Nail polish collection 2016

Nail polish collection 2016 DEFAULT

OPI Breakfast at Tiffany&#;s Holiday

I Believe In Manicures HR H44
Girls Love Pearls HR H45
I’ll Have a Manhattan HR H46
Can’t Tame a Wild Thing HR H47
Ring The Buzzer Again HR H48
Party at Holly’s HR H49

OPI Breakfast at Tiffany&#;s Holiday

OPI Washington DC Fall/Winter

CIA = Color is Awesome NL W53
Stay Off the Lawn! NL W54
Suzi &#; The First Lady of Nails NL W55
Never a Dulles Moment NL W56
Pale to the Chief NL W57
Yank My Doodle NL W58
Freedom of Peach NL W59
Squeaker of the House NL W60
Shh…It’s Top Secret NL W61
Madam President NL W62
OPI by Popular Vote NL W63
We the Female NL W64
Kerry Blossom NL W65
“Liv” in the Gray NL W66
Inside the ISABELLEtway NL W67

OPI Washington DC Fall/WinterOPI Washington DC Fall/Winter

OPI Retro Summer

Towel Me About It NL R67 (swatches)
I’m Getting a Tan-gerine NL R68
SPF XXX NL R69 (swatches)
Sailing &#; Nail-ing NL R70 (swatches)
What’s the Double Scoop? NL R71
Flip Flops &#; Crop Tops NL R72 (swatches)

OPI Retro Summer

OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass

The I’s Have It NL BA1 (swatches)
Oh My Majesty! NL BA2 (swatches)
What’s the Hatter with You? NL BA3
I’m Gown for Anything! NL BA4 (swatches)
Fearlessly Alice NL BA5
A Mirror Escape NL BA6
Having a Big Head Day NL BA7 (swatches)
Mad for Madness Sake NL BA8
What Time Isn’t It? DD A16

OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass

OPI Soft Shades

It’s in the Cloud NL T71
This Cost Me a Mint NL T72
One Chic Chick NL T73
Stop It I’m Blushing! NL T74
It’s a Boy! NL T75
I Am What I Amethyst NL T76

OPI Soft Shades

OPI New Orleans Spring/Summer

Let Me Bayou a Drink NL N51
Humidi-Tea NL N52
Suzi Nails New Orleans NL N53 (swatch)
I Manicure For Beads NL N54
Spare Me a French Quarter? NL N55
She’s a Bad Muffuletta! NL N56
Got Myself into a Jam-balaya NL N57
Crawfishin&#; for a Compliment NL N58
Take a Right on Bourbon NL N59 (swatch)
I’m Sooo Swamped! NL N60
Rich Girls &#; Po-Boys NL N61
Show Us Your Tips! NL N62

OPI New Orleans Spring/Summer

OPI Hello Kitty

Kitty White NL H80
Charmmy &#; Sugar NL H81
Let’s Be Friends! NL H82
Look at My Bow! NL H83
Small + Cute = ♥ NL H84 (swatches)
Spoken from the Heart NL H85
Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel NL H86
Super Cute in Pink NL H87
My Twin Mimmy NL H88
5 Apples Tall NL H89
My Pal Joey NL H90 (swatches)
Never Have Too Mani Friends! NL H91

OPI Hello Kitty

OPI Hello Kitty

OPI Starlight collection

Love is in My Cards HR G32
Ro-Man-ce on the Moon HR G33
Guys &#; Galaxies HR G34
I’m In the Moon for Love HR G35
Cosmo with a Twist HR G36
Give Me Space HR G37
Center of the You-niverse HR G38
Super Star Status HR G39
I Drive a SuperNova HR G40
By the Light of the Moon HR G41
Comet Closer HR G42
Is this Star Taken? HR G43
Infrared-y to Glow HR G44
Let Your Love Shine HR G45
Ce-less-tial is More HR G46
Press * for Silver HR G47
Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Meteorite HR G48
No More Mr. Night Sky HR G49

OPI Starlight collection
OPI Starlight collection
OPI Starlight collection

OPI Washington D.C. Collection

OPI Washington D.C.

