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List of Lawyer Disciplinary Agencies

Each state maintains its own disciplinary agency that handles complaints against lawyers. Below is a list of the disciplinary agencies in the United States that deal with the professional misconduct of attorneys. 

Find information on finding out whether an attorney is licensed and in good standing. The website links below can also help you find information on how to file a complaint agaist an attorney or find the attorneys prior disciplinary record, if any. 

Many of these websites provide a serach feature to find the most recent discipline actions, decisions, and cases.

Visit the website of the various state bar associations to learn more about disciplinary actions against attorneys or visit the links below. Each state has its own rules for filing a bar complaint against an attorney.


Alabama State Bar
Center for Professional Responsibility
Dexter Avenue
P.O. Box
Montgomery, AL
Website: https://www.alabar.org/office-of-general-counsel/disciplinary-division/ 


Alaska Bar Association
L Street, Suite
P.O. Box
Anchorage, AK
Website: https://justiceweb.alaskabar.org/justiceweb 


Office of the Committee on Professional Conduct
Riverfront Drive, Suite
Little Rock, AR
Toll Free: ()
Phone: ()
Fax: ()
Website: https://www.arcourts.gov/administration/professional-conduct 


State Bar of California
Intake Unit
South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA
Fax: () Website: http://www.calbar.ca.gov/About-Us/News-Events/California-Bar-Journal/Attorney-Discipline State Bar of California
Howard Street, 6th Floor
San Francisco, CA


Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel
Broadway, Suite
Denver, CO
Fax: ()
Website: www.coloradosupremecourt.com 


Statewide Grievance Committee
Washington Street
Hartford, CT
Fax: ()
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.jud.ct.gov/ocdc 


Office of Disciplinary Counsel
The Renaissance Centre
North King Street, Suite
Wilmington, DE
Fax: ()
Website: www.courts.delaware.gov/odc 


Office of Disciplinary Counsel
5th Street, NW
Building A, Room
Washington, DC
Fax: ()
Website: https://www.dcbar.org/attorney-discipline/for-the-public/about.cfm 


The Florida Bar
East Jefferson Street
Tallahassee, FL
Website: https://www.floridabar.org/news-release-category/disciplinary-action/ 


General Counsel
State Bar of Georgia
Marietta Street NW, Suite
Atlanta, GA
() ext.
Fax: ()
Website: https://www.gabar.org/forthepublic/fileacomplaint.cfm 


Disciplinary Board of the Hawai’i Supreme Court
Office of Disciplinary Counsel
Merchant Street, Suite
Honolulu, HI
Website: https://dbhawaii.org/ 


Bar Counsel for the Idaho State Bar
Post Office Box
Boise, ID
Phone: ()
Fax: ()
Website: www.isb.idaho.gov 


Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission
East Randolph Street, Suite
Chicago, IL
Toll Free: ()
Phone: ()
Fax: ()
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.iardc.org


Illinois Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission
West White Oaks, Suite
Springfield, IL
Toll Free: ()
Phone: ()
Fax: ()


Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission
30 South Meridian Street, Suite
Indianapolis, IN
Fax: ()
Website: www.in.gov/judiciary/discipline/ 


Iowa Supreme Court
Office of Professional Regulation
East Court Avenue
Des Moines, IA
Fax: ()
Website: http://www.iowacourts.gov/For_Attorneys/Attorney_Standards__Discipline/ 


Kansas Disciplinary Administrator Office
SW Jackson, 1st Floor
Topeka, KS
Fax: ()
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.kscourts.org/Rules-procedures-forms/Attorney-discipline/default.asp 


Chief Bar Counsel
Kentucky Bar Association
West Main Street
Frankfort, KY
Fax: ()
Website: https://www.kybar.org/page/attdis 


Office of the Disciplinary Counsel
South Sherwood Forest Blvd., Suite
Baton Rouge, LA
Fax: ()
Website: www.ladb.org 


Bar Counsel
Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar
97 Winthrop Street
Post Office Box
Augusta, ME
Fax: ()
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.mebaroverseers.org 


Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland
Harry S. Truman Parkway, Suite
Annapolis, MD
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.courts.state.md.us/attygrievance/index.html 


Office of the Bar Counsel
99 High Street
Boston, MA
Fax: ()
Website: www.mass.gov/obcbbo 


Grievance Administrator
Attorney Grievance Commission
Buhl Building
Griswold, Suite
Detroit, MI
Fax: ()
Website: http://www.agcmi.org/ Attorney Disciplinary Board
West Fort Street, Suite
Detroit, MI
Fax: ()
Website: http://www.adbmich.org/ 


Office of Professional Responsibility
Landmark Towers
St. Peter Street
St. Paul, MN
Fax: ()
Website: http://lprb.mncourts.gov/Pages/Default.aspx 


General Counsel
Mississippi State Bar
North State Street
Jackson, MS
Fax: ()
Website: https://www.msbar.org/ethics-discipline/disciplinary-process/ 


Missouri Supreme Court
Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel
American Avenue
Jefferson City, MO
Fax: ()
Website: www.mochiefcounsel.org 


Disciplinary Counsel
Post Office Box
Helena, MT
Fax: ()
Website: www.montanaodc.org 


Counsel for Discipline
Nebraska Supreme Court
Normal Blvd.
Lincoln, NE
Fax: ()
Website: https://supremecourt.nebraska.gov/administration/professional-ethics/attorney-discipline-ethics/counsel-discipline 


Bar Counsel
State Bar of Nevada
Charleston Blvd., Suite
Las Vegas, NV
Fax: ()
Website: https://www.nvbar.org/about-us/bar-committees/southernnorthern-disciplinary-boards/ State Bar of Nevada
Office of Bar Counsel
Double R Blvd., Suite B
Reno, NV
Fax: ()


New Hampshire Supreme Court
Attorney Discipline Office
4 Chenell Drive, Suite
Concord, NH
Fax: ()
Website: https://www.courts.state.nh.us/committees/attydiscip/ 


Office of Attorney Ethics
Supreme Court of New Jersey
Post Office Box
Trenton, NJ
Fax: ()
Website: https://njcourts.gov/attorneys/oae.html 


Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of New Mexico
20 First Plaza NW, Suite
Albuquerque, NM
Fax: ()
Website: https://www.nmdisboard.org/



NEW YORK CITY: 1st Department
Departmental Disciplinary Committee for the First Department
61 Broadway, 2nd Floor
New York, NY
Fax: ()
Website: https://www.nycourts.gov/courts/AD1/Committees&Programs/DDC/index.shtml NEW YORK CITY: 2nd Department
Grievance Committee for the 2nd, 11th & 13th Judicial Districts
Renaissance Plaza, Suite
Adams Street
Brooklyn, NY
() Website: https://www.nycourts.gov/courts/ad2/attorneymatters_ComplaintAboutaLawyer.shtml

NEW YORK STATE: 2nd Department
Grievance Committee for the 9th Judicial District
Knoll Wood Road, Suite
White Plains, NY
Fax: ()

NEW YORK STATE: 2nd Department
Grievance Committee for the 10th Judicial District
Motor Parkway, Suite
Hauppauge, NY
Fax: ()

 NEW YORK STATE: 3rd Department
Committee on Professional Standards
Washington Avenue Extension, Suite
Albany, NY
Fax: () Website: http://www.nycourts.gov/ad3/agc/index.html NEW YORK STATE: 4th Department/5th District
Grievance Committee for the 5th Judicial District
Harrison Street, Suite
Syracuse, NY
Fax: () Website: https://www.nycourts.gov/courts/ad4/ NEW YORK STATE: 2nd Department
Grievance Committee for the 7th Judicial District
50 East Avenue, Suite
Rochester, NY
Fax: ()

NEW YORK STATE: 4th Department/8th District
Grievance Committee for the 8th Judicial District
Main Street, Suite
Buffalo, NY
Fax: ()



North Carolina State Bar
Post Office Box
Raleigh, NC
Fax: ()
Website: https://www.ncbar.gov/lawyer-discipline/ 


Secretary of the Disciplinary Board
East Boulevard Avenue
Bismarck, ND
Fax: ()
Website: https://www.ndcourts.gov/supreme-court/committees/disciplinary-board 


Office of the Disciplinary Counsel of the Supreme Court of Ohio
Civic Center Drive, Suite
Columbus, OH
Fax: ()
Website: http://www.supremecourt.ohio.gov/DisciplinarySys/odc/default.asp

IN DAYTON: Montgomery County

Administrator-Grievance Committee Dayton Bar Association
North Main Street, Suite , Dayton, OH –
Fax: ()
Website: https://www.daybar.org/page/FileComplaint

IN TOLEDO: Lucas County

Bar Counsel
The Toledo Bar Association N. Superior Street Toledo, OH
Fax: ()
Website: https://www.toledobar.org/

IN AKRON: Summit County

Grievance Director Akron Bar Association
57 South Broadway StreeT
Akron, OH
Fax: ()
Website: www.akronbar.org/

IN CINCINNATI: Hamilton County

General Counsel
Cincinnati Bar Association
East 6th Street, 2nd Floor
Cincinnati, OH
Fax: ()
Website: https://www.cincybar.org/About-Us/Public-Resources/Grievance

IN CLEVELAND: Cuyahoga County

Bar Counsel
Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association
East 9th Street, 2nd Floor
Cleveland, OH –
Fax: ()
Website: http://www.clemetrobar.org/cmba_prod/CMBA/Legal_Professionals/Sections_Committees/Committees/Certified_Grievance_Committee.aspx

