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New, Custom, & rebuilt Golf Carts

Are you already imagining the custom cart of your dreams? Choose from hundreds of options including, but not limited to: custom paint and pin-striping, front and rear lights, reconditioned chassis, top and automatic chargers, powered by the best – Trojan batteries. 

Do you have a tired golf cart that needs a new look? Any of these features can be added to your existing cart. We can give your old golf cart a facelift and make it like new again! We do custom paint and can add any accessories that you can imagine. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Some of the extras you can choose from include: 

  • Deluxe Body Style
  • NEW Body Style w/ Large Recessed Lights
  • Motor Upgrade based on Horsepower
  • Hinged Split Windshield
  • Extended Top
  • Surrey Top
  • Three-sided Rain Curtain with zippers
  • Seat Covers
  • Modified Chassis / Off Road Package / Lift Kit

Once you get it looking new, you might want to also consider upgrading your existing cart with an AC Drive System - the best performance possible for your golf cart: high torque and high speed!

DC Drive Systems make you choose between torque and speed. Not so with an AC Drive System. With 18 horsepower and 81’ lbs. of torque, the AC Drive System is unparalleled when it comes to hill climbing capabilities without sacrificing top end speed. With acceleration from 0 to 20 in under 4 seconds and the ability to climb a 20% grade at 15 mph, this is the most powerful golf cart motor on the market. Although very powerful, the AC System is also very efficient, with 20 – 40% less power consumption, drive time will definitely be increased.

Full regenerative braking is another stand-out feature of an AC Drive System. With the AC Drive System, all of the power produced is sent back to the batteries. DC wastes most of its power getting the motor to produce voltage, so very little, if any, is sent to the batteries. AC Regen is also on demand, unlike DC carts with Regen coming on when the accelerator pedal is released, the Regen on an AC powered cart is brought on by applying the brakes. This gives the feel of power brakes, and with 70% of your stopping power coming from Regen, you can stop the cart much easier and in a shorter distance, making your golf cart much safer to drive.

These are only a few of the benefits of using an AC Drive System. Please call (941) 698-1010 or stop by the shop to learn more. 



Tomberlin!! While other brands repackage golf carts originally created for golf courses and modify them into Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTVs), “We Go Farther” by engineering and purpose-building our vehicles for on-road use. From responsive handling to street-legal, Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) requirements, we integrate safety, performance and styling expected in an automobile into the convenience, freedom and fun of a PTV. Sure, you can use our vehicle to play golf, but it’s so much more than that. Tomberlin is an authentic PTV created for master-planned communities, neighborhoods, and short-distance commuting with unrivaled features that deliver a one-of-a-kind travel experience.

Tomberlin Electric Golf Carts Features
Tomberlin Electric Golf Carts and Neighborhood Vehicles
Tomberlin E-Merge Ghosthawk

Five Star Golf Cars & Utility Vehicles is a proud dealer for Tomberlin Electric Golf Cars and provide sales and service for Tomberlin golf cars in the following locations:


Tomberlin SS Coupe


Available in 2 or 4 Passenger

When you’re seeking the absolute pinnacle of performance and styling, try the SS which includes all the LE PLUS features and 14-in. aluminum wheels, premium upholstered seats with headrests and a phone pocket, and an all-new backlit headliner with Bluetooth stereo. Everything is standard, but there’s nothing standard about it!

Tomberlin Electric Golf Carts Features
Tomberlin E-MERGE SS Color Options


  • NEW 7-inch LCD Dash Display
  • NEW Backlit Headliner with Rearview Camera
  • NEW Custom 14-inch 8-spoke Aluminum Wheels
  • LSV Compliant
  • 3-Point Seat Belts
  • 4-Wheel Hydraulic Brakes with Front Disk & Rear Drum

Tomberlin Electric Golf Carts Logo

Available at all locations:

Queensbury, NY – Laconia, NH – Buzzards Bay, MA – Windham, ME



Available in 4 or 6 Passenger

This lifted SS Saloon features matte black paint, premium black seats, and custom 14-in. black wheels with 23-in. off-road tires. It’s as tough as its tactically-inspired name!

