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As someone who regularly flipped between long hair and short hair for the better part of a decade, I'm the first to say that the first month or two after chopping off your hair are the best. But to a few months later, when you're in a rut and don't know how to style short hair anymore, and it's suddenly very tempting to grow it out again. But it doesn't have to be that way.

TBH, you have sooo many options when it comes to styling short hair. You can add texture, incorporate braids, clip in some cute hair accessories—seriously, your options are endless. So whether you're thinking about cutting off all your hair soon and need some pre-chop inspo, or you just need help getting out of your same ol' short-hair styling rut, we've got you covered with all the tips and tricks on how to style pixie cuts, bobs, and other short haircuts, plus 20 looks to get you inspired to *finally* try something new.

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1. French twist on short hair

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    Short hair myth #1: You can’t do updos. With a bunch of hairpins and bobby pins, anything is possible. After you’ve styled your curls, roll it vertically in the back, then use pins that match your hair to discreetly secure it in place. If not all of your strands can reach all the way, leave some down around your face for a soft finish that looks intentional.

    Bobby pins

    MetaGrip Black Premium Bobby Pins Black



    U-shaped pins

    Kitsch Brown Pro U Pins


    Curly-hair pins

    Conair Curl Collective Wavy Hair Bobby Pins


    Jumbo pins

    Kleravitex 2.75" Jumbo Bobby Hair Pins


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    2. The wet look on short hair

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    Love the way your hair looks when you get out of the shower? Cheat it with a little hair serum or balm that gives you the wet hair look without sopping wet strands.

    3. Above-the-ear angled short bob

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    Sure, you could bring out your chiseled cheekbones with a little contouring and highlighting, but a sharp, cheekbone-grazing bob haircut with short, blunt bangs to frame your face works even better.

    4. Messy and accessorized

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    A pretty pearl hair barrette juxtaposed with the wet, tousled strands helps to keep this short hairstyle from feeling too prissy or too mussy. To get extra texture without the greasy feeling of pomade or the crunchy feeling of gel, try a strong-hold mousse, like Oribe Très Set Structure Spray or DevaCurl Frizz-Fighting Volumizing Foam on damp hair for grip, then again on dry hair for added texture.

    5. Beach waves on short hair

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    You don’t need waist-length hair for beach waves like this. What you do need, though, is a heat protectant, curling wand, and a little salt spray to fake some beachy waves on short hair that looks like you just emerged from the ocean, Ariel style.

    Ouai Memory Mist Heat Protectant


    Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray


    Drybar Hot Toddy Heat Protectant Mist


    Chi 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray


    6. Shaggy pixie cut on short hair

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    If you already have a pixie cut with layers, play around with the texture when you want to try something new without getting a whole new short haircut. Use your hair straightener to smooth and slightly bend the hair in chunky sections and finish with a smoothing hair oil to give it that day-old, piece-y look.

    7. Sleek and smooth short hair

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    Sometimes the best hairstyles are the simplest. But to keep your short, straight hairstyle from falling flat or becoming boring, slick the sides down behind your ears and finish with a little serum or spray for shiny strands.

    8. Short defined coils

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    Short, cropped coils as dreamy and defined as these start with the right curly hair products, like a hair moisturizer and, if your curl type is a bit looser, a hair gel. Follow this video for a demo of how to use shingling and finger-coiling to style short curls.

    9. Lob on short hair

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    To style your long, layered bob like this on short hair, part your hair off-center and use a round hairbrush and your blow dryer to curl the ends under. And if you’ve got a two-in-one hair-dryer brush, even better. Just be sure to curl the tool under and toward your chin.

    Bed Head Blow Out Freak One Step Dry + Volume



    Conair InfinitiPro Hot Air Spin Brush



    Drybar The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush


    John Frieda Hot Air Brush


    10. Pin curls on short hair

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    Next time you’ve got a big event, try this glamorous pin-curl hairstyle. DIY it with a combination of a foam wrapping lotion, a few combs, and a small flat iron or use no-crease clips on wet hair for heatless curls like this.

    11. A pompadour on short hair

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    If you like a lot of volume in your hair, don’t let flat roots kill your vibe. Prep your damp hair with a thickening spray, then blow dry your hair in an upward direction to build volume. Next, use a small flat iron to curl small sections of hair away from your face, then hairspray it all in place.

    12. Graduated short bob

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    This inverted bob (or should I say lob?) gives you the feel of a short haircut in the back, but the look of a longer length in the front. It’s the perfect short hairstyle for the noncommittal.

    13. Subtle waves and statement clips

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    Oh, you didn’t know you could get beach waves with a flat iron? For loose, soft waves like this, curl your hair with a straightener as normal, but when you release the hair, tug on the strand while the section is still warm to lengthen and loosen the curl. Then, throw some statement bobby pins in there to accessorize.

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    Kristin Ess Celestial Bobby Pins


    Fibs and Fables 'OYA' Hair Pin Set


    Jennifer Behr Pippa Bobby Pins

    Sours: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/beauty/advice/a27783/short-hair-hacks/

    40 Pin Up Hairstyles for the Vintage-Loving Girl

    Pin up hairstyles have never really gone out of style. Though the pin up era most recognizably took place in the ’40s and ’50s, the style dates all the way back to the 1890s, a time known for its gaiety, and includes the signature styles of the 1920s and the 1950s as well. The point is, there’s a look for every length, style, cut, and color of hair. If you want to update your look by giving it a retro twist, tempt yourself with some hair envy.

    The Best Pin Up Hairstyles to Rock Today

    Polished curls, sleek, smooth waves, delicate pin curls and mind-blowing Victory rolls look extremely sexy and often glamorous. Want to upgrade the chosen retro hairstyle? Think of an intriguing hair color solution to add to your look. Throw in some pink and black highlights into blonde hair or try the pastel hair trend. Here are some cutest hairstyles to check.

    #1: Voluminous Victory Rolls

    Victory rolls are one of the most popular looks from the 1940s. It was a particularly patriotic ‘do, but now it encapsulates vintage glamour. To be honest, this girl is killing the ’40s ideal: the hairstyle, the color, the red lip – perfection!

    #2: Retro Pony with a Bow

    Love hair accessories? Not all that into hats? You can still embrace pin up girl hairstyles. Big, colorful bows evoke the ’30s, ’40s, and ’50s, so give your retro ponytail a little extra flair.

    #3: Darling, You Should Be in Pictures!

    Here’s another gorgeous girl rocking the starlet look. Many African American trendsetters of the day helped propel this style to popularity – fierce forerunners like Dorothy Dandridge and Lena Horn stepped out and inspired the era even before the fashion models and runway walkers.

    #4: Gray Pin Up Hair

    A retro hairstyle gets a modern update thanks to the stunning silky gray hair. The edgy dye job combined with the flawless styling of the defined waves and cropped bangs show how you can bring a throwback style into present times.

    #5: 40s Pin Up Hairstyle with Flowers

    There are lots of various pin up hairstyles, but the most popular looks are those that draw inspiration from the Vargas girls. To master the ‘do, style your hair into a polished low updo with pin up bangs. Finish the look with two flowers on each side to accentuate your eyes.