IN COLUMBUS: Franklin County

Bar Counsel Columbus Bar Association
S. Third Street, Suite
Columbus, OH
Fax: ()
Website: http://www.cbalaw.org/cba_prod/Main/Resources/Public/Grievance/Index.aspx


General Counsel Oklahoma Bar Association
North Lincoln Blvd Post Office
Oklahoma City, OK –
Fax: ()
Website: https://www.okbar.org/gc/complaint/ 


Oregon State Bar Disciplinary Counsel’s Office
Post Office Box
Tigard, OR –
Fax: ()
Email:[email protected]
Website: https://www.osbar.org/discipline/index.html 


Chief Disciplinary Counsel
Commonwealth Ave, Suite
Post Office Box
Harrisburg, PA –
Fax: ()
Website: https://www.padisciplinaryboard.org/ 


Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Rhode Island
Fogarty Judicial Annex
24 Weybosset Street, 2nd Floor
Providence, RI
Fax: ()
Website: https://www.courts.ri.gov/PublicResources/disciplinaryboard/Pages/default.aspx



Office of Disciplinary Counsel
Post Office Box
Columbia, SC
Fax: ()
Website: https://www.sccourts.org/discCounsel/ 


Disciplinary Board Counsel
E. Capitol Avenue, Suite 3
Pierre, SD
Fax: ()
Website: http://www.statebarofsouthdakota.com/page/lawyer-discipline 


Board of Professional Responsibility of the Supreme Court of Tennessee
The Oaks Tower
10 Cadillac Drive, Suite Brentwood, TN
Fax: ()
Website: https://www.tbpr.org/ 


Chief Disciplinary Counsel
Colorado St.
Austin, Texas
Fax: ()
Website:https://www.texasbar.com/AM/Template.cfm?Section=Grievance_and_Ethics_Information1&Template=/CM/HTMLDisplay.cfm&ContentID= Chief Disciplinary Counsel Dallas Parkway, Ste Dallas, Texas
() Fax: ()  Chief Disciplinary Counsel Woodway Drive, Suite WHouston, TX () Fax: ()  Chief Disciplinary CounselTravis Park Plaza
Navarro Street, Ste.
San Antonio TX  Phone: ()
Fax: ()  


Utah State Bar
Office of Professional Conduct
South East, Suite
Salt Lake City, UT –
Fax: ()
Email:[email protected]
Website: https://www.utahbar.org/opc/ 


Office of Disciplinary Counsel
Costello Courthouse
32 Cherry Street, Suite
Burlington, VT –
Fax: ()
Website: www.vermontjudiciary.org/LC/attydiscipline.aspx 


Bar Counsel
Virginia State Bar
East Main Street, Suite
Richmond, VA
Fax: ()
Website: https://www.vsb.org/site/regulation/inquiry 


Director of the Office of Disciplinary Counsel
Washington State Bar Association
Fourth Avenue, Suite
Seattle, WA –
Fax: ()
Email:[email protected]
Website: http://www.wsba.org/for-legal-professionals/professional-discipline



Office of Disciplinary Counsel
MacCorkle Avenue SE, Suite C
Charleston, WV
Fax: ()
Website: http://www.wvodc.org/ 


Office of Lawyer Regulation
East Main Street, Suite
Madison, WI –
Email:[email protected]
Website: https://www.wicourts.gov/services/public/lawyerreg/file.htm 


Bar Counsel Wyoming State Bar
Laramie Street
Post Office Box Cheyenne, WY –()
Fax: () Website: https://www.wyomingbar.org/for-the-public/attorney-compliants/complain-about-a-lawyers-conduct/ 



American Samoa Bar Association
Post Office Box 23
Pago Pago, AS
Website: www.asbar.org/ 


GBA Ethics Prosecutor
Office of the Guam Bar Association Guam Judicial Center
2nd Floor
West O’Brien Drive
Hagatna, Guam
Fax: ()
Email:ethicspros[email protected]
Website: www.guambar.org/ 


Tribunal Supremo de Puerto Rico Department of Justice
San Juan, PR
Website: www.ramajudicial.pr/index.htm Colegio de Abogados de Puerto Rico() Fax: () Website: www.capr.org/ 


Office of Disciplinary Counsel Supreme Court of the Virgin IslandsPost Office Box
Frederiksted, VI ()
Fax: ()
Website: http://www.visupremecourt.org/ 



Office of Professional Responsibility
U.S. Department of Justice
Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite
Washington, DC
Website: www.justice.gov/opr/ Office of General Counsel
Executive Office for Immigration Review
Leesburg Pike, Suite
Falls Church, VA
Website: http://www.justice.gov/eoir/index.html 


General Counsel
U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
Post Office Box
Alexandria, VA
Fax: ()
Website: www.uspto.gov/index.html 


The Judge Advocate General (AF/JA) Headquarters
U.S. Air Force
Air Force Pentagon
Washington, DC
Website: http://www.afjag.af.mil/ 
Office of the Judge Advocate General
N. Stuart Street
Arlington, VA
Fax: ()
Website: https://www.jagcnet.army.mil/Portals/jagc.nsf/home.xsp 
Judge Advocate General and Chief Counsel Commandant CG
U.S. Coast Guard Stop
Martin Luther King Jr. Ave SE
Washington, DC
Website: http://www.uscg.mil/legal/ 
Staff Judge Advocate
Commandant of the Marine Corps Headquarters
U.S. Marine Corps (JA)
Marine Corps Pentagon RM# 4D
Washington, D.C.
Website: http://www.hqmc.marines.mil/UnitHome.aspx 
Judge Advocate General’s Corps Office of the Judge Advocate General (OJAG)
Patterson Ave., Suite
Washington Navy Yard, DC
Website: http://www.jag.navy.mil/index.htm 

This directory to find agencies in the United States that discipline attorneys was last updated on Friday, Janurary 17,

Sours: https://www.lawyerlegion.com/promote-your-law-practice/directories-by-state-bar/lawyer-disciplinary-agencies

Missing in Minnesota

The Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility petitioned the Minnesota Supreme Court to discipline Michelle MacDonald after determining MacDonald violated the conditions of her probation by which she can practice law and the Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct governing licensed attorneys.

The petition comes after the completion of a month investigation into MacDonald, which began afterMichael Brodkorb and Allison Mann filed a formal complaint with the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility in June in response to MacDonald filing a lawsuit against Brodkorb and Missing in Minnesota. The lawsuit filed by MacDonald was dismissed in March by a judge in Ramsey County.

MacDonald appealed the dismissal of her lawsuit to the Minnesota Court of Appeals, but the Court ruled against MacDonald last month.

Board petition details multiple violations by MacDonald

The petition filed by the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility details three counts of &#;unprofessional conduct warranting revocation of probation and further public discipline&#; of MacDonald.

The first count details &#;knowingly false statements&#; made by MacDonald about Judge David Knutson during a radio interview with Blois Olson on WCCO Radio in October

During the interview, MacDonald said it wasn&#;t Sandra Grazzini-Rucki who committed a crime when she abducted her children during a custody dispute with her ex-husband. MacDonald said the crime involving the disappearance of Samatha and Gianna Rucki was committed by Judge David Knutson when he issued a court order involving custody in

The second count against MacDonald is about the &#;factually frivolous defamation lawsuit&#; filed by MacDonald against Brodkorb and Missing in Minnesota. The petition states MacDonald’s &#;conduct in filing a frivolous defamation lawsuit against the defendants, which lacked a basis in fact particularly given respondent&#;s probation requirement to ensure factual accuracy&#;” violated her probation and rules governor licensed attorneys in Minnesota.

The third count in the petition describes MacDonald&#;s conduct in charging &#;unreasonable fees,&#;  failing to provide a copy of a retaining agreement to a client, and failing to get a confirmation in writing of a &#;fee-sharing arrangement&#;&#;

In total, the petition from the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility details 14 violations by MacDonald of the Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct governing licensed attorneys and 7 violations of her probation by which she can practice law in Minnesota.

MacDonald has been previously disciplined by lawyers board for multiple rule violations

Brodkorb and Mann filed a complaint just days after MacDonald served her lawsuit on Brodkorb and Missing in Minnesota in June The Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility notified Brodkorb and Mann that MacDonald would be investigated based on their complaint.

MacDonald has been disciplined twice for multiple rule violations since she was admitted to practice law in Minnesota in

In , MacDonald was disciplined by the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board for “for failing to deposit settlement proceeds into a trust account, failing to maintain proper trust account books and records, failing to promptly deliver funds to a client, failing in her duty to be responsible for the conduct of a non-lawyer and failing to cooperate with the Director’s investigation…”

A judicial referee appointed by the Minnesota Supreme Court found in that MacDonald violated &#;at least seven Rules of Professional Conduct over the course of two different client matters.&#;

The Minnesota Supreme Court later suspended MacDonald&#;s law license for 60 days and placed her on supervised probation for two years after determining she &#;made false statements about the integrity of a judge with reckless disregard for the truth; improperly used subpoenas; knowingly disobeyed a court rule and failed to follow a scheduling order; and engaged in disruptive courtroom conduct, including behavior resulting in her arrest.&#;

MacDonald running for the Minnesota Supreme Court in

MacDonald was an unsuccessful candidate for the Minnesota Supreme Court in , , and In December, MacDonald started her fourth campaign for the Minnesota Supreme Court. Despite MacDonald facing serious discipline and the likely suspension of her law license, MacDonald can still run for the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Courts in Minnesota have interpreted the requirement in the Minnesota Constitution that judges &#;shall be learned in the law&#; as being licensed to practice law. Candidates for the Minnesota Supreme Court, Minnesota Court of Appeals, District Court of Minnesota, or county attorney are required to submit a copy of their law license when they file to run for office with the Minnesota Secretary of State.

