How to find out who hacked my gmail account

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3 Ways to Check if Your Gmail Account Has Been Hacked

Gmail is one of the most popular and most widely used free email service.

But is also frequently targeted by hackers. Much of the time, users might not even realize that someone has hacked their Gmail account.

There are some actions which a hacker can take that will allow him/her to be able to read your email without logging into your Gmail account.

These include using Gmail for mobile, the IMAP feature, email forwarding, and so on. While Gmail’s “last account activity” feature can be helpful, there are other methods of looking into the safety of your Gmail account and keeping it protected.

In today’s post, we will look at some of the easiest ways to find out if your Gmail account has been hacked or compromised. These tips will be useful to all Gmail users including those with no current problems as it is always a superb idea to monitor your email accounts and to know how to monitor unusual activities.

When working online, the first thing we need to be aware of is security.

I was talking to a friend who is a self-proclaimed “hacker”, and I found our conversation to be very interesting. Of particular interest to me was when he was telling me about “social engineering” and how easily he can hack a Gmail or Facebook account. (One of the easiest methods used by my hacker friend involves Gmail fake pages.)

Fortunately, he also mentioned that it is easy to find out if your Gmail account has been hacked using no 3rd party tools.

While I will not go into detail regarding how or why my friend is hacking email addresses, I will share a couple of quick tips which you can use to monitor whether your Gmail account is being hacked. This will teach you how to protect your Gmail accounts.  Let’s have a look:

3 Ways of Checking to See if Gmail is Being Hacked:


1. Check Gmail last account activity feature:


Gmail introduced their last account activity feature a long time ago. “Last account activity” shows the location, IP, method, and time when your Gmail was last accessed. It shows the last 10 logins along with the current login.

So the first thing you should do if you are interested in monitoring the activity of your Gmail account is click on “last account activity” at the bottom of your Gmail account page and check to see when and where your Gmail account was last accessed.

This will give you an idea of whether your Gmail account is being used by someone other than you. You can also log out any other users who may be logging in from another system using this “last account activity” page.

2. Check Email forwarding:

This is another useful feature offered by the Gmail team which allows us to forward any email coming into our Gmail account to any other account.

Hackers usually forward all emails to their own accounts and since this feature is not widely known or used, people rarely realize that someone else is reading their email.

You can go to the forwarding page to check to see if your email is being forwarded to any other email address.

3. Check POP and IMAP settings for Gmail:


IMAP and POP features will allow you to access your email on any 3rd party client using any of these two protocols. The issue here is that anyone can configure their email client to receive your email if they get access to your password. This means that a hacker will also be receiving your emails.

If you are not using the IMAP or POP feature, it’s better to keep them disabled. Also make sure you follow step one (noted above) as you may be able to see some unexpected locations and IP addresses if a hacker has already configured his/her email client using your Gmail account.

If you ever have concerns that someone has hacked your Gmail account, you should change your password immediately, along with your security question, password recovery email, and registered phone number. If you are not using 2-factor authentication yet, start using it from now on. This one feature will make your Gmail account 200% secure.

It’s not a terrible idea to be paranoid about your online security, as you can never be too confident about your preventative measures.  It’s better to keep a close eye on your accounts for any unusual activities, and if you give anyone access to your Gmail account, make sure you read reviews and feedback from online communities prior to doing so. Read this guide to learn more about it.

Have you spotted anything unusual suggesting that your Gmail account may have been hacked? Let us know using the comments section below.

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There are lots of ways to protect your personal information and data from scammers. But what happens if your email or social media account gets hacked? Here are some quick steps to help you recover your email or social media account.

Signs That Your Email or Social Media Account Has Been Hacked

You might have been hacked if

  • your social media account has posts you didn’t make
  • you can’t log into your email or social media account
  • your Sent folder has messages you didn’t send, or has been emptied
  • friends and family are getting emails or messages you didn’t send, sometimes with random links or fake pleas for help or money

Steps To Get Back Into Your Account

1. Update your security software, run a scan, and delete any malware.

Start with this important step — especially if you’re not sure how someone hacked into your account. Use either the security software that comes with your computer, phone, or tablet or download software from a reputable, well-known security company. Then, run it to scan your device for malware. If the scan identifies suspicious software, delete it, and restart your device.

2. Change your passwords.

If you’re able to log into your email or social media account, change the password right away. If you use similar passwords for other accounts, change them, too. Make sure you create strong passwords that will be hard to guess.