    #6: White and Purple Half Updo

    Check out this time-spanning hairstyle. It draws inspiration from many famous decades. The white blonde and purple ombre hair is certainly a more modern touch, but the half updo with defined curls and rolled bangs recalls glorious eras of the past.

    #7: Curled Pin Up Hair

    You don’t need elbow-length hair to create a beautiful pin up hairstyle. This look is proof of that. The mid-length mane is styled into defined curls, while the bangs are curved to open the forehead and caress the temple. A beautiful bloom completes the look.

    #8: Green Vintage Curls

    You probably won’t find any old pictures of green pin up girl hair, but that doesn’t mean you should skip the look. A funky hair color is a great way to modernize your pin up curls. Here, the black contrasting bangs add another unique touch.

    #9: Long Orange Pin Up ‘Do

    If your hair is long and lovely, you can create a pin up look out of the simplest half updo. Her front layers have been pulled back off her face and the crown has been teased to create a voluminous mane. Finally, the ends were curled for an old school polish.

    #10: Box Braids in Retro Style

    Show off your beautiful braids in a pin up hairdo. You get to really appreciate the texture of your braids with this vintage-inspired half-up look. The hair flowers add a pop of color to the look.

    #11: Medium Pin Up Curls

    Channel your inner Marilyn Monroe with blonde curls and red lipstick. It’s an iconic look of the 50s. However, the pin up hair has transcended decades, so it looks as good now as it did then. Just take a gander at this beautiful ‘do for proof.

    #12: Bandana Glam Hairstyle

    Hair accessories feature prominently in many pin up looks. Instead of a clip, this long side ‘do introduces a bandana which coordinates with the rest of the outfit. Don’t overlook those details when you’re working on your pin up hair.

    #13: Curly Half Up Style

    Try playing around with the size and shape of your curls. You can create a variety of looks without losing that pin up feel. The hairstyle features smaller ringlets with the bangs styled into an off-center victory roll.

    #14: Long Pin Up Hair

    Pin up girl hairstyles are a cinch for those with flowing long hair. The right curl can easily give your look that coveted retro finish. These defined curls combined with the mini pompadour and red bandana have pin up girl written all over them.

    #15: Voluminous Blonde Pin Up Hair

    If you want a proper pin up girl look, go for big, unapologetically voluminous hair, such as this. This shoulder-length hairstyle is very glamorous thanks to the tousled waves and the sweeping bang flip.

    #16: Victory Roll Pin Up Updo

    For those who cannot get enough of victory rolls, you need to try this oversized look. It’s quite the statement but it is still very wearable. Ensure that your ‘do holds its shape by using a strong hold hairspray. Then tie a kerchief around your big hair.

    #17: Pink Hair in Tight Pin Up Curls

    When you’re searching “vintage pin up girls” on the internet, you see many images of hairstyles where the curls are clearly defined like these ones. You may not see many hairstyles featuring bubble gum pink hair, but it is a cute look that updates an old ‘do and introduces it into today’s fashionable reality.

    #18: Short Blonde Pin Up Curls

    Calling all girls with short hair that is on the thinner side, you need to remember this vintage-inspired hairstyle. The soft waves add volume to your mane, making it appear thicker than it actually is. Plus, this is such an elegant style.

    #19: Flowing Red Pin Up Hair

    When it comes to pin up ‘dos, there is no such thing as having too many curls or too big hair accessories. Her beautiful red hair looks stunning thanks to the undone waves and rolled bangs. Add in a large hair flower, and you’ll be a sexy modern day Vargas girl!

    #20: Sleek Pin Up Waves

    Are you a bit intimidated by how voluminous pinup hair can be? In that case, opt for a sleek style. To achieve a retro look, ensure that your waves are defined by using a lightweight serum or gel. You’ll end up with a modern take on a throwback ‘do that is easy to create.

    #21: Retro Pin Up Updo

    Even an updo with a headband can be as glamorous as flowing curvy waves. To achieve this old school look, gather your hair onto the top of your head, leaving out some face-framing tendrils. Divide your mane into three sections and style each one into a roll. Curl your tendrils and add a polka dot bandana.

    #22: Vintage Half Up Half Down

    One victory roll is great, but two is better. Don’t worry about trying to scoop your bangs off of your forehead. This girl opted to leave her bangs completely out of her victory rolls and the finished look is stunning. The petroleum color only adds to the appeal.

    #23: Wispy Hairdo for Short Hair

    Pin up hairstyles can work for those with very short hair too. It’s just a matter of how you style it. She has used the length of her hair to the maximum advantage by sweeping the bangs to the side and backcombing the crown section. You can copy this cute hairstyle if you wear a pixie. Add in a polka dot bow and you’ll get proper short pin up hair.

    #24: Perfect Second Day Hair

    It just happens so that another iconic pin up look is an excellent fix for second or even third day hair. Some dry shampoo, a little shine serum, and a few bobby pins take care of your roll – a signature of pin up hairstyles, by the way. A scarf takes care of the back, but remember that bolder is better.

    #25: Classic Pin Up Curls

    The soft curls framing the face, pinned perfectly in place – this is a classic retro look. It’s perfect for medium hair and because curls always do better on the second day, this is another fab style for days when you want to skip the shampoo.

    #26: Easy Elegant Updo

    Here’s an excellent, glamorous updo for long hair or medium hair. The hat isn’t necessary, but you have to admit that it really makes the look. Though the finished product looks intricate, pinning your curls is as easy as … well, as easy as opening up a bobby pin, honestly.

    #27: Loose and Laid-Back V-Rolls

    Pin up hair doesn’t have to be perfect. This is laid-back and a little tousled version of victory rolls you can do yourself even if you are a beginner in hair styling.

    #28: Classically Elegant Pin Up Style

    Many classic pin up ‘dos strive for this kind of perfection. The sheen of dark brown or black hair lends itself well to the signature shine of the era’s hairstyles – the idea was for loose but structured gleaming curls.

    #29: The Perfect Curls for Long Hair

    This is an ideal retro look. Seriously, it’s top-to-bottom perfection, from the long curls to the cute hat. She has it cocked at the perfect angle with that big, beautiful, rolled curl styled to balance the hat.

    #30: Easy Curls for Straight Hair

    Not everyone’s blessed with curly hair. You might have a little bit of wave but not a lot of definition. What you can do is to add a few large, defined curls with a thick barrel curling iron. It looks like that’s what this lovely lady’s done.

    #31: From Pin Up to Starlet

    This is more than pin up fabulous. This girl has Rita Hayworth hair going on. Those are some serious curls, perfectly arranged but still bouncy and natural. Here are your hair goals!

    #32: Pin Up Rolls Updo

    Seriously, these are enormous bouffant rolls and this style is so on point. This is legit pin up girl hair. Try it, we beg you!

    #33: Vintage Meets Modern

    How cool is this? Vintage pin curls meet the modern ombre trend, with a shock of bright purple dip-dye – to die for! Check out some images for this mix, there are several colors that actually add to the pin up look.