The filing period in for candidates will be between May 19, , until June 2, , and MacDonald will still be a licensed attorney during the filing period.

Aside from being a repeated candidate for the Minnesota Supreme Court, MacDonald notes on the website for her law firm that she &#;aspires to be a United States Supreme Court Justice.&#;

MacDonald’s legal work examined in an award-winning true crime book

An examination of MacDonald’s legal work was detailed in the book, The Girls Are Gonewhich was released on October 23,

The book also includes new information about the disappearance of Samantha and Gianna Rucki and the adults who conspired to keep the missing sisters and the truth hidden.

The Girls Are Gone also explores the connection between MacDonald and two people convicted for their roles in the disappearance of the Rucki sisters: Sandra Grazzini-Rucki and Dede Evavold. MacDonald was labeled a “person of interest” by the Lakeville Police Department in the disappearance of Samantha and Gianna Rucki but did not cooperate in the investigation.

Since being released in October ,  The Girls Are Gone has been a commercial and critical success. In April, Brodkorb and Allison Mann were awarded a Independent Publisher Book Award. The Kindle Edition of The Girls Are Gone has appeared on multiple “best seller” lists by Amazon. The Girls Are Gone is published by Wise Ink Creative Publishing.

In October, Brodkorb and Mann released an audiobook of The Girls Are Gone, which was produced at Studio Americana. The Girls Are Gone is available for sale through numerous retailers in audiobook, paperback, and ebook.

Below is the petition filed by the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility with the Minnesota Supreme Court regarding MacDonald.

Please follow Missing in Minnesota on Twitter and Facebook for updates on the disciplinary process involving Michelle MacDonald.


Michael Brodkorb

Michael Brodkorb

Missing in Minnesota is authored by Michael Brodkorb and Allison Mann. Michael's reporting on this story began with the Star Tribune in Michael is currently a columnist with MinnPost. In October , Michael and Allison released their book about this case, The Girls Are Gone, which is available for sale in both paperback and ebook.

Sours: https://missinginminnesota.com/lawyers-board-to-mn-supreme-court-discipline-macdonald/
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List of Currently Disciplined Practitioners

