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How to Change an Epson Ink Cartridge

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How to Make an Epson Printer Recognize Clone Cartridges

In most cases, changing the ink cartridge in an Epson printer is a relatively straightforward process. If using genuine Epson cartridges, you can usually install a new one and start printing again within minutes. However, if you use clone or aftermarket cartridges produced by another manufacturer, the Epson print utility in Windows may display error messages warning that the cartridge is not authentic and may not work properly. Nevertheless, you can still use the clone cartridge by simply disabling the warning messages in the print utility.

Step 1

Power on the printer. Open the cartridge cover or control panel cover on the Epson printer according to the directions in the user guide or manual. Wait for the cartridge cradle to slide to the center of the chassis so you can access it.

Step 2

Remove the clone cartridge, and then reinsert it in the cartridge cradle. Close the cover and wait a few seconds for the printer to cycle the cartridges.

Step 3

Open a Windows application and attempt to print a document from it. If the warning message was a result of a loose cartridge or one not seated properly, the document should print normally.

Step 4

Right-click an open area on the Start screen, and then click the "All Apps" icon in the lower left corner. Click the link for the "Epson Status Monitor" or "Epson Print Utility."

Step 5

Click the "Maintenance" tab in the Epson print application. Click the "Speed and Progress" button.

Step 6

Click the check box next to the "Disable EPSON Status Monitor" option to place a check mark inside it. Click the "OK" button, and then close the Epson print application.

Step 7

Open a Windows application and print a document from it. The Epson Status Monitor no longer displays warning messages and prints the document normally.




  • With some older Epson printers, you can use the Epson Printer Service Utility application to reset the chip, disable warning messages and reset counters for cartridges (link in Resources).
  • If the Epson Status Monitor displays warning messages regarding a chip used with a refilled cartridge, you may need to use a chip-reset tool to override the error (links in Resources).

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How To Reset An Ink Cartridge [Regardless of Brand]

Resetting HP Ink Cartridges

HP printers are famous for refusing to accept third-party cartridges. But there are workarounds.

Resetting HP ink cartridges

The tape points to reset an HP cartridge. (Image from Pinterest.)

The contacts on an HP chip are strange. They lean towards each other like that tower in Pisa, almost touching towards the top. Regardless, locating the contacts that control the color ink level settings is fairly easy.

After refilling your cartridge, cover the blue ink level contact with a small piece of tape. This is the uppermost contact atop the second column of contacts from the left. Put the cartridge in, let the printer read it, then take it out again. 

Move the tape from the blue contact to the red contact. Take a small piece of adhesive tape and cover the red contact. This is the uppermost contact on the second column from the right. Make sure the tape only covers the surface of the contact (the tiny copper square you’ll find on the green circuit board). Insert, read, and remove the cartridge as before. 

Repeat this process with the two green ink level contacts located just below the red contact and beside it, atop the first column on the right. (These contacts are in green in the diagram above.)

Check your ink levels after the printer is allowed to run through its cycle again. They should be 100% full.


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How to clean clogged or blocked Epson print head nozzles the easy way.

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