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Final Fantasy 14 Director on WoW Players Switching Over

By Starym

There has been a lot of talk about players swapping over from WoW to other games recently, a lot of it fairly unpleasant, as some players accuse others of "abandoning" the game while others criticize those that still play. Many of the players either leaving or taking a break have been playing Final Fantasy 14, (including some high-profile streamers) and we now have some comments from the game's director, Naoki Yoshida, regarding this tribalism and players being antagonistic towards swapping games.
In an excerpt from an interview with PCGamer, Yoshida talks about the perception of players leaving WoW being a major factor in Final Fantasy 14's recent major growth, saying that nobody is making people quit one game in order to play the other. 
 [And they're not saying that] because you started Final Fantasy 14, you can never go back to WoW, you know? I'm afraid I'm not really fond of that trend of people saying, 'Oh this person has moved over to such and such game.

But I also worry about some of these people getting a little too enthusiastic to the point where they are sort of binding people down, chaining people down and going into the community and almost attacking those people who want to take a break sometimes and maybe enjoy a different game and chain them down in that way.

- Naoki Yoshida, Final Fantasy 14 Director He also talked about how leaving and coming back to a game is actually a good thing, as it makes players appreciate the things is does differently more, saying "That's wonderful. I think it is important that we come in contact with new games. It's a new kind of stimulation, so it keeps us fresh." You can read more on this story over at PCGamer.

This isn't the first time Yoshida has spoken of WoW recently, as he praised the game as having inspired the "A Realm Reborn" revamp of FF14 and how he is generally fond of it, which you can read about here. 

This article is about the playable race. For the Zandalari troll lore, see Zandalari troll.
Zandalari allied race in-game.jpg
Character classesBattle for AzerothDruid, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warrior
ShadowlandsDeath Knight
Main languageZandali
Secondary languageOrcish
Starting zoneBattle for AzerothDazar'alor, Zuldazar
Racial leader&#;Talanji
Racial mount&#;[Zandalari Direhorn]

The Zandalari trolls are one of the playable Hordeallied races in World of Warcraft, introduced in Battle for Azeroth. They are the progenitors of all trollkind, and as such rule an ancient, powerful empire upon the South Seas, after which they name themselves.

Talanji is their queen, and she rules from atop their capital, Dazar'alor. Whilst the Zandalari do ride raptors much like their Darkspear cousins, the preferred racial mount appears to be the Direhorn. As the original trolls, Zandalari speak the language of all their kind, Zandali, which is appropriately named after them. Orcish is also known as a secondary language.


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Race preview

Descended from the first troll tribes, the Zandalari are an ancient kingdom steeped in ritual and superstition. Their warriors ride mighty dinosaurs into battle, and they possess one of the most formidable fleets in the known world. But as enemies encroach upon the borders of Zuldazar, unrest within the king's council threatens to topple the empire. If the heroes of the Horde can return stability to Zandalar, they would gain a powerful new ally.[1]

Creation screen description

The Zandalari are a proud people whose origins date back to the early days of Azeroth's history. Their fierce warriors ride dinosaurs into battle, and they possess one of the most formidable naval fleets in the known world.

Opening cutscene

Queen Talanji:De Zandalari have ruled dis land for thousands of years. With de loa's blessing, our sacred blades and mighty ships commanded de seas. But over time, our empire grew stagnant. We stood alone. Threats from without and within rose up to challenge us.. to test our faith. Now, I am queen. And together with de Horde, we take our rightful place among de great kingdoms of Azeroth. Zandalar forever!


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Zandalari trolls can be unlocked by Horde players who have earned the achievement Horde&#;&#;[Zandalar Forever!] and completed the Tides of VengeanceWar Campaign. The recruitment quests became available in patch on 12 March

Once these requirements are met, players must then complete the following recruitment questline:

  1. H&#;[]&#;A Royal Occasion
  2. H&#;[]&#;A Queen's Entourage
  3. H&#;[]&#;The Rite of Kings and Queens
  4. H&#;[]&#;The Instigator Among Us & H&#;[]&#;Quelling the Masses
  5. H&#;[]&#;Talanji's Mercy & H&#;[]&#;Heresy! & H&#;[]&#;Breaking the Faith
  6. H&#;[]&#;The New Zanchuli Council
  7. H&#;[]&#;The Council Has Spoken
  8. H&#;[]&#;Gaze of the Loa
  9. H&#;[]&#;Gaze of the Loa: Krag'wa
  10. H&#;[]&#;Gaze of the Loa: Gonk
  11. H&#;[]&#;Gaze of the Loa: Pa'ku
  12. H&#;[]&#;Gaze of the Loa: Bwonsamdi
  13. H&#;[]&#;Queen of the Zandalari
  14. H&#;[]&#;Allegiance of the Zandalari