    #34: The Rosie Riveter Rock Star Look

    Here’s another reason retro looks go well with black hair. It’s inexplicable but it somehow works. The more important point is this pin up hair itself – just look at it. It’s a little edgier and grittier than other looks of the era, more like the Rosie the Riveter badass look. See: Alex Vause, OITNB.

    #35: The Curliest Updo

    The intricacy involved in this style won’t be easy, but the patience is worth it. Actually, once you have your hair up, the curls shouldn’t be too hard to pin and spray in place. It’s just a very involved process.

    #36: A Little ’50s Flair

    Although this is still technically a pin up era ‘do, there’s something vivaciously ’50s about it too. The high ponytail, the bouncy curls, the straight curled under bangs, and that adorable headband – they speak of soda shops, jukeboxes, and poodle skirts.

    #37: A Headscarf Goes a Long Way

    It seems too good to be true, the ability to create signature pin up girl hair when most of your hair is covered. However, the headscarf is practically iconic, especially with perfectly curled bangs peeking out.

    #38: Vintage Charm for Short Hair

    To make an ideal vintage hairstyle a lot of patience and serious styling skills are needed. Sleek and neat, it can`t be messy and undone. That is why if you want to create a pin up girl look, you have to find the best hairstylist you can. This is your priority number one!

    #39: V Is for Volume

    Here we have another enormous roll that definitely impresses. Because it is so big, you’ll have to work to get the volume, but structuring a roll this large isn’t that hard at all.

    #40: Retro Curls with Modern Color

    As mentioned, when it comes to pin curls short hair is best, but medium comes in at a close second. As long as you don’t have too much hair to pin, you’re generally okay – in that, you won’t get frustrated after twenty minutes and give up on the whole look.

    The point is, there are pin up hairstyles for every type of hair – long, short, or medium; thick, fine, or curly; red, black, or pink. It comes down to picking a style that defines your features and works with your locks. What’s your pin up poison?

    Sours: https://therighthairstyles.com/pin-up-hairstyles/
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    With new wisps, bangs, cowlicks, and an ever-changing length, growing out a pixie cut can be a major hair challenge. We talked to pro hairstylists to find out how to grow out a pixie in style. Read on for 10 tips to keep your hair looking great at every stage of the grow-out.

    1. Prevention Control

    Minimize the odds of having a bad hair day in the first place. All it takes are a few products and a little forethought. “Use a moisturizing oil to add some shine, then comb your hair in the direction you want it to go and let it dry naturally without touching it,” says Suave celebrity hairstylist Marcus Francis. “Don’t overthink it.” If you usually have a more textured look, Francis recommends using a volumizing mousse like Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse, which gives hair fullness and structure, and then twisting it into random sections to dry. Let it air-dry and, when it’s nearly there, shake it out.

    2. Fight Frizz and Add Texture with Hair Oil

    "Rough cuticles and flyaways are often the reason hair doesn’t look quite right after it air-dries," says Marcus. Use a moisturizing oil to manage your growing strands and some shine. After applying the oil, comb your hair in the direction you want it to go and let it dry naturally without touching it,” Marcus says. "Don’t overthink it."

    If you usually have a more textured look, Marcus recommends using a volumizing mousse like Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse, which gives hair fullness and structure, and then twisting it into random sections to dry. Let it air-dry and, when it’s nearly there, shake it out.

    3. Water is Your Friend

    Taking a second shower — while giving your hair another chance to dry right — is probably not an option in the morning, Plus, washing your hair too much can be damaging. Instead, just re-wet it. “Fill a spritzer bottle with water and spray evenly to get hair wet but not soaked,” says Marcus. “Apply a sea salt spray generously throughout damp hair and let it air dry-for a loose, textured look — no heat or re-washing necessary!” A good one to try: Shu Uemura Depsea Foundation Daily Stle Refresher.

    4. Comb Cowlicks Into Submission

    Instead of raking your hands through your hair in an attempt to put that weird cowlick out of its misery, use a comb. “Combs provide better tension and control than simply using your hands,” says Kevin Baker, a barber (who cuts women’s hair, too) at Fellow Barber in NYC. “With it, it’s easier to coax hair and roots in the direction you want.”

    5. Make Use of Weather-Proofing Cream

    Come sleet or rain in all of its frizzy glory, prepping your growing hair before you go outside is key to keeping a good hair day from going downhill. Your best bet, says Francis, is a two-pronged approach: a weather-proofing cream like Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Smoothing Light Weight Weather Proof Cream and an anti-humidity spray such as Oribe Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray. First, run a dime-sized amount of the weather-proofer through hair while it’s still damp. After your hair dries, mist the anti-humidity spray all over to lock the style in place and prevent flyaways. Marcus says taking both these steps should keep you frizz-free for up to 72 hours — despite what’s happening outside.

    6. Add in Layers

    You don't want to cut off the bottom of your hair if you're growing it out (obviously), but adding in layers can make the transition easier. To get more natural movement and add life to your hair, talk to your stylist about layering. Layers allow for natural movement and flow, making them more forgiving and easier to style even when they’re growing out, says Marcus.

    7. Bobby Pins Can Make All the Difference

    While it might take someone with long hair hours to pull off a classy up-do, you can do it minutes. Twist your hair into small sections and secure them with bobby pins and tiny clips to create an overall style. Tease the hair slightly as you pin it to create volume and

    8. Rock Scarves and Headbands

    An obvious, but nevertheless genius, solution to tricky short hair days is to throw on a headband or scarf. You'll get a pulled-together look that gets your bangs out of your face (no product required!).

    9. Use Dry Shampoo to Create Volume

    Sometimes it's harder to style freshly shampooed hair than it is to whip slightly oily hair into submission. Skip the traditional shampoo and reach for dry shampoo. Give yourself a few good sprays, than tousle your hair with your fingers. Your hair will come to life with volume and you'll find it stays put once you brushed it into your desired direction. Dry shampoo is also a great starting point for for bouffant and faux hawk styles.

    10. Slick It Back

    Short hair can look really good slicked back in a way that long hair just can't. Take advantage of your length! Start by spritzing your hair with water, then grab the hair gel and comb it through. The style will stay put all day.

    Growing Out a Pixie Cut: One Girl's Story

    Want to hear what's it like to grow out a pixie cut from someone who's been there? Jillian Meehan knows what it like. After years of sporting a pixie, she decided it was time to get her length back. Here's her story, in her own words:

    Sours: https://www.teenvogue.com/story/how-to-grow-out-a-pixie-haircut

    Victory rolls you are used to seeing on the covers of vintage magazines are not just trendy hairstyles of the stylish ’40s and ’50s. Besides the classy and dramatic appearance, they are famous for their unbelievable volume, which, actually, can be achieved by girls with all hair types. Isn’t that a good reason to try the style of pin-up icons?

    Victory Rolls In The 21’st Century. Why Not?

    Whether you are going to a retro-inspired party or you just want to try something different, such a fabulous hairstyle is worth your attention anyway. Today you are going to see some modern variations of the wavy style and get to know the basics on how to create it!