If you can’t log in to change your password, check the advice your email provider or social network has available. Several popular email service providers (like Gmail and Yahoo) and social media websites (like Facebook and Twitter) give advice on how to restore and protect your account. If someone took over your account, you might need to fill out forms to prove it’s really you who’s trying to get back into your account.

3. Set up multi-factor authentication.

While you’re updating your password, check if your email or social media account lets you turn on multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication requires a password plus something else — say, a code from an authenticator app — to prove it’s really you.

What To Do Once You’re Back in Your Account

1. Check your account settings.

After you log back in to your email account, check on a few things:

  • Look at your signature block and make sure it doesn’t have any unfamiliar links.
  • Check your settings to see if there are “rules” set up to forward emails automatically. Delete any rules you didn’t set up, so your messages aren’t forwarded to someone else’s address.
  • On your social media account, look for changes since you last logged in — like any new “friends.”

2. Take stock of what’s in your inbox.

Consider what kind of information the hacker might have seen. Hackers look for information that can help them find usernames and passwords to important sites, like online banking or retirement accounts. Consider changing the usernames and passwords for accounts that may be at risk.

3. Look for tracks.

In your email account, review the Sent, Trash, or Deleted folders. You might be able to uncover clues about what the hacker did. Search for emails that the hacker sent from your account, or that the hacker may have viewed and then deleted.

In your social media account, check for messages that the hacker might have sent from your account.

This information will help you figure out what information was exposed. If it was, visit to find out what you should do next.

4. Report misused information at

If you the hacker misused your sensitive information, like your Social Security number, to access or open new accounts, to apply for government benefits, to file federal taxes, or any other misuse, report it. At, you can create an individualized recovery plan to help you recover from identity theft.

5. Tell your friends.

Send your friends a quick email or text, or post something to let them know that you were hacked. Tell them not to click on links in emails from you or respond to a hacker’s fake pleas for help or money. If you’re emailing a bunch of people, put their email addresses in the Bcc line to keep them confidential. You could send them this article, too.

How To Protect Your Accounts From Getting Hacked

  • Use strong passwords. That means at least 12 characters. Making a password longer is generally the easiest way to make it stronger. Consider using a passphrase of random words so that your password is more memorable, but avoid using common words or phrases. If the service you’re using doesn’t allow long passwords, you can make your password stronger by mixing uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. And don’t reuse existing passwords from other accounts. If one of those accounts gets hacked, a hacker can try that same password to get into your email or social media account.
  • Turn on multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication requires a password plus something else — say, a code from an authenticator app — to prove it’s really you. This protects your account even if your password is stolen.
  • Protect your information. Think twice when someone asks you to put in your username and password. Never give them out in response to an email. If the email or text seems to be from your bank, for example, visit the bank website directly. Don’t click on any links or call any numbers in the message. Scammers impersonate well-known businesses to  trick people into giving out personal information.
  • Install and update security software, and use a firewall. Set your security software, internet browser, and operating system (like Windows or Mac OS X) to update automatically.
  • Get well-known software directly from the source. Sites that offer lots of different browsers, PDF readers, and other popular software for free are more likely to include malware.
  • Don’t treat public computers or a friend’s phone like it’s your own device. If it’s not your computer or phone, don’t let a web browser remember your passwords. Avoid going to personal accounts — like bank accounts or email — from anywhere besides your own personal devices. And make sure to log out of any accounts when you’re done. Limiting where you put your personal information reduces the chance that your information will get hacked. Also always avoid logging into your personal accounts when you’re on public Wi-Fi because it’s usually not secure.
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How to Regain Access to Hacked Gmail Account?

With having over 1 billion active users and plenty of useful features, Gmail is considered as one of the most popular and widely used free email services in the entire world. But, for being a prominent name in the list of emailing services, Gmail is also frequently targeted by hackers. Time and again, it has been noticed that Gmail users register complaints about their hacked Gmail accounts.

So, if you’re also one of them, who’ve recently suspected that your Gmail account has been hacked then, this is the guide that all you need to recover your hacked Gmail account. Here we’ve mentioned the various possible ways through which you can reset or change the password of your hacked Gmail accountto regain access of the same.

Well, let us tell you that recovering your Gmail accountvia changing its password is not at all tough when you have access to all the following recovery essentials of your account—

List of Recovery Essentials to Recover Hacked Gmail Account

  • The last password you remember at present.

  • The last time (including, month, date and year) when you have signed in to your Gmail account

  • The exact month or year when you have created your Gmail account

  • Answers of your security questions that you’ve selected during the sign-up process

  • Email addresses of those emailed contacts, with whom you regularly used to exchange emails.