Racial traits



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Notes and trivia

  • With the exception of some custom animations such as spell casting, the male Zandalari use night elf animations and the females use jungle troll animations.
  • Due to their connection with the dinosaur loa, Zandalari druids use a raptor for [Travel Form], a pterrordax for [Flight Form], a humanoid pterrordax for [Moonkin Form], an ankylodon for [Bear Form], and a sabertusk for [Cat Form]. Their [Aquatic Form] appears to be a cross between a shark and a mosasaurus.
  • Zandalari hunters begin with a direhorn pet without having to acquire the &#;[Ancient Tome of Dinomancy].
  • Zandalari were originally announced as an allied race at BlizzCon , at which point the developers' intention was to make them available alongside Dark Iron dwarves at the release of Battle for Azeroth. At the time, the team did not believe they would be able to make Kul Tiran humans playable due to the art workload involved. However, as the development of the expansion progressed, the developers increasingly felt that since the main story of revolved around befriending the Zandalari and Kul Tirans, making both races playable was what the story deserved. They realized they could make Kul Tirans an allied race if they stretched, but it wasn't going to be able to happen until patch Once this was settled, it made the most sense from a story standpoint to pair the Kul Tirans with Zandalari. Thus, the Zandalari allied race was moved back until so they could be released alongside Kul Tirans, while Mag'har orcs (the Horde allied race originally planned for ) were moved forward to as the Horde equivalent to Dark Irons.[2]
  • Although the combination was shown on a presentation during BlizzCon , playable Zandalari troll warlocks are not available because the Zandalari have no connection to felmagic.[3] Despite this, there are several Zandalari trolls that use warlock abilities such as: Apprentice Valin'ini, Atal'zul Zealots, Innkeeper Rakakan, Quartermaster Boonzali, Shadra Betrayers, Witchdoctor Yoksa, Zandalari Overlord and Za'roco the Grifter.
  • In the PTR, their racial description was originally as such: Descended from the first troll tribes, the Zandalari are an ancient kingdom steeped in ritual and superstition. Their warriors ride mighty dinosaurs into battle, and they possess one of the most formidable fleets in the known world. But as enemies encroach upon the borders of Zuldazar, unrest within the king's council threatens to topple the empire. If the heroes of the Horde can return stability to Zandalar, they would gain a powerful new ally.[4]
  • Playable Zandalari Trolls start out at Honored with the Zandalari Empire.


Patch changes


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World of Warcraft has 10 Allied Races—a system introduced with the Battle for Azeroth expansion in There’s Void Elf, Lightforged Draenei, Dark Iron Dwarf, Kul Tiran Human, and Mechangnome for the Alliance and Nightborne, Highmountain Tauren, Mag’har Orc, Vulpera, and Zandalari Troll for the Horde. 

Unlike the other 14 playable races in the game, Allied Races each require an achievement to be unlocked. 

The Zandalari Trolls feature four distinct racial passives. There’s City of Gold, which increases gold earned from creatures by two percent, Embrace of the Loa, which chooses a Loa by making an offering at Lou Shrines around the world and offers unique powers. And then there’s Pterrordax Swoop, which reduces your failing speed for two minutes, and Regeneratin’, which regenerates percent of your maximum health over six seconds. 

To unlock the race, you first need to finish the War Campaign in Battle for Azeroth on the Horde side and finish both the and components. This includes The Day is Won, Mekkatorque’s Battle Plans, Through the Front Door, and Fly Out to Meet Them. This will grant you the Tides of Vengeance achievement. 

You must also complete all major lore storylines in the Zuldazar zones through The Final Seal. This includes The Throne of Zuldazar, The Dark Heart of Nazmir, Secrets in the Sands, a Bargain of Blood, and The Final Seal. 

Finally, you’ll need to complete the quest series starting from A Royal Occasion, which requires you to meet the Zandalari emissary at The Great Seal in Dazar’alor. This will earn the allegiance of the Zandalari Trolls, welcoming the race into the Horde. You’ll also earn the Allied Races: Zandalari Troll achievement, receive the Tabard of the Zandalari, and the Zandalari Direhorn mount.


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Zandalari Troll Racials Breakdown + Enhancement Shaman Gameplay!!

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