VPN


Router support: Yes

US speeds on 1Gbps line: Mbps

Streaming services unblocked: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Hulu

24/7 customer suppoort: Yes

Simultaneous connections: 6

Reasons to buy

+Max speeds are through the roof+Tons of privacy features+Good for streaming

Reasons to avoid

-Some fluctuation in speeds

NordVPN has made a name for itself through aggressive marketing, and you'll have no doubt seen it plugged by countless streamers and content creators on YouTube and elsewhere. As our NordVPN review testifies, though, it's not all hot air, and the service really delivers.

As a Warzone VPN, it hits all the key features – great speeds, reliable connections, simple setup and plenty of server locations. 

Since the introduction of its WireGuard-based NordLynx protocol, NordVPN has seen a significant upgrade in its maximum speeds, beating even ExpressVPN in some tests. While these speeds aren't repeatable on many of its servers, it's still thoroughly capable and won't slow down your gaming.

Standout features include Onion over VPN (not great for gaming, but super secure), multi-hop server selection and excellent apps that work on tons of devices. However, the apps are a little more complex to use than ExpressVPN, and while this is a small quibble, it's worth making a note of.

However, with its great streaming support and excellent speeds, as a Warzone VPN Nord is sure to deliver.

Sign up now on the NordVPN website

As our favorite cheap VPN, in our Surfshark review we found the BVI-based provider to be as good as, if not better than some of its far more expensive rivals.

Great speeds mean you'll be able to dominate in Warzone without any slow-down, and one-touch connection is a great user-friendly feature.

Surfshark has also recently increased its server count to over 3,, bringing it in line with its more premium competitors, so you'll have plenty of choice when it comes to picking an easy lobby in Call of Duty.

However, the biggest draw will be that sub-$ price tag. It's perfectly understandable that to gain an advantage in a game that's free to play such as Warzone, you'll want to spend as little money as possible on add-ons – and Surfshark fits the bill perfectly.

While the apps aren't quite as in-depth as Nord and Express (although it's steadily improving in this area), for quick and easy access to easy Warzone lobbies and additional online privacy, Surfshark is an excellent choice for the savvy gamer.
Head over to Surfshark's website to sign up

Perhaps best known for its free VPN service, in our full Hotspot Shield review we were impressed with how much the US-based provider has improved. 

Connection speeds are the name of the game with Hotspot Shield, and in testing it certainly delivered. However, while it used to top our fast VPN guide, with the wide adoption of WireGuard its advantage has been eclipsed and is now just on a par with our other top services.

It's worth noting that there are also a couple of minor logging concerns. Hotspot's privacy policy states that it collects, amongst other things, your bandwidth used, how long you use it for, your device and more. For gaming this won't be an issue, but for the real privacy obsessives out there, it might not be the best choice.

However, for its great value and excellent speeds, Hotspot Shield certainly deserves its place on our Warzone VPN list.

Sign up now on Hotspot Shield's website

5. IPVanish

Detailed apps and decent speeds


Router support: Yes

US speeds on Mbps line: Mbps

Streaming services unblocked: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Hulu

24/7 customer suppoort: Yes

Simultaneous connections: Unlimited

Reasons to buy

+Lots of additional info inc. ping+Distinctive apps+Unlimited connections

Reasons to avoid

-Struggles with unblocking iPlayer-Speeds aren't class-leading

Every gamer knows that maintaining a good ping time is essential for serious success, and out of the providers on this list on IPVanish shows you exactly how each one of its servers is performing. Plus, as a US VPN, a vast amount of Warzone players will be well-served by its great streaming VPN power (sans iPlayer, unfortunately).

However, while by no means poor, IPVanish's connection speeds just can't keep up with the competition, and while this won't affect most users, if you're using a line that tops out over mbps, you may well notice a slow-down. In our experience, though, the connections have always been reliable and we haven't experienced unexpected drop-outs.

A real bonus, though, is that IPVanish offers unlimited simultaneous connections, meaning you can install and use the app on any and all your devices – as a Warzone VPN on your PC, a mobile VPN, and Smart TV VPN and just about anything else. 