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Issam A. AbbasMichigan4/15/15 (PDF)Suspended - 3 years4/15/15 (PDF)No
Ande AbrahaNew Jersey/New York2/12/08 (PDF)Disbarred*2/12/08 (PDF)No
Philip Dennis AbramowitzLos Angeles, CADisbarred*9/26/07 (PDF)No
Gary S. AbramsDallas, TX6/6/12 (PDF)Suspended - 3 years6/6/12 (PDF)No
Richard AcevedoSan Antonio, TX10/8/02 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years10/8/02 (PDF)No
Ryan AdairColorado4/9/14 (PDF)Disbarred4/9/14 (PDF)No
George R. AdamsMaryland/District of Columbia10/27/20 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension10/27/20 (PDF)No
David AgatsteinMaryland4/19/12 (PDF)Disbarred4/19/12 (PDF)No
Taiwo A. AgbajeMaryland5/6/16 (PDF)Disbarred5/6/16 (PDF)No
Anthony D. AgpaoaSan Francisco, CA3/20/13 (PDF)Disbarred3/20/13 (PDF)No
Danilo T. AguilarSaipan12/19/11 (PDF)Disbarred12/19/11 (PDF)No
Marisa AguilarIndiana6/9/15 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension6/9/15 (PDF)No
Manny AgujaIllinois9/15/11 (PDF)Disbarred*9/15/11 (PDF)No
Anna G. AitaMaryland5/9/18 (PDF)Disbarred5/9/18 (PDF)No
Alexander O. AkpodieteFlorida9/3/08 (PDF)Suspended - 6 months9/3/08 (PDF)No
Mohamed AlamgirDistrict of ColumbiaDisbarred*7/9/04 (PDF)No
Richard R. AlamiaTexas9/9/19 (PDF)Suspended - 30 days9/9/19 (PDF)No
Cynthia Nalleli AlanisTexas5/18/21 (PDF)
James H. AlcalaUtah9/4/12 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension9/4/12 (PDF)No
Brad AlexanderFlorida5/7/15 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year5/7/15 (PDF)No
Stephen J. AlexanderLos Angeles, CA9/16/05 (PDF)Disbarred*9/16/05 (PDF)No
Gabrielle AlexisFlorida10/20/10 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years10/20/10 (PDF)No
Wazir-Ali Al-HaqqLos Angeles, CA7/27/17 (PDF)Suspended – 24 months7/27/17 (PDF)No
Anthony J. AllegrinoNew York1/10/08 (PDF)Disbarred*1/10/08 (PDF)No
Michael C. AllenKansas3/11/09 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension3/11/09 (PDF)No
Paul Shearman AllenDistrict of Columbia11/19/12 (PDF)Disbarred11/19/12 (PDF)No
Mark H. AllenbaughDistrict of Columbia/Ohio8/24/16 (PDF)Suspended – 2 years8/24/16 (PDF)No
Mohammed Noure AloOhio8/18/14 (PDF)Disbarred8/18/14 (PDF)No
Rita Horwitz AltmanFlorida/New York8/31/20 (PDF)Suspended – 3 years6/6/20 (PDF)No
Ricardo R. Amador, IIHouston, TX12/22/08 (PDF)Suspended - 90 days12/22/08 (PDF)No
Jude AmbeMaryland/New York11/26/19 (PDF)Disbarred11/26/19 (PDF)No
Josephine N. AnassiHouston, TX4/6/16 (PDF)Suspended – 1 year4/6/16 (PDF)No
Grosvenor AnschellWashington11/30/00 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years11/30/00 (PDF)No
Thomas ArcherNew York7/8/10 (PDF)Disbarred*7/8/10 (PDF)No
Derrick G. ArjuneNew York8/11/05 (PDF)Disbarred*8/11/05 (PDF)No
Daniel J. Arkell-RocaKansas1/4/17 (PDF)Disbarred1/4/17 (PDF)No
Alain ArmandFlorida12/14/07 (PDF)Suspended - days12/14/07 (PDF)No
Belinda J. ArmijoWashington1/8/13 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension1/8/13 (PDF)No
J. Jack ArtzLos Angeles, CA9/16/09 (PDF)Suspended - 14 months9/16/09 (PDF)No
Lilian AsanteOhio10/29/09 (PDF)Disbarred*10/29/09 (PDF)No
Johnny S. AscanoLos Angeles, CA12/23/14 (PDF)Disbarred12/23/14 (PDF)No
Chris AsherDistrict of Columbia/ Maryland7/30/01 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years7/30/01 (PDF)No
Haig P. AshikianLos Angeles, CA4/30/14 (PDF)Disbarred4/30/14 (PDF)No
Moises Alcides AvilesLos Angeles, CA8/20/20 (PDF)Suspended – 30 days8/20/20 (PDF)No
Frank A.K. AwuahDistrict of Columbia/ Maryland10/1/01 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension10/1/01 (PDF)No
Mikre-Michael AyeleVirginia7/12/06 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year and 1 day7/12/06 (PDF)No
Hani Alex AzzamMichigan3/26/08 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension3/26/08 (PDF)No
Ellis Charles BaggsVirginia4/13/20 (PDF)Disbarred4/13/20 (PDF)No
Mina BahgatVirginia/Maryland10/7/09 (PDF)Disbarred*10/7/09 (PDF)No
Jordan N. BakerVirginia11/16/04 (PDF)Disbarred*12/7/04 (PDF)No
Troy A. BakerNevada9/3/08 (PDF)Disbarred*9/3/08 (PDF)No
Albert BaldeoNew York9/30/14 (PDF)Disbarred9/30/14 (PDF)No
Patricia BallnerNew York7/6/16 (PDF)Disbarred7/6/16 (PDF)No
Vanessa BandrichNew York1/14/15 (PDF)Disbarred1/14/15 (PDF)No
Juan Jose BarbaCalifornia9/30/20 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years9/30/20 (PDF)No
Ingrid BarclayNew York8/19/14 (PDF)Suspended – 3 years8/19/14 (PDF)No
James D. BardingMissouri2/10/16 (PDF)Disbarred2/10/16 (PDF)No
Frank F. BarillaLos Angeles, CA9/9/14 (PDF)Suspended – 30 days9/9/14 (PDF)No
Bradford J. BarneysDistrict of Columbia2/24/11 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years2/24/11 (PDF)No
Kaaren L. BarrWashington/Idaho6/6/12 (PDF)Disbarred6/6/12 (PDF)No
Michael T. BarrettOregon10/4/01 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension10/4/01 (PDF)No
Sharon BartuWashington6/15/01 (PDF)Suspended - 6 months6/15/01 (PDF)No
Gail Norman BattenTexas7/17/15 (PDF)Disbarred7/17/15 (PDF)No
Mario Antonio BautistaSan Francisco, CA12/2/05 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension12/2/05 (PDF)No
Hasti Fakhrai-Bayrooti aka Haley BayrootiLos Angeles, CA9/2/15 (PDF)Disbarred9/2/15 (PDF)No
Patrick D. BeasleyColorado4/14/11 (PDF)Disbarred*4/14/11 (PDF)No
Mitchil O. BechetNew York12/21/00 (PDF)Suspended - 7 years12/21/00 (PDF)No
Ronald E. BehlingLos Angeles, CA4/23/13 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years4/23/13 (PDF)No
Allan H. BellMissouri5/6/19 (PDF)
Kenneth BendelSan Francisco, CA10/18/17 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension10/18/17 (PDF)No
Rachel Bengtson-LangMinnesota12/13/17 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension12/13/17 (PDF)No
Robert E. BennettIllinois12/2/10 (PDF)Suspended - 9 months12/2/10 (PDF)No
David J. BergerFlorida10/9/15 (PDF)Disbarred10/9/15 (PDF)No
Chaim Howard BerglasNew York5/11/05 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year5/11/05 (PDF)No
Joseph A. BernalLos Angeles, CA3/1/12 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years3/1/12 (PDF)No
Marie BernalColorado9/25/19 (PDF)Suspended - 3 months9/25/19 (PDF)No
David Jay BernsteinFlorida/New Jersey/New York9/12/19 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year9/12/19 (PDF)No
Kathleen L. BilbeLouisianaSuspended - 5 years6/2/98 (PDF)No
Cyrus BischoffFlorida8/2/17 (PDF)Disbarred6/10/19 (PDF)No
Roy L. BischoffUtah/Nevada6/27/05 (PDF)Disbarred*6/27/05 (PDF)No
Ann BittermanFlorida3/18/05 (PDF)Suspended - 91 days3/18/05 (PDF)No
Tricia-Ann Abigail BlairFlorida6/24/08 (PDF)Disbarred*6/24/08 (PDF)No
Cary G. BlakeFlorida4/3/17 (PDF)Disbarred5/25/18 (PDF)No
Richard BobusSan Francisco, CA3/27/17 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year12/15/17 (PDF)No
Chandra M. BogollagamaVirginia7/24/08 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension11/5/09 (PDF)No
Jeffrey David BohnCalifornia5/19/20 (PDF)Disbarred5/19/20 (PDF)No
Alma R. BonillaCalifornia/KentuckyDisbarred9/14/16 (PDF)No
Cheryl Boone-DelgadoSan Antonio, TX7/11/16 (PDF)Suspended – 1 year7/11/16 (PDF)No
Ben B. Boothe, Jr.Dallas, TX4/17/09 (PDF)Suspended - 78 months4/17/09 (PDF)No
Jose A. BracamonteArizonaSuspended - 45 days7/15/20 (PDF)Yes – 10/07/20
Ira Sylvester BrackensSan Francisco, CA7/24/03 (PDF)Suspended - 18 months7/24/03 (PDF)No
Benjamin P. BratterNew York11/14/19 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year10/28/19 (PDF)Yes – 06/14/21
Michael Jonathan BraunschweigFlorida9/11/19 (PDF)Disbarred9/11/19 (PDF)No
David L. BrehmerMinnesota3/8/01 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension3/8/01 (PDF)No
Marcia Jean BrinkleyTexas/San Diego, CA2/17/05 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years2/17/05 (PDF)No
Sarah BrinsonNorth Carolina9/30/19 (PDF)Disbarred9/30/19 (PDF)No
Jody BrionAlaska1/5/10 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year1/5/10 (PDF)No
Brenda C. BrisbonMaryland5/12/05 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension5/12/05 (PDF)No
Tanya Y. BrockingtonGeorgia3/23/15 (PDF)Disbarred3/23/15 (PDF)No
David Eric BrockwayLos Angeles, CA11/17/06 (PDF)Disbarred*11/17/06 (PDF)No
Diana BronsteinNew York5/13/14 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years6/1/12 (PDF)No
Yehlen D. Brooks aka Mary Yehlen BrooksCalifornia/Kansas5/8/15 (PDF)Disbarred5/8/15 (PDF)No
Deloris A. BrownDistrict of Columbia5/7/01 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension5/7/01 (PDF)No