    How To Do Victory Rolls

    Source: peachantilly via InstagramBefore telling you how to do victory rolls, we’d like to warn you that this is a very time and product consuming hairstyle. You should be equipped with hairspray, good gel, bobby pins, and curly iron. Plus, getting this type of pin up hair isn’t the easiest task. Yet, everything comes with practice, right? So here are the basics that will help you to achieve the oomphy style. Don’t worry; we’ve got a little victory rolls tutorial for various cuts and textures.
    1. To create the classic victory rolls hairstyle, you need to take a piece of hair from one side of your head, create a loop, and roll it from the ends, securing everything with pins. This idea works best for one-length cuts with no layers.
    2. There’s also an idea for ladies with layered hair. It’s better to curl your hair before styling. To achieve victory rolls hair, you need to create a loop in the place you want your roll to sit and then tuck the hair (shorter layers) that is left inside the loop.
    3. For custom sized rolls, you can go for thumb wrap method. Just wrap some pieces of hair around your thumb, pinching it with your other hand. Then roll it, regulating the size and shape of the rolls.
    4. If you’re interested in the modern version of rolled hairstyle, make sure you’re not short of time. Start by backcombing your hair section by section, teasing each layer and smoothing out its surface but without brushing it. Roll a section at the base and roll it at the front, setting the contemporary idea of ’50s hair style with lots of bobby pins and a coat of hairspray.

    Victory Roll With Ponytail And Curls

    Source: diablorose via InstagramHow about saying goodbye to victory rolls 1940s and say hello to victory rolls 2019? The classic vibe is present, but it looks so fresh with a curly and colorful pony.

    Bumper Roll Bangs

    Source: peachantilly via InstagramRemember those fake but chic bangsof pin up hairstyles? Your victory rolls can serve as a vintage-inspired base for charming bangs, making you forget about the fringe commitment.

    Victory Roll With Bun

    Source: diablorose via InstagramThis victory rolls updo is nothing but the embodiment of modern creativity. Different colors, various rolls, and a charming silhouette are three reasons to give the style a try!

    Victory Roll & Hair Bow

    Source: diablorose via InstagramThe everyone’s favorite bow hairstyle can be a stunning finish for victory curls! Of course, such a duo requires plenty of time, but the result is worth all the efforts.

    Victory Rolls + Wavy Styling

    Source: miss.chandelier via InstagramIf you want to go authentic with your pinup hair, spice up the rest of your hair with a super wavy texture. The top roll will scream about volume while the back waves will help the style to steal the show.

    Bob With Victory Roll

    Source: aemeliafox via InstagramYes, there are no victory rolls short hair can’t go with! This idea is not only about bringing the vintage style back to life; it’s about a ton of spectacular volume for your bob.

    Victory Rolls With Flowers Updo

    Source: diablorose via InstagramA perfectly symmetrical, cool-toned vintage hairstyle embellished with flowers. Mixing the trends of now and styles of then gives a truly unforgettable hairstyle, don’t you agree?

    Low Updo With Victory Rolls

    Source: thefreckledfox via InstagramHere’s a breathtaking idea of victory rolls long hair can bring to life. A bit asymmetrically placed top rolls create a full, volumetric body that is balanced out with a low bun.

    Rolls And Bouffant

    Source: diablorose via InstagramCreating a bouffant on the crown is another good way to let voluminous silhouette fill the space. Just look how authentically it goes with the rolls. P.S some flowers and embellishments can enhance the effect.

    Victory Rolls With Headband

    A headband is an irreplaceable part of pin up hairstyles for short hair. And the same goes for victory rolls! Just secure your short locks with the accessory so that they don’t stick out, and enjoy the charming look.

    Victory Rolls With Bumper Bang Updo

    Victory rolls with bangs are the most popular vintage hairstyle, not for nothing! Besides the dramatic lift and fun character, this idea gives a sense of comfort, which is a win-win for pinned styles.

    Big & Small Victory Rolls

    Source: missvictoryviolet via InstagramYou can’t go wrong with roll size experiments. Let the top roll be the biggest one and then create some smaller rolls: contrasts know how to build the perfect balance.

    Victory Rolls With Two Swirls

    Source: dafna_barel via InstagramHere comes one of the cutest pin up hairstyles for long hair to prove that simplicity is genius. You can wave your hair and create two victory rolls that get swirled on top. And that’s enough to get the retro look!

    Victory Rolls Styling With A Hat

    Source: missvictoryviolet via InstagramFor a restrained and feminine style, get yourself a chic, minimalist hat to pair with your rolls. In this way, they will not only get well-secured but also give you a very elegant look.

    Double Colorful Victory Rolls

    Source: ohnoitsruthio via InstagramThe more colors, the better, especially if you want to cross the line between retro and modern rolls. And don’t forget to curl the rest of your hair!

    Small Victory Rolls With Accessories

    Source: missvictoryviolet via InstagramYour rolls don’t have to be extremely big and voluminous to fit the standards of those 40's hairstyles. These little cuties, accessorized with vintage embellishments do bring the pin-up mood.

    High Roll With Pony

    This is probably the latest version of the rolls. Many rock stars of the ’90s love to blow up the scene with such a terrific and eye-catching style. If you want to stand out, look no further!

    Two Large Rolls

    Source: todchukstudio via InstagramTwo large rolls coated with absolutely sleek, refined texture that curves in on the crown: that’s another modern take at victory rolls. Pair it with fancy massive accessories, finish the look with a classy bomber jacket, and show everyone how creatively vintage trends can make a comeback.

    Fringe Roll With Pony

    Source: dafna_barel via InstagramCreating a roll with your fringe is probably the easiest and the cutest idea at the same time. Even having a look at it is enough to instantly get back to the pin-up era full of funky bows, long curls, and polka-dotted outfits. The good news is, putting the rest of the hair into a ponytail and securing the look with a lovely bow will complement the vintage-inspired look ideally.

    Wavy Roll With Rose

    Source: missvictoryviolet via InstagramSome more classics to leave you speechless. When recreating the good old victory roll looks, don’t forget about the highlight. It can be an authentic accessory, some modern embellishment or even a real flower beautifying your updo. Here, for example, you can see how the whole look amps up with just a tiny rose sitting on top.

    Front Curly Rolls

    Source: missvictoryviolet via InstagramThose rocking thick wavy textures can show the recently emerged rolled hairstyle from a totally new perspective. Forget about straighteners and embrace your natural texture to create a brand new victory style! Prep your hair with conditioners, spritz it with styling sprays, and create as many twists as you can, folding them so that they form rolls. Voila!

    Updo Rolls With Lily

    Source: soda_fontaine via InstagramSince women associate flowers with pure femininity and elegance, why don’t use them as a finishing detail of your look? If you put a real fresh flower into your victory updo, you will not only give it a delicate mood but also spruce it up with amazing odor.

    Roll With Hat

    Source: soda_fontaine via InstagramThere’s no better way to keep your hairstyle in place all day long than to wear it under a fashionable hat! A straw hat is back in town, not only to keep your head away from direct sunlight; it’s here to make you forget about countless touch-ups, giving you a stylish look. You’ve just seen the most popular ideas of mixing the old hairstyle with contemporary trends. Now, choose the rolling technique, get equipped with all the tools and products, and get ready for your own fresh take at the pin-up classic!