So, while the whole experience isn't quite as polished as the very best, if you're after a reliable, fairly quick, detailed Warzone VPN, IPVanish is a worthy option.

Head over to IPVanish's website to sign up

Best Warzone VPN FAQ

Can you get banned for using a VPN on Warzone?

The jury's out on this one, but in the Warzone T&Cs, there are no explicit rules stating that you can't use a Warzone VPN. This is due to the fact you may be using a VPN to stabilize your connection, and while getting easier lobbies may be a side-effect of this, it's not an offense, per se.

However, if you're a professional or high-profile Warzone player, we'd recommend researching yourself if there's any risk involved.

Will a VPN increase my ping?

This is a tricky one. Compared to your standard connection at peak speeds, a VPN is likely to slightly increase your ping – but, if you're very near one of your VPN's servers it could possibly decrease it if you're lucky.

Really, though, what you're using a Warzone VPN for is to stabilize and make your connection more reliable. So, on your regular connection you might peak at a 10ms ping, but when you're being throttled that might increase to a difficult-to-manage ms.

By using the a Warzone VPN, you can make sure your ping will stay at a usable speed – perhaps 20ms or better if you're used to 10ms – but you can be sure that it will stay that way for as long as you play. 

To learn more about this, see how to use a VPN to speed up your internet.

Mo is eCommerce Editor at Tom's Guide. Day-to-day he oversees privacy and security content, and his product guides help his readers find the best software and products for their needs. When he's not testing VPNs, you'll find him working on his classic car or plugged into a guitar amp.

How I Dramatically Reduced My Ping in Warzone!

If you were wondering how your favorite Warzone streamers get such easy servers, look no further than this VPN trick.

Warzone has a cheating problem that extends far beyond simply aimbots and wallhacks. Even some of the game’s biggest content creators are likely cheating in the battle royale – albeit just in a different way.

Players have had their suspicions for months and now we finally have confirmation that it’s incredibly simple to get easy Warzone servers with a VPN. Using a newly-revealed method, players can bypass their local servers and SBMM for incredibly easy matchmaking.

Of course, this still isn’t as bad as Warzone hackers being able to ricochet bullets now. However, it calls into question all Warzone Kill Race tournaments, as players can simply find an easier lobby at will.


These Warzone streamers were even called out on cheating SBMM in an easy lobby recently. But it looks like pretending to be a bot in Warzone is just as effective when it comes to getting easy lobbies.

Read More: Best Time to Play Warzone for Easy Lobbies Revealed

Warzone VPN Exploit Finds Easy Lobbies With No SBMM

According to new evidence, using a VPN in Warzone will not only allow you to find easy lobbies but also ones without SBMM.

Skill-based Matchmaking is an unpopular feature in Warzone, and the cause of a great deal of controversy. But by abusing this VPN exploit in Warzone, players can remove their own SBMM, and head into ridiculous lobbies.

It seems that changing your region using particular VPNs will cause Warzone to place you in easier lobbies, dropping the hard SBMM in favor of finding you a decent connection. According to content creator JaredFPS, using the exploit will lead to users getting the same ping as usual, despite playing on a different country’s servers.


What’s more, you can even close the VPN changer and keep your connection to the server. This allows players to hide the software on their Task Manager if called out.

Read More: This Warzone Mode Has No SBMM, Reveals Jackfrags

If you’re wondering why the Death Comms for your favorite streamers are all in a foreign language, it could be that they’re abusing the Warzone VPN exploit for easy games.

To prove that the method works, dataminer CallofDutyHope tried out the VPN strategy and managed to drop 55 kills with only one other teammate almost immediately. The Cheeseburger Boys member referred to his experience as playing against kids with no thumbs.

We’re not going to be revealing the software in question here, although it’s available for those who search hard enough. However, Jackfrags recently revealed how to beat Warzone SBMM and get easy games!

It’s no wonder that Drift0r, who found this method a few months back but didn’t want to reveal it to the public, claims that Warzone isn’t worth playing anymore. There’s also a new Warzone easy money trick giving players fast cash, but this one isn’t all that it seems…

Meanwhile, there’s a new way to track your SBMM in Warzone!


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