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How To Download Custom Maps In Rocket League

Rocket League allows players to use custom maps ranging from simple game modes to extravagant courses built from scratch, and here's how.

One of the greatest parts of Rocket League is how it allows players to create custom maps for training and recreation. However, not every player may know how to download and play on these custom maps. This guide will teach players where they can find custom maps and modes and how they can download and play on them. There are some limitations as to which custom maps can be played depending on the platform that is being used, but every version of Rocket League has some semblance of custom maps.

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Custom maps in Rocket League can range from a simple training course on the default field all the way to a fully functioning version of Among Us on the Skeld map. Not every version of Rocket League has the capability to play the more extravagant maps. Even the differing PC versions have different limitations depending on which store they were purchased. Regardless, this guide will show players how they can play on custom maps on whichever platform they use.

How To Play On Custom Maps In Rocket League

First things first, if the player is playing Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, or Epic Games Store PC version, they will not be able to download the more elaborate custom maps such as flying courses, themed pitches, and maps built from scratch. They will only be able to download and play on the custom training courses and custom game modes. These can be accessed by selecting play>training>custom. Here, players can select from multiple lists of modes or input a code to find a specific mode. Players can also save modes they like for later by adding them to their favorites.

Players who own a copy of the Steam version of Rocket League for the PC will be able to download and play on custom maps, but the Steam version is no longer for sale. This means that, until Epic Games issues an update, only those who purchased Rocket League on Steam before it went free-to-play can play custom maps. If the player is one of those lucky few, they can download custom maps from the Steam Workshop which allows creators to upload their custom maps directly to Steam. Downloading them from the Steam app also installs them directly to the game removing the need for workaround installs.

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Rocket League is free-to-play on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.


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Community Spotlight: Maps and Packs

Community Spotlight: Maps and Packs Image

The Rocket League Championship Series Season 5 LAN will be here before you know it, and while the pros will be battling it out in London for the chance to be your next world champions, most of us will be grinding away in the comfort of our own homes. In this month’s Community Spotlight, we’re focusing on bringing you training packs and videos from our community to help you optimize your practice regimen and foster the next wave of Rocket League stars!

Custom Training

Sometimes when you open up a new Custom Training pack, you aren’t sure how to approach the shots. Luckily, training packs like Aerial Car Control from Kevpert also offer accompanying videos that show you how to efficiently and effectively train. If you’re itching to score like the pros, amustycow produced a shot compilation named Best Goals Recreated consisting of -- you guessed it -- the best goals! Of course, if you need to work on defense, check out the Shadow Defense training pack and SunlessKhan’s video about The Best Defense in Rocket League. If you’re still looking for more codes and videos, head over to the RLCustomTraining subreddit for even more content!!








Aerial Car Control





Shadow Defense





Best Goals Recreated

Grand Champion



Magico Gonzalez

Some cool crosses





Lazty’s MLG training pack

Grand Champion




Relaxing Shots





Back-board Follow Through Shot










Air Backboard Double Touches




Drop by last month’s Community Spotlight for another list of a packs and tutorials for all skill levels!

Steam Workshop Recap

For over a year, we have been introducing a feed of Custom Training codes and various Steam Workshop maps. However, because it has been a while since our last showcased workshop creation, we wanted to give you a bit of a refresher on the awesome community-made maps that have been introduced in previous Community Spotlights. Look below for the list of Steam Workshop maps:

Let us know about your creations and maybe it will be showcased in a future Community Spotlight!

  1. Massey ferguson 35
  2. 2009 subaru outback
  3. Classic sonic images
  4. The cryder house inc
  5. 2010 mitsubishi galant

Zelda Clock Town

Zelda Clock Town

Hide and Seek, Free For AllLethamyr .Hide and Seek, Free For AllLethamyr .

Zelda: Hide and Seek edition!

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StandardLethamyr .StandardLethamyr .

Scattered Tetris blocks and goals!

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Standard, Mini GamesLethamyr .Standard, Mini GamesLethamyr .

Connect the 6 towers to secure the goal in the middle!

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Mario Bros.

Mini GamesLethamyr .Mini GamesLethamyr .

Mario Bros. arena inside Rocket League!

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Flappy Bird

Mini GamesLethamyr .Mini GamesLethamyr .

Flappy Bird in Rocket League!

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Clock Tower

StandardLethamyr .StandardLethamyr .

Rocket League inside a giant clock tower!

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Sports, DropshotLethamyr .Sports, DropshotLethamyr .

Volleyball meets Dropshot!

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Beer Pong - Remastered

Standard, Sports, Mini GamesLethamyr .Standard, Sports, Mini GamesLethamyr .

A brand new rendition of the classic Beer Pong!

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Broken Bridge

StandardLethamyr .StandardLethamyr .

Rocket League on a bent field!

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Dual Pinball Tables

Standard, TabletopLethamyr .Standard, TabletopLethamyr .

Rocket League inside 2 giant arcade Pinball machines!

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Full-Scale Football Field

StandardLethamyr .StandardLethamyr .

Rocket League football brought to the largest field ever!

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Hexagon 2v2v2

StandardLethamyr .StandardLethamyr .

Rocket League with 3 goals for teams of 2!

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Infinium Sumo

Sumo, Free For AllLethamyr .Sumo, Free For AllLethamyr .

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Rocket Labs: Revolver

StandardLethamyr .StandardLethamyr .

Standard Rocket League in a Labs environment, 3 goals in the floor!

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Capture the Flag: Sandcastle

Standard, Sports, Mini GamesLethamyr .Standard, Sports, Mini GamesLethamyr .

Capture the Flag: Sandcastle edition!

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DropshotLethamyr .DropshotLethamyr .

Dropshot but the goals are on a slanted hill!

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