  • Your first account recovery email address that you remember

  • Your phone number that you have registered with your Gmail account.

  • Name of at least 4 other Google products that you’re using with your Gmail account along with their approximate date i.e., month, and year when you started using them.

  • Last but not least, information and details about how you lost access to your Gmail account.

However, even if you don’t have access or remember a few of these recovery essentials of your account, then also, you can recover your hacked Gmail account. Wondering how? Have a look on the below-mentioned possible ways of recovering a Gmail accountthat has been hacked by someone.

Possible Ways of Recovering Hacked Gmail Account

Way 1: Recover Gmail Account Using Your Registered Phone Number

If your phone number that you’ve registered with your Gmail account during the time of sign-up, has not changed by the hacker then, let’s see how you can recover your Gmail account using the same registered phone number

Step 2:Then, press the ‘Enter’ button to navigate onto the ‘Gmail Sign-in Page.’

Gmail Sign-in Page

Step 3:There, all you have to do is enter your Gmail account’s ‘Email or User ID’ and hit the ‘Next’ button.

Step 4:Doing so, you’ll be navigated onto the next page where you’ve to click on the ‘Forgot Password?’ link.

Forgot Password

Step 5:This will further take you onto the next page and there, either enter the ‘Last Password’ of your Gmail account that you remember at present.

Step 6:Now, on the ‘Get Verification Page,’ enter your registered ‘Mobile number’ to confirm the same that you’ve added to your account during the sign-up process.

Mobile number

Step 7:After entering your mobile number, click on the ‘Send’ button to simply receive a verification code at your same registered phone number.

Step 8:Once you receive the code via SMS on your mobile, copy the same and paste it in the ‘Verification box.’


Step 9:In continuation, click on the ‘Verify’ button and simply reset your Gmail accountpassword by entering a new password twice on the next ‘Change Gmail Password Page.’

Step 10:And, as you’ve successfully changed your Gmail account password, you can now try login to your account using the same to ensure whether you’ve regained access to your hacked Gmail account or not.

Way 2: Recover Gmail Account With Recovery Email Address:

In case you don’t have access to the phone number that you have registered with your Gmail account or if the same has been changed by the hacker then, what else you can do to recover your Gmail account is to use the “Recovery Email Address.” So, let’s see how you can reset the password for the Gmail accountusing your recovery email address

Step 1:Similarly, repeat the steps from “1 to 5” of the above-mentioned way (1).

Step 2:Now, on the ‘Get Verification Code,’ you may not get to the ‘Email Address’ option directly. So, keep clicking on the ‘Try another way’ link until you get ‘Recover Gmail account with email address’ option.

Try another way

Step 3:Once you get the right option in front of you to recover your account, confirm the ‘Recovery email address’ that you added to your Gmail account right when you’ve created your account.

Step 4:After entering the recovery email ID in the ‘Verification box,’ click on the ‘Send’ button to receive the email with a verification code.

Step 5:Open your same email ID to copy the received verification code and then, paste the same in the required ‘Verification box’ to reach onto the ‘Change Password Page.’

Step 6:In the end, enter a new password twice for your account and try to regain access to your hacked Gmail account with the same newly created password.

Way 3: Recover Gmail Account without Phone Number and Email Address

If you don’t have access to both your recovery email and phone number then, answering your chosen security questions during the account creation is the next best way to reset the password of your hacked Gmail account. And, here’s how you can recover your Gmail account by “Answering Security Question”

Step 1:Again, repeat the steps from “1 to 5” of the above-mentioned way (1).

Step 2:Now, you may be taken to that verification page where you’ll be asked to answer the security question that you’ve selected at the time of account creation. However, if not, they continue clicking on the ‘Try another way’ link until you get the ‘Answer Security Question’ option.

Step 3:Once you reach the verification page of ‘Answer Security Question,’ enter the correct answer to the asked security question.

Step 4:Doing so, you’ll be taken to the final page where you grant permission to reset your Gmail account password.

Step 5:In the end, type a new password for your Gmail account and confirm it on the next page to simply regain access to your hacked account.

Way 4: Recover Gmail Account Using Verify Your Identity Option

Let’s suppose, the one who hacked your account has already changed all the details associated with your Gmail account and now, you don’t have access to any of your recovery essentials then, also do not worry at all. Using the following steps of “Verify your identity” option, you can recover your Gmail account

Step 1:Using the steps from “1 to 5” of the above-mentioned way (1), reach on to the ‘Verification page.’