    FAQ: Victory Rolls

    Why are they called victory rolls?

    The Victory Roll got its name from an aircraft maneuver in which planes would spin horizontally as a show of victory or joy, which was later popularized by Hollywood stars during WWII. Victory Rolls can be worn in a variety of ways across the top of the head.

    Were victory rolls popular in 1950s?

    Victory rolls are a 1940s hairdo that was very popular at that time. During the 1950s, this haircut was still popular. The stylists of that time came up with a lot of various styles. Some of these styles were so fascinating that they are still in use today.

    How do you make hair rolls?

    Take a spray bottle with water and dampen the hair section you want to roll. Separate this section and wrap it around a single strip of fabric. Then, knot the fabric piece in place and roll the bottom section of your hair until it is completely rolled.

    Sours: https://lovehairstyles.com/victory-rolls-pin-up-hairstyles/

    Hair pixie pin up

    Tap Into that Retro Glam with these 50 Pin Up Hairstyles

    Nothing mixes sensuality, femininity, and glam better than pin up hairstyles.

    What started as a poster portraying the sex symbols of the 40s branched out into an entire subculture endeared by men and women worldwide to this very day.

    Moreover, it inspired additional styles like rockabilly, continually adapting to modern trends while maintaining a fabulous retro glow.

    Get in touch with your feminine side with some of our all-time favorite pin up-inspired hairstyles below.

    Hair Motive Logo

    1. Pin Up Hairstyles for Medium Hair

    Medium hair is just long enough to play around with some of the most charming pin up hairstyles.

    One version that you can try out, for example, is this full rolled updo.

    Not only is it a pleasure to admire, but it also has practical qualities by freeing your face.

    2. Victory Rolls

    It’s impossible to talk about pin-up hairstyles without bringing victory rolls into the discussion.

    The elaborate hairdo is supposedly inspired by movements of fighter planes during WWII, which left roll-like trails behind them.

    We’ll be showing multiple ways you can wear them.

    3. Pin Up Hair with Bangs

    Bumper bangs are a life-saver for gals who are afraid of hitting the scissors to create their fringe.

    They’re actually faux bangs, created by rolling the hair inwards, in the direction of your hairline, and pinning them in place.

    The final shape is how they got their “bumper” name.

    4. Headscarf Hairstyles

    Headscarves are an irreplaceable accessory among pin up hairstyles.

    With the help of one, you can experiment with countless updo hairstyles, focusing on the top part of your hair for styling.

    To top off the look, tie the tips of the headscarf in a bow on one side.

    5. 50’s Hairstyles for Long Hair

    If you have long hair, there aren’t any limits to the pinup hairstyles you can have fun with.

    From half up hairstyles to intricate updos and more, don’t hesitate to use your imagination when planning your next look.

    As always, accessories are more than welcome!

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    • Use these salon-quality hot rollers to create smooth, shiny natural bouncy curls or waves without damaging hair.

    6. Pin Up Hair Bandana Style

    Aside from headscarves, bandanas are just as popular as pin up hair accessories.

    It’s wonderful that you can find them with all sorts of prints, from stripes to polka dots, to the classic paisley pattern. Choose a design that best matches your outfit.

    7. Rosie the Riveter Hairstyles

    In fact, bandanas have most likely become a staple for pin up hairstyles owing to Rosie the Riveter.

    Doesn’t ring a bell? How about a certain “We Can Do It!” poster from World War II?

    Now an invaluable cultural icon, the Rosie the Riveter look is a symbol of feminism around the globe.

    8. Retro Chignons

    There’s no doubt in the world that chignon hairstyles fully express elegance and good taste.

    Women of all ages consider it their go-to hairstyle for formal events, from banquets to weddings.

    If you want to add a pin up twist to yours, add victory rolls on the sides.

    9. Jayne Mansfield Waves

    What better way to get pin up inspiration than from the most celebrated models associated with this style?

    We’ll start with Jayne Mansfield and her signature wavy hair. She always had it styled with soft, loose curls that are definitive for the style to this very day.

    10. Hairstyles with Large Accessories

    As you probably have noticed, accessories play a big role in pin up hairstyles.

    From headscarves to bandanas or flowers, you will often see a vintage hairdo with an eye-catching accessory.

    The fun part is that you don’t have to resort to a small one; dare to go big with yours.

    11. Pin Up Hairstyles with Hair Down

    What if you’re not in the mood for wrapping your hair in a potentially uncomfortable updo?

    Rest assured that you can rock the pin up look even with your hair down.

    It’s all in the way you gently curl your locks, parting your hair and gracefully tossing it to the side.

    12. Rockabilly Ponytails

    Inspired by one of the very first types of rock and roll music, rockabilly has turned into a style of its own.

    Nowadays, rockabilly can be easily identified through a blend of pin up style and edgy elements, ranging from dark makeup to tattoos in abundance.

    Try the style out with a pin up ponytail!

    13. Pin Up Details

    In some days, you wake up completely undecided about how you want to do your hair that day.

    If you’re in a pin up mood but you don’t want to get too complicated, you can add just a vintage detail to your hairstyle. Roll a strand on the side and use bobby pins to secure it.

    14. Half Up Pin Up Hairstyles

    In addition to a myriad of updos, pin up hairstyles include just as many half up half down options.

    We recommend this alternative for ladies who feel like styling their hair, but not all the way.

    You will accentuate your facial features in a beautiful way.

    15. Pin Up Hairstyles for Bob Haircuts

    Unfortunately, the shorter your hair is, the more limited your styling opportunities are.

    However, you’re in luck with pin up hairstyles. Sometimes, all you have to do is curl your hair the right way to enjoy that chic 40s vibe.

    16. Bouffant French Twist Updos

    All the same, if you do have longer locks, you won’t have any issues at all exploring updo hairstyles.

    A popular choice back in the day was the bouffant updo, styling in a French twist. The curls on top truly are the icing on the cake.

    17. Pin Up Hairstyles for Black Hair

    At a glance, it may seem that afro-textured hair isn’t the most suitable for pinup hairstyles.

    You would be surprised to find out that it looks spectacular when styled in this fashion.

    All you have to do is relax your hair with the proper product and twist it to perfection.

    18. Rita Hayworth Curls

    Another pin up icon is undeniably Rita Hayworth. The ginger bombshell proves that soft curls are always the way to go with pin up hairstyles.

    It helps if you have naturally wavy or curly hair, but you can also recreate the look by curling your hair.

    19. Side Swept Pin Up Hairstyles

    Just when you thought that you couldn’t get any more feminine with a pin up hairstyle, you see how a side swept one looks like.

    Isn’t it amazing how far a detail can go for an irresistible hairstyle?

    So, if you’re going half up with your hairstyle, think about bringing the bottom part to the side.

    20. Gibson Roll

    The Gibson roll is among the hairstyles specific to the pin up aesthetic.

    It resembles a chignon, but it wraps around the back of the head, all the way from the left side to the right.

    Make sure you roll your hair from the tips inwards to get these gorgeous results.