Beth Ann BroylesIllinois11/19/09 (PDF)Disbarred*11/19/09 (PDF)No
Walter P. BubnaOhio2/12/08 (PDF)Suspended - 6 months2/12/08 (PDF)No
John T. BujakIdaho12/8/16 (PDF)Disbarred12/8/16 (PDF)No
Dennis Detmer BurchardSan Diego, CA4/8/03 (PDF)Suspended - 9 months4/8/03 (PDF)No
Bruce C. BurgeSan Francisco, CASuspended - 6 months10/23/03 (PDF)No
David Keith BurgessSan Francisco, CA11/7/02 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years11/7/02 (PDF)No
Susan N. BurgessTexas/New York6/10/14 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension6/10/14 (PDF)No
Nathaniel Bundy BurkeFlorida7/9/18 (PDF)Disbarred7/9/18 (PDF)No
Martha L. BurnsMinnesota12/7/01 (PDF)Suspended - 9 months12/7/01 (PDF)No
Walter BurrierConnecticut/ Los Angeles, CA5/13/05 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year5/13/05 (PDF)No
William BurtonMaryland/District of Columbia/Virginia7/9/18 (PDF)Disbarred1/22/21 (PDF)No
Charles T. BusseMichigan12/21/16 (PDF)Disbarred12/21/16 (PDF)No
Monica Lisa CaballeroSan Antonio, TX11/14/08 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year11/14/08 (PDF)No
Alfonso S. CabralColorado4/21/11 (PDF)Suspended - 3 years4/21/11 (PDF)No
Carlos H. CaceresMaryland12/13/06 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension12/13/06 (PDF)No
Karen CacoFlorida2/25/14 (PDF)Disbarred2/25/14 (PDF)No
Weldon Stephen CaldbeckPennsylvania7/21/20 (PDF)Disbarred7/21/20 (PDF)No
Libio CalejoFlorida8/5/13 (PDF)Suspended – 1 year8/5/13 (PDF)No
Alvaro De La CalleNorth Carolina7/11/17 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years7/11/17 (PDF)No
Vincent J. CammaranoMassachusetts7/24/15 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension7/24/15 (PDF)No
Robert G. CampbellSan Francisco, CA10/15/14 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years10/15/14 (PDF)No
Marivel Cantu-MadrilArizona2/6/17 (PDF)Disbarred10/24/19 (PDF)No
Noel Peter Mpaka CanuteNew YorkIndefinite Suspension7/14/10 (PDF)No
Rufino Marc CardosoLos Angeles, CA11/6/12 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension11/6/12 (PDF)No
William Shaw CarpenterIowa2/8/08 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension2/8/08 (PDF)No
Nancy CarperIllinois6/21/06 (PDF)Suspended - 3 years6/21/06 (PDF)No
Michael M. CarrascoNew Mexico2/19/15 (PDF)Disbarred2/19/15 (PDF)No
Joseph M. CarreiroMassachusetts8/1/08 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years8/1/08 (PDF)No
Daniel W. CarriganColorado4/23/14 (PDF)Suspended – 3 years4/23/14 (PDF)No
Benjamin L. CarterWashington6/26/12 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years6/26/12 (PDF)No
John M. CarterIowa/Nebraska4/11/13 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years4/11/13 (PDF)No
Jennifer Casanova-RoersMinnesota10/24/17 (PDF)Suspended – 60 days10/24/17 (PDF)No
Carlos E. CastanedaSan Diego, CA4/13/10 (PDF)Suspended - 9 months4/13/10 (PDF)No
Brian C. CasterlineMichigan12/22/08 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years and 11 months12/22/08 (PDF)No
Gabriel CastilloSan Francisco, CA11/22/16 (PDF)Disbarred3/22/19 (PDF)No
Jose L. Del CastilloConnecticut6/24/08 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year6/24/08 (PDF)No
Dazmi H. CastrejonNebraska8/31/20 (PDF)
Joel H. CavadelPennsylvaniaSuspended - 9 months11/14/05 (PDF)No
Hector A. Cavazos, JrSan Francisco, CA7/17/15 (PDF)Suspended - 18 months7/17/15 (PDF)No
Juan ChaconSacramento, CA11/20/06 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year11/20/06 (PDF)No
Victoria ChanLos Angeles, CA1/17/18 (PDF)Disbarred1/17/18 (PDF)No
Alexander Ying-Chi ChanWashington/ New Jersey1/21/20 (PDF)Disbarred1/21/20 (PDF)No
Carol ChandlerNew Jersey10/22/12 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year & 1 day10/22/12 (PDF)No
Gregory ChandlerSan Francisco, CA2/19/09 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years and 3 months2/19/11 (PDF)No
Sandy Yeh ChangDistrict of Columbia/ Maryland/ Virginia 5/18/21 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension5/18/21 (PDF)No
Alexander ChanthunyaMarylandIndefinite Suspension5/6/16 (PDF)No
Bart A. ChavezNebraska4/26/11 (PDF)Disbarred4/26/11 (PDF)Yes – 01/22/21
Reinelda E. Urena de ChecoNew York6/16/14 (PDF)Disbarred6/16/14 (PDF)No
Manlin CheeNorth Carolina3/18/05 (PDF)Disbarred*3/18/05 (PDF)No
Jean Bernard CheryFlorida5/18/21 (PDF)Disbarred5/18/21 (PDF)No
Li Nan ChiangIllinois6/25/09 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension6/25/09 (PDF)No
Eugene E. ChmuraNew York7/25/12 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension7/25/12 (PDF)No
Michael ChoiPennsylvania1/24/12 (PDF)Disbarred1/24/12 (PDF)No
Samir Zia ChowhanIllinois/Indiana1/9/12 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year1/9/12 (PDF)No
James D. ChristoNew York6/26/09 (PDF)Disbarred*6/26/09 (PDF)No
Cyril O. ChukwurahHouston, TX2/14/12 (PDF)Disbarred2/14/12 (PDF)No
Carroll A. ClarkArizonaSuspended - 6 months and 1 day11/5/04 (PDF)No
David Shawn ClarkNorth Carolina4/10/13 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years4/10/13 (PDF)No
Andrea ClarkePennsylvania2/9/21 (PDF)Disbarred2/9/21 (PDF)No
P. Lee ClayWest Virginia9/13/06 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension9/13/06 (PDF)No
Matthew B. Cleary IIIFlorida6/16/16 (PDF)Disbarred6/16/16 (PDF)No
Marsden CoatesMaryland1/24/05 (PDF)Disbarred*1/24/05 (PDF)No
Stephen John CoghlanCalifornia6/7/21 (PDF)Suspended - 60 days3/22/21 (PDF)No
Emily E. CohenColorado4/23/14 (PDF)Disbarred4/23/14 (PDF)No
Marshall Lawrence CohenFlorida/Georgia11/8/05 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years4/25/05 (PDF)No
Simeon Olumide CokerTexas/New York2/19/19 (PDF)Suspended - 36 months2/19/19 (PDF)No
Ronald D. ColemanVirginia/Texas9/14/16 (PDF)Disbarred9/14/16 (PDF)No
Salvador CollazoNew York6/9/10 (PDF)Disbarred6/9/10 (PDF)No
Phyllis ColmanCalifornia12/6/19 (PDF)Suspended - 90 days12/16/19 (PDF)Yes – 8/31/20
Kemakolan ComasNew York3/1/05 (PDF)Disbarred*3/1/05 (PDF)No
Richard Paul CondonFlorida7/19/06 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years7/19/06 (PDF)No
Bakary Fansu ContehWashington4/17/17 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years4/17/17 (PDF)Yes – 10/27/20
Douglas H. CoonerAlabama2/4/14 (PDF)Disbarred2/4/14 (PDF)No
Nathan D. CooperMissouri9/26/07 (PDF)Disbarred*9/26/07 (PDF)No
Ronald CordonFlorida6/24/21 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year6/24/21 (PDF)No
Antonio CortezEl Paso, TX11/4/04 (PDF)Suspended - 12 months11/4/04 (PDF)No
Nancy E. CoulterColorado12/5/12 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension12/5/12 (PDF)No
Robert A. CoxMissouri10/30/06 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years10/30/06 (PDF)No
Kevin Edward CreedConnecticut6/23/20 (PDF)Disbarred6/23/20 (PDF)No
Guy Vincent CroteauIllinois4/14/11 (PDF)Suspended - 3 years4/14/11 (PDF)No
Angel O. CruzDallas, TX2/29/08 (PDF)Suspended - 3 months2/29/08 (PDF)No
Baird CuberNew York6/27/05 (PDF)Disbarred*6/27/05 (PDF)No
Patricia M. CullenLos Angeles, CA5/13/14 (PDF)Disbarred5/13/14 (PDF)No
Paul Howard CurtisLos Angeles, CA7/16/03 (PDF)Suspended - 6 months7/16/03 (PDF)No
Marijan CvjeticaninNew York11/2/15 (PDF)Disbarred11/2/15 (PDF)No
Lester Walter CzapelskiNew Jersey2/18/04 (PDF)Disbarred*2/18/04 (PDF)No
Kimberly S. DaiseFlorida8/7/12 (PDF)Disbarred8/7/12 (PDF)No
Namir M. DamanMichigan12/22/08 (PDF)Disbarred*12/22/08 (PDF)No
Damon D'AmbrosioRhode Island1/10/12 (PDF)
Edward DaneriSan Antonio, TX4/30/03 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years4/30/03 (PDF)No
Royal Daniel, IIIColorado7/6/07 (PDF)Disbarred*7/6/07 (PDF)
Sergei DanilovDistrict of Columbia/Maryland9/13/06 (PDF)Disbarred*9/13/06 (PDF)No
Reginald Egan DarbonneFlorida12/1/00 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years12/1/00 (PDF)No
Loren C. DatlofNevada9/22/17 (PDF)Suspended – 1 year9/22/17 (PDF)No
Earl S. DavidNew YorkDisbarred8/1/12 (PDF)No
Michael R.J. DavisMaryland8/4/09 (PDF)Disbarred*8/4/09 (PDF)No
Charles C. DayFlorida11/29/06 (PDF)Disbarred*11/29/06 (PDF)No
David P. DeCostaArizona5/5/11 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year5/5/11 (PDF)No
Alma C. DefilloSouth Carolina/Florida10/21/15 (PDF)Disbarred10/21/15 (PDF)No
Robert DekelaitaIllinois8/3/16 (PDF)Disbarred8/3/16 (PDF)No
Ronald C. DenisFlorida10/7/16 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension10/7/16 (PDF)No
Christina S. DenisonWashington9/2/10 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year9/2/10 (PDF)No
Howard D. DeutschNew York5/30/01 (PDF)