The OPI Washington D.C. collection for fall/winter is a collaboration with new Creative Ambassador Kerry Washington, the Golden Globe and Emmy nominated actress from the TV show Scandal.

I was totally hooked on Scandal for like 5 seconds awhile back. Then, as with all Shonda Rhimes shows, it got totally ridiculous and I had to stop watching. This collection isn&#;t ridiculous though (haha) it&#;s quite interesting, and features 15 new colors, some quite unusual. There are 13 permanent shades and 3 limited edition ones. For the most part every color here applied really nicely with just two coats. There was one problem-child though, which is the only one with any shimmer to it.

OPI Pale to the Chief

Pale to the Chief

Pale to the Chief is a pale beige with silvery shimmer. This is the one I had problems with and the only shimmer in the collection. It applied rather uneven and I needed three coats. I think it looks a bit frosty and 80&#;s.

OPI Never a Dulles Moment

Never a Dulles Moment

Never a Dulles Moment is a &#;curry&#; yellow creme. LOVE. This is a unusual, muted yellow shade, and amazingly it applied pretty evenly with just two coats.

OPI Freedom of Peach

Freedom of Peach

Freedom of Peach is a not really a peach creme. It&#;s more of a muted fall orange shade, which I like.

OPI Madam President

Madam President

Madam President is a bright red/pink creme.

OPI Yank My Doodle

Yank My Doodle

Yank My Doodle is a burnt orange creme.

OPI OPI By Popular Vote

OPI By Popular Vote

OPI By Popular Vote is a deep berry red creme.

OPI Inside the Isabelletway

Inside the Isabelletway

Inside the Isabelletway (LE) is a medium caramel creme.

OPI We the Female

We the Female

We the Female is a deep garnet red creme.

OPI Squeaker of the House

Squeaker of the House

Squeaker of the House is a medium chocolate brown creme.

OPI Stay Off The Lawn!!

Stay Off the Lawn!!

Stay Off the Lawn!! is a deep green creme. Love this one.

OPI Suzi-The First Lady of Nails

Suzi-The First Lady of Nails

Suzi &#; The First Lady of Nails is a deep olive green creme. Another one I love.

OPI "Liv" in the Gray

&#;Liv&#; in the Gray

&#;Liv&#; in the Gray (LE) is a dark grey creme. Beautiful!

OPI CIA=Color is Awesome

CIA=Color is Awesome

CIA=Color is Awesome is a deep dusky blue creme.

OPI Kerry Blossom

Kerry Blossom

Kerry Blossom (LE) is a deep reddish/plum creme.

OPI ShhIt's Top Secret!

Shh&#;It&#;s Top Secret!

Shh&#;It&#;s Top Secret! is a very dark chocolate brown creme. It looks brown, not black, in person.

OPI Washington D.C. Fall

For me there were some definite hits and some that were just kind of boring and not unique. My personal favorites are Never a Dulles Moment, Suzy &#; The First Lady of Nails, Stay Off the Lawn!!, &#;Liv&#; in The Gray and Squeaker of the House. Many of the reds/berries have been done before so they don&#;t thrill me. I do like the unusual shades of oranges/browns here as well. The only one which was a total bust for me because of the formula and the frosty finish was Pale to the Chief.

You can find these now on the OPI site and in stores and they are $ each.

Which are your favorite shades?


OPI Washington D.C. Collection was last modified: August 9th, by Kelly
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Finally! It&#x;s the OPI Washington DC collection swatches! I&#x;m not exactly sure what it&#x;s called, but I think it might also be called the OPI Kerry Washington Fall/Winter collection because after all, Kerry Washington is now a Creative Ambassador for OPI. 

We&#x;re lookin&#x; at all 15 shades: the usual 12, plus the 3 Special-Edition Kerry Washington shades. It&#x;s a complete Manigeek Guide, so you know it&#x;s a long one!