Tomberlin Electric Golf Carts Features


  • Industry First Electric Power Steering
  • Backlit Headliner with Rearview Camera
  • 23-Inch All-Terrain Tires + 14-inch Custom Black Aluminum Wheels
  • Ghosted Black Automotive Painted Body w/Color Matched Painted Roof
  • LSV Compliant
  • 3-Point Seat Belts
  • 4-Wheel Hydraulic Brakes with Front Disk & Rear Drum

Tomberlin Electric Golf Carts Logo

Available at all locations:

Queensbury, NY – Laconia, NH – Buzzards Bay, MA – Windham, ME


Find a used golf cart for sale at all of our locations, also brand new golf carts for sale.

New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, Maine, Rhode Island & Vermont.

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Tomberlin Golf Carts For Sale

Buy Tomberlin Golf Carts & Low-Speed Vehicles

Golf lovers and individuals looking for personal transport vehicles can never run out of options when looking for a golf cart. In an industry dominated by top-tier manufacturers, Tomberlin has over the years, built a brand to become a notable golf cart and low-speed vehicle (LSV) manufacturer in the U.S. With Tomberlin models, including the E-MERGE SS, E-MERGE Ghosthawk, E-MERGE LE Plus, E-MERGE Revenge, E-MERGE SE, and their newest model, the E-MERGE GT, there is most likely a golf cart or low-speed vehicle to suit your transport needs. Tomberlin golf carts and LSVs are available in 2, 4, 6, or 8 passenger models. As such, there’s always something for you and your golf buddy or the whole family when it’s time for cruising around the neighborhood or town. Tomberlin golf carts and LSVs make only electric vehicles, as you can tell from the prefix in all the model names. These golf carts and LSVs are, therefore, eco-friendly as they don’t release any emissions to the environment. The standard features of Tomberlin models include:
  • E power steering.
  • 12”-14” radials and custom aluminum wheels.
  • Premium high-back seats. (standard on SS, GT, and Ghosthawk models)
  • 4-Wheel hydraulic brakes.
  • AC drive motor.
  • 7” display with rearview camera (standard on SS and LE models)
Further, a look at the features of Tomberlin in terms of performance, safety, and styling will help you get a feel for these vehicles.

Performance Features of Tomberlin Golf Carts and LSVs

Most Tomberlin golf carts and LSVs are powered by a 5 kW, 17 hp regenerative braking AC motor. While this could sound all-technical and less understandable, just picture this as an engine that powers the golf cart from 0-25 mph in just 6 seconds. These golf carts also run on 8, 6V batteries, which means they can do over 40 miles on a single charge. Other features that characterize the performance of Tomberlin golf carts and LSVs include:
  • 450 amp Sevcon controller.
  • Standalone dual a-arm front suspension.
  • Front and rear shocks coupled with an anti-roll sway bar.
  • 12.25:1 fully aluminum transaxle.
  • 2-forward speed and reverse control switch.

Safety Features of Tomberlin

In the manufacturing of their golf carts and LSVs, Tomberlin has put the safety of the occupants on the forefront:
  • 3-point safety belts.
  • Smart Park electric parking brake.
  • LED emergency, rear, and roof brake lights.
  • DOT-approved AS1 glass windshield.
  • E-coated, tubular steel frame.
  • Injection-molded ABS body.

Styling Features of Tomberlin

For styling, Tomberlin has features sufficient to pull off some sleek and eye-catching golf cart and LSV models. They offer 10”- 14” custom wheels for various terrains. How about cup holders? There’s four, which are enough for everyone aboard the Tomberlin vehicle. Their golf carts and LSVs can also feature customizable dashboards and phone pockets for your smartphone. There are plenty of color options for these golf carts as well. They come in pristine white, gunsmoke grey, pitch black, tangerine scream, to name but a few.