Kiran Moolchand DewanMaryland9/2/14 (PDF)Disbarred9/2/14 (PDF)No
Paul E. DeWittColorado7/24/15 (PDF)Disbarred7/24/15 (PDF)No
Maritza DiazNew York4/14/11 (PDF)Disbarred*4/14/11 (PDF)No
William M. DickersonPennsylvania5/30/12 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension5/30/12 (PDF)No
Drew S. DiehlOhio8/12/05 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years8/12/05 (PDF)No
James S. DildayMassachusetts9/25/12 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year9/25/12 (PDF)No
Marilyn D. DimasMaryland1/5/15 (PDF)Disbarred1/5/15 (PDF)No
James DimitriouMichigan12/1/15 (PDF)Suspended – 2 years12/1/15 (PDF)No
Brian G. DiPietroMichigan3/21/14 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years3/21/14 (PDF)No
Parmesh DixitGeorgia7/13/11 (PDF)Disbarred*7/13/11 (PDF)No
David Benjamin DoTexas11/18/20 (PDF)Disbarred11/18/20 (PDF)No
Raymond Eliot DobbinsFloridaSuspended - 18 months10/1/07 (PDF)No
James C. DragonMassachusetts1/30/03 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension10/29/03 (PDF)No
Melvin G. DukeNew York/New Jersey1/8/08 (PDF)Disbarred*1/8/08 (PDF)No
Andreea DumitruNew York2/19/19 (PDF)Disbarred6/4/19 (PDF)No
Sunila D. DuttNew Jersey8/22/18 (PDF)Disbarred8/22/18 (PDF)No
John K. DvorakMassachusettsSuspended - 3 years3/16/12 (PDF)No
Allen EbertDistrict of Columbia7/12/06 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years7/12/06 (PDF)No
Grisel S. EchavarriaWisconsin3/28/05 (PDF)Disbarred*3/28/05 (PDF)No
Scott J. EckersleyMissouri/Utah3/21/19 (PDF)Disbarred3/21/19 (PDF)No
Anslem A. EfeColoradoIndefinite Suspension11/13/13 (PDF)No
Aloysius O. EjimakorMarylandSuspended - 9 months1/8/04 (PDF)No
Kallman S. ElinoffColorado9/12/19 (PDF)Suspended- 60 days9/12/10 (PDF)No
Richard M. ElinskiLos Angeles, CA9/14/07 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension9/14/07 (PDF)No
Allan M. ElsterFlorida12/1/00 (PDF)Suspended - 3 years12/1/00 (PDF)No
Julius M. EngelSan Francisco, CADisbarred8/31/20 (PDF)No
Credo EnriquezWashington10/21/19 (PDF)Disbarred10/21/19 (PDF)No
Myava R. EscamillaLos Angeles, CA7/11/16 (PDF)Disbarred7/11/16 (PDF)No
Samuel R. EscamillaColorado1/5/15 (PDF)Suspended - 3 months1/5/15 (PDF)No
Jose A. EspinosaMassachusetts12/5/12 (PDF)Suspended - 8 years12/5/12 (PDF)No
Paul A. EsquivelSan Antonio, TX10/21/15 (PDF)Disbarred10/21/15 (PDF)No
George M. EvansFlorida1/30/12 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years1/30/12 (PDF)No
Eduardo ExpositoFlorida10/4/12 (PDF)Disbarred10/4/12 (PDF)No
Jude Chukwuma EzealaMaryland4/17/17 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension4/17/17 (PDF)No
Olayemi Isaac FalusiMaryland9/27/18 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension9/27/18 (PDF)No
Ronald FantaNew York12/2/05 (PDF)Disbarred*12/2/05 (PDF)No
Frank M. FernandezHawaii5/11/11 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years5/11/11 (PDF)No
Jacqueline M. FernandezFlorida11/20/08 (PDF)Suspended - 18 months11/20/08 (PDF)No
William A. FernandezNew York/Connecticut9/30/15 (PDF)Suspended - 5 months9/30/15 (PDF)No
Eric Victor FieldColorado7/8/19 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year and 1 day7/8/19 (PDF)No
Ronald G. FinchArizona/California10/6/11 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year10/6/11 (PDF)No
Denis P. FlemingMassachusetts11/1/16 (PDF)
Esmeralda FlemingOhio8/26/21 (PDF)
Virginia R. FlingNew York6/27/12 (PDF)Suspended - 90 days6/27/12 (PDF)No
Luis Alberto FloresNew York6/12/06 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension6/12/06 (PDF)No
Timothy D. FlowersTennessee8/11/10 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year8/11/10 (PDF)No
Grace S. FoltzPennsylvania10/20/10 (PDF)Disbarred*10/20/10 (PDF)No
Paul S. FrancoKansasSuspended - 6 months9/19/12 (PDF)No
Irwin Jay FredmanMaryland/District of Columbia1/11/06 (PDF)Disbarred*1/11/06 (PDF)No
Paul Ira FreedmanNew York9/18/01 (PDF)Disbarred*9/18/01 (PDF)No
Maxime A. FriasVirginia4/14/09 (PDF)Disbarred*4/14/09 (PDF)No
Joseph A. FruMinnesota5/8/13 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension5/8/13 (PDF)No
Miguel GaddaSan Francisco, CA10/2/01 (PDF)Disbarred*7/8/03 (PDF)No
Virginia GagoNew York2/2/06 (PDF)Disbarred*2/2/06 (PDF)No
Edward P. GallagherMaryland3/3/05 (PDF)Disbarred*3/3/05 (PDF)No
Mark S. GallegosFlorida11/2/17 (PDF)Suspended – 91 days11/2/17 (PDF)No
Allan G. GallimorePennsylvania12/9/08 (PDF)Disbarred4/3/18 (PDF)No
Jorge H. GalvezUtah1/30/06 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension1/30/06 (PDF)No
Maximiliano S. GarciaArizona/California10/7/05 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years10/7/05 (PDF)No
Ruben John GarciaSan Antonio, TX6/15/01 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years6/15/01 (PDF)No
Miguel Angel Garcia, Jr.GeorgiaDisbarred2/10/21 (PDF)No
William R. GardnerSan Francisco, CA3/8/01 (PDF)Suspended - 6 months10/19/00 (PDF)No
Roberto E. De La GarzaSan Antonio, TX7/28/09 (PDF)Suspended - 3 years7/28/09 (PDF)No
Benito A. GarzaHarlingen, TX3/18/14 (PDF)Disbarred3/18/14 (PDF)No
Richard F. GarzaDallas, TX3/7/06 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years3/7/06 (PDF)No
Susanna G. GarzaNorth Carolina5/29/09 (PDF)Disbarred*5/29/09 (PDF)No
Dounnisei K. GbalazehLouisiana/Pennsylvania5/13/14 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension5/13/14 (PDF)No
Sharron S.K. Williams GelobterCalifornia5/6/19 (PDF)Suspended - 60 days5/6/19 (PDF)No
Jahangir GhobadiVirginia8/6/19 (PDF)Disbarred8/6/19 (PDF)No
Kevin M. GibbonsArizona6/27/11 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension6/27/11 (PDF)No
Scott M. GibsonNew York4/28/14 (PDF)Disbarred4/28/14 (PDF)No
Kelly E. GilesLos Angeles, CA1/8/13 (PDF)Disbarred1/18/13 (PDF)No
Kenneth M. GilesNew York6/4/14 (PDF)Disbarred6/4/14 (PDF)No
John G. GissbergWashington3/2/10 (PDF)Suspended - 9 months3/2/10 (PDF)No
Alan S. GlueckFlorida10/9/08 (PDF)Disbarred*10/9/08 (PDF)No
Roberta A. GoldenMassachusetts1/14/09 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year1/14/09 (PDF)No
Alexander GoldmanIllinois11/22/05 (PDF)Disbarred*11/22/05 (PDF)No
Sheldon I. GoldsteinArizona/Texas4/23/19 (PDF)Disbarred4/23/19 (PDF)No
Wendy B. GolenbockMassachusetts4/17/02 (PDF)Suspended - 8 years4/17/02 (PDF)No
Satish K. GoliNew York9/24/09 (PDF)Disbarred*9/24/09 (PDF)No
Ernest GomezColorado10/21/19 (PDF)Disbarred10/21/19 (PDF)No
Ismael GonzalezNew York9/17/15 (PDF)Suspended – 1 year9/17/15 (PDF)No
Juan Jose GonzalezLos Angeles, CA11/13/13 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years11/13/13 (PDF)No
Juan P. GonzalezHouston, TX9/2/15 (PDF)Disbarred9/2/15 (PDF)No
Manuel Angel GonzalezSan Diego, CA6/15/11 (PDF)Suspended - 60 days6/15/11 (PDF)No
Manuel Angel GonzalezSan Diego, CA7/24/13 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension7/24/13 (PDF)No
Osvaldo J. GonzalezNew York5/30/19 (PDF)Suspended - 3 years5/30/19 (PDF)No
Nelson GonzalezNew Jersey6/23/20 (PDF)Suspended - 3 months5/7/20 (PDF)Yes – 3/3/21
Jeffrey Gonzalez-PerezVirginia8/4/04 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years8/4/04 (PDF)No
Andrea Goode-JamesMassachusetts5/12/09 (PDF)Suspended - 8 years5/12/09 (PDF)No
Simpson GoodmanGeorgia10/19/17 (PDF)Disbarred10/19/17 (PDF)No
Peter S. GordonNew York5/8/15 (PDF)Suspended - 2 months5/8/15 (PDF)No
Douglas Andrew GrannanPennsylvania/New JerseyDisbarred1/22/20 (PDF)No
Nicholas C. GrapsasWisconsin9/15/00 (PDF)Suspended - 6 months9/15/00 (PDF)No
Jeffery William GreenIllinois3/2/10 (PDF)Disbarred*3/2/10 (PDF)No
Christopher E. GreeneNorth Carolina2/14/17 (PDF)Disbarred2/14/17 (PDF)No
Charles A. GrutmanNew York6/6/02 (PDF)Suspended - 7 years6/6/02 (PDF)No
T. Anthony GuajardoArizona12/21/16 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension12/21/16 (PDF)No
Martin R. GuajardoSan Francisco, CA3/5/08 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year3/5/08 (PDF)No
Kamah Menseleh Gueh-ThoronkaMaryland/Massachusetts7/26/21 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension7/26/21 (PDF)No
Jose M. GuerreroSan Antonio, TX12/8/16 (PDF)Disbarred12/8/16 (PDF)No
Steven A. GuilinSan Diego, CASuspended - 10 months12/11/13 (PDF)No
Rosalynn D. GuillenWashington10/29/01 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years10/29/01 (PDF)No
Viney K. GuptaCalifornia/Texas11/18/19 (PDF)Suspended – 6 months11/18/19 (PDF)No
Stephen GutierrezFlorida7/7/20 (PDF)Disbarred5/18/21 (PDF)No
Richard G.HackwellUtah4/16/08 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years4/16/08 (PDF)No