UPDATE (August ): If you're planning to shop the OPI Washington DC collection from, you need to know that Ulta has two extra exclusive shades that you can only get from them. The shades are Front Runner (a dark, "sophisticated green) and Politically Polished (a "savvy plum"). My polish bestie Kellie G over at had swatches of those two for you!

opi washington dc collection swatches, review

OPI Pale to the Chief (above). That&#x;s two coats and OPI says it&#x;s so nearly nude, it&#x;s almost scandalous. I say it&#x;s just beautiful. I&#x;m crushing on the shimmery sheen in there. Invisible from arm&#x;s length, it&#x;s a pearly-type shimmer that&#x;s so fine it takes what would otherwise be a total meh for me and elevates it to amaze. It reminds me of old school OPI, big time.

OPI Inside the ISABELLEtway - Special-Edition Kerry Washington Shade (above). The OPI descriptor? Washington&#x;s movers-and-shakers vie for this caramel crème. Yep, caramel is bang on. So is the formula &#x; that&#x;s two coats and while you could OCW it, I say don&#x;t. One coat is a tiny bit patchy. Is she a remarkable shade for OPI? Let&#x;s find out later. Down there. After the swatches.

OPI Squeaker of the House (above). I&#x;m not sure why, but I have a really, really hard time typing "Squeaker." And I&#x;m an all-finger typer. Just sayin&#x;. But you know what? While the formula on this shade is great in two coats, I think the name really blows &#x; especially considering the hasthag for this collection is #WeTheFemale. Squeaker? Not empowering. Not.

OPI Freedom of Peach (above). I&#x;m on the fourth shade in this collection now, and gotta say it&#x;s been quite some time since an OPI crème has applied this easily for me. I&#x;m wickedly pleased to see a return to the good formulas. For a while there, I had struggles. So far the OPI Washington DC collection has all been two no-fuss-no-muss coats. I&#x;m happy-dancing!

OPI Freedom of Peach (above). Depending on your light, she can be a mellow creamy shade of some kind of squash thing. I want to say pumpkin? No, not pumpkin. Maybe persimmon?

OPI Yank My Doodle (above). Heh heh. Cheeky, cheeky OPI. Oh &#x; their wordage? Get a tawny copper mani and call it macaroni. Okay. *shrug* But I dig the shade regardless. It&#x;s a crelly-ish kind of thing that gets to opaque in two coats, and finishes almost squishy but not. Definitely crelly-ish. For more shine, you&#x;ll add top coat, yes? I did not.

OPI Never a Dulles Moment (above). Yella! I do love a good yellow. This one went on a little patchy and a touch uneven in two coats so I did three. I waited a minute for it to level before I hit it with the third, but level still escaped me. For best results, float your coats. The shade speaks to me &#x; it&#x;s a really good dusty yellow perhaps worth fighting with.

OPI By Popular Vote (above). I like this shade a lot. She&#x;s a little bit murky and yet still vibrant and flawlessly fall-like. And can we squeee about the formula again? Sooo good in two painless coats!

OPI By Popular Vote (above). With a little less light, she shows way more bluey-raspberry, but still so lovely!

OPI We The Female (above). Right in the fall/winter dark bricky-red wheelhouse, this two-coat beauty isn&#x;t exceptional, but for the formula. It&#x;s all goin&#x; on like buttah! Wanna see my notes? Heart this formula! Heart it!

OPI Madam President (above). OPI is calling this a commanding red, but I&#x;m not sure if I agree just because she leans really pink. Then again, she&#x;s not really pink so maybe she&#x;s red? Whatever she is, she&#x;s gorgeous, super-saturated, highly pigmented, and has a sensational formula. Could you OCW? Sure. But two coats will give you best depth.

OPI Kerry Blossom - Special-Edition Kerry Washington Shade (above). I added top coat. I know, weird, right? It needed a little shine boost to pop the the coats of plummy beauty. I should also mention she dries down a touch darker than you think.

OPI Suzi &#x; The First Lady of Nails (above). Hahaha!! I just looked at my notes and laughed! They say Uh&#x; another dumb name. First coat kinda putrid, but second = so good the khaki vert! If that description isn&#x;t enough for you, OPI says Command the political scene in this chic olive green.  