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    21. Bettie Bangs Hairstyles

    Ask anyone – Bettie Page is almost synonymous with pin up. The beloved icon is known, among other traits, for her short, mid-forehead bangs.

    So much, in fact, that this bangs style is now named after her, as the Bettie bangs.

    22. Bridal Pin Up Hairstyles

    In the last few years, pin up hairstyles for brides have become more embraced than ever before.

    It’s easy to see why; they add the ideal amount of grace to complement a wedding gown. For your bridal hairstyle, don’t hesitate to add the perfect hair pin to match your dress.

    23. Pin Up Hairstyles for Weddings

    What if you have to attend a wedding, but not as a bride? Regardless if you’re a bridesmaid or just a guest, you can look to pin up fashion for inspiration.

    Any rolled updo will do, such as the ornate one portrayed in this photo.

    24. Beehive Hairstyles

    Long before Beyoncé and her dedicated following, we had the beehive hairstyle. The retro staple consists of a bouffant bun, which naturally resembles a beehive.

    Even though it peaked in popularity a decade or two after the pin up trend, it is often combined with vintage details.

    25. Victory Roll Stacks

    Looking back at photographs from the 40s, we can clearly see that victory rolls were a must for women in those years.

    We love how they expressed their creativity through their hairstyle, like stacking victory rolls.

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    26. Pin Up Hairstyles for Short Hair

    Indeed, short hair is harder to style in a pin up manner, but it’s not impossible.

    Actually, you can use accessories and the power of your imagination to make your own custom look.

    Try parting your hair to the side and rolling the bangs inwards. After that, add a large flower.

    See? You’re fabulous!

    27. Messy Pin Up Hairstyles

    Owing to the fact that modern times call for messier hairstyles, we can make an exception for the pin up hairstyles of our times.

    In other words, you can modernize your classic hairstyle by tousling your hair. It will add a cute contrast to your appearance.

    28. Betty Grable Poodle Hair

    Ah, Betty Grable, what a phenomenal woman. Not only was she an absolutely enchanting actress, but she was also a prominent style icon of her time.

    Her signature “Poodle Hair” has inspired a new generation of women to wear curls on top with pride.

    29. Psychobilly Hairstyles

    What do you get when you mix rockabilly with punk vibes? Psychobilly, together with the afferent hairstyle.

    Work up the courage to rock an edgy chic look, adding any punk rock accessories you’d like to your psychobilly hairstyle.

    30. Single Roll Pin Up Hairstyles

    We often see victory rolls in pairs, or even more. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t show off a single roll in a glamorous way.

    We especially encourage women with shorter hair to try this approach to get the pin up glow they strive for.

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    31. Finger Waves

    Considering that finger waves were a must in the decade preceding pin up fashion, it’s normal that they would ultimately influence the latter style.

    If you want to get the best of both worlds, you can work finger waves into your pin up hairstyle.

    32. Pin Up Hairstyles for Natural Hair

    We’re happy to showcase another heart-stopping pin up hairstyle for our natural haired ladies.

    For this version, you don’t even have to put too much time into relaxing your hair.

    Just aim to style it in a faux hawk way, pulling the top part a bit over your forehead like bangs.

    33. Bun Hairstyles

    Not a beehive kind of gal? You can always switch from a bouffant bun to a slightly smaller one.

    To make your look even more memorable, save a portion of your hair in the front for a posh roll. Just like that, you’re all ready for any fancy occasion.

    34. Pin Up Hairstyles with Side Bangs

    With bumper bangs and Bettie bangs galore, it’s hard to imagine most pin up hairstyles without a front fringe.

    Nevertheless, you should know that vintage-styled side bangs are to die for. In the end, you should pick the pin up bangs style that represents you the most.

    35. Vintage Mermaid Hairstyles

    We never thought we would hear the words “pin up” and “mermaid” in the same sentence.

    Be that as it may, we were genuinely taken aback when we came across this beauty. It goes to show girls with mermaid hair can pull of pin up glam flawlessly.

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    36. Complicated Updos

    Creativity plays a major role in pin up hairstyles. The more complex you get with your version, the more eye candy the outcome will be.

    That being said, we encourage you to team up with your favorite stylist and “cook” up the pin up hairdo of your dreams.

    37. Simple Pin Up Hairstyles

    On the other hand, simplicity is always appreciated with vintage styles too.

    In these cases, you can really appreciate the femininity that results from the hairstyle.

    As a result, you can consider just touching up your hairstyle a bit with some retro inspiration.

    38. Pixie Pin Up Hairstyles

    To prove a point about short hair and pin up hairstyles, take a look at this mesmerizing shot.

    Not only does the model have an actual pixie haircut, but she also succeeded in getting it styled amazingly with a vintage touch.

    39. Retro Housewife Hairstyles

    Whether you support the housewife lifestyle or not, you have to admit that this hairstyle is breath-taking.

    In a way, it actually mixes business with pleasure. It gets your hair out of the way, but with incredibly stylish results.

    40. Pin Up Hairstyles for Straight Hair

    When you think of pin up and graceful women, Veronica Lake is almost sure to come to mind.

    The inspiration that we want to draw from her appearance is how she styled her straight hair. Without overdoing anything, she gently made her hair wavy at the tips and in the front.

    41. Side Shaved Hairstyles

    If you’ve decided that rockabilly matches your personality, you can start thinking of ways to take your look to the next level.

    One bold but beautiful way is to shave one or both sides of your head.

    Style the rest of your hair in a faux hawk and with a bandana and you’ll be dazzling.

    42. Braided Pin Up Hairstyles

    Box braids have never been so marvelous! No matter what type of braids you have, you can find a way to turn them into a pin up hairstyle.

    It’s all in the rolls, not to mention the impact that the right accessories can have.

    43. Modern Rolls

    Sadly, complicated pin-up hairstyles may not be appropriate for all environments.

    If you’re required to tone down your look a little, you can use a few details that will express the same style.

    You can see the perfect example in this photo, with a subtle roll on each side.

    44. Colorful Pin Up Hairstyles

    Why not bring some brightness in your life? A sensational way to do so is by combining a pin up hairstyle with a vivid hair color.

    On the flip side, if you already have colorful hair, take this as encouragement for exploring vintage hairstyles.

    45. Diagonal Victory Rolls

    If you want to play with the overall silhouette of your hairstyle, start thinking about various shapes and angles.

    For instance, you can level up a victory rolls hairstyle by placing the curls at opposite points to create a diagonal line.

    46. Inverted Hairstyles

    What really impressed us about this vintage hairstyle is the high fashion vibe it has. It’s a fantastic look for women with soft, straight and silky hair. Additionally, your hair will fall easily into place if it’s shoulder-length.

    47. Pin Up Hairstyles with Dreadlocks

    Believe it or not, pin up hairstyles look outstanding on women with dreadlocks!

    If you have thinner dreadlocks or even sisterlocks, you can follow the same method we talked about with box braids.

    To put it otherwise, roll your way to bumper bangs and grab that bandana.

    48. Side Part Pin Up Hairstyles

    Ava Gardner is the last inspirational pin up gorgie we’ll be admiring. With her look, we want to point out her side part specifically.