Roydera D. HackworthNorth Carolina4/30/14 (PDF)Suspended - 4 years4/30/14 (PDF)No
Michael M. Hadeed, Jr.Virginia3/11/09 (PDF)Disbarred*3/11/09 (PDF)No
Diego HandelFlorida4/25/19 (PDF)Disbarred4/25/19 (PDF)No
Cheryl HandyIllinois1/24/05 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year1/24/05 (PDF)No
Hanna Z. HannaNew York4/30/03 (PDF)Suspended - 3 years4/30/03 (PDF)No
Sean HanoverVirginia12/10/18 (PDF)Disbarred12/10/18 (PDF)No
Alfred L. HansenLouisiana/San Francisco, CA1/10/05 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years1/10/05 (PDF)No
Valerie F. HanserdMassachusetts4/14/10 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year and 1 day4/14/10 (PDF)No
Kweku HansonConnecticut6/8/07 (PDF)
Linda HantenDistrict of Columbia1/17/18 (PDF)Disbarred1/17/18 (PDF)No
Courtney B. HarmonMassachusetts8/22/12 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year & 1 day8/22/12 (PDF)No
Alan J. HarrisNew York2/21/06 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension2/21/06 (PDF)No
Troy Donahue HarrisFlorida7/21/20 (PDF)Suspended - 60 days7/21/20 (PDF)Yes – 01/22/21
Jamila HarrisonGeorgia12/22/08 (PDF)Disbarred*12/22/08 (PDF)No
Wayne R. HartkeVirginia6/30/15 (PDF)Suspended – 3 years11/2/17 (PDF)No
Thomas HayesTexas3/2/21 (PDF)
Ross D. HechtMaryland3/19/14 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension3/19/14 (PDF)No
Raymond HellwigLos Angeles, CA3/12/14 (PDF)Disbarred3/12/14 (PDF)No
Alejandro "Alex" HernandezSan Antonio, TX2/24/15 (PDF)Disbarred2/24/15 (PDF)No
Fernando HernandezFlorida11/5/12 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years11/5/12 (PDF)No
Michael J. HernandezCalifornia/Florida5/24/11 (PDF)Suspended - 91 days5/24/11 (PDF)No
Kevin D. HeupelColorado8/31/16 (PDF)Disbarred11/21/17 (PDF)No
Jonathan HidalgoLos Angeles, CA11/20/17 (PDF)Disbarred11/20/17 (PDF)No
Ronald HigginsHarlingen, TX11/20/14 (PDF)Disbarred11/20/14 (PDF)No
Bita L. HoffmanSan Diego, CA4/11/07 (PDF)Disbarred*4/11/07 (PDF)No
James D. HollisterSan Francisco, CA9/5/08 (PDF)Suspended - 30 months9/5/08 (PDF)No
Daynel L. HookerColorado12/1/11 (PDF)Suspended - 6 months12/1/11 (PDF)No
Gregory Scott HooverWashington5/18/21 (PDF)Suspended - 30 days3/26/21 (PDF)Yes – 06/30/21
Errol I. HorwitzLos Angeles, CA5/7/12 (PDF)Disbarred5/7/12 (PDF)No
Henry H. HoweNorth Dakota4/23/14 (PDF)Suspended - 6 months & 1 day4/23/14 (PDF)No
Shawn Kelvin HuIllinois12/15/15 (PDF)Suspended – 1 year12/15/15 (PDF)No
Yinkang Hu aka Kelvin Y. HuIllinois11/25/13 (PDF)Disbarred11/25/13 (PDF)No
Yali HuangHouston, TX9/14/07 (PDF)Disbarred*9/14/07 (PDF)No
Howard HudsonOregon4/14/14 (PDF)Suspended – 6 months4/14/14 (PDF)No
Miguel A. HullMaryland/District of Columbia 6/4/20 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension6/4/20 (PDF)No
Matthew E. HultKansas8/1/17 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension8/1/17 (PDF)No
Patrick C. HydeColorado4/18/19 (PDF)Suspended - 6 months 4/18/19 (PDF)No
David G. IgnacioNew York6/12/12 (PDF)Disbarred6/12/12 (PDF)No
Afton Jane IzenTexas2/19/19 (PDF)Suspended- 6 months2/19/19 (PDF)No
Michael L. JacobWashington8/30/16 (PDF)Disbarred10/1/18 (PDF)No
Freddy JacobsNew York12/18/13 (PDF)Disbarred12/18/13 (PDF)No
Raj D. JadejaNew JerseyDisbarred8/15/17 (PDF)No
Karen JaffeNew York11/17/09 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension11/17/09 (PDF)No
David A. JakemanWashington5/18/21 (PDF)
Judd Barton JamesFlorida6/21/12 (PDF)Disbarred6/21/12 (PDF)No
Larry P. JamesSan Francisco, CA5/3/11 (PDF)Suspended - 90 days5/3/11 (PDF)No
Richard Allen JamesDistrict of Columbia/ Maryland6/15/01 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years6/15/01 (PDF)No
Carolyn Sue JanzenSan Diego, CA10/21/08 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years10/21/08 (PDF)No
Carlos Jean-JosephFlorida12/1/14 (PDF)Disbarred12/1/14 (PDF)No
William T. Jebb, IINew York4/9/08 (PDF)Suspended - 6 months4/9/08 (PDF)No
J. Blayne JenningsFlorida2/20/15 (PDF)Suspended - 91 days2/20/15 (PDF)No
Daniel P. JensenArizona1/10/12 (PDF)Suspended - 6 months & 1 day1/10/12 (PDF)No
Kehinde Oluwaranti JobiNew York11/4/09 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension11/4/09 (PDF)No
Michael JoffeNew York4/18/18 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years4/18/18 (PDF)No
Larry JohnsonNew York5/19/06 (PDF)Suspended - 7 years5/19/06 (PDF)No
Laurence F. JohnsonMaryland9/13/17 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension9/13/17 (PDF)No
S. Austin JohnsonUtah10/6/15 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years10/6/15 (PDF)No
Walter T. Johnson, Jr.North Carolina3/19/04 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year3/19/04 (PDF)No
Alake Johnson-FordDistrict of Columbia9/15/00 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years9/15/00 (PDF)No
Eric A. JonesWashington7/30/13 (PDF)Suspended - 9 months7/30/13 (PDF)No
John E. JonesSan Francisco, CA8/9/13 (PDF)Suspended – 5 years8/9/13 (PDF)No
Margot S. JonesPennsylvania6/27/06 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years6/27/06 (PDF)No
Thomas Christopher JonesIllinois10/6/04 (PDF)Suspended - 30 months10/6/04 (PDF)No
Sarah J.M. JonesSan Francisco, CA7/13/11 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension8/25/11 (PDF)No
Willie JonesFlorida5/5/11 (PDF)Disbarred5/5/11 (PDF)No
Keith G. JordanSan Francisco, CA7/20/07 (PDF)Suspended - 9 months7/20/07 (PDF)No
Christian R. JuarezSan Diego, CA3/24/17 (PDF)Disbarred3/24/17 (PDF)No
Anita C. Justin see Anita C. Kanu below
Siamack KalantarLos Angeles, CA10/4/12 (PDF)Disbarred10/4/12 (PDF)No
Lijyasu KandekoreFlorida11/30/00 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension6/20/01 (PDF)No
Randhir S. KangSan Francisco, CA1/27/06 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension1/27/06 (PDF)No
Anita C. Kanu aka Anita C. JustinLos Angeles, CA/Arizona10/28/10 (PDF)Disbarred*10/28/10 (PDF)No
Ravindra Singh KanwalColoradoDisbarred4/22/16 (PDF)No
Eric J. KapoorMaryland9/26/06 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension9/26/06 (PDF)No
Bent KarlsenNevada2/19/09 (PDF)Disbarred*2/19/09 (PDF)No
Harlan KarpOhio2/21/19 (PDF)Suspended - 6 months2/21/19 (PDF)No
Deborah J. KartjeChicago, IL/Northern IN12/4/00 (PDF)Disbarred*12/4/00 (PDF)No
Richard A. KasselNew York9/11/15 (PDF)Disbarred9/11/15 (PDF)No
William P. KaszynskiMinnesota3/8/01 (PDF)Disbarred*3/8/01 (PDF)No
David KaufmanFlorida2/9/21 (PDF)Suspended - 6 months2/9/21 (PDF)No
John W. KearnsIllinois4/6/07 (PDF)Disbarred*4/6/07 (PDF)No
Frederick D. KellyHouston, TX9/22/17 (PDF)Suspended – 6 months9/22/17 (PDF)No
Rosalind KellyDallas, TX10/19/17 (PDF)Suspended – 12 months9/11/18 (PDF)No
Morris B. KemperSan Francisco, CA5/7/01 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year5/7/01 (PDF)No
Thomas Edward KentLos Angeles, CA12/15/14 (PDF)Disbarred12/15/14 (PDF)No
Bilal Ahmed KhaleeqDallas, TX
Omaha, NE
9/11/18 (PDF)Disbarred9/11/18 (PDF)No
Kishan KhannaColorado5/19/06 (PDF)Suspended - 9 months5/19/06 (PDF)No
Eugene Dukjoon KimLos Angeles, CA3/19/14 (PDF)Suspended – 1 year3/19/14 (PDF)No
Jacqueline Marie KinsellaFlorida5/9/18 (PDF)Suspended – 3 year12/20/18 (PDF)No
Joseph KizitoGeorgia/Massachusetts4/15/15 (PDF)Disbarred4/15/15 (PDF)No
Claude Henry KleefieldNew York12/2/05 (PDF)Suspended - 3 months12/2/05 (PDF)No
Alan Edward KoczelaVirginia8/10/00 (PDF)Disbarred*8/10/00 (PDF)No
Irina KoganNew York1/7/21 (PDF)Disbarred1/7/21 (PDF)No
Daniela KoimanCalifornia9/11/19 (PDF)Suspended – 6 months9/9/20 (PDF)No
Samuel G. KooritzkyVirginia4/8/03 (PDF)Disbarred*4/8/03 (PDF)No
Daniel E. KorenbergLos Angeles, CA10/25/07 (PDF)Disbarred*10/25/07 (PDF)No
Robert L. KovenMaryland5/7/01 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension5/7/01 (PDF)No
Kelly Michael KowisHouston, TX9/14/16 (PDF)Disbarred9/14/16 (PDF)No
John J. KozlowskiSan Francisco, CA10/29/01 (PDF)Suspended - 90 days10/29/01 (PDF)No
Dorothea P. KraegerArizona6/2/05 (PDF)Suspended – 4 years6/2/05 (PDF)No
Jeffrey L. KrainNew Jersey4/23/14 (PDF)Suspended - 6 months3/11/14 (PDF)No
Sheldon H. KronegoldNew York4/15/08 (PDF)Suspended - 7 years4/15/08 (PDF)No
Sandra E. Suarez KrugerIowa5/8/18 (PDF)Disbarred10/16/18 (PDF)No
Julie KrullLouisiana2/11/16 (PDF)Disbarred2/11/16 (PDF)No
Loreto KuderaNew York5/11/17 (PDF)Disbarred5/11/17 (PDF)No
Robert M. KuhnreichNew York8/11/05 (PDF)Disbarred*8/11/05 (PDF)No
Krishan Kumar see Paul White below