Tomberlin Model Guide

Shop Tomberlin Inventory

Check out the Aggressive and Rugged Styling of the all new Tomberlin EMerge E-2 Street Legal golf car!  Standard features include:

  • 5 kw AC drive 17HP peak regenerative braking motor with speeds up to 25 MPH
  • Electric Power Steering
  • 7" Illuminated dash display with speedometer, odometer, full display and integrated back-up camera
  • Turn signals, Hi/Lo beam headlights, LED brake lights, dome
  • Optional roof liner with Bluetooth Marine Grade radio and speakers, also LED remote controlled color lighting accents
  • Dual locking glove boxes and (4) cup holders
  • (8) 6-volt batteries for long range between charging
  • 4-Wheel hydraulic brake system plus E-Brake parking brake
  • DOT safety glass windshield plus side and rear view mirrors
  • 3 point safety seat belts
  • State of the art Lester on-board charging system
  • Double ended rack and pinion steering
  • Independent dual a-arm front suspension
  • Independent coil over spring rear suspension with anti-sway bar


We are committed to providing safe vehicles with a core belief that safety drives quality, integrity, sourcing, supplier standards, designs, features and channel delivery.


Styling is often the foremost ingredient in building brand recognition and differentiation. Tomberlin styling is distinctive, recognizable, and increasingly important to our target customers. Styling reflects a purposeful intent to stand apart and Tomberlin believes this reflects beyond an exterior appearance to also impact culture control, service standards, touch point details and consistency in associate conduct.


Performance based teams, associates, activities, products and features demand outcomes that will drive all we do, say and deliver in our daily activities. This promise drives an acute awareness that the product must deliver a driver experience that is positive and remembered. We believe our products must be purpose engineered for a specific primary use and this is best accomplished through practical experience with passionate associates who are enthusiasts for the products they represent. Performance is reflected from the rate of acceleration, speed of parts support to live voices on the phone.

Wildar Golf Carts and Trailers is your full service Tomberlin dealership servicing Ft Pierce, Port St Lucie, St Lucie County, Vero Beach, Jensen Beach, Stuart, and Okeechobee. 

Sours: //

Golf carts tomberlin

Tomberlin® Golf Carts For Sale in Salinas near Hollister, CA

The Perks of Tomberlin® Golf Carts

Tomberlin is a market leader in consumer-based personal transportation and low-speed vehicles. The name represents quality and a dynamic, innovative model of dealing in golf-carts. That’s why we here at S.C.A.T.T. Recreation Golf & Utility in Salinas, California, are proud to offer these machines to all our customers. Stop by today and see why they might be the perfect choice for you.

Excellence in All Domains

Tomberlin prides itself in manufacturing golf carts that excel in ergonomics by providing the most comfortable vehicles to their customers in both driving and seating. Innovative and highly economical engines offer a wide operating range while being equipped with some of the latest technology in the market. Tomberlin® golf carts are easy to maintain solely because they excel in engineering mechanics.

Made in America

If these incredible features didn't catch your attention, this will: Tomberlin golf carts are All-American – assembled in Leesburg, Florida, by skilled American workers. This allows the golf carts to be designed to fit the specific needs of customers across the country. Buying American products isn't only beneficial to the economy and the community, it is important because it propagates innovation and motivation to manufacture vehicles customized to fit you. Such vehicles are also optimized for efficiency and are geared towards the wide range of environments and terrains you’ll find across the nation.


Tomberlin golf carts are made to be spacious and comfortable. Equipped with premium seats, Tomberlin golf carts provide you with comfort wrapped in luxury. The seating and cargo configurations are versatile. Plus, you get ample storage for all your gear.


Tomberlin golf carts excel in performance and capability. They’re engineered without compromise and provide you sheer pleasure while driving. Although the golf carts are available in an extensive range, a few intersecting features are; electric power steering, AC Drive technology with class-leading hill climbing and acceleration up to 25 mph (LSV only), and a range of 40+ miles.

Safe and Secure

The utmost priority of the company has always been to provide its customers with safety during the ride. This is why security and safety features are integrated into the vehicle beforehand, and you will not be pushed to buy add-ons. From 3-point seatbelts and 4-wheel hydraulic brakes to locking storage and a unique personal key, Tomberlin golf carts are safe and secure.

If you’re looking into buying a Tomberlin golf cart in the Hollister & Santa Cruz, California, area, visit us at S.C.A.T.T. Recreation Golf & Utility. Here, our seasoned professionals understand your needs, and with our experience, we aim to provide our customers with the best service and insight anywhere on the market.

The All New Street Legal 2020 Tomberlin E-MERGE SS Coupe

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