    As long as your hair is softly curled all around, you can part your hair to the side and leave a few larger curls in the front as bangs.

    49. Half Pin Up, Half Dreads Hairstyles

    Another way to rock pin up dreadlocks involves having dreads only halfway through your hair.

    If dreadlocks are only in the second part of your hair, use your natural hair on top to get some beautifully contrasting rolls.

    50. Big Pin Up Hair

    Thinking of leaving your hair down for your pin up look? Make it big! Use hairspray and subtle teasing to make your curled locks lusciously voluminous.

    We also think the flower accessory on the side is cute, especially considering the lively color of the hair.

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    Hair Motive Logo

    So, What Is YOUR Hair Motivation?

    To conclude, pin up hairstyles will definitely continue to live on for decades to come.

    The grace, attitude, and allure they provide are beyond comparison, regardless of the personal details you choose to add.

    To make one of these hairstyles truly yours, select your favorite foundation and build up on it with elements from your personality.

    We’d love to learn about your take on a pin up hairstyle in the comments section!

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    Victory Roll Pinup Hair with Kandy K

    18 Awe-Inspiring Ways to Style a Pixie Cut with Easy Tutorials

    Short hair, especially pixie cuts, are having a major moment right now. There are so many hair styles to choose from, but you don’t have to commit to just one look. If you don’t think your hair can be versatile, here is proof that it is. Keep scrolling if you want learn how to style a pixie cut differently every day!

    My name is Salirasa, I am a hair styling maven on Instagram and YouTube, and I want to dispel that myth about the lack of diversity for short hairstyles. Below are some of the coolest pixie cut ideas plus tutorials — proof that girls with shorter haircuts don’t have to sacrifice their creativity! Keep reading for insanely versatile pixie cut styles.

    #1: Half-Braided Bangs

    Want to try on this hairstyle? Follow these instructions:

    1. Brush your bangs in the direction you want them to stay:
    2. Take a section of your hair from the side you want to start on and divide it into three pieces.
    3. Bring the top piece over the middle and then the bottom one over the middle, just like a normal braid.
    4. Once you have done this, start adding hair from the top of your head to the upper piece and bring that over the middle. Then you take half of the bottom piece and bring it over the middle. This is where you create kind of a waterfall effect.
    5. Continue this until you reach the other side and secure the braid with hairspray or a bobby pin.

    You have created an awesome eye-catcher with your short hair! Click here to open the video tutorial.

    #2: Rocker Pixie Cut

    Sometimes, you just need a quick fix for short hair. If you can do a French braid, it is the easiest way to get a totally different look with your pixie cut.

    1. Take a section of your hair in front and part it into three pieces.
    2. Start by bringing the left piece over the middle and then the right piece over the middle.
    3. Once you’ve done this, start adding hair to the sections.
    4. Bring the left piece over the middle and add some hair to that strand. Repeat the same for the other side. Continue until you have all your hair in the braid and no bangs.
    5. Secure the braid – wear an elastic or a bow.

    Watch the video tutorial here.

    #3: French Braids from Back to Front

    How to style short thick hair if you need to hide your forehead? Here’s the best way!

    1. Start your braids at the middle of your head.
    2. Braid it from back to front.
    3. Secure them with hairspray.

    Be sure to use a good one so every braid end stays in place. Check out the video tutorial.

    #4: Formal Pixie Cut with Hairband

    We know how simple and easy it is to style long hair with a hairband, but who says that you can’t use one to style your short hair?

    1. Brush your hair down and put the hairband on top of it.
    2. Then, simply twist little strands around the hairband and secure them underneath.
    3. If you have very fine hair with long bangs, secure it under the hairband with bobby pins.

    Watch this formal hairstyle step by step here.

    #5: Twist (Fake Braids)

    If you like the idea of braids for short hair, but you are also short on time, here’s another great option. You can twist your hair!

    1. Separate your hair in the middle.
    2. Take a small section in front of your hair and twist it up.
    3. After every twist, add some more hair from the bottom and twist it up again. Continue until you’ve reached the back of your head.
    4. Secure it with bobby pins or elastics.

    Watch the video tutorial.

    #6: Dutch Braids

    Another awesome style is the Dutch braid. This style is perfect if you are growing out your short hair and looks great even if your roots are showing.

    1. Start the braid with three pieces. Now, what makes it different from a French braid is that you cross all pieces under the middle and not over it. Start by bringing the left piece under the middle and then the right piece under the middle.
    2. Once you have the initial braid, start adding hair to the left piece before you bring it under the middle one.
    3. Add hair to the right piece before you bring it under the middle one. Continue until you’ve worked in all your hair.
    4. Secure the braid with an elastic.

    Check out the video version of this hairstyle.

    #7: Twisted Bangs

    Hairstyles for short hair can look amazing for every occasion. To create this look, just follow these simple steps:

    1. Take two small parts of your bangs and twist them into each other.
    2. After every twist, add some hair before your twist them again.
    3. Close with a clip or a small clear elastic.

    This hairstyle is also perfect for long pixie cut. Click here to watch the video tutorial.

    #8: Bobby Pin Art

    It’s everywhere this season: bobby pin art. Use your bobby pins creatively and turn your hairstyle into a statement piece. You can create a headband like the one in this video, but with a little imagination, there are endless style possibilities. You can use simple black bobby pins, golden ones, or even colorful ones to match your outfit. If you have slippery hair, add some hairspray to the bobby pins before you fix them in your hair.

    This video is showing how to do the hairstyle step by step. Rock your bobby pins!

    #9: Zigzag Part

    If you usually wear your hair side-parted, you can change your look by changing your part to a zigzag in the middle. You can add two French braids on both sides, but only add hair to the upper strand. This will create a boho-inspired festival look for summer, which is perfect for asymmetrical pixie cut.

    Find more tips in the video tutorial.

    #10: Sleek Pixie Cut with Glitter

    Be an eye-catcher at every party with this simple way to style your short hair.

    1. Part your sleek hair in a zigzag and add stickers.
    2. Place a lot of them in front and less in the back.

    The video tutorial is avaliable here.

    #11: Pixie Faux Hawk

    Here is one way you can try on rocker pixie cut for a night out.

    1. Blow dry your hair with a round brush to the front.
    2. When almost dry, change the direction of blow drying to the back and style all your hair backwards to create more volume of your mohawk pixie cut. You can also add some Puff.ME powder or other volumizing products if your hair is fine or thin.
    3. Set it with some hairspray and add a stylish accessory to one side.

    Click here to open the full tutorial.

    #12: Wedding Pixie Cut Updo

    Here is the cute way to style a short pixie cut for wedding or prom, including an elegant updo.

    1. Simply curl all your hair with an extra-small flat iron for short hair.
    2. Then, create a loose Dutch braid by crossing the strands under the middle strand instead of over.
    3. Set it with some hairspray and add some small fake flowers.

    Watch the video tutorial.

    #13: Side Braid on a Scene Pixie Hawk

    Here is a small side braid for a unique pixie style.

