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Since this thread seems to be the one that people are latching onto, I'm gonna quote my reply in the duplicate:

Turtles wrote:

The Wii version makes the Hero's Shade right-handed, whereas we know that the Hero of Time is left-handed. It also reverses the Hylian language, which is readable and corresponds to English. That'd mean that the GameCube version is canon.

Personally, though, as far as the map goes I like to think that the Wii map is correct, but held upside-down. That puts the Temple of Time in the same place (which it has to be since the Master Sword was never drawn in that timeline and it can't be moved by anyone but the Hero), Death Mountain and Gerudo Desert don't get swapped or handwaved as completely different landmarks, and Hyrule Town is put in the center of the kingdom in OoT's Hyrule Field, exactly where it goes in all other timelines when it's destroyed.

But really, because of the above and the fact that the regions are supposed to be the same here as in Skyward Sword, the GameCube version would have to be canon.

Gaming Quiz / Zelda Twilight Princess GCN/WiiU Map


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Ordon Village

Ordon Ranch

Ordon Spring

Link's House

Ordon Woods

Faron Spring

Faron Woods

Forest Temple

Sacred Grove

Temple of Time

Bridge of Eldin

Hidden Village

Hyrule Field Center

Hyrule Field South

Hyrule Field North

Hyrule Field East

Hyrule Field West

Kakariko Gorge

Kakariko Village

Eldin Spring

Kakariko Graveyard

Death Mountain

Goron Mines

Hyrule Castle Town

Hyrule Castle

Lake Hylia

Great Bridge of Hylia

Lanayru Spring

Lakebed Temple

Hena's Fishing Hole

Zora's Domain

Zora's River

Rapids Ride

Gerudo Desert

Gerudo Mesa/Cave of Ordeals

Arbiter's Grounds

Bulblin Camp

Mirror Chamber(entrance to the Twilight Realm)


Snowpeak Top

Snowpeak Ruins

Zora's Fountain

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Twilight Princess Full Map

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More Tingle-time!
This is a recreation of the Twililght Princess map.

These Zelda maps [link] were just kind of a short project I started on.
I love posters with maps and information on them. However, I couldn't find any nice Zelda maps at a poster size, so I decided to make some myself. 

Each map was kind of an experiment in style, feel and use of game content.

To clear some things up: This map is based off the Gamecube (canon) version.
The Wii version was mirrored from the original GameCube version in order to make Link right handed (instead of traditionally left-handed) to accommodate players using the Wiimote, since the majority of people are right-handed. Instead of remodeling Link, they flipped the whole game, which would make using a GC and the Wii versions mirror images of each other.
In other words: If you are going for an 'official' version of the map, (one that would coincide with the Ocarina of Time) you would use the GameCube version instead of the Wii Version.

This is a large-scale map and can be printed at about 20"x15" if wanted.
Enjoy, and feel free to use as you wish.
See my other Zelda maps here ->[link]

Thanks to: MajorasWrath

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Jan 10, 2007, 3:17:34 PM

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@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Controls [cont] @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ *Note: This list assumes you have the Nunchuk already attached to the controller. Control Stick -move Link around -move your horse around while riding. Push forward to gallop, left and right to change direction, and down to stop and turn 180 degrees -move viewpoint around in first person view -swap between selections on menus Control Pad -assign items to B button with left, right, and down -activate wolf senses when in wolf form with left and right -dig holes in wolf form with down -talk to Midna with up. Also transform into wolf and warp once the latter two options are gained Wii Remote -swing back and forth to swing sword -attack enemies while in wolf form -aim with certain weapons -other assorted functions in minigames Nunchuk -shake to perform a spin attack -flick forwards to do a Shield Attack once the move has been gained A button -action button. Performs any number of situational tasks -jump attack while sword is drawn or in wolf mode(continue to press A to maul opponents) -use certain other sword techniques -zoom in on map screen B button -use equipped weapon -hold and release to use energy attack in wolf form -zoom out on map screen C button -swap in and out of first person mode Z button -both defend with your shield and target your closest opponent at once(known as Z-targeting) - button -bring up item selection sub-screen + button -bring up collection sub-screen 1 button -bring up map sub-screen 2 button -swap between hiding and showing mini-map display  

Map twilight princess

Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess Map

Twilight princess hd for wii u consoles. While the nintendo wii version is a mirrored version of the other two.

Zelda Breath Of The Wild Map Size 12x Twilight Princess A Tad

The nintendo wii u version resembles the original nintendo gamecube version.

Legend of zelda twilight princess map. The legend of zelda. Zelda ocarina of time 3ds maps this page has all the item locations like heart containers golden skulltullas and the bottle locations including other secrets. The legend of zelda.

As the wii u version is the newest and most accessible this a twilight princess hd walkthrough with references to the other versions. Welcome to the legend of zelda twilight princess walkthrough for the nintendo wii u version of the game. Twilight princess overworld map the overworld map for twilight princess.

Also you can check out our other items page for more info on other items. This is only zelda twilight princess nothing else. Twilight princess walkthrough was written using the wii version of the game.

This project is 100 made by me. Twilight princess is the thirteenth main installment of the legend of zelda series released for both the nintendo gamecube and wiiit was highly anticipated by many members of the gaming community and was regarded as finally fulfilling the dreams of those who wanted a much more realistic and mature zelda game as seen in the spaceworld 2000 gamecube tech demo. Get a peek at the daunting dungeons of the legend of zelda.

The wii version is a mirrored version of the gamecubesfor players going through the. All original content copyright links hideaway 2008 2019. Zelda twilight princess heart pieces collect all the heart pieces with our handy heart pieces guide.

From strategywiki the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki the legend of zelda. The project has changed dramatically in a month. The bottom pictures are to show you what else i have in store for planet minecraft.

All trademarks are property of their respective owner. As i come closer to completion for the other maps i will create another page for the other projects. Home twilight princess twilight princess overworld map click image to enlarge content from the concealed gaming network.

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Twilight Princess Map importing research (Collision)

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