Step 2:There, continue clicking on the ‘Try another way’ option till you reach onto the ‘Verify your identity’ page. There, all you have to do is verify your identity by answering multiple questions about your Gmail account.

Step 3: Now, answer the asked multiple questions like ‘Select up to 4 Google products you use with your account,’ Your Date of Birth,’ and ‘Email addresses of your 5 frequently emailed contacts,’ etc.

[Note: Remember that you’ve to answer the asked multiple questions as accurately as possible because only that will determine whether your account will recover or not.]

Step 4: And, after answering the same, click on the ‘Submit’ button. If your answer matches well with the information that Google contains about your Gmail account, then you will be navigated on the ‘Reset Password Page.’

Step 5: Once there, enter a new password twice for your Gmail account and then, save the changes to use the same newly changed password to recover your hacked Gmail account.

Way 5: Recover Gmail Account Using Review Your Request Option

In addition to the above-known ‘Ways of recovering Gmail account password,’ there’s this another method added in the list. Basically, when neither you have access to most of your recovery options nor you can verify your identity then; you can consider recovering your Gmail account by executing the steps of “We need some time to review your request” option that Gmail offers—

Step 1:For this also, repeat the steps from “1 to 5” of the above-mentioned way (1).

Step 2:Doing so, you’ll navigate onto the ‘Account Verification Page.

Step 3:There,once you finish clicking on the ‘Try another way’ option at least 3 or 4 times, you’ll see a “We need some time to review your request” message.

Step 4:And besides the same, there’s a visible blank text-field inside which you’ve to enter an email address where Gmail can contact you later.

Step 5:Once you finish entering the email address (that you’ve access to), hit the ‘Next’ button.

Step 6:Now, in a while an email with a verification code will be sent by Gmail to the same email address that you’ve provided.

Step 7: Next, you’ve to paste the received code in the ‘Verification box’ to simply reach onto the ‘Reset Password Page’ where you need to enter anew password for your Gmail account password to regain access to the same with your new password.

That’s all! The above-discussed ways are possible the best and effective ways to recover the password for any hacked Gmail account. Hopefully using the same, you can recover your hacked Gmail account without much trouble.

How To Recover A Hacked Gmail Account?

If you suspect that your Gmail account has been hacked by someone then, you can recover it by resetting its password, and you can do so by using either of the following password recovery options on the ‘Google Account Recovery Page’—

  • Registered Phone Number

  • Recovery Email Address

  • Answer Security Questions

  • Verify Identity

How To Find Out Who Hacked My Gmail Account?

You can find out about the person who gained unauthorized access to your account and hacked the same, once you have the ‘IP address’ and ‘Phone make & model’ of the same person by reviewing your device activity on your account. And, you can review the same via “My account > Device Activity & Notifications.”

Has My Gmail Account Been Hacked?

If you suspect that you Gmail account has been hacked and want to confirm about the same then, you can do the following checks—

  • Check whether your Gmail password still works or not. If not then, probably it has been hacked.

  • If signed in, check the Gmail last account activity feature on your account. If you suspect anything unusual, it means someone else is also using your account.

  • Check the spam folder, if your Gmail account is hacked and sending spam or not.

  • Check email forwarding whether someone forwarded all your emails to their own accounts or not.

Check POP and IMAP settingsfor Gmail whether they’re enabled or disabled. If enabled, chances are someone using them to access your account on a 3rd party email client.

What To Do If Your Gmail Account Is Hacked?

The minute you realize that your Gmail account is hacked, try to regain access to the same as immediately as you can. To regain access to your Gmail account, you can reset it password by visiting the ‘Gmail Sign-in Page’ and there, selecting the ‘Forgot Password’ option. Along with that, also change your security question, password recovery email, and registered phone number.

And, if you care about Google account security then, make sure to turn on 2-step verification as soon as you access your hacked Gmail account.

How To Close A Gmail Account That Has Been Hacked?

You can permanently close your Gmail account that has been hacked simply by using the following steps—

  • Firstly, access the Google ‘Account preferences screen.’

  • Then, scroll down to the ‘Delete your account or services’ option.

  • Next, click on the ‘Delete products’ option.

  • After that, you’re prompted to ‘Enter password’ of your Gmail account and once you’re done entering the password, click on the ‘Sign-in’ option.

  • Now, the ‘Delete a Google service screen’ appears and on the same, you can delete your Gmail account simply by clicking the trash icon to its right.

In the end, make sure to confirm your Gmail account deletion. That’s it!

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