    1. Part your hair on the side.
    2. On the smaller side, create a French braid but only add hair from the top to the upper strand.
    3. Braid down towards your shoulder to create that special scene look. You can curl your hair on the other side. Always curl it away from the face to create a cool style.

    That’s how I do it.

    #14: Asymmetrical Criss-Cross Braids

    This is an awesome way to give a special look to your bangs.

    1. Blow dry as usual.
    2. Then, part your hair from left to right, twice.
    3. Start the first braid on the right-hand side, keeping all other hair back with clips.
    4. Create a French braid by only adding hair to the upper strand. Braid it down towards your left eye. Set it with some hairspray.
    5. Take the left-hand side and braid it in the direction if your right eye. Remember to only add hair to the upper strand.

    Don’t forget to watch the video tutorial.

    #15: Festival Hair

    This is a combination of braids and twists/rope braids.

    1. Take a small section in the middle of your hair and braid it in a Dutch braid to the front.
    2. Secure it with a clear elastic.
    3. Divide the end in two and twist them backwards along the each side of your head. You can either cut the elastic (careful not to cut your hair) or, if your hair is as short as mine, you can leave it.
    4. Now twist the leftover hair on both sides and secure with bobby pins and some hairspray.
    5. Add some accessories for a magical look.

    Check out the video tutorial.

    #16: Want Top Buns? Add Clip-Ins!

    Sometimes you want to go with the trend but getting top buns with a pixie cut is impossible, right? Wrong! All you need are some clip-in extensions.

    1. Part your hair in the middle and braid French braids all the way back to where you want your top buns.
    2. Secure the braid with elastics.
    3. Clip your extensions to the end of the braids. Be careful to clip them from the inside of the bun, so you can’t see the clips afterwards.
    4. Wrap the extensions around the ends of the braids to create top buns. Secure with bobby pins or elastics.

    Here you can watch the tutorial.

    #17: Dutch-Braided Mohawk

    Dutch-braided mohawk on a pixie? It’s not impossible but it depends on your hair structure if it will hold or not.

    1. Take a small part of your bangs.
    2. Part it in three and cross the right one under the middle.
    3. Then the left one under the middle. This is the initial braid, after that you add hair to the outer strands every time before you cross them under.

    That’s it! Watch my video tutorial for details.

    #18: Accessorize Your Sleek Pixie

    If you have a pixie cut with bangs and want to be versatile without much effort, get a bunch of accessories! The style possibilities are endless. Even if you have no time at all, simply add a self-secured hair jewel and you will have all eyes on your pixie. By the way, you can use flat iron for pixie cut! Watch the video tutorial!

    There are plenty of hairstyles you can rock with a pixie cut. From Classic to Edgy you can find everything on my Instagram. Click through the videos and get inspired!

    Sours: https://therighthairstyles.com/how-to-style-a-pixie-cut/

    Now discussing:

    The entire world seems to be roaring, ’40s-style! From pompadour, pin up hairdos and side rolls, we’ve listed ten rockabilly hairdos for short hair that are really putting a modern twist on retro styles. So, if you want to break out of the everyday hairstyle mould, look no further than these A-listers for inspiration!

    Read on to find out more about rockabilly hairstyles for short hair!

    1. Pompadour:

    Image: Getty

    Adding edginess to her red carpet look, actress Jenny McCarthy opts for a glam pompadour. To recreate this look, divide your hair into two sections and apply a volumizing mousse to instantly add volume. Now backcomb the top section of your hair and secure it with a pin. Pull the rest of your hair back and mist with hairspray to hold the style all night. The flamboyant updo was well-balanced with flawless makeup, smokey eyes, visible cheek colour and glossy lips.

    2. Quiff:

    Image: Getty

    Christina Aguilera goes back to the authentic rockabilly age with her fierce, sky-high quiff. The talented singer, a retro queen in herself, balances the quirky look out with show-stealing shimmery eyes, rosy cheeks and red lipstick. Just remember: with the help of a hairspray and curling wand, add a retro sass by flipping your hair inside.

    [ Read: Tips To Do Rockabilly Makeup ]


    3. Rockabilly Bandana:

    Image: Getty

    If you’re looking for something that’s effortlessly chic and laid-back at the same time, opt for Rosie the Riveter’s hairdo, like the model at the Dirty Boogie Rockabilly Festival in Hong Kong. To achieve this look, mist with a strong-hold hairspray, tie a thin scarf around your updo and voilà. It’s glamorous!

    4. Side Roll:

    Image: Getty

    This is possibly our favourite look on American singer Mary J. Blige. The short locks perfectly rolled at the side, the subtle smokey eyes and the glossy lip – all marks for an impeccable look that won’t fail to get you noticed. We love it!

    5. Retro Updo:

    Image: Getty

    We love a classic Blade Runner-esque up’do. Really, who doesn’t? For the premiere of We Bought a Zoo, actress Scarlett Johansson did a rewind to the old school in the form of an interesting, twisted up’do, with peachy lipstick and black Dolce & Gabbana dress. Structured, texturized and quirky – this classic retro updo with a modern touch is perfect for the party season.

    6. Pin Up Hair:

    Image: Getty

    Dita Von Teese undoubtedly is the Queen of Burlesque, and now, of the vintage style. From her pin up hair with a barrette, to her dress and her pale skin makeup, the talented dancer sure knows how to remind us of the rockabilly era. To recreate this retro hairstyle, curl your short hair with the help of a paddle brush and curling tong. Once done, mist with a strong hairspray and finish off the look with a sequined barrette.

    [ Read: Short Hairstyles From The 60’s ]

    7. Punk Rockabilly:

    Image: Getty

    After rocking the pompadour, Mohawk, and quiff, hair chameleon Rihanna wears her half-shaved hairstyle with so much punk that it suits her alternative and edgy look. Not your everyday hairstyle, this hardcore Mohawk takes a lot of styling, but with bronze make-up and red lips, the quirky hairstyle is totally worth it.

    8. Pink Pompadour:

    Image: Getty

    Pink isn’t usually our first choice of hair colour when pairing it with an edgy hairstyle, but rockstar Pink stunned us with this cool pompadour. This is one of the most stylish short rockabilly hairstyles that is easy to create, pink demonstrates how there are rooms to glam up a classy pompadour.

    9. Edged Out:

    Image: Getty

    Kelly Osbourne’s lilac edgy Mohawk at the Alice + Olivia store opening was a daring look, but she pulled it off effortlessly. The highlight of the hairstyle was quirky, rolled Mohawk and a single strand of hair coming out of it.

    [ Read: Rockabilly Hairstyles For Long Hair ]

    10. Back Roll:

    Image: Getty

    Attention all you fashion lovers, take inspo from singer Gwen Stefani if you are looking to channelize your 50s hairstyle with a modern twist. To recreate the look, begin by teasing your blonde locks up. Next, take a curling wand and back roll your hair for that edgy look. Once done, spritz a good amount of hairspray. Stunning!

    So there you have it – ten easy rockabilly hairstyles for short hair! Whether you wear your hair in a back roll or pompadour, we’re sure that you will look fabulous with your new ‘do. Let us know how you liked this post! Comment in the box below!

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