Paul White aka Krishan KumarWashington2/11/05 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years2/11/05 (PDF)No
Jessica M. KuneviciusColorado4/17/17 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension4/17/17 (PDF)No
Hak Tung Lam aka Ke Dong LinNew York1/4/12 (PDF)Disbarred1/4/12 (PDF)No
Bradley LambWisconsin/Minnesota5/13/14 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension5/13/14 (PDF)No
Jennifer V. LandeoMaryland3/31/16 (PDF)Disbarred3/31/16 (PDF)No
Alexander L. LapinskiNorth Carolina4/16/12 (PDF)Disbarred4/16/12 (PDF)No
Leah LarsenNew York12/22/08 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years and 6 months12/22/08 (PDF)No
Mayra I. LaureanoLos Angeles, CA6/23/14 (PDF)Disbarred6/23/14 (PDF)No
Charles P. LeBeauSan Diego, CA10/19/06 (PDF)Disbarred*10/19/06 (PDF)No
Justin Moongyu LeeLos Angeles, CA5/14/15 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension5/14/15 (PDF)No
Keon Joong LeeCalifornia5/8/18 (PDF)Suspended - 6 months5/8/18 (PDF)No
Melissa S. LeeSan Francisco, CA8/4/11 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years8/4/11 (PDF)No
Sai Hyun LeeGeorgia5/12/10 (PDF)Disbarred*5/12/10 (PDF)No
Steven Y. LeeDistrict of Columbia/ Virginia11/22/04 (PDF)Disbarred*12/7/04 (PDF)No
Michael-Hyun W. LeeNew York10/17/19 (PDF)Disbarred10/17/19 (PDF)No
Richard G.LehrMichigan12/19/06 (PDF)Suspended - days7/22/06 (PDF)No
Gregory W. LePageSan Antonio, TX8/11/11 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years8/11/11 (PDF)No
Eric LevineMassachusetts10/25/05 (PDF)Suspended - 4 years10/25/05 (PDF)No
Michael S. LevinePennsylvania/Florida7/27/06 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year and 1 day7/27/06 (PDF)No
William F. LevingsNevada/Colorado6/30/17 (PDF)Suspended – 1 year & 1 day6/30/17 (PDF)No
Feng LiNew York6/25/15 (PDF)Disbarred6/25/15 (PDF)No
Tian LiMichigan7/16/09 (PDF)Suspended - 3 years7/16/09 (PDF)No
Ming Gang LiCalifornia4/4/19 (PDF)Disbarred4/4/19 (PDF)No
Ken Zhiyi LiangLos Angeles, CA11/2/15 (PDF)Disbarred11/2/15 (PDF)No
John C. LinNew York7/9/13 (PDF)Disbarred7/9/13 (PDF)No
Ke Dong Lin see Hak Tung Lam above
Noel L. LippmanMichigan2/29/08 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year2/29/08 (PDF)No
Feng Ling LiuNew York1/14/15 (PDF)Disbarred1/14/15 (PDF)No
Daniel LivingstonLos Angeles, CA11/20/17 (PDF)
Miroslaw Thomas LobaszFlorida6/24/08 (PDF)Suspended - 3 years6/24/08 (PDF)No
J. Thomas LoganLos Angeles, CASuspended - 60 days12/1/04 (PDF)No
Javier LoperaFlorida11/4/04 (PDF)Disbarred*12/7/04 (PDF)No
Guillermo Napoleon LopezFlorida10/7/09 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years10/7/09 (PDF)No
James C. LopezSan Francisco, CA12/5/12 (PDF)Disbarred12/5/12 (PDF)No
Maria Teresa LopezFlorida3/16/10 (PDF)Disbarred*3/16/10 (PDF)No
Keith B. LoseyFlorida4/30/13 (PDF)Disbarred4/30/13 (PDF)No
Raul H. LoyaDallas, TX5/11/16 (PDF)Disbarred5/11/16 (PDF)No
Christopher R. MacaraegSan Diego, CADisbarred12/27/16 (PDF)No
Steven P. MacGilvrayNorth Carolina3/5/19 (PDF)Disbarred9/11/19 (PDF)No
Roberto Abel MacielCalifornia11/18/20 (PDF)
Pascual MadrigalSan Antonio, TX11/30/17 (PDF)Disbarred7/18/19 (PDF)No
Richard MadrilArizona/New Mexico1/23/20 (PDF)
Sergio MaganaWisconsin12/19/17 (PDF)Disbarred12/19/17 (PDF)No
Rita MahdessianLos Angeles, CA1/9/12 (PDF)Suspended - 8 months1/9/12 (PDF)No
Willie J. MahoneMaryland4/28/17 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension4/28/17 (PDF)No
Theodore A. MahrWashington1/27/10 (PDF)Suspended - 3 years1/27/10 (PDF)No
Mark E. MaierMaryland12/4/00 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension12/4/00 (PDF)No
Ernesto MaldonadoDallas, TX9/14/16 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension9/14/16 (PDF)No
Francisco MaldonadoTexas10/19/18 (PDF)Disbarred10/19/18 (PDF)No
Ramsey F. MalkawiMichigan2/14/12 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years2/14/12 (PDF)No
Claro L. MamarilLos Angeles, CADisbarred*3/15/06 (PDF)No
Denise A. ManiscalcoVirginia9/1/04 (PDF)Suspended - 32 months and 3 days10/19/04 (PDF)No
Theophilus F. MarangaNew York7/25/17 (PDF)Suspended – 2 years7/25/17 (PDF)No
Charles R. MarcusNew Mexico4/9/08 (PDF)Disbarred*4/9/08 (PDF)No
Allen C. MarraNew York/ New Jersey7/18/05 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension7/18/05 (PDF)No
Samuel C. MarshWashington/California9/18/17 (PDF)Disbarred5/10/19 (PDF)No
Hiram Michael MartinCalifornia/District of Columbia 6/2/20 (PDF)Disbarred6/2/20 (PDF)No
Alicia R. MartinezSan Antonio, TX5/13/14 (PDF)Disbarred5/13/14 (PDF)No
Jason A. MartinezArkansas9/25/03 (PDF)Disbarred*9/25/03 (PDF)No
Victor Stephen MartinezLos Angeles, CA10/9/02 (PDF)Suspended - 9 months10/9/02 (PDF)No
Ralph Martinez-AgamenonLos Angeles, CA7/27/17 (PDF)Disbarred7/27/17 (PDF)No
Lauren MasonLos Angeles, CASuspended - days1/31/08 (PDF)No
Timothy P. MasonLos Angeles, CA7/20/04 (PDF)
Japheth Nthautha MatemuNew York8/11/21 (PDF)
Kent D. MawhinneyConnecticut2/28/20 (PDF)
Lily MazaheryWashington, DC12/8/11 (PDF)Disbarred12/8/11 (PDF)No
Victor Mba-JonasMaryland4/25/08 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension4/25/08 (PDF)No
Carla Ruth McBeathNew Jersey/California3/18/16 (PDF)Disbarred3/18/16 (PDF)No
Jason C. McBrideOregon7/25/12 (PDF)Disbarred7/25/13 (PDF)No
Timothy L. McCandlessLos Angeles, CA10/6/04 (PDF)Suspended - 6 months10/6/04 (PDF)No
Mackson P. McDowallNew York3/8/01 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years3/8/01 (PDF)No
Patrick John McGrealIllinois9/26/06 (PDF)Disbarred*9/26/06 (PDF)No
Terrence McGuireLos Angeles, CA9/1/05 (PDF)Suspended - 2 years9/1/05 (PDF)No
William M. McKeeVirginia4/28/14 (PDF)Suspended - 6 months4/28/14 (PDF)No
Michele McMahonMissouri1/8/13 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension1/8/13 (PDF)No
Robert J. McQuadeMichigan1/18/08 (PDF)Suspended - days1/18/08 (PDF)No
Karen K. MeadeOhio3/9/11 (PDF)Indefinite Suspension3/9/11 (PDF)No
Adenet MedacierFlorida2/11/09 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years2/11/09 (PDF)No
Alan M. MedofFlorida2/14/12 (PDF)Suspended - 60 days2/14/12 (PDF)No
Michael J. MeenanNew York3/23/15 (PDF)Suspended - 6 months3/31/15 (PDF)No
Mahendra R. MehtaIllinois3/29/11 (PDF)Disbarred*3/29/11 (PDF)No
Howard Teng-Hao MeiMaryland9/9/09 (PDF)Disbarred*9/9/09 (PDF)No
James Mark MeizlikCalifornia10/17/19 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year10/17/19 (PDF)No
Ephraim Tahir R. MellaPennsylvania4/19/21 (PDF)Suspended - 1 year and 1 day5/27/21 (PDF)No
Alexander MelnikovMichigan11/22/16 (PDF)Suspended – days11/22/16 (PDF)No
Armando J. MendezSan Francisco, CA7/24/03 (PDF)Suspended - 90 days7/24/03 (PDF)No
Richard C. MendezIowa/Nebraska/CaliforniaDisbarred12/22/15 (PDF)No
John MendozaTexas2/9/21 (PDF)Suspended – 30 days2/9/21 (PDF)No
Melina MerinoMassachusetts2/22/13 (PDF)Suspended – 18 months2/22/13 (PDF)No
Lisa MetellusFlorida2/19/09 (PDF)Suspended - 5 years2/19/09 (PDF)No
John Owen Meyers, IIILos Angeles, CA10/29/01 (PDF)Suspended - 20 months
Sours: https://www.justice.gov/eoir/list-of-currently-disciplined-practitioners

This page provides an overview of the key information related to Minnesota attorney registration and searching official databases of Minnesota attorneys.

Minnesota Attorney Registration

Minnesota attorney registration is handled by the Minnesota Lawyer Registration Office, a branch of the Minnesota Courts:

Minnesota Lawyer Registration Office
Minnesota Judicial Center
25 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
St. Paul, MN
Tel: ()

Minnesota Lawyer Registration (MARS)
Minnesota Judicial Center, Room
Tel: ()
Fax: ()

Minnesota Attorney Registration Web Pages:

Minnesota Attorney Search

You can search official databases of registered attorneys in Minnesota using the following links:

Searchable Database of Registered Attorneys – Results include attorney’s name, address, license number, date admitted to practice law, status of law license, and malpractice insurance company

Attorney’s Ethical Violations Search – Results include lawyer’s name, date admitted to practice law, whether attorney license is active, whether public ethical decisions are on record, and city and state of attorney

Disbarred and Currently Suspended Lawyers – Results include attorney’s name, license number, date admitted to practice law, status of law license, discipline imposed, discipline date, and case citation

Sours: https://aaronhall.com/minnesota-attorney-registration-search/

Attorney discipline search minnesota

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