I will never give this bottle of camo green up. Ever.

OPI Stay Off The Lawn!! (above). Don&#x;t trespass on this deep, lush green. So what&#x;s the deal with this green? Again, I thought the formula was impressive in two trouble-free coats, but I did have to smack it with top coat to lift the shine. You&#x;ll want to watch yer cuticles with this one, friends. Try to get it on tidy, and when you remove it, no twisties, k?

OPI CIA = Color is Awesome (above). This right here is apparently a smart, dusky blue for secret-agent fashionistas. But she leans sorta green. And sorta teal. But mostly blue. I want to call her navy-teal &#x; does that make sense? She&#x;s two coats and I didn&#x;t have it on for long so I can&#x;t be sure if it&#x;ll stain the nail plate or not. It&#x;ll get your cuticles if you twist on removal though, that much I do know.

OPI Liv In The Gray &#x; Special-Edition Kerry Washington Shade (above). I like grey polishes, especially this one! My notes here say that it&#x;s a OCW!! How &#x;bout that! They also say that it&#x;s not shiny. And it isn&#x;t. But I&#x;m diggin&#x; its greeny-grey sort of industrial look. Wanna see it with top coat?

OPI Liv in the Gray with Top Coat (above). Oooh. Shiny. That&#x;s two coats there + top. I just wanted to see if another coat would add saturation and it does.

OPI Liv in the Gray &#x; mattified (above). Yep, I went there with my Revlon Matte Top Coat.

OPI Shh&#x; It&#x;s Top Secret! (above). Without top coat, this shade is much more true-to-bottle. The formula is highly plasticized so the first coat was applied to get full coverage (and was scary ugly). The second coat brought it all together and made this luxurious dark chocolate brown. That&#x;s no top coat. I didn&#x;t notice before that she&#x;s not crazy shiny so today, I did a whole &#x;nuther swatch for you with top coat.

OPI Shh&#x; It&#x;s Top Secret! &#x; with top coat (above). Neat how a coat of shiny top can blacken a shade so much, huh? I&#x;m gonna wear mine without so it looks more brown.

And that&#x;s it, my fellow polish friends! The entire 15 OPI Washington DC fall/winter collection swatched for your perusal! How do I feel about it? I like it. For me, it&#x;s not just a happy return to good OPI crèmes, it&#x;s a wholly cohesive collection of very autumnesque shades. But wait! Is it dupetastical? Let&#x;s see!

opi washington dc collection comparison swatches

Before I start here, I gotta let you know I don&#x;t have a light-box so sometimes nuances between the darker shades on the sticks is easier to achieve on a black background. Why? I dunno. All I know is the contrast seems to help capture subtle differences a bit better &#x; that&#x;s why some shots are on black and some on white.

OPI Inside the ISABELLEtway comparison swatches (above). If you&#x;re an OPI fan, you already knew you&#x;d seen this before, right?

OPI Squeaker of the House comparison swatches (above). I thought I&#x;d have more, I really did. Nothing is a perfect dupe here, but Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Head Bang gets close.

OPI Freedom of Peach comparison swatches (above). I got no dupes. Zero.

OPI Yank My Doodle comparison swatches (above). Again, nuthin.'

OPI Never A Dulles Moment comparison swatches (above). Yes, similar in that they&#x;re all yellow, but so not the same.

OPI We The Female comparison swatches (above). Mmm hmm.

OPI Madam President comparison swatches (above). Oooh! Where have I seen this shade before? That&#x;s right &#x; everywhere.

OPI Kerry Blossom comparison swatches (above). I have diddly-squat for dupes and my similars aren&#x;t even that similar! Yay!

OPI Suzi &#x; The First Lady of Nails comparison swatches (above). This is why I&#x;ll never give my bottle up, ever. Totally not dupetastic for anything I already have! Score!


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Makeup + Nail Polish Collection + Storage Ideas! 2016

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