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Siser EasySubli Sublimation Heat Transfer Vinyl

The Latest Innovation in Sublimation!

Available in A4, A3, 500mm & 750mm sizes

Easy Subli is created for inkjet digital printing systems using sublimation based inks. Easy Subli produces vibrant colours with a stunning thin design on the garment. It allows you to decorate cotton fabrics with sublimation prints.

You can use EasySubli on a wide range of sublimation printers including the SawGrass Virtuoso SG500 and SG10000

Apply using TTD Special Application Film if you are creating a lettering type design which enables you to transfer onto the garment, or TTD EasySubli.

Suitable for Cotton (all colours), white/light coloured polyester or poly/cotton blends.

1-49 Sheets£1.89£3.75
50-99 Sheets£1.80£3.60
100+ Sheets£1.71£3.41
Sours: https://www.grafityp.co.uk/heat-transfer-vinyl/sublimation/easy-subli/

Siser Easy Subli is a thermotransfer film with a plain polyester backing which is designed for sublimation ink printers. Easy Subli grants vibrant colours with a stunning thin design that will allow you to transform cotton fabrics with dye sublimation inks. Suitable for use on Cotton (all colours), white and light coloured polyester and poly/cotton blends, but not treated fabrics. Application tape needed for this product when designs have multiple pieces. TTD Special. is designed for the Easy Subli.

Given the large number of sublimation inks and printers available, it is highly recommended to perform a print and cut test before starting production.

If printing on Siser Easy Subli with Sawgrass printers, it is important to choose the Sawgrass Print Manager not the Sawgrass SG for the best results.

Checkout Siser North America's How to use easysubli with the Sihlouette Cameo here

  • Available in A3 and A4 sheets and now 500mm wide
  • A3 and A4 sold as individual sheets
  • 500mm wide sold by the metre
  • Print on Matt textured side, cut and weed excess

REACH compliant
Certified Öko-Tex® Standard 100 Class I
Certfied VeganOK

Sours: https://www.conect.net.au/siser-easy-subli.html
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Easy Subli


Printing Profiles

EASY SUBLI ROLL 2 ROLLKiian HI-PRO inksSensient DE-200 inksMutoh DS2 inksMimaki SB54 inksEpson Ultrachrome DS inks
ROLANDplotter RT-640 –>
profiling in progress
ErgoSoft RIP
MUTOHplotter RJ-900X –>
available profile for
Caldera RIP
plotter RJ-900X –>
available profile for
Caldera RIP
MIMAKIplotter TS30-1300 –>
no specific profile needed
(factory default)
Rasterlink 6 RIP
EPSONplotter F9300 –>
available profile for
Onyx RIP

Technical data

Application instructions

Washing instructions

Suitable textiles

cotone100% cotton
poly100% light-coloured polyester
mistoPoly/cotton blends (not for dye sublimated fabrics)
Sours: https://www.siser.com/digital-printing/easy-subli/

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Siser easy subli

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Sublimation on Siser Easy Subli Vinyl Using An Epson 7720

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